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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Jul 07[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Future Perfect Orange - July 7, Gvin (Coach to Jungle) changes position.
    CISGvinFuture Perfect OrangeCoachFuture Perfect OrangeJungle
    PIRTS - July 7, ESCORT P9 Academylogo std.pngESCORT P9 Academy rebrands as PIRTSlogo std.pngPIRTS.
    PIRTS - July 7,
    Karate Kid,
    dRoGaS, and
    Capsey join.
    EuropeKarate KidPIRTSJungle
    ANEW Esports - July 7,
    OddTurtle leaves.
    North AmericaOddTurtleANEW EsportsSupport
    Kingzone DragonX - July 7,
    HERO becomes inactive.
    KoreaHERO (Kim Yeong-woong)Kingzone DragonXSupporttrueKingzone DragonXSupporttrue
    Vaevictis eSports - July 7,
    HellMa and
    PewPewSolari join.
    Remus (Coach) rejoins. Intgration (Top to Bot) and Trianna (Bot/Manager to Support/Manager) change positions.
    VioletFairy moves to substitute.
    Ankote, and
    Don Hell leave.
    CISTR1GGEREDVaevictis eSportsSupport
    CISAnkoteVaevictis eSportsSupporttrue
    CISDon HellVaevictis eSportsSupporttrue
    CISHroftVaevictis eSportsBottrue
    CISIntgrationVaevictis eSportsTopVaevictis eSportsBot
    CISTriannaVaevictis eSportsBot/ManagerVaevictis eSportsSupport/Manager
    CISVioletFairyVaevictis eSportsMidVaevictis eSportsMidtrue
    CISHellMaVaevictis eSportsTop
    CISPewPewSolariVaevictis eSportsMid
    CISRemusVaevictis eSportsCoach
    North AmericaHyamiMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueJungle
    Emissary Esports - July 7,
    Frostynomad joins.

    RBM moves to substitute.
    North AmericaRBMEmissary EsportsJungleEmissary EsportsJungletrue
    North AmericaFrostynomadEmissary EsportsJungle
    Jin Air Green Wings - July 7,
    Bambi joins as substitute.
    KoreaBambi (Lee Gyu-bin)Jin Air Green WingsBottrue
    Kokoro No Senshi - July 7,
    Cape joins.
    Latin AmericaCapeKokoro No SenshiJungle
    Latin AmericaMeliodafuVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Top
    Latin AmericaDinchtVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Jungle
    Latin AmericaChrømVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Mid

    Jul 08[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Lunary - July 8,
    Myw and
    Zatos (temporary substitutes) leave.
    Elyandra eSport - July 8,
    Inugami and
    Tyty join as substitutes.

    Rhobalas and
    Petite Araignée leave.
    EuropeRhobalasElyandra eSportMid
    EuropePetite AraignéeElyandra eSportBot
    EuropeInugami (French player)Elyandra eSportMidtrue
    EuropeTytyElyandra eSportBottrue
    Europe Saviors Anonymous - July (approx.),
    Zero joins.

    Poweh and
    Ingux leave.
    EuropePowehEurope Saviors AnonymousTop
    EuropeInguxEurope Saviors AnonymousJungle
    EuropeZero (Rafael Fuentes)Europe Saviors AnonymousJungle
    University of California Irvine - July 8, Coachman (Head Coach) leaves.
    North AmericaCoachmanUniversity of California IrvineHead Coach
    Team Echo Zulu - July 8,
    Albetrayber joins.

    Goose rejoins.
    Boomin (Support to Streamer) and Dommmy (Jungle to Streamer) change positions.
    EuropeDommmyTeam Echo ZuluJungleTeam Echo ZuluStreamer
    EuropeBoominTeam Echo ZuluSupportTeam Echo ZuluStreamer
    EuropeAlbetrayberTeam Echo ZuluJungle
    EuropeGooseTeam Echo ZuluBot
    Greek Regenesis - July 8, Duriel (Head Coach) joins. Reveal (Head Coach to Assistant Coach) changes position.
    EuropeRevealGreek RegenesisHead CoachGreek RegenesisAssistant Coach
    EuropeDurielGreek RegenesisHead Coach
    Team Moops - July 8,
    Lilipp, Mozilla (Head Coach), and Micro (Assistant Coach) join.

