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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Aug 28[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Forge - August 28, Sickness (Coach) leaves.
    EuropeSicknessTeam ForgeCoach
    Guerreros del Mouse - August 28, HugoSan (Coach) and NVGG (Analyst) join.
    LASHugoSanGuerreros del MouseCoach
    LASNVGGGuerreros del MouseAnalyst

    Aug 29[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Liquid Academy - August 29,
    Stunt leaves.
    North AmericaStuntTeam Liquid AcademySupport
    Dark Passage - August 29,
    Xerxe leaves.
    TurkeyXerxeDark PassageJungle

    Aug 30[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    iDomina eSports - 2016 (approx.),
    Vaniiali joins.
    EuropeVaniialiiDomina eSportsMid
    Enclave Gaming - August 30,
    Batmani leaves.
    EuropeBatmaniEnclave GamingBot
    Team Liquid - August 30, Arcsecond (Sub/Mid to Jungle) changes position.
    Dardoch moves to substitute.
    fabbbyyy leaves.
    North AmericaArcsecondTeam LiquidMidtrueTeam LiquidJungle
    North AmericaDardochTeam LiquidJungleTeam LiquidJungletrue
    North AmericafabbbyyyTeam LiquidBottrue
    Cloud9 - August 30, David Denis (Sports Psychologist) joins.
    North AmericaDavid DenisCloud9Sports Psychologist
    Just Toys Havoks - August 30,
    LiquidDiego and Snok (Analyst) leave.
    LANLiquidDiegoJust Toys HavoksJungle
    LANSnokJust Toys HavoksAnalyst
    Valencia CF eSports - August 30, Snok (Analyst) joins.
    EuropeSnokValencia CF eSportsAnalyst

    Aug 31[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    DetonatioN FocusMe - August 31, Twitch is no longer a partner.
    Keyd Stars - August 31,
    Baiano moves to substitute.
    BrazilBaianoKeyd StarsSupportKeyd StarsSupporttrue
    Galactic Gamers - August 31,
    Jin leaves.
    LANJin (Adrià Salabert)Galactic GamersTop

    Sep 01[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    EURONICS Gaming - September (approx.), Mephisto (Strategic Coach) leaves.
    EuropeMephistoEURONICS GamingStrategic Coach
    Giants Gaming - September (approx.), Blumigan (Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeBlumiganGiants GamingAnalyst
    Giants Only The Brave - September (approx.), Madmarti (Assistant Coach) and Blumigan (Strategic Coach) leave.
    EuropeMadmartiGiants Only The BraveAssistant Coach
    EuropeBlumiganGiants Only The BraveStrategic Coach
    Simiarex - September (approx.),
    Tyrin and
    Innaxe the God leave.
    EuropeTyrin (Tyrin Davidson)SimiarexJungle
    EuropeInnaxe the GodSimiarexBot
    Sensei UK - September (approx.),
    Innaxe the God, and
    Grisen join.
    EuropeTyrin (Tyrin Davidson)Sensei UKJungle
    EuropeInnaxe the GodSensei UKBot
    EuropeGrisenSensei UKSupport
    Excel Esports - September (approx.),
    Samma and
    Nutri leave.
    EuropeSammaExcel EsportsTop
    EuropeNutriExcel EsportsSupport
    AlienTech eSports - September (approx.),
    FearlessS joins.

