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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Jun 16[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Team Animals - June 16 (approx.),
    Clown Sky,
    AMOUR FAYA, and Majstorv (Head Coach,Manager) leave.
    EuropeDinoricarTeam AnimalsTop
    EuropeClown SkyTeam AnimalsJungle
    EuropeKarnemelTeam AnimalsMid
    EuropeJkalamTeam AnimalsBot
    EuropeAMOUR FAYATeam AnimalsSupport
    EuropeMajstorvTeam AnimalsHead Coach/Manager
    Sector One - June 16 (approx.),
    Lunar leaves.
    EuropeLunarSector OneBottrue
    ahq Fighter - June 16,
    RB rejoins.

    HuSha leaves.
    LMSHuShaahq FighterJungle
    LMSRBahq FighterJungle
    Wicked Gaming - June (approx.),
    klebab box,
    Lowp, and
    PederseNN leave.
    EuropeKakanWicked GamingTop
    Europeklebab boxWicked GamingJungle
    EuropexRoskildeWicked GamingMid
    EuropeLowpWicked GamingBot
    EuropePederseNNWicked GamingSupport
    GalactiX Esport - June 16,
    Dragon Bleu,
    Sobek, Nam (Coach), and Vkn (Manager) join.
    EuropeUhtredGalactiX EsportTop
    EuropeDjidaneGalactiX EsportJungle
    EuropePantoufleGalactiX EsportMid
    EuropeDragon BleuGalactiX EsportBot
    EuropeSobekGalactiX EsportSupport
    EuropeNamGalactiX EsportCoach
    EuropeVknGalactiX EsportManager
    Pushing Gaming - June 16,
    Raedz, and
    JimsY join.
    EuropeJimsYPushing GamingBot
    EuropeFacksuoPushing GamingTop
    EuropeRaedzPushing GamingMid
    Pushing Gaming - June 16, LautaLoval (Coach), Pascup (Analyst), and Koala (Manager) join.
    EuropeLautaLovalPushing GamingCoach
    EuropeKoala (Antonio Ferrera)Pushing GamingManager
    EuropePascupPushing GamingAnalyst
    Team Brute - June (approx.),
    Dany, and
    Ovčák leave.
    EuropeGarpTeam BruteTop
    EuropeKocourekTeam BruteJungle
    EuropeProkerTeam BruteMid
    EuropeDanyTeam BruteBot
    EuropeOvčákTeam BruteSupport
    Movistar Riders Academy - June 16,
    PainN leaves.
    EuropePainNMovistar Riders AcademyMid
    Super Nova Sentinels - June 16,
    Notzu joins as substitute.

    Julien and
    Kshuna leave.
    North AmericaJulienSuper Nova SentinelsMid
    North AmericaKshunaSuper Nova SentinelsBottrue
    North AmericaNotzuSuper Nova SentinelsToptrue
    Super Nova Sentinels - June 16, Zero renames to ZeroBlaze.
    Team Echo Zulu - June 16, Baba (Bot to Streamer) changes position.
    EuropeBabaTeam Echo ZuluBotTeam Echo ZuluStreamer
    Sector One - June 16,
    Zhergoth leaves.
    EuropeZhergothSector OneTop
    FALKN - June 16,
    Skeden joins.

    Laatch leaves.
    ASUS ROG ELITE - June 16, Delić (Coach,Analyst) rejoins.
    EuropeDelićASUS ROG ELITECoach/Analyst
    Dropz Esports - June 16, Gold (Team Manager) joins.
    EuropeGoldDropz EsportsTeam Manager
    LinGan e-Sports - June 16,
    Lwandy leaves.
    ChinaLwandyLinGan e-SportsSupporttrue
    EDward Gaming Youth Team - June 16,
    lwandy, Ge Xu-Chen (Coach), and FF (Leader) join.

    Sakura, and
    More join as substitutes.

    Minn9, and Alone (Coach) leave.
    ChinabeigeEDward Gaming Youth TeamJungle
    ChinayimengEDward Gaming Youth TeamMid
    ChinaMinn9EDward Gaming Youth TeamToptrue
    ChinaAlone (Long Hong-Zhou)EDward Gaming Youth TeamCoach
    ChinaLyon (Wang Tao)EDward Gaming Youth TeamMid
    ChinababoyEDward Gaming Youth TeamBot
    ChinalwandyEDward Gaming Youth TeamSupport
    ChinaSakuraEDward Gaming Youth TeamToptrue
    ChinaDawn (Liu Zhao-Wei)EDward Gaming Youth TeamToptrue
    ChinaMoreEDward Gaming Youth TeamJungletrue
    ChinaGe Xu-ChenEDward Gaming Youth TeamCoach
    ChinaFFEDward Gaming Youth TeamLeader
    EDward Gaming Youth Team - June 16, baboy renames to Lad.
    Gama Dream - June 16, Ge Xu-Chen (Coach) leaves.
    ChinaGe Xu-ChenGama DreamCoach
    EDward Gaming Youth Team - June 16, Ge Xu-Chen renames to GeXC.
    Team Refuse - June 16,
    Supa, and Dressed To Kill (Head Coach) join.

    Jimsnop, and
    Rexboy join as substitutes.

    KryptoNite, and
    Dardan leave.
    EuropepawpTeam RefuseJungle
    EuropeKryptoNiteTeam RefuseBot
    EuropeDardanTeam RefuseSupporttrue
    EuropeNasserTeam RefuseJungle
    EuropeSupaTeam RefuseBot
    EuropeJimsnopTeam RefuseMidtrue
    EuropeH1tokiriTeam RefuseToptrue
    EuropeRexboyTeam RefuseBottrue
    EuropeDressed To KillTeam RefuseHead Coach
    F-Soul Esports - June 16,
    BroCColi joins.

