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Current Roster Change Portals:

Mar 17[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team Echo Zulu - March 17,
DrCoiss and
Parvani leave.
EuropeDrCoissTeam Echo ZuluMidtrue
EuropeParvaniTeam Echo ZuluSupporttrue
Atlando Esports - March 17, Primuslogo std.pngPrimus fuses with Atlando Esportslogo std.pngAtlando Esports.
Fortabt Kebab,
Droox, and Theo (Coach) join.

Rollu, and
GodSentMe join as substitutes.
EuropeMurielAtlando EsportsTop
EuropeFortabt KebabAtlando EsportsJungle
EuropeSnowhillAtlando EsportsMid
EuropeLaggerNAtlando EsportsBot
EuropeDrooxAtlando EsportsSupport
EuropeGodSentMeAtlando EsportsBottrue
EuropeTheoAtlando EsportsCoach
EuropeKridzAtlando EsportsJungletrue
EuropeRolluAtlando EsportsMidtrue
EuropeAndreasFWKAtlando EsportsToptrue
EURONICS Gaming - March 17, Broeki is banned for two weeks.
EURONICS Gaming - March 17,
Sologesang rejoins as temporary substitute for Quarterfinals of Premier Tour 18/19 Winter Berlin, replacing Broeki because of a two week ban.
EuropeSologesangEURONICS GamingBot
Bursaspor Esports - March 17,
Crossman leaves.
TurkeyCrossmanBursaspor EsportsSupport
Bursaspor Esports - March 17, Raven (Coach) leaves.
TurkeyRaven (Renato Dimas)Bursaspor EsportsCoach
Oh My Dream - March 17,
Eric joins.

Fans moves to substitute.
ChinaFansOh My DreamBotOh My DreamBottrue
ChinaEric (He Qiang)Oh My DreamBot
Royal Club - March 17,
Sora joins.
ChinaSora (Liu Zhi-Long)Royal ClubSupport
Young Miracles - March 17, Puzzle (Sub/Mid to Sub/Top) changes position.
ChinaPuzzleYoung MiraclesMidtrueYoung MiraclesToptrue
Bursaspor Academy - March 17, Raven (Head Coach) leaves.
TurkeyRaven (Renato Dimas)Bursaspor AcademyHead Coach
MOBA ROG - March 17,
Crocomux leaves.
EuropeCrocomuxMOBA ROGMidtrue
Cyberground Gaming - March 17,
Haruhiro leaves.
EuropeHaruhiroCyberground GamingToptrue
Vortex Five - March (approx.),
Jester joins.
EuropeJester (Polish Player)Vortex FiveJungle
TopHard Esports - March 17,
Cape joins.
Latin AmericaCapeTopHard EsportsJungle

Mar 18[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Chosen Esports - March 18,
Shimatora, and
Turc join.
North AmericavLaSmRChosen EsportsTop
North AmericaGFPChosen EsportsJungle
North AmericaDoxaChosen EsportsMid
North AmericaShimatoraChosen EsportsBot
North AmericaTurcChosen EsportsSupport
Elyandra eSport - March 18,
NooB leaves.
EuropeNooB (Léo Pitrey)Elyandra eSportTop
Zephyr Esport - March 18,
Spadur joins.

Frappii leaves.
EuropeFrappiiZephyr EsportMidtrue
EuropeSpadurZephyr EsportMid
AZIO eSports - March 18,
eThug leaves.
North AmericaeThugAZIO eSportsJungle
GamersOrigin - March 18,
SozPurefect moves to starting roster.
J Team - March 18, REFRA1N (Head Coach to Coach/Jungler) changes position.
LMSREFRA1NJ TeamHead CoachJ TeamCoach/Jungler
HG Esports - March 18,
Crocomux leaves.
EuropeCrocomuxHG EsportsMid
Radiance - March 18, Radiancelogo std.pngRadiance acquires Buff Katarinalogo std.pngBuff Katarina.
Buff Katarina - March 18,
Yeonbee, Surza (Head Coach), Luciæn (Assistant Coach), and Coach Mike (Manager) leave.
North AmericaAetheresBuff KatarinaTop
North AmericaOddOrangeBuff KatarinaJungle
North AmericaKatEvolvedBuff KatarinaMid
North AmericaJurassiqBuff KatarinaBot
North AmericaWinter (Olivier Lapointe)Buff KatarinaSupport
North AmericaYeonbeeBuff KatarinaMidtrue
North AmericaCoach MikeBuff KatarinaManager
North AmericaSurzaBuff KatarinaHead Coach
North AmericaLuciænBuff KatarinaAssistant Coach
Radiance - March 18,
Winter, Surza (Coach), Luciæn (Assistant Coach,Manager), and Hai (Owner) join.
North AmericaAetheresRadianceTop
North AmericaOddOrangeRadianceJungle
North AmericaKatEvolvedRadianceMid
North AmericaJurassiqRadianceBot
North AmericaWinter (Olivier Lapointe)RadianceSupport
North AmericaSurzaRadianceCoach
North AmericaLuciænRadianceAssistant Coach/Manager
North AmericaHaiRadianceOwner
Inside Games - March 18, Team disbands.
Haklbery, and
Thrae leave.
EuropeFuxInside GamesTop
EuropeDyBerInside GamesJungle
EuropeKyoshiInside GamesMid
EuropeZavexInside GamesBot
EuropeRooInside GamesSupport
EuropeHaklberyInside GamesToptrue
EuropeThraeInside GamesJungletrue

