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Current Roster Change Portals:

Apr 28[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Avia Deceptor - April 28,
Dambaj leaves.
EuropeDambajAvia DeceptorBot
Atlando Esports - April 28,
Fred joins.
EuropeFredAtlando EsportsSupport
Atlando Esports - April 28, Revo (Coach) joins.
EuropeRevo (Mikkel Freno)Atlando EsportsCoach
Sengoku Gaming - April 28, Rylax (General Manager) leaves.
JapanRylaxSengoku GamingGeneral Manager
EuropeFlaxxishPRIDE (Polish Team)Top
EuropeWardenPRIDE (Polish Team)Jungle
EuropeCzekoladPRIDE (Polish Team)Mid
EuropedeflesPRIDE (Polish Team)Bot
EuropeSinmivakPRIDE (Polish Team)Top
EuropeKermysPRIDE (Polish Team)Jungle
EuropeFresskowyPRIDE (Polish Team)Mid
EuropeDambajPRIDE (Polish Team)Bot
Team AURORA - April 28,
Kituruken is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyKiturukenTeam AURORAJungle
Kaos Latin Gamers - April 28,
Shadow leaves.
Latin AmericaShadow (Facundo Cuello)Kaos Latin GamersSupport
Pixel Esports Club - April 28,
Manu leaves.
Latin AmericaManuPixel Esports ClubBot
Team AURORA Academy - April 28,
Lunyo is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyLunyoTeam AURORA AcademyMid
Indictive Esports - April 28,
Dawidsonek joins.

Bullet rejoins.
EuropeDawidsonekIndictive EsportsMid
EuropeBulletIndictive EsportsBot
Royal Youth - April 28,
Cyeol's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 20 September 2019.
Tolerant's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.

Apr 29[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
GameStorming eSports - April (approx.),
hanuari, and
PauFerran leave.
EuropeLynx (Spanish Player)GameStorming eSportsTop
EuropePimenGameStorming eSportsMid
EuropehanuariGameStorming eSportsBot
EuropePauFerranGameStorming eSportsSupport
EuropeIny4faceGameStorming eSportsJungle
Copenhagen Flames - April 29, AlphaLaxSand (Performance Coach) joins.
EuropeAlphaLaxSandCopenhagen FlamesPerformance Coach
Elan DEspoir - April 29,
Showkz leaves.
EuropeShowkzElan DEspoirJungle
Team Oplon - April 29,
Showkz and
iWa join.
EuropeShowkzTeam OplonJungle
EuropeiWaTeam OplonBot
ORDER Academy - April 29, Team partners with Monash University.
Ceres (Coach),
MOG, and Aeri (Manager) join.

Yueni, and frog arms join as substitutes.
OceaniaVansORDER AcademyTop
OceaniaHarriORDER AcademyJungle
OceaniaJLKCORDER AcademyMid
OceaniaCeresORDER AcademyBot/Coach
OceaniaMOGORDER AcademySupport
OceaniaClovusORDER AcademyToptrue
Oceaniafrog armsORDER Academytrue
OceaniaYueniORDER AcademyJungletrue
OceaniaAeriORDER AcademyManager
Avia Deceptor - April 29,
Sater leaves.
EuropeSaterAvia DeceptorTop
Arena Quesito - April (approx.), Handag (Assistant Coach to Head Coach) changes position. Nando (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeNandoArena QuesitoHead Coach
EuropeHandagArena QuesitoAssistant CoachArena QuesitoHead Coach
Atlando Esports - April (approx.), Kridz (Sub/Jun to Mid) changes position.
Snowhill moves to substitute.
EuropeKridzAtlando EsportsJungletrueAtlando EsportsMid
EuropeSnowhillAtlando EsportsMidAtlando EsportsMidtrue
Mammoth Academy - April 29,
Isles, and CDM (Head Coach) join.

Rhysand joins as substitute.