    BBanG leaves.
    LMSBBanGF-Soul EsportsJungle
    LMSBroCColiF-Soul EsportsJungle
    EGN Esports - June 16,
    Dreedy and
    PainN join.
    EuropeDreedyEGN EsportsTop
    EuropePainNEGN EsportsMid
    EuropeQuinncidenceCrvena zvezda EsportsTop

    Jun 17[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    FALKN - June 17,
    Unforgiven (temporary substitute) leaves.
    EuropeUnforgiven (William Nieminen)FALKNJungle
    ToxicFalcons Oldschool - June (approx.), Limpix (Head Coach) and Arabiya (Mental Coach) leave.
    EuropeLimpixToxicFalcons OldschoolHead Coach
    EuropeArabiyaToxicFalcons OldschoolMental Coach
    Suns Gos Hawk - June 17 (approx.),
    Daddy moves to starting roster.
    Meliodas moves to substitute.
    LMSMeliodas (Lin Jui-Lien)Suns Gos HawkBotSuns Gos HawkBottrue
    LMSDaddySuns Gos HawkBottrueSuns Gos HawkBot
    Movistar Riders Academy - June 17,
    Imba leaves.
    EuropeImba (Gorka Martínez)Movistar Riders AcademyTop
    Kawaii Kiwis - June 17,
    Imba joins.
    EuropeImba (Gorka Martínez)Kawaii KiwisTop
    Kawaii Kiwis - June 17,
    Diegus joins.
    EuropeDiegusKawaii KiwisJungle
    Killabeez - June 17,
    Daniur leaves.
    Kawaii Kiwis - June 17,
    Daniur joins.
    EuropeDaniurKawaii KiwisMid
    Movistar Riders Academy - June 17,
    RNATION leaves.
    EuropeRNATIONMovistar Riders AcademyBot
    Kawaii Kiwis - June 17,
    RNATION joins.
    EuropeRNATIONKawaii KiwisBot
    Killabeez - June 17,
    Napolitana leaves.
    Kawaii Kiwis - June 17,
    Napolitana joins.
    EuropeNapolitanaKawaii KiwisSupport
    MAD Lions Academy - June 17,
    Palens leaves.
    EuropePalensMAD Lions AcademyJungle
    MAD Lions E.C. - June 17,
    Palens leaves.
    EuropePalensMAD Lions E.C.Toptrue
    Arena Quesito - June 17,
    Palens and
    Tirex join.

    Surprise leaves.
    EuropeSurpriseArena QuesitoJungle
    EuropePalensArena QuesitoJungle
    EuropeTirexArena QuesitoMid
    Barrage Esports - June 17,
    Zhergoth joins.
    EuropeZhergothBarrage EsportsTop
    First Blood Crusade - June 17,
    Murky Main joins as substitute.
    North AmericaMurky MainFirst Blood CrusadeMidtrue
    Lotus Esports (2019 North American Team) - June 17,
    Spawwwwn moves to starting roster.
    Snitch leaves.
    North AmericaSnitchLotus Esports (2019 North American Team)Bot
    North AmericaSpawwwwnLotus Esports (2019 North American Team)BottrueLotus Esports (2019 North American Team)Bot
    Mirage Sport Électronique - June 17,
    Str1fe rejoins.

    Qitong, and TKC Mike join as substitutes.

    CoreTienZ and
    Tomo leave.
    North AmericaCoreTienZMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueBot
    North AmericaTomoMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueBot
    North AmericaStr1feMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueBot
    North AmericaQitongMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueSupporttrue
    North AmericaRyleoMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueBottrue
    North America6ulb3tierMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueBottrue
    North AmericaTKC MikeMirage Sport Électroniquetrue
    Team Front - June 17,
    Dziarmaga and
    wispe join.

    Blitz leaves.
    North AmericaBlitz (Christopher Herrington)Team FrontSupport
    North AmericaDziarmagaTeam FrontMid
    North AmericawispeTeam FrontSupport
    Team Front - June 17, Dziarmaga renames to Poof Puff.
    MOBA ROG - June 17, Cydonia (Head Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeCydoniaMOBA ROGHead Analyst
    PRIDE (Polish Team) - June 17, Garih (Head Coach) and Cydonia (Analyst) join. Vallain (Head Coach to Assistant Coach) changes position.
    EuropeVallainPRIDE (Polish Team)Head CoachPRIDE (Polish Team)Assistant Coach
    EuropeGarihPRIDE (Polish Team)Head Coach
    EuropeCydoniaPRIDE (Polish Team)Analyst
    Movistar Riders - June 17, Jarge (Team Director) rejoins.
    EuropeJargeMovistar RidersTeam Director
    Movistar Riders - June 17,
    RNATION leaves.
    EuropeRNATIONMovistar RidersBottrue
    CERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team) - June 17,
    Success and
    Shaoran become inactive.
    VietnamSuccessCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)JungleCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Jungle
    VietnamShaoranCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)SupportCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Support
    Vivo Keyd - June 17, Crowe (Coach) joins.
    BrazilCroweVivo KeydCoach
    Rex Regalis - June 17,
    Captain Nuke,
    Im Avi,
    Youngbin, and
    Kim Down join.

