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Current Roster Change Portals:

Oct 14[edit]

Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Dark Zone - October 14, Giove (Team Manager) joins.
EuropeGioveDark ZoneTeam Manager
Killabeez - October 14,
Shoack and
Darko (temporary substitutes) leave.
Vanir - October 14,
Lucky joins.
EuropeLucky (Norwegian Player)VanirMid
Iron Wolves - October 14,
Eckas joins as temporary substitute for Week 9 of BESL Season 2, replacing Agentas.
EuropeEckasIron WolvesJungle
Skizm eSports - October 14,
Midorima, and
poome join.

HyBriDZz and
Whober join as substitutes.
North AmericaTroy (Troy Proffitt)Skizm eSportsTop
North AmericaMidorimaSkizm eSportsBot
North AmericapoomeSkizm eSportsSupport
North AmericaHyBriDZzSkizm eSportsToptrue
North AmericaWhoberSkizm eSportsBottrue
Dire Cubs - October 14,
Topoon leaves.
OceaniaTopoonDire CubsTop
Team Vitality - October 14, LeLfe steps down from managerial role.
EuropeLeLfeTeam VitalityTeam ManagerTeam Vitality
Zenith Esports - October (approx.),
Srkenji leaves.
North AmericaSrkenjiZenith EsportsJungletrue
AZIO eSports - October 14,
Trance joins.

snap moves to substitute.
North AmericasnapAZIO eSportsSupportAZIO eSportsSupporttrue
North AmericaTranceAZIO eSportsSupport
Andes Esports - October 14, Team disbands.
Gastruks, and Lance (Head Coach) leave.
LASScrappyAndes EsportsTop
LASDhekAndes EsportsTop
LASNeylan (Brian Rigaudi)Andes EsportsJungle
LASCodyAndes EsportsMid
LASCuest1oNAndes EsportsBot
LASGastruksAndes EsportsSupport
LASFeitanAndes EsportsSupport
LASLance (Cláudio Mascarenhas)Andes EsportsHead Coach

Oct 15[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
D-City Gaming Stars - October 15,
Outlandisch joins.
EuropeOutlandischD-City Gaming StarsJungle
T3H Esports - October 15, Team is officially announced.
Desrim, and
Bobo join.
EuropeBadPieT3H EsportsTop
EuropeRaxhyT3H EsportsJungle
EuropeJinshT3H EsportsMid
EuropeDesrimT3H EsportsBot
EuropeBobo (Bojan Lekanic)T3H EsportsSupport
EuropeFokTeam Legion (Benelux Team)Top
EuropeMadcraftTeam Legion (Benelux Team)Support
EuropeAlphaCloudyTeam Legion (Benelux Team)Top
EuropewewillfailerTeam Legion (Benelux Team)Support
mCon esports - October 15,
Axecitement joins.
Mârty (Bot to Assistant Coach) changes position.
EuropeMârtymCon esportsBotmCon esportsAssistant Coach
EuropeAxecitementmCon esportsBot
Team Echo Zulu - October 15, Acesive (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeAcesiveTeam Echo ZuluHead Coach
Team GamerLegion - October 15,
Novachrono joins.
EuropeNovachronoTeam GamerLegionTop
Cloud9 - October 15, Jonathon (Lead Analyst) leaves.
North AmericaJonathonCloud9Lead Analyst
Cloud9 Academy - October 15, Jonathon (Team Manager) leaves.
North AmericaJonathonCloud9 AcademyTeam Manager
Excel Esports - October 15,
Send0o is loaned to ASUS ROG Army.
EuropeSend0oExcel EsportsTopExcel EsportsTop
Excel Esports - October 15,
Quixeth leaves.
EuropeQuixethExcel EsportsSupport
DAMWON Gaming - October 15, GalB (Coach) leaves.
KoreaGalBDAMWON GamingCoach
eMonkeyz - October 15, Rudy renames to Mirror.
eMonkeyz - October 15,
Almo joins.
eMonkeyz - October 15,
Mirror joins.
eMonkeyz - October 15, Higure (Head Coach) joins.
Doomz and
Fendras join as substitutes.

Moryo leaves.
EuropeHigureeMonkeyzHead Coach
MAD Lions E.C. - October 15,
ElOjoNinja rejoins as substitute.

Sir Kalwerd,
Rayito, and
Simpy leave.
EuropexGenesisMAD Lions E.C.Toptrue
EuropeSir KalwerdMAD Lions E.C.Midtrue
EuropeRayitoMAD Lions E.C.Bottrue
EuropeSimpyMAD Lions E.C.Supporttrue
EuropeElOjoNinjaMAD Lions E.C.Jungletrue
MAD Lions E.C. - October 15,
Kanani becomes a sub.
EuropeKananiMAD Lions E.C.Jungletrue
Movistar Riders - October 15, Jarge (Analyst) joins.
StevenDX and
Homi join as substitutes.

Samux is loaned from Unicorns Of Love.
EuropeSamuxMovistar RidersBot
EuropeStevenDXMovistar RidersBottrue
EuropeHomiMovistar RidersSupporttrue
EuropeJargeMovistar RidersAnalyst
Movistar Riders - October 15,
Darko leaves.
EuropeDarkoMovistar RidersSupporttrue
Penguins - October 15,
Aaron, and
Aizhon join as substitutes.
EuropeAaron (Aarón Gallego)PenguinsBottrue
Penguins Academy - October 15,
Aaron, and
Aizhon join.
EuropeItGoxPenguins AcademyTop
EuropeShikaruPenguins AcademyMid
EuropeFreezeOPPenguins AcademyJungle
EuropeAaron (Aarón Gallego)Penguins AcademyBot
EuropeAizhonPenguins AcademySupport
EGN Esports - October 15,
InKos joins.

