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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Jul 31[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Project Conquerors - July (approx.),
    Tiger, and
    Targamas leave.
    EuropeShemekProject ConquerorsTop
    EuropeMarexProject ConquerorsJungle
    EuropeShïruProject ConquerorsMid
    EuropeTiger (Alan Roger)Project ConquerorsBot
    EuropeTargamasProject ConquerorsSupport
    MnM Gaming - July 31,
    Larssen, and
    Hadow join.

    Lukezy joins as substitute.
    EuropeRiftyMnM GamingTop
    EuropePhurionMnM GamingJungle
    EuropeLarssenMnM GamingMid
    EuropeHadowMnM GamingSupport
    EuropeLukezyMnM GamingMidtrue
    Team EnVyUs - July 31, Matt (General Manager) leaves.
    North AmericaMatt (Matt Akhavan)Team EnVyUsGeneral Manager
    Dire Wolves - July 31,
    Raes leaves.
    OceaniaRaesDire WolvesBot
    Chiefs Esports Club - July 31,
    Raes joins.

    Raydere leaves.
    OceaniaRaydereChiefs Esports ClubBot
    OceaniaRaesChiefs Esports ClubBot
    Dire Wolves - July 31,
    Raydere joins.
    OceaniaRaydereDire WolvesBot
    eMonkeyz - July 31,
    Reyzoasda leaves.

    Aug 01[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Giants Gaming - August (approx.),
    Special leaves.
    EuropeSpecialGiants GamingMidtrue
    Georgia Institute of Technology - August (approx.),
    Saber leaves.
    North AmericaSaberGeorgia Institute of TechnologyBot
    NRG Esports - August (approx.), Hermit (Head Coach) leaves.
    North AmericaHermitNRG EsportsHead Coach
    Unicorns Of Love - August (approx.),
    Uby leaves.
    EuropeUbyUnicorns Of LoveSupporttrue
    E-corp Glorious - August (approx.),
    Tiger, and
    Sharkk join.
    EuropeShemekE-corp GloriousTop
    EuropeMarexE-corp GloriousJungle
    EuropeShïruE-corp GloriousMid
    EuropeTiger (Alan Roger)E-corp GloriousBot
    EuropeSharkkE-corp GloriousSupport
    University of Texas at Austin - August (approx.),
    Pyrrfect joins.
    ShadesOfKappa (Support to Top) and Hwarang Do (Top to Bot) change positions.
    North AmericaShadesOfKappaUniversity of Texas at AustinSupportUniversity of Texas at AustinTop
    North AmericaHwarang DoUniversity of Texas at AustinTopUniversity of Texas at AustinBot
    North AmericaPyrrfectUniversity of Texas at AustinSupport
    University of Texas at Austin - August (approx.), Hwarang Do renames to Railgun.
    North AmericaAn Obese PandaUniversity of California San DiegoJungle
    North AmericaIxenbayUniversity of California San DiegoTop
    North AmericaAhri (Matthiew Choi)University of California San DiegoMid
    North AmericaseemackzeeUniversity of California San DiegoMid
    North AmericaLimitedExtentUniversity of California San DiegoBot
    North AmericaShoppingUniversity of California San DiegoSupport
    University of British Columbia - August (approx.),
    Kazahana, and
    ktsmurf join.
    DaiJurJur (Top to Coach) changes position.
    Heat Waves and
    TehBChoi leave.
    North AmericaDaiJurJurUniversity of British ColumbiaTopUniversity of British ColumbiaCoach
    North AmericaHeat WavesUniversity of British ColumbiaBot
    North AmericaTehBChoiUniversity of British ColumbiaBottrue
    North AmericaCJ (Colton Popowich)University of British ColumbiaTop
    North AmericaKazahanaUniversity of British ColumbiaJungle
    North AmericaktsmurfUniversity of British ColumbiaMid
    Immortals - August (approx.), Leonyx (Creative Director) joins.
    North AmericaLeonyxImmortalsCreative Director
    North AmericaMinsooUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignJungle
    North AmericaCommand AttackUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMid
    North AmericaFruitSellerUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignBot
    North AmericaNoob (Peter Shyu)University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSupport
    University of Maryland College Park - August (approx.),
    Nano, and Quirk (Coach) join.
    Tahx (Top to Jungle) and Yami (Jungle to Support) change positions.
    Lutano and
    BustiDice leave.
    North AmericaLutanoUniversity of Maryland College ParkBot
    North AmericaBustiDiceUniversity of Maryland College ParkSupport
    North AmericaTahxUniversity of Maryland College ParkTopUniversity of Maryland College ParkJungle
    North AmericaYamiUniversity of Maryland College ParkJungleUniversity of Maryland College ParkSupport
    North AmericaVoid (Xue Zhi-Yuan)University of Maryland College ParkTop
    North AmericaNano (Xue Zhi-Sheng)University of Maryland College ParkBot
    North AmericaQuirkUniversity of Maryland College ParkCoach
    Fnatic - August (approx.), Gary Kennedy (Group Finance Director) joins.
    EuropeGary KennedyFnaticGroup Finance Director
    Columbia College - August (approx.),
    MistyStumpey and
    ArJay join.

