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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Nov 19[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Hong Kong Attitude - November 19,
    Chawy joins.
    LMSChawyHong Kong AttitudeMid
    ahq eSports Club - November 19,
    Chawy leaves.
    LMSChawyahq eSports ClubMid
    CLG Academy - November 19,
    Linsanity's contract expires.
    North AmericaLinsanityCLG AcademyMidtrue
    Team BattleComics - November 19,
    Fact and
    Benedict leave.
    KoreaFactTeam BattleComicsMid
    KoreaBenedictTeam BattleComicsBot
    Ever8 Winners - November 19,
    Steal and Yang Gwang-pyo (Coach) join.
    KoreaSteal (Mun Geon-yeong)Ever8 WinnersJungle
    KoreaYang Gwang-pyoEver8 WinnersCoach
    Ever8 Winners - November 19, Jeong Jae-hyo (Coach) joins.
    KoreaJeong Jae-hyoEver8 WinnersCoach
    MVP - November 19,
    Carrot moves from substitute to trainee.
    KoreaCarrot (Kim Byeong-jun)MVPToptrueMVPToptrue
    I Gaming Star - November 19,
    Moyoh, and
    doran join.

    Saymi, and
    carb leave.
    KoreaNuguriI Gaming StarTop
    KoreajjunI Gaming StarJungle
    KoreaAliveI Gaming StarBot
    KoreaSaymiI Gaming StarSupport
    KoreacarbI Gaming StarMidtrue
    Koreabear (Kim Jong-woo)I Gaming StarTop
    KoreaBroCColiI Gaming StarJungle
    KoreaMoyohI Gaming StarBot
    Koreadoran (Choi Won-yeong)I Gaming StarSupport
    DAMWON Gaming - November 19,
    Alive, and M4sin (Coach) join.

    Parang leaves.
    KoreaParangDAMWON GamingTop
    KoreaIronDAMWON GamingTop
    KoreaNuguriDAMWON GamingTop
    KoreaShowMakerDAMWON GamingMid
    KoreaAliveDAMWON GamingBot
    KoreaM4sinDAMWON GamingCoach
    Afreeca Freecs - November 19,
    Summit joins.

    Aiming, and
    Jelly join as substitutes.
    KoreaSummitAfreeca FreecsTop
    KoreaRubyAfreeca FreecsMidtrue
    KoreaAimingAfreeca FreecsBottrue
    KoreaJelly (Son Ho-gyeong)Afreeca FreecsSupporttrue
    Kongdoo Monster - November 19,
    U Jun and
    Han join.

    Punch and
    GuGer leave.
    KoreaPunchKongdoo MonsterJungle
    KoreaGuGerKongdoo MonsterSupport
    KoreaU JunKongdoo MonsterJungle
    KoreaHan (Choi Hyeon-woo)Kongdoo MonsterMid
    APK Prince - November 19,
    tae sang, and H.O.T-Forever (Head Coach) join.

    Speed rejoins.

    EHTEL and
    Nova become inactive.
    Press, ZergMaN (Head Coach), Laden (Coach), and MorNinG (Coach) leave.
    KoreaNova (Park Chan-ho)APK PrinceSupportAPK PrinceSupport
    KoreaEHTELAPK PrinceBotAPK PrinceBot
    KoreaCube (Kim Chang-seong)APK PrinceTop
    KoreaHogletAPK PrinceJungle
    KoreaPressAPK PrinceMidtrue
    KoreaZergMaNAPK PrinceHead Coach
    KoreaMorNinG (Song Chang-geun)APK PrinceCoach
    KoreaLadenAPK PrinceCoach
    KoreakingenAPK PrinceTop
    KoreaMedic (Kim Ji-ho)APK PrinceSupport
    Koreatae sangAPK PrinceSupport
    KoreaSpeedAPK PrinceBot
    KoreaH.O.T-ForeverAPK PrinceHead Coach
    APK Prince - November 19, taesanG renames to tae sang.
    Jin Air Green Wings - November 19,
    Yaharong joins.
    KoreaYaharongJin Air Green WingsMid
    Griffin - November 19,
    Viper and
    Lehends join.
    cvMax (Coach to Head Coach) and Kang Dae-hee (Head Coach to Coach) change positions.
    Jin moves to substitute. Build (Coach) leaves.
    KoreacvMaxGriffinCoachGriffinHead Coach
    KoreaKang Dae-heeGriffinHead CoachGriffinCoach
    KoreaJin (Kim Jin)GriffinSupportGriffinSupporttrue
    KoreaViper (Park Do-hyeon)GriffinBot
    ROX Tigers - November 19,
    Crow leaves.
    KoreaCrow (Kim Seon-gyu)ROX TigersMidtrue
    Gangwon - November 19, Roster of 2017 LoL KeSPA Cup is formed.
    Poss and
    Hyeok join.
    Gwangju - November 19,
    ji hun joins.
    Koreaji hunGwangjuMid
    Infinity Esports (Latin American Team) - November 19,
    Yurén joins as substitute.
    LANYurénInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)Bottrue
    Tempo Storm - November 19,
    Reven's contract expires.
    North AmericaReven (Seong Sang-hyeon)Tempo StormBot
    Furious Gaming Red - November 19,
    Xowito leaves.
    LASXowitoFurious Gaming RedTop
    Born to Kill - November 19,
    Xowito joins.

