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Current Roster Change Portals:

Aug 26[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team GamerLegion - August 26, Zenit (Team Manager) joins.
EuropeZenit (Ali Bas)Team GamerLegionTeam Manager
King of Future - August 26,
xiaoye joins.
ChinaxiaoyeKing of FutureJungle
Shadow Cream - August 26,
Ye joins.
ChinaYe (Ji Xin-Yu)Shadow CreamMid
OuYi Game Team - August 26, Wumian (Mid to Top) and Zihan (Top to Support) change positions.
ChinaZihanOuYi Game TeamTopOuYi Game TeamSupport
ChinaWumianOuYi Game TeamMidOuYi Game TeamTop
Cyberground Gaming - August (approx.),
Sabbath leaves.
EuropeSabbathCyberground GamingBot

Aug 27[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Noot Noot eSports - August 27,
DrCoiss, and
ItzMeLunar join.

Samowpk joins as temporary substitute for ESL Dutch 2018 Winter Qualifier 1.
EuropeYallaSafSafNoot Noot eSportsTop
EuropeKiwi (Do Benoist)Noot Noot eSportsJungle
EuropeDrCoissNoot Noot eSportsMid
EuropeItzMeLunarNoot Noot eSportsBot
EuropeSamowpkNoot Noot eSportsSupport
PENTA 1860 - August 27, xGoku (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropexGokuPENTA 1860Team Manager
OpTic Gaming - August 27,
Dhokla's contract is extended through 2019.
North AmericaDhoklaOpTic GamingTopOpTic GamingTop
OpTic Gaming - August 27,
Dhokla's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Galakticos - August 27, Ruvelius (Support to Bot) changes position.
Outlawz - August 27, Frenvz (Owner and Financial Manager) joins. Rigas (Social Media Manager to General Manager) changes position. Kidara (Owner, Manager, and Head Coach) and Lucifer (Social Media Assistant) leave.
EuropeKidaraOutlawzOwner, Manager, and Head Coach
EuropeLucifer (Christos Skilos)OutlawzSocial Media Assistant
EuropeRigasOutlawzSocial Media ManagerOutlawzGeneral Manager
EuropeFrenvzOutlawzOwner and Financial Manager
Instinct Gaming - August 27,
Laro joins.
LANLaro (Jordan Barboza)Instinct GamingJungle
Eternals Gaming - August 27,
Kryzpo and
Reformed Player join.
LASKryzpoEternals GamingTop
LASReformed PlayerEternals GamingSupport
Evilvice Esports - August 27, Fabulous (Head Coach) joins.
LASFabulousEvilvice EsportsHead Coach

Aug 28[edit]

Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
MnM Gaming - August 28, OfficerNaughty (Assistant Manager) leaves.
EuropeOfficerNaughtyMnM GamingAssistant Manager
ad hoc gaming - August 28,
Swipe leaves.
EuropeSwipead hoc gamingSupport
Beşiktaş Esports - August 28, Emi (Analyst,Assistant Coach) leaves.
TurkeyEmiBeşiktaş EsportsAnalyst/Assistant Coach
Pixel Esports Club - August 28,
CaritaTriste leaves.
LANCaritaTristePixel Esports ClubBottrue

Aug 29[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Seven Dark - August 29,
GianKios joins.
LASGianKiosSeven DarkTop
Avant Gaming - August 29, baAL (General Manager) joins.
OceaniabaALAvant GamingGeneral Manager
100 Thieves Academy - August 29,
Linsanity leaves.
North AmericaLinsanity100 Thieves AcademyMid
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - August 29, Doctor (Coach) is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyDoctor1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsCoach
Dark Passage - August 29,
Snitch is removed from the GCD.
TurkeySnitchDark PassageBottrue
RoX (2014 CIS Team) - August 29,
Gadget leaves.
CISGadgetRoX (2014 CIS Team)Bot
Just Toys Gaming - August 29,
Wikko joins.
LANWikkoJust Toys GamingJungle
Regular Team - August 29,
Suppa rejoins.

Banano moves to substitute.
Wikko leaves.
LANBananoRegular TeamSupportRegular TeamSupporttrue
LANWikkoRegular TeamJungle
LANSuppaRegular TeamSupport
Evilvice Esports - August 29, Fabulous (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 29 September 2018.

Aug 30[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
XD Prinfor - August 30,
nestuoso, and
migas join.

Narttaker joins as substitute.

