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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Dec 17[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Wind and Rain Germany - December (approx.),
    ProxeYY, and
    Brizz leave.
    EuropeFl4merWind and Rain GermanyTop
    EuropeTynXWind and Rain GermanyJungle
    EuropeZazeeWind and Rain GermanyMid
    EuropeDeádlyWind and Rain GermanyAD Carry
    EuropeArphanWind and Rain GermanySupport
    EuropeXiohWind and Rain GermanySupport
    EuropeProxeYYWind and Rain GermanyAD Carrytrue
    EuropeBrizzWind and Rain GermanySupporttrue
    Machi Esports - December 17,
    Move joins.
    LMSMoveMachi EsportsJungle
    LGD Gaming - December 17,
    Kai, and
    Dong (temporary substitutes) leave.
    ChinattsLGD GamingTop
    ChinaxiuLGD GamingJungle
    ChinaPang (Ling Wen-Xuan)LGD GamingMid
    ChinaKai (Liu Kai)LGD GamingAD Carry
    ChinaDong (Liu Han-Dong)LGD GamingSupport
    TSM Academy - December 17, TSM Academy is formed.
    MrRalleZ, and
    Shady join.
    North AmericaBrandiniTSM AcademyTop
    North AmericaGrigTSM AcademyJungle
    North AmericaAblazeoliveTSM AcademyMid
    North AmericaMrRalleZTSM AcademyAD Carry
    North AmericaShady (Jordan Robison)TSM AcademySupport
    LGD Gaming - December (approx.),
    Banana moves to substitute.
    ChinaBanana (Guo Yu-Tong)LGD GamingTopLGD GamingToptrue
    Team SoloMid - December 17, KonKwon (Translator) joins.
    North AmericaKonKwonTeam SoloMidTranslator
    Team SoloMid - December 17, TSM Academy is formed.
    MrRalleZ leaves for academy roster.
    North AmericaMrRalleZTeam SoloMidAD Carrytrue
    Bilibili Gaming - December 17, Bilibili Gaminglogo std.pngBilibili Gaming acquires I Maylogo std.pngI May and their LPL 2018 Spring slot.
    I May - December 17,
    FF, Kezman (Head Coach), Shadow (Coach), and Bge (Manager) leave.
    ChinaAmazingJI MayTop
    ChinaBen4I MayJungle
    ChinaFlawlessI MayJungle
    ChinaSksI MayJungle
    ChinaAthenaI MayMid
    ChinaJinjiaoI MayAD Carry
    ChinaRoadI MaySupport
    ChinaStarlightI MaySupport
    ChinaBgeI MayManager
    ChinaKezmanI MayHead Coach
    ChinaShadow (Park Jae-seok)I MayCoach
    ChinaFFI MayAD Carrytrue
    Giants Only The Brave - December 17,
    Gilius leaves.
    EuropeGiliusGiants Only The BraveJungle
    Pixel Esports Club - December 17,
    Daduu join.
    LANDaniquestPixel Esports ClubTop
    LANCARITA TRISTEPixel Esports ClubAD Carry
    LANDaduuPixel Esports ClubSupport
    HOU GAMING - December 17,
    JuNi, and
    Sake join.
    KoreaTaNaHOU GAMINGTop
    KoreaGyuniHOU GAMINGJungle
    KoreauPSet (Lee Je-yong)HOU GAMINGMid
    KoreaJuNiHOU GAMINGAD Carry
    KoreaSakeHOU GAMINGSupport
    6Sense - December 17,
    Daduu leaves.
    PEX Team - December 17,
    Bazu and
    Devil deGrey join.
    LANBazuPEX TeamTop
    LANDevil deGreyPEX TeamJungle
    Predators Esports - December 17,
    GeneralMint, and Teboo (Head Coach) join.

    Monsieur joins as substitute.

