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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Jun 03[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Two-eyed Monsters - June 3, Merryday (Analyst) joins.
    JapanMerrydayTwo-eyed MonstersAnalyst
    la cité - June 3,
    Hitokuro join.

    AgonZ and
    sefi leave.
    EuropeAgonZla citéJungle
    Europesefila citéBot
    EuropeSSJ JUNGLERla citéJungle
    EuropeHitokurola citéBot
    SPGeSports - June (approx.),
    Divaaa joins.
    CISSir JekyllCrowCrowdTop
    Berlin International Gaming - June 3,
    Dragane moves to substitute.
    EuropeDraganeBerlin International GamingMidBerlin International GamingMidtrue
    ES Sharks - June 3,
    BroCColi leaves.
    KoreaBroCColiES SharksJungle
    Kongdoo Monster - June 3,
    BroCColi and
    Umaru join as substitutes.
    KoreaBroCColiKongdoo MonsterJungletrue
    KoreaUmaruKongdoo MonsterSupporttrue
    MAMMOTH - June 3,
    Chippys' contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.

    Jun 04[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Baskonia eSports - June (approx.),
    Fendras leaves.
    EuropeFendrasBaskonia eSportsSupport
    EuropeIceBreakerDifferent DimensionTop
    EuropeDest1ny (Leon Sorovos)Different DimensionJungle
    EuropeFearless (Spyros Papanikolaou)Different DimensionMid
    EuropeMrWilsonDifferent DimensionBot
    EuropeLepoDifferent DimensionBottrue
    EuropeLucifer (Christos Skilos)Different DimensionAnalyst
    EuropeImmortalDifferent DimensionSupport
    Wild Gaming - June (approx.),
    Aaron, and
    Kyriel leave.
    EuropeElmo (Ignacio Muñoz)Wild GamingJungle
    EuropeWertoWild GamingMid
    EuropeAaron (Aarón Gallego)Wild GamingBot
    EuropeKyrielWild GamingSupport
    FEN1X eSports - 2018 (approx.),
    Manie, and Never (Head Coach) leave.
    EuropeInfinity (Christian Hernando)FEN1X eSportsTop
    EuropeEconatorzFEN1X eSportsJungle
    EuropeArvenFEN1X eSportsMid
    EuropeNeøFEN1X eSportsBot
    EuropeNintenFEN1X eSportsSupport
    EuropeNever (Lluís Noguera Zamora)FEN1X eSportsHead Coach
    EuropeItGoxFEN1X eSportsToptrue
    EuropeHuidoFEN1X eSportsJungletrue
    EuropeManieFEN1X eSportsMidtrue
    Team Arcade - June 4, Team is formed.
    Foute Makelaar,
    ThomasLoL, and
    Crunchy join.
    Limpix joins as substitute.
    EuropeHachiman (Davy de Graaf)Team ArcadeTop
    EuropeFoute MakelaarTeam ArcadeJungle
    EuropeDragflickTeam ArcadeMid
    EuropeThomasLoLTeam ArcadeBot
    EuropeCrunchyTeam ArcadeSupport
    EuropeLimpixTeam Arcadetrue
    Barrage (British Team) - June 4,
    Governor rejoins.
    EuropeGovernorBarrage (British Team)Top
    Tectonic - June 4,
    Value, and
    Trance are added to the GCD.