    Homecoming leaves.
    Wolf, and
    inipro leave for academy roster.
    North AmericaWolf (Gabriel Eckenroth)Columbia CollegeBot
    North AmericaPanzerColumbia CollegeJungle
    North AmericainiproColumbia CollegeSupport
    North AmericaHomecomingColumbia CollegeSupport
    North AmericaMistyStumpeyColumbia CollegeTop
    North AmericaArJayColumbia CollegeJungle
    Columbia College Silver - August (approx.),
    Wolf, and
    inipro join from main roster.
    North AmericaWolf (Gabriel Eckenroth)Columbia College SilverBot
    North AmericaPanzerColumbia College SilverJungle
    North AmericainiproColumbia College SilverSupport
    North Carolina State University - August (approx.),
    riftdog joins.

    Flamejin and
    Puree leave.
    North AmericaPureeNorth Carolina State UniversityBot
    North AmericaFlamejinNorth Carolina State UniversityBot
    North AmericariftdogNorth Carolina State UniversityBot
    North AmericaSoligoUniversity of Colorado BoulderMid
    North AmericaMagnimopisUniversity of Colorado BoulderTop
    North AmericaSpooky (Cameron Taylor)University of Colorado BoulderJungle
    North AmericaShpangaUniversity of Colorado BoulderMid
    North AmericaAcondaUniversity of Colorado BoulderBot
    North AmericadedpewlUniversity of Colorado BoulderBot
    North AmericaBetterCallSalehUniversity of Colorado BoulderSupport
    North AmericasilversunpickupsUniversity of Colorado BoulderSupport
    North AmericaBukZacHRobert Morris University Illinois MaroonBot
    Robert Morris University Illinois - August (approx.),
    Shady, Drake Porter (Coach), and Mango (Assistant Coach) join.
    AGeNt (Coach to Director) changes position. Mogatu leaves.
    Pomi leaves for academy roster.
    North AmericaPomiRobert Morris University IllinoisJungle
    North AmericaMogatuRobert Morris University Illinoistrue
    North AmericaAGeNt (Ferris Ganzman)Robert Morris University IllinoisCoachRobert Morris University IllinoisDirector
    North AmericaMordioRobert Morris University IllinoisJungle
    North AmericaShady (Jordan Robison)Robert Morris University IllinoisSupport
    North AmericaDrake PorterRobert Morris University IllinoisCoach
    North AmericaMango (Daniel Morissette)Robert Morris University IllinoisAssistant Coach
    Robert Morris University Illinois Maroon - August (approx.),
    Pomi joins from main roster.
    North AmericaPomiRobert Morris University Illinois MaroonJungle
    North AmericaLunarlyUniversity of Texas at DallasTop
    North AmericaFaith (Karlin Oei)University of Texas at DallasJungle
    North AmericafreelancerUniversity of Texas at DallasMid
    North AmericaBingo (Brandon Ngo)University of Texas at DallasBot
    North Americahello jennyUniversity of Texas at DallasSupport
    Supernova - August (approx.),
    Hopeful and
    Philthy join.