    Gos leaves.
    LASGosBorn to KillTop
    LASXowitoBorn to KillTop
    Crew e-Sports Club - November 19,
    Mocha leaves.
    TurkeyMocha (Kim Tae-gyeom)Crew e-Sports ClubSupport

    Nov 20[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Frost Guard Penguins - November (approx.),
    DaKrai, and
    Sakka join.
    MENAMoltoFrost Guard PenguinsTop
    MENADaKraiFrost Guard PenguinsJungle
    MENASakkaFrost Guard PenguinsMid
    Giants Gaming - November 20,
    NighT leaves.
    EuropeNighT (Na Gun-woo)Giants GamingMid
    Team Kinguin - November 20,
    Remigiusz and
    Arphan leave.
    EuropeRemigiuszTeam KinguinMidtrue
    EuropeArphanTeam KinguinSupporttrue
    H2k-Gaming - November 20, pr0lly (Head Coach) leaves.
    Europepr0llyH2k-GamingHead Coach
    Unicorns Of Love - November 20,
    Uby's contract expires.
    EuropeUbyUnicorns Of LoveSupporttrue
    Mysterious Monkeys - November 20,
    Inition, and
    Kitty leave.
    EuropePhonesMysterious MonkeysToptrue
    EuropeInitionMysterious MonkeysJungletrue
    EuropeKittyMysterious MonkeysBottrue
    Out of the Blue - November 20,
    Ayunie joins.
    EuropeAyunieOut of the BlueTop
    Abyss Academy - November 20,
    Papryze leaves.
    OceaniaPapryzeAbyss AcademyTop
    Gangwon - November 20,
    WooPy, and
    Arcane leave.
    Team EnVyUs - November 20, Team EnVyUslogo std.pngTeam EnVyUs is disbanded.
    Hakuho, and
    Nientonsoh leave.
    North AmericaSeraphTeam EnVyUsTop
    North AmericaNisqyTeam EnVyUsMid
    North AmericaApollo (Apollo Price)Team EnVyUsBot
    North AmericaHakuhoTeam EnVyUsSupport
    North AmericaNientonsohTeam EnVyUsBottrue
    North AmericaLirATeam EnVyUsJungle
    J Team - November 20,
    Hana joins.
    LMSHanaJ TeamJungle
    Immortals - November 20, Immortalslogo std.pngImmortals confirms exclusion from upcoming NA LCS permanent partnership system.
    Cody Sun,
    AnDa, and
    Stunt leave.
    North AmericaFlameImmortalsTop
    North AmericaXmithieImmortalsJungle
    North AmericaPobelterImmortalsMid
    North AmericaCody SunImmortalsBot
    North AmericaAnDaImmortalsJungletrue
    North AmericaStuntImmortalsSupporttrue
    Dignitas - November 20,
    Ssumday leaves.
    North AmericaSsumdayDignitasTop
    TSM - November 20,
    Shynon leaves.
    North AmericaShynonTSMBottrue
    Team Liquid - November 20,
    Arcsecond, and
    Youngbin's contracts expire.
    North AmericaViper (Omran Shoura)Team LiquidToptrue
    North AmericaArcsecondTeam LiquidJungletrue
    North AmericaYoungbinTeam LiquidBottrue
    Echo Fox - November 20,
    Froggen, and
    Keith's contracts expire.
    North AmericaLooperEcho FoxTop
    North AmericaFroggenEcho FoxMid
    North AmericaKeithEcho FoxBot
    FlyQuest - November 20,
    Stunt joins.
    North AmericaStuntFlyQuestSupport
    FlyQuest - November 20,
    LemonNation leaves.
    North AmericaLemonNationFlyQuestSupport
    Golden Guardians - November 20, Golden Guardianslogo std.pngGolden Guardians acquires an NA LCS 2018 Spring slot.
    Clutch Gaming - November 20, Clutch Gaminglogo std.pngClutch Gaming acquires an NA LCS 2018 Spring slot.
    Cloud9 - November 20,
    Bunny FuFuu (Streamer)'s contract expires but departure is not confirmed.
    Westrice and
    Winter's contracts expire.
    North AmericaWestriceCloud9Toptrue
    North AmericaBunny FuFuuCloud9Streamer/SupporttrueCloud9Streamer/Supporttrue
    North AmericaWinter (Olivier Lapointe)Cloud9Supporttrue
    100 Thieves - November 20, 100 Thieveslogo std.png100 Thieves acquires an NA LCS 2018 Spring spot.
    100 Thieves - November 20, pr0lly (Head Coach) joins.
    North Americapr0lly100 ThievesHead Coach
    G2 Esports - November 20,
    Trick leaves.
    EuropeTrickG2 EsportsJungle
    OpTic Gaming - November 20, OpTic Gaminglogo std.pngOpTic Gaming acquires an NA LCS 2018 Spring slot.
    OpTic Gaming - November 20, Shark (Social Media Manager) joins.
    North AmericaShark (Charlene Hamm)OpTic GamingSocial Media Manager
    Afreeca Freecs - November 20,
    MaRin and Cho Gye-hyeon (Coach) leave.
    KoreaMaRinAfreeca FreecsTop
    KoreaCho Gye-hyeonAfreeca FreecsCoach
    Jin Air Green Wings - November 20,
    SnowFlower is set to leave.
    Kuzan, and Ccomet (Coach) leave.
    KoreaikssuJin Air Green WingsTop
    KoreaRaiseJin Air Green WingsJungle
    KoreaKuzanJin Air Green WingsMid
    KoreaCcometJin Air Green WingsCoach
    KoreaSnowFlowerJin Air Green WingsSupportJin Air Green WingsSupport
    Misfits Gaming - November 20,
    IgNar leaves.
    EuropeIgNarMisfits GamingSupport
    Misfits Gaming - November 20, Hiiva (Strategic Coach) leaves.
    EuropeHiivaMisfits GamingStrategic Coach
    Misfits Gaming - November 20, Empyre (Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeEmpyreMisfits GamingAnalyst
    Fnatic - November 20,
    Xyraz's contract expires.
    Racoon (Italian Team) - November 20,
    Lotus, and Dott Caronte (Coach) join.

