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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Jun 11[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Vega Squadron - June 11,
    Delord joins.
    CISDelordVega SquadronSupport
    Kongdoo Monster - June 11,
    Wilder leaves.
    KoreaWilderKongdoo MonsterJungletrue
    EuropeIronfeather07Cyberground GamingBot
    Europemine x pumpkinCyberground GamingBottrue
    EuropecoMarCyberground GamingJungle
    EuropeMistroCyberground GamingJungle
    EuropeAntares (Matteo Carfora)Cyberground GamingBot
    EuropeNoximienCyberground GamingSupport
    EuropeSono Una SirenaCyberground GamingBot

    Jun 12[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    J Team - June 12,
    REFRA1N is loaned to Flash Wolves.
    LMSREFRA1NJ TeamJungletrueJ TeamJungletrue
    Flash Wolves - June 12, Karsa is suspended indefinitely due to disconnecting before the end of a LMS match.
    Flash Wolves - June 12,
    REFRA1N is loaned from J Team.
    LMSREFRA1NFlash WolvesJungle
    Flash Wolves - June 12,
    Moonblack and
    Madness (temporary substitutes) leave.
    LMSMoonblackFlash WolvesTop
    LMSMadness (Chung Yen-Chen)Flash WolvesBot
    EVOS Esports - June 12,
    RonOP joins.
    VietnamRonOPEVOS EsportsSupport
    Galatasaray Esports - June 12,
    Jinsh joins.
    TurkeyJinshGalatasaray EsportsMid
    Kaos Latin Gamers - June 12, seerees (Analyst) joins.
    LASseereesKaos Latin GamersAnalyst
    Maryville University - June 12, Matt Taylor (Analyst) joins.
    North AmericaMatt TaylorMaryville UniversityAnalyst

    Jun 13[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    DetonatioN FocusMe - June 13, Dokgo (Coach) joins.
    JapanDokgoDetonatioN FocusMeCoach
    Moss Seven Club - June 13,
    Remedy joins.
    ChinaRemedyMoss Seven ClubSupport
    DS Gaming - June 13, Kim Hae-seong (Coach) joins.
    ChinaKim Hae-seongDS GamingCoach
    Columbia College - June 13, Drake Porter (Analyst) joins.
    North AmericaDrake PorterColumbia CollegeAnalyst
    WLGaming Esports - June 13,
    2Axes, and
    Ang join.
    EuropeSpeedyWLGaming EsportsJungle
    EuropeEmiWLGaming EsportsMid
    Europe2AxesWLGaming EsportsBot
    EuropeAng (Octav Cretu)WLGaming EsportsSupport

    Jun 14[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Kinguin - June 14,
    Achuu leaves.
    EuropeAchuuTeam KinguinBottrue
    Oh My God - June 14,
    juejue leaves.
    ChinajuejueOh My GodJungle
    Nerv - June 14,
    Polyokov leaves.
    Big Gods Jackals - June 14, Bay (Head Analyst) leaves.
    North AmericaBay (Baillie Ross)Big Gods JackalsHead Analyst
    Oh My Dream - June 14,
    JueJue rejoins.
    ChinaJueJueOh My DreamJungle
    Team Fighter - June 14,
    red and
    KinG join.
    ChinaKinG (Kim Ji-hoon)Team FighterSupport
    Chinared (Huo Run-Hao)Team FighterMid
    Team Fighter - June 14, red renames to Rough.
    Team Hurricane - June 14, Cerasus (Support to Bot) changes position.
    ChinaCerasusTeam HurricaneSupportTeam HurricaneBot

    Jun 15[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Nuit Blanche - June 15,
    Athor leaves.
    EuropeAthorNuit BlancheTop
    FlyQuest - June 15,
    Altec leaves.
    North AmericaAltecFlyQuestBottrue
    Dignitas - June 15,
    Altec and
    Adrian join.

    Xpecial leaves.
    North AmericaXpecialDignitasSupport
    North AmericaAltecDignitasBot
    North AmericaAdrianDignitasSupport
    Pompa Team - June 15,
    Raxxo leaves.
    EuropeRaxxoPompa TeamSupport

    Jun 16[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Royal Bandits - June 16,
    ESTHEEM, and
    Farfetch join.

    frox and
    styllEE join as substitutes.
    TurkeyKazeRoyal BanditsTop
    TurkeyObviousRoyal BanditsJungle
    TurkeyESTHEEMRoyal BanditsBot
    TurkeyFarfetchRoyal BanditsSupport
    TurkeyfroxRoyal BanditsToptrue
    TurkeystyllEERoyal BanditsJungletrue
    Galatasaray Esports - June 16,
    GilleteAbdi and
    Kazze join.

    fornax and
    VeneMa join as substitutes.

