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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Dec 03[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Estonian Vipers - December (approx.), Roster disbands.
    Endz, and
    cospect leave.
    EuropeAcidyEstonian VipersTop
    EuropeyOFTEstonian VipersJungle
    EuropeKlaabuEstonian VipersMid
    EuropeEndzEstonian VipersBot
    EuropecospectEstonian VipersSupport
    Kowloon Esports - December 3,
    Coool joins.

    babaa leaves.
    LMSbabaaKowloon EsportsSupport
    LMSCooolKowloon EsportsSupport
    Unicorns Of Love - December 3, Dieuponey (Team Manager) joins.
    EuropeDieuponeyUnicorns Of LoveTeam Manager
    Out of the Blue - December 3,
    Shivaun, and
    Shiny join.
    EuropeLaiylaOut of the BlueJungle
    EuropeValynoraOut of the BlueMid
    EuropeShivaunOut of the BlueBot
    EuropeShiny (Laure Delaroche)Out of the BlueSupport
    Longzhu Gaming - December 3, Khan is suspended for one LCK series and fined ₩ 1,000,000 for unprofessional behaviour in soloqueue.
    Vici Gaming - December (approx.),
    Endless and
    Peng leave.
    ChinaEndlessVici GamingJungletrue
    ChinaPeng (Peng Yi-Bo)Vici GamingMidtrue
    Team BattleComics - December (approx.),
    SoaR joins.

    Hipo moves to substitute.
    KoreaHipoTeam BattleComicsTopTeam BattleComicsToptrue
    KoreaSoaRTeam BattleComicsTop
    HOU GAMING - December (approx.), Logo std.pngHOU GAMING is formed.
    Team Liquid - December 3,
    Matt leaves.
    North AmericaMattTeam LiquidSupport
    LANDCStarLyon Gaming (2017 Latin America North Team)Support

    Dec 04[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    5 Hydra Esport - December 4,
    Zera, and
    Bamby join.
    EuropePese5 Hydra EsportTop
    EuropeZera5 Hydra EsportJungle
    EuropeBamby5 Hydra EsportMid
    ALTERNATE aTTaX - December 4,
    Wendelbo leaves.
    EuropeWendelboALTERNATE aTTaXSupport
    Echo Fox - December 4,
    Grig, and
    Gate leave.
    North AmericaBrandiniEcho FoxTop
    North AmericaGrigEcho FoxJungle
    North AmericaGateEcho FoxSupport
    100 Thieves - December 4,
    aphromoo joins.
    North Americaaphromoo100 ThievesSupport
    nerdRage - December 4,
    Hejsan Svenne leaves.
    EuropeHejsan SvennenerdRageBot
    Outplayed WAR - December 4,
    Hej San joins.
    EuropeHej SanOutplayed WARBot
    Oyun Hizmetleri - December 4, Team's TCL spot is acquired by Royal Bandits.
    Royal Bandits - December 4, TCL spot of Oyun Hizmetleri is acquired.
    Flamengo Esports - December 4,
    SirT joins.
    BrazilSirTFlamengo EsportsJungle
    Ordo Equitum - December 4,
    Bucket joins.
    LANBucketOrdo EquitumSupport

    Dec 05[edit]

    Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    TSM - December 5, SSONG (Head Coach) joins.
    Lustboy (Strategic Coach) rejoins as substitute.
    Parth (Head Coach to General Manager) changes position.
    North AmericaParthTSMHead CoachTSMGeneral Manager
    North AmericaSSONGTSMHead Coach
    North AmericaLustboyTSMStrategic Coach/Supporttrue
    Team Liquid - December 5, Midbeast (Streamer/Content Creator) joins.
    North AmericaMidbeastTeam LiquidStreamer/Content Creator
    Echo Fox - December 5,
    Mash leaves.
    North AmericaMashEcho FoxBot
    ROX Tigers - December 5,
    Shy retires.
    ROX Tigers - December 5, Xero (Coach) leaves.
    KoreaXeroROX TigersCoach
    Royal Bandits - December 5,
    Abbedagge leaves.
    TurkeyAbbedaggeRoyal BanditsMid
    1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - December 5,
    Chaser joins.
    TurkeyChaser1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsJungle
    Lyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team) - December 5, Team renames to Rainbow7.
    MarioMe, Yeti (Head Coach), and Zanxter (Team Manager) leave.
    LANJirallLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Top
    LANOddieLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Jungle
    LANSeiyaLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Mid
    LANWhiteLotusLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Bot
    LANGenthixLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Support
    LANMarioMeLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Bottrue
    LANYetiLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Head Coach
    LANZanxterLyon Gaming (2013 Latin American Team)Team Manager
    Rainbow7 - December 5, Lyon Gaming is forced to change their name and logo and renames to Rainbow7.
    Genthix, Yeti (Head Coach), and Zanxter (Team Manager) join.