Kozodoi, and
Renas leave.
EuropeKozodoiXD PrinforToptrue
EuropeRenasXD PrinforToptrue
EuropeHolpXD PrinforJungle
EuropeSilvestreXD PrinforMid
EuropeKirianXD PrinforBot
EuropeGogoXD PrinforSupport
EuropeVoid (Tiago Grelo)XD PrinforSupport
EuropeZonXD PrinforSupport
EuropeN1nja (Duarte Laureano)XD PrinforJungle
EuropeSaturnoXD PrinforMid
EuropenestuosoXD PrinforBot
EuropemigasXD PrinforSupport
EuropeNarttakerXD PrinforMidtrue
Team DPD - August 30,
Celaver moves to substitute.
EuropeCelaverTeam DPDBotTeam DPDBottrue
Killabeez - August 30,
ZeroTempo leaves.
MnM Gaming - August 30,
Hades, Acesive (Head Coach), and Anitius (Analyst) leave.
EuropeHades (Maik Jonker)MnM GamingJungle
EuropeAnitiusMnM GamingAnalyst
EuropeAcesiveMnM GamingHead Coach
RoX (2014 CIS Team) - August 30,
Phones leaves.
CISPhonesRoX (2014 CIS Team)Top
Vaevictis eSports - August 30,
Fomko leaves.
CISFomkoVaevictis eSportsMid
Victory Song Gaming - August 30,
Mua joins.
ChinaMuaVictory Song GamingMid
Cyberground Gaming - August 30,
Infinity joins.
EuropeInfinity (Claudio Scuderi)Cyberground GamingTop
Cyberground Gaming - August 30,
Ryko retires.
Victory Song Gaming - August 30, Mua renames to irma.
Another Troll Team - August 30,
JToru and
Monaco join.

870 joins as substitute.
Roski (Support to Mid) changes position.
LANRoskiAnother Troll TeamSupportAnother Troll TeamMid
LANJToruAnother Troll TeamTop
LANMonacoAnother Troll TeamSupport
LAN870Another Troll TeamSupporttrue

Aug 31[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
MnM Gaming - August 31,
Vrow leaves.
EuropeVrowMnM GamingMid
Defusekids - August 31, Team is formed.
Kitty, and
Kaasbaas join.
Team GamerLegion - August 31,
Fynnek leaves.
EuropeFynnekTeam GamerLegionTop
GamersOrigin - August 31, Candyfloss (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeCandyflossGamersOriginHead Coach
Berlin International Gaming - August 31, Crane (LoL Manager) leaves.
EuropeCraneBerlin International GamingLoL Manager
eMonkeyz - August 31,
Monk leaves.
EuropeMonk (Joosep Kivilaan)eMonkeyzBot
Vaevictis eSports - August 31, dayruin (Coach) leaves.
CISdayruinVaevictis eSportsCoach
Instinct Gaming - August 31,
Nurtz joins as substitute.
LANNurtzInstinct GamingToptrue

Sep 01[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
KlikTech - September (approx.),
Vethorm joins.
Team Furca - September (approx.),
Viktorkaa, and
ordno leave.
EuropeodstraňovačTeam FurcaTop
EuropeVinxenTeam FurcaJungle
EuropeRusOTeam FurcaMid
EuropeWorstADCTeam FurcaBot
EuropeJejkyTeam FurcaSupport
EuropeViktorkaaTeam FurcaSupport
EuropeordnoTeam FurcaMidtrue
EuropeVaskedTeam FurcaSupport
ROG Female - September (approx.),
Mishoper leaves.
EuropeMishoperROG FemaleBot
St. Ambrose University - September (approx.),
Kolthro joins.
North AmericaKolthroSt. Ambrose UniversityJungle
York University - September (approx.),
Waeel, and
Misha Eats join.
North AmericaSolitifiedYork UniversityTop
North AmericaWaeelYork UniversityJungle
North AmericaMisha EatsYork UniversityMid
North AmericaLacerationYork UniversityJungle
North AmericaBeautiful KoreanRutgers University–New BrunswickJungle
North AmericaFootnoteState University of New York at Stony BrookTop
North AmericaDarkWingsState University of New York at Stony BrookMid
North AmericalittlekingrmdUniversity of Louisiana at LafayetteTop
University of Ottawa - September (approx.), Lotus (Support to Top) and Yoken (Top to Support) change positions.
exver1 leaves.
North AmericaYokenUniversity of OttawaTopUniversity of OttawaSupport
North AmericaLotus (Jonas Kraft)University of OttawaSupportUniversity of OttawaTop
North Americaexver1University of OttawaSupport
University of Wisconsin–Madison - September (approx.),
EmeraldPlastic, and
TheStuff join.