    Lattman joins as substitute.
    North AmericaCaptain NukeRex RegalisTop
    North AmericaIm AviRex RegalisJungle
    North AmericaDescratonRex RegalisMid
    North AmericaYoungbinRex RegalisBot
    North AmericaKim DownRex RegalisSupport
    North AmericaLattmanRex RegalisBottrue
    V5 87 - June 17,
    LuMang, and
    Yuen join.
    Angles (Leader to Top) changes position.
    Lff, and
    86 leave.
    ChinaXiaominV5 87Jungle
    ChinaKoreV5 87Bot
    ChinaLffV5 87Jungletrue
    China86V5 87Bottrue
    ChinaAnglesV5 87LeaderV5 87Top
    ChinaDaiDaiV5 87Jungle
    ChinaYang (Chen Yang)V5 87Mid
    ChinaLuMangV5 87Bot
    ChinaYuenV5 87Support
    V5 87 - June 17, XL renames to XLong.
    D7G Esports Club - June 17,
    lxz, and Monster (Head Coach) join.

    Conquer joins as substitute.

    Dustwind leaves.
    ChinaDustwindD7G Esports ClubTop
    ChinacoffeeD7G Esports ClubTop
    ChinaOniOnD7G Esports ClubMid
    ChinalxzD7G Esports ClubSupport
    ChinaConquerD7G Esports ClubSupporttrue
    ChinaMonster (Wang Jia-Ming)D7G Esports ClubHead Coach
    Joy Dream - June 17,
    up leaves.
    Chinaup (Jin Wen-Jie)Joy DreamTop
    D7G Esports Club - June 17, OniOn renames to oni.
    LinGan e-Sports - June 17,
    Juzi, and Shen Dong-Yu (Coach) join.

    BadeMan, and
    Captain leave.
    ChinaRikkaLinGan e-SportsTop
    ChinaBadeManLinGan e-SportsJungle
    ChinaCaptain (Luo Fei-Yang)LinGan e-SportsMid
    ChinaSpunkLinGan e-SportsTop
    Chinafortunate (Liang Jian)LinGan e-SportsJungle
    ChinalovelyLinGan e-SportsJungle
    ChinaJuziLinGan e-SportsBot
    ChinaShen Dong-YuLinGan e-SportsCoach
    LinGan e-Sports - June 17, Juzi renames to Jz.
    Dominus Esports Young - June 17,
    Captain, and
    Catch join.
    Chinaup (Jin Wen-Jie)Dominus Esports YoungTop
    ChinaCaptain (Luo Fei-Yang)Dominus Esports YoungMid
    ChinaCatch (Han Sheng-Min)Dominus Esports YoungSupport
    Dominus Esports Young - June 17, up renames to UP.
    Gama Dream - June 17,
    mmj joins as substitute.
    ChinammjGama DreamMidtrue
    Legend Esport Gaming - June 17, May (Sub/Support to Sub/Jungle) changes position.
    Yuki, and
    Kumamon leave.
    ChinaHelper (Wang Huan-Wei)Legend Esport GamingBot
    ChinaYuki (Xue Chao)Legend Esport GamingToptrue
    ChinaKumamonLegend Esport GamingJungletrue
    ChinaMay (Bai Ren-Jie)Legend Esport GamingSupporttrueLegend Esport GamingJungletrue
    Rogue Warriors Shark - June 17,
    Machao joins.

    Wuming and
    Guojia join as substitutes.

    Huanggai leaves.
    ChinaHuanggaiRogue Warriors SharkSupport
    ChinaMachaoRogue Warriors SharkBot
    ChinaWuming (Wang Shun)Rogue Warriors SharkJungletrue
    ChinaGuojiaRogue Warriors SharkMidtrue
    Istanbul Wildcats Academy - June 17,
    Lieverytime is removed from the GCD.
    TurkeyLieverytimeIstanbul Wildcats AcademyBot
    Scorpio Game - June 17,
    Rikka joins.

    Herok joins as substitute.

    L1zzie moves to substitute.
    ChinaL1zzieScorpio GameTopScorpio GameToptrue
    ChinaRikkaScorpio GameTop
    ChinaHerokScorpio GameToptrue
    Scorpio Game - June 17, Herok renames to Tailuo.
    Scorpio Game - June 17, KongMing renames to Grim.
    Victorious Gaming - June 17,
    Xinian joins.

    925, and
    Savoki leave.
    ChinaWuxxVictorious GamingBot
    China925Victorious GamingSupport
    ChinaSavokiVictorious GamingSupport
    ChinaXinianVictorious GamingMid
    Young Miracles - June 17,
    yizhiyu leaves.
    ChinayizhiyuYoung MiraclesJungle
    SAMCLAN Esports Club - June 17,
    miigas joins.
    EuropemiigasSAMCLAN Esports ClubSupport
    Dramatik Gaming - June 17, Dramatik Gaming is reformed.
    Kacha, and
    Breezyyy join.
    North America5miDramatik GamingTop
    North AmericaKazahanaDramatik GamingJungle
    North AmericaRooseDramatik GamingMid
    North AmericaKachaDramatik GamingBot
    North AmericaBreezyyyDramatik GamingSupport
    Emissary Esports - June 17, Emissary Esports is formed.
    Quantum Fizzics,
    Homecoming, and ArgentumSky (Head Coach) join.
    North AmericaTanerEmissary EsportsTop
    North AmericaRBMEmissary EsportsJungle
    North AmericaQuantum FizzicsEmissary EsportsMid
    North Americaaaron (Aaron Ho)Emissary EsportsBot
    North AmericaHomecomingEmissary EsportsSupport
    North AmericaArgentumSkyEmissary EsportsHead Coach
    Dawn Esports - June 17,
    Remi leaves.
    North AmericaRemi (Remington Wilke)Dawn EsportsTop
    Dawn Esports Blaze - June 17, Dawn Esports Blaze is formed.
    KaNKl, and
    T26 join.
    North AmericaRemi (Remington Wilke)Dawn Esports BlazeTop
    North AmericaRourkeDawn Esports BlazeJungle
    North AmericaFreeze (Bradley Benneyworth)Dawn Esports BlazeMid
    North AmericaKaNKlDawn Esports BlazeBot
    North AmericaT26Dawn Esports BlazeSupport
    North AmericaNotzuDawn Esports ShockTop
    North AmericaPatheticParrotDawn Esports ShockJungle
    North AmericaShupian (Jacky Li)Dawn Esports ShockMid
    North AmericaSpiderDawn Esports ShockBot
    North AmericaAfternoonDawn Esports ShockSupport
    North AmericaFat BeagleDawn Esports ShockHead Coach
    Dawn Esports Shock - June 17, PatheticParrot renames to Apathing.
    Lotus Bloom - June 17, Lotus Bloom is formed.
    Gorica, and
    yhw join.
    North AmericaEclipse (Yujie Wu)Lotus BloomTop
    North AmericarhubarbsLotus BloomJungle
    North AmericaRobbyBobLotus BloomMid
    North AmericaGoricaLotus BloomBot
    North AmericayhwLotus BloomSupport
    Clutch Gaming - June 17,
    Cody Sun's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.
    Jin Air Green Wings - June 17,
    Stitch becomes inactive.
    KoreaStitchJin Air Green WingsBotJin Air Green WingsBot

