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Current Roster Change Portals:

    May 17[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    North AmericaJyntheEscalate Legion GamingBot
    Energy Pacemaker - May 17,
    AmazingJ leaves.
    ChinaAmazingJEnergy PacemakerTop
    EDward Gaming - May 17,
    AmazingJ joins.
    ChinaAmazingJEDward GamingTop
    KOO Tigers - May 17, GE Tigerslogo std.pngGE Tigers renames to KOO Tigerslogo std.pngKOO Tigers.
    KOO Tigers - May 17,
    Wisdom joins.
    KoreaWisdomKOO TigersJungle
    Oh My Dream - May (approx.),
    tale joins.

    GOODGG and
    9769 leave.
    ChinaGOODGGOh My DreamJungle
    China9769Oh My DreamBot
    ChinataleOh My DreamBot

    May 18[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    7th heaven - May 18,
    Alvingo, and JoyLuck (Coach) join.

    Evi joins as substitute.

    ThintoN moves to starting roster.
    yoshiaki3110 moves to substitute.
    yunn and
    enty leave.
    Japanyunn7th heavenTop
    Japanyoshiaki31107th heavenJungle7th heavenJungletrue
    Japanenty7th heavenSupport
    JapanThintoN7th heavenToptrue7th heavenTop
    JapanJoyLuck7th heavenCoach
    JapanSSuN (Oh Yeong-gyo)7th heavenJungle
    JapanAlvingo7th heavenMid
    JapanEvi7th heavenToptrue
    Escalate Legion Gaming - May 18,
    Jynthe leaves.
    North AmericaJyntheEscalate Legion GamingBot
    Sudden Fear - May 18,
    Robosanta and
    Shiny join.
    ChrisMisTrees (Top to Mid) changes position.
    Chenyboy moves to substitute.
    MforMoon leaves.
    OceaniaChenyboySudden FearMidSudden FearMidtrue
    OceaniaChrisMisTreesSudden FearTopSudden FearMid
    OceaniaMforMoonSudden FearBot
    OceaniaRobosantaSudden FearTop
    OceaniaShiny (Jack Wright)Sudden FearBot
    Legendary - May 18 (approx.),
    Impactful, and
    Lohpally leave.
    North AmericaAkaadianLegendaryTop
    North AmericaDezXLegendaryJungle
    North AmericaBischuLegendaryMid
    North AmericaImpactfulLegendaryBot
    North AmericaLohpallyLegendarySupport
    AD Gaming - May 18,
    Ray and
    BaeMe leave for main roster.
    ChinaRayAD GamingTop
    ChinaBaeMeAD GamingMid
    Invictus Gaming - May 18,
    Save leaves for academy roster.
    ChinaSaveInvictus GamingTop
    Young Glory - May 18,
    killyou joins.

    Save joins from main roster.
    ChinaSaveYoung GloryTop
    ChinakillyouYoung GlorySupport
    Team-LDLC - May 18,
    Steve leaves.
    EuropeSteve (Etienne Michels)Team-LDLCTop
    Team WE - May 18, Ninja is loaned out to Team Dragon Knights for the duration of NA LCS Summer 2015.
    ChinaNinjaTeam WEMidTeam WEMid
    Team Dragon Knights - May 18,
    Emperor joins.

    Ninja is loaned from Team WE.

    LouisXGeeGee leaves.
    North AmericaLouisXGeeGeeTeam Dragon KnightsBot
    North AmericaNinjaTeam Dragon KnightsMid
    North AmericaEmperor (Kim Jin-hyun)Team Dragon KnightsBot
    EDward Gaming - May 18,
    Ray and
    BaeMe join as substitutes from academy roster.

    Ff, and Af leave.
    ChinaAfEDward Gaming
    ChinaFfEDward GamingBottrue
    ChinaMouseEDward GamingSupport
    ChinaBaeMeEDward GamingMidtrue
    ChinaRayEDward GamingToptrue
    Keyd Stars - May 18, Shakarez (Head Coach) joins.
    BrazilShakarezKeyd StarsHead Coach
    Samsung Galaxy - May 18,
    Shadow and
    Luna join.
    KoreaShadow (Lee Min-ho)Samsung GalaxyMid
    KoreaLuna (Jang Kyung-ho)Samsung GalaxySupport
    Samsung Galaxy - May 18, Shadow renames to Crown.
    CJ Entus - May 18,
    Max moves to substitute.
    KoreaMax (Jeong Jong-bin)CJ EntusSupporttrueCJ EntusSupporttrue
    KT Rolster - May 18,
    IkSSu leaves.
    KoreaIkSSuKT RolsterToptrue
    SK Telecom T1 - May 18,
    Piccaboo leaves.
    KoreaPiccabooSK Telecom T1Support
    Jin Air Green Wings - May 18,
    Kuzan joins as substitute.
    KoreaKuzanJin Air Green WingsMidtrue
    Jin Air Green Wings - May 18, XD renames to Sweet.
    Qiao Gu Reapers - May 18,
    Cherish and
    MasterMao join as substitutes.
    ChinaMasterMaoQiao Gu ReapersBottrue
    ChinaCherishQiao Gu ReapersMidtrue
    Winterfox - May 18,
    Altec leaves.
    North AmericaAltecWinterfoxBot
    Gravity - May 18,
    Move and
    Altec join.

