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{{RosterChangeData/Line|team=uolcis |region=cis |source={{Source|link= |title=Unicorns Of Love's Tweet | }} |custom_prepend=[[LCL/2019 Season/Summer Season|LCL]] spot of [[Team Just]] is acquired.
{{RosterChangeData/Line|team=uolcis |region=cis |source={{Source|link= |title=Unicorns Of Love's Tweet | }} |custom_prepend=[[LCL/2019 Season/Summer Season|LCL]] spot of [[Team Just]] is acquired.
|pre={{RCPlayer|player= |role= |status=}}
|pre={{RCPlayer|player= |role= |status=}}
|post={{RCPlayer|player=BOSS (Vladislav Fomin) |role=t |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=AHaHaCiK |role=j |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=Nomanz |role=m |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=Innaxe |role=a |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=Edward |role=s |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=Invi |role=c |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=Tunes |role=Manager |status=}}
|post={{RCPlayer|player=BOSS (Vladislav Fomin) |role=t |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=AHaHaCiK |role=j |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=Nomanz |role=m |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=Innaxe |role=a |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=Edward |role=s |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=Invi |role=c |status=}}{{RCPlayer|player=Tunes |nolink=yes |role=Manager |status=}}
{{RosterChangeData/Line|team= elite|region=eu |source={{Source|link= |title=Crvena Zvezda's YouTube Video | }}
{{RosterChangeData/Line|team= elite|region=eu |source={{Source|link= |title=Crvena Zvezda's YouTube Video | }}

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Current Roster Change Portals:

May 22[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Ventus Esports - May 22,
Zvene joins.
EuropeZveneVentus EsportsTop
Kawaii Kiwis - May 22,
FreezeOP leaves.
EuropeFreezeOPKawaii KiwisJungle
Semantics - May 22 (approx.),
Uncle Darry,
I E,
Burn My Dread,
Jeremychu, and
Magi join.
North AmericaUncle DarrySemanticsTop
North AmericaI ESemanticsJungle
North AmericaZhadoxSemanticsJungle
North AmericaBurn My DreadSemanticsMid
North AmericaJeremychuSemanticsBot
North AmericaMagiSemanticsSupport
Chosen Esports - May 22 (approx.),
Notorious GAD joins.
North AmericaNotorious GADChosen EsportsBot
Dawn Esports - May 22 (approx.),
Remi joins.

Chad leaves.
North AmericaChadDawn EsportsJungletrue
North AmericaRemi (Remington Wilke)Dawn EsportsTop
Kings of Uganda - May 22 (approx.), Hoon's Doggos Esportslogo std.pngHoon's Doggos renames to Hoon's Doggos Esportslogo std.pngKings of Uganda.
Hoon's Doggos Esports - May 22 (approx.),
Tomo, and
Qitong leave.
North AmericaTomoHoon's Doggos EsportsBot
North AmericaHyper (Young Seo)Hoon's Doggos EsportsJungle
North AmericaQitongHoon's Doggos EsportsSupport
Kings of Uganda - May 22 (approx.),
Meech, and
Ugandan Royalty join.
North AmericaMeechKings of UgandaBot
North AmericaChadKings of UgandaJungle
North AmericaUgandan RoyaltyKings of UgandaSupport
SK Gaming Prime - May 22,
Werlyb joins from main roster.

Sacre leaves for main roster.
EuropeSacreSK Gaming PrimeTop
EuropeWerlybSK Gaming PrimeTop
Unfazed Esport - May 22,
Stiles and
Still Demon leave.
EuropeStiles (French Player)Unfazed EsportTop
EuropeStill DemonUnfazed EsportMid
Oh My God - May 22, Chelly (Bot to Support) changes position.
Ale and
Xuan leave.
l3est16 and
Bright leave for academy roster.
Mountain's departure is confirmed.
ChinaChelly (Li Yu-Zhou)Oh My GodBotOh My GodSupport
Chinal3est16Oh My GodJungle
ChinaBrightOh My GodMidtrue
ChinaAleOh My GodTop
ChinaXuan (Wu Zheng-Hang)Oh My GodSupporttrue
ChinaMountain (Xue Zhao-Hong)Oh My GodJungletrue
Oh My God - May 22,
Xiyang and
Five become inactive.
ChinaXiyangOh My GodTopOh My GodTop
ChinaFiveOh My GodSupportOh My GodSupport
Oh My Dream - May 22,
l3est16 joins from main roster.