Cuden joins as substitute from main roster.
OceaniaRedemptsMammoth AcademyTop
OceaniaKevyMammoth AcademyJungle
OceaniaMiazmaMammoth AcademyBot
OceaniaIslesMammoth AcademySupport
OceaniaRhysandMammoth AcademyMidtrue
OceaniaCudenMammoth AcademySupporttrue
OceaniaCDMMammoth AcademyHead Coach
Rogue Warriors - April 29, XiaoYao is banned from all tournaments for 18 seasonal months for participating and assisting players from Rogue Warriors Shark in match-fixing.
ChinaXiaoYaoRogue WarriorsJungle
Rogue Warriors Shark - April 29, Caocao, Zhanzhao, and FengXian are banned from all tournaments for 18 seasonal months for being "involved in manipulating match outcomes through prohibited approaches during the LDL Spring regular season." ShiMing and Li Kai-Hao receive official warnings for "failure to carry out their management obligations."
ChinaCaocaoRogue Warriors SharkMid
ChinaZhanzhaoRogue Warriors SharkBot
ChinaFengXianRogue Warriors SharkSupporttrue
HG Esports - April 29,
Creon joins as temporary substitute for PG Nationals 2019 Summer Open Qualifier.
EuropeCreonHG EsportsBot
FTV Esports - April 29,
Divkid leaves.
VietnamDivkidFTV EsportsBot
paiN Gaming - April 29,
Nappon leaves.
BrazilNapponpaiN GamingJungle
Future Perfect WLGaming - April 29, Ferakton (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeFeraktonFuture Perfect WLGamingAssistant Coach
Another Troll Team - April 29,
Shy Jungler joins.
Latin AmericaShy JunglerAnother Troll TeamJungle
eSuba - April 29,
Saulius leaves.
SuperNitro1 - April (approx.),
Kehvo, and
Rufus join.
Loto Gaming - April 29, Zooitanic (Strategic Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaZooitanicLoto GamingStrategic Coach

Apr 30[edit]

Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Opportunity Esport - April (approx.),
Tsugara leaves.
EuropeTsugaraOpportunity EsportMid
EGN Esports - April 30,
Tunaraz leaves.
EuropeTunarazEGN EsportsJungle
Killabeez - April 30, Ritsu (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeRitsuKillabeezHead Coach
Gamespace eSports - April 30,
Ax3l leaves.
EuropeAx3lGamespace eSportsBot
ROG Esport - April 30,
Tiger leaves.
EuropeTiger (Alan Roger)ROG EsportBot
Sengoku Gaming - April 30, Luadayo's contract expires.
Smile leaves.
JapanSmile (Won Jong-ha)Sengoku GamingJungle
JapanLuadayoSengoku Gamingtrue
ASUS ROG ELITE - April 30,
Nemky leaves.
EuropeSirNukesAlotBerlin International GamingSupport
EVOS Esports - April 30, Beyond (COO) rejoins.
VietnamBeyond (Trương Vĩnh Thanh)EVOS EsportsCOO
HG Esports - April 30,
Ryuzaki and
meP1ER join.

Potatismjöl and
Crocomux rejoin.

Trust0 joins as substitute.
EuropeRyuzakiHG EsportsJungle
EuropemeP1ERHG EsportsSupport
EuropePotatismjölHG EsportsTop
EuropeCrocomuxHG EsportsMid
EuropeTrust0HG EsportsBottrue
Galatasaray Esports - April 30,
Taikki leaves.
TurkeyTaikkiGalatasaray EsportsJungle
Elements Pro Gaming - April 30,
Archie2b, and
DeeDram's contracts expire but departure is not confirmed.
CISNoNholyElements Pro GamingTopElements Pro GamingTop
CISPhlatyElements Pro GamingMidElements Pro GamingMid
CISVincentVegaElements Pro GamingBotElements Pro GamingBot
CISArchie2bElements Pro GamingSupportElements Pro GamingSupport
CISDeeDramElements Pro GamingSupporttrueElements Pro GamingSupporttrue
eSuba - April 30,
Optimas leaves.
Team Quetzal - April 30, Team disband.
Mil Mascaras,
xValky, and
Zathlight leave.
Latin AmericaDeathArtTeam QuetzalTop
Latin AmericaxKitánTeam QuetzalTop
Latin AmericaMil MascarasTeam QuetzalJungle
Latin AmericaKazuyaTeam QuetzalJungle
Latin AmericaxValkyTeam QuetzalBot
Latin AmericaZathlightTeam QuetzalSupport
x6tence Mexico - April 30,
Demy leaves.
Latin AmericaDemyx6tence MexicoBot
Operation Kino e-Sports - April 30,
Near, and
Fear leave.
BrazilDoxyOperation Kino e-SportsTop
BrazilNear (Luiz Gustavo Costa)Operation Kino e-SportsTop
BrazilFear (Joel Reyna)Operation Kino e-SportsMid