    Tilting is moved to substitute in the GCD.
    Tectonic - June 4,
    Tilting moves to substitute.
    Winners - June 4, Alvingo (Coach) joins.
    Winners - June 4,
    HyBrid, and
    Lucifer join.
    KoreaKuma (Park Hyeon-gyu)WinnersJungle
    KoreaHyBrid (Lee Woo-jin)WinnersBot
    KoreaLucifer (Han Chang-hoon)WinnersSupport
    Diabolus Esports - June 4, Mora (Head Coach), Jakey (Team Manager), and Svensson (League Director) join.
    EuropeMoraDiabolus EsportsHead Coach
    EuropeJakeyDiabolus EsportsTeam Manager
    EuropeSvenssonDiabolus EsportsLeague Director
    Topsports Gaming - June 4, VicaL (Head Coach) leaves.
    ChinaVicaLTopsports GamingHead Coach
    Kongdoo Monster - June 4, VicaL (Coach) joins. Chunco (Coach) leaves.
    KoreaChuncoKongdoo MonsterCoach
    KoreaVicaLKongdoo MonsterCoach
    Cloud9 - June 4, RapidStar (Assistant Coach) joins.
    North AmericaRapidStarCloud9Assistant Coach
    Splyce - June 4,
    Kronos is added to the GCD as substitute.
    MAMMOTH - June 4,
    Chippys joins.

    Praedyth moves to substitute.
    Splyce - June 4,
    Kronos' contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019. Peter Dun (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    Instinct Gaming - June 4,
    Lil Carry, and Mádoka (Head Coach) join.
    LANPiqueosInstinct GamingMid
    LANLil CarryInstinct GamingBot
    LANMádokaInstinct GamingHead Coach
    Tectonic - June 4,
    Value, and
    Trance's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    EuropeYaritoriAustrian Force eSportsTop
    EuropeJakobobbiAustrian Force eSportsJungle
    EuropeStembiAustrian Force eSportsMid
    EuropeWesteerAustrian Force eSportsBot
    EuropeWhy So ObviousAustrian Force eSportsSupport
    EuropeNejviAustrian Force eSportsHead Coach

    Jun 05[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Cappadocia - June 5,
    PILTER leaves.
    TurkeyPILTERTeam CappadociaBottrue
    YouthCrew Esports - June 5,
    MagiFelix joins.
    TurkeyMagiFelixYouthCrew EsportsMid
    BowQen Blackbucks - June 5, BowQen Blackbuckslogo std.pngBowQen Blackbucks is formed.
    Unicorns Of Love - June 5,
    Neon joins as substitute.
    EuropeNeon (Matúš Jakubčík)Unicorns Of LoveBottrue
    OpTic Gaming Academy - June 5,
    Eclipse, and
    Gate are added to the GCD.
    North AmericaAllorimOpTic Gaming AcademyTop
    North AmericaFanatiikOpTic Gaming AcademyJungle
    North AmericaEclipse (Johnson Cao)OpTic Gaming AcademyBot
    North AmericaGateOpTic Gaming AcademySupport
    Echo Fox Academy - June 5,
    Yusui, and
    Feng are added to the GCD.

    Allorim is removed from the GCD.
    North AmericaAllorimEcho Fox AcademyTop
    North AmericaNintendudeXEcho Fox AcademyTop
    North AmericaYusuiEcho Fox AcademyMid
    North AmericaFeng (Wang Xiao-Feng)Echo Fox AcademySupport
    100 Thieves Academy - June 5, ExecutionerKen (Assistant Coach) joins.
    North AmericaExecutionerKen100 Thieves AcademyAssistant Coach
    V3 Esports - June 5,
    RayFarky leaves.
    JapanRayFarkyV3 EsportsToptrue
    Two-eyed Monsters - June 5,
    Taka, and atsuna (Analyst) join.
    JapanRayFarkyTwo-eyed MonstersTop
    JapanTakaTwo-eyed MonstersMid
    JapanatsunaTwo-eyed MonstersAnalyst
    Team oNe eSports - June 5, Jukaah (Head of LoL) leaves.
    BrazilJukaahTeam oNe eSportsHead of LoL
    Misfits Gaming - June 5, Zen (Assistant Coach) joins.
    EuropeZen (Timotej Štempihar)Misfits GamingAssistant Coach
    OpTic Gaming - June 5,
    Big is added to the GCD.
    North AmericaBigOpTic GamingSupport
    DAMWON Gaming - June 5,
    Crush leaves.
    KoreaCrushDAMWON GamingJungle
    Hanwha Life Esports - June 5, LinLan (Coach) is added to the GCD.
    Clever, and
    Asper are added to the GCD as substitutes.
    KoreaBrookHanwha Life EsportsToptrue
    KoreaCleverHanwha Life EsportsBottrue
    KoreaAsperHanwha Life EsportsSupporttrue
    KoreaLinLanHanwha Life EsportsCoach
    Royal Bandits - June 5,
    Rau is added to the GCD as substitute.
    TurkeyRauRoyal BanditsMidtrue
    Bursaspor Esports - June 5,
    Tolerant, and Turkinator (Head Coach) are added to the GCD.

