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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Jun 10[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Two-eyed Monsters - June 10, mai (Manager) joins.
    Japanmai (Japanese Player)Two-eyed MonstersManager
    SCARZ Burning Core - June 10,
    Akasi retires.
    KlikTech - June 10,
    Markoon and SplitDis (Head Coach) leave.
    EuropeSplitDisKlikTechHead Coach
    Columbia College - June 10,
    Dean leaves.
    North AmericaDean (Dean Wood)Columbia CollegeSupport
    Suning - June (approx.),
    fenfen moves to starting roster.
    Knight becomes inactive.
    ChinaKnight (Zhuo Ding)SuningMidSuningMid
    Cyberground Gaming - June 10,
    Migrove joins as substitute.
    EuropeMigroveCyberground GamingBottrue
    Kongdoo Monster - June 10,
    Raise becomes inactive.
    KoreaRaiseKongdoo MonsterJungleKongdoo MonsterJungle
    Team Forge - June 10, Nari (Coach) joins.
    EuropeNariTeam ForgeCoach
    Millenium - June 10, Roster disbands.
    denyk, and Hatchý (Head Coach) leave.
    EuropeNeon (Matúš Jakubčík)MilleniumBot
    EuropeHatchýMilleniumHead Coach

    Jun 11[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Playing Ducks - June 11,
    Razergy, and
    Xavieles leave.
    EuropeGamblerPlaying DucksTop
    EuropeWardenPlaying DucksJungle
    EuropeJimmy (Julian Halbreiner)Playing DucksMid
    EuropeRazergyPlaying DucksBot
    EuropeXavielesPlaying DucksSupport
    HANAGUMI KAREN - June 11,
    BullchaN leaves.
    JapanBullchaNHANAGUMI KARENMidtrue
    SuperNova Red - June (approx.),
    Dont Ban Nida,
    Draikz, and
    Jeppehou leave.
    EuropeTelvigSuperNova RedTop
    EuropeDont Ban NidaSuperNova RedJungle
    EuropeVívíSuperNova RedMid
    EuropeDraikzSuperNova RedBot
    EuropeJeppehouSuperNova RedSupport
    Sky Gaming - June 11,
    Sena joins.
    VietnamSenaSky GamingJungle
    SCARZ Burning Core - June 11,
    Mocha joins.
    JapanMocha (Kim Tae-gyeom)SCARZ Burning CoreSupport
    Burning Core - June 11, SCARZlogo std.pngSCARZ Burning Core renames to Burning Corelogo std.pngBurning Core after merger with SCARZlogo std.pngSCARZ ends.
    OpTic Gaming Academy - June 11, Cop (Coach), Croissant (Coach), and Ryuke (Manager) join. Dioge (Player Coordinator to Coach) changes position.
    North AmericaDioge (Alexander Wang)OpTic Gaming AcademyPlayer CoordinatorOpTic Gaming AcademyCoach
    North AmericaCopOpTic Gaming AcademyCoach
    North AmericaCroissantOpTic Gaming AcademyCoach
    North AmericaRyukeOpTic Gaming AcademyManager
    Team Liquid - June 11, TF Blade (Streamer) joins.
    North AmericaTF BladeTeam LiquidStreamer
    Royal Never Give Up - June 11,
    y4 leaves.
    Chinay4Royal Never Give UpBottrue
    OpTic Gaming - June 11, Cop (Assistant Coach), Croissant (Strategic Coach), and Ryuke (Player Support Coordinator) join.
    North AmericaCopOpTic GamingAssistant Coach
    North AmericaCroissantOpTic GamingStrategic Coach
    North AmericaRyukeOpTic GamingPlayer Support Coordinator
    Vodafone Giants.Spain - June (approx.),
    Denyk joins.
    EuropeDenykVodafone Giants.SpainSupport
    APK Prince - June 11,
    TolanD, and
    HaNan become inactive.
    KoreaHiRitAPK PrinceToptrueAPK PrinceToptrue
    KoreaTolanDAPK PrinceMidtrueAPK PrinceMidtrue
    KoreaHaNanAPK PrinceBottrueAPK PrinceBottrue
    ES Sharks - June 11, Park Soon-yong (Coach) joins.
    Zenit, and Ko Gwang-pyo (Coach) leave.
    KoreaHolderES SharksTop
    KoreaZenitES SharksBot
    KoreaKo Gwang-pyoES SharksCoach
    KoreaPark Soon-yongES SharksCoach
    ES Sharks - June 11, Doran renames to Kuri.
    GC Busan Rising Star - June 11, Sensation (Coach) joins.
    KoreaSensationGC Busan Rising StarCoach
    GC Busan Rising Star - June 11, Aegis renames to Choyul.
    REVERSE Gaming - June 11,
    Leash joins.

