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Current Roster Change Portals:

    May 26[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Counter Logic Gaming - May 26,
    Nientonsoh joins.
    bigfatlp (Sub/Mid to Jungle) and Chauster (Jungle to Support) change positions. HotshotGG (Top to Coach) changes position.
    Aphromoo leaves.
    North AmericaChausterCounter Logic GamingJungleCounter Logic GamingSupport
    North AmericabigfatlpCounter Logic GamingMidtrueCounter Logic GamingJungle
    North AmericaHotshotGGCounter Logic GamingTopCounter Logic GamingCoachtrue
    North AmericaAphromooCounter Logic GamingSupport
    North AmericaNientonsohCounter Logic GamingTop

    May 27[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource

    May 28[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Royal Club - May 28,
    Tabe rejoins.
    ChinaTabeRoyal ClubSupport
    Royal Club - May 28,
    Atu moves to substitute.
    ChinaAtuRoyal ClubSupportRoyal ClubSupporttrue

    May 29[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    NaJin Sword - May 29,
    MakNooN leaves.
    KoreaMakNooNNaJin SwordTop
    FXOpen e-Sports - May 29,
    heavenTime and
    NydusHerMain join.

    TrickZ moves to substitute.
    North AmericaTrickZFXOpen e-SportsMidFXOpen e-SportsMidtrue
    North AmericaheavenTimeFXOpen e-SportsJungle
    North AmericaNydusHerMainFXOpen e-SportsSupport
    yoe IRONMEN - May 29,
    president, and
    ulRD join.
    LMSulRDyoe IRONMENSupport
    LMSpresidentyoe IRONMENMid
    LMSJacksonyoe IRONMENMid

    May 30[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    FXOpen e-Sports - May 30,
    YoDa leaves.
    North AmericaYoDa (Orie Guo)FXOpen e-SportsJungletrue
    eSuba - May 30, Fuky renames to Demon.
    eSuba - May 30,
    Demon joins.
    EuropeDemon (Ondřej Fučík)eSubaSupport

    May 31[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Cloud9 - May 31,
    MegaZero joins as substitute.
    North AmericaMegaZeroCloud9Toptrue
    KoreaLiraChunnam Techno UniversityJungle
    KT Rolster A - May 31,
    Sonstar, and
    Olleh join.

    Hiro, and
    Me5 leave.
    KoreaVitaminKT Rolster ATop
    KoreaKaKAOKT Rolster AJungle
    KoreaHiro (Lee Woo-suk)KT Rolster ABot
    KoreaMe5KT Rolster ASupport
    KoreaMakNooNKT Rolster ATop
    KoreaLiraKT Rolster AJungle
    KoreaSonstarKT Rolster ABot
    KoreaOllehKT Rolster ASupport
    KT Rolster B - May 31,
    KaKAO rejoins.
    KoreaKaKAOKT Rolster BJungle
    Energy Pacemaker.HK - May 31, LaoPi (Support to Top) and DomhoX (Top to Support) change positions.
    ChinaLaoPiEnergy Pacemaker.HKSupportEnergy Pacemaker.HKTop
    ChinaDomhoXEnergy Pacemaker.HKTopEnergy Pacemaker.HKSupport

    Jun 01[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Hoon Good Day - June (approx.),
    ŁØAÐ joins.

    Promise leaves.
    KoreaPromiseHoon Good DayBot
    KoreaŁØAÐHoon Good DayBot
    Druidz E-Sport Europe - June (approx.),
    Doris and
    Spike Nike join.