    Awakër joins as substitute.
    EuropeGarpTeam MoopsTop
    EuropeVinxenTeam MoopsJungle
    EuropeordnoTeam MoopsMid
    EuropeCreonTeam MoopsBot
    EuropeLilippTeam MoopsSupport
    EuropeAwakër (Martin Maxa)Team MoopsBottrue
    EuropeMozillaTeam MoopsHead Coach
    EuropeMicro (Richard Mendl)Team MoopsAssistant Coach
    Team-LDLC - July 8,
    Bando leaves.
    GamersOrigin - July 8,
    Bando joins.
    GamersOrigin - July 8,
    Smittyj leaves.
    Bilibili Gaming Junior - July 8,
    Alielie leaves for main roster.
    ChinaAlielieBilibili Gaming JuniorTop
    Bilibili Gaming - July 8,
    Alielie joins as substitute from academy roster.
    ChinaAlielieBilibili GamingToptrue
    The Plan - July 8,
    Albetrayber leaves.
    EuropeAlbetrayberThe PlanJungle
    Random 5 - July 8,
    EdinPriqtel rejoins.

    I am LeBron leaves.
    EuropeI am LeBronRandom 5Jungle
    EuropeEdinPriqtelRandom 5Jungle
    AS Trenčín esports - July 8,
    Dread leaves.
    EuropeDread (Jan Hrbáč)AS Trenčín esportsMid
    PRIDE (Polish Team) - July 8,
    D4nKa joins.
    EuropeD4nKaPRIDE (Polish Team)Jungle
    1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - July 8,
    Only35 is removed from the GCD.
    TurkeyOnly351907 Fenerbahçe EsportsSupport
    University of California Irvine - July 8, Coachman (Coach) leaves.
    North AmericaCoachmanUniversity of California IrvineCoach
    Bilibili Gaming Junior - July 8,
    demon joins.
    Chinademon (Wu Yue-Wei)Bilibili Gaming JuniorTop
    Anáhuac Esports - July 8, Judas (Head Coach) joins. Madoka (Head Coach) leaves.
    Latin AmericaMadokaAnáhuac EsportsHead Coach
    Latin AmericaJudas (David Serrano)Anáhuac EsportsHead Coach
    Chi Army - July 8, TenoriPelican (Coach to Head Coach) changes position. Daku (Head Coach) leaves.
    Latin AmericaDaku (Franco Gaitan)Chi ArmyHead Coach
    Latin AmericaTenoriPelicanChi ArmyCoachChi ArmyHead Coach
    Vikingekrig Esports - July 8,
    Kesav, and
    Sufon join.

    Skyp joins as substitute.

    slivovica leaves.
    EuropeslivovicaVikingekrig EsportsSupporttrue
    EuropeAnnyeongVikingekrig EsportsJungle
    EuropeIdyiomVikingekrig EsportsJungle
    EuropeDread (Jan Hrbáč)Vikingekrig EsportsMid
    EuropeKesavVikingekrig EsportsBot
    EuropeSufonVikingekrig EsportsSupport
    EuropeSkypVikingekrig EsportsBottrue
    Neon Esports - July 8, Rigas (Manager) joins.
    EuropeRigasNeon EsportsManager
    FroztFire Team - July 8,
    Cosmoz and
    Blazerck join.
    Latin AmericaCosmozFroztFire TeamJungle
    Latin AmericaBlazerckFroztFire TeamBot
    Abstract Gaming - July 8,
    Dyla, and Wigins (Head Coach) join.
    Latin AmericaSpektremZAbstract GamingTop
    Latin AmericaGankyAbstract GamingJungle
    Latin AmericaOni (Santiago Cendal)Abstract GamingMid
    Latin AmericaNantesAbstract GamingBot
    Latin AmericaDylaAbstract GamingSupport
    Latin AmericaWiginsAbstract GamingHead Coach

    Jul 09[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Misfits Gaming - July 9, Returned (Analytics Tool Developer) joins.
    EuropeReturnedMisfits GamingAnalytics Tool Developer
    FlyQuest Academy - July 9,
    Revenge joins.