    Jun 18[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    ZeroSeven Gera - June 18, Leviathan (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropeLeviathan (Alexandros Mamasoulas)ZeroSeven GeraHead Coach
    MAD Lions Academy - June (approx.),
    Vruno leaves.
    EuropeVrunoMAD Lions AcademyBot
    Movistar Riders Academy - June (approx.),
    Oscure leaves.
    EuropeOscureMovistar Riders AcademySupport
    Killabeez - June (approx.),
    Shoack and
    WachonBB join.
    Barrage Esports - June 18,
    Munckizz joins.
    EuropeMunckizzBarrage EsportsJungle
    First Blood Crusade - June 18,
    Sym joins.

    Murky Main leaves.
    North AmericaMurky MainFirst Blood CrusadeMidtrue
    North AmericaSymFirst Blood CrusadeMid
    Sector One - June 18, Bjorn (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeBjornSector OneHead Coach
    GamersOrigin - June 18, F1re (Team Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeF1reGamersOriginTeam Analyst
    LGD Gaming - June 18,
    Kui joins.
    ChinaKuiLGD GamingJungle
    LGD Gaming - June 18, Condi is banned from all tournaments for 18 competitive months for match-fixing. Hesitate receives a lifetime ban from all tournaments for match-fixing.
    ChinaCondiLGD GamingJungle
    ChinaHesitateLGD GamingManager
    Rogue (European Team) - June 18, Nicky Romero (Investor) joins.
    EuropeNicky RomeroRogue (European Team)Investor
    Misfits Premier - June 18,
    Vichen is added to the GCD as substitute.

    Crazycaps is added to the academy roster in the GCD.
    EuropeVichenMisfits PremierJungletrue
    EuropeCrazycapsMisfits PremierSupport
    ASUS ROG ELITE - June 18, Spale (Head Coach) rejoins.
    EuropeSpaleASUS ROG ELITEHead Coach
    Rogue Esports Club - June 18, nRated (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropenRatedRogue Esports ClubHead Coach
    FC Schalke 04 Esports - June 18, F1RE (Head Analyst) joins.
    EuropeF1REFC Schalke 04 EsportsHead Analyst
    Izi Dream - June 18, Dinep (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropeDinepIzi DreamHead Coach
    Bilibili Gaming Junior - June 18, Java (Coach) joins.
    ChinaJava (Wei Yi-Fan)Bilibili Gaming JuniorCoach
    GC Busan Ascension - June 18, Hyun (Head Coach) and Cookie (Strategic Coach) join.
    KoreaHyun (Kim Se-hyun)GC Busan AscensionHead Coach
    KoreaCookie (Choi Byeong-kook)GC Busan AscensionStrategic Coach
    LNG Academy - June 18,
    Decade and
    BlueWhale join.

    Zqzq and
    GXT join as substitutes.

    keke moves to substitute.
    ChinakekeLNG AcademySupportLNG AcademySupporttrue
    ChinaDecadeLNG AcademyTop
    ChinaZqzqLNG AcademyJungletrue
    ChinaBlueWhaleLNG AcademySupport
    ChinaGXTLNG AcademyBottrue
    Triumphant Song Gaming - June 18, Rashomon (Analyst to Coach) changes position.
    ChinaRashomonTriumphant Song GamingAnalystTriumphant Song GamingCoach
    Triumphant Song Gaming - June 18, Closer renames to Shelter.
    VP Game - June 18, Fdy and 1ntruder are banned from all tournaments for 10 competitive months for match-fixing.
    ChinaFdyVP GameBot
    China1ntruderVP GameCoach
    Galakticos Academy - June 18,
    Faith and
    LAXER are added to the GCD.
    TurkeyFaith (İnanç Berber)Galakticos AcademyJungle
    TurkeyLAXERGalakticos AcademySupport
    Galatasaray Academy - June 18,
    kumru, and
    BBjorn are removed from the GCD.
    TurkeyAsteroidGalatasaray AcademyTop
    TurkeykumruGalatasaray AcademyJungle
    TurkeyBBjornGalatasaray AcademyMid
    GeekCase eSports - June 18,
    Cyber joins.
    EuropeCyber (Sérgio Neves)GeekCase eSportsBot
    Misfits Premier - June 18,
    Crazycaps' contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 30 September 2019.
    Vichen's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Latin AmericaLeo (José Rojas)Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Jungle
    Latin AmericaGuzkeVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Mid
    Latin AmericaChucknightVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Support
    Future Gaming - June (approx.), Team is created.
    Nurak, and
    Juanma join.
    Latin AmericaJarabeFuture GamingTop
    Latin AmericaxShinraFuture GamingJungle
    Latin AmericaLeo (José Rojas)Future GamingJungle
    Latin AmericaJuanStanFuture GamingMid
    Latin AmericaNurakFuture GamingBot
    Latin AmericaJuanmaFuture GamingSupport
    Galakticos Academy - June 18,
    Faith and
    LAXER's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    EVOS Esports - June 18,
    Coyote's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 6 January 2022.
    Helios' contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 7 January 2022.
    CERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team) - June 18,
    Shaoran is removed from the GCD.
    VietnamShaoranCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Support
    WiLD MultiGaming - June 18,
    SanyaDau moves to starting roster.
    Paresz moves to substitute.
    EuropeSanyaDauWiLD MultiGamingJungletrueWiLD MultiGamingJungle
    EuropePareszWiLD MultiGamingJungleWiLD MultiGamingJungletrue