Bright rejoins from main roster.
Chinal3est16Oh My DreamJungle
ChinaBrightOh My DreamMid
Rogue Warriors - May 22, Steak (Coach) leaves.
ChinaSteakRogue WarriorsCoach
Griffin - May 22,
Kanavi is loaned to JD Gaming.
JD Gaming - May 22,
Kanavi is loaned from Griffin.
ChinaKanaviJD GamingJungle
JD Gaming - May 22, Homme (Coach)'s contract is extended.
ChinaHommeJD GamingCoachJD GamingCoach
Suning - May 22,
XiaoAL leaves.
EDward Gaming - May 22,
Haro leaves.
ChinaHaroEDward GamingJungle
Rogue Warriors - May 22,
Haro joins.
ChinaHaroRogue WarriorsJungle
Royal Never Give Up - May 22,
XiaoAL joins.

AmazingJ moves to substitute.
ChinaAmazingJRoyal Never Give UpTopRoyal Never Give UpToptrue
ChinaXiaoALRoyal Never Give UpTop
Royal Never Give Up - May 22, XiaoAL renames to Langx.
Royal Never Give Up - May 22, Steak (Head Coach) joins. DanDy (Head Coach to Coach) changes position.
ChinaDanDyRoyal Never Give UpHead CoachRoyal Never Give UpCoach
ChinaSteakRoyal Never Give UpHead Coach
Royal Never Give Up - May 22,
Letme retires.
Royal Club - May 22, Kezman (General Manager) leaves.
ChinaKezmanRoyal ClubGeneral Manager
Royal Never Give Up - May 22, Kezman (General Manager) leaves.
ChinaKezmanRoyal Never Give UpGeneral Manager
Vivo Keyd - May 22,
Grell joins.
BrazilGrellVivo KeydJungle
Vivo Keyd - May 22,
Mumus100 joins.
BrazilMumus100Vivo KeydTop
Vivo Keyd - May 22,
tockers leaves.
BraziltockersVivo KeydMid
BrazilDudsTheBoyRedemption eSports Porto AlegreBot
BrazilCeosRedemption eSports Porto AlegreSupport
BrazilZantinsHavan Liberty GamingTop
BrazilTockersHavan Liberty GamingMid
SK Gaming - May 22,
Sacre joins from academy roster.

Werlyb leaves for academy roster.
EuropeWerlybSK GamingTop
EuropeSacreSK GamingTop
SK Gaming - May 22,
SirNukesAlot is added to the GCD.
EuropeSirNukesAlotSK GamingSupport
Vega Squadron - May 22,
Nomanz, and Invi (Head Coach)'s departures are confirmed.
CISBOSS (Vladislav Fomin)Vega SquadronTop
CISAHaHaCiKVega SquadronJungle
CISNomanzVega SquadronMid
CISInviVega SquadronHead Coach
Unicorns Of Love.CIS - May 22, LCL spot of Team Just is acquired.
Edward, Invi (Coach), and Tunes (Manager) join.
CISBOSS (Vladislav Fomin)Unicorns Of Love.CISTop
CISAHaHaCiKUnicorns Of Love.CISJungle
CISNomanzUnicorns Of Love.CISMid
CISInnaxeUnicorns Of Love.CISBot
CISEdwardUnicorns Of Love.CISSupport
CISInviUnicorns Of Love.CISCoach
CISTunesUnicorns Of Love.CISManager
DoubleAiM leaves.
EuropeDoubleAiMASUS ROG ELITEJungle
QLASH Forge - May 22,
Limit, and STXRM (Assistant Coach) join.
EuropeRaven (Miłosz Domagalski)QLASH ForgeTop
EuropeLimit (Dino Tot)QLASH ForgeSupport
EuropeSTXRMQLASH ForgeAssistant Coach
QLASH Forge - May 22,
Click is loaned to MOBA ROG.
EuropeClick (Vittorio Massolo)QLASH ForgeSupportQLASH ForgeSupport
QLASH Forge Academy - May 22,
Click is loaned to MOBA ROG.
EuropeClick (Vittorio Massolo)QLASH Forge AcademyJungle
MOBA ROG - May 22,
Rulfchen, and
DrMatt join.

