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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Feb 28[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Choke Gaming - February 28,
    Lukezy joins.

    Energy (temporary substitute) leaves.
    EuropeEnergyChoke GamingMid
    EuropeLukezyChoke GamingMid
    NRG Esports - February 28,
    LOD's loan from Ember ends.
    North AmericaLODNRG EsportsBot
    Avant Garde - February 28,
    Raintear joins.

    Malaz moves to substitute.
    OceaniaMalazAvant GardeTopAvant GardeToptrue
    OceaniaRaintearAvant GardeTop
    EuropeDaemonizeMysterious MonkeysTop
    EuropeLamabearMysterious MonkeysJungle
    Europenoway4uMysterious MonkeysMid
    EuropeOhq v1Mysterious MonkeysBot
    EuropeSaZeDMysterious MonkeysSupport

    Feb 29[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Huma - February 29, Kubz (Head Coach) rejoins.
    EuropeKubzHumaHead Coach
    Dignitas - February 29,
    Smittyj leaves.
    North AmericaSmittyjDignitasToptrue
    SQUARE - February 29,
    Rupang, and
    DanOh join.

    Xian moves to substitute.
    Vista and
    Ping9 leave.
    KoreaJerry (Park Yong-hyun)SQUAREJungle
    Wan Yoo - February 29,
    kane joins as substitute.
    Chinakane (Li Chi Hung)Wan YooBottrue

    Mar 01[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Huma - March 1,
    Rudy joins.
    eXtatus - March (approx.),
    Worry, and
    Tarky join.
    Chiefs Black - March (approx.), Blindturkey (Head Analyst) leaves.
    OceaniaBlindturkeyChiefs BlackHead Analyst
    Red Flag - March (approx.),
    Decagon Moon,
    meân, and
    Anthrax join.
    TurkeyBroliaRed FlagTop
    TurkeyDecagon MoonRed FlagJungle
    TurkeyRâuRed FlagMid
    TurkeymeânRed FlagBot
    TurkeyAnthraxRed FlagSupport
    LowLandLions - March (approx.), LowLandLionslogo std.pngLowLandLions.Fire and LowLandLionslogo std.pngLowLandLions.Ice disband.
    Rascal Jester - March (approx.),
    GalB leaves.
    JapanGalBRascal JesterJungletrue
    North AmericaH4xDefenderCalifornia State Polytechnic University, PomonaJungle
    Tabula Rasa - March 1 (approx.),
    Strife, and
    TeeSum leave.
    North AmericaIsunariTabula RasaTop
    North AmericaxSojinTabula RasaJungle
    North AmericaLinsanityTabula RasaMid
    North AmericaStrifeTabula RasaBot
    North AmericaTeeSumTabula RasaSupport
    Dark Wolves - March (approx.),
    EunJongchan joins as substitute.
    KoreaEunJongchanDark WolvesToptrue
    Oh My God - 2016 (approx.), Dgc (Coach) leaves.
    ChinaDgcOh My GodCoach
    Oh My God - March (approx.),
    bingo and
    qiutian join as trainees.
    Chinabingo (Xie Bin)Oh My GodJungletrue
    Chinaqiutian (Huang Yi-Jun)Oh My GodMidtrue
    Royal Never Give Up - March (approx.),
    NaMei moves to starting roster.
    ChinaNaMeiRoyal Never Give UpBottrueRoyal Never Give UpBot
    EDward Gaming - March (approx.),
    xiaozz and
    Secret join as trainees.

