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Current Roster Change Portals:

Jan 06[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Anubis Gaming - January (approx.),
Molto joins.

Sakka and
Fev3r rejoin.

Gaaloul, and
Butcher leave.
MENAMezaAnubis GamingTop
MENAGaaloulAnubis GamingMid
MENAButcherAnubis GamingSupport
MENAMoltoAnubis GamingTop
MENASakkaAnubis GamingMid
MENAFev3rAnubis GamingSupport
MYIDOL Esports - January (approx.),
Smooth joins.
MENASmoothMYIDOL EsportsBot
Inaequalis - January 6,
Sirinox leaves.
D-City Gaming Stars - January 6, Majstrov (Coach) leaves.
EuropeMajstrovD-City Gaming StarsCoach
Copenhagen Flames - January 6, Guldborg (Head Coach,Team Manager) joins.
EuropeGuldborgCopenhagen FlamesHead Coach/Team Manager
AZIO eSports - January 6,
5fire leaves.
North America5fireAZIO eSportsMid
Team WE - January (approx.),
Coten joins as substitute.
ChinaCotenTeam WEToptrue
G-Rex Infinite - January (approx.),
Biven joins as substitute.
LMSBivenG-Rex InfiniteMidtrue
x25 Esports - January 6,
nemanja247 and
Panj leave.
Europenemanja247x25 EsportsBot
EuropePanjx25 EsportsSupport
Level Up esports - January 6,
neca247 and
Panj rejoin.
Europeneca247Level Up esportsBot
EuropePanjLevel Up esportsSupport
ASUS ROG ELITE - January 6,
Lukezy joins.
Stankela joins as substitute.
DoubleAiM (Managing Director),
Nemky, and
LiMiT's contracts are extended.
Von and
Khantos' departures are confirmed.
EuropeKhantosASUS ROG ELITEBot
EuropeVon (Dimitris Bakiris)ASUS ROG ELITEMid
EuropeBruno (Bruno Romac)ASUS ROG ELITETop
EuropeDoubleAiMASUS ROG ELITEJungle/Managing Director
EuropeLiMiT (Dino Tot)ASUS ROG ELITESupport
EuropeStankelaASUS ROG ELITEtrue
ES Sharks - January 6,
Naehyun leaves.
KoreaNaehyunES SharksMid
Kingzone DragonX - January 6,
Naehyun joins as substitute.
KoreaNaehyunKingzone DragonXMidtrue
Bursaspor Esports - January 6, Raven (Strategic Coach) rejoins.
TurkeyRaven (Renato Dimas)Bursaspor EsportsStrategic Coach
Gambit Esports - January 6, Kayos (Manager) joins. Seigimitsu (Sub/Jungle to Analyst) changes position. Tunes (Manager) leaves.
CISTunesGambit EsportsManager
CISSeigimitsuGambit EsportsJungletrueGambit EsportsAnalyst
CISKayosGambit EsportsManager
Bursaspor Academy - January 6, Raven (Head Coach) joins.
TurkeyRaven (Renato Dimas)Bursaspor AcademyHead Coach
Nordavind - January 6,
Clap and
Szygenda leave.
EuropeClap (Anders Bjerkengen)NordavindToptrue
Instinct Gaming - January 6,
JeFF joins as substitute.
Latin AmericaJeFFInstinct GamingJungletrue
WiLD MultiGaming - January 6,
MarineHBS and
Meight rejoin.
EuropeMarineHBSWiLD MultiGamingTop
EuropeMeightWiLD MultiGamingMid