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Current Roster Change Portals:

Mar 24[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
DIVIZON - March 24 (approx.),
Sinmivak leaves.
EuropeLight (Anil Bastürk)Team ZODIACS BremenTop
EuropeAutophilTeam ZODIACS BremenJungle
EuropeRevalTeam ZODIACS BremenMid
EuropeActiveuserTeam ZODIACS BremenBot
EuropePaxTeam ZODIACS BremenSupport
Team Nerotec - March (approx.),
KatteN leaves.
EuropeKatteNTeam NerotecBot
Ventus Esports - March 24, Josu Designs (Graphic Designer) joins.
EuropeJosu DesignsVentus EsportsGraphic Designer
VersusAll - March 24, Flufing (Assistant Manager) joins.
EuropeFlufingVersusAllAssistant Manager
Major Militia - March 24,
Rudolf joins.
Arentz (Top to Mid) changes position.
St Clair leaves.
EuropeArentzMajor MilitiaTopMajor MilitiaMid
EuropeSt ClairMajor MilitiaMid
EuropeRudolfMajor MilitiaTop
Grow uP eSports - March 24,
Vixzy leaves.
EuropeVixzyGrow uP eSportsJungle
Greek Regenesis - March 24, Reveal (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeRevealGreek RegenesisHead Coach
FlyQuest - March 24,
Maxi joins from academy roster.
North AmericaMaxiFlyQuestJungle
Dire Wolves - March 24, Curtis (Head of Performance to Head Coach) changes position. Charlie (Head Coach) leaves.
OceaniaCurtisDire WolvesHead of PerformanceDire WolvesHead Coach
OceaniaCharlie (Charlie Wraith)Dire WolvesHead Coach
AS Trenčín esports - March 24,
Idyiom leaves.
EuropeIdyiomAS Trenčín esportsJungletrue
Outplayed - March (approx.),
Feint leaves.
Skar's loan from Level One ends.
EuropeFeint (Alvise Bruni)OutplayedMidtrue
Dragon Army - March 24,
Stefan leaves.
CISStefanDragon ArmyJungle
Dragon Army - March 24, Sméagol (Head Coach) leaves.
CISSméagolDragon ArmyHead Coach
Vici Gaming Potential - March 24,
Xiaochao joins.
Dustwind (Mid to Bot) changes position.
ChinaDustwindVici Gaming PotentialMidVici Gaming PotentialBot
ChinaXiaochaoVici Gaming PotentialMid
Vikingekrig Esports - March 24,
Hiro leaves.
EuropeHiro (Nguyên Đại Hải)Vikingekrig EsportsBot
Kingzone DragonX - March 24, Expession (Trainee Coach) joins.
KoreaExpessionKingzone DragonXTrainee Coach
Instinct Gaming - March 24,
Kouke and Suplife (Head Coach) join.
Latin AmericaKoukeInstinct GamingJungle
Latin AmericaSuplifeInstinct GamingHead Coach