    BayBay leaves for academy roster.
    ChinaBayBayEDward GamingJungletrue
    ChinaxiaozzEDward GamingBottrue
    ChinaSecret (Liu Han-Dong)EDward GamingSupporttrue
    Revenger (Chinese Team) - March (approx.), PanDa (Coach) leaves.
    ChinaPanDa (Kim Gi-woong)Revenger (Chinese Team)Coach
    2144 Gaming - March (approx.), Bigfafa (Coach) leaves.
    ChinaBigfafa2144 GamingCoach
    WaY (Korean Team) - March (approx.), Team disbands.
    LaCo, and
    Heeseong leave.
    KoreaKim4WaY (Korean Team)Top
    KoreaSavageWaY (Korean Team)Jungle
    KoreahellpokWaY (Korean Team)Mid
    KoreaDaDaWaY (Korean Team)Bot
    KoreaLaCoWaY (Korean Team)Support
    KoreaHeeseongWaY (Korean Team)Supporttrue
    North AmericaLourloTeam Liquid AcademyToptrue
    North AmericaDardochTeam Liquid AcademyJungletrue
    North AmericaFeniXTeam Liquid AcademyMidtrue
    North AmericaPigletTeam Liquid AcademyBottrue
    North AmericaMattTeam Liquid AcademySupporttrue
    Origen - March 1, xPeke (Interim Head Coach to Support) changes position.
    EuropexPekeOrigenInterim Head CoachOrigenSupport
    North AmericaLicoriceFrank Fang GamingTop
    North AmericaShorterACEFrank Fang GamingJungle
    North AmericaInsanityXXXFrank Fang GamingMid
    North AmericaMaplestreetFrank Fang GamingBot
    North AmericaBodydropFrank Fang GamingSupport
    Invictus Gaming - March (approx.),
    Xn joins as trainee.
    ChinaXnInvictus GamingMidtrue
    Qiao Gu Reapers - March (approx.),
    BoriSal moves to starting roster.
    Doinb moves to substitute.
    ChinaDoinbQiao Gu ReapersMidQiao Gu ReapersMidtrue
    ChinaBoriSalQiao Gu ReapersMidtrueQiao Gu ReapersMid
    SNS Esports - March (approx.), T.Bear Gaminglogo std.pngT.Bear Gaming rebrands as SNS Esportslogo std.pngSNS Esports.
    SNS Esports - March (approx.), nahcoLite renames to Sodagreen.
    Masters 3 - March (approx.),
    Lazarus joins as substitute.
    ChinaLazarusMasters 3Toptrue
    Enemy - March 1,
    Obvious leaves.
    North AmericaObviousEnemyJungle
    Supernova - March (approx.),
    yeniaR, and
    Donger Salesman join.
    North AmericaCaveleSupernovaTop
    North AmericakingwalleeSupernovaJungle
    North AmericaGoingBSupernovaMid
    North AmericayeniaRSupernovaBot
    North AmericaDonger SalesmanSupernovaSupport
    Bencheados - March (approx.), Oxaciano (Head Coach) leaves.
    LASOxacianoBencheadosHead Coach
    Coliseo Dragons - March (approx.),
    Zeko and Oxaciano (Head Coach) join.

    Kyrie and
    Mishu rejoin.

    Nivem joins as substitute.
    LASKyrie (Facundo González)Coliseo DragonsJungle
    LASZekoColiseo DragonsMid
    LASMishuColiseo DragonsBot
    LASNivemColiseo DragonsMidtrue
    LASOxacianoColiseo DragonsHead Coach
    Exceltec E-Sports - March 1,
    Devil joins as substitute.
    LANDevil (Víctor Díaz)Exceltec E-SportsJungletrue
    Berserk e-Sports - March (approx.),
    cody joins.
    LAScodyBerserk e-SportsMid
    Doxa Gaming - March (approx.), Team is formed. JocaTheGod (Head Coach) and Mahisto (Founder) join.
    EuropeJocaTheGodDoxa GamingHead Coach
    EuropeMahistoDoxa GamingFounder
    EuropeWazierWiLD MultiGamingTop
    EuropeFunzkaiWiLD MultiGamingJungle
    EuropeAdmWiLD MultiGamingMid
    Europehi im mateWiLD MultiGamingBot
    EuropehextasyWiLD MultiGamingSupport

    Mar 02[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    EuropePhonesEURONICS GamingTop
    EuropeFöurEURONICS GamingJungle
    EuropeMagiFelixEURONICS GamingMid
    EuropeSedrionEURONICS GamingBot
    EuropeLionEURONICS GamingSupport
    Rascal Jester - March 2,
    GalB leaves.
    JapanGalBRascal JesterJungle
    CJ Entus - March 2,
    Bdd moves to starting roster.
    KoreaBddCJ EntusMidtrueCJ EntusMid

    Mar 03[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Sentinels ESC - March 3,
    Moya (temporary substitute) leaves.
    SazaHu moves to starting roster.
    OceaniaSazaHuSentinels ESCToptrueSentinels ESCTop
    OceaniaMoyaSentinels ESCMid
    Legion Gaming (Oceanic Team) - March 3,
    melon, and
    Visionary join.