May 01[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Excel Esports - May (approx.), Bonquish (Strategic Coach) joins.
EuropeBonquishExcel EsportsStrategic Coach
St. Clair College - May (approx.),
Cavele leaves.
North AmericaCaveleSt. Clair CollegeTop
Misfits Premier - May (approx.), Jesiz (Head Coach) joins. Valkrin (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeValkrinMisfits PremierHead Coach
EuropeJesizMisfits PremierHead Coach
Misfits Gaming - May (approx.), Valkrin (Assistant Coach) joins.
EuropeValkrinMisfits GamingAssistant Coach
Agon's Gang - May (approx.),
punchy, and
Le Milk leave.
EuropeQuadraliftAgon's GangTop
EuropeAgonZAgon's GangJungle
Europezero (Francesco Serratore)Agon's GangMid
EuropepunchyAgon's GangBot
EuropeLe MilkAgon's GangSupport
NASR eSports - May (approx.),
Koaern kid leaves.
MENAKoaern kidNASR eSportsTop
Europe Saviors Purple - May (approx.),
Mrbotellin leaves.
EuropeMrbotellinEurope Saviors PurpleMid
Epsilon Esports - May (approx.), Grumpy (Community Manager) leaves.
EuropeGrumpy (Neil Harvey)Epsilon EsportsCommunity Manager
Elyandra eSport - May (approx.),
OneForOne joins.
EuropeOneForOneElyandra eSportTop
Dark Beast E-Sports - May (approx.), Dark Beast E-Sportslogo std.pngDark Beast E-Sports is disbanded.
Mliester, and Leekkrit (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaRomaniumDark Beast E-SportsTop
Latin AmericaBetaDark Beast E-SportsJungle
Latin AmericaMuitoDark Beast E-SportsMid
Latin AmericaLyzerDark Beast E-SportsBot
Latin AmericaMliesterDark Beast E-SportsSupport
Latin AmericaLeekkritDark Beast E-SportsHead Coach
EuropeHlennítopTeam Winners TableTop
EuropeSjúkiFanturinnTeam Winners TableJungle
EuropeGvuðTeam Winners TableMid
EuropeBig ChunglordTeam Winners TableBot
EuropeJenkTeam Winners TableSupport
Killabeez - May (approx.),
Facksuo leaves.
Vanir - May 1,
Thinked joins.

Riziki rejoins.

Bentsen rejoins as substitute.
SK Telecom T1 - May (approx.),
Canna, and
Closer join as trainees.

Mask leaves.
KoreaMaskSK Telecom T1Midtrue
KoreaBurdolSK Telecom T1Toptrue
KoreaCannaSK Telecom T1Toptrue
KoreaCloser (Lee Ju-hyeon)SK Telecom T1Midtrue
York University - May (approx.),
Solitified and
Laceration leave.
North AmericaSolitifiedYork UniversityTop
North AmericaLacerationYork UniversityJungle
North AmericaI am GROOTUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonJungle
North AmericaTheStuffUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonSupport
Missouri Valley College - May (approx.),
Gikko leaves.
North AmericaGikkoMissouri Valley CollegeBot
North AmericaInwProjectONEUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignJungle
Split Raiders - May 1,
Dehaste joins.

Sintax leaves.
EuropeSintaxSplit RaidersMid
EuropeDehasteSplit RaidersMid
Mississippi State University - May (approx.),
Fop, and
koromebi leave.
North AmericaSlewyexMississippi State UniversityTop
North AmericaFopMississippi State UniversityMid
North AmericakoromebiMississippi State UniversityJungletrue
ESCORT P9 - May (approx.),
VeyLot joins.
EuropeVeyLotESCORT P9Top
DePaul University - May (approx.),
BMD leaves.
North AmericaBMDDePaul UniversityTop
University of California Irvine - May (approx.), Tower of God (Assistant Coach) rejoins.
North AmericaTower of GodUniversity of California IrvineAssistant Coach
Bloody Gaming - May (approx.), Bloody Gaminglogo std.pngBloody Gaming is disbanded.
The Kings Avatar,
Sawyer, and
Lexalive leave.
North AmericaKachaBloody GamingBot
North AmericaKitzuoBloody GamingJungle
North AmericaThe Kings AvatarBloody GamingTop
North AmericaYeonbeeBloody GamingMid
North AmericaSawyer (Sawyer Nelson)Bloody GamingSupport
North AmericaLexaliveBloody GamingSupporttrue
Team Brickz - May (approx.), Team Brickzlogo std.pngTeam Brickz is disbanded.
poome, and Brickz (Coach) leave.
North AmericaMateuszTeam BrickzTop
North AmericaAesthetic (Daniel Kwon)Team BrickzJungle
North AmericaonwiTeam BrickzMid
North AmericaDrutaganTeam BrickzBot
North AmericaRyleoTeam BrickzBot
North AmericapoomeTeam BrickzSupport
North AmericaBrickzTeam BrickzCoach
Indiana University Bloomington - May (approx.),
Yama leaves.
North AmericaYama (Elijah Kim)Indiana University BloomingtonSupport
Emprox - May 1,
artek, and Haintrain (Analyst) join.