    Purple, and
    POILK leave.
    EuropePurpleDruidz E-Sport EuropeMid
    EuropePOILKDruidz E-Sport EuropeBot
    EuropeKebabbulle97Druidz E-Sport EuropeJungle
    EuropeChrisBambyDruidz E-Sport EuropeTop
    EuropeDorisDruidz E-Sport EuropeTop
    EuropeSpike NikeDruidz E-Sport EuropeJungle
    MiG Wicked - June (approx.),
    Keane joins.
    KoreaKeaneMiG WickedMid
    New World Eclipse - June (approx.),
    Virus joins.

    otter leaves.
    North AmericaotterNew World EclipseBot
    North AmericaVirusNew World EclipseBot
    Gold Gaming LA - June (approx.),
    Easy joins.
    North AmericaEasy (Brandon Doyle)Gold Gaming LAMid
    FXOpen e-Sports - June 1,
    Arthelon joins.
    North AmericaArthelonFXOpen e-SportsMid
    Team Curse - June (approx.),
    Swain Gretzky leaves.
    North AmericaSwain GretzkyTeam CurseMidtrue
    Curse Academy - June (approx.),
    Swain Gretzky leaves.
    North AmericaSwain GretzkyCurse AcademyTop
    Dream Catcher - June (approx.),
    红花继木, and
    928 join.

    Danger, and
    Midnight leave.
    ChinaDab1gDream CatcherTop
    ChinaDangerDream CatcherJungle
    ChinaMidnight (Zhang Jia-Cheng)Dream CatcherMid
    China泰达米尔Dream CatcherTop
    China红花继木Dream CatcherJungle
    China928Dream CatcherMid
    Dream Catcher - June (approx.), Abing renames to A兵机器.
    mousesports - June (approx.), Osaft22 and Troubley join as substitutes.
    dexter1 leaves.
    yoe IRONMEN - June (approx.),
    WuYan leaves.
    LMSWuYanyoe IRONMENBot
    Dark Passage - June (approx.), ReostA joins as substitute.
    TurkeyReostADark Passagetrue
    LGD Gaming - June (approx.),
    Pip and
    Sweet join.

    Senou and
    Woyue leave.
    ChinaSenouLGD GamingTop
    ChinaWoyueLGD GamingBot
    ChinaPipLGD GamingTop
    ChinaSweet (Qu Zi-Liang)LGD GamingBot
    Team Curse - June 1,
    Elementz leaves.
    North AmericaElementzTeam CurseSupporttrue
    Team Coast - June 1, GGULogo std.pngGood Game University renames to Team Coastlogo std.pngTeam Coast.
    Good Game University - June 1,
    I am Anjo, and
    Pixel leave.
    North AmericaFatGood Game UniversityToptrue
    North AmericaPixelGood Game UniversitySupporttrue
    North AmericaI am AnjoGood Game UniversitySupporttrue
    Team Coast - June 1, Elementz (Coach) joins.
    North AmericaElementzTeam CoastCoach
    Dirt Nap Gaming - June (approx.), Dirt Nap Gaming acquires the roster of Team VEX.
    Dr Snugglez,
    EvanRL, and
    ExecutionerKen join.
    T1zer joins as substitute.
    North AmericaDr SnugglezDirt Nap GamingTop
    North AmericaporpoisegoopDirt Nap GamingJungle
    North AmericaCheesdbelugaDirt Nap GamingMid
    North AmericaEvanRLDirt Nap GamingBot
    North AmericaExecutionerKenDirt Nap GamingSupport
    North AmericaT1zerDirt Nap Gamingtrue
    CC Club - June (approx.),
    RhyThm, and dsm (Coach) join.
    ChinaSodagreenCC ClubTop
    ChinaE1myCC ClubJungle
    ChinaCK (Zheng Liang-Kun)CC ClubMid
    ChinabumeiliCC ClubBot
    ChinaRhyThm (Chinese Player)CC ClubSupport
    ChinadsmCC ClubCoach
    Renegades of Hell - June (approx.), Team is created.
    Ominator, and
    Electra join.

    Big Boss joins as substitute.
    LASHeliorRenegades of HellTop
    LASJuliostitoRenegades of HellJungle
    LASCorruptionRenegades of HellMid
    LASOminatorRenegades of HellBot
    LASElectraRenegades of HellSupport
    LASBig BossRenegades of HellMidtrue