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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Feb 10[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Kawaii Kiwis - February 10,
    Saddy leaves.
    EuropeSaddyKawaii KiwisBot
    Super Nova Sentinels - February 10, SnoozyTurtle joins as substitute.
    North AmericaSnoozyTurtleSuper Nova Sentinelstrue
    North AmericaEgokingTeam Solo JungleTop
    North AmericaBerbTeam Solo JungleJungle
    North AmericaBlind GoatTeam Solo JungleMid
    North AmericaUnReƒormedTeam Solo JungleBot
    North AmericapoomeTeam Solo JungleSupport
    Team Infamous - February 10, Team is formed.
    Kensi, and
    Dingo join.
    EuropeKuusTeam InfamousTop
    EuropeToffijTeam InfamousJungle
    EuropeWarizarTeam InfamousMid
    EuropeKensiTeam InfamousBot
    EuropeDingoTeam InfamousSupport
    PsykoPaths Gaming - February 10,
    Cake, and
    Abou222 leave.
    North AmericaMaxtroboPsykoPaths GamingTop
    North AmericaNovePsykoPaths GamingJungle
    North AmericaSlooshiPsykoPaths GamingMid
    North AmericaCake (Tristan Côté-Lalumière)PsykoPaths GamingBot
    North AmericaAbou222PsykoPaths GamingSupport
    Bloody Gaming - February 10,
    5fire (temporary substitute) leaves.
    North America5fireBloody GamingTop
    Team Clarity - February 10,
    Ic0nic and
    Value's loan from Supernova end.
    North AmericaIc0nicTeam ClarityJungle
    North AmericaValueTeam ClarityBot
    Supernova - February 10,
    Value and
    Ic0nic return from loan to Team Clarity.
    North AmericaIc0nicSupernovaJungletrueSupernovaJungletrue
    North AmericaValueSupernovaBotSupernovaBot
    Mirage Sport Électronique - February 10,
    HighKeySavage, and
    CoreTienZ leave.
    GlissyBoy (temporary substitute) leaves.
    North AmericaLawrenceMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueTop
    North AmericaSiddywiddyMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueJungle
    North AmericaHighKeySavageMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueMid
    North AmericaCoreTienZMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueBot
    North AmericaGlissyBoyMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueSupport
    Bilibili Gaming - February (approx.),
    Kine moves to substitute.
    ChinaKineBilibili GamingSupportBilibili GamingSupporttrue
    Victory Five - February 10, V (Coach) joins. changan (Assistant Coach) leaves.
    ChinachanganVictory FiveAssistant Coach
    ChinaVVictory FiveCoach
    Vaevictis eSports - February 10, LCL 2019 Spring roster is announced.
    VioletFairy, and
    Ankote join.
    Madneps (Manager to General Manager) changes position. Trianna (Manager to Bot/Manager) changes position.
    CISMadnepsVaevictis eSportsManagerVaevictis eSportsGeneral Manager
    CISTriannaVaevictis eSportsManagerVaevictis eSportsBot/Manager
    CISTR1GGEREDVaevictis eSportsTop
    CISMeraoVaevictis eSportsJungle
    CISVioletFairyVaevictis eSportsMid
    CISAnkoteVaevictis eSportsSupport
    MOBA ROG - February 10,
    Vigil joins as substitute.
    EuropeVigilMOBA ROGMidtrue

    Feb 11[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    EuropeDraganeUnicorns Of Love Sexy EditionMid
    Val 2.0 Valkyrie - February 11,
    LunaLavender, and Scarlet (Manager) leave.
    AfricaQajVal 2.0 ValkyrieTop
    AfricaNehnehsPieVal 2.0 ValkyrieJungle
    AfricaCassieKiwiVal 2.0 ValkyrieMid
    AfricaAyrineVal 2.0 ValkyrieBot
    AfricaLunaLavenderVal 2.0 ValkyrieSupport
    AfricaScarlet (Angelique Ramos)Val 2.0 ValkyrieManager
    MAD Lions Academy - February 11,
    Kaol, Rob (Coach), and Vareitor (Coach) join.
    EuropeKaolMAD Lions AcademyTop
    EuropeVareitorMAD Lions AcademyCoach
    EuropeRobMAD Lions AcademyCoach
    Kawaii Kiwis - February (approx.),
    Brimstone leaves.
    EuropeBrimstoneKawaii KiwisJungle
    F3 Visuals - February 11,
    Draxyr joins.