    Mr Frogoz,
    Anki The Cat,
    Superior Xemnas,
    Zeno, and
    Serenity join as substitutes.
    EuropePonZRacoon (Italian Team)Top
    EuropenYfauguRacoon (Italian Team)Jungle
    EuropeAki (Daniel Lauri)Racoon (Italian Team)Mid
    EuropeRaitoRacoon (Italian Team)Bot
    EuropeLotus (Alessio Liguori)Racoon (Italian Team)Support
    EuropeDott CaronteRacoon (Italian Team)Coach
    EuropeMr FrogozRacoon (Italian Team)Toptrue
    EuropeAnki The CatRacoon (Italian Team)Jungletrue
    EuropeSuperior XemnasRacoon (Italian Team)Midtrue
    EuropeZenoRacoon (Italian Team)Bottrue
    EuropeSerenity (Tommaso Iacobellis)Racoon (Italian Team)Supporttrue
    Dark Passage - November 20,
    Farfetch leaves.
    TurkeyFarfetchDark PassageSupport
    M19 - November 20,
    Likkrit leaves.
    bbq Olivers - November 20,
    Totoro is set to leave.
    Bless and
    Part leave.
    KoreaPartbbq OliversToptrue
    KoreaBless (Choi Hyeon-woong)bbq OliversJungle
    KoreaTotorobbq OliversSupportbbq OliversSupport
    Tempo Storm - November 20,
    Maxtrobo leaves.
    North AmericaMaxtroboTempo StormToptrue
    Tempo Storm - November 20,
    Quas and
    Saber's contracts expire.
    North AmericaQuasTempo StormTop
    North AmericaSaberTempo StormBottrue
    Phoenix1 - November 20,
    zig's contract expires.
    Shady leaves.
    North AmericazigPhoenix1Top
    North AmericaShady (Jordan Robison)Phoenix1Supporttrue
    Gold Coin United - November 20,
    MadLife leaves.
    North AmericaMadLifeGold Coin UnitedSupport
    Just Toys Havoks - November 20,
    sOnyky joins.
    LANsOnykyJust Toys HavoksSupport
    Rebirth eSports - November 20,
    Ominick leaves.
    LASOminickRebirth eSportsJungle
    Furious Gaming Red - November 20,
    Aloned leaves.
    LASAlonedFurious Gaming RedMid
    Born to Kill - November 20,
    Aloned joins.
    LASAlonedBorn to KillMid
    ZAGA Talent Gaming - November 20,
    Master Jos leaves.
    LANMaster JosZAGA Talent GamingMid
    Legatum - November 20,
    Rod joins.

