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Current Roster Change Portals:

May 21[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Valhalla Vikings - May (approx.),
Denzel joins.
EuropeDenzelValhalla VikingsMid
Kawaii Kiwis - May 21, Finnick (Manager) leaves.
EuropeFinnickKawaii KiwisManager
ANEW Hope - May 21, ANEW Esportslogo std.pngANEW Hope acquires Developmental Playerslogo std.pngDevelopmental Players.
EURONICS Gaming - May 21,
Tiger, and MenQ (Coach) join.

Noxiak rejoins.

Broeki leaves.
EuropeBroekiEURONICS GamingBot
EuropeKananiEURONICS GamingJungle
EuropeBacklundEURONICS GamingMid
EuropeTiger (Alan Roger)EURONICS GamingBot
EuropeNoxiakEURONICS GamingSupport
EuropeMenQEURONICS GamingCoach
Team MCES - May 21,
Jester and
Monk join.

Polyokov and
Myw leave.
EuropePolyokovTeam MCESMid
EuropeMywTeam MCESBot
EuropeJesterTeam MCESMid
EuropeMonk (Joosep Kivilaan)Team MCESBot
ROG Esport - May 21,
TynX joins.

Zeph rejoins.

Nji leaves.
EuropeNjiROG EsportJungle
EuropeTynXROG EsportJungle
EuropeZephROG EsportMid
LNG Esports - May 21, Snake Esportslogo std.pngSnake Esports rebrands as LNG Esportslogo std.pngLNG Esports.
Snake Esports - May 21,
Maestro, and KenZhu (Head Coach) leave.
Mala's departure is confirmed.
ChinaHudieSnake EsportsSupport
ChinaMaestro (Hu Jian-Xin)Snake EsportsSupport
ChinaAsuraSnake EsportsBot
ChinaFenfenSnake EsportsMid
ChinaAndy (Zhang Jie)Snake EsportsMid
ChinaSofMSnake EsportsJungle
ChinaFlandreSnake EsportsTop
ChinaMalaSnake EsportsMid
ChinaKenZhuSnake EsportsHead Coach
Oh My God - May 21,
kRYST4L, and
Hudie join.
ChinaKane (Chen Hao)Oh My GodBot
ChinakRYST4LOh My GodBot
ChinaHudieOh My GodSupport
Oh My Dream - May 21,
Curse and
Guoguo leave for main roster.
ChinaCurse (Chen Chen)Oh My DreamTop
ChinaGuoguoOh My DreamMid
Oh My God - May 21,
Curse joins from academy roster.

Guoguo joins as substitute from academy roster.
ChinaCurse (Chen Chen)Oh My GodTop
ChinaGuoguoOh My GodMidtrue
LGD Gaming - May 21,
DoRun joins as substitute.

Ian is loaned to Vici Gaming.
ChinaIanLGD GamingMidLGD GamingMid
ChinaDoRunLGD GamingToptrue
Vici Gaming - May 21,
Ian is loaned from LGD Gaming.
ChinaIanVici GamingMid
Evil Geniuses.NA - May 21, Razer partners with the team.
Dire Wolves - May 21,
Katsurii joins.
OceaniaKatsuriiDire WolvesBot
Excel Esports - May 21,
Innaxe leaves.
EuropeInnaxeExcel EsportsBot
LNG Esports - May 21,
Maestro, and KenZhu (Head Coach) join.
ChinaFlandreLNG EsportsTop
ChinaSofMLNG EsportsJungle
ChinaFenfenLNG EsportsMid
ChinaAsuraLNG EsportsBot
ChinaMaestro (Hu Jian-Xin)LNG EsportsSupport
ChinaKenZhuLNG EsportsHead Coach
Victory Five - May 21, DOG8 (Head Coach) leaves.
ChinaDOG8Victory FiveHead Coach
Team WE - May 21, Dog8 (Coach) joins.
ChinaDog8Team WECoach
SANDBOX Gaming - May 21, Comet (Coach) joins.
KoreaCometSANDBOX GamingCoach
Excel UK - May 21,
Innaxe leaves.
EuropeInnaxeExcel UKBot
Beşiktaş Esports - May 21,
Anthrax joins.