Bas joins as substitute.
OceaniaPaladin (Joshua Metzger)EmproxJungle
North AmericaDinka13Noobz GamingTop
North AmericaDragoonsmash13Noobz GamingTop
North AmericaFrostForest13Noobz GamingJungle
North AmericaCommand Attack13Noobz GamingMid
North AmericaPytrigon13Noobz GamingBot
North AmericaUgandan Royalty13Noobz GamingBot
North AmericaDaption13Noobz GamingSupport
North AmericaFockus13Noobz GamingSupport
Evolve - May 1, Team is formed.
Crit Hero and
MechaNics join.
EuropeCrit HeroEvolveMid
Brussels Guardians - May (approx.), Pooshi (Manager) leaves.
EuropePooshiBrussels GuardiansManager
UTS Esports - May 1,
Cadence, and
Frolloc join.

Fuzzyzola joins as substitute.
OceaniaHyper (Joshua O'Mara-Jackson)UTS EsportsTop
OceaniaL3eTUTS EsportsJungle
OceaniaCadenceUTS EsportsBot
OceaniaFrollocUTS EsportsSupport
OceaniaFuzzyzolaUTS EsportsMidtrue
Hybrid Esports - May 1,
Novachrono and
Accziz join.
EuropeNovachronoHybrid EsportsTop
EuropeAcczizHybrid EsportsSupport
FALKN - May 1, Östersunds FK Esportslogo std.pngÖstersunds FK rebrands as FALKNlogo std.pngFALKN.
mousesports - May (approx.),
Shadow joins.

Reeker leaves.
EuropeShadow (Zhiqiang Zhao)mousesportsJungle
Immortals - May 1, Immortals LLC, holding company of Immortals, rebrands to Immortals Gaming Club.
Resurgence - May 1, OMO (Coach) leaves.
Gravitas Academy - May 1, OMO (Head Coach) joins.
OceaniaOMOGravitas AcademyHead Coach
Avant Gaming - May 1, Kai (Coach) leaves.
OceaniaKai (Ben Stewart)Avant GamingCoach
Dire Cubs - May 1,
Kweku joins.

Anderu and
Corporal join from main roster.

Getback and
UDYSOF rejoin from main roster.

Dragku joins as substitute.
Kai (Head Coach) rejoins. Rickai (Assistant Coach) joins.
OceaniaKwekuDire CubsTop
OceaniaAnderuDire CubsBot
OceaniaCorporalDire CubsSupport
OceaniaUDYSOFDire CubsJungle
OceaniaGetbackDire CubsMid
OceaniaDragkuDire CubsToptrue
OceaniaKai (Ben Stewart)Dire CubsHead Coach
OceaniaRickaiDire CubsAssistant Coach
Gravitas - May 1, Vicarius (Head Coach) joins.
OceaniaVicariusGravitasHead Coach
Movistar Riders - May 1,
Sebekx leaves.
EuropeSebekxMovistar RidersMid
Fnatic - May (approx.), Róisín O'Shea (Head of Partnerships) leaves.
EuropeRóisín O'SheaFnaticHead of Partnerships
Fnatic - May 1, Glen Calvert (Chief Operating Officer) joins. Nick Fry (Head of Commercial Strategy to Chairman) and Samuel Mathews (Chairman to Chief Executive Officer) change positions. Wouter Sleijffers (Chief Executive Officer) leaves.
EuropeSamuel MathewsFnaticChairmanFnaticChief Executive Officer
EuropeNick FryFnaticHead of Commercial StrategyFnaticChairman
EuropeWouter SleijffersFnaticChief Executive Officer
EuropeGlen CalvertFnaticChief Operating Officer
MAD Lions E.C. - May (approx.), Toñin (General Manager) and David Heras Pino (Data Scientist) leave.
EuropeToñinMAD Lions E.C.General Manager
EuropeDavid Heras PinoMAD Lions E.C.Data Scientist
BrazilCodpieceRedemption eSports Porto AlegreSupporttrueRedemption eSports Porto AlegreSupporttrue
Invictus Gaming Young - May (approx.), YDingbo (Coach) leaves.
ChinaYDingboInvictus Gaming YoungCoach
King of Future - May (approx.),
sky moves to starting roster.
Chinasky (Zhan Xiong)King of FutureMidtrueKing of FutureMid
San Diego State University - May (approx.),
Reeb joins.

