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Current Roster Change Portals:

Sep 09[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Iron Wolves - September 9,
D0MAS joins as temporary substitute for Week 4 of BESL Season 2, replacing Saulius.
D0MASIron WolvesMid
Domination Leviathan - September 9 (approx.),
Funky Melody,
Jakens, and
Gabex leave.
North AmericaPredaBearDomination LeviathanTop
North AmericaFunky MelodyDomination LeviathanJungle
North AmericaSenpainatorDomination LeviathanMid
North AmericaJakensDomination LeviathanBot
North AmericaGabexDomination LeviathanSupport
Mirage IRIS - September 9 (approx.),
CoreTienZ, and
MIST leave.
North AmericaMateuszMirage IRISTop
North AmericaGenguyMirage IRISJungle
North AmericaWazabieeMirage IRISMid
North AmericaCoreTienZMirage IRISBot
North AmericaMIST (Lin Zi-Lan)Mirage IRISSupport
Zephyr Esport - September 9,
Chroniikk, and
Sarevain join.
EuropeAkysZephyr EsportTop
EuropeCedeiixZephyr EsportJungle
EuropeToxîKaraZephyr EsportMid
EuropeChroniikkZephyr EsportBot
EuropeSarevainZephyr EsportSupport
North AmericaDuokingArmata-Boreal LegacyTop
North AmericaeThugArmata-Boreal LegacyJungle
North AmericaZzLegendaryArmata-Boreal LegacyMid
North AmericaDiamond (David Bérubé)Armata-Boreal LegacyBot
North AmericaViennaArmata-Boreal LegacySupport
Vireo.Green - September 9,
Wixxi, and
TheOddTurtle leave.
North AmericaDinkaVireo.GreenTop
North AmericaShorterACEVireo.GreenJungle
North AmericaFockusVireo.GreenMid
North AmericaWixxiVireo.GreenBot
North AmericaTheOddTurtleVireo.GreenSupport
Mirage Sport Électronique - September 9,
Gweiss, and Lud0 (Coach) leave.
North AmericaNoveMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueJungle
North AmericaHighKeySavageMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueMid
North AmericaGigarandomMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueBot
North AmericaGweiss (Garrett Weiss)Mirage Sport ÉlectroniqueSupport
North AmericaLud0Mirage Sport ÉlectroniqueCoach
Gamespace eSports - September 9,
Tanacce and
Soap leave.
EuropeTanacceGamespace eSportsTop
EuropeSoapGamespace eSportsSupporttrue
AZIO Black - September 9, AZIO Black and AZIO White combine to form AZIO eSports.
really big meme,
wispe, and Kai (Head Coach) leave.
North AmericaCopariAZIO BlackTop
North Americareally big memeAZIO BlackJungle
North Americathat808gamerAZIO BlackJungle
North America5fireAZIO BlackMid
North AmericaKingGeorgieAZIO BlackBot
North AmericawispeAZIO BlackSupport
North AmericaKai (John Hurd)AZIO BlackHead Coach
AZIO White - September 9, AZIO Black and AZIO White combine to form AZIO eSports.
Locke Lamora,
Disconnector, and
Chookies leave.
North AmericaFiretheftAZIO WhiteTop
North AmericaVakinAZIO WhiteJungle
North AmericaLocke LamoraAZIO WhiteMid
North AmericaDisconnectorAZIO WhiteBot
North AmericaChookiesAZIO WhiteSupport
AZIO eSports - September 9, AZIO Black and AZIO White combine to form AZIO eSports.
An Obese Panda,
snap, and Spiritbr8ker (Head Coach) join.
North AmericaCharmingAZIO eSportsTop
North AmericaAn Obese PandaAZIO eSportsJungle
North America5fireAZIO eSportsMid
North AmericaOrikuAZIO eSportsBot
North AmericasnapAZIO eSportsSupport
North AmericaSpiritbr8kerAZIO eSportsHead Coach
Mirage IRIS - September (approx.),
Mateusz leaves.
North AmericaMateuszMirage IRISTop
x25 Esports - September 9,
GabaNo leaves.
EuropeGabaNox25 EsportsBottrue