    Acerola moves to starting roster.
    LANAcerolaPredators EsportsJungletruePredators EsportsJungle
    LANStraightPredators EsportsTop
    LANXuradelPredators EsportsMid
    LANGeneralMintPredators EsportsAD Carry
    LANMonsieurPredators EsportsAD Carrytrue
    LANTebooPredators EsportsHead Coach

    Dec 18[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Cloud9 Academy - December 18, League renames to Shiro.
    Cloud9 Academy - December 18,
    Keith, and
    Zeyzal join.
    North AmericaShiro (Ziqing Zhao)Cloud9 AcademyTop
    North AmericaWiggilyCloud9 AcademyJungle
    North AmericaGoldenglueCloud9 AcademyMid
    North AmericaKeithCloud9 AcademyAD Carry
    North AmericaZeyzalCloud9 AcademySupport
    Cloud9 Academy - December 18, Westrice (Head Coach) joins.
    blaberfish2 joins as substitute.
    North AmericaWestriceCloud9 AcademyHead Coach
    North Americablaberfish2Cloud9 AcademyJungletrue
    Team Liquid - December 18,
    Goldenglue leaves.
    North AmericaGoldenglueTeam LiquidMidtrue
    Echo Fox - December 18,
    Akaadian leaves.
    North AmericaAkaadianEcho FoxJungletrue
    Clutch Gaming - December 18, Pyrex (Manager/Team Operations Coordinator) joins.
    North AmericaPyrex (Toby Kwon)Clutch GamingManager/Team Operations Coordinator
    Cloud9 - December 18, Cloud9 Academy is formed
    Selfie moves to substitute.
    Wiggily leaves for academy roster.
    North AmericaSelfieCloud9MidCloud9Midtrue
    North AmericaWiggilyCloud9Jungle
    OpTic Gaming - December 18,
    Arrow, and
    LemonNation join.
    North AmericazigOpTic GamingTop
    North AmericaAkaadianOpTic GamingJungle
    North AmericaPowerOfEvilOpTic GamingMid
    North AmericaArrowOpTic GamingAD Carry
    North AmericaLemonNationOpTic GamingSupport
    Afreeca Freecs - December 18,
    Kiin joins.

    Summit moves to substitute.
    KoreaSummitAfreeca FreecsTopAfreeca FreecsToptrue
    KoreaKiinAfreeca FreecsTop
    Kongdoo Monster - December 18, Zefa (Coach) leaves.
    KoreaZefaKongdoo MonsterCoach
    Afreeca Freecs - December 18, Zefa (Coach) joins.
    KoreaZefaAfreeca FreecsCoach
    Ever8 Winners - December 18,
    Aegis leaves.
    KoreaAegis (Kim Geun-mo)Ever8 WinnersSupport
    Giants Only The Brave - December 18, André Guilhoto (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeAndré GuilhotoGiants Only The BraveHead Coach
    Giants Gaming - December 18, André Guilhoto (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeAndré GuilhotoGiants GamingHead Coach
    Team AURORA - December 18,
    Naru joins.
    TurkeyNaruTeam AURORAMid
    Predators Esports - December 18, Snok (Head Analyst) leaves.
    LANSnokPredators EsportsHead Analyst
    6Sense - December 18, Rohclem (Analyst) leaves.
    Pixel Esports Club - December 18, Rohclem (Head Coach) and Snok (Analyst) join.
    LANRohclemPixel Esports ClubHead Coach
    LANSnokPixel Esports ClubAnalyst
    Flamengo eSports - December 18,
    Jisu joins.
    BrazilJisuFlamengo eSportsTop
    ASUS ROG Army - 2017 (approx.), SamCro (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeSamCroASUS ROG ArmyHead Coach
    Dash9 Gaming - December 18, PR1D3 (Strategic Coach) joins. RaulChan (Strategic Coach) leaves.
    LANRaulChanDash9 GamingStrategic Coach
    LANPR1D3Dash9 GamingStrategic Coach
    Team Forge - December 18, partnership with MSI is announced.