Mike joins as substitute.
Cloaking (Bot to Jungle) changes position.
North AmericaCloakingUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonBotUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonJungle
North AmericaQconUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonTop
North AmericaEmeraldPlasticUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonBot
North AmericaTheStuffUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonSupport
North AmericaMike (Michael Shannon)University of Wisconsin–MadisonToptrue
University of Wisconsin–Madison - September (approx.), Cloaking renames to I am GROOT.
North AmericaGreatContentUniversity of AlabamaTop
North AmericaAMTUniversity of AlabamaJungle
North AmericaPandamaster210University of AlabamaMid
North AmericaXandyrUniversity of AlabamaBot
North AmericaShmmyshmmyUniversity of AlabamaSupport
University of Alabama - September (approx.), Necromancer renames to Coffee Cat.
Providence College - September 1,
I am BRizzle joins.
Doopty (Support to Top), TraSlinky (Bot to Jungle), and Beeffcake (Jungle to Bot) change positions.
North AmericaDooptyProvidence CollegeSupportProvidence CollegeTop
North AmericaTraSlinkyProvidence CollegeBotProvidence CollegeJungle
North AmericaBeeffcakeProvidence CollegeJungleProvidence CollegeBot
North AmericaI am BRizzleProvidence CollegeSupport
GG Esports Academy - September (approx.),
Vex joins.
North AmericaVexGG Esports AcademyBot
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - September (approx.),
timmytommy joins.

Piemaster joins as substitute.
North AmericatimmytommyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSupport
North AmericaPiemasterUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignBottrue
Barrage Esports - September (approx.),
Xorkii leaves.
EuropeXorkiiBarrage EsportsJungle
Barrage Esports - September 1, Ben renames to Heathman.
Mississippi State University - September (approx.),
Slewyex and
Im So So Sorry join.

koromebi and
LionTheTiger join as substitutes.
North AmericaSlewyexMississippi State UniversityTop
North AmericakoromebiMississippi State UniversityJungletrue
North AmericaIm So So SorryMississippi State UniversityJungle
North AmericaLionTheTigerMississippi State UniversitySupporttrue
Skizm eSports - September (approx.),
Doxa and
Young Mid join as substitutes.
North AmericaYoung MidSkizm eSportsMidtrue
North AmericaDoxaSkizm eSportsMidtrue
DePaul University - September (approx.),
BMD joins.
North AmericaBMDDePaul UniversityTop
Hunter College - September (approx.),
My White Is Off and
Radiating join.
Jia (Jungle to Coach) and Skyphic Lite (Bot to Coach) change positions.
North AmericaJia (Jiawei Lau)Hunter CollegeJungleHunter CollegeCoach
North AmericaSkyphic LiteHunter CollegeBotHunter CollegeCoach
North AmericaMy White Is OffHunter CollegeJungle
North AmericaRadiatingHunter CollegeBot
Hunter College - September (approx.), BeholdGreatness renames to Prevail.
University of Western Ontario - September (approx.),
ThisNameThough and
Gorica join.
Chim (Mid to Top) changes position.
Epic and Disconnector (Coach) leave.
North AmericaEpic (Andi Wang)University of Western OntarioTop
North AmericaDisconnectorUniversity of Western OntarioCoach
North AmericaChimUniversity of Western OntarioMidUniversity of Western OntarioTop
North AmericaThisNameThoughUniversity of Western OntarioMid
North AmericaGoricaUniversity of Western OntarioBot
University of Western Ontario - September (approx.), Chim renames to Slasher1144.
Michigan State University - September (approx.),
I Am Nightshade, and

Losties and
Navillera join as substitutes.