    Engo moves to substitute.
    North AmericaEngoFlyQuest AcademyTopFlyQuest AcademyToptrue
    North AmericaRevengeFlyQuest AcademyTop
    Clutch Gaming - July 9, Thinkcard (Assistant Coach to Head Coach) changes position. mcscrag (Head Coach) leaves.
    North AmericaThinkcardClutch GamingAssistant CoachClutch GamingHead Coach
    North AmericamcscragClutch GamingHead Coach
    100 Thieves - July 9, Blackbeard (Social Media Manager) and Doug Barber (VP of Brand and Apparel) join.
    North AmericaBlackbeard100 ThievesSocial Media Manager
    North AmericaDoug Barber100 ThievesVP of Brand and Apparel
    Supernova - July 9,
    Gweiss leaves for academy roster.
    North AmericaGweiss (Garrett Weiss)SupernovaSupport
    Super Nova Sentinels - July 9,
    Siddywiddy and
    dog2 join.

    Gweiss joins from main roster.

    ZeroBlaze moves to starting roster.
    kingamazin and
    poome leave.
    Japanese Import leaves for main roster.
    North AmericaJapanese ImportSuper Nova SentinelsJungle
    North AmericakingamazinSuper Nova SentinelsBot
    North AmericapoomeSuper Nova SentinelsSupport
    North AmericaZeroBlazeSuper Nova SentinelsMidtrueSuper Nova SentinelsMid
    North AmericaSiddywiddySuper Nova SentinelsJungle
    North AmericaGweiss (Garrett Weiss)Super Nova SentinelsSupport
    North Americadog2Super Nova SentinelsBot
    Supernova - July 9, Japanese Import (Assistant Coach) rejoins from academy roster.
    North AmericaJapanese ImportSupernovaAssistant Coach
    mousesports - July 9,
    SevenArmy joins as temporary substitute for Week 6 of ESLM 2019 Summer, replacing Shadow.
    Armored Project - July 9,
    Alvez and
    Potato join.

    Henry, and
    WhiteWing rejoin.
    Door joins as substitute.
    SEAAlvezArmored ProjectJungle
    SEAPotato (Gerry Arisena)Armored ProjectSupport
    SEASegaArmored ProjectTop
    SEAHenry (Henry Reynard)Armored ProjectMid
    SEAWhiteWingArmored ProjectBot
    SEADoorArmored Projecttrue
    SILENTGAMING - July 9,
    GoldenGod, and
    Höfi leave.
    Vortex Five - July 9,
    Gricek leaves.
    EuropeGricekVortex FiveTop
    Katastrofa Awionetki - July 9,
    Gricek leaves.
    EuropeGricekKatastrofa AwionetkiTop
    EuropeGricekWisła Płock eSportsTop
    EuropeSaterWisła Płock eSportsTop
    EuropeImpeccableWisła Płock eSportsMid
    EuropeZwyrooWisła Płock eSportsMid
    Wisła Płock eSports - July 9, Bakuażan (Assistant Coach to Head Coach) changes position. Nahovsky (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeNahovskyWisła Płock eSportsHead Coach
    EuropeBakuażanWisła Płock eSportsAssistant CoachWisła Płock eSportsHead Coach
    x6tence - July 9,
    kamilius joins.
    x6tence - July 9, Shurpa (Analyst) leaves.
    1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - July 9,
    Only35's departure is confirmed.
    TurkeyOnly351907 Fenerbahçe EsportsSupport
    North AmericaTreyshZenith EsportsTop
    North AmericaSolitifiedZenith EsportsTop
    North AmericaHunter (Hunter Meyer)Zenith EsportsJungle
    North AmericaElmo (Colton Stahl)Zenith EsportsMid
    North AmericaJustinOtterZenith EsportsBot
    North AmericaTaeyongZenith EsportsSupport
    North AmericaTemposZenith EsportsSupport
    Team Refuse - July 9,
    Rexboy, Dressed To Kill (Head Coach), Zira Ross (Manager), and REDWALL (Scout) leave.
    EuropeCepheiTeam RefuseTop
    EuropeNasserTeam RefuseJungle
    EuropeSupaTeam RefuseBot
    EuropeSanityTeam RefuseSupport
    EuropeNoxus (Stavros Xiarchogiannopoulos)Team RefuseJungletrue
    EuropeCrazyRabbitTeam RefuseJungletrue
    EuropeRexboyTeam RefuseBottrue
    EuropeDressed To KillTeam RefuseHead Coach
    EuropeZira RossTeam RefuseManager
    EuropeREDWALLTeam RefuseScout
    Clutch Gaming - July 9, Thinkcard (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.
    Team Charon - July 9,
    Snow, and
    Jini join.
    KoreaTminTeam CharonTop
    KoreaHyuni (Kim So-hee)Team CharonJungle
    KoreaSol (Lee Sol-bin)Team CharonMid
    KoreaSnow (Jin Hee-jae)Team CharonBot
    KoreaJiniTeam CharonSupport
    Unsold Stuff Gaming - July 9,
    Haretti and
    Pooh's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2019.

