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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Apr 24[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Unicorns Of Love - April 24,
    Diamondprox leaves.
    EuropeDiamondproxUnicorns Of LoveJungle
    Flash Point eSports - April 24 (approx.),
    LL Stylish,
    Fake Carry, and
    dOdObee leave.
    North AmericaKobyFlash Point eSportsTop
    North AmericaOmarGodFlash Point eSportsJungle
    North AmericaLL StylishFlash Point eSportsMid
    North AmericaFake CarryFlash Point eSportsBot
    North AmericadOdObeeFlash Point eSportsSupport
    NotLikeThis - April 24 (approx.),
    Fas Scriptor,
    LightSludge, and
    Alexandtheo leave.
    North AmericaSouiNotLikeThisTop
    North AmericaH4xDefenderNotLikeThisJungle
    North AmericaFas ScriptorNotLikeThisMid
    North AmericaLightSludgeNotLikeThisBot
    North AmericaAlexandtheoNotLikeThisSupport
    KR Players - April 24 (approx.),
    hi its viper,
    Shura, and
    Constructive leave.
    North AmericaKitzuoKR PlayersTop
    North Americahi its viperKR PlayersJungle
    North AmericaTempest (Andrew Stark)KR PlayersMid
    North AmericaShura (KR Players)KR PlayersBot
    North AmericaConstructiveKR PlayersSupport
    Toveri - April 24 (approx.),
    Brian The is,
    r3started, and
    ArmsofSilver leave.
    North AmericaBrian The isToveriTop
    North AmericaIzaiyaToveriJungle
    North AmericarovexToveriMid
    North Americar3startedToveriBot
    North AmericaArmsofSilverToveriSupport
    North AmericaEvanRLRobert Morris University IllinoisBot
    North AmericaMinibestiaRobert Morris University IllinoisSupport
    YoWant - April 24,
    Xx leaves.
    ChinaXx (Xiong Yu-Long)YoWantJungle
    Fnatic - April 24,
    Mikyx leaves.
    Splyce - April 24,
    Mikyx joins.

    Nisbeth moves to substitute.
    Galactic Gamers - April 24,
    Oddie leaves.
    LANOddieGalactic GamersJungle
    Hafnet eSports - April 24, Warangelus (Mid to Bot) changes position.
    LASWarangelusHafnet eSportsMidHafnet eSportsBot

    Apr 25[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Szef 6 - April 25,
    IceBeasto and
    Stanowsky join.
    niQ760 (Top to Mid) changes position.
    Selfie and
    Woolite leave.
    EuropeniQ760Szef 6TopSzef 6Mid
    EuropeSelfieSzef 6Mid
    EuropeWooliteSzef 6Bot
    EuropeIceBeastoSzef 6Top
    EuropeStanowskySzef 6Bot
    Renegades: Banditos - April 25,
    Impaler leaves.
    EuropeImpalerRenegades: BanditosJungle
    EuropeWerlybFnatic AcademyTop
    EuropeImpalerFnatic AcademyJungle
    EuropeSozPurefectFnatic AcademyMid
    EuropeExorkFnatic AcademyBot
    EuropeKlajFnatic AcademySupport
    Havoks Gaming - April 25,
    EvanRL and
    Minibestia join.

    xpng and
    Soren leave.
    LANxpngHavoks GamingBot
    LANSoren (Carlos Ibarra)Havoks GamingSupport
    LANEvanRLHavoks GamingBot
    LANMinibestiaHavoks GamingSupport
    DetonatioN FocusMe - April 25,
    Yumenoti leaves.
    JapanYumenotiDetonatioN FocusMeBot
    Gambit Esports - April 25,
    Diamondprox leaves.
    CISDiamondproxGambit EsportsJungle
    Team ROCCAT - April 25,
    fredy122 moves to substitute.
    NoXiAK, and
    Edward leave.
    EuropeTabzzTeam ROCCATBot
    EuropeNoXiAKTeam ROCCATSupport
    EuropeEdwardTeam ROCCATSupporttrue
    Europefredy122Team ROCCATTopTeam ROCCATToptrue
    BrawL eSports - April 25, Leviathan (Head Coach) joins.
    Praisex and Axkhan (Coach) leave.
    LANPraisexBrawL eSportsJungle
    LANAxkhanBrawL eSportsCoach
    LANLeviathan (Jordan Thwaites)BrawL eSportsHead Coach

    Apr 26[edit]

    Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Huma - April 26,
    Rudy, and
    Godbro leave.
    Renegades: Banditos - April 26,
    Hiiva leaves.
    EuropeHiivaRenegades: BanditosSupport
    Infernum Gaming - April 26,
    Cawn joins as temporary substitute for OPL 2016 Split 2 Promotion.

    Stealthix and
    Yuzuki leave.
    OceaniaYuzukiInfernum GamingSupport
    OceaniaStealthixInfernum GamingBot
    OceaniaCawnInfernum GamingSupport
    Dignitas - April 26,
    KiWiKiD leaves.
    North AmericaKiWiKiDDignitasSupport
    Team SoloMid - April 26, Jarge (Strategic Coach) leaves.
    North AmericaJargeTeam SoloMidStrategic Coach
    KaBuM! e-Sports - April 26,
    Verto and
    verfix join.