Indian Mama, and
Door leave.
North AmericaLoteriyaMichigan State UniversityTop
North AmericaNoobSquidMichigan State UniversityJungle
North AmericaIndian MamaMichigan State UniversityMid
North AmericaDoorMichigan State UniversitySupport
North AmericaunpureruinationMichigan State UniversityTop
North AmericaI Am NightshadeMichigan State UniversityMid
North AmericaD2CKS BOOJAMichigan State UniversitySupport
North AmericaLostiesMichigan State UniversityBottrue
North AmericaNavilleraMichigan State UniversityBottrue
Team Clarity - September (approx.),
KatEvolved joins as substitute.
North AmericaKatEvolvedTeam ClarityMidtrue
Harrisburg University - September (approx.),
Ran joins as substitute.
Titus (Support to Mid) changes position.
North AmericaTitus (Titus Bang)Harrisburg UniversitySupportHarrisburg UniversityMid
North AmericaRan (Louis Lin)Harrisburg UniversityBottrue
CrowCrowd - September (approx.),
unho1y, and
WildHeart leave.
Team GamerLegion - September 1, Zenit (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeZenit (Ali Bas)Team GamerLegionTeam Manager
Team GamerLegion - September 1,
Zorrish, and
LowNley leave.
EuropeNekroTeam GamerLegionJungle
EuropeDeicaraTeam GamerLegionMid
EuropeZorrishTeam GamerLegionBot
EuropeLowNleyTeam GamerLegionSupport
mYinsanity - September (approx.), Agon Z renames to Elazz.
mYinsanity - September (approx.),
GoldenGod, and
Joe Cix join.

Polo, and
Loolil leave.
EuropeJoe CixmYinsanitySupport
Unicorns Of Love Sexy Edition - September 1,
DuaLL leaves.
EuropeDuaLLUnicorns Of Love Sexy EditionSupport
Fortress Esports - September (approx.), Team is formed.
DetonatioN FocusMe - September (approx.), Nokuto (Analyst) joins.
JapanNokutoDetonatioN FocusMeAnalyst
eMonkeyz - September 1, Eloden (Coach) leaves.
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - September (approx.), Babafillo (Assistant Manager) leaves.
TurkeyBabafillo1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsAssistant Manager
Team Fighter - September (approx.),
Minn becomes inactive.
ChinaMinnTeam FighterTopTeam FighterTop
K1ck eSports Club - September (approx.), Simon (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeSimon (Simão Oliveira)K1ck eSports ClubHead Coach
Cyberground Gaming - September 1,
PiOk, Dario (Assistant Coach), and Michaeten (Analyst) join.

Crocomux joins as substitute.
EuropePain (Giulio Siena)Cyberground GamingMid
EuropePiOkCyberground GamingBot
EuropeMichaetenCyberground GamingAnalyst
EuropeDarioCyberground GamingAssistant Coach
EuropeCrocomuxCyberground GamingMidtrue
Butler University - September 1,
Centurion joins.
North AmericaCenturionButler UniversityBot
Western Michigan University - September 1,
Vocar NA, and Yellowhill (Mid/Secretary) join.

PerfecTiming joins as substitute.
North AmericaYellowhillWestern Michigan UniversityMid/Secretary
North AmericaSzynkaWestern Michigan UniversityTop
North AmericaBakkaWestern Michigan UniversityJungle
North AmericaVocar NAWestern Michigan UniversityMid
North AmericaPerfecTimingWestern Michigan UniversityMidtrue
Coliseo Dragons - September (approx.),
Ominick joins.

Amarant leaves.
LASAmarantColiseo DragonsJungle
LASOminickColiseo DragonsJungle
Valkiria Esports - September (approx.), Team is formed.
Woda, and seerees (Head Coach) join.
EuropeUnknownValkiria EsportsTop
EuropeBrunessValkiria EsportsJungle
EuropeSnoowerValkiria EsportsMid
EuropesziwekValkiria EsportsBot
EuropeWodaValkiria EsportsSupport
EuropeseereesValkiria EsportsHead Coach
Team DPD - September 1,
itzRenifer joins.
EuropeitzReniferTeam DPDBot
Nocturns Gaming - September (approx.), woofi joins as a temporary sub for the Argentina Game Show 2018.
Undead Gaming - September (approx.), Ukkyr joins as temporary head coach for 2018 CNA Closing - Tournament 5.
Universidad Católica Esports - September (approx.), sSephix (Coach) joins.
LASsSephixUniversidad Católica EsportsCoach
Texas A&M University - September (approx.),
Kshuna joins.
North AmericaKshunaTexas A&M UniversityBot
Mirage IRIS - September (approx.),
Mateusz joins.
North AmericaMateuszMirage IRISTop
GRUNTo Esports - September (approx.),
Freeze joins.
North AmericaFreeze (Bradley Benneyworth)GRUNTo EsportsBot
Archelon - September (approx.),
Orlan and
MetalVulcan join.

Ocnarft and
Lyonz leave.
Engine Gaming - September (approx.),
Galixx joins.
LASGalixxEngine GamingSupport