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Current Roster Change Portals:

Nov 26[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
x25 Esports - November 26,
Bananitoo (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeBananitoox25 EsportsBot
Kine Club - November 26,
15 FF PLS,
Papier, and
Katze join.

Haseo moves to substitute.
Kinemon leaves.
SEAKinemonKine ClubMid
SEAHaseoKine ClubBotKine ClubBottrue
SEA15 FF PLSKine ClubMid
SEAPapierKine ClubBot
SEAKatze (Chutinthorn Chatsonthi)Kine ClubSupport
Kine Club - November 26, merlyy renames to Mapier.
inFerno eSports - November 26,
Ryuzaki leaves.
EuropeRyuzakiinFerno eSportsJungle
Team Vitality Academy - November 26,
Pretty leaves.
EuropePrettyTeam Vitality AcademyMid
Nordavind - November (approx.),
Kakan joins.

Szygenda joins as substitute.

Clap moves to substitute.
EuropeClap (Anders Bjerkengen)NordavindTopNordavindToptrue
Defusekids - November 26,
Kadir and
ScarletRedHands join as temporary substitutes for ESL Proximus 2018 Winter Playoffs, replacing Albetrayber and Furuy, respectively.
SinoDragon Gaming - November 26,
Changhong's contract is extended.
ChinaChanghongSinoDragon GamingTopSinoDragon GamingTop
GamersOrigin - November 26,
Tonerre leaves.
Team Liquid Academy - November 26,
MikeYeung joins.
North AmericaMikeYeungTeam Liquid AcademyJungle
FlyQuest Academy - November 26,
Pekin Woof is removed from the GCD.
North AmericaPekin WoofFlyQuest AcademyMid
Cloud9 Academy - November 26,
Diamond joins.
North AmericaDiamond (David Bérubé)Cloud9 AcademySupport
Cloud9 Academy - November 26,
Diamond's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Team Liquid Academy - November 26,
MikeYeung's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.
TSM - November 26,
Smoothie's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.
PENTAGRAM - November 26, 34 (Coach) leaves.
Burning Core - November 26, SANHA (Head Coach) and 34 (Coach) join. Hope of Nation (Head Coach) and Yozora (Coach) leave.
JapanHope of NationBurning CoreHead Coach
JapanYozora (Kim Young-jin)Burning CoreCoach
JapanSANHABurning CoreHead Coach
Japan34Burning CoreCoach
OpTic Gaming - November 26,
Akaadian's departure is confirmed.
North AmericaAkaadianOpTic GamingJungle
FlyQuest - November 26,
Flame and
Keane's departures are confirmed.
North AmericaFlameFlyQuestTop
North AmericaKeaneFlyQuestMid
Topsports Gaming - November 26,
LokeN joins.

QiuQiu moves to substitute.
ChinaQiuQiu (Zhang Ming)Topsports GamingBotTopsports GamingBottrue
ChinaLokeNTopsports GamingBot
Clutch Gaming - November 26,
Damonte joins.
North AmericaDamonteClutch GamingMid
Dire Wolves - November 26,
UDYSOF rejoins.
OceaniaUDYSOFDire WolvesJungle
Misfits Gaming - November 26, Moose (Head Coach to VP Competitive Performance) changes position.
EuropeMooseMisfits GamingHead CoachMisfits GamingVP Competitive Performance
Chiefs Esports Club - November 26,
Babip's departure is confirmed.
OceaniaBabipChiefs Esports ClubJungle
ASUS ROG ELITE - November 26,
Von's contract expires.
EuropeVon (Dimitris Bakiris)ASUS ROG ELITEMid
Dropz Esports - November 26,
Haaard joins.
EuropeHaaardDropz EsportsJungle
Winners - November 26, Alvingo (Coach) leaves.
REVERSE Gaming - November 26, W (Owner,Head Coach) leaves.
KoreaWREVERSE GamingOwner/Head Coach
Jin Air Green Wings - November 26,
Kellin, Alvingo (Coach), and W (Coach) join.

Grace and H-Dragon (Head Coach)'s contracts are extended.
KoreaLindarangJin Air Green WingsTop
KoreaTaNaJin Air Green WingsTop
KoreaMalrangJin Air Green WingsJungle
KoreaCheonGoJin Air Green WingsMid
KoreaRouteJin Air Green WingsBot
KoreaStitchJin Air Green WingsBot
KoreaKellinJin Air Green WingsSupport
KoreaAlvingoJin Air Green WingsCoach
KoreaWJin Air Green WingsCoach
KoreaGraceJin Air Green WingsMid
KoreaH-DragonJin Air Green WingsHead Coach
SuperMassive Esports - November 26,
SnowFlower leaves.
TurkeySnowFlowerSuperMassive EsportsSupport
KT Rolster - November 26,
Bdd and
SnowFlower join.

Smeb and
Score's contracts are extended.
KoreaBddKT RolsterMid
KoreaSnowFlowerKT RolsterSupport
KoreaSmebKT RolsterTop
KoreaScoreKT RolsterJungle
Royal Youth - November 26,
Pilot joins.
TurkeyPilot (Na Woo-hyung)Royal YouthBot
Galakticos - November 26,
Ruvelius is readded to the GCD.
Kaos Latin Gamers - November 26,
Slow, and Pierre (Head Coach) leave.
LASPlugoKaos Latin GamersMid
LASSlowKaos Latin GamersSupport
LASPierreKaos Latin GamersHead Coach
Isurus - November 26,
emp moves to substitute.
Isurus - November 26,
Kindless is loaned to XTEN Esports.
Eternals Gaming - November 26,
Reformed Player, and MartinCARP (Head Coach) leave.
LASOblivionEternals GamingJungle
LASMETOR1Eternals GamingBot
LASReformed PlayerEternals GamingSupport
LASMartinCARPEternals GamingHead Coach
Rebirth eSports - November 26,
Warangelus and Losan (Head Coach) leave.
LASWarangelusRebirth eSportsBot
LASLosanRebirth eSportsHead Coach
Galakticos - November 26, Ruvelius' contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Royal Youth - November 26,
Pilot's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
x25 Esports - November 26,
klowny leaves.
Europeklownyx25 EsportsTop