    Rivabene, and
    Tomate join as substitutes.

    dans (Coach) leaves.
    BrazildansKaBuM! e-SportsBot/Coachtrue
    BrazilVertoKaBuM! e-SportsTop
    BrazilverfixKaBuM! e-SportsSupport
    BrazilZantinsKaBuM! e-SportsToptrue
    BrazilZuaoKaBuM! e-SportsJungletrue
    BrazilRivabeneKaBuM! e-SportsMidtrue
    BrazilTomate (Alaor Leão)KaBuM! e-SportsMidtrue
    NRG Esports - April 26,
    Santorin, and
    KiWiKiD join.

    Moon, and
    KonKwon leave.
    North AmericaImpactNRG EsportsTop
    North AmericaMoon (Galen Holgate)NRG EsportsJungle
    North AmericaKonKwonNRG EsportsSupport
    North AmericaQuasNRG EsportsTop
    North AmericaSantorinNRG EsportsJungle
    North AmericaKiWiKiDNRG EsportsSupport
    Team Forge - April 26,
    Taikki and
    Hiiva join.
    EuropeTaikkiTeam ForgeJungle
    EuropeHiivaTeam ForgeSupport
    Giants Gaming - April 26,
    Wisdom leaves.
    EuropeWisdomGiants GamingJungle

    Apr 27[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Alpha Sydney - April 27,
    Senex and
    Mooboo join from academy roster.

    Only and
    Btka leave.
    OceaniaOnlyAlpha SydneyJungle
    OceaniaBtkaAlpha SydneyMid
    OceaniaSenexAlpha SydneyTop
    OceaniaMoobooAlpha SydneyJungle
    Infernum Gaming - April 27,
    Cawn (temporary substitute) leaves.
    OceaniaCawnInfernum GamingSupport

    Apr 28[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Copenhagen Wolves - April 28, Exorant (Coach) leaves.
    EuropeExorantCopenhagen WolvesCoach
    Beşiktaş.OH - April 28, Exorant (Head Coach) joins. unHOLYdonuts (Head Coach) leaves.
    TurkeyunHOLYdonutsBeşiktaş.OHHead Coach
    TurkeyExorantBeşiktaş.OHHead Coach
    Abyss Esports Red - April (approx.),
    ChrisMisTrees leaves.
    OceaniaChrisMisTreesAbyss Esports RedMidtrue
    Trident Esports - April 28,
    Edition leaves.
    OceaniaEditionTrident EsportsBot
    paiN Gaming - April 28,
    TaeYeon joins as substitute.
    BrazilTaeYeonpaiN GamingBottrue
    ESC Ever - April 28, Team qualifies for the 2016 LCK Summer Season.

    Apr 29[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    MVP - April 29, Team qualifies for the 2016 LCK Summer Season.
    Furious Gaming - April 29,
    Acce leaves.
    LASAcceFurious GamingTop
    Rebirth eSports - April 29,
    Zeypher joins.
    LASZeypherRebirth eSportsBot

    Apr 30[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Imperial Esports - April 30,
    Decagon Moon joins.

    Kadir leaves.
    TurkeyKadirImperial EsportsJungle
    TurkeyDecagon MoonImperial EsportsJungle
    Distortion Esports - April 30 (approx.),
    Vladfire1 BG,
    Aconda, and
    SoreScar leave.
    North AmericaKasperrrDistortion EsportsTop
    North AmericaVladfire1 BGDistortion EsportsJungle
    North AmericaTuesday (Jean-Sébastien Thery)Distortion EsportsMid
    North AmericaAcondaDistortion EsportsBot
    North AmericaSoreScarDistortion EsportsSupport
    Bencheados - April 30,
    Regi joins.

    Kirito moves to substitute.
    LASKirito (Nicolás Olavarría)BencheadosMidBencheadosMidtrue
    Avalanche - April 30 (approx.),
    deftly, and
    Fyre leave.
    North AmericaAllorimAvalancheTop
    North AmericaZaryAvalancheJungle
    North AmericaEasy (Brandon Doyle)AvalancheMid
    North AmericadeftlyAvalancheBot
    North AmericaFyreAvalancheSupport
    ahq eSports Club - April 30, Chawy's residency changes from SEA to TW.
    Team Liquid Academy - April 30,
    Smoothie leaves.
    North AmericaSmoothieTeam Liquid AcademySupport
    Hafnet eSports - April 30,
    Acce joins.
    LASAcceHafnet eSportsTop
    Rebirth eSports - April 30,
    Quaker leaves.
    LASQuakerRebirth eSportsJungle
    Lyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team) - April 30, Losan (Head Coach) leaves.
    LANLosanLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Head Coach
    Last Kings - April 30,
    wardz joins.

    Focho leaves.
    LASFochoLast KingsJungle
    LASwardzLast KingsJungle
    EuropeDirewolf (Stelios Lianos)Test Your LimitsTop
    EuropeiCollapseTest Your LimitsJungle
    EuropeSanerTest Your LimitsMid
    EuropeJujubeTest Your LimitsBot
    EuropeConnectedTest Your LimitsSupport