    Dec 19[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Hafnet eSports - December 19, Oxaciano (Head Coach) leaves.
    LASOxacianoHafnet eSportsHead Coach
    Moss Seven Club - December 19,
    YaGao and
    Remedy leave.
    ChinaYaGaoMoss Seven ClubMid
    ChinaRemedyMoss Seven ClubSupport
    FlyQuest Academy - December 19, Invert (Head Coach) and Mins (Team Manager) join.
    North AmericaInvertFlyQuest AcademyHead Coach
    North AmericaMinsFlyQuest AcademyTeam Manager
    LGD Gaming - December 19,
    Cool leaves.
    ChinaCoolLGD GamingMid
    JD Gaming - December 19,
    YaGao joins.
    ChinaYaGaoJD GamingMid
    Royal Never Give Up - December (approx.),
    y4 moves to starting roster.
    Uzi becomes inactive.
    ChinaUzi (Jian Zi-Hao)Royal Never Give UpAD CarryRoyal Never Give UpAD Carry
    Chinay4Royal Never Give UpAD CarrytrueRoyal Never Give UpAD Carry
    Royal Never Give Up - December 19,
    Karsa joins.
    ChinaKarsaRoyal Never Give UpJungle
    Royal Never Give Up - December 19,
    Koro1 leaves.
    ChinaKoro1Royal Never Give UpTop
    Echo Fox - December (approx.), Thinkcard (Coach) joins.
    North AmericaThinkcardEcho FoxCoach
    FlyQuest - December 19, Robert Yip (Head Coach), Lufty (Assistant Coach), Mins (Team Manager), and RapidStar (Strategic Coach) join.
    North AmericaRobert YipFlyQuestHead Coach
    North AmericaRapidStarFlyQuestStrategic Coach
    North AmericaLuftyFlyQuestAssistant Coach
    North AmericaMinsFlyQuestTeam Manager
    Invictus Gaming - December 19,
    Megan leaves.
    ChinaMeganInvictus GamingSupport
    Cloud9 - December 19,
    Ray leaves.
    North AmericaRayCloud9Top
    G2 Esports - December 19,
    Hoang leaves.
    EuropeHoangG2 EsportsSupporttrue
    Isurus - December 19,
    Pride leaves.
    LASPride (Franco Sanzana)IsurusTop
    Rainbow7 - December 19, Revehaza (Head Analyst) joins.
    LANRevehazaRainbow7Head Analyst
    Triumphant Song Gaming - December 19,
    Remedy joins.
    ChinaRemedyTriumphant Song GamingSupport
    6Sense - December 19,
    Nurak rejoins as substitute.
    Heimy and Maverick leave.
    LANNurak6SenseAD Carrytrue
    Kongdoo Monster - December 19,
    Raise joins.
    KoreaRaiseKongdoo MonsterJungle
    Dash9 Gaming - December 19,
    Needless leaves.
    LANNeedlessDash9 GamingSupporttrue
    Gaming Gaming - December 19, Milihea (Head Coach) joins.
    Mazino rejoins as substitute.
    imOdraude (Team Manager) leaves.
    LANimOdraudeGaming GamingTeam Manager
    LANMiliheaGaming GamingHead Coach
    LANMazinoGaming GamingAD Carrytrue
    ZAGA Talent Gaming - December 19, Flash (Analyst) joins.
    Alliance joins as substitute.
    LANAllianceZAGA Talent GamingToptrue
    LANFlashZAGA Talent GamingAnalyst
    Machi Esports - December 19,
    DeuL joins.
    LMSDeuLMachi EsportsAD Carry