    Saintvicious leaves.
    North AmericaSaintviciousGravityJungle
    North AmericaMoveGravityJungle
    North AmericaAltecGravityBot
    Team Coast - May 18, Saintvicious (Head Coach) joins.
    North AmericaSaintviciousTeam CoastHead Coach
    Energy Pacemaker - May (approx.), Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEnergy Pacemaker transfers its LSPL spot to Hyper Youth Gaminglogo std.pngHyper Youth Gaming and disbands.
    x1u, Ana2k (Coach), insence (Coach,Manager), KangQui (Coach), Natsume (Analyst), and Miss (PR Consultant) leave.
    ChinaDrizzleEnergy PacemakerJungle
    ChinaCaptain57Energy PacemakerJungle
    ChinaRaphael (Ko Jae-hyun)Energy PacemakerMid
    ChinaLuo (Yin Peng)Energy PacemakerMid
    Chinakane (Li Chi Hung)Energy PacemakerBot
    ChinaZangAoEnergy PacemakerBot
    Chinax1uEnergy PacemakerSupport
    ChinaAna2kEnergy PacemakerCoach
    ChinaKangQuiEnergy PacemakerCoach
    ChinainsenceEnergy PacemakerCoach/Manager
    ChinaMiss (Han Yi-Ying)Energy PacemakerPR Consultant
    ChinaNatsume (Li Jian)Energy PacemakerAnalyst
    Hyper Youth Gaming - May (approx.), Hyper Youth Gaminglogo std.pngHyper Youth Gaming acquires the LSPL spot of Energy Pacemakerlogo std.pngEnergy Pacemaker.
    x1u, and KangQui (Coach) join.

    ZangAo joins as substitute.
    China17Hyper Youth GamingTop
    ChinayoloHyper Youth GamingJungle
    ChinaRaphael (Ko Jae-hyun)Hyper Youth GamingMid
    ChinaJoJo (Kan Yiu-Tou)Hyper Youth GamingMid
    ChinaZangAoHyper Youth GamingBottrue
    ChinaxQHyper Youth GamingBot
    Chinax1uHyper Youth GamingSupport
    ChinaKangQuiHyper Youth GamingCoach
    Renegades of Hell - May 18, Organization receives a 3 months ban from official Riot tournaments. Previous roster disbands.
    k0rdrag, and
    Zyot leave.
    LASShenksRenegades of HellTop
    LASRomanillyRenegades of HellJungle
    LASEduardoFilopoRenegades of HellMid
    LASk0rdragRenegades of HellBot
    LASZyotRenegades of HellSupport
    Force Of Nature - May 18, Bauer (Head Coach) joins.
    Romanilly rejoins.
    LASRomanillyForce Of NatureJungle
    LASBauerForce Of NatureHead Coach
    Team ROCCAT - May 18,
    Steve joins.

    Overpow moves to substitute.
    EuropeOverpowTeam ROCCATTopTeam ROCCATToptrue
    EuropeSteve (Etienne Michels)Team ROCCATTop

    May 19[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    ChinaBlankEnergy Pacemaker.CarriesJungle
    ChinayizhenEnergy Pacemaker.CarriesTop
    Team-LDLC - May 19,
    Haydal, and
    Moopz leave.
    Cloud9 - May 19, Intel sponsors the team.
    Oh My Dream - May 19,
    Banana and
    jiekou join.