    Pilter is added to the GCD as substitute.
    TurkeyRagnerBursaspor EsportsTop
    TurkeyStefanBursaspor EsportsJungle
    TurkeyMilicaBursaspor EsportsMid
    TurkeyHades (Volkan Dinçer)Bursaspor EsportsBot
    TurkeyTolerantBursaspor EsportsSupport
    TurkeyTurkinatorBursaspor EsportsHead Coach
    TurkeyPilterBursaspor EsportsBottrue
    Bursaspor Esports - June 5, DarthRaven (Strategic Coach) joins.
    TurkeyDarthRavenBursaspor EsportsStrategic Coach
    Bursaspor Esports - June 5,
    Tolerant's joining is confirmed.
    TurkeyTolerantBursaspor EsportsSupport
    Team AURORA - June 5, Dokgo (Head Coach) is added to the GCD.
    LEYL-Ü NEHAR is readded to the GCD as substitute.
    TurkeyLEYL-Ü NEHARTeam AURORAMidtrue
    TurkeyDokgoTeam AURORAHead Coach
    Dark Passage - June 5,
    Panky joins.
    TurkeyPanky (Uğur Taş)Dark PassageTop
    Dark Passage - June 5,
    Crush joins.
    TurkeyCrushDark PassageJungle
    Team Cappadocia - June 5,
    Kairos Plz leaves.
    TurkeyKairos PlzTeam CappadociaSupport
    Dark Passage - June 5,
    Kairos joins.
    TurkeyKairosDark PassageSupport
    Dark Passage - June 5,
    Snitch joins as substitute.
    TurkeySnitchDark PassageBottrue
    Vaevictis eSports - June 5,
    itsCortez and
    bsy bmj join.
    CISitsCortezVaevictis eSportsJungle
    CISbsy bmjVaevictis eSportsMid
    Vaevictis eSports - June 5, bsy bmj renames to boom gg.
    Echo Fox Academy - June 5,
    NintendudeX and
    Feng's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.
    Damonte's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    Yusui's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    OpTic Gaming - June 5,
    Big's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    OpTic Gaming Academy - June 5,
    Fanatiik, and
    Gate's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    OpTic Gaming Academy - June 5,
    Eclipse's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2018.
    Unicorns Of Love - June 5,
    Neon's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 30 September 2018.
    Hanwha Life Esports - June 5,
    Kuzan, Onair (Head Coach), Emperor (Coach), and LinLan (Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    Clever, and
    Asper's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Tectonic - June 5,
    Shok and Saiclone (Head Coach) are readded to the GCD.
    OceaniaSaicloneTectonicHead Coach
    Tectonic - June 5,
    Shok and Saiclone (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    Team AURORA - June 5,
    LEYL Ü NEHAR and Dokgo (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    HWA Gaming - June 5,
    Pbd is added to the GCD as substitute.
    TurkeyPbdHWA GamingBottrue
    HWA Gaming - June 5,
    telracS and
    Pbd's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 September 2018. WHISP3R (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    Royal Bandits - June 5,
    Rau's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    Dark Passage - June 5,
    LongB, and
    Kairos' contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    Crush's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 September 2018.
    Snitch's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 20 August 2018.
    YouthCrew Esports - June 5,
    MagiFelix's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    Bursaspor Esports - June 5,
    Ragner and
    Pilter's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Tolerant, and Turkinator (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    Tempered Fate - June 5, deshaper (Assistant Coach/Analyst) joins.
    EuropedeshaperTempered FateAssistant Coach/Analyst
    HWA Gaming - June 5, NuNu renames to WHISP3R.
    Cube Adonis - June 5,
    Kit joins.
    VietnamKitCube AdonisSupport

    Jun 06[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Valhalla Vikings - June 6, Team is formed.
    Bravado, Krallex (General Manager,Co-Owner), and Kackis (Founder,General Manager) join.