    Jun 19[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Teogen and
    Turntheslayer are suspended for 1 month for account sharing.
    GalactiX Esport - June 19,
    Exit, Nam (Coach), and Vkn (Manager) join.
    EuropeNozpyGalactiX EsportTop
    EuropeFlachonyGalactiX EsportJungle
    EuropeDrifterGalactiX EsportMid
    EuropeHaykoGalactiX EsportBot
    EuropeExitGalactiX EsportSupport
    EuropeNamGalactiX EsportCoach
    EuropeVknGalactiX EsportManager
    Dusty - June 19,
    Skrímsli leaves.
    Barrage Esports - June 19,
    Diva joins.
    EuropeDivaBarrage EsportsMid
    VP Game - June 19,
    Deceit, and Vbow (Coach) join.

    L7 rejoins.

    Xzz moves to starting roster.
    Xsq, and Pokemon (Head Coach) leave.
    ChinaArisVP GameTop
    ChinaTtsVP GameTop
    ChinaPang (Ling Wen-Xuan)VP GameMid
    ChinaWuyVP GameSupport
    ChinaXsqVP GameSupport
    ChinaPokemonVP GameHead Coach
    ChinaXzzVP GameMidtrueVP GameMid
    ChinaFloraVP GameJungle
    ChinaPlumeVP GameBot
    ChinaDeceitVP GameSupport
    ChinaVbowVP GameCoach
    ChinaL7VP GameSupport
    PENTA 1860 - June 19, Nice Guy Ben (Head Coach) joins. Eeyoree (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeEeyoreePENTA 1860Head Coach
    EuropeNice Guy BenPENTA 1860Head Coach
    Oh My God - June 19, Li Jian (Trainee Manager) leaves for academy roster.
    ChinaLi JianOh My GodTrainee Manager
    Vici Gaming - June 19,
    Youdang moves to starting roster.
    Cube leaves for academy roster.
    ChinaYoudangVici GamingJungletrueVici GamingJungle
    ChinaCube (Dai Yi)Vici GamingTop
    Suning - June 19, Xiasu (Assistant Coach) leaves for academy roster.
    ChinaXiasuSuningAssistant Coach
    Invictus Gaming - June 19,
    Lucas leaves for academy roster.
    ChinaLucas (Li Tan-Pan-Ao)Invictus GamingSupport
    Invictus Gaming Young - June 19,
    Lucas rejoins as substitute from main roster.
    ChinaLucas (Li Tan-Pan-Ao)Invictus Gaming YoungMidtrue
    100 Thieves - June 19, Maelk (VP of Esports) joins.
    North AmericaMaelk100 ThievesVP of Esports
    Misfits Premier - June 19,
    Decay is added to the GCD.
    EuropeDecayMisfits PremierMid
    Team Queso - June 19, Team will be known as Telepizza Team Queso.
    Royal Youth - June 19, Dragon (Analyst) joins.
    TurkeyDragon (Noah High)Royal YouthAnalyst
    RoX (2014 CIS Team) - June 19,
    Charger's departure is confirmed.
    CISChargerRoX (2014 CIS Team)Top
    Dragon Army - June 19,
    Lekcycc, Dimonko (Head Coach), and Click (Assistant Coach) join.

    Paranoia and
    Drobovik123's departures are confirmed.
    CISParanoiaDragon ArmyMid
    CISDrobovik123Dragon ArmyMidtrue
    CISChargerDragon ArmyTop
    CISItsCortezDragon ArmyJungle
    CISKeysieDragon ArmyMid
    CISShiganariDragon ArmyBot
    CISLekcyccDragon ArmySupport
    CISDimonkoDragon ArmyHead Coach
    CISClick (Vsevolod Tikhomirov)Dragon ArmyAssistant Coach
    Dragon Army - June 19, Jamespeke (Manager) leaves.
    CISJamespekeDragon ArmyManager
    Vega Squadron - June 19,
    Ekka, Moo (Head Coach), Nagato (Analyst), and Jamespeke (Manager) join.

    Doxy and
    Gadget rejoin.

    SaNTaS's contract is extended.
    CISSaNTaSVega SquadronSupportVega SquadronSupport
    CISKreoxVega SquadronJungle
    CISEkkaVega SquadronMid
    CISDoxyVega SquadronTop
    CISGadgetVega SquadronBot
    CISMoo (Dmitry Sukhanov)Vega SquadronHead Coach
    CISJamespekeVega SquadronManager
    CISNagatoVega SquadronAnalyst
    Vega Squadron - June 19, Ekka renames to DiscotEkka.
    Vega Squadron - June 19, Nagato renames to Oneself.
    Dominus Esports Young - June 19,
    JQJ joins.
    ChinaJQJDominus Esports YoungSupport
    Joy Dream - June 19,
    Mianju and NoName (Coach) join.