    Twinkle and
    Jihoon leave.
    KoreaTwinkleREVERSE GamingJungle
    KoreaJihoonREVERSE GamingBot
    KoreaLeashREVERSE GamingJungle
    REVERSE Gaming - June 11, Dancheong renames to Danchung.
    Bursaspor Esports - June 11,
    Pilter's joining as substitute is confirmed.
    TurkeyPilterBursaspor EsportsBottrue
    Triumphant Song Gaming - June 11,
    Kabe and
    MeloDy leave.
    ChinaKabeTriumphant Song GamingTop
    ChinaMeloDy (Lin Ze-Hui)Triumphant Song GamingBot
    Victory Song Gaming - June 11,
    Kabe and
    MeloDy join.

    BoBo moves to substitute.
    ChinaBoBo (He Wen-Bo)Victory Song GamingBotVictory Song GamingBottrue
    ChinaKabeVictory Song GamingTop
    ChinaMeloDy (Lin Ze-Hui)Victory Song GamingBot
    Victory Song Gaming - June 11, MeloDy renames to Closer.
    Cyberground Gaming - June 11,
    Sharpie retires.
    Evilvice Esports - June 11,
    Caos joins.
    LASCaos (Jonas Vriesman)Evilvice EsportsJungle
    Team Riverside - June 11,
    Vethorm joins as temporary substitute for ESLM 2nd Division 2018 Summer.
    EuropeVethormTeam RiversideJungle
    LANInKosLoL AcademiaJungle
    LANPePiiLoL AcademiaMid
    LANXpontaneousLoL AcademiaBot
    LANMadBladeLoL AcademiaSupport
    LANArrrmandoLoL AcademiaJungle
    LANFractureLoL AcademiaMid
    LANVirusFxLoL AcademiaBot
    LANChoisixLoL AcademiaSupport
    OG Esports - June 11,
    Xpontaneous and
    MadBlade join.
    Latin AmericaXpontaneousOG EsportsBot
    Latin AmericaMadBladeOG EsportsSupport
    Regular Team - June 11, Team is reformed.
    Jujo and
    Wikko join.
    LANJujoRegular TeamTop
    LANWikkoRegular TeamJungle
    Legatum - June 11, ClatoS (Sub/Jungle to Head Coach)'s position is changed in the GCD.
    LASClatoSLegatumJungletrueLegatumHead Coach
    Legatum - June 11, Felosss (Head Coach) leaves.
    LASFelosssLegatumHead Coach
    Dire Wolves - June 11,
    Rippii (Owner)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    Evilvice Esports - June 11,
    Caos' contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    LoL Champions Korea - June 11, WhyManMC (Caster) joins. KangQui (Caster) leaves.
    KoreaKangQuiLoL Champions KoreaCaster
    KoreaWhyManMCLoL Champions KoreaCaster

    Jun 12[edit]

    Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Avenue Esports - June 12 (approx.), Team disbands.
    Yoni, and
    Mark leave.
    EuropeAloisAvenue EsportsTop
    EuropeInvocationAvenue EsportsJungle
    EuropeKarnemelAvenue EsportsMid
    EuropeYoniAvenue EsportsBot
    EuropeMark (Mark de Korte)Avenue EsportsSupport
    Sector One Black - June 12,
    Baba Yaga joins as temporary substitute for Week 7 of ESL Benelux Championship 2018 Summer Season, replacing Distinction.
    EuropeBaba YagaSector One BlackMid
    Vengeance (Dutch Team) - June 12 (approx.),
    Yung Mus,
    Stanniez, and Vamir (Coach) leave.
    EuropeTuomariVengeance (Dutch Team)Top
    EuropeZehmoxVengeance (Dutch Team)Jungle
    EuropeYung MusVengeance (Dutch Team)Mid
    EuropeGGsirVengeance (Dutch Team)Bot
    EuropeStanniezVengeance (Dutch Team)Support
    EuropeVamirVengeance (Dutch Team)Coach
    North AmericaMooseHaterAZIO RedTop
    North AmericaFun CarnageAZIO RedJungle
    North Americareally big memeAZIO RedJungle
    North AmericaIt SoundsAZIO RedMid
    North Americaim niAZIO RedBot
    North AmericaBlazedNovaAZIO RedSupport
    Zenith Esports - June 12 (approx.),
    An Obese Panda joins as substitute.
    North AmericaAn Obese PandaZenith EsportsJungletrue
    North AmericaVeivHonor BlueTop
    North AmericaYaboi Kaynt EvenHonor BlueTop
    North AmericaFrostynomadHonor BlueJungle
    North AmericaAavhinHonor BlueJungle
    North AmericaLilswidbHonor BlueMid
    North AmericaBlitztHonor BlueBot
    North AmericaServedHonor BlueSupport
    Polar Ace - June 12,
    Saber and
    SandPaperX join as substitutes.
    North AmericaSaberPolar AceBottrue
    North AmericaSandPaperXPolar AceSupporttrue
    mCon esports - June 12 (approx.), Team disbands.
    Kitty, and
    masterwork leave.
    EuropeLenny (Lenny Uytterhoeven)mCon esportsTop
    EuropeJoekiemCon esportsJungle
    EuropeRaqomCon esportsMid
    EuropeKittymCon esportsBot
    EuropemasterworkmCon esportsSupport
    INTZ - June 12, Bieldomaul (Streamer) joins.
    Winners - June 12, Icarus (Head Coach) joins.
    KoreaIcarus (Lee In-cheol)WinnersHead Coach
    Dark Passage - June 12,
    Route's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.
    1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - June 12,
    Move's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.