Mar 25[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
ToxicFalcons Oldschool - March 25, Limpix (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeLimpixToxicFalcons OldschoolHead Coach
100 Thieves - March 25,
Fragas and
Stunt leave for academy roster.
North AmericaFragas100 ThievesJungle
North AmericaStunt100 ThievesSupport
DLT Project - March 25,
Onii joins.
EuropeOniiDLT ProjectJungle
Providence College - March 25, BeadyButtKiss, eagle3798, GrandMasterMax, Trevor, and TubbyLord join as substitutes.
North AmericaGrandMasterMaxProvidence Collegetrue
North AmericaTrevorProvidence Collegetrue
North Americaeagle3798Providence Collegetrue
North AmericaBeadyButtKissProvidence Collegetrue
North AmericaTubbyLordProvidence Collegetrue
mCon esports - March 25, CastielMid (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeCastielMidmCon esportsHead Coach
New Dynasty - March 25,
HenkHenkerson and
Rokúsho leave.
EuropeHenkHenkersonNew DynastyMid
EuropeRokúshoNew DynastySupport
GamerLegion - March 25,
Ravenk and
MjrDee leave.
AS Trenčín esports - March (approx.), Kocourek (Coach) joins.
EuropeKocourekAS Trenčín esportsCoach
EVOS Esports - March 25,
Slay leaves.
VietnamSlayEVOS EsportsBot
Dragon Army - March 25,
Atom leaves.
CISAtom (Peter Thomsen)Dragon ArmyTop
RoX (2014 CIS Team) - March 25,
BardBerry, and
sidnik are removed from the GCD.
CISValhallaRoX (2014 CIS Team)Bottrue
CISBardBerryRoX (2014 CIS Team)Supporttrue
CISsidnikRoX (2014 CIS Team)Supporttrue
Cyberground Gaming - March 25,
Barrage leaves.
EuropeBarrage (Luc van Gestel)Cyberground GamingBottrue
Dramatik Royal - March 25,
Defy joins.
North AmericaDefy (Dramatik Royal)Dramatik RoyalMid
Team Just - March 25,
Vethorm (Assistant Coach), and Click (Assistant Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 10 May 2019.
Dragon Army - March 25,
Drobovik123 and Dayruin (Secondary Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 25 May 2019. Sméagol (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 10 April 2019.
Vaevictis eSports - March 25, Madneps (General Manager)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 1 April 2020.

Mar 26[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
DIVIZON - March 26,
Deicara is set to leave on April 1, 2019.
D4nKa and Fuat (Coach) leave.
Optimization Gaming - March 26,
Jimsnop moves to starting roster.
Lotus, and
Sanity leave.
EuropeJimsnopOptimization GamingMidtrueOptimization GamingMid
EuropeKocourekOptimization GamingJungle
EuropeTheStrygOptimization GamingMid
EuropeLaundryOptimization GamingBot
EuropeTortugaOptimization GamingSupport
EuropeLotus (Ignatios Psarros)Optimization GamingMidtrue
EuropeSanityOptimization GamingBottrue
EuropeSeventtAbyssal Esport ClubTop
EuropeHuevoAbyssal Esport ClubJungle
EuropeKatarinoAbyssal Esport ClubMid
EuropeHeaven SamaAbyssal Esport ClubBot
Greek Regenesis - March 26, Anastasiaant7 (Streamer) and SophieSensei (Streamer) join.
EuropeAnastasiaant7Greek RegenesisStreamer
EuropeSophieSenseiGreek RegenesisStreamer
Gamespace eSports - March 26,
Lunny, and
CUhigh leave.
EuropeDec1mGamespace eSportsTop
EuropeFokGamespace eSportsTop
EuropeLunnyGamespace eSportsJungle
EuropeCUhighGamespace eSportsMid
GamerLegion - March 26,
Arlite leaves.
Aequilibritas E-Sports - March 26,
Celle leaves.
EuropeCelleAequilibritas E-SportsSupporttrue
Team-LDLC - March 26,
HiRit joins.

Bando moves to substitute.
Outplayed - March 26,
styllEE leaves.
HG Esports - March 26,
Potatismjöl leaves.
EuropePotatismjölHG EsportsTop
KaBuM! e-Sports - March 26, Tabe (Head Coach) leaves.
BrazilTabeKaBuM! e-SportsHead Coach
Undead Gaming - March 26, Onur (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaOnurUndead GamingHead Coach
Katastrofa Awionetki - March 26,
Ejsner joins.
EuropeEjsnerKatastrofa AwionetkiBot

Mar 27[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Impunity - March (approx.),
Penguinn, and
Atheris join.
Elyandra eSport - March 27,
Wylfer joins.
EuropeWylferElyandra eSportSupport
Split Raiders - March 27,
Latrodectuss joins.
EuropeLatrodectussSplit RaidersSupport
Team MCES - March 27,
Lvsyan leaves.
EuropeLvsyanTeam MCESMid
Burning Core - March 27,
Lavrie retires.
Vodafone Giants.Spain - March 27, MoSiTing (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeMoSiTingVodafone Giants.SpainHead Coach
Fnatic Rising - March 27,
Targamas' joining is confirmed.