    MarioMe joins as substitute.
    LANYetiRainbow7Head Coach
    LANZanxterRainbow7Team Manager
    Flamengo Esports - December 5,
    esA joins.
    BrazilesAFlamengo EsportsSupport
    Predators Esports - December 5,
    Manu leaves.
    LANManuPredators EsportsBottrue

    Dec 06[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Kine Club - December 6,
    Kinemie, and
    RubybyRu join.

    Kinetris joins as substitute.
    SEAKinetriKine ClubTop
    SEAmerlyyKine ClubJungle
    SEAHaseoKine ClubMid
    SEAKinemieKine ClubBot
    SEARubybyRuKine ClubSupport
    SEAKinetrisKine ClubSupporttrue
    Unicorns Of Love - December 6,
    Hylissang leaves.
    EuropeHylissangUnicorns Of LoveSupport
    FlyQuest Academy - December 6, Team is formed.
    Erry, and
    JayJ join.
    North AmericaNgoFlyQuest AcademyTop
    North AmericaErryFlyQuest AcademyBot
    North AmericaJayJFlyQuest AcademySupport
    Team Liquid - December 6,
    Dardoch leaves.
    North AmericaDardochTeam LiquidJungle
    Echo Fox - December 6,
    Feng leaves.
    North AmericaFeng (Wang Xiao-Feng)Echo FoxSupporttrue
    FlyQuest - December 6, FlyQuest Academy is formed.
    KT Rolster Academy - December 6,
    Ucal leaves for main roster.
    KoreaUcalKT Rolster AcademyMid
    KT Rolster - December 6,
    Rush and Sonstar (Coach) join.

    Ucal joins from academy roster.
    KoreaRushKT RolsterJungle
    KoreaSonstarKT RolsterCoach
    KoreaUcalKT RolsterMid
    Royal Bandits - December (approx.),
    Backlund leaves.
    TurkeyBacklundRoyal BanditsMid
    NeverBack Gaming - December 6,
    Frog Jesus,
    Alexkron, Xaio (Head Coach), Headhunters (Assistant Coach), Kaito (Head Analyst), and Tulcas (Staff Assistant) leave.
    EuropeFrog JesusNeverBack GamingTop
    EuropeFalconNeverBack GamingJungle
    EuropeBucuNeverBack GamingMid
    EuropeDadaNeverBack GamingBot
    EuropeChocoLoveNeverBack GamingSupport
    EuropeShakaNeverBack GamingToptrue
    EuropeKamikazeNeverBack GamingMidtrue
    EuropeAlexkronNeverBack GamingBottrue
    EuropeXaioNeverBack GamingHead Coach
    EuropeHeadhunters (Jon Ruiz Urquidi)NeverBack GamingAssistant Coach
    EuropeKaito (Carlos Vioque)NeverBack GamingHead Analyst
    EuropeTulcasNeverBack GamingStaff Assistant
    SuperMassive Esports - December 6,
    SnowFlower joins.
    TurkeySnowFlowerSuperMassive EsportsSupport
    1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - December (approx.), Dr Frankenstein (Analyst) joins. Rider (Analyst) leaves.
    TurkeyRider1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsAnalyst
    TurkeyDr Frankenstein1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsAnalyst
    Rainbow7 - December 6,
    Manu joins.
    Flamengo Esports - December 6,
    Evrot joins.
    BrazilEvrotFlamengo EsportsMid
    INTZ - December 6,
    Turtle leaves.
    Ordo Equitum - December 6,
    Sandroxx joins.
    LANSandroxxOrdo EquitumJungle