    Jun 13[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    7th heaven - June 13, ROX Gaming acquires 7Hlogo std.png7th heaven and its LJLCS 2018 Summer slot.
    NALCS Players Association - June 13, Darshan (President), Bjergsen (Vice President), Doublelift (Vice President), Mithy (Vice President), and Biofrost (Secretary/Treasurer) join the NALCSPA.
    ad hoc gaming - June 13,
    Zeph joins as temporary substitute for Week 2 of ESLM 2018 Summer Season, replacing Xioh.
    EuropeZephad hoc gamingMid
    Tectonic Academy - June 13,
    Adeptus moves to starting roster.
    Bui moves to substitute.
    OceaniaAdeptusTectonic AcademyJungletrueTectonic AcademyJungle
    OceaniaBuiTectonic AcademyJungleTectonic AcademyJungletrue
    Tectonic - June 13,
    gunkrab is added to the GCD.
    Legacy Genesis - June 13,
    Biwac joins.
    OceaniaBiwacLegacy GenesisSupport
    Unicorns Of Love Sexy Edition - June 13, Roster is announced.
    LagsAlot, and
    DuaLL join.
    EuropeTøtørø (Julian Schürmann)Unicorns Of Love Sexy EditionTop
    EuropeInitionUnicorns Of Love Sexy EditionJungle
    EuropesLiM5h4dYUnicorns Of Love Sexy EditionMid
    EuropeLagsAlotUnicorns Of Love Sexy EditionBot
    EuropeDuaLLUnicorns Of Love Sexy EditionSupport
    Cloud9 Academy - June 13,
    Sneaky, and
    Smoothie join from main roster.
    North AmericaJensenCloud9 AcademyMid
    North AmericaSneakyCloud9 AcademyBot
    North AmericaSmoothieCloud9 AcademySupport
    Burning Core - June 13,
    SneakSnake retires.
    FunPlus Phoenix - June 13,
    Alex joins.
    ChinaAlexFunPlus PhoenixJungle
    Cloud9 - June 13,
    Keith, and
    Zeyzal join from academy roster.
    North AmericaGoldenglueCloud9Mid
    North AmericaKeithCloud9Bot
    North AmericaZeyzalCloud9Support
    DAMWON Gaming - June 13, GalB (Coach) joins.
    Alive leaves.
    KoreaAliveDAMWON GamingBot
    KoreaGalBDAMWON GamingCoach
    Dark Passage - June 13,
    Ruvelius is removed from the GCD.
    TurkeyRuveliusDark PassageBottrue
    Afreeca Freecs - June 13,
    Aiming moves to starting roster.
    KoreaAimingAfreeca FreecsBottrueAfreeca FreecsBot
    Tectonic - June 13,
    gunkrab's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2018.

    Jun 14[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Egamink E-sport - June (approx.),
    Zwyroo, and
    itzRenifer leave.
    EuropeKackosEgamink E-sportTop
    EuropeitzReniferEgamink E-sportBot
    EuropeZwyrooEgamink E-sportMid
    ProXima Gaming - June (approx.),
    Retoox, and
    xCharm leave.
    EuropeMushProXima GamingTop
    EuropeXayooProXima GamingJungle
    EuropeFresskowyProXima GamingMid
    EuropeRetooxProXima GamingBot
    EuropexCharmProXima GamingSupport
    Master of Chicken Gaming - June 14,
    Mim and
    Joji join.
    JapanMimMaster of Chicken GamingBot
    JapanJoji (Japanese Player)Master of Chicken GamingSupport
    Ground Zero Gaming - June 14,
    Midas joins.