    TheRoyalKanin joins as substitute.
    EuropeQuinncidenceValhalla VikingsTop
    EuropeAgentasValhalla VikingsJungle
    EuropeEnergyValhalla VikingsMid
    EuropeCaviaVampierValhalla VikingsBot
    EuropeBravadoValhalla VikingsSupport
    EuropeTheRoyalKaninValhalla VikingsMidtrue
    EuropeKrallexValhalla VikingsGeneral Manager/Co-Owner
    EuropeKackisValhalla VikingsFounder/General Manager
    Afro Beast - June 6, Afro Beastlogo std.pngAfro Beast swaps names with Team Afrologo std.pngTeam Afro.
    ART, and Poppy (Coach) leave.
    LMSPingPongAfro BeastTop
    LMSButterAfro BeastJungle
    LMSMoonblackAfro BeastMid
    LMSARTAfro BeastBot
    LMSPoppy (Chang Po-Hao)Afro BeastCoach
    Team Afro - June 6, Team Afrologo std.pngTeam Afro swaps names with Afro Beastlogo std.pngAfro Beast.
    Art, and Nelson (Strategic Coach) join.
    Poppy (Assistant Coach) rejoins.
    CaiPi leaves.
    LMSCaiPiTeam AfroMid
    LMSPingPongTeam AfroTop
    LMSButterTeam AfroJungle
    LMSMoonblackTeam AfroMid
    LMSRainbow (Kim Soo-gi)Team AfroMid
    LMSArtTeam AfroBot
    LMSNelsonTeam AfroStrategic Coach
    LMSPoppy (Chang Po-Hao)Team AfroAssistant Coach
    Crimson Gaming - June 6,
    Harri joins as temporary substitute for Week 5 of OCS 2018 Regular Season, replacing Ceres.
    OceaniaHarriCrimson GamingSupport
    Machi Esports - June 6, Leo (Coach to Head Coach), CorGi (Analyst to Coach), and Lo Kang-Ming (Head Coach to Coach) change positions.
    LMSLeo (Shu Kuan-Chih)Machi EsportsCoachMachi EsportsHead Coach
    LMSLo Kang-MingMachi EsportsHead CoachMachi EsportsCoach
    LMSCorGiMachi EsportsAnalystMachi EsportsCoach
    Team Clarity - June 6, Team Claritylogo std.pngTeam Clarity temporarily suspends operations.
    Ryleo, and
    Phoenix Main leave.
    North AmericaMateuszTeam ClarityTop
    North AmericaVakinTeam ClarityJungle
    North AmericaShisueTeam ClarityMid
    North AmericaRyleoTeam ClarityBot
    North AmericaPhoenix MainTeam ClaritySupport
    ahq Fighter - June 6, SAFELOVE (Coach) leaves.
    LMSSAFELOVEahq FighterCoach
    MAD Team - June 6, SAFELOVE (Coach) joins. Rock (Bot to Top) changes position.
    LMSRock (Tsai Chung-Ting)MAD TeamBotMAD TeamTop
    J Team - June 6, Hana (Jungle to Bot) changes position.
    Alex leaves.
    Woody leaves for academy roster.
    LMSHanaJ TeamJungleJ TeamBot
    LMSAlexJ TeamJungle
    LMSWoodyJ TeamSupport
    J Team 2 - June 6,
    Woody rejoins from main roster.
    LMSWoodyJ Team 2Support
    Hong Kong Attitude - June 6, ikssu renames to erssu.
    Hong Kong Attitude - June 6, chirchri renames to cyeol.
    Hong Kong Attitude - June 6,
    cyeol, Skywalk (Head Coach), and SoCool (Coach) join.
    BBTY (Jungle to Coach) changes position.
    Nova, and
    Gear leave.
    LMSBBTYHong Kong AttitudeJungleHong Kong AttitudeCoach
    LMSRirisHong Kong AttitudeTop
    LMSNova (Kim Dong-hyeon)Hong Kong AttitudeJungle
    LMSGearHong Kong AttitudeMid
    LMSerssuHong Kong AttitudeTop
    LMScyeolHong Kong AttitudeMid
    LMSSkywalkHong Kong AttitudeHead Coach
    LMSSoCoolHong Kong AttitudeCoach
    G-Rex - June 6, Wei (Coach to Head Coach) and Toyz (Director/Manager/Head Coach to Director/Manager) change positions.
    LMSWei (Fu Chien-Wei)G-RexCoachG-RexHead Coach
    LMSToyzG-RexDirector/Manager/Head CoachG-RexDirector/Manager
    G-Rex - June 6,
    Laba leaves.
    ahq eSports Club - June 6, Westdoor (Mid to Jungle) changes position.
    LMSWestdoorahq eSports ClubMidahq eSports ClubJungle
    APK Prince - June 6,
    Cover joins.