Ronaldooo's joining as substitute is confirmed.
EuropeTargamasFnatic RisingSupport
EuropeRonaldoooFnatic RisingMidtrue
Victorious Gaming - March 27, Mint (Sub/Bot to Jungle) changes position.
ChinaMintVictorious GamingBottrueVictorious GamingJungle
Nordavind - March 27,
Kektz joins.

Kakan leaves.
FroztFire Team - March 27,
AzeR leaves.
Latin AmericaAzeRFroztFire TeamBot

Mar 28[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
ToxicFalcons Oldschool - March 28, Arabiya (Mental Coach) joins.
EuropeArabiyaToxicFalcons OldschoolMental Coach
GameStorming eSports - March 28,
Iny4face and
Hanuari join.
EuropeIny4faceGameStorming eSportsJungle
EuropeHanuariGameStorming eSportsBot
Kawaii Kiwis - March 28,
Demb leaves.
EuropeDembKawaii KiwisJungle
mCon esports - March 28,
Dragflick leaves.
EuropeDragflickmCon esportsMid
Sector One Academy - March 28,
Dragflick joins.

Boohon moves to substitute.
EuropeBoohonSector One AcademyMidSector One AcademyMidtrue
EuropeDragflickSector One AcademyMid
Brion Blade - March 28, CooN (Coach) joins.
KoreaCooNBrion BladeCoach
Burning Core - March 28,
Yutorimoyashi retires and moves to streamer,staff member.
Splyce - March 28, Gunny (Performance Systems Manager) and Ripleus (Performance and Player Development Manager) join.
EuropeGunnySplycePerformance Systems Manager
EuropeRipleusSplycePerformance and Player Development Manager
Vikingekrig Esports - March 28,
Gaax leaves.
EuropeGaaxVikingekrig EsportsSupport
Vikingekrig Esports - March 28, Murloc (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeMurlocVikingekrig EsportsHead Coach
Dark Crows - March 28,
Slater leaves.
Latin AmericaSlaterDark CrowsSupport

Mar 29[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Osh-Tekk Warriors - March (approx.),
Master Fortune, and
Sahl join.
MENAAjwadOsh-Tekk WarriorsJungle
MENAMaster FortuneOsh-Tekk WarriorsMid
MENASahlOsh-Tekk WarriorsSupport
Barrage Esports - March 29, Torok (Assistant Coach to Head Coach) changes position. Zatari (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeTorokBarrage EsportsAssistant CoachBarrage EsportsHead Coach
EuropeZatariBarrage EsportsHead Coach
Split Raiders - March 29,
PinkySLO leaves.
EuropePinkySLOSplit RaidersSupport
EDward Gaming Youth Team - March 29,
JieJie joins.
ChinaJieJieEDward Gaming Youth TeamJungle
Ninjas in Pyjamas - March 29, JW (Chief Operating Officer) leaves.
EuropeJWNinjas in PyjamasChief Operating Officer

Mar 30[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Box Gaming - March (approx.),
Sehun joins.
VietnamSehunBox GamingBot
Östersunds FK Esports - March 30,
Markoon leaves.
EuropeMarkoonÖstersunds FK EsportsJungle
GGaming (Spanish Team) - March 30,
Hernán joins.

Suren leaves.
EuropeSurenGGaming (Spanish Team)Top
EuropeHernánGGaming (Spanish Team)Top
Penguins - March 30,
Javaaa leaves.
Galatasaray Esports - March 30, MGX (Support to Mid) changes position.
TurkeyMGXGalatasaray EsportsSupportGalatasaray EsportsMid
Gama Dream - March 30,
nanzhu joins.
ChinananzhuGama DreamMid
Unknowns Gamers - March 30,
Jeff joins.
Latin AmericaJeff (Jefry Granados)Unknowns GamersJungle