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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Dec 11[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    CJ Entus - December 11,
    Winged and
    Pure join.

    Soul and
    SungHo move to starting roster.
    KoreaSoul (Seo Hyeon-seok)CJ EntusToptrueCJ EntusTop
    KoreaSungHoCJ EntusSupporttrueCJ EntusSupport
    KoreaWingedCJ EntusJungle
    KoreaPureCJ EntusSupport
    CJ Entus - December 11, SungHo renames to Racoon.
    Just Toys Havoks - December 11,
    Keoo joins.
    LANKeooJust Toys HavoksSupport

    Dec 12[edit]

    Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    2 Steps ahead - December 12 (approx.),
    JongHoon, and
    VeryBitter leave.
    North Americayeedam2 Steps aheadTop
    North AmericaJoyul2 Steps aheadJungle
    North AmericaYeonbee2 Steps aheadMid
    North AmericaJongHoon2 Steps aheadBot
    North AmericaVeryBitter2 Steps aheadSupport
    Fraternitas - December 12,
    Vasked joins.
    North AmericaPutYourHeartsUpTeam AtlasTop
    North AmericaChapstickTeam AtlasJungle
    North AmericaAbou222Team AtlasMid
    North AmericaLimitedExtentTeam AtlasBot
    North AmericaCloudNguyenTeam AtlasSupport
    North AmericaAriána LovatoTeam Atlastrue
    Velfias - December 12 (approx.),
    Fas the Magi,
    TechSheep, and
    LikeAMaws leave.
    North AmericaMateuszVelfiasTop
    North AmericaH4xDefenderVelfiasJungle
    North AmericaFas the MagiVelfiasMid
    North AmericaRapidxVelfiasBot
    North AmericaTechSheepVelfiasSupport
    North AmericaLikeAMawsVelfiasToptrue
    ILYSB (Stripped) - December 12 (approx.),
    Stunt, and t3azer leave.
    North AmericaMaxtroboILYSB (Stripped)Top
    North AmericaYusanILYSB (Stripped)Jungle
    North AmericaLinsanityILYSB (Stripped)Mid
    North AmericaJyntheILYSB (Stripped)Bot
    North AmericaWhyinILYSB (Stripped)Support
    North AmericaStuntILYSB (Stripped)Supporttrue
    North Americat3azerILYSB (Stripped)true
    Flexqueued - December 12 (approx.),
    Yusui, and
    Maplestreet leave.
    North AmericaDhoklaFlexqueuedTop
    North AmericaChaosRain77FlexqueuedJungle
    North AmericaAblazeoliveFlexqueuedMid
    North Americadog2FlexqueuedBot
    North AmericaExecutionerKenFlexqueuedSupport
    North AmericaYusuiFlexqueuedMidtrue
    North AmericaMaplestreetFlexqueuedBottrue
    Team Yikes - December 12 (approx.),
    Max Waldo, and
    Sistar leave.
    North AmericaCJ (Colton Popowich)Team YikesTop
    North AmericaKitzuoTeam YikesJungle
    North AmericaTempest (Andrew Stark)Team YikesMid
    North AmericaEvanRLTeam YikesBot
    North AmericaVincentTeam YikesSupport
    North AmericaMax WaldoTeam YikesToptrue
    North AmericaSistarTeam YikesSupporttrue
    State of MinD Gaming - December 12 (approx.),
    EXLTRIKZ, and
    GochuHunter leave.
    North AmericaFlareszState of MinD GamingTop
    North AmericaYamiState of MinD GamingJungle
    North AmericarjsdndgodState of MinD GamingMid
    North AmericaVexState of MinD GamingBot
    North AmericaIndivisibleState of MinD GamingSupport
    North AmericaEXLTRIKZState of MinD GamingJungletrue
    North AmericaGochuHunterState of MinD GamingBottrue
    Team Sky - December 12 (approx.), Lose to win leaves.
    North AmericaLose to winTeam Skytrue
    Ambition Blue - December 12 (approx.),
    Gerrard, and Dr Saline PhD leave.
    North AmericaKobyAmbition BlueTop
    North AmericaFeitan (Owen Vining)Ambition BlueJungle
    North AmericaFockusAmbition BlueMid
    North AmericaSoullessInfernoAmbition BlueBot
    North AmericaGerrard (Alec Weiss)Ambition BlueSupport
    North AmericaDr Saline PhDAmbition Bluetrue
    KATANA eSports - December 12 (approx.), Coukies, Hyami, Kazacan, lHlavoc, Midorima, and ReTurned leave.
    North AmericaHyamiKATANA eSports
    North AmericaKazacanKATANA eSports
    North AmericaMidorimaKATANA eSports
    North AmericaCoukiesKATANA eSports
    North AmericaReTurned (North American Player)KATANA eSports
    North AmericalHlavocKATANA eSports
    Team Exile Surge - December 12 (approx.),
    You all boosted,
    Zyko, and Uzis leave.
    North AmericaLeagueTeam Exile SurgeTop
    North AmericaYou all boostedTeam Exile SurgeJungle
    North AmericaZatsmodTeam Exile SurgeMid
    North AmericaTacticalTeam Exile SurgeBot
    North AmericaTeeSumTeam Exile SurgeSupport
    North AmericaSeriliumTeam Exile SurgeJungletrue
    North AmericaZykoTeam Exile SurgeSupporttrue
    North AmericaUzisTeam Exile Surgetrue
    Evil Geniuses.NA - December 12, Evil Geniuses becomes an independent, player-owned organization. peterpandam (Chief Executive Officer) rejoins.
    North AmericapeterpandamEvil Geniuses.NAChief Executive Officer
    Team Liquid - December 12,
    Reignover joins.