    ClatoS moves to substitute.
    H2k-Gaming - November 20,
    Nuclear and
    IceBeasto's contracts expire.
    Team ROCCAT - November 20,
    Airwaks leaves.
    EuropeAirwaksTeam ROCCATJungletrue

    Nov 21[edit]

    Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    RIFT Esports - November 21,
    mumus100 and
    Innaxe join.
    Europemumus100RIFT EsportsTop
    EuropeInnaxeRIFT EsportsBot
    Mysterious Monkeys.ESLM - November 21,
    SozPurefect joins.

    Abbedagge leaves.
    EuropeAbbedaggeMysterious Monkeys.ESLMMid
    EuropeSozPurefectMysterious Monkeys.ESLMMid
    Abyss Academy - November (approx.),
    Kayo, and
    Cuden leave.
    OceaniaSwatheAbyss AcademyJungle
    OceaniaKayoAbyss AcademyBot
    OceaniaCudenAbyss AcademySupport
    Sin Gaming - November 21,
    Tekker leaves.
    OceaniaTekkerSin GamingToptrue
    Sin Academy - November 21,
    Ever, Mooboo (Coach), and Kharjo (Analyst) leave.
    OceaniaTekkerSin AcademyTop
    OceaniaChazzSin AcademyMid
    OceaniaSquidgySin AcademyBot
    OceaniaEver (Damian Tu)Sin AcademySupport
    OceaniaMoobooSin AcademyCoach
    OceaniaKharjoSin AcademyAnalyst
    OceaniaPraelusSin AcademyJungle
    TM Gaming - November 21,
    Wzrd and
    Broler leave.
    OceaniaWzrdTM GamingMidtrue
    OceaniaBrolerTM GamingSupporttrue
    Gwangju - November 21,
    ji won,
    ji hun,
    young do, and
    seung min leave.
    Koreaji wonGwangjuJungle
    Koreaji hunGwangjuMid
    Koreayoung doGwangjuBot
    Koreaseung minGwangjuSupport
    Longzhu Gaming - November 21,
    Zzus, and Kim Jeong-soo (Coach) leave.
    KoreaJusticeLongzhu GamingMidtrue
    KoreaLucyLongzhu GamingBottrue
    KoreaZzusLongzhu GamingSupporttrue
    KoreaKim Jeong-sooLongzhu GamingCoach
    Just Toys Havoks - November 21,
    EvanRL and Cohenn (Analyst) leave.
    LANEvanRLJust Toys HavoksBot
    LANCohennJust Toys HavoksAnalyst
    Newbee - November 21,
    Coco leaves.
    Rascal Jester - November 21,
    WyverN, and
    Lavie leave.
    JapanAtyamomoRascal JesterTop
    JapanWyverNRascal JesterJungle
    JapanLavieRascal JesterMid
    JapaniSeNNRascal JesterJungle
    Dignitas - November 21,
    Big, and Cop (Head Coach) leave.
    North AmericaShrimpDignitasJungle
    North AmericaBigDignitasSupporttrue
    North AmericaCopDignitasHead Coach
    Legacy Esports - November 21,
    Cupcake leaves.
    OceaniaCupcakeLegacy EsportsSupport
    Team Liquid - November 21,
    Slooshi, and
    Piglet leave.
    North AmericaInoriTeam LiquidJungle
    North AmericaSlooshiTeam LiquidMid
    North AmericaPigletTeam LiquidBot
    FlyQuest - November 21,
    Hai, and
    bigfatlp leave.
    North AmericaBallsFlyQuestTop
    North AmericaHaiFlyQuestMid
    North AmericabigfatlpFlyQuestMidtrue
    FlyQuest - November 21, Thinkcard (Head Coach) leaves.
    North AmericaThinkcardFlyQuestHead Coach
    Clutch Gaming - November 21, TheAzotal (Data Analyst) joins.
    North AmericaTheAzotalClutch GamingData Analyst
    Dire Wolves - November 21,
    Cupcake joins.
    OceaniaCupcakeDire WolvesSupport
    Splyce - November 21,
    Kobbe, and
    Gripex (Streamer) leave.
    Team Vitality - November 21,
    Nukeduck and
    Vander leave.
    EuropeNukeduckTeam VitalityMid
    EuropeVanderTeam VitalitySupport
    G2 Esports - November 21,
    Expect leaves.
    EuropeExpectG2 EsportsTop
    OpTic Gaming - November 21, Zaboutine (Head Coach) joins.
    North AmericaZaboutineOpTic GamingHead Coach
    OpTic Gaming - November 21, Romain (LoL General Manager) joins.
    North AmericaRomainOpTic GamingLoL General Manager
    SK Telecom T1 - November 21,
    Peanut and
    Sky leave.
    KoreaPeanutSK Telecom T1Jungle
    KoreaSky (Kim Ha-neul)SK Telecom T1Midtrue
    Misfits Gaming - November 21,
    PowerOfEvil leaves.
    EuropePowerOfEvilMisfits GamingMid
    Team ROCCAT - November 21,
    Pridestalker leaves.
    EuropePridestalkerTeam ROCCATJungle
    Unicorns Of Love - November 21,
    Vizicsacsi leaves.
    EuropeVizicsacsiUnicorns Of LoveTop
    FC Schalke 04 Esports - November 21,
    Pridestalker, and
    Nukeduck join.