    Dec 20[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Wind and Rain Balkan - December 20, Fykling (Coach) leaves.
    EuropeFyklingWind and Rain BalkanCoach
    Tectonic - December 20, TM Gaminglogo std.pngTM Gaming rebrands as Tectoniclogo std.pngTectonic.
    KIYF eSports Club - December 20,
    Zazee leaves.
    EuropeZazeeKIYF eSports ClubMidtrue
    Tectonic - December 20,
    Swathe, and
    Tilting join.
    Avant Gaming - December 20, Pinch is suspended for two competitive weeks due to negative behaviour.
    Bombers - December 20, Sleeping and Looch are suspended for two competitive weeks due to negative behaviour.
    Chiefs Esports Club - December 20, Raes is suspended for two competitive weeks due to negative behaviour.
    Legacy Esports - December 20, Mimic is suspended for two competitive weeks due to negative behaviour.
    Sin Gaming - December 20, Cuden and Milky are suspended for two competitive weeks due to negative behaviour.
    Free Agent - December 20, Zenk is suspended for two competitive weeks due to account sharing.
    Legend Dragon - December 20,
    xinian, and
    RD leave.
    ChinaJiawenLegend DragonTop
    ChinaxinianLegend DragonMid
    Chinaxiaohan (Pan Han)Legend DragonJungle
    ChinaRDLegend DragonAD Carry
    JD Gaming - December 20,
    xiaohan and
    RD join as substitutes.
    Chinaxiaohan (Pan Han)JD GamingJungletrue
    ChinaRDJD GamingAD Carrytrue
    JD Gaming - December 20,
    Cloud leaves.
    ChinaCloudJD GamingSupporttrue
    Royal Never Give Up - December 20,
    Y1HAN leaves.
    ChinaY1HANRoyal Never Give UpJungle
    Invictus Gaming - December 20,
    Megan rejoins.
    ChinaMeganInvictus GamingSupport
    Invictus Gaming - December 20, Megan renames to Baolan.
    DAN Gaming - December 20, BSYY (Head Coach) leaves.
    ChinaBSYYDAN GamingHead Coach
    FunPlus Phoenix - December 20, FunPlus Phoenix is formed. BSYY (Head Coach) joins.
    ChinaBSYYFunPlus PhoenixHead Coach
    Team Vitality - December 20,
    Minitroupax, and
    Jactroll join.

    Alderiate, and
    Shlaya leave.
    EuropeDjokoTeam VitalityJungle
    EuropeSteeelbackTeam VitalityAD Carry
    EuropeAlderiateTeam VitalityToptrue
    EuropeShlayaTeam VitalityMidtrue
    EuropeGiliusTeam VitalityJungle
    EuropeJiizukeTeam VitalityMid
    EuropeMinitroupaxTeam VitalityAD Carry
    EuropeJactrollTeam VitalitySupport
    Outplayed WAR - December 20, partnership with Wind and Rain ends.
    Outplayed - December 20, Outplayed WARlogo std.pngOutplayed WAR renames to Outplayedlogo std.pngOutplayed.
    EuropeJiizukéGiants Only The BraveMid
    EuropeMinitroupaxGiants Only The BraveAD Carry
    EuropeJactrollGiants Only The BraveSupport
    Giants Gaming - December 20,
    Minitroupax, and
    Jactroll leave.
    EuropeJiizukéGiants GamingMid
    EuropeMinitroupaxGiants GamingAD Carry
    EuropeJactrollGiants GamingSupport
    Kaos Latin Gamers - December 20,
    MANTARRAYA leaves.
    LASMANTARRAYAKaos Latin GamersTop
    People's Red Wolf Gaming - December 20,
    Jiawen and
    xiNian join.

    Aqua moves to substitute.
    ChinaAquaPeople's Red Wolf GamingMidPeople's Red Wolf GamingMidtrue
    ChinaxiNianPeople's Red Wolf GamingMid
    ChinaJiawenPeople's Red Wolf GamingTop
    Colorado State University - December 20,
    1Rev, and
    Nheard15 leave.
    North AmericaNaieterColorado State UniversityJungle
    North America1RevColorado State UniversityAD Carry
    North AmericaNheard15Colorado State UniversitySupport
    ZAGA Talent Gaming - December 20, Suplife (Analyst) leaves.
    LANSuplifeZAGA Talent GamingAnalyst
    Gaming Gaming - December 20, Suplife (Analyst) joins. WildCheese (Analyst) leaves.
    LANWildCheeseGaming GamingAnalyst
    LANSuplifeGaming GamingAnalyst
    Predators Esports - December 20,
    MANTARRAYA joins.
    LANMANTARRAYAPredators EsportsTop