Kairos leaves.
TurkeyKairosBeşiktaş EsportsSupport
TurkeyAnthraxBeşiktaş EsportsSupport
Vega Squadron - May 21,
SaNTaS, and Invi (Head Coach)'s contracts expire but departure is not confirmed. Razly (Analyst)'s contract expires.
CISBOSS (Vladislav Fomin)Vega SquadronTopVega SquadronTop
CISAHaHaCiKVega SquadronJungleVega SquadronJungle
CISNomanzVega SquadronMidVega SquadronMid
CISSaNTaSVega SquadronSupportVega SquadronSupport
CISRazlyVega SquadronAnalyst
CISInviVega SquadronHead CoachVega SquadronHead Coach
Vega Squadron - May 21, Tunes (Manager) leaves.
CISTunesVega SquadronManager
KaBuM! e-Sports - May 21,
Zantins leaves.
BrazilZantinsKaBuM! e-SportsTop
Redemption eSports Porto Alegre - May 21,
Zuao's contract is extended.
BrazilZuaoRedemption eSports Porto AlegreJungleRedemption eSports Porto AlegreJungle
Azules Esports - May 21,
Koughi and
Feitan join.

Pride and
Instinct leave.
Latin AmericaPride (Franco Sanzana)Azules EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaInstinctAzules EsportsSupport
Latin AmericaKoughiAzules EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaFeitanAzules EsportsSupport
1907 Fenerbahçe Academy - May 21,
Murmel retires.
Beşiktaş Academy - May 21,
Onur joins.

Kairos leaves.
TurkeyKairosBeşiktaş AcademySupport
TurkeyOnur (Onur Yıldırım)Beşiktaş AcademySupport
Beşiktaş Academy - May 21, Onur renames to Minor.
Coliseo Dragons - May 21, Lance (Head Coach) joins.
Rivality and
Kendo join as substitutes.

ScryersBloom, LaGrange (Head Coach), and Pointless (Analyst) leave.
Latin AmericaGløColiseo DragonsMidtrue
Latin AmericaScryersBloomColiseo DragonsSupporttrue
Latin AmericaLaGrangeColiseo DragonsHead Coach
Latin AmericaPointlessColiseo DragonsAnalyst
Latin AmericaRivalityColiseo DragonsToptrue
Latin AmericaKendoColiseo DragonsBottrue
Latin AmericaLanceColiseo DragonsHead Coach
Dark Crows - May 21,
Ocyan leaves.
Latin AmericaOcyanDark CrowsJungle
Hafnet eSports - May 21,
Kartana, and Schmerz (Head Coach) join.

Myst joins as substitute.

Schneizel, and Charizardo (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaLukasNegroHafnet eSportsTop
Latin AmericaiBreakHafnet eSportsJungle
Latin AmericaGambiteHafnet eSportsMid
Latin AmericaKirito (Nicolás Olavarría)Hafnet eSportsMid
Latin AmericaGatocrackHafnet eSportsBot
Latin AmericaSchneizelHafnet eSportsSupport
Latin AmericaCharizardoHafnet eSportsHead Coach
Latin AmericaMetabeeHafnet eSportsTop
Latin AmericaOcean (Nicolás Pérez)Hafnet eSportsJungle
Latin AmericaSeverityHafnet eSportsMid
Latin AmericaCuest1onHafnet eSportsBot
Latin AmericaKartanaHafnet eSportsSupport
Latin AmericaMystHafnet eSportsJungletrue
Latin AmericaSchmerzHafnet eSportsHead Coach
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - May 21, Zen (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Galakticos - May 21,
Tarky's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Galakticos Academy - May 21,
Creation and Veneficus (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Pulse, and
Coldraa's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Istanbul Wildcats - May 21,
Algos, and
EliWood's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Roulette and Robogod (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 28 May 2019.
Istanbul Wildcats Academy - May 21,
Lenom's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Lieverytime, and
Chibi's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Katastrofa Awionetki - May 21,
Gricek and
Kizuro join.

Rektiv rejoins.
EuropeGricekKatastrofa AwionetkiTop
EuropeKizuroKatastrofa AwionetkiJungle
EuropeRektivKatastrofa AwionetkiMid
Crvena zvezda Esports - May 21, Nejvi (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeNejviCrvena zvezda EsportsAssistant Coach