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Jul 14[edit]

Upset on why the meta enables European players and Why Korea won't be as dominant as beforeThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewUpsetLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
TL Impact on losing to C9 Kumo: "I'm so sorry for trolling hard...I disrespected the enemy."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewImpactLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
100T Academy Kelsey Moser: “I think coaching is a very results-based industry[…] I was really worried after H2k that I wouldn’t have any offers”Esports HeavenIzentoInterviewKelsey MoserNA Academy League/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jul 15[edit]

Moose on what needs to change for MisfitsThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewMooseLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Impact explains why Team Liquid's arguments are healthy and Jensen's health issuesYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewImpactLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Kingzone's Deft has high expectations for second half of LCK summer splitESPN EsportsAshley KangInterviewDeftLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
[Interview] Faker and Deft Are High School Friends?!Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok, Hee Eun "Youii" Yoo, Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewFaker, DeftLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
JSS Reports: LEC's scariest team is not G2, but Fnatic // Team Liquid is more complete than actual Gen.GInven GlobalByungho "Haao" Kim, Woo "Ready" HyunArticleFnaticlogo std.pngFNCG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2Origenlogo std.pngOGLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
JSS Reports: LEC's scariest team is not G2, but Fnatic // Team Liquid is more complete than actual Gen.GInven GlobalByungho "Haao" Kim, Woo "Ready" HyunArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9TSMlogo std.pngTSMTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTLLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jul 16[edit]

Team Liquid: LCS Week 7 PreviewThe Game HausBrayden NazarianArticleLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
LCK Summer Week 5 Power RankingsThe Game HausRui Yang XuArticleLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
Gen.G Peanut hopes to make worlds, face BangESPN EsportsAshley KangInterviewPeanutLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
Larssen on Vander's importance, beating Nukeduck, Rogue's improvementsThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewLarssenLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Aphromoo on 100 Thieves' uphill battle: 'We're still not safe'YouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewAphromooLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Apollo's creed: 'We just wanna get revenge on the teams that beat us'YouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewApolloLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Sneaky gives finals predictions, talks comeback vs TSM: 'Oh yeah, I guess that was pretty close'YouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewSneakyLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
OPL power rankings: 2019 split 2 week 6Dot EsportsAndrew AmosArticleOPL/2019 Season/Split 2
[EXCLUSIVE] TSM Akaadian: "After Rift Rivals, the team thought the way I played was a better fit."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewAkaadianLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
JSS Reports: SKT was a team that was largely jungle dependant.// iG is very unique in nature within the LPL.Inven GlobalByungho "Haao" Kim, Woo "Ready" HyunArticleInvictus Gaminglogo std.pngiGFunPlus Phoenixlogo std.pngFPXLPL/2019 Season/Summer Season
JSS Reports: SKT was a team that was largely jungle dependant.// iG is very unique in nature within the LPL.Inven GlobalByungho "Haao" Kim, Woo "Ready" HyunArticleSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKTKingzone DragonXlogo std.pngKZGriffinlogo std.pngGRFLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
Scarra on Dignitas’ return to LCS: “As an org, they were known to be one of the worst orgs to play for in the league. Although the fans loved DIG, every single fan loved the players, they didn’t love the org”Esports HeavenIzentoInterviewScarraLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Misfits' roster struggles to find success in summerUpcomerNicholas RayArticleMisfits Gaminglogo std.pngMSFLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Splyce prove they’re here to play in Summer with upset against Europe’s top dogsHotspawn EsportsIsaac McIntyreArticleSplycelogo std.pngSPYLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jul 17[edit]

Golden Guardians trade Deftly to Cloud9 for KeithThe Game HausRobert HanesArticleLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Counter Logic Gaming LCS Week 7 PreviewThe Game HausThomas BakerArticleCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLGLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Jensen addresses NA mid laner rankings: 'It's hard to shine when your team is performing well'YouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewJensenLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Wildturtle on following G2's lead: 'That's just how a good team is supposed to operate'YouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewWildturtleLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Hauntzer talks swapping bot laners, dropping games, and CLG hype-- is it deserved?YouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewHauntzerLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Breaking Xerxe's curse and reaching the World ChampionshipsUpcomerIsaac McIntyreInterviewXerxeLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Summer title race blown wide open in LCK as Griffin collapse post-Rift RivalsHotspawn EsportsIsaac McIntyreArticleGriffinlogo std.pngGRFLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
LCK power rankings: Summer 2019 week 6Dot EsportsAndrew AmosArticleLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jul 18[edit]

LEC Hopefuls for Worlds 2019The Game HausRui Yang XuArticleLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
How Kold is helping Origen fight through the LEC to reach WorldsUpcomerIsaac McIntyreInterviewKoldLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
FLY Wadid: “I was stress[ed] when I was in Europe because I was [on] an 8-game losing streak[…] after that, I was like, hmm, whatever, I have nothing to lose now”Esports HeavenIzentoInterviewWadidLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jul 19[edit]

100 Thieves Summer Split Preview: Week 7The Game HausCody HillArticleLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Clutch Gaming Week 7 Match UpsThe Game HausSteven ZamoraArticleLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
LCS Week 6 Spotlight: Jun-sik ‘Bang’ Bae of 100 ThievesThe Game HausBrayden NazarianArticleLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Humanoid on BEATING FNATIC, how to make Qiyana work, why Splyce is at least Top 3The ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewHumanoidLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
Jatt reveals why he's returning to LCS - interviewed by TravisYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewJattLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
LEC power rankings: 2019 summer week 4Dot EsportsXing LiArticleLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
WildTurtle on swapping in Wadid: “We don’t want to be bad anymore”Dot EsportsElena EndresInterviewWildTurtleLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
LCS power rankings: 2019 summer week 6Dot EsportsXing LiArticleLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
SKT Khan: "A few days ago, I played a 1v1 with Peanut and I stomped him so hard; I believe Clid will beat him."Inven GlobalDavid "Viion" JangInterviewKhan, ClidLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
SKT Faker: "Our goal isn’t just reaching the postseason; we would have to beat all of them eventually."Inven GlobalBeom "Nswer" Park and David "Viion" JangInterviewFakerLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
SKT Khan's 24-hour Schedule Infographic with Mobalytics.ggInven GlobalByungho "Haao" KimArticleKhanLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
CG Damonte on Qiyana: "If you get ahead on this champion, the amount of pretty absurd."Inven GlobalNick Geracie and Lara LunardiInterviewDamonteLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Teddy on the meme "Are you looking at the situation?"Inven GlobalByungho "Haao" KimInterviewTeddyLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
C9 Zeyzal on Cloud9's atmosphere: "...If we die, we all die together."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewZeyzalLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season

Jul 20[edit]

LCS Power Rankings Week 7The Game HausNick ButtsArticleLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Nukeduck on why Lider and MagiFelix will become a lot better in the futureThe ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewNukeduckLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season
SKT are on the rise again and the LCK’s young guns must watch outDot EsportsAndrew AmosArticleSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKTLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
Stixxay: “If we can beat C9, then we can kind of establish ourselves as a top team”Dot EsportsElena EndresInterviewStixxayLCS/2019 Season/Summer Season
Nuguri on first victory against GRF, "Griffin is not the team we knew before."Inven GlobalByungho "Haao" KimInterviewNuguriLCK/2019 Season/Summer Season
FLY Revenge: "The idea for me to create a LFT video announcement was from Doublelift."Inven GlobalNick GeracieInterviewRevengeNA Academy League/2019 Season/Summer Season
The 20th of JuneThe Player's LobbyMedicArticleMedicLEC/2019 Season/Summer Season