    Dou and
    Young join as substitutes.

    Xiamu, and Duff (Coach) leave.
    ChinaXiaoaliJoy DreamBot
    ChinaXiamuJoy DreamSupport
    ChinaDuffJoy DreamCoach
    ChinaMianjuJoy DreamSupport
    ChinaDouJoy DreamJungletrue
    ChinaYoung (Yang Yang)Joy DreamJungletrue
    ChinaNoName (Zhou Qi-Lin)Joy DreamCoach
    Joy Dream - June 19, Mianju renames to Tangwa.
    Joy Dream - June 19, Young renames to Sheep.
    Legend Esport Gaming - June 19, Assqssin renames to Assassin.
    Oh My Dream - June 19,
    Tts joins.
    Li Jian (Manager) joins from main roster.
    Xmq and
    Medusa leave.
    ChinaXmqOh My DreamJungletrue
    ChinaMedusa (Feng Jun-Da)Oh My DreamSupporttrue
    ChinaTtsOh My DreamTop
    ChinaLi JianOh My DreamManager
    Suning-S - June 19,
    Yanfeng, and
    owo join.

    Banks joins as substitute.
    Xiasu (Assistant Coach) rejoins from main roster. Holy (Leader to Manager) changes position.
    Shark, and
    Cruel move to substitutes.
    yyx, and
    Huskie leave.
    ChinaLilac (Liu Yi-Chen)Suning-SMidSuning-SMidtrue
    ChinaShark (Zhang Yu-Qi)Suning-SBotSuning-SBottrue
    ChinaBohe (Liu Zhao-Jun)Suning-SMidtrue
    ChinaHoly (Hou Lin)Suning-SLeaderSuning-SManager
    Chinaowo (Luo Wen-Jun)Suning-SSupport
    ChinaXiasuSuning-SAssistant Coach
    VP Game - June 19,
    jiawei joins.
    ChinajiaweiVP GameTop
    VP Game - June 19, jiawei renames to Garvey.
    Vici Gaming Potential - June 19,
    Hang, and Rui (Head Coach) join.

    Cube and
    Aix join from main roster.

    Xiaosheng, and
    Jerry move to substitutes.
    Ending and
    Xiaochao leave.
    Chelizi leaves for main roster.
    ChinaCheliziVici Gaming PotentialTop
    ChinaEndingVici Gaming PotentialJungle
    ChinaXiaochaoVici Gaming PotentialMid
    ChinaStriveVici Gaming PotentialMidVici Gaming PotentialMidtrue
    ChinaXiaoshengVici Gaming PotentialBotVici Gaming PotentialBottrue
    ChinaJerry (Zhou Ke-Xue)Vici Gaming PotentialSupportVici Gaming PotentialSupporttrue
    ChinaSteelVici Gaming PotentialMid
    ChinaRoysenVici Gaming PotentialBot
    ChinaHangVici Gaming PotentialSupport
    ChinaCube (Dai Yi)Vici Gaming PotentialTop
    ChinaAixVici Gaming PotentialJungle
    ChinaRui (Lyu Rui)Vici Gaming PotentialHead Coach
    Victorious Gaming - June 19,
    Casual joins.
    ChinaCasualVictorious GamingTop
    Victorious Gaming - June 19, Casual renames to Dusk.
    Galatasaray Academy - June 19,
    Thorondor S,
    Husky Rider, and
    Lykia are added to the GCD.
    TurkeyThorondor SGalatasaray AcademyTop
    TurkeyNejiGalatasaray AcademyJungle
    TurkeyHusky RiderGalatasaray AcademyBot
    TurkeyLykiaGalatasaray AcademySupport
    Galatasaray Academy - June 19, Neji renames to Escanor.
    ANEW Hope - June 19,
    Dragoonsmash joins as substitute.

    Niles leaves.
    North AmericaNilesANEW HopeToptrue
    North AmericaDragoonsmashANEW HopeToptrue
    FrostFire (North American Team) - June 19,
    Kitzuo and
    sucksatallroles join.

    Adversaire and
    ExecutionerK join as substitutes.

    ArJay and
    SavorWolf leave.
    North AmericaArJayFrostFire (North American Team)Jungle
    North AmericaSavorWolfFrostFire (North American Team)Mid
    North AmericaKitzuoFrostFire (North American Team)Jungle
    North AmericaAdversaireFrostFire (North American Team)Midtrue
    North AmericasucksatallrolesFrostFire (North American Team)Mid
    North AmericaExecutionerKFrostFire (North American Team)Supporttrue
    ANEW Esports - June 19,
    Wo Ai Yin Dao, and
    Shady join.

    Benji, and
    PapaChau leave.
    North AmericaMistyStumpeyANEW EsportsTop
    North AmericaBenji (Benjamin deMunck)ANEW EsportsBot
    North AmericaPapaChauANEW EsportsSupport
    North AmericaShady (Jordan Robison)ANEW EsportsSupport
    North AmericaCJ (Colton Popowich)ANEW EsportsTop
    North AmericaWo Ai Yin DaoANEW EsportsBot
    Misfits Premier - June 19,
    Decay's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
    Galatasaray Academy - June 19,
    Thorondor S,
    Husky Rider,
    Lykia, and Major (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    WiLD MultiGaming - June 19,
    Sora joins.