    TolanD joins as substitute.
    KoreaCoverAPK PrinceMid
    KoreaTolanDAPK PrinceMidtrue
    Bursaspor Esports - June 6,
    Milica's joining is confirmed.
    TurkeyMilicaBursaspor EsportsMid
    Team AURORA - June 6, GalB (Head Coach) is removed from the GCD.
    TurkeyGalBTeam AURORAHead Coach
    Dark Passage - June (approx.),
    Dezwend leaves.
    TurkeyDezwendDark PassageToptrue
    Dragon Army - June 6,
    ekka joins.
    CISekkaDragon ArmyMid
    paiN Gaming - June 6, Leko (Streamer) leaves.
    BrazilLekopaiN GamingStreamer
    WLGaming Esports - June 6,
    Zvene and
    Nji leave.
    EuropeZveneWLGaming EsportsTop
    EuropeNjiWLGaming EsportsJungle
    LASMuffaditoEternals GamingTop
    LASOneShot (Alex Lagos)Eternals GamingJungle
    LASZeraoraEternals GamingMid
    LASApokalipseEternals GamingBot
    LASDoutzenEternals GamingSupport

    Jun 07[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Just Ice - June 7,
    Unstop joins.

    Anechek rejoins.

    s3Turel, and
    aMiracle leave.
    CISs3TurelTeam Just IceJungle
    CISDividerTeam Just IceJungle
    CISaMiracleTeam Just IceBot
    CISUnstopTeam Just IceBot
    CISAnechekTeam Just IceJungle
    WLGaming Esports - June (approx.),
    Ryuzaki joins as substitute.
    EuropeRyuzakiWLGaming EsportsJungletrue
    BrazilNOsFerusOperation Kino e-SportsMid
    JapanandropMaster of Chicken GamingBot
    Dragons E.C. - June 7,
    Sertuss joins.
    EuropeSertussDragons E.C.Mid
    Afro Beast - June 7,
    Laba, and
    LBB join.

    CaiPi rejoins.

    Error and
    Pandabb leave.
    LMSErrorAfro BeastMid
    LMSPandabbAfro BeastMidtrue
    LMSMapleSnowAfro BeastTop
    LMSLabaAfro BeastJungle
    LMSCaiPiAfro BeastMid
    LMSLBBAfro BeastBot
    Dark Sided - June 7,
    Frolloc joins.