    Whirlingdeath and Xihultas (Team Manager) leave.
    TurkeyXihultasGalatasaray EsportsTeam Manager
    TurkeyWhirlingdeathGalatasaray EsportsSupporttrue
    TurkeyGilleteAbdiGalatasaray EsportsJungle
    TurkeyKazzeGalatasaray EsportsSupport
    TurkeyfornaxGalatasaray EsportsSupporttrue
    TurkeyVeneMaGalatasaray EsportsSupporttrue
    Galatasaray Esports - June 16, KillerS renames to KissNkite.
    Beşiktaş Esports - June 16, Beşiktaş e-Sports Club acquires the TPL spot of Team Turquality.
    LongB, and
    Deádly join.

    Dumbledoge rejoins.

    mypleasure and
    Grey join as substitutes.
    TurkeyFlaxxishBeşiktaş EsportsTop
    TurkeyCloser (Can Çelik)Beşiktaş EsportsJungle
    TurkeyLongBBeşiktaş EsportsMid
    TurkeyDeádlyBeşiktaş EsportsBot
    TurkeyDumbledogeBeşiktaş EsportsSupport
    TurkeymypleasureBeşiktaş EsportsBottrue
    TurkeyGrey (Onat Taydaş)Beşiktaş EsportsSupporttrue
    Victorious Ace - June 16,
    Sketch, and
    Corpse join.

    Whirlingdeath joins as substitute.

    Madagger rejoins as substitute.
    TurkeyAtom (Peter Thomsen)Victorious AceTop
    TurkeyTaikkiVictorious AceJungle
    TurkeyAvenueeVictorious AceMid
    TurkeySketchVictorious AceBot
    TurkeyCorpseVictorious AceSupport
    TurkeyWhirlingdeathVictorious AceSupporttrue
    TurkeyMadaggerVictorious AceSupporttrue
    Team Hurricane - June 16,
    Wei joins.
    Cerasus (Bot to Support) changes position.
    ChinaCerasusTeam HurricaneBotTeam HurricaneSupport
    ChinaWei (Wang Huan-Wei)Team HurricaneBot
    Team Hurricane - June 16, Wei renames to Helper.
    Phoenix1 - June 16,
    Xpecial joins.
    North AmericaXpecialPhoenix1Support
    Team DPD - June 16,
    Kubon and
    Czaru rejoin.

    Wysek and
    Dawidsonek leave.
    EuropeWysekTeam DPDJungle
    EuropeDawidsonekTeam DPDMid
    EuropeKubonTeam DPDTop
    EuropeCzaruTeam DPDMid

    Jun 17[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Victorious Ace - June (approx.), Xihultas (Team Manager) joins.
    TurkeyXihultasVictorious AceTeam Manager
    Team Regicide - June 17,
    Yaelay joins as substitute.
    OceaniaYaelayTeam RegicideJungletrue
    Burning Core - June 17, Akasi (Sub/Bot to Top), Astarore (Jungle to Top), and MayZ (Top to Jungle) change positions.
    JapanAstaroreBurning CoreJungleBurning CoreTop
    JapanAkasiBurning CoreBottrueBurning CoreTop
    JapanMayZBurning CoreTopBurning CoreJungle
    Dignitas - June 17,
    Chaser moves to substitute.
    North AmericaChaserDignitasJungleDignitasJungletrue
    Royal Bandits - June (approx.), Exorant (Head Coach) joins.
    TurkeyExorantRoyal BanditsHead Coach
    Phoenix1 - June 17,
    MikeYeung moves to starting roster.
    Meteos moves to substitute.
    North AmericaMikeYeungPhoenix1JungletruePhoenix1Jungle
    North AmericaMeteosPhoenix1JunglePhoenix1Jungletrue
    Team BattleComics - June 17,
    KronG and
    Plankton leave.
    KoreaKronGTeam BattleComicsTop
    KoreaPlanktonTeam BattleComicsSupport
    eSuba - June 17, Thale renames to Sheriff.
    eSuba - June 17,
    Cekutka and
    Sheriff rejoin as substitutes.
    nerdRage - June 17,
    Nutri and
    Kakan join.
    Crypto joins as substitute. Scholar (Analyst to Manager) changes position.
    Von, Doruk (Coach), and Slip (Manager) leave.
    EuropeVon (Dimitris Bakiris)nerdRageMid