Counter rejoins.

Click is loaned from QLASH Forge.
EuropeGleboMOBA ROGTop
EuropeRulfchenMOBA ROGJungle
EuropeDrMattMOBA ROGMid
EuropeCounterMOBA ROGBot
EuropeClick (Vittorio Massolo)MOBA ROGSupport
Samsung Morning Stars - May 22,
Sebekx and
vzz join.
EuropeSebekxSamsung Morning StarsMid
EuropevzzSamsung Morning StarsBot
x6tence - May 22,
InKos joins as substitute.
Indictive Esports - May 22,
Bullet leaves.
EuropeBulletIndictive EsportsBot
Outplayed - May 22,
Eckas, and
Saulius join.

Bullet rejoins.
SANDBOX Gaming - May 22,
Wizer is loaned to KaBuM! e-Sports.
KoreaWizerSANDBOX GamingToptrueSANDBOX GamingToptrue
Team AURORA - May 22, ehe renames to Mojito.
Dominus Esports - May 22, SinoDragon Gaminglogo std.pngSinoDragon rebrands as Dominus Esportslogo std.pngDominus Esports.
SinoDragon Gaming - May 22,
Mitsuki, and Bai (Coach) leave.
ChinaChanghongSinoDragon GamingTop
ChinaXiaopengSinoDragon GamingJungle
ChinaTwilaSinoDragon GamingMid
ChinaGALASinoDragon GamingBot
ChinaMark (Ling Xu)SinoDragon GamingSupport
ChinaMitsukiSinoDragon GamingSupporttrue
ChinaBai (Yu Tan-Hao)SinoDragon GamingCoach
Dominus Esports - May 22,
Mark, and Bai (Head Coach) join.

Mitsuki joins as substitute.
ChinaChanghongDominus EsportsTop
ChinaXiaopengDominus EsportsJungle
ChinaTwilaDominus EsportsMid
ChinaGALADominus EsportsBot
ChinaMark (Ling Xu)Dominus EsportsSupport
ChinaMitsukiDominus EsportsSupporttrue
ChinaBai (Yu Tan-Hao)Dominus EsportsHead Coach
Gambit Esports - May 22, SaDJesteRRR (Assistant Coach) leaves.
CISSaDJesteRRRGambit EsportsAssistant Coach
Furious Gaming - May 22, Mind (Sport Psychologist) leaves.
Latin AmericaMindFurious GamingSport Psychologist
Kaos Latin Gamers - May 22, Ale (Sports Psychologist) joins.
Latin AmericaAle (Alejandro Díaz Gómez)Kaos Latin GamersSports Psychologist
KaBuM! e-Sports - May 22,
DudsTheBoy joins.
BrazilDudsTheBoyKaBuM! e-SportsBot
KaBuM! e-Sports - May 22,
Ceos joins.
BrazilCeosKaBuM! e-SportsSupport
KaBuM! e-Sports - May 22,
Wizer is loaned from SANDBOX Gaming.
BrazilWizerKaBuM! e-SportsTop
Azules Esports - May 22,
Cody joins.
Latin AmericaCodyAzules EsportsMid
Azules Esports - May 22, MisterG (Head Coach) joins.
Latin AmericaMisterGAzules EsportsHead Coach
Azules Esports - May 22,
N N moves to substitute.
Latin AmericaN NAzules EsportsMidAzules EsportsMidtrue
Azules Esports - May 22, Athoz (Head Coach to Assistant Coach) changes position.
Latin AmericaAthozAzules EsportsHead CoachAzules EsportsAssistant Coach
Royal Youth Academy - May 22,
SIKINTI321 is added to the GCD.