    Vander rejoins.
    EuropeVizicsacsiFC Schalke 04 EsportsTop
    EuropePridestalkerFC Schalke 04 EsportsJungle
    EuropeNukeduckFC Schalke 04 EsportsMid
    EuropeVanderFC Schalke 04 EsportsSupport
    Beşiktaş Esports - November 21,
    Flaxxish leaves.
    TurkeyFlaxxishBeşiktaş EsportsTop
    Dark Passage - November 21,
    Immortoru leaves.
    TurkeyImmortoruDark PassageMidtrue
    Furious Gaming Red - November 21,
    Josedeodo leaves.
    LASJosedeodoFurious Gaming RedJungle
    Furious Gaming - November 21,
    Josedeodo joins.
    LASJosedeodoFurious GamingJungle
    Flamengo Esports - November 21, MiT (Head Coach) joins.
    BrazilMiTFlamengo EsportsHead Coach
    paiN Gaming - November 21,
    esA (temporary substitute) leaves.
    BrazilesApaiN GamingSupport
    DS Gaming - November 21,
    Pilot leaves.
    ChinaPilot (Na Woo-hyung)DS GamingBot
    Phoenix1 - November 21,
    Arrow and
    Xpecial leave.
    North AmericaArrowPhoenix1Bot
    North AmericaXpecialPhoenix1Support
    eUnited - November 21,
    GBM leaves.
    North AmericaGBMeUnitedMid
    6Sense - November 21,
    Itsi and Cohenn (Coach) join.
    Dante (Head Coach) leaves.
    LANDante (Dante Koniecki)6SenseHead Coach
    Hafnet eSports - November 21,
    ComeS leaves.
    LASComeSHafnet eSportsToptrue
    Dash9 Gaming - November 21,
    Suppa leaves.
    LANSuppaDash9 GamingSupport
    Born to Kill - November 21,
    Horus, and
    Comestible join.

    Totti and
    Lfante leave.
    LASTottiBorn to KillJungle
    LASLfanteBorn to KillSupport
    LASMirXBorn to KillJungle
    LASHorusBorn to KillBot
    LASComestibleBorn to KillSupport
    H2k-Gaming - November 21,
    Febiven, and
    Proxyfox leave.
    G2 Vodafone - November 21,
    Homi joins.
    EuropeHomiG2 VodafoneSupport

