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Current Roster Change Portals:

Dec 07[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Dragons E.C. - December 7,
Hero leaves.
EuropeHero (Miguel Fernández)Dragons E.C.Jungle
D-City Gaming Stars - December 7,
Outlandisch leaves.
EuropeOutlandischD-City Gaming StarsJungle
mYinsanity - December 7,
GoldenGod leaves.
Burning Core - December 7,
cogcog joins.
JapancogcogBurning CoreTop
FunPlus Phoenix - December 7, WarHorse (Head Coach) joins.
ChinaWarHorseFunPlus PhoenixHead Coach
Excel Esports - December 7,
Expect joins.
EuropeExpectExcel EsportsTop
Avant Gaming - December 7, Rusty (Head Coach) joins.
OceaniaRustyAvant GamingHead Coach
Bombers - December 7,
ry0ma joins.
Level One - December 7,
Drago is loaned to Dropz Esports.
EuropeDragoLevel OneSupportLevel OneSupport
Dropz Esports - December 7,
Chrodino joins as substitute.

Drago is loaned from Level One.

Serenity moves to substitute.
EuropeSerenity (Tommaso Iacobellis)Dropz EsportsSupportDropz EsportsSupporttrue
EuropeDragoDropz EsportsSupport
EuropeChrodinoDropz EsportsJungletrue
Dropz Esports - December 7,
Zoiren joins as substitute.
EuropeZoirenDropz EsportsMidtrue
Dropz Esports - December 7,
Haaard leaves.
EuropeHaaardDropz EsportsJungle
HG Esports - December 7,
Crocomux, and Vareitor (Head Coach) join.

Yuk and
C2H7NO3S move to substitutes.
EuropeYukHG EsportsTopHG EsportsToptrue
EuropeC2H7NO3SHG EsportsJungleHG EsportsJungletrue
EuropePotatismjölHG EsportsTop
EuropeProfessorZenHG EsportsJungle
EuropeCrocomuxHG EsportsMid
EuropeVareitorHG EsportsHead Coach
APK Prince - December 7,
Fury joins.
KoreaFury (Lee Jin-yong)APK PrinceBot
Galakticos - December 7,
Trick joins.
Furious Gaming - December 7,
Zeypher, and
Gralou join.
Latin AmericaAkunmaFurious GamingTop
Latin AmericaZeypherFurious GamingBot
Latin AmericaGralouFurious GamingSupport
Cyberground Gaming - December 7,
Migrove returns from loan to RedShift Gaming.
W1nn3r f4nb0y,
Demly, and
Qenal leave for academy roster.
EuropeDemlyCyberground GamingToptrue
EuropeQenalCyberground GamingJungletrue
EuropeW1nn3r f4nb0yCyberground GamingSupport
EuropeMigroveCyberground GamingBottrueCyberground GamingBottrue
Cyberground Gaming - December 7,
Migrove leaves for academy roster.
EuropeMigroveCyberground GamingBottrue
Cyberground Gaming Academy - December 7,
Stogodlike and
Benedict XIV join.

Migrove, and
W1nn3r f4nb0y join from main roster.

Demly joins as substitute from main roster.
EuropeStogodlikeCyberground Gaming AcademyTop
EuropeQenalCyberground Gaming AcademyJungle
EuropeBenedict XIVCyberground Gaming AcademyMid
EuropeMigroveCyberground Gaming AcademyBot
EuropeW1nn3r f4nb0yCyberground Gaming AcademySupport
EuropeDemlyCyberground Gaming AcademyToptrue
Vikingekrig Esports - December (approx.), Roster disbands.
JacoobxD, and
Janko leave.
EuropeAwakër (Martin Maxa)Vikingekrig EsportsJungle
EuropeLaudyVikingekrig EsportsMid
EuropeJacoobxDVikingekrig EsportsBot
EuropeJankoVikingekrig EsportsSupport
Dark Horse - December 7,
Hazard leaves.
LASHazardDark HorseTop
MVP - December 7,
Garden joins.

Carrot moves to starting roster.
KoreaCarrot (Kim Byeong-jun)MVPToptrueMVPTop
Splyce - December 7,
Vizicsacsi's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2019.
Piast Gliwice Esports - December 7,
Rybson leaves.
EuropeRybsonPiast Gliwice EsportsJungle
Akademia - December 7,
Rybson joins.

Curator moves to substitute.
Regular Team - December 7,
Julaxe leaves.
LANJulaxeRegular TeamJungle
MAD Lions E.C. Colombia - December 7,
Julaxe joins.
Latin AmericaJulaxeMAD Lions E.C. ColombiaJungle
Galakticos - December 7,
Trick's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 30 April 2019.