    Falkner moves to starting roster.
    Shiloh moves to substitute.
    OceaniaFalknerGround Zero GamingJungletrueGround Zero GamingJungle
    OceaniaShilohGround Zero GamingSupportGround Zero GamingSupporttrue
    OceaniaMidas (Nathaniel Shearer)Ground Zero GamingSupport
    Crimson Gaming - June 14,
    Harri (temporary substitute) leaves.
    OceaniaHarriCrimson GamingSupport
    EuropeBartionoBarrage (British Team)Support
    Emprox - June 14,
    yungcat joins as substitute.
    Echo Fox Academy - June 14,
    Adrian joins from main roster.
    North AmericaAdrianEcho Fox AcademySupport
    Rascal Jester - June 14,
    Lem0n leaves.
    JapanLem0nRascal JesterMidtrue
    BowQen Blackbucks - June 14,
    Tele, and
    Kabupun join.
    JapanLem0nBowQen BlackbucksTop
    JapanBaby (Kim Dong-woo)BowQen BlackbucksJungle
    JapanHollisBowQen BlackbucksMid
    JapanTeleBowQen BlackbucksBot
    JapanKabupunBowQen BlackbucksSupport
    TSM - June 14,
    Grig joins from academy roster.
    North AmericaGrigTSMJungle
    TSM - June 14,
    MikeYeung leaves for academy roster.
    North AmericaMikeYeungTSMJungle
    Mighty Eagle - June 14,
    Xubin leaves.
    ChinaXubinMighty EagleBot
    Topsports Gaming - June 14,
    Xubin joins as substitute.

    Moyu moves from substitute to trainee.
    ChinaMoyuTopsports GamingToptrueTopsports GamingToptrue
    ChinaXubinTopsports GamingBottrue
    GAM Esports - June 14, MESlogo std.pngGIGABYTE Marines renames to MESlogo std.pngGAM Esports.
    KaBuM! e-Sports - June 14, Nuddle (Head Coach) leaves.
    BrazilNuddleKaBuM! e-SportsHead Coach
    BrazilHawk (Gabriel Gomes)Redemption eSports Porto AlegreSupport
    WP Gaming - June 14,
    Hawk joins.
    BrazilHawk (Gabriel Gomes)WP GamingSupport
    6Sense - June 14,
    Darp is removed from the GCD.
    Rebirth eSports - June 14, Aayla (Head Analyst) joins.
    LASAaylaRebirth eSportsHead Analyst

    Jun 15[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    nDurance Gaming - June 15,
    GG Sir joins.

    Vardags leaves.
    EuropeVardagsnDurance GamingBot
    EuropeGG SirnDurance GamingBot
    WLGaming Esports - June (approx.),
    Ryuzaki leaves.
    EuropeRyuzakiWLGaming EsportsJungletrue
    SunSister ReUnion - June 15,
    adslosian leaves.
    JapanadslosianSunSister ReUnionBot
    EuropeEmiHyperion Esports (European Team)Mid
    Neronity - June 15,
    Keltra, and
    Pulsas join.
    AZIO Black - June 15,
    Copari and
    wispe join.

    Koby and
    Trance leave.
    North AmericaKobyAZIO BlackTop
    North AmericaTranceAZIO BlackSupport
    North AmericaCopariAZIO BlackTop
    North AmericawispeAZIO BlackSupport
    SinoDragon Gaming - June 15, Hiro (Head Coach) leaves.
    ChinaHiro (Lee Woo-suk)SinoDragon GamingHead Coach
    TSM Academy - June 15,
    MikeYeung joins.

    Grig leaves for main roster.
    North AmericaGrigTSM AcademyJungle
    North AmericaMikeYeungTSM AcademyJungle
    Burning Core - June 15,
    Makinyan joins.