    review and
    Amazing leave.
    ChinareviewOh My DreamJungle
    ChinaAmazing (Liu Shi-Yu)Oh My DreamSupport
    ChinaBanana (Guo Yu-Tong)Oh My DreamTop
    ChinajiekouOh My DreamJungle
    ChinaAssassinStar Horn Royal ClubMid
    ChinaBlankStar Horn Royal ClubJungle
    ChinaYizhenStar Horn Royal ClubTop
    Star Horn Royal Club - May 19, Assassin renames to Sask.
    AD Gaming - May 19,
    Mouse rejoins from main roster.
    ChinaMouseAD GamingTop
    Team Dragon Knights - May (approx.),
    LattmaN, and
    Baby join as substitutes.
    North AmericaBischuTeam Dragon KnightsMidtrue
    North AmericaJébusTeam Dragon KnightsBottrue
    North AmericaLattmaNTeam Dragon KnightsBottrue
    North AmericaBaby (Terry Chuong)Team Dragon KnightsSupporttrue
    Magnetic - May 19, Elominglelogo std.pngElomingle renames to Magneticlogo std.pngMagnetic.
    Also Known As - May 19,
    Pekin Woof, and
    Tails join.

    Ethil joins as substitute.
    Jayel (Mid to Support) changes position. Stan007 (Jungle to Analyst) changes position.
    Papa Chau moves to substitute.
    SleepingDAWG leaves.
    North AmericaJayelAlso Known AsMidAlso Known AsSupport
    North AmericaPapa ChauAlso Known AsSupportAlso Known AsSupporttrue
    North AmericaStan007Also Known AsJungleAlso Known AsAnalyst
    North AmericaSleepingDAWGAlso Known AsBot
    North AmericaSaskioAlso Known AsTop
    North AmericaBeibeiAlso Known AsJungle
    North AmericaPekin WoofAlso Known AsMid
    North AmericaTailsAlso Known AsBot
    North AmericaEthilAlso Known AsBottrue
    Prime Clan - May 19, Team is Disbanded.
    Do it,
    ViviD, Gerrard (Head Coach), and Wi Dae-yun (Coach) leave.
    KoreaSoul (Seo Hyeon-seok)Prime ClanTop
    KoreaCatch (Yun Sang-ho)Prime ClanJungle
    KoreaDo itPrime ClanMid
    KoreaSaSinPrime ClanMid
    Korea원딜프로지망생Prime ClanBot
    KoreaDan (Kim Seung-hoo)Prime ClanBot
    KoreaNuclearPrime ClanBot
    KoreaSecretPrime ClanSupport
    KoreaViviDPrime ClanSupport
    KoreaGerrardPrime ClanHead Coach
    KoreaWi Dae-yunPrime ClanCoach
    Dash9 Gaming - May 19,
    Oddie and
    Sogo leave.
    LANOddieDash9 GamingJungle
    LANSogoDash9 GamingMid
    LANArceLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Supporttrue
    Gaming Gaming - May 19,
    Oddie and
    Arce join.

    Sogo joins as substitute.

    Sky, and Gyga leave.
    LANiLoveGaming GamingMid
    LANSky (Ángel Trasfi)Gaming GamingSupport
    LANGygaGaming Gamingtrue
    LANOddieGaming GamingJungle
    LANArceGaming GamingSupport
    LANSogoGaming GamingMidtrue
    Anarchy - May 19,
    ikssu joins.

    May 20[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Liquid Academy - May 20,
    Matt, and Warlock (Coach) join.

    JoJo, and
    Nyjacky leave.
    North AmericabeibeiTeam Liquid AcademyJungle
    North AmericaEnnuiTeam Liquid AcademyMid
    North AmericaNyjackyTeam Liquid AcademyMidtrue
    North AmericaJoJo (Matthew He)Team Liquid AcademySupport
    North AmericaWarlock (Michael Al-Agha)Team Liquid AcademyCoach
    North AmericaGrigneTeam Liquid AcademyJungle
    North AmericaYoungbinTeam Liquid AcademyMid
    North AmericaMattTeam Liquid AcademySupport
    SK Gaming - May 20, Lukas Schenke (Sports Psychologist to Head Coach) changes position.
    EuropeLukas SchenkeSK GamingSports PsychologistSK GamingHead Coach
    DetonatioN FocusMe - May 20, Atu (Coach) joins.
    JapanAtuDetonatioN FocusMeCoach
    Furious Gaming - May 20,
    Genthix joins.

    Rod and
    Wingz join as substitutes.
    LASGenthixFurious GamingSupport
    LASRodFurious GamingJungletrue
    LASWingzFurious GamingSupporttrue
    KaBuM! Black - May 20,
    Vash rejoins.

    Goku leaves.
    BrazilGokuKaBuM! BlackMid
    BrazilVashKaBuM! BlackMid
    Masters 3 - May 20,
    Candy leaves.
    ChinaCandy (Tang Xin)Masters 3Bot
    Newbee - May 20,
    Candy joins.
    ChinaCandy (Tang Xin)NewbeeBot
    Machi Esports - May 20, MiSTakE (Consultant) joins.
    LMSMiSTakEMachi EsportsConsultant
    LoL Champions Korea - May 20, PapaSmithy (Caster) joins.
    KoreaPapaSmithyLoL Champions KoreaCaster

    May 21[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Oh My God - May 21,
    MLZZ and
    Amazing join.