    Jul 10[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Panthers E.C. - July 10,
    J04QU1N and
    Kvothe leave.
    EuropeJ04QU1NPanthers E.C.Jungle
    EuropeKvothe (Spanish Player)Panthers E.C.Bot
    Pushing Gaming - July 10,
    Facksuo leaves.
    EuropeFacksuoPushing GamingTop
    Vortex Five - July (approx.),
    Songu, seerees (Head Coach), and Zerdon (Coach) leave.
    EuropeYikeVortex FiveJungle
    EuropeSimon (Szymon Marcinkiewicz)Vortex FiveMid
    EuropeLunymatiVortex FiveBot
    EuropeSonguVortex FiveSupport
    EuropeseereesVortex FiveHead Coach
    EuropeZerdonVortex FiveCoach
    Killabeez - July 10,
    Aesenar joins.

    WachonBB leaves.
    North AmericaNotTheRealPhilipKings of UgandaTop
    North AmericaChadKings of UgandaJungle
    North AmericaLilswidbKings of UgandaMid
    North AmericaMeechKings of UgandaBot
    North AmericaUgandan RoyaltyKings of UgandaSupport
    North AmericaDaptionKings of UgandaSupporttrue
    North AmericaLunarlyKings of UgandaTop
    North AmericaNova BotKings of UgandaJungle
    North AmericaSharpeKings of UgandaMid
    North AmericaJonsKings of UgandaBot
    North AmericaA Good SirKings of UgandaSupport
    Corax Gaming - July 10, XipownZu is suspended from participating in the Benelux Premier League.
    Clown Sky,
    Witkapje, and
    Atrocez leave after unsuccessful trial.
    EuropeXipownZuCorax GamingTop
    EuropeClown SkyCorax GamingJungle
    EuropeMytheosCorax GamingMid
    EuropeWitkapjeCorax GamingBot
    EuropeAtrocezCorax GamingSupport
    OP innogy eSport - July 10, Funk3y (Temporary Sub to Bot) changes position.
    EuropeFunk3yOP innogy eSportTemporary SubOP innogy eSportBot
    mousesports - July (approx.), Candyfloss (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropeCandyflossmousesportsHead Coach
    Unsold Stuff Gaming - July 10,
    Pooh joins as substitute.

    Haretti rejoins as substitute.
    JapanHarettiUnsold Stuff GamingBottrue
    JapanPooh (Norimitsu Hosogai)Unsold Stuff GamingSupporttrue - July 10, Julia (Social Media Manager) joins.
    EuropeJuliadevils.oneSocial Media Manager
    Istanbul Wildcats - July 10,
    Only35 joins.
    TurkeyOnly35Istanbul WildcatsSupport
    INTZ - July 10,
    Lynx leaves.
    BrazilLynx (Pedro Quintavalle)INTZTop
    TurkeyEnvy Carry1907 Fenerbahçe AcademyMid
    Team Refuse - July 10, Sister (Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeSisterTeam RefuseAnalyst
    Coliseo Dragons - July 10,
    Neylan leaves.
    Latin AmericaNeylan (Brian Rigaudi)Coliseo DragonsJungle
    FlyQuest Academy - July 10,
    Revenge's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.
    KT Rolster - July 10,
    Pray's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Gen.G - July 10,
    Rich, and
    Asper's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Kingzone DragonX - July 10, Hirai (Head Coach), Acorn (Coach), and supreme (Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
    Griffin - July 10, Chaos (Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    SANDBOX Gaming - July 10,
    Joker, and Laden (Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
    Rainbow7 - July 10,
    Spooky's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    1907 Fenerbahçe Academy - July 10,
    Envy Carry's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
    Dark Passage - July 10,
    mypleasure's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 31 August 2019.
    Naru's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Istanbul Wildcats - July 10,
    Only35's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
    Beşiktaş Esports - July 10, Zetsu (Assistant Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 1 September 2019.