    Dec 07[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Bloody Wolves - December 7,
    Kami leaves.
    EuropeKami (Juan Carlos Camino)Bloody WolvesBot
    Abyss Esports - December 7, Abyss Esports is acquired by Essendon Football Club.
    Abyss Esports - December 7,
    Rosey rejoins.
    OceaniaRoseyAbyss EsportsSupport
    Abyss Esports - December 7, Windowsmonkey (Co-Owner to Co-Owner/Head Coach) changes position.
    OceaniaWindowsmonkeyAbyss EsportsCo-OwnerAbyss EsportsCo-Owner/Head Coach
    FlyQuest Academy - December 7,
    Shrimp and
    Keane join.
    North AmericaShrimpFlyQuest AcademyJungle
    North AmericaKeaneFlyQuest AcademyMid
    Legacy Esports - December 7,
    Sybol joins.
    OceaniaSybolLegacy EsportsJungle
    Team oNe eSports - December 7,
    Lactea joins.
    BrazilLacteaTeam oNe eSportsBot
    Inside Games - December 7,
    zoiren leaves.
    EuropezoirenInside GamesMid
    Darkness Eagles Esports - December 7, EdiWeasley (Mid to Bot) changes position.
    Demy leaves.
    LANEdiWeasleyDarkness Eagles EsportsMidDarkness Eagles EsportsBot
    LANDemyDarkness Eagles EsportsBot
    Gaming Gaming - December 7,
    Wikko leaves.
    LANWikkoGaming GamingJungletrue
    LANSeranokLyon Gaming (2017 Latin America North Team)Mid
    ZAGA Talent Gaming - December 7,
    Andreus, and
    Grisen join.

    Medusa leaves.
    LANMedusa (Jesús Juárez)ZAGA Talent GamingMidtrue
    LANJulaxeZAGA Talent GamingJungle
    LANZoirenZAGA Talent GamingMid
    LANAndreusZAGA Talent GamingBot
    LANGrisenZAGA Talent GamingSupport
    Crvena zvezda Esports - December 7, Sa1na (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropeSa1naCrvena zvezda EsportsHead Coach
    Fuego - December 7, Team is announced.
    Wikko joins.
    RED Canids - December 7,
    brTT leaves.
    BrazilbrTTRED CanidsBot
    Flamengo Esports - December 7,
    brTT joins.
    BrazilbrTTFlamengo EsportsBot
    Flamengo Esports - December 7 (approx.),
    Eradan joins as temporary substitute for DPA CCXP 2017.
    BrazilEradanFlamengo EsportsTop
    Flamengo Esports - December 7 (approx.),
    danz0r joins as temporary substitute for DPA CCXP 2017, replacing brTT.
    Brazildanz0rFlamengo EsportsBot

    Dec 08[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team E2G - December (approx.),
    Loop joins.
    EuropeLoop (Dorian Varin)Team E2GTop
    Team Regicide - December 8,
    Decoy leaves.
    OceaniaDecoyTeam RegicideSupport
    University of Toronto - December 8, Dayos (Coach to Head Coach) changes position.
    JayJ, and Invert (Head Coach) leave.
    North AmericaiMysteriousUniversity of TorontoTop
    North AmericaYummiBananasUniversity of TorontoJungle
    North AmericaErryUniversity of TorontoBot
    North AmericaJayJUniversity of TorontoSupport
    North AmericajhEEshUniversity of TorontoMid
    North AmericaInvertUniversity of TorontoHead Coach
    North AmericaDayosUniversity of TorontoCoachUniversity of TorontoHead Coach
    Legacy Esports - December 8,
    Lost leaves.
    OceaniaLostLegacy EsportsBot
    Echo Fox Academy - December 8, Team is formed.
    Lost, and
    Papa Chau join.
    North AmericaAllorimEcho Fox AcademyTop
    North AmericaOddOrangeEcho Fox AcademyJungle
    North AmericaDamonteEcho Fox AcademyMid
    North AmericaLostEcho Fox AcademyBot
    North AmericaPapa ChauEcho Fox AcademySupport
    Dignitas - December 8,
    Altec and
    Adrian leave.
    North AmericaAltecDignitasBot
    North AmericaAdrianDignitasSupport
    Abyss Esports - December 8,
    Raid leaves.
    OceaniaRaidAbyss EsportsBot
    Legacy Esports - December 8,
    Raid and
    Decoy join.
    OceaniaRaidLegacy EsportsBot
    OceaniaDecoyLegacy EsportsSupport
    Team Liquid - December 8, Dodo (Assistant Coach) joins.
    North AmericaDodoTeam LiquidAssistant Coach
    Echo Fox - December 8,
    Altec, and
    Adrian join.
    North AmericaHuniEcho FoxTop
    North AmericaDardochEcho FoxJungle
    North AmericaAltecEcho FoxBot
    North AmericaAdrianEcho FoxSupport
    Echo Fox - December 8,
    Akaadian moves to substitute.
    Damonte leaves for academy roster.
    North AmericaDamonteEcho FoxMid
    North AmericaAkaadianEcho FoxJungleEcho FoxJungletrue
    Splyce - December 8, Mac (Assistant Coach) joins.
    EuropeMacSplyceAssistant Coach
    G2 Esports - December 8,
    Hjarnan, and
    Wadid join.
    EuropeWunderG2 EsportsTop
    EuropeJankosG2 EsportsJungle
    EuropeHjarnanG2 EsportsBot
    EuropeWadidG2 EsportsSupport
    Chiefs Esports Club - December 8,
    Destiny joins.
    OceaniaDestiny (Mitchell Shaw)Chiefs Esports ClubSupport
    6Sense - December 8,
    Fas the Magi leaves.
    LANFas the Magi6SenseMid
    Gaming Gaming - December 8,
    N1njA rejoins.
    LANN1njAGaming GamingBot
    Ordo Equitum - December 8,
    Fas joins.