    Nov 22[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Szef 6 - November (approx.), Team disbands.
    itzRenifer, and
    Robercik leave.
    EuropeAgresivooSzef 6Top
    EuropeCrAzy (Adam Fedoruk)Szef 6Jungle
    EuropeBucuSzef 6Mid
    EuropeitzReniferSzef 6Bot
    EuropeRobercikSzef 6Support
    ESEV Zephyr - November 22 (approx.),
    Daan Stylez,
    Snirp, and
    Dodging Dummy join.
    EuropeVaípsESEV ZephyrTop
    EuropeNOMISESEV ZephyrJungle
    EuropeDaan StylezESEV ZephyrMid
    EuropeSnirpESEV ZephyrBot
    EuropeDodging DummyESEV ZephyrSupport
    Legacy Esports - November (approx.),
    ChuChuZ (Media and Content Manager) leaves.
    OceaniaChuChuZLegacy EsportsMedia and Content Manager/Midtrue
    Abyss Esports - November 22,
    Rosey leaves.
    OceaniaRoseyAbyss EsportsSupport
    Emprox - November 22, Emproxlogo std.pngEmprox acquires Lynx (Oceanic Team)logo std.pngLynx and their OCS 2018 Regular Season slot.
    Lynx (Oceanic Team) - November 22,
    ScREAM, and Caleb (Coach) leave.
    OceaniaSora (Adem Tontu)Lynx (Oceanic Team)Top
    OceaniaNana (Alex Kang)Lynx (Oceanic Team)Mid
    OceaniaPVALynx (Oceanic Team)Bot
    OceaniaScREAMLynx (Oceanic Team)Support
    OceaniaCalebLynx (Oceanic Team)Coach
    Wind and Rain Germany - November 22,
    Xioh joins.
    EuropeXiohWind and Rain GermanySupport
    Phoenix1 - November 22,
    Ryu and
    Meteos leave.
    North AmericaRyuPhoenix1Mid
    North AmericaMeteosPhoenix1Jungletrue
    Phoenix1 - November 22,
    Wiggily and
    SELFIE leave.
    North AmericaWiggilyPhoenix1Jungletrue
    North AmericaSELFIEPhoenix1Midtrue
    Team Liquid - November 22,
    Xmithie and
    Pobelter join.

    Goldenglue and
    Mickey move to substitutes.
    North AmericaGoldenglueTeam LiquidMidTeam LiquidMidtrue
    North AmericaMickey (Son Young-min)Team LiquidMidTeam LiquidMidtrue
    North AmericaXmithieTeam LiquidJungle
    North AmericaPobelterTeam LiquidMid
    Team Liquid - November 22,
    AnDa and
    Cody Sun join as substitutes.
    North AmericaCody SunTeam LiquidBottrue
    North AmericaAnDaTeam LiquidJungletrue
    Gold Coin United - November 22,
    Fenix leaves.
    North AmericaFenixGold Coin UnitedMidtrue
    Echo Fox - November 22,
    Fenix joins.
    North AmericaFenixEcho FoxMid
    FlyQuest - November 22,
    Moon leaves.
    North AmericaMoon (Galen Holgate)FlyQuestJungle
    eUnited - November 22,
    Licorice and
    Zeyzal leave.
    North AmericaLicoriceeUnitedTop
    North AmericaZeyzaleUnitedSupport
    Tempo Storm - November 22,
    Wiggily and
    SELFIE leave.
    North AmericaWiggilyTempo StormJungle
    North AmericaSELFIETempo StormMid
    Cloud9 - November 22,
    Wiggily, and
    Selfie join.
    North AmericaLicoriceCloud9Top
    North AmericaWiggilyCloud9Jungle
    North AmericaSelfieCloud9Mid
    100 Thieves - November 22,
    Meteos, and
    Ryu join.
    North AmericaSsumday100 ThievesTop
    North AmericaMeteos100 ThievesJungle
    North AmericaRyu100 ThievesMid
    Afreeca Freecs - November 22, Ccomet (Coach) joins.
    KoreaCcometAfreeca FreecsCoach
    1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - November 22,
    Move leaves.
    TurkeyMove1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsJungle
    Team AURORA - November 22,
    Zergsting leaves.
    TurkeyZergstingTeam AURORASupport
    Furious Gaming - November 22,
    Nobody joins.
    LASNobody (Nicolás Ale)Furious GamingMid
    Cyberground Gaming - November 22,
    Misu joins.
    EuropeMisuCyberground GamingBot
    Silver Crows - November 22, Wombat (Head Coach) and Drakkars (Analyst) leave.
    LANWombat (Gabriel Cazola)Silver CrowsHead Coach
    LANDrakkarsSilver CrowsAnalyst
    Dark Horse - November 22, Wombat (Head Coach) and Drakkars (Head Analyst) join. Cynic (Head Coach to Coach) changes position. Bauer (Strategic Coach) leaves.
    LASBauerDark HorseStrategic Coach
    LASCynicDark HorseHead CoachDark HorseCoach
    LASWombat (Gabriel Cazola)Dark HorseHead Coach
    LASDrakkarsDark HorseHead Analyst
    Gyeonggi - November 22,
    Tear, and
    Keria leave.
    KoreaHoon (Lee Jang-hoon)GyeonggiTop
    KoreaTear (Jeong Seong-wook)GyeonggiBot
    Born to Kill - November 22, Born to Killlogo std.pngBorn to Kill and Infamous Gaminglogo std.pngInfamous Gaming merge.
    Sojourn, Felosss (Head Coach), and Sly Fox (Head Analyst) leave.
    LASXowitoBorn to KillTop
    LASMirXBorn to KillJungle
    LASAlonedBorn to KillMid
    LASHorusBorn to KillBot
    LASComestibleBorn to KillSupport
    LASSojournBorn to KillMidtrue
    LASFelosssBorn to KillHead Coach
    LASSly FoxBorn to KillHead Analyst
    Infamous Gaming - November 22, Born to Killlogo std.pngBorn to Kill and Infamous Gaminglogo std.pngInfamous Gaming merge.
    Comestible, Felosss (Head Coach), and Yevenes (Team Manager) join.