    Piglet rejoins.

    Arcsecond and
    Jynthe move to substitutes.
    FeniX leaves.
    North AmericaArcsecondTeam LiquidJungleTeam LiquidJungletrue
    North AmericaJyntheTeam LiquidBotTeam LiquidBottrue
    North AmericaFeniXTeam LiquidMid
    North AmericaReignoverTeam LiquidJungle
    North AmericaPigletTeam LiquidBot
    Giants Gaming - December 12,
    Mightybear is loaned from Team Vitality.
    EuropeMightybearGiants GamingJungle
    Team Vitality - December 12,
    Mightybear is loaned to Giants Gaming.
    EuropeMightybearTeam VitalityJungleTeam VitalityJungle
    Afreeca Freecs - December 12,
    MaRin joins.
    KoreaMaRinAfreeca FreecsTop
    KT Rolster - December 12, AnimalDAX (Coach) joins.
    KoreaAnimalDAXKT RolsterCoach
    ROX Tigers - December 12, SSONG (Coach) leaves.
    KoreaSSONGROX TigersCoach
    Longzhu Gaming - December 12, SSONG (Coach) joins.
    KoreaSSONGLongzhu GamingCoach
    SK Telecom T1 - December 12,
    Sky joins as substitute.
    KoreaSky (Kim Ha-neul)SK Telecom T1Midtrue
    Snake Esports - December 12,
    Ohq joins.
    ChinaOhqSnake EsportsBot
    NRG Esports - December 12, NRG Esports transfers its NACS spot to Gold Coin United.
    Zenith Esports - December 12,
    Sudzzi, and
    TheAirIsDry join.

    ChumpJohn and
    Frostalicious rejoin.
    North AmericaChumpJohnZenith EsportsTop
    North AmericaGahlinZenith EsportsJungle
    North AmericaSudzziZenith EsportsMid
    North AmericaFrostaliciousZenith EsportsBot
    North AmericaTheAirIsDryZenith EsportsSupport
    Gold Coin United - December 12, Gold Coin United acquires the NACS spot of NRG Esports.
    Infamous Gaming - December 12, Babeta (Head Coach) joins.
    LANBabetaInfamous GamingHead Coach
    H2k-Gaming - December 12,
    Vander moves to substitute.
    Serena Five - December 12, Gastruks is suspended until May 31, 2017 and team is immediately disqualified from his participation in ESL Major LAS, losing all right to prizes and possibility of classification to the Circuit of Legends.

    Dec 13[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Val 2.0 Valkyrie - December 13,
    Scarlet, and
    BubbleZ join.
    AfricaQajVal 2.0 ValkyrieTop
    AfricaTheLadyRageVal 2.0 ValkyrieMid
    AfricaScarlet (Angelique Ramos)Val 2.0 ValkyrieBot
    AfricaBubbleZVal 2.0 ValkyrieSupport
    Team Orora - December 13, Team's TCL spot is acquired by Galakticos.
    j1mmy, and
    Mayhem leave.
    TurkeyBroliaTeam OroraTop
    Turkeyj1mmyTeam OroraBot
    TurkeyMayhem (Süleyman Serkan Tekeş)Team OroraToptrue
    Rascal Jester - December 13,
    WyverN rejoins.
    JapanWyverNRascal JesterJungle
    Immortals - December 13,
    Olleh joins.
    North AmericaOllehImmortalsSupport
    Team Liquid - December 13, Locodoco (Head Coach) leaves.
    North AmericaLocodocoTeam LiquidHead Coach
    WYDream - December 13,
    KaKA0 leaves.
    Misfits Gaming - December 13,
    KaKAO joins.
    EuropeKaKAOMisfits GamingJungle
    Galakticos - December 13, Galakticos acquires the TCL spot of Team Orora.
    Team AURORA - December 13,
    Crystal leaves.
    TurkeyCrystalTeam AURORAJungle
    Dark Passage - December (approx.),
    k0u joins as temporary substitute for IEM Season 11 - Gyeonggi.
    Turkeyk0uDark PassageJungle
    Zenith Esports - December (approx.),
    Quantum Fizzics joins.
    North AmericaQuantum FizzicsZenith EsportsMid
    Gold Coin United - December 13, Locodoco (Head Coach) joins.
    North AmericaLocodocoGold Coin UnitedHead Coach
    Just Toys Havoks - December 13, Cohenn (Analyst) joins.
    LANCohennJust Toys HavoksAnalyst

    Dec 14[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Noxide - December 14, Team is formed.
    EuropeSteve (Etienne Michels)Paris Saint-Germain eSportsTop
    EuropeKireiParis Saint-Germain eSportsJungle
    EuropeBlancParis Saint-Germain eSportsMid
    EuropePilot (Na Woo-hyung)Paris Saint-Germain eSportsBot
    EuropesprattelParis Saint-Germain eSportsSupport
    Abyss Esports - December 14,
    NADA joins.
    OceaniaNADAAbyss EsportsSupport
    North AmericaRevengeTeam Secret (American Team)Top
    North AmericaMetaphorTeam Secret (American Team)Jungle
    North AmericaInsanityTeam Secret (American Team)Mid
    North AmericaFlamboozleTeam Secret (American Team)Bot
    North AmericaClown (James Stephenson)Team Secret (American Team)Support
    Vici Gaming - December 14,
    Bengi joins.
    ChinaBengiVici GamingJungle
    ESC Ever - December 14, Ares (Jungle to Strategic Coach) changes position.
    KoreaAres (Kim Min-kwon)ESC EverJungleESC EverStrategic Coach
    ESC Ever - December 14,
    Ghost joins.
    KoreaGhost (Jang Yong-jun)ESC EverBot
    WYDream - December (approx.), WYDream transfers its LSPL spot to DS Gaming and disbands.
    0ri, and
    Xu leave.
    DS Gaming - December (approx.), DS Gaming acquires the LSPL spot of WYDream.
    police, and
    xintai join.
    ChinaZoomDS GamingTop
    ChinaHXDS GamingJungle
    ChinaMelonGDS GamingJungle
    Chinach1rchr1DS GamingMid
    Chinapolice (Park Hyeong-gi)DS GamingBot
    ChinaxintaiDS GamingSupport
    DS Gaming - December (approx.), ch1rchr1 renames to chirchri.
    Zenith Esports - December (approx.),
    Quantum Fizzics leaves.
    North AmericaQuantum FizzicsZenith EsportsMid
    Predators Esports - December 14,
    Promitio leaves.
    LANPromitioPredators EsportsJungle
    Dynasty Gaming - December 14,
    Furiozz leaves.
    LASFuriozzDynasty GamingTop
    Bencheados - December 14,
    FitzRoy joins.

    Furiozz joins as substitute.

    Advanze moves to starting roster.
    H2k-Gaming - December 14,
    Nuclear and
    Chei join.