Sep 10[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
EuropeFeelDaHackFalcon E-SportsTop
EuropeHatred (Veselin Popov)Falcon E-SportsJungle
EuropeArliteFalcon E-SportsMid
EuropeNerZulFalcon E-SportsMid
EuropeHexmarkFalcon E-SportsBot
EuropeTranquilFalcon E-SportsBot
EuropeCospectFalcon E-SportsSupport
Iron Wolves - September 10,
D0MAS (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeD0MASIron WolvesMid
HWA Gaming - September 10, FearlessS (Head Coach) leaves.
TurkeyFearlessSHWA GamingHead Coach
Team Arcade - September 10,
Nadro joins as temporary substitute for ESL Dutch 2018 Winter Qualifiers.
EuropeNadroTeam ArcadeSupport
Giants Gaming - September 10,
SirNukesAlot and Kubz (Head Coach)'s contracts expire.
EuropeKubzGiants GamingHead Coach
EuropeSirNukesAlotGiants GamingSupport
Team Vitality Academy - September 10,
Targamas (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeTargamasTeam Vitality AcademySupport
Noot Noot eSports - September 10,
Dodging Dummy joins.

Samowpk (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeSamowpkNoot Noot eSportsSupport
EuropeDodging DummyNoot Noot eSportsSupport
Vanir - September 10,
Bizyze leaves.
Operation Kino e-Sports - September 10, Kalec (Support to Team Staff) changes position.
BrazilKalecOperation Kino e-SportsSupportOperation Kino e-SportsTeam Staff
Operation Kino e-Sports - September 10, Kalec (Team Staff) is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
BrazilKalecOperation Kino e-SportsTeam StaffOperation Kino e-SportsTeam Staff
Team Clarity - September 10,
curz, and LeRaton (Head Coach) leave.
North America0kayTeam ClarityTop
North AmericaJohnny (Canadian Player)Team ClarityJungle
North AmericaDNATeam ClarityMid
North Americal3engeeTeam ClarityBot
North AmericacurzTeam ClaritySupport
North AmericaLeRatonTeam ClarityHead Coach
Golden Guardians Academy - September 10, Morissette (Head Coach)'s contract expires but departure is not confirmed.
North AmericaMorissetteGolden Guardians AcademyHead Coach
Diabolus Esports - September 10, Blumigan (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeBlumiganDiabolus EsportsHead Coach
Golden Guardians - September 10, Morissette (Interim Head Coach)'s contract expires but departure is not confirmed.
North AmericaMorissetteGolden GuardiansInterim Head Coach
Tectonic - September 10,
UDYSOF's loan from Dire Cubs ends.
Dire Cubs - September 10,
UDYSOF returns from loan to Tectonic.
OceaniaUDYSOFDire CubsJungleDire CubsJungle
MOBA ROG - September 10,
Gotrek leaves.
EuropeGotrekMOBA ROGBottrue
Polar Ace - September (approx.),
Copari joins as substitute.
North AmericaCopariPolar AceToptrue
Team Quetzal - September 10,
El Teddy and
Covenantt leave.
LANEl TeddyTeam QuetzalTop
LANCovenanttTeam QuetzalSupport
Crvena zvezda Esports - September 10,
Lucker joins.

TasteLess rejoins.

Pl0x and
Cl0x move to substitutes.
EuropePl0xCrvena zvezda EsportsBotCrvena zvezda EsportsBottrue
EuropeCl0xCrvena zvezda EsportsSupportCrvena zvezda EsportsSupporttrue
EuropeLuckerCrvena zvezda EsportsBot
EuropeTasteLessCrvena zvezda EsportsSupport
x25 Esports - September 10,
Baxa leaves.
EuropeBaxax25 EsportsMid
Ninjas in Pyjamas - September 10, Blumigan (Head Coach) rejoins.
EuropeBlumiganNinjas in PyjamasHead Coach
Dawn of Stars - September 10, Absinthium X (Manager,Analyst) joins.
DeFrantic leaves.
EuropeDeFranticDawn of StarsSupport
EuropeAbsinthium XDawn of StarsManager/Analyst