    define leaves.
    EuropedefineAlienTech eSportsTop
    EuropeFearlessSAlienTech eSportsTop
    Lachende Gerdas - September (approx.),
    Kadir joins.
    EuropeKadirLachende GerdasJungle
    GrosBill Esport - September (approx.),
    Frozzy, and
    Akutsune join.
    EuropeSkeanzGrosBill EsportJungle
    EuropeFrozzyGrosBill EsportBot
    EuropeAkutsuneGrosBill EsportSupport
    Asterion eSports - September (approx.),
    Clown Sky,
    Grackly, and
    pagga join.
    EuropeDinoricarAsterion eSportsTop
    EuropeClown SkyAsterion eSportsTop
    EuropeKipCarryAsterion eSportsJungle
    EuropeRaqoAsterion eSportsMid
    EuropeGracklyAsterion eSportsBot
    EuropepaggaAsterion eSportsSupport
    Hellions e-Sports Club - September 1, Bay (Head Coach) leaves.
    OceaniaBay (Baillie Ross)Hellions e-Sports ClubHead Coach
    Team Orora - September (approx.),
    Mohayto leaves.
    TurkeyMohaytoTeam OroraJungletrue
    Sin Gaming - September (approx.),
    DanDayn and
    ManLaLa leave.
    OceaniaDanDaynSin GamingJungletrue
    OceaniaManLaLaSin GamingBottrue
    Sin Academy - September (approx.),
    ManLaLa, and
    Glupify leave.
    OceaniaFiveToEightSin AcademyTop
    OceaniaDanDaynSin AcademyJungle
    OceaniaBdoinkSin AcademyMid
    OceaniaManLaLaSin AcademyBot
    OceaniaGlupifySin AcademySupport
    SkyRed - September (approx.),
    Levi leaves.
    North AmericaWutswrongUniversity of California Los AngelesJungle
    North AmericasKILLSHOTzUniversity of California Los AngelesMid
    North AmericaDaphneUniversity of California Los AngelesSupport
    North AmericaEmperor OngUniversity of California Los AngelesJungle
    North AmericaWizardOfOrzUniversity of California Los AngelesMid
    North Americaa1byUniversity of California Los AngelesSupport
    North AmericaAlex55137University of Wisconsin–MadisonTop
    North Americasonorous xUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonJungle
    North Americatall tUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonMid
    North AmericaskoobyUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonBot
    North AmericaADreamH2University of Wisconsin–MadisonSupport
    North America15 Year Old GirlUniversity of AlabamaTop
    North AmericaPrecisionWarfareUniversity of AlabamaJungle
    North AmericaKoolCookUniversity of AlabamaMid
    North AmericaPhDominationUniversity of AlabamaMid
    North AmericaVyxonUniversity of AlabamaBot
    North AmericaelementotrlUniversity of AlabamaSupport
    North AmericaTopopotamusUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignTop
    University of Waterloo - September (approx.),
    Platoon, and
    Scherb join.

    Shinoa joins as substitute.
    North AmericaShawnerUniversity of WaterlooTop
    North AmericaAmbushesUniversity of WaterlooJungle
    North AmericaGamerXZUniversity of WaterlooMid
    North AmericaPlatoonUniversity of WaterlooBot
    North AmericaScherbUniversity of WaterlooSupport
    North AmericaShinoaUniversity of WaterlooSupporttrue
    North AmericaBurnyMississippi State UniversityTop
    North Americaerik29Mississippi State UniversityJungle
    North AmericaFopMississippi State UniversityMid
    North AmericaStone GMississippi State UniversityMid
    North AmericadannycutebodyMississippi State UniversityBot
    North AmericaNightSeekerMississippi State UniversitySupport
    University of Western Ontario - September (approx.),
    Chim, and
    Wild Flare join.

    P1 Pirean and
    MercRydias join as substitutes.
    North AmericaEpic (Andi Wang)University of Western OntarioTop
    North AmericaChimUniversity of Western OntarioMid
    North AmericaWild FlareUniversity of Western OntarioBot
    North AmericaP1 PireanUniversity of Western OntarioJungletrue
    North AmericaMercRydiasUniversity of Western OntarioSupporttrue
    Michigan State University - September (approx.),
    Mono, and
    Led Free join.

    Indian Mama, and
    Door leave.
    North AmericaTazbyMichigan State UniversityTop
    North AmericaIndian MamaMichigan State UniversityJungle
    North AmericaDoorMichigan State UniversityMid
    North AmericaTinybunMichigan State UniversityTop
    North AmericasnekMichigan State UniversityJungle
    North AmericaMono (American Player)Michigan State UniversityMid
    North AmericaLed FreeMichigan State UniversityBot
    Supernova - September (approx.),
    FanaTiiK and
    Filly join.

    jacksparrow111 and
    Philthy leave.
    North Americajacksparrow111SupernovaJungle
    North AmericaPhilthySupernovaSupport
    North AmericaFanaTiiKSupernovaJungle
    North AmericaFillySupernovaSupport
    mCon esports - September (approx.),
    Sebs, and
    Nightmares join.