    Yuzuki leaves.
    OceaniaYuzukiDark SidedSupport
    OceaniaFrollocDark SidedSupport
    Polar Ace - June 7, Surza (Consultant,Mentor) joins.
    North AmericaSurzaPolar AceConsultant/Mentor
    Enclave - June 7, JordanWalshm8 (General Manager) leaves.
    EuropeJordanWalshm8EnclaveGeneral Manager
    AZIO White - June 7, Artemis (Head Coach) leaves.
    North AmericaArtemis (Connor Doyle)AZIO WhiteHead Coach
    Dramatik Gaming - June 7,
    Joey Mangoes,
    Till I Die, and
    JiYung leave for academy roster.
    North AmericaKamiokandeDramatik GamingTop
    North AmericaJoey MangoesDramatik GamingMid
    North AmericaTill I DieDramatik GamingBot
    North AmericaJiYungDramatik GamingSupport
    North AmericaRodovGG Esports AcademyTop
    North AmericaeThugGG Esports AcademyJungle
    North AmericaStrompestGG Esports AcademyMid
    North AmericaNeo (Toàn Trần)GG Esports AcademyBot
    North AmericaAbou222GG Esports AcademySupport
    GG Esports Academy - June 7, Artemis (Coach) joins.
    North AmericaArtemis (Connor Doyle)GG Esports AcademyCoach
    OpTic Gaming Academy - June 7, Veritas (Head Coach) leaves.
    North AmericaVeritas (Andrew Cooley)OpTic Gaming AcademyHead Coach
    G2 Esports - June 7, Peter Mucha (Chief Operating Officer) joins.
    EuropePeter MuchaG2 EsportsChief Operating Officer
    Winners - June 7,
    GAP, and
    Latina join.

    NighT rejoins.
    KoreaFate (Yoo Su-hyeok)WinnersMid
    KoreaNighT (Na Gun-woo)WinnersMid
    Afreeca Freecs - June 7, Aiming is no longer suspended.
    SK Telecom T1 - June 7,
    Untara moves to substitute.
    KoreaUntaraSK Telecom T1TopSK Telecom T1Toptrue
    MVP - June 7,
    MaHa moves to substitute.
    Gen.G - June 7,
    Life moves to starting roster.
    Griffin (Korean Team) - June 7, Kang Dae-hee (Coach) leaves.
    KoreaKang Dae-heeGriffin (Korean Team)Coach
    Kingzone DragonX - June 7, Mental (Coach) joins.
    KoreaMental (An Hyo-yeon)Kingzone DragonXCoach
    KT Rolster - June 7,
    PawN becomes inactive.
    KoreaPawNKT RolsterMidKT RolsterMid
    Bursaspor Esports - June 7,
    Ragner's joining is confirmed.
    TurkeyRagnerBursaspor EsportsTop
    Vaevictis eSports - June 7, Sanctum (Coach) joins.
    CISSanctumVaevictis eSportsCoach
    Vaevictis eSports - June 7,
    Hikky joins as substitute.
    Madneps (Coach to Manager) changes position.
    CISMadnepsVaevictis eSportsCoachVaevictis eSportsManager
    CISHikkyVaevictis eSportsSupporttrue
    LoL Academia - June 7, BetaTwinz (Analyst) leaves.
    LANBetaTwinzLoL AcademiaAnalyst
    Ordo Equitum - June 7, BetaTwinz (Assistant Coach) joins.
    LANBetaTwinzOrdo EquitumAssistant Coach