    Dalton joins as temporary substitute for Week 5 of OCS 2016 Split 1.

    apink bomi2,
    Squidgy, and
    Gagaters leave.
    Riiho and
    Y x (temporary substitutes) leave.
    OceaniaRiihoLegion Gaming (Oceanic Team)Top
    OceaniaY xLegion Gaming (Oceanic Team)Mid
    Oceaniaapink bomi2Legion Gaming (Oceanic Team)Jungle
    OceaniaSquidgyLegion Gaming (Oceanic Team)Bot
    OceaniaGagatersLegion Gaming (Oceanic Team)Support
    OceaniaDaltonLegion Gaming (Oceanic Team)Top
    OceaniaHulkLegion Gaming (Oceanic Team)Jungle
    OceaniaMatrixLegion Gaming (Oceanic Team)Mid
    Oceaniamelon (Legion Gaming)Legion Gaming (Oceanic Team)Bot
    OceaniaVisionaryLegion Gaming (Oceanic Team)Support
    Abyss Esports Red - March 3,
    Squidgy and
    tgun join.

    Raps and
    Straawbella leave.
    OceaniaRapsAbyss Esports RedBot
    OceaniaStraawbellaAbyss Esports RedSupport
    OceaniaSquidgyAbyss Esports RedBot
    OceaniatgunAbyss Esports RedSupport
    TEAM4NOT.OCE - March 3,
    Knight joins.

    Wilaris leaves.
    OceaniaKnight (Lee Geon)TEAM4NOT.OCEMid
    Team Liquid Academy - March 3,
    chocopie joins as substitute.
    North AmericachocopieTeam Liquid AcademySupporttrue
    Enemy - March 3,
    Trance leaves.
    North AmericaTranceEnemySupport
    Team Dragon Knights - March 3,
    Flaresz and
    Trance join.

    RF Legendary rejoins.

    Seraph leaves after loan to Renegades ends.
    Alex Ich moves to starting roster.
    Ninja and
    Crumbz leave.
    North AmericaAlex IchTeam Dragon KnightsMidtrueTeam Dragon KnightsMid
    North AmericaSeraphTeam Dragon KnightsTop
    North AmericaNinjaTeam Dragon KnightsMid
    North AmericaCrumbzTeam Dragon KnightsJungletrue
    North AmericaFlareszTeam Dragon KnightsTop
    North AmericaRF LegendaryTeam Dragon KnightsTop
    North AmericaTranceTeam Dragon KnightsSupport
    Renegades - March 3,
    Ninja joins.

    Seraph joins permanently after loan from Team Dragon Knights ends.
    RF Legendary,
    Alex Ich, and
    Flaresz leave.
    North AmericaRF LegendaryRenegadesTop
    North AmericaAlex IchRenegadesMid
    North AmericaFlareszRenegadesToptrue
    North AmericaSeraphRenegadesTopRenegadesTop
    North AmericaNinjaRenegadesMid
    Apex Gaming - March 3,
    BrandonFTW joins as substitute.
    Saintvicious (Head Coach) and BlisS (Assistant Coach) are added to the official roster as substitutes.
    Indivisible leaves.
    North AmericaSaintviciousApex GamingHead CoachApex GamingHead Coach
    North AmericaBlisSApex GamingAssistant CoachApex GamingAssistant Coach
    North AmericaIndivisibleApex GamingSupporttrue
    North AmericaBrandonFTWApex GamingToptrue

    Mar 04[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Columbia College - March 4, Duong Pham (Head Coach) and Matt Meininger (Assistant Coach) join.
    North AmericaDuong PhamColumbia CollegeHead Coach
    North AmericaMatt MeiningerColumbia CollegeAssistant Coach

    Mar 05[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource