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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Jun 04[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Arctic Gaming - June 4,
    Almo joins.

    Dan Dan DD leaves.
    EuropeDan Dan DDArctic GamingTop
    EuropeAlmoArctic GamingTop
    EuropeKatareBeyond The Rift (European Team)Top
    DAMWON Gaming - June 4, Boroona renames to Try.
    APK Prince - June 4,
    KRVAVY joins.
    KoreaKRVAVYAPK PrinceJungle
    Ever8 Winners - June 4, Comeback (Jungle to Support) changes position.
    KoreaComeback (Ha Seung-chan)Ever8 WinnersJungleEver8 WinnersSupport
    Galakticos - June (approx.),
    Brolia moves to substitute.
    Fight For Freedom.Dream - June (approx.),
    Ao, and
    Dong leave.
    ChinaZilonggegeFight For Freedom.DreamTop
    ChinaKoFight For Freedom.DreamJungle
    ChinaKeekFight For Freedom.DreamMid
    ChinaAoFight For Freedom.DreamBot
    ChinaDong (Liu Han-Dong)Fight For Freedom.DreamSupport
    Raging Thunder - June 4,
    GENTLE, and
    AmXyu leave.
    ChinaluckybuffRaging ThunderTop
    ChinaBurgessRaging ThunderJungle
    ChinaAnG (Chen Yi-Bing)Raging ThunderMid
    ChinaGENTLERaging ThunderBot
    ChinaAmXyuRaging ThunderSupport

    Jun 05[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Legacy Esports - June 5, ChuChuZ (Mid to Media and Content Manager/Sub/Mid) changes position.
    OceaniaChuChuZLegacy EsportsMidLegacy EsportsMedia and Content Manager/Midtrue
    Legacy Esports - June (approx.), Legacy eSports rebrands to Legacy Esports.
    Royal Never Give Up - June (approx.),
    wuxx moves to substitute.
    ChinawuxxRoyal Never Give UpBotRoyal Never Give UpBottrue
    Gambit Esports - June 5,
    Edward, Invi (Head Coach), and Tunes (Manager) join.
    groove (Head Coach to CEO) changes position.
    CISgrooveGambit EsportsHead CoachGambit EsportsCEO
    CISPvPStejosGambit EsportsTop
    CISKiraGambit EsportsMid
    CISBlastingGambit EsportsBot
    CISEdwardGambit EsportsSupport
    CISInviGambit EsportsHead Coach
    CISTunesGambit EsportsManager
    Team Fighter - June 5, Misaya (Owner) joins.
    ChinaMisayaTeam FighterOwner
    Last Group - June 5, Maripp (Head Coach) leaves.
    LASMarippLast GroupHead Coach

    Jun 06[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    7th heaven - June 6,
    raizin (Streamer) joins.
    Japanraizin7th heavenTop/Streamer
    AOC Gaming - June 6 (approx.),
    Useless joins.
    LMSUselessAOC GamingBot
    Team Kinguin - June 6,
    Dan leaves.
    EuropeDan (Daniel Hockley)Team KinguinJungle
    Team Vitality - June 6,
    AoD leaves.
    EuropeAoDTeam VitalitySupporttrue
    Galatasaray Esports - June 6, Heisn (Head Coach) joins.
    TurkeyHeisnGalatasaray EsportsHead Coach
    Young Miracles - June 6, Viper (Mid to Support) changes position.
    ChinaViper (He Hao)Young MiraclesMidYoung MiraclesSupport
    Wind and Rain - June 6, New roster is announced.
    AoD, and Tabasko (Coach) join.
    EuropeJwaowWind and RainTop
    EuropeDan (Daniel Hockley)Wind and RainJungle
    EuropeLarssenWind and RainMid
    EuropeWooliteWind and RainBot
    EuropeAoDWind and RainSupport
    EuropeTabaskoWind and RainCoach

    Jun 07[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Eclypsia - June 7,
    Katare joins.

    Kameto leaves.
    Le Roi Bisou and Jbzz (Streamer) leave for sister team Eclypsialogo std.pngEclypsia Spirit.
    EuropeLe Roi BisouEclypsiaTop
    Eclypsia Spirit - June 7, Eclypsia creates a fun team.
    Tio, and
    ImSoFresh join.

    Le Roi Bisou and
    Jbzz join from sister team Eclypsialogo std.pngEclypsia.
    EuropeLe Roi BisouEclypsia SpiritTop
    EuropeNarkussEclypsia SpiritJungle
    EuropeJbzzEclypsia SpiritMid
    EuropeTioEclypsia SpiritBot
    EuropeImSoFreshEclypsia SpiritSupport
    Team Regicide - June 7,
    Siuman and
    Kpop join.
    Johnson (Mid to Jungle) and chenyboy (Support to Bot) change positions.
    Wai moves to substitute.
    Kedu leaves.
    OceaniaJohnsonTeam RegicideMidTeam RegicideJungle
    OceaniachenyboyTeam RegicideSupportTeam RegicideBot
    OceaniaWaiTeam RegicideJungleTeam RegicideJungletrue
    OceaniaKeduTeam RegicideBot
    OceaniaSiumanTeam RegicideMid
    OceaniaKpopTeam RegicideSupport
    Team Regicide - June 7, Johnson renames to Fade.
    EURONICS Gaming - June 7,
    Pretty joins.

    Crossman leaves.
    EuropeCrossmanEURONICS GamingMid
    EuropePrettyEURONICS GamingMid
    Dignitas - June 7,
    Swifte leaves.
    North AmericaSwifteDignitasSupporttrue
    Team SoloMid - June 7,
    Shynon and
    Swifte join as substitutes.
    North AmericaShynonTeam SoloMidBottrue
    North AmericaSwifteTeam SoloMidSupporttrue
    EDward Gaming - June 7, Maokai (Analyst) leaves.
    ChinaMaokai (Yang Ji-Song)EDward GamingAnalyst
    FlyQuest - June 7,
    Cake joins as substitute.
    North AmericaCake (Tristan Côté-Lalumière)FlyQuestBottrue
    Counter Logic Gaming - June 7,
    1deag joins as substitute.
    HotshotGG (President/Co-Founder/Sub/Top to President/Co-Founder) changes position.
    North AmericaHotshotGGCounter Logic GamingPresident/Co-Founder/ToptrueCounter Logic GamingPresident/Co-Founder
    North America1deagCounter Logic GamingSupporttrue
    Origen - June 7,
    Saulius, and
    Neon join as substitutes.
    EuropeNeon (Matúš Jakubčík)OrigenBottrue
    x6tence - June 7,
    Echarzey leaves.
    EuropeNikola SenpaiInstinct EsportsBot
    FC Schalke 04 Esports - June 7,
    Nikola Senpai joins as substitute.
    EuropeNikola SenpaiFC Schalke 04 EsportsBottrue
    Team AURORA - June 7,
    Godbro joins.

    Cheong leaves.
    TurkeyCheongTeam AURORAMid
    TurkeyGodbroTeam AURORAMid
    Giants Gaming - June 7,
    Jactroll joins.
    EuropeJactrollGiants GamingSupport
    EuropeJactrollGiants Only The BraveSupport
    Big Gods Jackals - June 7,
    Cris moves to starting roster.
    RF Legendary moves to substitute.
    North AmericaRF LegendaryBig Gods JackalsTopBig Gods JackalsToptrue
    North AmericaCrisBig Gods JackalsToptrueBig Gods JackalsTop
    Team Hurricane - June 7, Maokai (Head Coach) joins.
    ChinaMaokai (Yang Ji-Song)Team HurricaneHead Coach
    DS Gaming - June 7, Irean (Head Coach) joins.
    ChinaIreanDS GamingHead Coach
    EuropeCloudStrikeeCyberground GamingSupport
    Delta Fox - June 7,
    Fragnat1c and
    Based Yoona join as substitutes.
    North AmericaFragnat1cDelta FoxJungletrue
    North AmericaBased YoonaDelta FoxBottrue
    Red Bulls - June 7,
    Lennart and
    Meleks join as substitutes.
    EuropeMeleksRed BullsSupporttrue
    EuropeLennartRed BullsJungletrue
    Wind and Rain - June (approx.), Doruk (Analyst) and Surza (Consultant) join.
    EuropeDorukWind and RainAnalyst
    EuropeSurzaWind and RainConsultant

    Jun 08[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    iDomina eSports - June 8,
    Vaniiali retires.
    Flash Wolves - June 8, Winds (Coach) leaves.
    LMSWindsFlash WolvesCoach
    x6tence - June 8,
    Denyk leaves.
    Misfits Gaming - June 8, Hiiva (Sub/Sup to Strategic Coach) changes position.
    EuropeHiivaMisfits GamingSupporttrueMisfits GamingStrategic Coach
    eSuba - June 8,
    Denyk joins.

    NeoN leaves.
    EuropeNeoN (Matúš Jakubčík)eSubaBot

    Jun 09[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Chiefs Esports Club - June 9, Saiclone (Assistant Coach) leaves.
    OceaniaSaicloneChiefs Esports ClubAssistant Coach
    Tainted Minds - June 9,
    Tgun, and Saiclone (Head Coach) join.

    Wzrd and
    Broler move to substitutes.
    Squidgy and
    Tilting leave.
    OceaniaSquidgyTainted MindsBot
    OceaniaTiltingTainted MindsSupport
    OceaniaWzrdTainted MindsMidTainted MindsMidtrue
    OceaniaBrolerTainted MindsSupportTainted MindsSupporttrue
    OceaniaShokTainted MindsMid
    OceaniaLow (Omar Aboulkheir)Tainted MindsBot
    OceaniaTgunTainted MindsSupport
    OceaniaSaicloneTainted MindsHead Coach
    EuropeLiandridAttempting to ReconnectTop
    EuropeMaxilolAttempting to ReconnectJungle
    EuropeZazeeAttempting to ReconnectMid
    EuropeJesklaaAttempting to ReconnectBot
    EuropeXiohAttempting to ReconnectSupport
    EURONICS Gaming - June 9,
    Murmel joins.

    BigFat leaves.
    EuropeBigFatEURONICS GamingBot
    EuropeMurmelEURONICS GamingBot
    EVOS Esports - June 9,
    Chupper joins.
    VietnamChupperEVOS EsportsBot
    EVOS Esports - June 9,
    Slay leaves.
    VietnamSlayEVOS EsportsBot
    Keyd Stars - June 9, esA (Bot to Support) changes position.
    Juzinho moves to starting roster.
    BrazilJuzinhoKeyd StarsBottrueKeyd StarsBot
    BrazilesAKeyd StarsBotKeyd StarsSupport
    Millenium - June 9,
    Murmel leaves.

    Jun 10[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Chiefs Esports Club - June 10, Volt (Head Coach) leaves.
    OceaniaVoltChiefs Esports ClubHead Coach
    Abyss Esports - June 10,
    Looch rejoins.

    ChrisMisTrees rejoins as substitute.

    Quackum, and
    NADA leave.
    OceaniaFraeAbyss EsportsMid
    OceaniaQuackumAbyss EsportsMidtrue
    OceaniaPapryzeAbyss EsportsToptrue
    OceaniaNADAAbyss EsportsSupporttrue
    OceaniaLoochAbyss EsportsMid
    OceaniaChrisMisTreesAbyss EsportsMidtrue
    Team Regicide - June 10, Milky (Sub/Support/Analyst to Analyst) changes position.
    OceaniaMilky (Milos Mladenovic)Team RegicideSupport/AnalysttrueTeam RegicideAnalyst
    North AmericaDrake PorterRobert Morris University IllinoisCoach
    Dignitas - June 10,
    Shrimp moves to starting roster.
    North AmericaShrimpDignitasJungletrueDignitasJungle
    Team BattleComics - June 10,
    Ryan joins.

    BBanG leaves.
    KoreaBBanGTeam BattleComicsJungle
    KoreaRyanTeam BattleComicsJungle
    WLGaming Esports - June 10,
    Kirito and
    Marrow Ooze join.
    EuropeKirito (David Koppmann)WLGaming EsportsTop
    EuropeMarrow OozeWLGaming EsportsMid
    Eternals Gaming - June 10,
    Ferreira, and
    Cuturrufo leave.
    LASXowitoEternals GamingTop
    LASFerreiraEternals GamingJungle
    LASCuturrufoEternals GamingSupport
    Furious Gaming Red - June 10, Team is announced.
    Tuesday, and Onur (Head Coach) join.
    LASXowitoFurious Gaming RedTop
    LASJosedeodoFurious Gaming RedJungle
    LASAlonedFurious Gaming RedMid
    LASCuest1onFurious Gaming RedBot
    LASTuesday (Facundo Cuello)Furious Gaming RedSupport
    LASOnurFurious Gaming RedHead Coach
    Attempting to Reconnect - June 10, alanio (Analyst) joins.
    EuropealanioAttempting to ReconnectAnalyst