    Gremmy and
    Moraitis leave.
    North AmericaMoraitisSupernovaSupport
    North AmericaGremmySupernovaSupport
    North AmericaHopefulSupernovaMid
    North AmericaPhilthySupernovaSupport
    Team Echo Zulu - August (approx.), Me4rts joins as substitute.
    EuropeMe4rtsTeam Echo Zulutrue
    2144 Gaming - August (approx.), 2144 Gaminglogo std.png2144 Gaming is disbanded.
    Gaeng, and
    Melanth3 leave.
    ChinaAkira (Wang Zu-Jing)2144 GamingTop
    ChinaSky (Ha Neul)2144 GamingTop
    ChinaNova (Kim Dong-hyeon)2144 GamingJungle
    Chinaq12144 GamingMid
    ChinaGouWa2144 GamingBot
    ChinaMing (Zhang Ming)2144 GamingBot
    ChinaFeng (Gan Qi-Feng)2144 GamingSupport
    ChinaGaeng2144 GamingSupport
    ChinaMelanth32144 GamingSupporttrue
    J Team - August (approx.), Prydz (Analyst) and TheFeeling (Sub Leader) join.
    LMSPrydzJ TeamAnalyst
    LMSTheFeelingJ TeamSub Leader
    Celestial Gaming - August (approx.),
    Flaker joins.
    EuropeFlakerCelestial GamingTop
    SK Gaming - August (approx.),
    Ruin leaves.
    EuropeRuinSK GamingTop
    G2 Esports - August (approx.),
    Relinquished leaves.
    EuropeRelinquishedG2 EsportsBottrue
    Giants Only The Brave - August 1,
    Wardain joins.
    EuropeWardainGiants Only The BraveTop
    Giants Only The Brave - August (approx.),
    neptuNo leaves.
    EuropeneptuNoGiants Only The BraveMid
    Excel Esports - August (approx.),
    Aux joins.
    EuropeAuxExcel EsportsSupport
    FC Schalke 04 Esports - August (approx.),
    Eika, and
    Sola leave.
    EuropedexterFC Schalke 04 EsportsJungletrue
    EuropeEikaFC Schalke 04 EsportsMidtrue
    EuropeSolaFC Schalke 04 EsportsBottrue
    Vega Squadron - August (approx.),
    Tauren rejoins as substitute.
    CISTaurenVega SquadronBottrue
    Vaevictis eSports - August (approx.),
    StarForgerZak leaves.
    CISStarForgerZakVaevictis eSportsTop
    Dream Team - August (approx.),
    Brokenshard leaves.
    North AmericaBrokenshardDream TeamJungletrue
    Nerv - August (approx.),
    Ruin joins.
    Victorious Ace - August (approx.),
    Broken Blade,
    meân, and
    Madagger join.

    Silphi joins as substitute.
    TurkeyBroken BladeVictorious AceTop
    TurkeyKananiVictorious AceJungle
    TurkeyAbbedaggeVictorious AceMid
    TurkeymeânVictorious AceBot
    TurkeyMadaggerVictorious AceSupport
    TurkeySilphiVictorious AceToptrue
    Team Liquid Academy - August (approx.),
    fabbbyyy and DLim (Coach) leave.
    North AmericaDLimTeam Liquid AcademyCoach
    North AmericafabbbyyyTeam Liquid AcademyBottrue
    San Diego State University - August (approx.),
    Porom, and
    Pnilly join.
    North AmericaBTangSan Diego State UniversityJungle
    North AmericaPoromSan Diego State UniversityBot
    North AmericaPnillySan Diego State UniversitySupport
    Team Sky - August (approx.),
    Vladfire1 BG and
    Trance join.

    Killberos and
    Scouted leave.
    North AmericaKillberosTeam SkyJungle
    North AmericaScoutedTeam SkySupport
    North AmericaVladfire1 BGTeam SkyJungle
    North AmericaTranceTeam SkySupport
    Feint Gaming - August (approx.),
    Gos leaves.
    LASGosFeint GamingTop
    Game Talents - August (approx.), Vitamin (Head Coach) joins.
    ChinaVitaminGame TalentsHead Coach
    DS Gaming - August (approx.), PanDa (Head Coach) joins.
    KoreaPanDa (Kim Gi-woong)DS GamingHead Coach
    H2k-Gaming - August (approx.),
    Hulberto and
    Knugen leave.
    KIYF eSports Club - August (approx.), Starkkz renames to Starky.
    Team ROCCAT - August (approx.), Moo (Head Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeMoo (Dmitry Sukhanov)Team ROCCATHead Analyst
    Satori - August (approx.), Organization disbands.
    Gohan, and
    Maxzor leave.
    LANWolves (Miguel Rosales)SatoriMid
    Red Arrows Team - August (approx.), Organization disbands.
    Nezumi, TetricAttack (Head Coach), Elebar (Analyst), and Asf3r (Team Manager) leave.
    LANSkySkyRed Arrows TeamTop
    LANQueso (Daniel Coronado)Red Arrows TeamJungle
    LANLukwerRed Arrows TeamMid
    LANNezumiRed Arrows TeamSupport
    LANTetricAttackRed Arrows TeamHead Coach
    LANElebarRed Arrows TeamAnalyst
    LANAsf3rRed Arrows TeamTeam Manager