Sep 11[edit]

Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Horsens Esport Yellow - September 11,
Szygenda leaves.
EuropeSzygendaHorsens Esport YellowTop
Pars eSports - September 11,
Saulius leaves.
TurkeySauliusPars eSportsMid
GameWard - September 11,
Mactor leaves.
DIVIZON - September 11,
Reeker and
Lilipp join as substitutes.
EGN Esports - September 11,
Rubio leaves.
EuropeRubioEGN EsportsTop
New Dynasty - September 11, Aboekra (Coach) leaves.
EuropeAboekraNew DynastyCoach
KaBuM! e-Sports - September 11, Arddhu (Manager) leaves.
BrazilArddhuKaBuM! e-SportsManager
Giants Gaming - September 11,
Ruin leaves.
EuropeRuinGiants GamingTop
Team Quetzal - September 11,
Remilia joins.
LANRemiliaTeam QuetzalSupport
Legatum - September 11, Sephix (Strategic Coach) leaves.
LASSephixLegatumStrategic Coach
Wind and Rain - September 11,
Noltey leaves.
EuropeNolteyWind and RainJungle

Sep 12[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team Arcade - September 12,
Nadro (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeNadroTeam ArcadeSupport
YouthCrew Esports - September 12,
Mojito is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyMojitoYouthCrew EsportsJungle
D-City Gaming Stars - September 12,
Fomko leaves.
EuropeFomkoD-City Gaming StarsMid
Golden Guardians - September 12, dGon (Team Manager) leaves.
North AmericadGonGolden GuardiansTeam Manager
Avant Gaming - September 12,
Senex, and
Blinky are removed from the GCD.
OceaniaPraelusAvant GamingJungle
OceaniaFraeAvant GamingMid
OceaniaBlinkyAvant GamingBottrue
OceaniaSenexAvant GamingToptrue
Penguins - September 12,
Karakal Jr leaves.
EuropeKarakal JrPenguinsSupport
WLGaming Esports - September 12,
Kirito leaves.
EuropeKirito (David Koppmann)WLGaming EsportsTop
SK Telecom T1 - September 12,
Untara moves to starting roster.
KoreaUntaraSK Telecom T1ToptrueSK Telecom T1Top
DAMWON Gaming - September 12,
Canyon joins.
KoreaCanyonDAMWON GamingJungle
Team BattleComics - September 12,
DoRaoN rejoins as substitute.
KoreaDoRaoNTeam BattleComicsSupporttrue
Isurus - September 12, Onur (Head Coach) leaves.
LASOnurIsurusHead Coach
WarKidZ E-Sports - September 12, DarthRaven (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeDarthRavenWarKidZ E-SportsHead Coach

Sep 13[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
BowQen Blackbucks - September 13,
Knot and
Mad Emperor leave.
JapanKnotBowQen BlackbucksMidtrue
JapanMad EmperorBowQen BlackbucksBottrue
HWA Gaming - September 13,
telracS leaves.
TurkeytelracSHWA GamingMid
Stormbringers - September 13,
Kyriel leaves.
Sector One - September 13,
Phoenix and
Tafikay leave.
EuropePhoenix (Maarten Van Dyck)Sector OneTop
EuropeTafikaySector OneJungle
Penguins - September 13, Marhoder (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeMarhoderPenguinsHead Coach
Beşiktaş Esports - September 13,
Godbro leaves.
TurkeyGodbroBeşiktaş EsportsMid
Dragon Army - September 13,
SaDJesteRRR (Analyst) leaves.
CISSaDJesteRRRDragon ArmyJungle/Analysttrue
Enclave - September 13,
Prelude, and
Yusa leave.