    NotTheRealPhilip moves to substitute.
    artisticadc leaves.
    North AmericaartisticadcF3 VisualsBottrue
    North AmericaNotTheRealPhilipF3 VisualsTopF3 VisualsToptrue
    North AmericaDraxyrF3 VisualsTop
    Dawn Esports - February 11,
    5up joins.

    Enervate7 joins as substitute.

    KaNKl leaves.
    North AmericaKaNKlDawn EsportsBot
    North America5upDawn EsportsBot
    North AmericaEnervate7Dawn EsportsBottrue
    Skizm Obsidian - February 11,
    Unawakened joins.

    GableBS joins as substitute.

    An Nuo l leaves.
    North AmericaAn Nuo lSkizm ObsidianJungle
    North AmericaUnawakenedSkizm ObsidianJungle
    North AmericaGableBSSkizm ObsidianJungletrue
    Buff Katarina Academy - February 11,
    Golden Kiwi joins.
    North AmericaGolden KiwiBuff Katarina AcademySupport
    Rogue Esports Club - February 11,
    Raxxo is added to the GCD.
    EuropeRaxxoRogue Esports ClubSupport
    MAD Lions E.C. - February 11, Moopz (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeMoopzMAD Lions E.C.Head Coach
    Fnatic Rising - February 11, Fnatic Academylogo std.pngFnatic Academy rebrands as Fnatic Risinglogo std.pngFnatic Rising.
    Suning-S - February 11,
    Aliez leaves.
    ChinaAliez (Huang Hao)Suning-STop
    VP Game - February 11,
    xiaodi leaves.
    ChinaxiaodiVP GameBot
    V5 87 - February 11, V5 87logo std.pngV5 87 is formed.
    xiaodi, and
    WestDam join.

    LFFzzz and
    86 join as substitutes.
    ChinaLineV5 87Top
    ChinaAliez (Huang Hao)V5 87Top
    ChinaCandy (Ding Li)V5 87Jungle
    ChinaKaiy1V5 87Jungle
    ChinaAgainV5 87Mid
    ChinaxiaodiV5 87Bot
    ChinaWestDamV5 87Support
    ChinaLFFzzzV5 87Jungletrue
    China86V5 87Bottrue
    V5 87 - February 11, Line renames to Dargon.
    V5 87 - February 11, Candy renames to WXM.
    V5 87 - February 11, Again renames to Years9.
    V5 87 - February 11, xiaodi renames to Kore.
    V5 87 - February 11, WestDam renames to WestDamY1.
    Team AURORA Academy - February 11,
    Manda, and
    Pogue are removed from the GCD.
    TurkeyStolkerTeam AURORA AcademyJungle
    TurkeyMandaTeam AURORA AcademyBot
    TurkeyPogueTeam AURORA AcademyBot
    Dark Passage Academy - February 11,
    Nomad is removed from the GCD.
    TurkeyNomadDark Passage AcademyTop
    Rogue Esports Club - February 11,
    Raxxo's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Infinity Esports Costa Rica - February 11, Sly Fox (Head Coach) joins.
    Latin AmericaSly FoxInfinity Esports Costa RicaHead Coach

    Feb 12[edit]

    Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Lowkey Esports - February 12,
    Firetheft joins as temporary substitute for Round 3 of P1 Elite Series Season 2, replacing Copari.
    North AmericaFiretheftLowkey EsportsTop
    Alpha Esports - February 12,
    Kiwi joins.
    LMSKiwiAlpha EsportsJungle
    SK Gaming - February 12, Brokenshard (Coach to Head Coach) changes position.
    EuropeBrokenshardSK GamingCoachSK GamingHead Coach
    Rogue (European Team) - February 12,
    Finn and
    Vander join from academy roster.
    EuropeFinnRogue (European Team)Top
    EuropeVanderRogue (European Team)Support
    Rogue Esports Club - February 12,
    Profit joins from main roster.

