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Current Roster Change Portals:

Nov 22[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team One Shot - November 22,
PiOk joins.

Lucker leaves.
EuropeLuckerTeam One ShotBot
EuropePiOkTeam One ShotBot
Operation Kino e-Sports - November 22,
Juzinho leaves.
BrazilJuzinhoOperation Kino e-SportsSupport
Two-eyed Monsters - November 22,
RayFarky leaves.
JapanRayFarkyTwo-eyed MonstersTop
YouthCrew Esports - November 22,
MagiFelix leaves.
TurkeyMagiFelixYouthCrew EsportsMid
Giants Gaming - November 22,
Betsy's departure is confirmed.
EuropeBetsyGiants GamingMid
Misfits Academy - November 22,
Chrisberg leaves.
EuropeChrisbergMisfits AcademyBot
G-Rex - November 22,
Candy's departure is confirmed.
LMSCandy (Kim Seung-ju)G-RexMid
DetonatioN FocusMe - November 22,
Pink Bean leaves.
JapanPink BeanDetonatioN FocusMeBottrue
Mammoth Academy - November (approx.),
Laws, and Vicarius (Coach) leave.
OceaniaZZZ (Xiao Zhi)Mammoth AcademyTop
OceaniaYaelayMammoth AcademyJungle
OceaniaLeeSAMammoth AcademyJungletrue
OceaniaLawsMammoth AcademyMidtrue
OceaniaVicariusMammoth AcademyCoach
Avant Academy - November (approx.),
S3rum, and Cpower leave.
OceaniaPopeAvant AcademyTop
OceaniaS3rumAvant AcademyMid
OceaniaCpowerAvant Academytrue
Unsold Stuff Gaming - November 22,
Gango leaves.
JapanGangoUnsold Stuff GamingBot
Bilibili Gaming - November 22,
AmazingJ's departure is confirmed.
ChinaAmazingJBilibili GamingTop
Dire Cubs - November 22,
Getback leaves for main roster.
OceaniaGetbackDire CubsMid
Dire Wolves - November 22,
Getback rejoins from academy roster.
OceaniaGetbackDire WolvesMid
100 Thieves - November 22,
Bang joins.
North AmericaBang100 ThievesBot
100 Thieves - November 22,
Cody Sun is set to leave with assistance finding a new team.
North AmericaCody Sun100 ThievesBot100 ThievesBot
Fnatic - November 22,
sOAZ's departure is confirmed.
Misfits Gaming - November 22,
sOAZ joins.
EuropesOAZMisfits GamingTop
ORDER - November 22,
FBI and
Rogue leave.
OceaniaRogue (Jake Sharwood)ORDERSupport
Afreeca Freecs - November 22,
Ucal joins.
KoreaUcalAfreeca FreecsMid
Gen.G - November 22,
Ruler, and
Life's contracts are extended through 2019.
KoreaFly (Song Yong-jun)Gen.GMidGen.GMid
Penguins - November 22,
Siler leaves.
Hanwha Life Esports - November 22,
SoHwan and
Thal join.

Sangyoon, and
Key's contracts are extended.
KoreaSoHwanHanwha Life EsportsTop
KoreaThalHanwha Life EsportsTop
KoreaLavaHanwha Life EsportsMid
KoreaSangyoonHanwha Life EsportsBot
KoreaKeyHanwha Life EsportsSupport
Kingzone DragonX - November 22,
Khan's departure is confirmed.
KoreaKhanKingzone DragonXTop
bbq Olivers - November 22,
Crazy's departure is confirmed.
KoreaCrazy (Kim Jae-hee)bbq OliversTop
SK Telecom T1 - November 22,
Clid, and
Teddy join.

Crazy and
Haru join as substitutes.
KoreaKhanSK Telecom T1Top
KoreaClidSK Telecom T1Jungle
KoreaTeddySK Telecom T1Bot
KoreaCrazy (Kim Jae-hee)SK Telecom T1Toptrue
KoreaHaruSK Telecom T1Jungletrue
RoX (2014 CIS Team) - November 22,
Backlund leaves.
CISBacklundRoX (2014 CIS Team)Mid
Flamengo Esports - November 22, Reven (Analyst) joins.
BrazilReven (Seong Sang-hyeon)Flamengo EsportsAnalyst
Gama Dream - November 22,
Punished joins.
ChinaPunishedGama DreamMid
100 Thieves - November 22,
Bang's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.
Misfits Gaming - November 22,
sOAZ's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2019.
Rebirth eSports - November 22,
Rod leaves.
LASRodRebirth eSportsJungle
Dire Wolves - November 22,
Getback's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
RED Canids - November 22,
Winged retires with an interest in coaching.