    Aug 02[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Heretics - August 2, Team is founded.
    Dire Wolves - August 2,
    Raydere retires.
    eMonkeyz - August 2,
    Mykilu and Jes (Head Coach) join.
    ZvenE (Top to Analyst) changes position.
    Jorge moves to starting roster.
    EuropeJeseMonkeyzHead Coach
    Team Orora - August 2,
    Brolia and
    j1mmy join.

    Mayhem and
    Mohayto join as substitutes.

    Nisqy, and
    Kirdos are loaned from Melty eSport Club.
    TurkeyBroliaTeam OroraTop
    Turkeyj1mmyTeam OroraBot
    TurkeyNerrohTeam OroraJungle
    TurkeyNisqyTeam OroraMid
    TurkeyKirdosTeam OroraSupport
    TurkeyMayhem (Süleyman Serkan Tekeş)Team OroraToptrue
    TurkeyMohaytoTeam OroraJungletrue

    Aug 03[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    E-corp Gentle - August 3,
    TraYtoN, and
    Teebo join.

    Tsundere, and
    BeSafe leave.
    EuropeBloodyE-corp GentleJungle
    EuropeTsundereE-corp GentleMid
    EuropeBeSafeE-corp GentleSupport
    EuropeLaw (Alexis Neri)E-corp GentleJungle
    EuropeTraYtoNE-corp GentleMid
    EuropeTeeboE-corp GentleSupport
    Revenger (Chinese Team) - August 3, yellowman (Bot to Top) changes position.
    ChinayellowmanRevenger (Chinese Team)BotRevenger (Chinese Team)Top
    Team KungFu - August 3, Team KungFu is disbanded.
    soul, and Vitamin (Head Coach) leave.
    ChinaColaTeam KungFuTop
    ChinaKnight (Kim Hong-ju)Team KungFuTop
    ChinaNzszzxs1Team KungFuTop
    ChinaxyTeam KungFuTop
    ChinaAMELTeam KungFuJungle
    ChinaRabbit97Team KungFuJungle
    ChinayoloTeam KungFuJungle
    ChinaNaeHyunTeam KungFuMid
    ChinaRaphael (Ko Jae-hyun)Team KungFuMid
    China123Team KungFuBot
    ChinaMoon (Gu Yue-Ze-Yu)Team KungFuBot
    ChinaZangAoTeam KungFuBot
    Chinasoul (Zhou Feng)Team KungFuSupport
    ChinaVitaminTeam KungFuHead Coach

    Aug 04[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    GrosBill Esport - August 4 (approx.),
    Wakz, and
    GotoOne leave.
    EuropeMarexGrosBill EsportJungle
    EuropeWakzGrosBill EsportBot
    EuropeGotoOneGrosBill EsportSupport
    Team AURORA - August 4,
    Panky and
    Ruvelius join.

    Unknown moves to substitute.
    DarkSide leaves.
    TurkeyUnknownTeam AURORATopTeam AURORAToptrue
    TurkeyDarkSideTeam AURORABot
    TurkeyPanky (Uğur Taş)Team AURORATop
    TurkeyRuveliusTeam AURORABot

    Aug 05[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource

    Aug 06[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Fnatic - August 6, NicoThePico (Assistant Coach to Head Coach) changes position. Deilor (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeNicoThePicoFnaticAssistant CoachFnaticHead Coach
    EuropeDeilorFnaticHead Coach
    Nerv - August 6,
    Memento returns from loan to Team ROCCAT.
    Revenger (Chinese Team) - August 6,
    Kairo joins.
    ChinaKairoRevenger (Chinese Team)Mid
    ROX Tigers - August 6, 1st place in LCK Summer 2016.