    Raxxo's joining is confirmed.
    EuropeRaxxoRogue Esports ClubSupport
    EuropeProfitRogue Esports ClubTop
    Excel UK - February 12,
    Exile joins from main roster.
    EuropeExile (Fabian Schubert)Excel UKMid
    Bursaspor Esports - February 12,
    Auspex leaves.
    TurkeyAuspexBursaspor EsportsSupport
    Gambit Esports - February 12, SaDJesteRRR (Assistant Coach) joins.
    CISSaDJesteRRRGambit EsportsAssistant Coach
    SK Gaming - February 12, Brokenshard (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Kaizen Esports - February 12,
    Jabtz moves to starting roster.
    Banano leaves.
    Latin AmericaJabtzKaizen EsportsSupporttrueKaizen EsportsSupport
    Latin AmericaBananoKaizen EsportsSupport
    SK Telecom T1 - February 12,
    Haru, Kkoma (Head Coach), Fly (Coach), and Zefa (Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Teddy and
    Leo's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
    MAD Lions E.C. Mexico - February 12,
    Mianare joins as substitute.
    Latin AmericaMianareMAD Lions E.C. MexicoBottrue
    INTZ - February 12,
    Lynx's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.
    KaBuM! e-Sports - February 12, Hiro (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    ProGaming Esports - February 12,
    Leozuxo's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Chiefs Esports Club - February 12, Volt (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.

    Feb 13[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Out of the Blue - February 13,
    Freyja joins.
    EuropeFreyjaOut of the BlueTop
    Solwing Esports - February 13,
    YallaSafSaf's joining is confirmed.

    AlphaCloud leaves.
    EuropeAlphaCloudSolwing EsportsTop
    EuropeYallaSafSafSolwing EsportsTop
    Movistar Riders - February 13, LeDuck (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropeLeDuckMovistar RidersHead Coach
    Galakticos - February 13,
    Flaxxish is added to the GCD.

    Doxy is removed from the GCD.
    Dark Passage - February 13,
    Saulius leaves.
    TurkeySauliusDark PassageMid
    Winners - February 13,
    Bully and Chief (Coach) join.
    Lowkey Esports - February 13, Lowkey Esports is disbanded.
    Command Attack,
    Fockus, Shiba (Coach), Taysak (Analyst), Dawn (Manager), and Tracker () leave.
    Firetheft (temporary substitute) leaves.
    North AmericaCopariLowkey EsportsTop
    North AmericaBmxspecksLowkey EsportsJungle
    North AmericaCommand AttackLowkey EsportsMid
    North AmericayeniaRLowkey EsportsBot
    North AmericaFockusLowkey EsportsSupport
    North AmericaShiba (River Vassallo)Lowkey EsportsCoach
    North AmericaDawn (North American Player)Lowkey EsportsManager
    North AmericaTaysakLowkey EsportsAnalyst
    North AmericaTrackerLowkey Esports
    North AmericaFiretheftLowkey EsportsTop
    Galakticos Academy - February 13,
    ARDA is added to the GCD.

    Syron is removed from the GCD.
    TurkeySyronGalakticos AcademySupport
    TurkeyARDAGalakticos AcademySupport
    Vikingekrig Esports - February 13,
    Lachtan, and
    Risdrengen join.

    slivovica joins as substitute.

    Adiss rejoins as substitute.

    Rau moves to substitute.
    Gaax leaves.
    EuropeRauVikingekrig EsportsMidVikingekrig EsportsMidtrue
    EuropeGaaxVikingekrig EsportsSupport
    EuropeWondroVikingekrig EsportsTop
    EuropeLachtanVikingekrig EsportsMid
    EuropeRisdrengenVikingekrig EsportsSupport
    EuropeAdissVikingekrig EsportsToptrue
    EuropeslivovicaVikingekrig EsportsSupporttrue
    Inside Games - February 13,
    Kyoshi, and
    Domec join.

    Haklbery joins as substitute.

    SeMike and
    Sufon leave.
    EuropeSeMikeInside GamesJungle
    EuropeSufonInside GamesSupport
    EuropeFuxInside GamesTop
    EuropeDyBerInside GamesJungle
    EuropePatošInside GamesMid
    EuropeKyoshiInside GamesBot
    EuropeDomecInside GamesSupport
    EuropeHaklberyInside GamesToptrue
    eSuba - February 13,
    Saulius and
    PiOk join.

    Tarky rejoins.

    Random and
    kamilius move to substitutes.
    Galakticos - February 13,
    Galakticos Academy - February 13,
    ARDA's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.

    Feb 14[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Future Perfect Zaun - February 14,
    Night joins.

    MYTAHT (temporary substitute) leaves.
    CISMYTAHTFuture Perfect ZaunBot
    CISNight (Jeroen Segers)Future Perfect ZaunMid
    Ventus Esports - February 14,
    Annes joins as substitute.
    EuropeAnnesVentus EsportsMidtrue
    Split Raiders - February 14,
    Nimfo joins.

    Kinn leaves.
    EuropeKinnSplit RaidersSupport
    EuropeNimfoSplit RaidersSupport
    Royal Never Give Up - February 14,
    Uzi becomes active.