    Aboekra joins as substitute.
    EuropeDeFörkliftmCon esportsTop
    EuropedONNIEmCon esportsJungle
    EuropeSebsmCon esportsMid
    EuropeNightmaresmCon esportsSupport
    EuropeAboekramCon esportsToptrue
    EU CS - September 1, Humalogo std.pngHuma is banned from competing in any Riot-sanctioned league and has to sell its EUCS slot by October 1, 2016. Behdad Jaafarian is suspended for one year.
    Huma - September 1, Humalogo std.pngHuma is banned from competing in any Riot-sanctioned league and has to sell its EUCS slot by October 1, 2016. Behdad Jaafarian is suspended for one year.
    Counter Logic Gaming - September (approx.), Trinitiii (Director of Esports) joins.
    North AmericaTrinitiiiCounter Logic GamingDirector of Esports
    Vega Squadron - September (approx.), Moo (Analyst) leaves.
    CISMoo (Dmitry Sukhanov)Vega SquadronAnalyst
    INTZ - September (approx.), Cake1 (Manager) is added to the official roster as substitute.
    Last Remedy - September (approx.),
    Broxah joins.
    EuropeBroxahLast RemedyJungle
    Legacy Genesis - September (approx.),
    Zammi, and
    Reelople leave.
    OceaniaRyomaLegacy GenesisMid
    OceaniaReelopleLegacy GenesisSupport
    OceaniaKuloLegacy GenesisTop
    OceaniaZammiLegacy GenesisBot
    Victorious Ace - September (approx.),
    Silphi leaves.
    TurkeySilphiVictorious AceToptrue
    Snake Esports - September (approx.),
    nanzhu leaves.
    ChinananzhuSnake EsportsMidtrue
    WYDream - September (approx.), David (Coach) leaves.
    Western Michigan University - September 1, begfourmercy (President/Head Coach) and smooth gillings (Vice President) join.
    North Americasmooth gillingsWestern Michigan UniversityVice President
    North AmericabegfourmercyWestern Michigan UniversityPresident/Head Coach
    Robert Morris University Illinois - September (approx.),
    EvanRL rejoins.
    North AmericaEvanRLRobert Morris University IllinoisBot
    Hafnet eSports - September (approx.),
    Prais leaves.
    LASPraisHafnet eSportsJungletrue
    Team ROCCAT - September (approx.),
    Parang leaves.
    EuropeParangTeam ROCCATTop
    Rebirth eSports - September 1,
    Zeypher leaves.
    LASZeypherRebirth eSportsBot
    Coliseo Dragons - September (approx.),
    Nivem, and Oxaciano (Head Coach) leave.
    LASDoxenColiseo DragonsTop
    LASKyrie (Facundo González)Coliseo DragonsJungle
    LASZekoColiseo DragonsMid
    LASMishuColiseo DragonsBot
    LASHayhaColiseo DragonsSupport
    LASNivemColiseo DragonsMidtrue
    LASOxacianoColiseo DragonsHead Coach
    York University - September (approx.),
    Ken Shifu,
    Dhhhhhhhh Baby, and
    AceKing join.
    North AmericaDhhhhhhhh BabyYork UniversityJungle
    North AmericaKen ShifuYork UniversityTop
    North AmericaAceKingYork UniversityMid
    Authority E-sports - September (approx.),
    DosMacOwns leaves.
    LANDosMacOwnsAuthority E-sportsSupport
    Raiju Gaming - September (approx.), Raiju Gaminglogo std.pngRaiju Gaming is formed.
    Happy Pill,
    MarioMe, and
    DosMacOwns join.
    LANAirwaveRaiju GamingTop
    LANHappy PillRaiju GamingJungle
    LANJalletotaRaiju GamingMid
    LANMarioMeRaiju GamingBot
    LANDosMacOwnsRaiju GamingSupport
    SBENU Korea - September 1,
    SaSin leaves.
    KoreaSaSinSBENU KoreaMid

    Sep 02[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Hellions e-Sports Club - September (approx.),
    Luna, and
    Cookie leave.
    OceaniaFraeHellions e-Sports ClubMid
    OceaniaLuna (Josh Allen)Hellions e-Sports ClubSupport
    OceaniaRyooHellions e-Sports ClubTop
    OceaniaCookie (Choi Byeong-kook)Hellions e-Sports ClubJungletrue
    MnM Gaming - September 2,
    Rifty leaves.
    EuropeRiftyMnM GamingTop
    Last Kings - September 2,
    Zealot leaves.
    LASZealotLast KingsBot
    ZAGA Talent Gaming - September 2,
    GodDragon and Scarface (Strategic Coach) leave.
    LANGodDragonZAGA Talent GamingSupport
    LANScarface (Estephan Méndez)ZAGA Talent GamingStrategic Coach

    Sep 03[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team WE - September 3,
    Aluka leaves.
    ChinaAlukaTeam WEToptrue
    Rising Star Gaming - September 3,
    Ace and
    Wadid (Owner) leave.
    KoreaAce (Kim Ji-hoon)Rising Star GamingMid
    KoreaWadidRising Star GamingOwner/Support
    Team Forge - September 3,
    GAP leaves.
    EuropeGAPTeam ForgeBot
    SBENU Korea - September 3,
    Wadid, and Kang Hyeon (Coach) join.

    ReM, and
    Nuclear leave.
    KoreaSoul (Seo Hyeon-seok)SBENU KoreaTop
    KoreaReMSBENU KoreaMid
    KoreaNuclearSBENU KoreaBot
    KoreaAce (Kim Ji-hoon)SBENU KoreaMid
    KoreaGAPSBENU KoreaBot
    KoreaWadidSBENU KoreaSupport
    KoreaKang HyeonSBENU KoreaCoach
    Just Toys Havoks - September 3,
    DCStar leaves.
    LANDCStarJust Toys HavoksMid