Anthony leaves.
North AmericaAnthonySan Diego State UniversityTop
North AmericaReebSan Diego State UniversityTop
Adonis Esports - May (approx.), Hope (Coach) leaves.
VietnamHope (Phạm Trung Hiếu)Adonis EsportsCoach
Boavista FC - May (approx.),
Kaisie joins.
EuropeKaisieBoavista FCJungle
Butler University - May 1,
Alexstraza and CanadianRevolt (Coach) leave.
North AmericaAlexstrazaButler UniversityBot
North AmericaCanadianRevoltButler UniversityCoach
Butler University - May 1, Renegade Mac renames to Butler Mac.
Butler University - May 1, HoFFiNaToR renames to XxHoFFiNaToRxX.
Butler University - May 1, Alexstraza renames to Kekw giga smurf.
Butler University - May 1, DaBawsss6969 renames to Butler Andy.
Butler University - May 1, Mastergamerlive renames to Butler MGL.
EuropeBearcuteFuture Perfect WLGamingJungletrue
WLGaming Esports - May 1, Future Perfect WLGaminglogo std.pngFuture Perfect WLG renames to WLGaming Esportslogo std.pngWe Love Gaming following end of partnership with Future Perfect.
WLGaming Esports - May 1,
DahVys and
SpArkS join.

Bananitoo rejoins.
EuropeDahVysWLGaming EsportsJungle
EuropeSpArkS (Paris Outsis-Dimitriadis)WLGaming EsportsMid
EuropeBananitooWLGaming EsportsBot
Iconic Esports - May (approx.),
Vakin and
Fockus join.
North AmericaVakinIconic EsportsJungle
North AmericaFockusIconic EsportsSupport
ESTORM - May 1,
VirusFx leaves.
Latin AmericaVirusFxESTORMBot
Latin AmericaVirusFxArctic Gaming MexicoBot
Bring It On - May (approx.),
Ewzhier, Nerakk (Head Coach), AseL (Assistant Coach), Daeasy (Head Analyst), GuzH (Player Development Analyst), and Lukinxo (Assistant Analyst) leave.
Latin AmericaZoaBring It OnToptrue
Latin AmericaEwzhierBring It OnMidtrue
Latin AmericaNerakkBring It OnHead Coach
Latin AmericaDaeasyBring It OnHead Analyst
Latin AmericaGuzHBring It OnPlayer Development Analyst
Latin AmericaLukinxoBring It OnAssistant Analyst
Latin AmericaAseLBring It OnAssistant Coach
TopHard Esports - May (approx.),
Cape leaves.
Latin AmericaCapeTopHard EsportsJungle
Wild Jaguars Argentina - May (approx.),
Why Not,
Juxx, and Fuzion (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaRivalityWild Jaguars ArgentinaTop
Latin AmericaRomanillyWild Jaguars ArgentinaJungle
Latin AmericaWhy NotWild Jaguars ArgentinaMid
Latin AmericaSwifuWild Jaguars ArgentinaBot
Latin AmericaJuxxWild Jaguars ArgentinaSupport
Latin AmericaFuzionWild Jaguars ArgentinaHead Coach
Texas A&M University - May (approx.),
Kshuna leaves.
North AmericaKshunaTexas A&M UniversityBot
Braves UMA - May (approx.),
Aesenar and
Hominidoz join.
EuropeAesenarBraves UMAMid
EuropeHominidozBraves UMABot
Los Jovenes Titanes - May (approx.),
NegroNE, and
Nixz leave.
Latin AmericaSyuchanLos Jovenes TitanesTop
Latin AmericamatzonLos Jovenes TitanesJungle
Latin AmericaInylLos Jovenes TitanesMid
Latin AmericaNegroNELos Jovenes TitanesBot
Latin AmericaNixzLos Jovenes TitanesSupport
Nawal Gaming - May (approx.),
Derpy leaves.
Latin AmericaDerpy (Alexander Lozano)Nawal GamingMid
Mad Revolution Gaming - May (approx.), Mad Revolution Gaminglogo std.pngMad Revolution Gaming is formed.
Mizzet, and
Tupé join.
Latin AmericaDekuMad Revolution GamingTop
Latin AmericaBöngMad Revolution GamingTop
Latin AmericaQu35OMad Revolution GamingJungle
Latin AmericaJoacoMad Revolution GamingJungle
Latin AmericaSexFlexMad Revolution GamingMid
Latin AmericaMizzetMad Revolution GamingBot
Latin AmericaTupéMad Revolution GamingSupport
KNS Black - May (approx.),
Nicolico, and
PaTwo join.
Latin AmericaIvaNovichKNS BlackTop
Latin AmericaNachKNS BlackJungle
Latin AmericapcheKNS BlackMid
Latin AmericaNicolicoKNS BlackBot
Latin AmericaPaTwoKNS BlackSupport
Latin AmericaVenomorphFrost Esports (Latin American Team)Top
Latin AmericaRáeFrost Esports (Latin American Team)Jungle
Latin AmericaAndresuFrost Esports (Latin American Team)Mid
Latin AmericaDCabraFrost Esports (Latin American Team)Bot
Latin AmericaArcoSagazFrost Esports (Latin American Team)Support
Spirituals - May (approx.),
Zeith, and Jhao (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaRuby (Juan Ramos)SpiritualsTop
Latin AmericaSoulsSpiritualsJungle
Latin AmericaGioSpiritualsMid
Latin AmericaShadeSpiritualsBot
Latin AmericaZeithSpiritualsSupport
Latin AmericaJhaoSpiritualsHead Coach
FroztHounds - May (approx.), Teik (Head Coach) joins.
Latin AmericaTeikFroztHoundsHead Coach
Engine Gaming - May (approx.),
Dishake and LePuma (Head Coach) leave.
LASDishakeEngine GamingSupport
LASLePumaEngine GamingHead Coach
Anáhuac Esports Academy - May (approx.), Anáhuac Esportslogo std.pngAnáhuac Esports Academy is disbanded.
NeverM0re, and Rickju (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaDucaAnáhuac Esports AcademyTop
Latin AmericaChevisAnáhuac Esports AcademyJungle
Latin AmericaJoelito (Joel Gutiérrez)Anáhuac Esports AcademyMid
Latin AmericaLiquitAnáhuac Esports AcademyBot
Latin AmericaNeverM0reAnáhuac Esports AcademySupport
Latin AmericaRickjuAnáhuac Esports AcademyHead Coach