Nyx leaves.
EuropeNyx (Óscar Ruiz Vargas)EGN EsportsJungle
EuropeInKosEGN EsportsJungle
KIYF eSports Club - October 15,
Khantos, and
Kandar join as substitutes.
EuropexShiiroKIYF eSports ClubJungletrue
EuropeHunter (Antonio Sánchez)KIYF eSports ClubBottrue
EuropeKhantosKIYF eSports ClubBottrue
EuropeKandarKIYF eSports ClubSupporttrue
Ordo Equitum - October 15,
InKos leaves.
LANInKosOrdo EquitumJungle

Oct 16[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team Atlantis - October 16,
P1noy leaves.
EuropeP1noyTeam AtlantisBot
Calamity Esports - October 16 (approx.), Calamity Esports transfers its UPL spot to META and disbands.
Bad Comedy,
Clarizio, and
Hen leave.
North AmericaBad ComedyCalamity EsportsTop
North AmericaMoodiesCalamity EsportsJungle
North America7X UPPERCUTSCalamity EsportsMid
North America1ucidCalamity EsportsBot
North AmericaClarizioCalamity EsportsSupport
North AmericaHenCalamity EsportsSupporttrue
META - October 16 (approx.), META acquires the UPL spot of Calamity Esports.
Wixxi, and
Cat Ears join.
North AmericaDinkaMETATop
North AmericaShorterACEMETAJungle
North AmericaFockusMETAMid
North AmericaWixxiMETABot
North AmericaCat EarsMETASupport
META - October 16, Wixxi renames to MikeyLove.
ad hoc gaming - October 16, MoSiTing (Head Coach) joins. Lagily (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeLagilyad hoc gamingHead Coach
EuropeMoSiTingad hoc gamingHead Coach
GamersOrigin - October 16,
TynX leaves.
Bilibili Gaming - October 16,
M1anhua becomes inactive.
ChinaM1anhuaBilibili GamingJungleBilibili GamingJungle
Santos e-Sports - October 16, Shu (Analyst) joins.
BrazilShu (Hamilton Neto)Santos e-SportsAnalyst
ProGaming Esports - October 16,
Minerva leaves.
BrazilMinervaProGaming EsportsJungle
paiN Gaming - October 16,
Minerva rejoins.
BrazilMinervapaiN GamingJungle

Oct 17[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team Atlantis - October (approx.),
Shadow leaves.
EuropeShadow (Zhiqiang Zhao)Team AtlantisJungle
Golden Guardians - October 17, Danan (General Manager) joins. Inero (Consultant to Head Coach) changes position. Morissette (Interim Head Coach) leaves for academy roster.
North AmericaIneroGolden GuardiansConsultantGolden GuardiansHead Coach
North AmericaMorissetteGolden GuardiansInterim Head Coach
North AmericaDananGolden GuardiansGeneral Manager
Dire Wolves - October 17,
Shernfire leaves.
OceaniaShernfireDire WolvesJungle
Santos e-Sports - October 17,
Prb joins.
BrazilPrbSantos e-SportsJungle
paiN Gaming - October 17,
Nano moves to starting roster.
Dioud becomes inactive.
BrazilDioudpaiN GamingSupportpaiN GamingSupport
BrazilNanopaiN GamingSupporttruepaiN GamingSupport
Cyberground Gaming - October 17,
Vrow, and
Creon join.
EuropeAgentasCyberground GamingJungle
EuropeVrowCyberground GamingMid
EuropeCreonCyberground GamingBot
Cyberground Gaming - October 17,
Kd0 and
W1nn3r f4nb0y join as substitutes.

Degh and
anima vestra move to substitutes.
EuropeDeghCyberground GamingTopCyberground GamingToptrue
Europeanima vestraCyberground GamingBotCyberground GamingBottrue
EuropeKd0Cyberground GamingMidtrue
EuropeW1nn3r f4nb0yCyberground GamingSupporttrue
Cyberground Gaming - October 17, ChambreLeon (Analyst) and GKeeper (Team Manager) join.
EuropeGKeeperCyberground GamingTeam Manager
EuropeChambreLeonCyberground GamingAnalyst
Cyberground Gaming - October 17,
Eberkazak leaves.
TheKonver leaves for academy roster. Eunha is loaned to Hexagone Esports.
EuropeEunhaCyberground GamingJungletrueCyberground Gamingtrue
EuropeEberkazakCyberground GamingMidtrue
EuropeTheKonverCyberground GamingBot
Cyberground Gaming - October 17, Dario (Coach), Michaeten (Analyst), and Hexonator (Assistant Manager) leave.
EuropeDarioCyberground GamingCoach
EuropeHexonatorCyberground GamingAssistant Manager
EuropeMichaetenCyberground GamingAnalyst
Wind and Rain - October 17,
Crossman leaves.
EuropeCrossmanWind and RainMid

Oct 18[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team oNe eSports - October 18,
Name's loan from IDM Gaming ends.
BrazilNameTeam oNe eSportsTop
Szata Maga - October 18,
Sebekx joins.
EuropeSebekxSzata MagaMid

Oct 19[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Penguins - October 19, DarthRaven (Strategic Coach) rejoins.
EuropeDarthRavenPenguinsStrategic Coach
paiN Gaming - October 19, WizardKira (Analyst) leaves.
BrazilWizardKirapaiN GamingAnalyst
x25 Esports - October 19,
klowny moves to starting roster.
Freezy moves to substitute.
Europeklownyx25 EsportsToptruex25 EsportsTop
EuropeFreezyx25 EsportsTopx25 EsportsToptrue

Oct 20[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Misfits Gaming - October 20, Moose (Head Coach) steps down.
Nordavind - October 20,
Energy joins as substitute.