    Direwolf, and
    Adrian leave.
    LASTercoInfamous GamingTop
    LASKenny (Bruno Córdova)Infamous GamingJungle
    LASSevenAsterInfamous GamingMid
    LASDirewolfInfamous GamingBot
    LASAdrian (Adrián Silverio)Infamous GamingJungletrue
    LASXowitoInfamous GamingTop
    LASMirXInfamous GamingJungle
    LASAlonedInfamous GamingMid
    LASHorusInfamous GamingBot
    LASComestibleInfamous GamingSupport
    LASFelosssInfamous GamingHead Coach
    LASYevenesInfamous GamingTeam Manager
    Just Toys Havoks - November 22,
    Zeicro joins.
    LANZeicroJust Toys HavoksBot
    H2k-Gaming - November 22,
    Chei leaves.
    TBD - November 22, Vasilii is suspended until the start of split 1 in January 2020.
    Tempered Fate - November 22, Osiris (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropeOsirisTempered FateHead Coach

    Nov 23[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Drużyna8 - 2017 (approx.),
    Lucker, and
    Never1de leave.
    G-Rex - November 23, Domo (Coach) leaves.
    ahq eSports Club - November 23, Domo (Coach) joins.
    LMSDomoahq eSports ClubCoach
    Dignitas - November 23,
    Keane leaves.
    North AmericaKeaneDignitasMid
    Phoenix1 - November 23,
    MikeYeung leaves.
    North AmericaMikeYeungPhoenix1Jungle
    TSM - November 23,
    MikeYeung joins.
    North AmericaMikeYeungTSMJungle
    EDward Gaming - November 23,
    Zet leaves.
    ChinaZetEDward GamingBottrue
    Dire Wolves - November 23,
    Triple joins.
    OceaniaTripleDire WolvesMid
    Splyce - November 23,
    Sencux and
    Mikyx leave.
    Misfits Gaming - November 23,
    Sencux and
    Mikyx join.
    EuropeSencuxMisfits GamingMid
    EuropeMikyxMisfits GamingSupport
    Avant Gaming - November 23,
    Ceres and
    Triple leave.
    OceaniaCeresAvant GamingTop
    OceaniaTripleAvant GamingMid
    OpTic Gaming - November 23, Keaton (Team Coordinator) joins.
    North AmericaKeatonOpTic GamingTeam Coordinator
    Giants Gaming - November 23,
    Gilius is set to leave.
    EuropeGiliusGiants GamingJungleGiants GamingJungle
    Giants Only The Brave - November 23,
    Gilius is set to leave.
    EuropeGiliusGiants Only The BraveJungleGiants Only The BraveJungle
    1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - November 23,
    Zergsting joins.
    TurkeyZergsting1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsSupport
    Vivo Keyd - November 23,
    micaO and
    Jockster join.
    BrazilmicaOVivo KeydBot
    BrazilJocksterVivo KeydSupport
    Tempo Storm - November (approx.), Tempo Stormlogo std.pngTempo Storm is disbanded.
    Zentinel, LS (Head Coach), and Cella (Coach) leave.
    North AmericaZentinelTempo StormJungletrue
    North AmericaLSTempo StormHead Coach
    North AmericaCellaTempo StormCoach
    eUnited - November (approx.), EUnitedlogo std.pngeUnited is disbanded.
    Papa Chau, and Hermit (Head Coach) leave.
    North AmericaPapa ChaueUnitedSupporttrue
    North AmericaDeftlyeUnitedBot
    North AmericaPotluckeUnitedJungletrue
    North AmericabobqinXDeUnitedMidtrue
    North AmericaDanDyeUnitedJungle
    North AmericaHermiteUnitedHead Coach
    WLGaming Esports - November 23,
    Skude joins.

