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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Feb 20[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Anubis Gaming - February 20,
    Butcher joins.

    Wickychi and
    Akashi join as temporary substitutes for All Stars League Season 2.
    MENAWickychiAnubis GamingTop
    MENAAkashi (Oussama Cherradi)Anubis GamingMid
    MENAButcherAnubis GamingSupport
    Fact Revolution - February 20, Tivity (Mid to Top) and LIder (Top to Mid) change positions.
    EuropeLIderFact RevolutionTopFact RevolutionMid
    EuropeTivityFact RevolutionMidFact RevolutionTop
    Immortals - February 20, J.M.R. Luna (VP of Content and Production) joins.
    North AmericaJ.M.R. LunaImmortalsVP of Content and Production
    Predators Esports - February 20,
    Straight is loaned to Pixel Esports Club.
    LANStraightPredators EsportsTopPredators EsportsTop
    Pixel Esports Club - February 20,
    Shade, and
    IchiGod join as substitutes.

    Straight is loaned from Predators Esports.

    Daniquest moves to substitute.
    LANDaniquestPixel Esports ClubTopPixel Esports ClubToptrue
    LANStraightPixel Esports ClubTop
    LANIchiGodPixel Esports ClubSupporttrue
    LANShadePixel Esports ClubBottrue
    LANFeng (Jose Ricalday)Pixel Esports ClubJungletrue
    LANPorky (Gerardo Cuamea)Lyon Gaming (2017 Latin America North Team)Top
    KIYF eSports Club - February 20,
    SozPurefect joins.

    Alca leaves.
    EuropeAlcaKIYF eSports ClubMid
    EuropeSozPurefectKIYF eSports ClubMid