    Ani and
    bagØ join as substitutes.
    EuropeSora (Suba Hunor)WiLD MultiGamingMid
    EuropeAniWiLD MultiGamingToptrue
    EuropebagØWiLD MultiGamingMidtrue

    Jun 20[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Alpaka Esports - June 20,
    Jakobobbi leaves.
    EuropeJakobobbiAlpaka EsportsJungletrue
    Konix eSport - June 20,
    Wixo0 and Perecastors (Coach) join.
    EuropeWixo0Konix eSportSupport
    EuropePerecastorsKonix eSportCoach
    DLT Project - June 20,
    FaaastLife, and Fanta (Manager) leave.
    EuropeEnvaDLT ProjectTop
    EuropeOniiDLT ProjectJungle
    EuropePradDLT ProjectMid
    EuropeDezayDDLT ProjectBot
    EuropeFaaastLifeDLT ProjectSupport
    EuropeFantaDLT ProjectManager
    Ignis Project - June 20,
    FaaastLife, and Fanta (Manager) join.
    EuropeEnvaIgnis ProjectTop
    EuropeOniiIgnis ProjectJungle
    EuropePradIgnis ProjectMid
    EuropeDezayDIgnis ProjectBot
    EuropeFaaastLifeIgnis ProjectSupport
    EuropeFantaIgnis ProjectManager
    Dusty - June (approx.), Nippla (Jungle to Top) and Nimoe (Sub/Mid to Jungle) change positions.
    Team Infamous - June 20,
    Slowla, and
    MrFreezed join.

    Raske Karistaja, and
    Karlu leave.
    EuropeYoftTeam InfamousJungle
    EuropeRaske KaristajaTeam InfamousMid
    EuropeKarluTeam InfamousBot
    EuropeTehTeam InfamousJungle
    EuropeSlowlaTeam InfamousMid
    EuropeMrFreezedTeam InfamousBot
    Bursaspor Esports - June 20, Razly (Analyst) joins.
    TurkeyRazlyBursaspor EsportsAnalyst
    Random 5 - June 20,
    I am LeBron joins.

    WildRabbit moves to starting roster.
    EuropeWildRabbitRandom 5BottrueRandom 5Bot
    EuropeI am LeBronRandom 5Jungle
    EuropeGentlemanHeroLevel Up esportsTop
    EuropeLotus (Dušan Nedeljković)Level Up esportsJungle
    EuropeDehasteLevel Up esportsMid
    Diabolus Esports - June 20,
    Yusa leaves.
    EuropeYusaDiabolus EsportsBot
    MnM Gaming - June 20,
    Yusa joins.

    Only Angel rejoins.
    EuropeYusaMnM GamingBot
    EuropeOnly AngelMnM GamingTop
    ASUS ROG ELITE - June 20,
    chopsteek joins as substitute.
    Mihaajlo leaves.
    EuropeMihaajloASUS ROG ELITEtrue
    EuropechopsteekASUS ROG ELITEBottrue
    Berlin International Gaming - June 20, Pandar (Streamer) joins as substitute.
    EuropePandarBerlin International GamingStreamertrue
    Dark Crows - June 20,
    IceBox leaves.
    Latin AmericaIceBoxDark CrowsTop
    Azules Esports - June 20,
    IceBox joins.
    Latin AmericaIceBoxAzules EsportsTop
    Invictus Gaming Young - June 20, Alone (Coach) and GuoKui (Coach) join.
    Y1Jing leaves.
    ChinaY1JingInvictus Gaming YoungSupporttrue
    ChinaAlone (Long Hong-Zhou)Invictus Gaming YoungCoach
    ChinaGuoKuiInvictus Gaming YoungCoach
    Invictus Gaming Young - June 20, Carl renames to Leyan.
    Invictus Gaming Young - June 20, Alone renames to Along.

    Jun 21[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    ToxicFalcons eSports - June 21,
    Nana Mizuki, and
    Muska join as temporary substitutes for Red Bull Strijders 2019.
    EuropeYorangeToxicFalcons eSportsJungle
    EuropeGigCeezToxicFalcons eSportsMid
    EuropeNana MizukiToxicFalcons eSportsBot
    EuropeMuskaToxicFalcons eSportsSupport
    Sector One Academy - June 21,
    Woong leaves.
    EuropeWoong (Omar Van Vynckt)Sector One AcademySupport
    BaeconGG - June 21,
    Croka joins.
    Frozt - June 21,
    Hyperactive, and
    Zarzator leave.
    FH eSports - June 21, FH eSportslogo std.pngFH eSports acquires Froztlogo std.pngFrozt.
    FH eSports - June 21,
    Hyperactive, and
    Zarzator join.

    naclyguy joins as substitute.
    EuropeTedizFH eSportsTop
    EuropeSósaFH eSportsJungle
    EuropeLegionsFH eSportsMid
    EuropeHyperactiveFH eSportsBot
    EuropeZarzatorFH eSportsSupport
    EuropenaclyguyFH eSportsMidtrue
    Obnoxious Gaming - June 21,
    Wollf joins.
    EuropeWollfObnoxious GamingMid
    Obnoxious Gaming - June 21,
    nestuoso joins.
    EuropenestuosoObnoxious GamingBot
    EuropeShadowInFlamesObnoxious GamingJungle
    Obnoxious Gaming - June 21,
    Mexy joins.
    EuropeMexyObnoxious GamingSupport
    Future Perfect Blue - June 21,
    LaisMax, and Sister (Head Coach) join.