    Dec 21[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Crimson Gaming - December 21,
    Kpop leaves.
    OceaniaKpopCrimson GamingSupport
    Sin Gaming - December 21, Milky (Analyst) joins.
    Kpop joins as substitute.
    Bencel (Head Coach) leaves.
    OceaniaBencelSin GamingHead Coach
    OceaniaMilky (Milos Mladenovic)Sin GamingAnalyst
    OceaniaKpopSin GamingSupporttrue
    Snake Esports - December 21,
    Mint, and
    Mo leave.
    ChinaZz1taiSnake EsportsMid
    ChinaMintSnake EsportsAD Carry
    ChinaMoSnake EsportsSupporttrue
    Game Talents - December 21,
    Spunk moves to starting roster.
    GimGoon and
    Chelly leave.
    ChinaGimGoonGame TalentsTop
    ChinaChelly (Li Yu-Zhou)Game TalentsAD Carry
    ChinaSpunkGame TalentsToptrueGame TalentsTop
    Team Fighter - December 21,
    nanzhu, and
    Hope leave.
    ChinaHaroTeam FighterJungle
    ChinananzhuTeam FighterMid
    ChinaHope (Wang Jie)Team FighterAD Carry
    Oh My Dream - December 21,
    CAsual leaves for main roster.
    ChinaCAsualOh My DreamTop
    Royal Club - December 21,
    Despa1r leaves.
    tianCi and
    XuanXuanPi leave for main roster.
    ChinaXuanXuanPiRoyal ClubAD Carry
    ChinaDespa1rRoyal ClubSupport
    ChinatianCiRoyal ClubTop
    Oh My God - December 21,
    Chelly, and
    Maestro join.

    CAsual rejoins as substitute from academy roster.

    Smlz and
    Memory leave.
    ChinaMemoryOh My GodToptrue
    ChinaSmlzOh My GodAD Carry
    ChinaFireloliOh My GodJungle
    ChinaChelly (Li Yu-Zhou)Oh My GodAD Carry
    ChinaMaestro (Hu Jian-Xin)Oh My GodSupport
    ChinaCAsualOh My GodToptrue
    Oh My God - December 21, CAsual renames to Casual.
    Unsold Stuff Gaming - December 21,
    Haretti leaves.
    JapanHarettiUnsold Stuff GamingAD Carry
    Vici Gaming - December 21,
    Meow, HooN (Head Coach), and Monster (Analyst) join.

    Bright and
    Snow join as substitutes.

    Onion and Cpt Jack (Coach) leave.
    ChinaOnionVici GamingToptrue
    ChinaCpt JackVici GamingCoach
    ChinaMeowVici GamingTop
    ChinaBrightVici GamingMidtrue
    ChinaSnow (Wu Hao-Shun)Vici GamingAD Carrytrue
    ChinaHooN (Kim Nam-hoon)Vici GamingHead Coach
    ChinaMonster (Wang Jia-Ming)Vici GamingAnalyst
    LGD Gaming - December 21,
    Nanzhu and
    Yuuki join.
    Acorn (Head Coach) rejoins.
    Fdy joins as substitute.
    DP changes position. Dgc (Coach) leaves.
    ChinaDP (Zhang Hanxiang)LGD GamingLGD GamingAssistant Coach
    ChinaDgcLGD GamingCoach
    ChinaNanzhuLGD GamingMid
    ChinaYuuki (Hu Hao-Ming)LGD GamingMid
    ChinaFdyLGD GamingAD Carrytrue
    ChinaAcornLGD GamingHead Coach
    DS Gaming - December 21,
    Zoom leaves.
    ChinaZoomDS GamingTop
    JD Gaming - December 21,
    Zoom, Vu5So (Analyst), and Aixiao (Manager) join.
    UDJ (Analyst to Coach) changes position.
    Barrett, BanBazi (Coach), Cammly (Coach), and Momo (Manager) leave.
    ChinaUDJJD GamingAnalystJD GamingCoach
    ChinadoinbJD GamingMid
    ChinaBarrettJD GamingAD Carrytrue
    ChinaBanBaziJD GamingCoach
    ChinaCammlyJD GamingCoach
    ChinaMomo (Mo Jin)JD GamingManager
    ChinaZoomJD GamingTop
    ChinaVu5SoJD GamingAnalyst
    ChinaAixiaoJD GamingManager
    EDward Gaming - December 21,
    Haro joins.