Matilda and
Scylad are readded to the GCD.
TurkeySIKINTI321Royal Youth AcademySupport
TurkeyMatildaRoyal Youth AcademyTop
TurkeyScyladRoyal Youth AcademyBot
Royal Youth Academy - May 22, Scylad renames to Uzibo.
North AmericasexycanFrostFire (North American Team)Top
North AmericaArJayFrostFire (North American Team)Jungle
North AmericaSavorWolfFrostFire (North American Team)Mid
North AmericaLobozzFrostFire (North American Team)Bot
North AmericaDean (Dean Wood)FrostFire (North American Team)Support
Chi Army - May 22,
Hitmonlee and
Raisuke leave.
Latin AmericaHitmonleeChi ArmyJungle
Latin AmericaRaisukeChi ArmyMid
Dark Crows - May 22,
Zaphyr leaves.
Latin AmericaZaphyrDark CrowsMid
Dark Horse - May 22,
Rakyl leaves.
Latin AmericaRakylDark HorseJungle
Latin AmericaRakylUniversidad Católica EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaZaphyrUniversidad Católica EsportsMid
Excel Esports - May 22, DLim (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
SK Gaming - May 22,
SirNukesAlot's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 30 September 2019.
Splyce Vipers - May 22,
Czekolad's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
SINN - May 22, Roster of Flayn eSports participates as TKA E-Sports.
MAD Lions E.C. Colombia - May 22,
Buggyeman joins as substitute.
TetricAttack (Head Analyst to Head Coach) changes position.
Kindle moves to substitute.
Pan Stealer, and Queso (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaKindleMAD Lions E.C. ColombiaBotMAD Lions E.C. ColombiaBottrue
Latin AmericaTetricAttackMAD Lions E.C. ColombiaHead AnalystMAD Lions E.C. ColombiaHead Coach
Latin AmericaFalconzMAD Lions E.C. ColombiaMidtrue
Latin AmericaPan StealerMAD Lions E.C. ColombiaSupporttrue
Latin AmericaQueso (Daniel Coronado)MAD Lions E.C. ColombiaHead Coach
Latin AmericaBuggyemanMAD Lions E.C. ColombiaMidtrue
Infinity Esports Colombia - May 22,
Whiplash and KerchaK (Head Coach) join.

Falconz joins as substitute.
Wikko (Head Coach to Jungle) changes position.
Juanma, and
Nurak leave.
Latin AmericaWikkoInfinity Esports ColombiaHead CoachInfinity Esports ColombiaJungle
Latin AmericaUnicornGInfinity Esports ColombiaJungle
Latin AmericaJuanmaInfinity Esports ColombiaSupport
Latin AmericaNurakInfinity Esports ColombiaBottrue
Latin AmericaWhiplashInfinity Esports ColombiaSupport
Latin AmericaFalconzInfinity Esports ColombiaMidtrue
Latin AmericaKerchaKInfinity Esports ColombiaHead Coach
VAULT - May 22,
Pan Stealer, GuzH (Analyst), and Daeasy (Head Analyst) join.

Gweiss moves to substitute.
SkyGless, and
Wander leave.
Latin AmericaGweiss (Sebastian Buitrago)VAULTBotVAULTBottrue
Latin AmericaHugrockVAULTJungle
Latin AmericaWhiplashVAULTSupport
Latin AmericaSkyGlessVAULTJungletrue
Latin AmericaWanderVAULTBottrue
Latin AmericaUnicornGVAULTJungle
Latin AmericaPan StealerVAULTSupport
Latin AmericaDaeasyVAULTHead Analyst
Latin AmericaGuzHVAULTAnalyst
Wild Jaguars - May 22,
Aione and Pacho (Head Coach) join.

Jabtz joins as substitute.

JTL moves to starting roster.
Darkin leaves.
Latin AmericaJTLWild JaguarsToptrueWild JaguarsTop
Latin AmericaDarkin (Santiago Rendón)Wild JaguarsTop
Latin AmericaJabtzWild JaguarsSupporttrue
Latin AmericaPachoWild JaguarsHead Coach
Latin AmericaAioneWild JaguarsJungle
Dire Wolves - May 22,
Siuman's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
EuropeDoubleAiMCrvena zvezda EsportsJungle