    Aikei joins as substitute.
    CISMafinayazFuture Perfect BlueTop
    CISCanya123Future Perfect BlueJungle
    CISSly1Future Perfect BlueMid
    CISStierlitzFuture Perfect BlueBot
    CISLaisMaxFuture Perfect BlueSupport
    CISAikeiFuture Perfect BlueJungletrue
    CISSisterFuture Perfect BlueHead Coach
    Future Perfect Orange - June 21,
    Ryfon, f0lloVVme (Coach), and Gvin (Coach) join.
    CISTotalBKFuture Perfect OrangeTop
    CISfinitaFuture Perfect OrangeJungle
    CISOp4uHFuture Perfect OrangeMid
    CISMatizFuture Perfect OrangeBot
    CISRyfonFuture Perfect OrangeSupport
    CISf0lloVVmeFuture Perfect OrangeCoach
    CISGvinFuture Perfect OrangeCoach
    CISLaxeyFuture Perfect PurpleTop
    CISNoNameStarFuture Perfect PurpleJungle
    CISzhyezhyezhyeFuture Perfect PurpleMid
    CISPowderFuture Perfect PurpleBot
    CISRillyavielFuture Perfect PurpleSupport
    CISNegativveFuture Perfect PurpleHead Coach
    Barrage Esports - June 21,
    Fastlegged rejoins.
    EuropeFastleggedBarrage EsportsSupport
    Hybrid Esports - June 21,
    Novachrono leaves.
    EuropeNovachronoHybrid EsportsTop
    GamerLegion - June 21, Michaeten (Analyst) leaves.
    Misfits Premier - June 21,
    LIDER leaves for main roster.
    EuropeLIDERMisfits PremierMid
    Misfits Gaming - June 21,
    LIDER joins from academy roster.
    EuropeLIDERMisfits GamingMid
    Dawn Esports Frost - June 21, Dawn Esports Frost is formed.
    Array, and
    Zyko join.

    Asianface99 (Coach) joins as substitute.
    North AmericaMesloDawn Esports FrostTop
    North AmericaFrostynomadDawn Esports FrostJungle
    North AmericaZeroBlazeDawn Esports FrostMid
    North AmericaArrayDawn Esports FrostBot
    North AmericaZykoDawn Esports FrostSupport
    North AmericaAsianface99Dawn Esports FrostCoach/Supporttrue
    Chi Army - June 21,
    Amon leaves.
    Latin AmericaAmon (Hernán Gómez)Chi ArmyJungle
    FroztFire Team - June 21, Teik (Head Coach), Left (Analyst), and Sedrash (Head Analyst) join. Chai (Head Analyst) leaves.
    Latin AmericaChaiFroztFire TeamHead Analyst
    Latin AmericaTeikFroztFire TeamHead Coach
    Latin AmericaSedrashFroztFire TeamHead Analyst
    Latin AmericaLeftFroztFire TeamAnalyst
    WarKidZ E-Sports - June 21,
    Novachrono leaves.
    EuropeNovachronoWarKidZ E-SportsTop

    Jun 22[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    ToxicFalcons eSports - June 22,
    Nana Mizuki, and
    Muska (temporary substitutes) leave.
    EuropeYorangeToxicFalcons eSportsJungle
    EuropeGigCeezToxicFalcons eSportsMid
    EuropeNana MizukiToxicFalcons eSportsBot
    EuropeMuskaToxicFalcons eSportsSupport
    Y23X - June 22 (approx.),
    Ceemilly, and
    Jamican Banana join.
    North AmericaAvanoY23XTop
    North AmericalucidY23XJungle
    North AmericaAoEzY23XMid
    North AmericaCeemillyY23XBot
    North AmericaJamican BananaY23XSupport
    Chosen Ragnarok - June 22 (approx.),
    HyBriDZz joins.
    North AmericaHyBriDZzChosen RagnarokMid
    ASUS ROG ELITE - June 22,
    Marrow Ooze, and
    nemanja247 (temporary substitutes) leave.
    EuropeDarkraiASUS ROG ELITETop
    EuropeMarrow OozeASUS ROG ELITEMid
    Europenemanja247ASUS ROG ELITEBot
    F3VP - June 22,
    ChaseShaco joins.

    Hunter moves to substitute.
    North AmericaHunter (Hunter Meyer)F3VPJungleF3VPJungletrue
    North AmericaChaseShacoF3VPJungle
    F3VP - June 22, ChaseShaco renames to Chase.
    Dawn Esports Shock - June 22,
    Chad joins.

    Apathing leaves.
    North AmericaApathingDawn Esports ShockJungle
    North AmericaChadDawn Esports ShockJungle
    Super Nova Sentinels - June 22,
    PieCakeLord joins as temporary substitute for BIG League Season 2 Open Qualifier 1, replacing BMD.
    North AmericaPieCakeLordSuper Nova SentinelsTop
    PENTA 1860 - June 22, xRay (Coach) leaves.
    EuropexRayPENTA 1860Coach
    OpTic Gaming - June 22,
    Scarlet joins from academy roster.
    North AmericaScarlet (Marcel Wiederhofer)OpTic GamingMid
    Echo Fox - June 22,
    Lourlo and
    Panda rejoin from academy roster.
    North AmericaLourloEcho FoxTop
    North AmericaPanda (James Ding)Echo FoxJungle
    North AmericaCrisOld Players (North American Team)Top
    North AmericaNintendudeXOld Players (North American Team)Jungle
    North AmericaPekin WoofOld Players (North American Team)Mid
    North AmericaShynonOld Players (North American Team)Bot
    North AmericaLohpallyOld Players (North American Team)Support
    Grizzlys Esports - June 22 (approx.),
    SeanTheGod, and
    Dinosaur25 join.
    North AmericaJamesbaeeGrizzlys EsportsTop
    North AmericaSiddywiddyGrizzlys EsportsJungle
    North AmericarovexGrizzlys EsportsMid
    North AmericaSeanTheGodGrizzlys EsportsBot
    North AmericaDinosaur25Grizzlys EsportsSupport
    Latin AmericaNeko (Juan Arriaga)Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Jungle
    Latin AmericaLiftiVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Support
    Moscow Five.CIS - June 22,
    SaintArkain moves to starting roster.
    CISSaintArkainMoscow Five.CISToptrueMoscow Five.CISTop
    Moscow Five.CIS - June 22,
    Fomko retires.