May 02[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
EuropeKulvasFenix SenseTop
EuropePanikaWoWFenix SenseJungle
EuropeInspireFenix SenseMid
EuropeTikusFenix SenseBot
EuropeMunetFenix SenseSupport
Sector One - May 2,
Tent joins.
Atrocez (Jungle to Support) changes position.
EuropeAtrocezSector OneJungleSector OneSupport
EuropeTentSector OneJungle
PENTA 1860 - May 2,
xKenzuke leaves.
EuropexKenzukePENTA 1860Mid
SK Gaming Prime - May 2, Kanani (Coach) leaves.
EuropeKananiSK Gaming PrimeCoach
OceaniaElohAvant AcademyTop
OceaniaFalknerAvant AcademyJungle
OceaniaBanishedAvant AcademyMid
OceaniaiannoAvant AcademyBot
OceaniaReelopleAvant AcademySupport
V3 Esports - May 2,
Savage leaves.
JapanSavageV3 EsportsJungle
UQ Union - May 2,
Lansen and
Jules move to substitutes.
OceaniaLansenUQ UnionMidUQ UnionMidtrue
OceaniaJulesUQ UnionSupportUQ UnionSupporttrue
Bombers Academy - May 2,
Gamble, and
BushyBooBoo join.

Zenk joins from main roster.
OceaniaShoreBombers AcademyTop
OceaniaGambleBombers AcademyMid
OceaniaBushyBooBooBombers AcademySupport
OceaniaZenkBombers AcademyJungle
Chiefs Academy - May 2,
Nausicaa, and Sype Nav (Coach) join.

Minhcam and
Wayy join as substitutes.

