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Current Roster Change Portals:

Nov 28[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team Rhythm - November 28,
Angelzen joins.

Hexotrail joins as temporary substitute for Week 3 of NEL Season 1, replacing Konradforfaen.
EuropeHexotrailTeam RhythmJungle
EuropeAngelzenTeam RhythmSupport
NecroRaisers - November 28,
Skyp joins.

Falazury leave.
Jednorožci - November 28,
Pytlák, and
Podporovač join.

yoshi, and
Jekyll leave.
Europeyoshi (Matouš Palme)JednorožciBot
Giants Gaming - November 28,
Djoko and
Steeelback's departures are confirmed.
EuropeDjokoGiants GamingJungle
EuropeSteeelbackGiants GamingBot
Team Vitality Academy - November 28,
bluerzor leaves.
EuropebluerzorTeam Vitality AcademyJungle
Riddle Esports - November 28,
Wendelbo, and Hon1 (Head Coach) leave.
EuropeSkudeRiddle EsportsJungle
EuropeYupwulfRiddle EsportsMid
EuropeWendelboRiddle EsportsSupport
EuropeHon1Riddle EsportsHead Coach
Team Echo Zulu - November 28,
Goose leaves.
EuropeGooseTeam Echo ZuluBot
CLG Academy - November 28,
Auto's contract is extended through 2019.
North AmericaAutoCLG AcademyBot
Clutch Gaming Academy - November 28,
Vulcan leaves for main roster.
North AmericaVulcan (Philippe Laflamme)Clutch Gaming AcademySupport
Burning Core - November 28,
Haretti leaves.
JapanHarettiBurning CoreBot
LGD Gaming - November 28,
Ian and
Kramer join.
ChinaIanLGD GamingMid
ChinaKramerLGD GamingBot
Victory Song Gaming - November 28,
Meteor leaves.
ChinaMeteorVictory Song GamingJungle
Bilibili Gaming - November 28,
Meteor joins.
ChinaMeteorBilibili GamingJungle
Topsports Gaming - November 28,
Ben joins.

Cat moves to substitute.
ChinaCat (Wu Yao)Topsports GamingSupportTopsports GamingSupporttrue
ChinaBenTopsports GamingSupport
Invictus Gaming - November 28,
Ning's contract is extended.
ChinaNingInvictus GamingJungle
Invictus Gaming - November 28,
Baolan's departure is confirmed.
ChinaBaolanInvictus GamingSupport
Clutch Gaming - November 28,
Vulcan joins from academy roster.
North AmericaVulcan (Philippe Laflamme)Clutch GamingSupport
100 Thieves - November 28,
Cody Sun and
Rikara leave.
North AmericaCody Sun100 ThievesBot
North AmericaRikara100 ThievesBot
Splyce - November 28,
kaSing leaves.
Splyce - November 28,
Kronos retires.
Afreeca Freecs - November 28,
Mowgli leaves.
KoreaMowgliAfreeca FreecsJungle
Team Vitality - November 28,
Mowgli joins.

Kikis' departure is confirmed.
EuropeKikisTeam VitalityJungle
EuropeMowgliTeam VitalityJungle
Rogue (European Team) - November 28,
Kikis joins.
EuropeKikisRogue (European Team)Jungle
Misfits Gaming - November 28, Hajinsun (Translator) joins.
EuropeHajinsunMisfits GamingTranslator
Excel Esports - November 28,
kaSing joins.
EuropekaSingExcel EsportsSupport
MAD Lions E.C. - November 28,
Nemesis is set to leave on December 3.
EuropeNemesisMAD Lions E.C.MidMAD Lions E.C.Mid
Movistar Riders - November 28,
Cinkrof leaves.
EuropeCinkrofMovistar RidersJungle
Movistar Riders - November 28,
Klaj leaves.
EuropeKlajMovistar RidersSupport
Penguins - November 28, Nunaso (COO) leaves.
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - November 28,
Move leaves.
TurkeyMove1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsJungle
GC Busan Rising Star - November 28,
Hoglet leaves.
KoreaHogletGC Busan Rising StarJungle
All Knights - November 28,
Hoglet and
Plugo join.
LASHogletAll KnightsJungle
LASPlugoAll KnightsMid
Flamengo Esports - November 28,
brTT's contract is extended through 2019.
BrazilbrTTFlamengo EsportsBotFlamengo EsportsBot
Cyberground Gaming - November 28,
Sharpie rejoins as substitute.
EuropeSharpieCyberground GamingBottrue
Team Refuse - November 28, Charming renames to Chillthenwinbig.
EuropexGenesisTeam RefuseTop
EuropeCrazyRabbitTeam RefuseJungle
EuropeChillthenwinbigTeam RefuseBot
EuropeSteelYoungTeam RefuseSupport
Dash9 Gaming - November 28, Organization disband.
Lulos, Dye (Head Coach), PR1D3 (Strategic Coach), and Pirata (General Manager) leave.
LANGrellDash9 GamingJungle
LANLulosDash9 GamingToptrue
LANDyeDash9 GamingHead Coach
LANPR1D3Dash9 GamingStrategic Coach
LANPirataDash9 GamingGeneral Manager
MVP - November 28,
Edge joins.
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - November 28,
Hades, and
Japone's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Royal Youth - November 28,
GBM's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.