    Yuhi joins as substitute.
    JapanMakinyanBurning CoreTop
    JapanYuhiBurning CoreBottrue
    Team oNe eSports - June 15,
    NikolaSenpai joins.
    BrazilNikolaSenpaiTeam oNe eSportsBot
    Cloud9 - June 15, RapidStar (Assistant Coach to Assistant Coach/Sub/Mid)'s position is changed in the GCD.
    North AmericaRapidStarCloud9Assistant CoachCloud9Assistant Coach/Midtrue
    SK Gaming - June 15,
    Keduii, and
    Doss join.
    EuropeScarface (Daniel Aitbelkacem)SK GamingTop
    EuropePhrenicSK GamingJungle
    EuropeSozPurefectSK GamingMid
    EuropeKeduiiSK GamingBot
    EuropeDossSK GamingSupport
    Fnatic - June 15,
    sOAZ moves to starting roster.
    KaBuM! e-Sports - June 15, Hiro (Head Coach) joins.
    BrazilHiro (Lee Woo-suk)KaBuM! e-SportsHead Coach
    Team BattleComics - June 15,
    Hipo leaves.
    KoreaHipoTeam BattleComicsToptrue
    WP Gaming - June 15, Godello (Assistant Coach) joins.
    BrazilGodelloWP GamingAssistant Coach
    Team Riverside - June 15,
    Magikarp joins.
    EuropeMagikarpTeam RiversideJungle
    Team Quetzal - June 15,
    Guardian leaves.
    LANGuardian (Leonardo de la Torre)Team QuetzalTop
    x25 Esports - June 15,
    Cl0x leaves.
    EuropeCl0xx25 EsportsSupport
    Crvena zvezda Esports - June 15,
    Cl0x joins.
    EuropeCl0xCrvena zvezda EsportsSupport

    Jun 16[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Run Down Mid - June 16 (approx.),
    MART1N, and
    ancafe join.
    SEAKnomTomRun Down MidJungle
    SEABellbeeRun Down MidMid
    SEAMART1NRun Down MidBot
    SEABhungBhungRun Down MidBot
    SEAancafeRun Down MidSupport
    Mythus Esports - June 16 (approx.),
    Winnie joins.
    SEAWinnie (Napat Titi)Mythus EsportsSupport
    Mythus Esports - June 16 (approx.), Skype renames to Milk.
    Mythus Esports - June 16 (approx.), Xippo renames to Ferine.
    Aqua Force - June 16 (approx.),
    peachii, and
    WhiteHeart join.
    zZOvalTinZz (Support to Mid) and KissShot (Mid to Bot) change positions.
    Leroyy, and
    Point leave.
    SEAShine (Sirawat Thaemyim)Aqua ForceTop
    SEAH0pelessAqua ForceJungle
    SEALeroyyAqua ForceBot
    SEAPoint (Krich Sukprayot)Aqua ForceJungletrue
    SEAKissShotAqua ForceMidAqua ForceBot
    SEAzZOvalTinZzAqua ForceSupportAqua ForceMid
    SEApeachiiAqua ForceJungle
    SEAWhiteHeartAqua ForceSupport
    Ascension Gaming - June 16,
    Delpain joins.

    InTreso moves to substitute.
    SEAInTresoAscension GamingJungleAscension GamingJungletrue
    SEADelpainAscension GamingJungle
    EuropeFlawLessMindsGeneration Z GamingTop
    EuropeSaizõGeneration Z GamingJungle
    EuropeRíp in Peace DFGGeneration Z GamingMid
    EuropeRelentlessGeneration Z GamingBot
    EuropeKiaoGeneration Z GamingSupport
    Bursaspor Esports - June 16, Moon Phases (Assistant Coach) joins.
    TurkeyMoon PhasesBursaspor EsportsAssistant Coach
    Imperium Gaming - June 16,
    ArkNo and
    NA Support leave.
    LASArkNoImperium GamingMid
    LASNA SupportImperium GamingSupport
    Enclave - June 16, FireVortex (Strategic Coach) joins. Rtfx (Analyst) rejoins.
    EuropeFireVortexEnclaveStrategic Coach
    Barrage (British Team) - June 16,
    Seb joins.
    EuropeSeb (Sebastian Vican)Barrage (British Team)Mid
    7th heaven - June 16,
    Haretti leaves.
    JapanHaretti7th heavenBot
    Burning Core - June 16,
    Haretti joins.
    JapanHarettiBurning CoreBot
    Team oNe eSports - June 16,
    Name is loaned from IDM Gaming.
    BrazilNameTeam oNe eSportsTop
    Cloud9 - June 16,
    Rapidstar (Assistant Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.
    Andes Esports - June 16,
    Xypherz leaves.
    LASXypherzAndes EsportsJungle
    Thunder Awaken - June 16,
    Xypherz joins.
    LANXypherzThunder AwakenJungle
    x25 Esports - June 16,
    KaluGG rejoins.
    EuropeKaluGGx25 EsportsJungle
    WP Gaming - June 16,
    Ferchu joins.
    BrazilFerchuWP GamingJungle