Mar 19[edit]

Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Kawaii Kiwis - March 19,
FreezeOP joins.
EuropeFreezeOPKawaii KiwisJungle
Killabeez - March 19, Rulo (Assistant Coach), Despi (Performance Coach), Lucia (Mental Coach), and xDisgrace (Strategic Coach) join.
EuropexDisgraceKillabeezStrategic Coach
EuropeRuloKillabeezAssistant Coach
EuropeDespiKillabeezPerformance Coach
EuropeLuciaKillabeezMental Coach
Dragon Gate Team - March 19,
FongXiang leaves.
LMSFongXiangDragon Gate TeamSupport
EURONICS Gaming - March 19,
Emtest joins as temporary substitute for Week 9 of ESLM 2019 Spring, replacing Broeki because of a two week ban.
EuropeEmtestEURONICS GamingBot
J Team - March 19, Coldicee (Assistant Coach to Strategic Coach) changes position.
LMSColdiceeJ TeamAssistant CoachJ TeamStrategic Coach
ahq eSports Club - March 19,
Crank joins as substitute.
LMSCrankahq eSports ClubMidtrue
Invictus Gaming - March 19, Kim Ga-ram (Head Coach) joins.
ChinaKim Ga-ramInvictus GamingHead Coach
Invictus Gaming - March 19, Kim Ga-ram renames to Karam.
AS Trenčín esports - March 19,
Idyiom joins as substitute.
EuropeIdyiomAS Trenčín esportsJungletrue
Hong Kong Attitude - March 19,
Wing joins as substitute.
LMSWingHong Kong AttitudeToptrue
LGL - March 19, Dawn of Stars and their players are disqualified and suspended from playing in LGL for the rest of the 2019 season for fielding an unregistered player on the account of BKarv.
Dawn of Stars - March 19, Team and their players are disqualified and suspended from playing in LGL for the rest of the 2019 season for fielding an unregistered player on the account of BKarv.
Fnatic - March 19,
Broxah's contract is extended through 2020.
paiN Gaming - March 19, Jovirone (Streamer) leaves.
BrazilJovironepaiN GamingStreamer
Royal Youth Academy - March 19,
Mean is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyMeanRoyal Youth AcademyBot
Fnatic - March 19,
Broxah's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.

Mar 20[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
4Entertainment - March 20, Chronicler (Caster), Xsodus (Caster), BubbleLizzy (Host), and Koolein (Host) join.
Team Clarity - March 20, perchance (Manager) joins.
North AmericaperchanceTeam ClarityManager
Shadow Stalkers Esports - March 20,
BeBopBulli, and borieko (Coach) join.
EuropeT0wieShadow Stalkers EsportsTop
EuropeSidonShadow Stalkers EsportsJungle
EuropexHawkEyeShadow Stalkers EsportsMid
EuropeCandyridexDShadow Stalkers EsportsBot
EuropeBeBopBulliShadow Stalkers EsportsSupport
EuropeboriekoShadow Stalkers EsportsCoach
AS Trenčín esports - March 20,
Wondro joins.