    Ray rejoins.

    Hope joins as substitute.

    Mouse, and
    Iceloli leave.
    ChinaAudiEDward GamingTop
    ChinaMouseEDward GamingTop
    ChinaIceloliEDward GamingJungletrue
    ChinaHaroEDward GamingJungle
    ChinaHope (Wang Jie)EDward GamingAD Carrytrue
    ChinaRayEDward GamingTop
    Bilibili Gaming - December 21,
    Audi joins as substitute.
    ChinaAudiBilibili GamingToptrue
    Royal Never Give Up - December 21,
    Able and xiaoxuan (Coach) join.

    tianCi and
    PiPiXuAn join as substitutes from academy roster.
    Heart (Coach to Head Coach) changes position.
    wuxx leaves.
    ChinaHeartRoyal Never Give UpCoachRoyal Never Give UpHead Coach
    ChinawuxxRoyal Never Give UpAD Carrytrue
    ChinaAbleRoyal Never Give UpAD Carry
    ChinatianCiRoyal Never Give UpToptrue
    ChinaPiPiXuAnRoyal Never Give UpAD Carrytrue
    Chinaxiaoxuan (Royal Never Give Up)Royal Never Give UpCoach
    Invictus Gaming - December 21,
    Rio leaves.
    ChinaRioInvictus GamingJungle
    Newbee - December 21,
    Lwx and
    Crisp leave.
    ChinaLwxNewbeeAD Carry
    FunPlus Phoenix - December 21,
    lwx, and
    Crisp join.

    Disappear joins as substitute.
    ChinaGimgoonFunPlus PhoenixTop
    ChinaY1HANFunPlus PhoenixJungle
    Chinabing (Feng Jin-Wei)FunPlus PhoenixMid
    ChinalwxFunPlus PhoenixAD Carry
    ChinaCrispFunPlus PhoenixSupport
    ChinaDisappearFunPlus PhoenixSupporttrue
    FunPlus Phoenix - December 21, Y1HAN renames to Pepper.
    Royal Never Give Up - December 21, XuanXuanPi renames to PiPiXuAn.
    FunPlus Phoenix - December 21, Despa1r renames to Disappear.
    People's Red Wolf Gaming - December (approx.), Jiawen renames to sprout.
    Rogue Warriors - December 21,
    doinb, and
    Smlz join.
    ChinaMouseRogue WarriorsTop
    ChinadoinbRogue WarriorsMid
    ChinaSmlzRogue WarriorsAD Carry
    Different Dimension - December 21,
    Immortal, Nero (Analyst), and Nik (General Manager) join.
    Rigas (Assistant Manager to Team Manager) changes position.
    Bananitoo, and
    Naimiria move to substitutes.
    Sveronis and Bliss (Manager & Head Coach) leave.
    EuropepiXyDifferent DimensionJungleDifferent DimensionJungletrue
    EuropeSveronisDifferent DimensionMid
    EuropeBananitooDifferent DimensionAD CarryDifferent DimensionAD Carrytrue
    EuropeNaimiriaDifferent DimensionSupportDifferent DimensionSupporttrue
    EuropeBliss (Alex Stinson)Different DimensionManager & Head Coach
    EuropeRigasDifferent DimensionAssistant ManagerDifferent DimensionTeam Manager
    EuropeLelenagaDifferent DimensionJungle
    EuropeAshcrowDifferent DimensionMid
    EuropeGagaiDifferent DimensionAD Carry
    EuropeImmortalDifferent DimensionSupport
    EuropeNero (Konstantinos Perperidis)Different DimensionAnalyst
    EuropeNikDifferent DimensionGeneral Manager
    North AmericaReformedyoneLouisiana State UniversityTop
    North AmericaHahaGothboiLouisiana State UniversityJungle
    North AmericaFourleavesLouisiana State UniversityTop
    North AmericaDerpybunzzLouisiana State UniversityJungle