    Jul 11[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Outplayed Academy - July 11,
    Oxider, Gale (Head Coach), Phemeth (Analyst), and Darkberny (Team Manager) leave.
    EuropeOncanOutplayed AcademyTop
    EuropeAkabaneOutplayed AcademyJungle
    EuropeUnbannedxOutplayed AcademyBot
    EuropeVigilOutplayed AcademyMid
    EuropeS1DOutplayed AcademySupport
    EuropeOxiderOutplayed AcademyBottrue
    EuropeGaleOutplayed AcademyHead Coach
    EuropePhemethOutplayed AcademyAnalyst
    EuropeDarkbernyOutplayed AcademyTeam Manager
    Kings of Uganda - July (approx.),
    Nova Bot,
    Jons, and
    A Good Sir leave.
    North AmericaLunarlyKings of UgandaTop
    North AmericaNova BotKings of UgandaJungle
    North AmericaSharpeKings of UgandaMid
    North AmericaJonsKings of UgandaBot
    North AmericaA Good SirKings of UgandaSupport
    Bombers Academy - July 11, BushyBooBoo (Support to Mid) changes position.
    OceaniaBushyBooBooBombers AcademySupportBombers AcademyMid
    Katastrofa Awionetki - July 11, Sidewipe (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeSidewipeKatastrofa AwionetkiHead Coach
    piratesports - July 11, Sidewipe (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropeSidewipepiratesportsHead Coach
    Demise - July 11, Kybet (Assistant Coach) joins.
    EuropeKybetDemiseAssistant Coach
    Another Troll Team - July 11,
    Donut joins.
    Latin AmericaDonutAnother Troll TeamBot
    Anáhuac Esports - July 11,
    laSveC joins.

    Güereca rejoins.

    Hielo, and
    Flacoyo leave.
    Latin AmericaJoelito (Joel Gutiérrez)Anáhuac EsportsMid
    Latin AmericaHieloAnáhuac EsportsBot
    Latin AmericaFlacoyoAnáhuac EsportsMidtrue
    Latin AmericalaSveCAnáhuac EsportsMid
    Latin AmericaGüerecaAnáhuac EsportsBot
    Imperials - July 11,
    1000 Rounds,
    Sanity, Rigas (Head Coach), and Obliv1ous (Team Manager) join.
    Europe1000 RoundsImperialsJungle
    EuropeRigasImperialsHead Coach
    EuropeObliv1ousImperialsTeam Manager
    Cream Esports - July 11,
    Ackerman joins.
    Latin AmericaAckerman (Gabriel Aparicio)Cream EsportsSupport
    Exilium Gaming - July 11, Roster announced.
    Libra, and OnlyBarrier (Head Coach) join.
    Latin AmericaNotyExilium GamingTop
    Latin AmericaZzuExilium GamingJungle
    Latin AmericaByakoExilium GamingMid
    Latin AmericaGabenxExilium GamingBot
    Latin AmericaLibra (Cristian Acevedo)Exilium GamingSupport
    Latin AmericaOnlyBarrierExilium GamingHead Coach
    XTEN Mexico - July 11,
    Horatito joins.
    Latin AmericaHoratitoXTEN MexicoTop

    Jul 12[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    ZeroSeven Gera - July 12, CastielMid (Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeCastielMidZeroSeven GeraAnalyst
    New Dynasty - July 12,
    Zhii joins as temporary substitute for BPL Season 3 Qualification, replacing Dragflick.
    EuropeZhiiNew DynastyMid
    Dawn Esports Shock - July 12,
    T26 joins.

    Afternoon leaves.
    North AmericaAfternoonDawn Esports ShockSupport
    North AmericaT26Dawn Esports ShockSupport
    EuropeDinoricarDomme JongensTop
    EuropeNovoDomme JongensTop
    EuropeDommmyDomme JongensJungle
    EuropeKarnemelDomme JongensMid
    EuropeJkalamDomme JongensBot
    EuropeBabaDomme JongensSupport
    EuropeBoominDomme JongensSupport
    FlyQuest - July 12, christianbegor (Social Media Manager) leaves.
    North AmericachristianbegorFlyQuestSocial Media Manager
    Hong Kong Attitude - July 12,
    Error leaves.
    LMSErrorHong Kong AttitudeMid
    piratesports - July (approx.),
    Fresskowy leaves.
    AVEZ Esport - July 12,
    kubYD leaves.
    EuropekubYDAVEZ EsportSupporttrue
    Wisła Płock eSports - July 12,
    Unknown leaves.
    EuropeUnknownWisła Płock eSportsTop
    Manguste eSports - July 12,
    Ciglio is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
    EuropeCiglioManguste eSportsBotManguste eSportsBot
    APK Prince - July 12,
    KaKAO becomes active.