Sep 14[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
mousesports - September (approx.),
Lamabear (temporary substitute) leaves.
MAD Lions E.C. - September 14,
Koldo leaves.
EuropeKoldoMAD Lions E.C.Jungletrue
For The Win Esports - September 14,
Koldo, Jairo (Head Coach), and Pirla (Strategic Coach) join.
EuropeKoldoFor The Win EsportsJungle
EuropeJairoFor The Win EsportsHead Coach
EuropePirlaFor The Win EsportsStrategic Coach
ToxicFalcons eSports - September 14,
Stanniez joins as temporary substitute for Kayzr League 2018 Fall Qualifiers, replacing AMOUR FAYA.
EuropeStanniezToxicFalcons eSportsSupport
Team Atlantis - September 14,
Shadow joins.
EuropeShadow (Zhiqiang Zhao)Team AtlantisJungle
Vodafone Giants Academy - September 14,
Viketox leaves.
EuropeViketoxVodafone Giants AcademySupport
Stormbringers - September 14,
Viketox joins.
Tectonic - September 14,
Papryze leaves.
Intuition - September 14,
Aladoric leaves.
Emprox - September 14,
Thien leaves.
mousesports - September 14,
Jenax leaves.
Vodafone Giants.Spain - September 14,
RafaL0L leaves.
EuropeRafaL0LVodafone Giants.SpainJungle
Dragon Army - September (approx.), Shorty (Head Coach) leaves.
CISShortyDragon ArmyHead Coach
Pompa Team - September 14,
Ryba leaves.
EuropeRybaPompa TeamJungle

Sep 15[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
ToxicFalcons eSports - September 15,
Stanniez (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeStanniezToxicFalcons eSportsSupport
L'appel Du Vide - September 15, Team is formed.
Yung Mus,
Kawamel, and
Bartiono join.
EuropePhoenix (Maarten Van Dyck)L'appel Du VideTop
EuropeTafikayL'appel Du VideJungle
EuropeYung MusL'appel Du VideMid
EuropeKawamelL'appel Du VideBot
EuropeBartionoL'appel Du VideSupport
iNAT Gaming - September 15,
Only Angel,
Mirbs, and
Inori join.
Escalona and Puyi30K join as substitutes.
EuropeOnly AngeliNAT GamingTop
EuropePalensiNAT GamingJungle
EuropeZherathoriNAT GamingMid
EuropeBleKziNAT GamingMid
EuropeMirbsiNAT GamingBot
EuropeInori (Spanish Player)iNAT GamingSupport
EuropeEscalonaiNAT Gamingtrue
EuropePuyi30KiNAT Gamingtrue
iNAT Gaming - September 15, MilfPolice (Head Coach), TRILLO (Assistant Coach), and MarioSCT (Head Analyst) join.
EuropeMilfPoliceiNAT GamingHead Coach
EuropeTRILLOiNAT GamingAssistant Coach
EuropeMarioSCTiNAT GamingHead Analyst
Intuition - September 15,
Haeri and
Dream leave.
OceaniaDream (Ronan Swingler)IntuitionBot
Vanir - September 15,
Blíght and
Kenny join.
EuropeKenny (Ken-Harald Olsen)VanirSupport
North AmericaNeuronUniversity of DenverJungle
North AmericaForever LonelyUniversity of DenverMid
North AmericaPharaohUniversity of DenverBot
North AmericaN I C CUniversity of DenverBot
North AmericaOriginalJaggUniversity of DenverTop
North AmericaLukiilegacyUniversity of DenverMid
North AmericaKkyrosUniversity of DenverSupport
Beşiktaş Esports - September 15, Feanor (Head Coach) is loaned to ASUS ROG ELITE.
TurkeyFeanorBeşiktaş EsportsHead CoachBeşiktaş EsportsHead Coach
ASUS ROG ELITE - September 15, Feanor (Coach) is loaned from Beşiktaş Esports.
EuropeFeanorASUS ROG ELITECoach
EVOS Esports - September 15,
Warzone retires and moves to streamer.
Racoon (Italian Team) - September 15,
Khema joins.
EuropeKhemaRacoon (Italian Team)Jungle
Racoon (Italian Team) - September 15,
Phantomles joins.
EuropePhantomlesRacoon (Italian Team)Mid