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Jan 05[edit]

[KeSPA Cup] AF Spirit: "We have a good start by winning the KeSPA Cup... this is just the beginning. I want to conclude this year with a championship."Inven GlobalBeom "Nswer" Park and David "Viion" JangInterviewAfreeca Freecslogo std.pngAF2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
[KeSPA Cup] AF Jelly: "I like it when I get hit a lot but don't die."Inven GlobalBeom "Nswer" Park and David "Viion" JangInterviewJelly2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
GG Hauntzer: “We’re not f******g 10th place, obviously, so all we can do is prove that through action.”Inven GlobalNick Geracie & Parkes OusleyInterviewHauntzerLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season

Jan 06[edit]

The strongest champs in the current meta, according to the LCK and the KeSPA CupInven GlobalParkes OusleyArticle2019 LoL KeSPA Cup
10-year anniversary of LoL! - Wandering around the "Invade Art" exhibition at LoL ParkInven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok & David "Viion" JangArticle2019 LoL KeSPA Cup

Jan 07[edit]

Who is the best LPL team in 2020?ESPN EsportsEmily RandArticleLPL/2020 Season/Spring Season
[Column] Enter Kiin, the best of what the LCK's top lane talent pool has to offerInven GlobalMinyoung "Irro" Jang & Daniel "Quest" KwonArticleKiin2019 LoL KeSPA Cup

Jan 08[edit]

Half of the LCS’ players in the 2020 Spring Split were importedDot EsportsTyler EsguerraArticleLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season
Chris Greeley on the LCS changes for 2020: “We’ve got really big plans through when we host Worlds in 2021”Dot EsportsXing LiArticleChris GreeleyLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season
The best Western League of Legends player stories to watch out for in 2020Dot EsportsTyler EsguerraArticleDardoch, Broxah, Zven, Selfmade, Caps, FORG1VENLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season,LEC/2020 Season/Spring Season
League of DreamsThe Players' TribuneTianArticleTianLPL/2020 Season/Spring Season
Kiin on winning his very first title at 2019 KeSPA Cup, and hopes for Afreeca Freecs [Korean]Korizon EsportsAshley KangInterviewKiin2019 LoL KeSPA Cup

Jan 09[edit]

Which LEC teams will be the best in 2020?ESPN EsportsTyler ErzbergerArticleLEC/2020 Season/Spring Season
[Interview] 'Evil lurks around every corner': Meet Evil Geniuses, the newest addition to the LCSInven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok & Daniel "Quest" KwonInterviewEglogo std.pngEGLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season
The LCS Championship Points removal make Spring Split more impactful, raises NA talent ceilingInven GlobalParkes OusleyArticleLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season
Top 5 Most Influential NA Pro Players of the DecadeEsports HeavenIzentoArticleHai, Bjergsen, Aphromoo, Doublelift, LemonNationLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season

Jan 10[edit]

Which LCK teams will be the best in 2020?ESPN EsportsEmily RandArticleLCK/2020 Season/Spring Season
LCS power rankings: 2020 Spring Split preseasonDot EsportsXing LiArticleLCS/2020 Season/Spring Season

Jan 11[edit]