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Dec 22[edit]

[Interview] Closing the door of 'pro player' Mata, and a new beginningInven GlobalKi-Baek "Juneau" Nam, Yeonjae "Arra" Shin, Takyun "Laff" Pack & David "Viion" JangInterviewMata
Caps excited for 2020, facing FORG1VEN and G2 improving even furtherKorizon EsportsAshley KangInterviewCapsAll-Star Las Vegas 2019

Dec 23[edit]

NA has a serious problem developing it's academy programs in the LCSESPN EsportsEmily Rand, Tyler ErzbergerArticleLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season
Peanut: 'I really did want to go to NA or LPL, but all the NA teams I liked filled their rosters'YouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewPeanutAll-Star Las Vegas 2019
[KeSPA Cup] AF Mystic: "I don't believe age has anything to do with LoL. I'll show everyone that there is a player that's considered old, but still good."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok & Daniel "Quest" KwonInterviewMystic2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
[KeSPA Cup] AF Kiin: "I think there’s a lot of merit staying with a team for a long time."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok & Daniel "Quest" KwonInterviewKiin2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
[Interview] Kuro on his return to the LCK, his 8th year tenure as a mid laner, and his newest home, KT RolsterInven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok, Beom "Nswer" Park & Daniel "Quest" KwonInterviewKuro2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
Sjokz talks about 2020 worlds, LPL vs LEC, her career beyond League of LegendsKorizon EsportsAshley KangInterviewSjokzAll-Star Las Vegas 2019
Low Econ Western Legends of the Top LaneEsports HeavenIzentoArticleSoaZ, Odoamne, Impact
Memelords never die: Cloud9 will always be known as Sneaky’s teamDot EsportsXing LiArticleSneakyCloud9logo std.pngC9LCS/2020 Season/Spring Season
Floris Buurman: "New Dynasty heeft de focus op plek 1"Esports ClubStephen "The Pens" van VlokhovenInterviewEscapistDynastylogo std.pngDYNDutch League/2020 Season/Spring Split

Dec 24[edit]

Is 2020 the year that NA invests in developing midlane talent over importing players?ESPN EsportsEmily Rand, Tyler ErzbergerArticleLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season
KT Aiming: “I think the fans can expect great things [from us] in the future.”Korizon EsportsKevin KimInterviewAiming2019 LoL KeSPA Cup

Dec 25[edit]

Player Profile: Razork, the “Luis sin” MasterThe Game HausJoaquín SuárezArticleRazorkLEC/2020 Season/Spring Season
Which mid laner will stand out in 2020 for the LCS?ESPN EsportsEmily Rand, Tyler ErzbergerArticleLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season
[KeSPA Cup] Gen.G Clid: "It hasn't been long since we started to build our team synergy... We’re only thinking about improving day by day."Inven GlobalYeonjae "Arra" Shin, Takyun "Laff" Pack & Daniel "Quest" KwonInterviewClid2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
[KeSPA Cup] HLE Lava: "I believe that 2020 is the year where I’ll finally be able to go to playoffs and aim higher from there"Inven GlobalYeonjae "Arra" Shin, Takyun "Laff" Pack & Daniel "Quest" KwonInterviewLava2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
Een terugblik op 2019 met... BoykuhEsports ClubStephen "The Pens" van VlokhovenInterviewBoykuhAethra Esportslogo std.pngATRBelgian League/2020 Season/Spring Split
Marcel Opperman van mCon esports: "Als we top-4 niet halen, hebben we gefaald"Esports ClubStephen "The Pens" van VlokhovenInterviewPraedynMCon esportslogo std.pngMCNDutch League/2020 Season/Spring Split

Dec 26[edit]

From Rock Bottom to Rebuilt: How League of Legends' Greatest Team Bounced BackYouTubetheScore EsportsVideoSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
The 5 Best LCS Signings or Trades of the OffseasonThe Game HausRobert HanesArticleLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season
LCS Teams need to stop trying copying Team Liquid - Tyler ErzbergerESPN EsportsEmily Rand, Tyler ErzbergerArticleLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season
[KeSPA Cup] DRX Chovy: "cvMax is a lot more relaxed now. He told me that he’s a lot happier than before."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok & David "Viion" JangInterviewChovy2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
[KeSPA Cup] DRX Deft: "Keria’s a player with surprisingly good mechanics, it’s almost a waste of his mechanics for him to play support."Inven GlobalMinyoung "Irro" Jang & David "Viion" JangInterviewDeft2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
Drakos: The 'old adage' around EU mids will be tested this year with so many rookies coming inYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewDrakosAll-Star Las Vegas 2019
Chovy on playing top lane, why he chose to join DragonX for 2020 LCK (Korean)Korizon EsportsAshley KangInterviewChovy2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
Tjerk van der Maten: "We gaan met Team THRLL voor de play-offs"Esports ClubStephen "The Pens" van VlokhovenInterviewTjerkTeam THRLLlogo std.pngTRLDutch League/2020 Season/Spring Split

Dec 27[edit]

Now the Cops are Involved in This League of Legends Scandal!?YouTubetheScore EsportsVideoGriffinlogo std.pngGRFLCK/2020 Season/Spring Season
Takeaways From the KeSPA Cup Elimination RoundThe Game HausRui Yang XuArticle2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
[Interview] Imp wraps up his 8-year career and says farewellInven GlobalYeonjae "Arra" Shin, Hee Eun "Youii" Yoo & David "Viion" JangInterviewimp
KT Ray: "I want to go to worlds, to let my NA and LPL fans know I'm doing well" (Korean)Korizon EsportsAshley KangInterviewRay2019 LoL KeSPA Cup

Dec 28[edit]

Player Profile: Dan Dan the Man ManThe Game HausJoaquín SuárezArticleDan DanLEC/2020 Season/Spring Season
[Interview] A tragic play full of regrets: The sad story behind PawN's professional careerInven GlobalYoungbo "Roxyy" Sim, Hee Eun "Youii" Yoo & Daniel "Quest" KwonInterviewPawN
Lava "Korean Perkz" says HLE wants to break the LCK status quo (Korean)Korizon EsportsAshley KangInterviewLava2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
The best LEC storylines to follow in 2020Dot EsportsTyler EsguerraArticleLEC/2020 Season/Spring Season