    Wink moves to substitute.
    ChinaUzi (Jian Zi-Hao)Royal Never Give UpBotRoyal Never Give UpBot
    ChinaWinkRoyal Never Give UpBotRoyal Never Give UpBottrue
    Splyce - February 14, Tolki (Data Analyst) joins.
    EuropeTolkiSplyceData Analyst
    Penguins - February 14, Lud0 (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeLud0PenguinsHead Coach
    FTV Esports - February 14, Huỳnh Phương (Manager) leaves.
    VietnamHuỳnh PhươngFTV EsportsManager
    Galakticos - February 14,
    Flaxxish's joining is confirmed.

    Doxy's departure is confirmed.
    Western Michigan University - February 14, begfourmercy (Support to Top) and Szynka (Top to Support) change positions.
    North AmericaSzynkaWestern Michigan UniversityTopWestern Michigan UniversitySupport
    North AmericabegfourmercyWestern Michigan UniversitySupportWestern Michigan UniversityTop
    Inside Games - February 14, Kocourek (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropeKocourekInside GamesHead Coach
    Rogue Warriors - February 14,
    XiaoYao and
    Huanggai's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.

    Feb 15[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Out of the Blue - February 15,
    Caltys joins.
    EuropeCaltysOut of the BlueJungle
    OTG Esports - February 15,
    Cadence leaves.
    OceaniaCadenceOTG EsportsBot
    mCon esports - February 15,
    Tjeesing leaves.
    EuropeTjeesingmCon esportsJungle
    Splyce - February 15, Stress (Social Media Manager) joins.
    EuropeStressSplyceSocial Media Manager
    ASUS ROG ELITE - February 15,
    Colamax rejoins as substitute.
    EuropeColamaxASUS ROG ELITEJungletrue
    Triumphant Song Gaming - February 15,
    Cherub, and
    Pudding join as substitutes.
    ChinaguxiTriumphant Song GamingToptrue
    ChinaYe (Ji Xin-Yu)Triumphant Song GamingMidtrue
    ChinaLazy (Qu Run-Fan)Triumphant Song GamingJungletrue
    ChinaCherubTriumphant Song GamingBottrue
    ChinaPudding (Bi Hao-Tian)Triumphant Song GamingSupporttrue
    Indictive Esports - February 15,
    Bullet, and
    Grk join.
    Czaru (Sub/Mid to Top) changes position.
    Trenie moves to substitute.
    SuperAZE, and
    Jaqen leave.
    EuropeCzaruIndictive EsportsMidtrueIndictive EsportsTop
    EuropeTrenieIndictive EsportsBotIndictive EsportsBottrue
    EuropeDecakIndictive EsportsTop
    EuropeIpponIndictive EsportsJungle
    EuropeSuperAZEIndictive EsportsSupport
    EuropeJaqenIndictive EsportsToptrue
    EuropeBolszakIndictive EsportsJungle
    EuropeBulletIndictive EsportsBot
    EuropeGrkIndictive EsportsSupport

    Feb 16[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Divine eSports - February 16, Team is formed.
    ELO SANTA, and
    Latrodectuss join.
    EuropeKarisasDivine eSportsTop
    EuropeTehFrezhDivine eSportsJungle
    EuropeDehasteDivine eSportsMid
    EuropeELO SANTADivine eSportsBot
    EuropeLatrodectussDivine eSportsSupport
    ESCORT P9 - February 16,
    Onyoz joins.

    Ruuzh leaves.
    EuropeRuuzhESCORT P9Top
    EuropeOnyozESCORT P9Top
    Brussels Guardians - February 16,
    Ta0ur moves to starting roster.
    EuropeTa0urBrussels GuardiansJungletrueBrussels GuardiansJungle
    MEGA - February 16,
    QaspieL leaves.
    EVOS Esports - February (approx.),
    Dia1 moves to starting roster.
    VietnamDia1EVOS EsportsMidtrueEVOS EsportsMid
    K1ck eSports Club - February 16,
    Furuy and
    Lastwolf join.

    Sinistro moves to substitute.
    Worst leaves.
    EuropeSinistroK1ck eSports ClubMidK1ck eSports ClubMidtrue
    EuropeWorstK1ck eSports ClubBot
    EuropeFuruyK1ck eSports ClubMid
    EuropeLastwolfK1ck eSports ClubBot
    OG Esports - February 16,
    PheJox joins.
    Latin AmericaPheJoxOG EsportsJungle