Thien joins from main roster.
OceaniaAlaniChiefs AcademyJungle
OceaniaBeatsChiefs AcademyMid
OceaniaPopeChiefs AcademyBot
OceaniaNausicaaChiefs AcademySupport
OceaniaThienChiefs AcademyTop
OceaniaMinhcamChiefs AcademyJungletrue
OceaniaWayyChiefs AcademyMidtrue
OceaniaSype NavChiefs AcademyCoach
Rogue (European Team) - May 2,
Kikis leaves.
EuropeKikisRogue (European Team)Jungle
FC Schalke 04 Esports - May 2, DLim (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeDLimFC Schalke 04 EsportsAssistant Coach
Excel Esports - May 2, DLim (Head Coach) joins. Furndog (Head Coach), Unlimited (Coach), and Jarge (Strategic Coach) leave.
EuropeFurndogExcel EsportsHead Coach
EuropeUnlimited (Petar Georgiev)Excel EsportsCoach
EuropeJargeExcel EsportsStrategic Coach
EuropeDLimExcel EsportsHead Coach
Excel UK - May 2, Unlimited (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeUnlimited (Petar Georgiev)Excel UKHead Coach
Galakticos - May 2,
xKenzuke joins.
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - May 2,
Only35 rejoins from academy roster.
TurkeyOnly351907 Fenerbahçe EsportsSupport
Team AURORA - May 2,
Trix is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyTrixTeam AURORAJungle
Dark Passage Academy - May 2,
Kaori is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyKaoriDark Passage AcademyBot
Galatasaray Academy - May 2,
UNMANAGABLE is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyUNMANAGABLEGalatasaray AcademyBot
Cyberground Gaming - May 2,
Eckas leaves.
EuropeEckasCyberground GamingJungle
Legacy Genesis - May 2,
Kpop, and Kharjo (Coach) join.

Draqon rejoins.
OceaniaChungyLegacy GenesisTop
OceaniaLeeSALegacy GenesisJungle
OceaniaMUGILegacy GenesisMid
OceaniaKpopLegacy GenesisSupport
OceaniaDraqonLegacy GenesisBot
OceaniaKharjoLegacy GenesisCoach
Mad Kings - May 2, Roster is announced.
Maver joins.

Snoopy, and
Skanito rejoin.
Latin AmericaKanraMad KingsTop
Latin AmericaMaverMad KingsJungle
Latin AmericaPendulumMad KingsMid
Latin AmericaSnoopy (Renato Chávez)Mad KingsBot
Latin AmericaSkanitoMad KingsSupport
Wild Jaguars - May 2, Sawyer (General Manager) leaves.
Latin AmericaSawyerWild JaguarsGeneral Manager
Galakticos - May 2,
xKenzuke's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
EuropeShlatanCrvena zvezda EsportsJungle
Brion Blade - May 2, Lee Ji-hwan (Manager) joins.
KoreaLee Ji-hwanBrion BladeManager

May 03[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Warthox Esport - May 3,
Drifter leaves.
EuropeDrifterWarthox EsportMid
MAD Lions Academy - May 3,
Shoack leaves.
EuropeShoackMAD Lions AcademyMidtrue
Cyber Gaming - May 3,
Cpt Lipánek rejoins as temporary substitute for ESL CZ/SK Season 1.

Hodný Vlk leaves.
EuropeHodný VlkCyber GamingTop
EuropeCpt LipánekCyber GamingTop
Trikken - May 3,
Lannister leaves.
FALKN - May 3,
Lannister, and Reveal (Head Coach) join.
EuropeLotus (Dušan Nedeljković)FALKNJungle
EuropeRevealFALKNHead Coach
Counter Logic Gaming - May 3, Tranmobile (Director of Operations & Chief of Staff) leaves.
North AmericaTranmobileCounter Logic GamingDirector of Operations & Chief of Staff
CLG Academy - May 3, Tranmobile (Director of Operations & Chief of Staff) leaves.
North AmericaTranmobileCLG AcademyDirector of Operations & Chief of Staff
Movistar Riders - May 3,
Anthrax leaves.
EuropeAnthraxMovistar RidersSupport
Galakticos - May 3,
Trix rejoins.
Racoon (Italian Team) - May 3,
CriTest, and Phanix (Head Coach) join.

Halopon and
Diaboh join as substitutes.