    Kuma moves to substitute.
    Paladin becomes inactive.
    KoreaKaKAOAPK PrinceJungleAPK PrinceJungle
    KoreaPaladin (Cheon Joon-hee)APK PrinceToptrueAPK PrinceToptrue
    KoreaKuma (Park Hyeon-gyu)APK PrinceJungleAPK PrinceJungletrue
    Asura (Korean Team) - July 12,
    Dorosi leaves.
    KoreaDorosiAsura (Korean Team)Jungle
    Team Dynamics - July 12,
    Catch leaves.
    KoreaCatch (Yun Sang-ho)Team DynamicsJungletrue
    MVP - July 12, MaHa (Coach to Bot) changes position.
    Spear Gaming - July 12, Woong (Coach) joins.
    KoreaWoong (Kim Seon-woong)Spear GamingCoach
    Scorpio Game - July 12,
    Maguafu joins.

    change moves to substitute.
    ChinachangeScorpio GameSupportScorpio GameSupporttrue
    ChinaMaguafuScorpio GameSupport
    Dawn Esports Blaze - July 12,
    BankeyKang, and
    Afternoon join.

    Rourke, and
    T26 leave.
    North AmericaRemi (Remington Wilke)Dawn Esports BlazeTop
    North AmericaRourkeDawn Esports BlazeJungle
    North AmericaT26Dawn Esports BlazeSupport
    North AmericaMesloDawn Esports BlazeTop
    North AmericaBankeyKangDawn Esports BlazeJungle
    North AmericaAfternoonDawn Esports BlazeSupport
    Katastrofa Awionetki - July 12,
    Kermys joins.

    Kizuro and
    Iluzjonist leave.
    EuropeKizuroKatastrofa AwionetkiJungle
    EuropeIluzjonistKatastrofa AwionetkiSupport
    EuropeKermysKatastrofa AwionetkiJungle
    Katastrofa Awionetki - July 12,
    kubYD rejoins.
    EuropekubYDKatastrofa AwionetkiSupport

    Jul 13[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Engineers - July 13 (approx.),
    Prototype joins.
    North AmericaPrototypeEngineersBot
    Bahamut Esports - July 13,
    Shimatora, and
    Turc join.
    North AmericavLaSmRBahamut EsportsTop
    North AmericaGFPBahamut EsportsJungle
    North AmericaDoxaBahamut EsportsMid
    North AmericaShimatoraBahamut EsportsBot
    North AmericaTurcBahamut EsportsSupport
    New Dynasty - July 13,
    Zhii (temporary substitute) leaves.
    EuropeZhiiNew DynastyMid
    Wildcard Gaming - July 13, Wildcard Gaminglogo std.pngWildcard Gaming transfers its roster to FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFrostFire.
    Lobozz, and
    Dean leave.
    North AmericasexycanWildcard GamingTop
    North AmericaKitzuoWildcard GamingJungle
    North AmericaAdversaireWildcard GamingMid
    North AmericaLobozzWildcard GamingBot
    North AmericaDean (Dean Wood)Wildcard GamingSupport
    Engineers - July 13 (approx.),
    NintendudeX joins.

    MistyStumpey leaves.
    North AmericaMistyStumpeyEngineersTop
    North AmericaNintendudeXEngineersTop
    ANEW Esports - July 13,
    zig joins.