    Jun 08[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    CLN Vipers - June 8,
    helvisk, and
    S1D leave.
    EuropeLeanivCLN VipersTop
    EuropesparapawCLN VipersJungle
    EuropeDeluxe (Klemen Papež)CLN VipersMid
    EuropehelviskCLN VipersBot
    EuropeS1DCLN VipersSupport
    Tectonic - June 8,
    Anderu is added to the main roster in the GCD.
    Fact Revolution - June 8,
    LIder leaves.
    EuropeLIderFact RevolutionMid
    Riddle Esports - June 8,
    Tide, and
    StormFuryy rejoin.
    EuropeRudolfRiddle EsportsTop
    EuropeSkudeRiddle EsportsJungle
    EuropeLIderRiddle EsportsMid
    EuropeTideRiddle EsportsBot
    EuropeStormFuryyRiddle EsportsSupport
    Unicorns Of Love Sexy Edition - June 8, Team is formed to compete in Premier Tour 2018 Summer.
    SK Gaming - June 8, SK Gaming reforms their LoL team to compete in Premier Tour 2018 Summer.
    Bursaspor Esports - June 8,
    Hades' joining is confirmed.
    TurkeyHades (Volkan Dinçer)Bursaspor EsportsBot
    Dragon Army - June 8, Shorty (Head Coach) joins.
    SaDJesteRRR (Analyst) joins as substitute.
    CISSaDJesteRRRDragon ArmyJungle/Analysttrue
    CISShortyDragon ArmyHead Coach
    Dragon Army - June 8,
    DeeDram leaves.
    CISDeeDramDragon ArmySupporttrue
    Vega Squadron - June 8,
    Warden and
    Phlaty join.

    Optimas rejoins.

    Punisher leaves.
    CISPunisher (Nikita Lavrinov)Vega SquadronJungle
    CISPhlatyVega SquadronMid
    CISWardenVega SquadronJungle
    CISOptimasVega SquadronBot
    Flamengo Esports - June 8, manajj (Streamer) leaves.
    BrazilmanajjFlamengo EsportsStreamer
    KaBuM! e-Sports - June 8, Arddhu (Manager) joins.
    BrazilArddhuKaBuM! e-SportsManager
    KoreaDoRunGC Busan Rising StarTop
    KoreaHogletGC Busan Rising StarJungle
    KoreareMGC Busan Rising StarMid
    KoreaOdduGiGC Busan Rising StarBot
    KoreaAegis (Kim Geun-mo)GC Busan Rising StarSupport
    REVERSE Gaming - June 8,
    Syu joins.
    KoreaSyuREVERSE GamingBot
    Dramatik Gaming - June 8,
    Parr0t, and
    Clarizio join.

    Fucas becomes inactive.
    North AmericaFucasDramatik GamingJungleDramatik GamingJungle
    North AmericaAngormusDramatik GamingTop
    North AmericaEthiridisDramatik GamingJungle
    North AmericaweniwenDramatik GamingJungle
    North AmericaPreußischDramatik GamingMid
    North AmericaKahtsDramatik GamingBot
    North AmericaParr0tDramatik GamingBot
    North AmericaClarizioDramatik GamingSupport
    Tectonic - June 8,
    Anderu's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.

    Jun 09[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Fact Revolution - June (approx.),
    Zhandia, and
    Accziz leave.
    EuropeTivityFact RevolutionTop
    EuropeZhandiaFact RevolutionBot
    EuropeAcczizFact RevolutionSupport
    North AmericaS3nseUniversity of DenverBottrue
    North AmericanoflamenogainUniversity of DenverBot
    North AmericaLoc and KeyUniversity of DenverJungle
    Topsports Gaming - June 9,
    Xx is no longer suspended.
    ChinaXx (Xiong Yu-Long)Topsports GamingJungleTopsports GamingJungle
    Topsports Gaming - June 9,
    Karin and
    Fage move to substitutes.
    qi leaves.
    ChinaKarinTopsports GamingJungleTopsports GamingJungletrue
    ChinaFageTopsports GamingSupportTopsports GamingSupporttrue
    ChinaqiTopsports GamingMidtrue
    Bursaspor Esports - June 9,
    Stefan's joining is confirmed.
    TurkeyStefanBursaspor EsportsJungle
    LASScrappyEternals GamingTop
    LASOblivionEternals GamingJungle
    LASDestiny (Bastian Rodriguez)Eternals GamingMid
    LASMETOR1Eternals GamingBot
    LASMc MarinEternals GamingSupport
    Thunder Awaken - June 9,
    Galixx leaves.
    LANGalixxThunder AwakenSupport