    North joins as substitute.
    ChinaMLZZOh My GodJungle
    ChinaNorth (Zhang Yu-Ze)Oh My GodBottrue
    ChinaAmazing (Liu Shi-Yu)Oh My GodSupport
    Oh My God - May 21, MLZZ renames to Juejue.
    Vici Gaming - May 21, Homme (Coach) leaves.
    ChinaHommeVici GamingCoach
    LGD Gaming - May 21,
    YeLuo and
    Fan join as substitutes.
    ChinaYeLuoLGD GamingMidtrue
    ChinaFan (Liu Yi-Fan)LGD GamingSupporttrue
    LGD Gaming - May 21, Homme (Coach) joins.
    ChinaHommeLGD GamingCoach
    DetonatioN FocusMe - May 21,
    Rokenia and
    Hwang join.
    KazuXD (Support to Analyst) changes position.
    Astarore moves to substitute.
    JapanAstaroreDetonatioN FocusMeJungleDetonatioN FocusMeJungletrue
    JapanKazuXDDetonatioN FocusMeSupportDetonatioN FocusMeAnalyst
    JapanRokeniaDetonatioN FocusMeJungle
    JapanHwangDetonatioN FocusMeSupport
    Cloud9 Tempest - May 21, Bubbadub (Head Coach) joins.
    North AmericaBubbadubCloud9 TempestHead Coach
    Gravity - May 21, Cop (Head Coach) is added to the official roster as substitute.
    North AmericaCopGravityBotGravityHead Coach
    Magnetic - May 21,
    Arcsecond and
    ShorterACE leave.
    North AmericaArcsecondMagneticMid
    North AmericaShorterACEMagneticJungletrue
    Winterfox - May 21, ExecutionerKen renames to Ken.
    Winterfox - May 21,
    Arcsecond and
    P1noy join.

    ShorterACE and
    Ken move to starting roster.
    Helios moves to substitute.
    Paragon, and
    Imagine leave.
    North AmericaShorterACEWinterfoxJungletrueWinterfoxJungle
    North AmericaKenWinterfoxSupporttrueWinterfoxSupport
    North AmericaImagine (Jang Hyeon-su)WinterfoxSupporttrue
    North AmericaParagonWinterfoxBottrue
    North AmericaGleebWinterfoxSupport
    North AmericaHelios (Shin Dong-jin)WinterfoxJungleWinterfoxJungletrue
    North AmericaP1noyWinterfoxBot
    North AmericaArcsecondWinterfoxMid
    Frank Fang Gaming - May 21, Leviathan (Coach) joins.
    North AmericaLeviathan (Jordan Thwaites)Frank Fang GamingCoach
    Dash9 Gaming - May 21,
    Naka leaves.
    LANNakaDash9 GamingSupport
    Revenge eSports - May 21,
    Pillo and
    FraGio join.
    LANPilloRevenge eSportsTop
    LANFraGioRevenge eSportsJungle

    May 22[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Dire Wolves - May 22,
    Chippys joins as substitute.
    OceaniaChippysDire WolvesToptrue
    Dark Passage - May 22,
    Abaria joins as substitute.
    TurkeyAbariaDark PassageMidtrue
    Masters 3 - May 22, Ruo (Jungle to Support) changes position.
    ChinaRuo (Teng Yang-Tian-Xia)Masters 3JungleMasters 3Support
    Team 8 - May 22,
    Nien and HISTORY TEACHER (Head Coach) join.

    maplestreet moves to substitute.
    North AmericamaplestreetTeam 8BotTeam 8Bottrue
    North AmericaNienTeam 8Bot
    North AmericaHISTORY TEACHERTeam 8Head Coach
    SK Telecom T1 - May 22,
    Scout joins as trainee.
    KoreaScoutSK Telecom T1Midtrue
    Millenium - May 22,
    PerkZ leaves.

    May 23[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    EuropeVizilityCopenhagen Wolves AcademyBot
    Chiefs Esports Club - May 23,
    Edition and
    Junnie join as substitutes.
    OceaniaEditionChiefs Esports ClubBottrue
    OceaniaJunnieChiefs Esports ClubSupporttrue
    Rascal Jester - 2015 (approx.),
    Hiroki joins.
    JapanHirokiRascal JesterJungle