    CJ moves to substitute.
    Wo Ai Yin Dao leaves.
    North AmericaCJ (Colton Popowich)ANEW EsportsTopANEW EsportsToptrue
    North AmericaWo Ai Yin DaoANEW EsportsBottrue
    North AmericazigANEW EsportsTop
    Lotus Esports (2019 North American Team) - July 13, Coach Mike (Head Coach to Top) changes position.
    North AmericaCoach MikeLotus Esports (2019 North American Team)Head CoachLotus Esports (2019 North American Team)Top
    ANEW Hope - July 13, ANEW Hope is disbanded.
    Command Attack,
    Chookies, and
    Blazze leave.
    North AmericaFiretheftANEW HopeTop
    North AmericaAnchorANEW HopeJungle
    North AmericaCommand AttackANEW HopeMid
    North AmericaKingGeorgieANEW HopeBot
    North AmericaChookiesANEW HopeSupport
    North AmericaBlazzeANEW HopeMidtrue
    Emissary Esports - July 13,
    PirateKing Luffy joins as temporary substitute for SGC 2019 Open Qualifier 1, replacing DarkWings.

    Doxa and
    Turc leave.
    North AmericaDoxaEmissary EsportsMidtrue
    North AmericaTurcEmissary EsportsSupporttrue
    North AmericaPirateKing LuffyEmissary EsportsMid
    Mirage Sport Électronique - July 13, perchance (Manager) is added to the official roster as substitute.
    North AmericaperchanceMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueManagerMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueManager
    Team Singularity Female - July 13,
    Pjush, Tulcas (Head Coach), and Yumiko (Team Manager) leave.
    EuropeNaelynnTeam Singularity FemaleTop
    EuropeRaveaTeam Singularity FemaleMid
    EuropeCathrineTeam Singularity FemaleBot
    EuropePjushTeam Singularity FemaleSupport
    EuropeTulcasTeam Singularity FemaleHead Coach
    EuropeYumikoTeam Singularity FemaleTeam Manager
    Greek Regenesis - July 13,
    Dom1nant moves to starting roster.
    Tranquil moves to substitute.
    EuropeDom1nantGreek RegenesisBottrueGreek RegenesisBot
    EuropeTranquilGreek RegenesisBotGreek RegenesisBottrue
    Team 7AM - July 13,
    Mark joins.
    EuropeMark (Mark de Korte)Team 7AMSupport
    Top Esports Challenger - July 13,
    Naruto and
    tanghulu join.

    sky moves to substitute.
    Chinasky (Zhan Xiong)Top Esports ChallengerMidTop Esports ChallengerMidtrue
    ChinaNaruto (Nie Hao)Top Esports ChallengerJungle
    ChinatanghuluTop Esports ChallengerMid
    LNG Academy - July 13,
    keke moves to starting roster.
    ChinakekeLNG AcademySupporttrueLNG AcademySupport
    VP Game - July 13,
    Dustwind joins.
    ChinaDustwindVP GameJungle
    FrostFire (North American Team) - July 13, FrostFire (North American Team)logo std.pngFrostFire is reformed.
    The Kings Avatar joins.

    Lobozz, and
    Dean rejoin.
    North AmericaThe Kings AvatarFrostFire (North American Team)Mid
    North AmericasexycanFrostFire (North American Team)Top
    North AmericaKitzuoFrostFire (North American Team)Jungle
    North AmericaLobozzFrostFire (North American Team)Bot
    North AmericaDean (Dean Wood)FrostFire (North American Team)Support
    Another Troll Team - July 13,
    Shy Jungler leaves.
    Latin AmericaShy JunglerAnother Troll TeamJungle
    Team Genji - July 13,
    Rexboy, and
    Zekakos join.
    EuropeJaxPlankTeam GenjiTop
    EuropeLxixTeam GenjiJungle
    EuropeLotus (Ignatios Psarros)Team GenjiMid
    EuropeRexboyTeam GenjiBot
    EuropeZekakosTeam GenjiSupport
    Paleo Tundra - July 13 (approx.),
    Tony Top,
    Sleepyz, and
    Trance join.
    North AmericaTony TopPaleo TundraTop
    North AmericaFoTheWinPaleo TundraJungle
    North Americaozkai47461Paleo TundraMid
    North AmericaSleepyzPaleo TundraBot
    North AmericaTrancePaleo TundraSupport
    Storm Esports - July 13 (approx.),
    learning brain,
    merrjerry, and
    Curtains join.
    North AmericaRykenStorm EsportsTop
    North Americalearning brainStorm EsportsJungle
    North AmericaEitoriStorm EsportsMid
    North AmericamerrjerryStorm EsportsBot
    North AmericaCurtainsStorm EsportsSupport