    Dec 22[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Val 2.0 Valkyrie - December 22,
    BubbleZ rejoins.
    LunaLavender (Jungle to Support) changes position.
    AfricaLunaLavenderVal 2.0 ValkyrieJungleVal 2.0 ValkyrieSupport
    AfricaBubbleZVal 2.0 ValkyrieJungle
    x25 Esports - December 22, Hakkinen (Assistant Coach,Analyst) joins.
    EuropeHakkinenx25 EsportsAssistant Coach/Analyst
    Newbee - December 22, Newbeelogo std.pngNewbee is disbanded.
    Sora, and YuZhe (Head Coach) leave.
    ChinaCorn (Lei Wen)NewbeeMid
    China2EggNewbeeAD Carrytrue
    ChinaSora (Liu Zhi-Long)NewbeeSupporttrue
    ChinaYuZheNewbeeHead Coach
    Young Miracles - December 22,
    Killua leaves.
    ChinaKilluaYoung MiraclesSupport
    Greek Regenesis - December 22,
    Lukezy rejoins.
    EuropeLukezyGreek RegenesisMid
    J Team - December 22, Breaker is suspended for one LMS series and fined NT$ 30,000 for unprofessional behaviour in soloqueue.
    Rogue Warriors - December 22,
    Killua, Steak (Head Coach), and Shen Ming-Jun (Manager) join.
    ChinaFlawlessRogue WarriorsJungle
    ChinaKilluaRogue WarriorsSupport
    ChinaSteakRogue WarriorsHead Coach
    ChinaShen Ming-JunRogue WarriorsManager
    Team Hurricane - December 22, Maokai (Head Coach) leaves.
    ChinaMaokai (Yang Ji-Song)Team HurricaneHead Coach
    Bilibili Gaming - December 22,
    Road, Maokai (Head Coach), and Bge (Manager) join.

    Chieftain and
    Mole join as substitutes.
    ChinaAmazingJBilibili GamingTop
    ChinaChieftainBilibili GamingJungletrue
    ChinaSksBilibili GamingJungle
    ChinaAthenaBilibili GamingMid
    ChinaMoleBilibili GamingMidtrue
    ChinaJinjiaoBilibili GamingAD Carry
    ChinaRoadBilibili GamingSupport
    ChinaMaokai (Yang Ji-Song)Bilibili GamingHead Coach
    ChinaBgeBilibili GamingManager
    Bilibili Gaming - December 22, Audi renames to Freecss.
    Topsports Gaming - December 22, Topsports Gaminglogo std.pngTopsports Gaming acquires DAN Gaminglogo std.pngDAN Gaming and their LPL 2018 Spring slot.
    DAN Gaming - December 22,
    Fage, Hao (Manager), and Buz (Leader) leave.
    ChinaLies (Guo Hao-Tian)DAN GamingTop
    ChinaMoyuDAN GamingTop
    ChinaFishballDAN GamingJungle
    ChinaKarinDAN GamingJungle
    ChinaGgoongDAN GamingMid
    ChinaqiDAN GamingMid
    ChinaNatzDAN GamingAD Carry
    ChinaQiuQiu (Zhang Ming)DAN GamingAD Carry
    ChinaCat (Wu Yao)DAN GamingSupport
    ChinaFageDAN GamingSupport
    ChinaHao (Guo Hao)DAN GamingManager
    ChinaBuzDAN GamingLeader
    Topsports Gaming - December 22,
    Fage, Slythe (Coach), DynAmlte (Analyst), Hao (Manager), and Buz (Leader) join.