    Nikolex moves to substitute.
    EuropeNikolexWLGaming EsportsJungleWLGaming EsportsJungletrue
    EuropeSkudeWLGaming EsportsJungle
    Furious Gaming Red - November 23,
    Tuesday leaves.
    LASTuesday (Facundo Cuello)Furious Gaming RedSupport
    Rebirth eSports - November 23,
    Leozuxo and
    Shadow join.

    StayL leaves.
    LASStayLRebirth eSportsMidtrue
    LASLeozuxoRebirth eSportsJungle
    LASShadow (Facundo Cuello)Rebirth eSportsSupport
    Nexus Gaming (Romanian Team) - November 23,
    Vrow joins.

    Emi leaves.
    EuropeEmiNexus Gaming (Romanian Team)Mid
    EuropeVrowNexus Gaming (Romanian Team)Mid

    Nov 24[edit]

    Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Unicorns Of Love - November 24,
    Xerxe leaves.
    EuropeXerxeUnicorns Of LoveJungle
    Abyss Esports - November 24, Drak (Head Coach) leaves.
    OceaniaDrakAbyss EsportsHead Coach
    Crimson Gaming - November 24, Drak (Head Coach) joins.
    OceaniaDrakCrimson GamingHead Coach
    Machi Esports - November 24, Grey (Coach) leaves.
    LMSGreyMachi EsportsCoach
    17 Academy - November 24, Grey (Coach,Analyst) leaves.
    LMSGrey17 AcademyCoach/Analyst
    G2 Esports - November 24,
    Zven and
    mithy leave.
    EuropeZvenG2 EsportsBot
    EuropemithyG2 EsportsSupport
    TSM - November 24,
    Zven and
    mithy join.

    Doublelift, and
    Biofrost leave.
    North AmericaSvenskerenTSMJungle
    North AmericaDoubleliftTSMBot
    North AmericaBiofrostTSMSupport
    North AmericaZvenTSMBot
    North AmericamithyTSMSupport
    Team Liquid - November 24,
    Doublelift joins.
    North AmericaDoubleliftTeam LiquidBot
    SK Telecom T1 - November 24, kkOma (Coach to Head Coach) changes position.
    Effort moves to starting roster.
    Huni, cCarter (Head Coach), and RapidStar (Coach) leave.
    KoreaEffortSK Telecom T1SupporttrueSK Telecom T1Support
    KoreaHuniSK Telecom T1Top
    KoreakkOmaSK Telecom T1CoachSK Telecom T1Head Coach
    KoreacCarterSK Telecom T1Head Coach
    KoreaRapidStarSK Telecom T1Coach
    Cyberground Gaming - November 24,
    Fener joins as substitute.

    Roxas39 moves to substitute.
    EuropeRoxas39Cyberground GamingSupportCyberground GamingSupporttrue
    EuropeFenerCyberground GamingToptrue
    Gaming Gaming - November 24,
    LiquidDiego leaves.
    LANLiquidDiegoGaming GamingJungle
    Just Toys Havoks - November 24,
    LiquidDiego rejoins.
    LANLiquidDiegoJust Toys HavoksJungle
    ZAGA Talent Gaming - November 24, Scarface (Head Coach) rejoins.
    LANScarface (Estephan Méndez)ZAGA Talent GamingHead Coach
    Tech Titans - November 24,
    CallMeLucky leaves.
    LASCallMeLuckyTech TitansBot

    Nov 25[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Abyss Esports - November (approx.),
    ChrisMisTrees leaves.
    OceaniaChrisMisTreesAbyss EsportsMidtrue
    Game Talents - November 25, Sin (Coach) leaves.
    ChinaSinGame TalentsCoach
    Longzhu Gaming - November 25,
    Peanut and Sin (Coach) join.
    KoreaPeanutLongzhu GamingJungle
    KoreaSinLongzhu GamingCoach
    Gaming Gaming - November 25,
    Leza leaves.
    LANLezaGaming GamingMid
    Dash9 Gaming - November 25,
    Leza joins.
    LANLezaDash9 GamingMid
    Eternals Gaming - November 25,
    Neylan leaves.
    LASNeylan (Brian Rigaudi)Eternals GamingJungle