Dreedy moves to substitute.
EuropeDreedyAS Trenčín esportsTopAS Trenčín esportsToptrue
EuropeWondroAS Trenčín esportsTop
Echo Fox Academy - March 20,
Spica is removed from the GCD.
North AmericaSpicaEcho Fox AcademyJungle
Clutch Gaming Academy - March 20,
PapaChau is removed from the GCD.
North AmericaPapaChauClutch Gaming AcademySupport
QTV Gaming - March 20, QTV forms QTV Gaming.
Beşiktaş Esports - March 20,
Nagne and GalB (Head Coach) are removed from the GCD.
TurkeyNagneBeşiktaş EsportsMid
TurkeyGalBBeşiktaş EsportsHead Coach

Mar 21[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Royal Never Give Up - March 21,
Zz1tai rejoins.
ChinaZz1taiRoyal Never Give UpTop
Avant Gaming - March 21, stillbaALin will take up on-stage coaching duties during OPL 2019 Split 1 - Week 10.
Echo Fox Academy - March 21,
Spica's departure is confirmed.
North AmericaSpicaEcho Fox AcademyJungle
SinoDragon Prince - March 21,
S02 joins.
ChinaS02SinoDragon PrinceSupport
Anáhuac Esports - March 21,
Azura joins as substitute.

Duca leaves.
Latin AmericaDucaAnáhuac EsportsToptrue
Latin AmericaAzuraAnáhuac EsportsToptrue
Avant Gaming - March 21, stillbaALin (Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 1 May 2019.

Mar 22[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Warthox Esport - March 22,
Saxuralle joins.
EuropeSaxuralleWarthox EsportBot
GameWard - March 22,
TamoZ and
Wixo0 leave.
Bilibili Gaming - March 22,
Chieftain leaves for academy roster.
ChinaChieftainBilibili GamingJungle
Bilibili Gaming Junior - March 22,
Chieftain joins from main roster.
ChinaChieftainBilibili Gaming JuniorJungle
Clutch Gaming - March 22,
Cody Sun joins from academy roster.
Piglet (Bot to Mid) changes position.
North AmericaPigletClutch GamingBotClutch GamingMid
North AmericaCody SunClutch GamingBot
100 Thieves - March 22,
Fragas, and
Stunt join from academy roster.
North AmericaFakeGod100 ThievesTop
North AmericaFragas100 ThievesJungle
North AmericaStunt100 ThievesSupport
Vici Gaming Potential - March 22, Api (Support to Top) changes position.
ChinaApiVici Gaming PotentialSupportVici Gaming PotentialTop
Unlimited Potential - March 22,
Typhoon joins.
ChinaTyphoon (Chen Dai-Feng)Unlimited PotentialBot
Instinct Gaming - March 22,
Ceviche moves to substitute.
Letoñe and Mádoka (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaCevicheInstinct GamingSupportInstinct GamingSupporttrue
Latin AmericaLetoñeInstinct GamingJungle
Latin AmericaMádokaInstinct GamingHead Coach
Isurus - March 22, Yeti (Head Analyst) joins.
Latin AmericaYetiIsurusHead Analyst

Mar 23[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Divine eSports - March 23, Team disbands.
Latrodectuss leave.
EuropeKarisasDivine eSportsTop
EuropeTehFrezhDivine eSportsJungle
EuropeDehasteDivine eSportsMid
EuropeELO SANTADivine eSportsBot
EuropeLatrodectussDivine eSportsSupport
Greek Regenesis - March 23,
Darkness and
Grisen join.

Tanacce and
Immortal leave.
EuropeTanacceGreek RegenesisTop
EuropeImmortalGreek RegenesisSupport
EuropeDarknessGreek RegenesisTop
EuropeGrisenGreek RegenesisSupport
SK Gaming Prime - March 23, Kanani (Coach) joins.
EuropeKananiSK Gaming PrimeCoach
Burning Core - March 23, SANHA (Head Coach) leaves.
JapanSANHABurning CoreHead Coach
Suning-S - March 23,
BaBi9 leaves for main roster.
Suning - March 23,
BaBi9 joins as substitute from academy roster.
Clutch Gaming - March 23, Artemis (Assistant Coach) joins from academy roster.
North AmericaArtemis (Connor Doyle)Clutch GamingAssistant Coach
Cloud9 - March 23,
Kumo and
Diamond join from academy roster.

Keith rejoins from academy roster.
North AmericaKumoCloud9Top
North AmericaDiamond (David Bérubé)Cloud9Support
North AmericaKeithCloud9Bot
100 Thieves - March 23, Kelsey (Assistant Coach) joins from academy roster.
North AmericaKelsey100 ThievesAssistant Coach
MAD Lions E.C. - March 23, Kanani (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeKananiMAD Lions E.C.Assistant Coach
Vikingekrig Esports - March 23,
Wondro leaves.
EuropeWondroVikingekrig EsportsToptrue
Instinct Gaming - March 23,
Sandia rejoins.
Latin AmericaSandiaInstinct GamingSupport
TopHard Esports - March 23,
Zombix leaves.
Latin AmericaZombixTopHard EsportsMid