    Dec 15[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Unicorns Of Love - December 15,
    Xerxe joins.
    EuropeXerxeUnicorns Of LoveJungle
    H2k-Gaming - December (approx.), Veteran (Head Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeVeteranH2k-GamingHead Analyst
    ahq eSports Club - December 15,
    RD leaves.
    LMSRDahq eSports ClubBottrue
    Legend Dragon - December 15,
    RD joins.
    ChinaRDLegend DragonBot
    Dignitas - December 15,
    Ssumday and
    Chaser join.
    North AmericaSsumdayDignitasTop
    North AmericaChaserDignitasJungle
    Young Miracles - December 15,
    ming leaves.
    Chinaming (Shi Sen-Ming)Young MiraclesSupport
    Royal Never Give Up - December 15,
    Ming joins.
    ChinaMing (Shi Sen-Ming)Royal Never Give UpSupport
    Invictus Gaming - December 15,
    Zzitai leaves.
    ChinaZzitaiInvictus GamingTop
    ESC Ever - December 15, Cho Gye-hyeon (Coach) leaves.
    KoreaCho Gye-hyeonESC EverCoach
    Afreeca Freecs - December 15,
    TusiN, and Cho Gye-hyeon (Coach) join.
    KoreaMowgliAfreeca FreecsJungle
    KoreaSpiritAfreeca FreecsJungle
    KoreaTusiNAfreeca FreecsSupport
    KoreaCho Gye-hyeonAfreeca FreecsCoach
    Outplayed Black - December 15, team is officially founded.
    Outplayed Black - December 15,
    Shield joins.
    EuropeShield (Marco Pinza)Outplayed BlackSupport
    Snake Esports - December 15,
    Zzitai joins.
    ChinaZzitaiSnake EsportsMid
    Snake Esports - December 15, Zzitai renames to Zz1tai.
    T.Bear Gaming - December 15, Sim (Head Coach) joins.
    ChinaSimT.Bear GamingHead Coach
    Phoenix1 - December 15, BonQuish (Head Analyst) leaves.
    North AmericaBonQuishPhoenix1Head Analyst
    Gold Coin United - December 15,
    Fenix, and
    Rikara join.
    North AmericaSolo (Colin Earnest)Gold Coin UnitedTop
    North AmericaSantorinGold Coin UnitedJungle
    North AmericaFenixGold Coin UnitedMid
    North AmericaRikaraGold Coin UnitedBot
    Gold Coin United - December 15, BonQuish (Assistant Coach) joins.
    North AmericaBonQuishGold Coin UnitedAssistant Coach
    Infamous Gaming - December 15,
    Sony joins.

    Pancake leaves.
    LANPancake (Omar Montalvo)Infamous GamingSupport
    LANSonyInfamous GamingSupport
    Silver Crows - December 15, Rohclem (Analyst) leaves.
    LANRohclemSilver CrowsAnalyst
    Valencia CF eSports - December 15, Snok (Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeSnokValencia CF eSportsAnalyst
    Authority E-sports - December 15,
    Unknown, RaulChan (Head Coach), Rohclem (Analyst), and Snok (Head Analyst) join.

    Adrian joins as substitute.

    Flacoyo, and
    Medussa leave.
    LANRich3nAuthority E-sportsTop
    LANSkylightAuthority E-sportsJungle
    LANFlacoyoAuthority E-sportsMid
    LANMedussaAuthority E-sportsBot
    LANPilloAuthority E-sportsTop
    LANAcerolaAuthority E-sportsJungle
    LANRapidAuthority E-sportsMid
    LANManuAuthority E-sportsBot
    LANUnknown (Carlos Carranza)Authority E-sportsSupport
    LANAdrian (Adrián Silverio)Authority E-sportsJungletrue
    LANRaulChanAuthority E-sportsHead Coach
    LANSnokAuthority E-sportsHead Analyst
    LANRohclemAuthority E-sportsAnalyst