Jivril moves to starting roster.
EuropeJivrilRacoon (Italian Team)BottrueRacoon (Italian Team)Bot
EuropeTifoneRacoon (Italian Team)Top
EuropeBlaXRacoon (Italian Team)Jungle
EuropeKazukiRacoon (Italian Team)Mid
EuropeCriTestRacoon (Italian Team)Support
EuropeDiabohRacoon (Italian Team)Bottrue
EuropeHaloponRacoon (Italian Team)Jungletrue
EuropePhanixRacoon (Italian Team)Head Coach
SuperMassive Academy - May 3,
Kaori joins.
TurkeyKaoriSuperMassive AcademyBot
TurkeyPracticeSuperMassive AcademyBot
eSuba - May 3,
Tarky leaves.
Malvinas Gaming - May 3,
k c, and
Tomate leave.
Latin AmericaShiro (Tomás Fabré)Malvinas GamingTop
Latin AmericaAxlbgMalvinas GamingJungle
Latin AmericaJoelito (Joel Basso)Malvinas GamingMid
Latin AmericaAyaxMalvinas GamingBot
Latin Americak cMalvinas GamingBot
Latin AmericaTomate (Tomás García)Malvinas GamingSupport
OG Esports - May 3,
Okazuki, and
Nagisa leave.
Latin AmericaAibreikOG EsportsTop
Latin AmericaOkazukiOG EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaNagisaOG EsportsSupport
Operation Kino e-Sports - May 3,
Trigo's loan from Santos e-Sports ends.
BrazilTrigo (Matheus Trigo)Operation Kino e-SportsBot
Santos e-Sports - May 3,
Trigo leaves after loan to Operation Kino ends.
BrazilTrigo (Matheus Trigo)Santos e-SportsBot
SuperMassive Academy - May 3,
Kaori's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.

May 04[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Legion (Danish Team) - May 4,
TGBH joins.
EuropeTGBHLegion (Danish Team)Top
Barrage Esports - May 4,
Artorias leaves.
EuropeArtoriasBarrage EsportsTop
Cyber Gaming - May 4,
Cpt Lipánek (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeCpt LipánekCyber GamingTop
EuropeBruno (Bruno Romac)Samsung Morning StarsTop
EuropeSafariSamsung Morning StarsJungle
EuropePrimacySamsung Morning StarsMid
Samsung Morning Stars - May 4,
Acefos and
Vrow leave.
EuropeAcefosSamsung Morning StarsTop
EuropeVrowSamsung Morning StarsMid
EuropeUnbannedxSamsung Morning StarsBottrue
Samsung Morning Stars - May 4,
Tutu leaves.
EuropeTutuSamsung Morning StarsMidtrue
Racoon (Italian Team) - May 4,
S1D leaves.
EuropeS1DRacoon (Italian Team)Support
MOBA ROG - May 4,
Vigil leaves.
EuropeVigilMOBA ROGMid
Outplayed Academy - May 4,
S1D, Gale (Head Coach), Phemeth (Analyst), and Darkberny (Team Manager) join.

Oxider joins as substitute.
EuropeOncanOutplayed AcademyTop
EuropeAkabaneOutplayed AcademyJungle
EuropeUnbannedxOutplayed AcademyBot
EuropeVigilOutplayed AcademyMid
EuropeS1DOutplayed AcademySupport
EuropeOxiderOutplayed AcademyBottrue
EuropeGaleOutplayed AcademyHead Coach
EuropePhemethOutplayed AcademyAnalyst
EuropeDarkbernyOutplayed AcademyTeam Manager
Rainbow7 - May 4,
Grell leaves.
Latin AmericaGrellRainbow7Jungle
ProGaming Esports - May 4,
Yampi joins.
BrazilYampiProGaming EsportsJungle
Avengers - May 4, Team is named Avengers.
Avengers - May 4,
Pluto, and
WD join.
KoreaWinter (Kim Yo-han)AvengersJungle
KoreaPluto (Lee Ui-hyeon)AvengersSupport
S2V Esports - May 4,
Siler leaves.
EuropeSilerS2V EsportsMid
K1ck eSports Club - May 4,
Kiddo, Mahisto (Head Coach), and elv (Assistant Manager) join.

Joo, and
Sinistro leave.
EuropeInKosK1ck eSports ClubJungle
EuropeLastwolfK1ck eSports ClubBot
EuropeJoo (João Pereira)K1ck eSports ClubSupport
EuropeSinistroK1ck eSports ClubMidtrue
EuropeGodsK1ck eSports ClubTop
EuropeInceneratusK1ck eSports ClubJungle
EuropeBlizzK1ck eSports ClubMid
EuropeGotzyK1ck eSports ClubBot
EuropeKiddoK1ck eSports ClubSupport
EuropeMahistoK1ck eSports ClubHead Coach
EuropeelvK1ck eSports ClubAssistant Manager
Latin AmericaTisshotzohAnother Troll TeamMid
Dark Horse - May 4, MisterG (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaMisterGDark HorseHead Coach
Havan Liberty Academy - May 4,
woofi leaves.
BrazilwoofiHavan Liberty AcademyJungle