    EinCmper leaves.
    LANEinCmperOrdo EquitumMid
    LANFasOrdo EquitumMid
    Just Toys Havoks - December 8, Enatsu (Head Coach) rejoins. Demizos (Head Coach) leaves.
    LANDemizosJust Toys HavoksHead Coach
    LANEnatsuJust Toys HavoksHead Coach
    Flamengo Esports - December 8 (approx.),
    Eradan and
    danz0r (temporary substitutes) leave.
    Brazildanz0rFlamengo EsportsBot
    BrazilEradanFlamengo EsportsTop

    Dec 09[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Eclot Gaming - December (approx.),
    Shine, and
    argpetr leave.
    EuropeRobocopEclot GamingTop
    EuropeKocourekEclot GamingJungle
    EuropeProkerEclot GamingMid
    EuropeShine (Patrik Kulhavý)Eclot GamingBot
    EuropeargpetrEclot GamingSupport
    Submarino Stars - December 9, Submarino Starslogo std.pngSubmarino Stars is formed.
    blury, and Gratis150ml (Coach) join.
    BrazilJukesSubmarino StarsTop
    BrazilPimpimentaSubmarino StarsJungle
    BrazilYoDa (Felipe Noronha)Submarino StarsMid
    BrazilblurySubmarino StarsSupport
    BrazilGratis150mlSubmarino StarsCoach
    Team Brute - December (approx.),
    Krakeer, and
    Mjrdee leave.
    EuropeNarynTeam BruteTop
    EuropeLelineTeam BruteJungle
    EuropeShiageTeam BruteMid
    EuropeKesavTeam BruteBot
    EuropeSufonTeam BruteSupport
    EuropeKrakeerTeam BruteJungletrue
    EuropeMjrdeeTeam BruteSupporttrue
    Legacy Esports - December 9,
    Mimic joins.
    OceaniaMimic (Min Ju-seong)Legacy EsportsTop
    Legacy Esports - December 9,
    Tally leaves.
    OceaniaTallyLegacy EsportsTop
    Ever8 Winners - December 9,
    Cepted leaves.
    KoreaCeptedEver8 WinnersMid
    Royal Bandits - December 9,
    Cepted joins.
    TurkeyCeptedRoyal BanditsMid
    Ever8 Winners - December 9,
    Malrang leaves.
    KoreaMalrangEver8 WinnersJungle
    Royal Bandits - December 9,
    Malrang joins.
    TurkeyMalrangRoyal BanditsJungle
    Legend Dragon - December 9, Legend Dragon is set to disband.
    Eternals Gaming - December 9,
    Galixx leaves.
    LASGalixxEternals GamingSupport
    Ordo Equitum - December 9, Da Mook (Head Coach) joins.
    LANDa MookOrdo EquitumHead Coach