    Dec 16[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Origen Academy - December 16, Team disbands.
    BigFat, and
    Supportive Lion leave.
    EuropeArin1Origen AcademyTop
    EuropeKadirOrigen AcademyJungle
    EuropeSozPurefectOrigen AcademyMid
    EuropeBigFatOrigen AcademyBot
    EuropeSupportive LionOrigen AcademySupport
    EuropeUshualaBeyond The Rift (European Team)Top
    EuropeSkythrewBeyond The Rift (European Team)Jungle
    EuropePhoenix (Clément Sohm)Beyond The Rift (European Team)Mid
    EuropeHydraleBeyond The Rift (European Team)Bot
    EuropeLuffy (Jérémy Cambour)Beyond The Rift (European Team)Support
    DetonatioN FocusMe - December 16,
    Paz joins.
    JapanPazDetonatioN FocusMeTop
    Team EnVyUs - December 16,
    LOD leaves.
    North AmericaLODTeam EnVyUsBot
    Dignitas - December 16,
    LOD and Kim Jeong-soo (Coach) join.
    North AmericaLODDignitasBot
    North AmericaKim Jeong-sooDignitasCoach
    T.Bear Gaming - December 16,
    Fury joins.
    ChinaFury (Lee Jin-yong)T.Bear GamingBot
    LANBoom69Lyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Toptrue
    LANKrakiLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Supporttrue
    LANGenthixLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Support

    Dec 17[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    I May - December 17,
    Ben4 and
    Flawless join.

    Maestro joins as substitute.

    Avoidless and
    BaeMe leave.
    ChinaAvoidlessI MayJungle
    ChinaBaeMeI MayMid
    ChinaBen4I MayJungle
    ChinaFlawlessI MayJungle
    ChinaMaestro (Hu Jian-Xin)I MaySupporttrue
    IN Gaming - December 17,
    Baeme joins.
    FireRain (Mid to Sub/Top) changes position.
    ChinaFireRainIN GamingMidIN GamingToptrue
    ChinaBaemeIN GamingMid
    Vici Gaming - December 17, Homme (Coach) leaves.
    ChinaHommeVici GamingCoach
    Invictus Gaming - December 17,
    Ben leaves.
    ChinaBenInvictus GamingSupporttrue
    Team WE - December 17, Homme (Coach) joins.
    Raison and
    Ben join as substitutes.
    HooN (Coach to Head Coach) changes position.
    ChinaHooN (Kim Nam-hoon)Team WECoachTeam WEHead Coach
    ChinaBenTeam WESupporttrue
    ChinaRaisonTeam WEBottrue
    ChinaHommeTeam WECoach
    Royal Club - December 17, Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngStar Horn Royal Club rebrands as Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngRoyal Club.
    Star Horn Royal Club - December 17,
    Letme leaves for main roster.
    ChinaLetmeStar Horn Royal ClubTop
    Royal Never Give Up - December 17,
    Letme rejoins from academy roster.
    ChinaLetmeRoyal Never Give UpTop
    Royal Never Give Up - December 17,
    Wuxx leaves for academy roster.
    ChinaWuxxRoyal Never Give UpBottrue
    Royal Club - December 17,
    Wuxx joins from main roster.
    ChinaWuxxRoyal ClubBot
    Team Vitality - December 17,
    Hachani joins.
    EuropeHachaniTeam VitalitySupport
    Team Vitality - December 17,
    kaSing leaves.
    EuropekaSingTeam VitalitySupport
    Dark Passage - December 17,
    Elwind leaves.
    TurkeyElwindDark PassageTop
    Dignitas - December (approx.),
    Apollo leaves.
    North AmericaApollo (Apollo Price)DignitasBot
    Game Talents - December 17,
    Crisis leaves.
    ChinaCrisisGame TalentsJungletrue
    Mighty Eagle - December 17,
    Crisis, CjLear (Coach), and Pencil (Leader) join.
    Lovecd (Manager) rejoins.
    Alun leaves.
    ChinaAlun (Shi Wen-Shan)Mighty EagleTop
    ChinaSpunkMighty EagleTop
    ChinaCrisisMighty EagleJungle
    ChinaLovecdMighty EagleManager
    ChinaCjLearMighty EagleCoach
    ChinaPencilMighty EagleLeader
    Snake Esports - December 17,
    JieZou retires.
    QG Reapers - December 17,
    Cloud joins.
    ChinaCloudQG ReapersSupport
    T.Bear Gaming - December 17,
    Avoidless joins.
    ChinaAvoidlessT.Bear GamingJungle
    Infamous Gaming - December 17,
    Relic joins.

    ZeroZeroYon moves to substitute.
    LANZeroZeroYonInfamous GamingTopInfamous GamingToptrue
    LANRelicInfamous GamingTop