    qi joins as substitute.
    ChinaLies (Guo Hao-Tian)Topsports GamingTop
    ChinaMoyuTopsports GamingTop
    ChinaKarinTopsports GamingJungle
    ChinaXx (Xiong Yu-Long)Topsports GamingJungle
    ChinaGgoongTopsports GamingMid
    ChinaqiTopsports GamingMidtrue
    ChinaQiuQiu (Zhang Ming)Topsports GamingAD Carry
    ChinaCat (Wu Yao)Topsports GamingSupport
    ChinaFageTopsports GamingSupport
    ChinaSlytheTopsports GamingCoach
    ChinaHao (Guo Hao)Topsports GamingManager
    ChinaDynAmlteTopsports GamingAnalyst
    ChinaBuzTopsports GamingLeader
    FC Schalke 04 Esports - December 22, André Guilhoto (Strategic Coach) and Nicolas Farnir (Team Manager) join.
    EuropeAndré GuilhotoFC Schalke 04 EsportsStrategic Coach
    EuropeNicolas FarnirFC Schalke 04 EsportsTeam Manager
    Dark Passage - December 22,
    KaKAO joins.
    TurkeyKaKAODark PassageJungle
    Dark Passage - December 22,
    Lucete joins.
    TurkeyLuceteDark PassageMid
    Dark Passage - December 22, MorNinG (Head Coach) joins.
    TurkeyMorNinG (Song Chang-geun)Dark PassageHead Coach
    Dark Passage - December 22,
    Ninja leaves.
    TurkeyNinjaDark PassageMid
    DS Gaming - December (approx.), DS Gaming transfers its LDL spot to TyLoo and disbands.
    Unicorn, Irean (Head Coach), and Kim Hae-seong (Coach) leave.
    ChinaHXDS GamingJungle
    ChinaUnicornDS GamingJungletrue
    ChinaXiaoPengDS GamingJungle
    ChinainSecDS GamingJungle
    ChinachirchriDS GamingMid
    ChinaPolice (Park Hyeong-gi)DS GamingAD Carry
    ChinaxintaiDS GamingSupport
    ChinaZhuangZhouDS GamingSupport
    ChinaIreanDS GamingHead Coach
    ChinaKim Hae-seongDS GamingCoach
    TyLoo - December (approx.), TyLoo acquires the LDL spot of DS Gaming.
    Marge, and
    ZhuangZhou join.
    ChinaMargeTyLooAD Carry
    TyLoo - December 22, HX renames to GuYueXin.
    Unlimited Potential - December (approx.), Unlimited Potential is reformed.
    Aix and
    Xintai join.

    Endless joins from main roster.

    Peng rejoins from main roster.
    ChinaPeng (Peng Yi-Bo)Unlimited PotentialMid
    ChinaEndlessUnlimited PotentialAD Carry
    ChinaAixUnlimited PotentialJungle
    ChinaXintaiUnlimited PotentialSupport
    Pompa Team - December 22,
    Puki style,
    Mystiques, and MenQ (Head Coach) leave.
    EuropeUnknownPompa TeamTop
    EuropeT4nkyPompa TeamJungle
    EuropeMatislawPompa TeamMid
    EuropePuki stylePompa TeamAD Carry
    EuropeMystiquesPompa TeamSupport
    EuropeMenQPompa TeamHead Coach
    KIYF eSports Club - December 22,
    Maxilol, and PochiPoom (Head Coach) leave.
    EuropeYoppaKIYF eSports ClubTop
    EuropeTaikkiKIYF eSports ClubJungle
    EuropeMaxilolKIYF eSports ClubJungletrue
    EuropePochiPoomKIYF eSports ClubHead Coach
    Unicorns Of Love - December 22,
    Totoro joins.
    EuropeTotoroUnicorns Of LoveSupport

    Dec 23[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Greek Regenesis - December (approx.),
    Stefan and
    Tasteless leave.
    EuropeStefanGreek RegenesisJungle
    EuropeTastelessGreek RegenesisSupport
    Rogue Warriors - December (approx.),
    Soso joins as substitute.
    ChinaSosoRogue WarriorsAD Carrytrue
    JD Gaming - December (approx.), Soso (Manager) leaves.
    ChinaSosoJD GamingManager
    Furious Gaming - December 23,
    Juliostito leaves.
    LASJuliostitoFurious GamingJungletrue
    Shadow Cream - December (approx.),
    Fishball joins.
    ChinaFishballShadow CreamJungle