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Current Roster Change Portals:

    Jul 28[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Radiant Esports - July 28,
    Hyojung, Kiao (Head Coach), Standard Korean (Assistant Coach), and MoneyDix (Analyst) join.

    BlueSpirits, and
    Cosmic Janitor join as substitutes.
    EuropeDinoricarRadiant EsportsTop
    EuropeTyrin (Tyrin Davidson)Radiant EsportsJungle
    EuropeMistoRadiant EsportsMid
    EuropeJhinsaneRadiant EsportsBot
    EuropeHyojungRadiant EsportsSupport
    EuropeKiaoRadiant EsportsHead Coach
    EuropeStandard KoreanRadiant EsportsAssistant Coach
    EuropeMoneyDixRadiant EsportsAnalyst
    EuropeToliamRadiant EsportsToptrue
    EuropeDunlosiRadiant EsportsJungletrue
    EuropeBlueSpiritsRadiant EsportsBottrue
    EuropeCosmic JanitorRadiant EsportsSupporttrue
    Hegemonia Esport - July 28,
    Burn leaves.
    EuropeBurnHegemonia EsportJungle
    Absolved UK - July 28,
    ResQ, and SinCyn (Coach) join.

    PuddinGegs joins as substitute.
    EuropeDBLAbsolved UKTop
    EuropeGechoAbsolved UKJungle
    EuropeHattymattyAbsolved UKJungle
    EuropeBadgerAbsolved UKJungle
    EuropeVoidTerrorAbsolved UKMid
    EuropeFuyuAbsolved UKBot
    EuropeResQAbsolved UKSupport
    EuropeSinCynAbsolved UKCoach
    EuropePuddinGegsAbsolved UKMidtrue
    Chosen Esports - July 28 (approx.),
    I E,
    Murky Main,
    Secretic, and
    Magi leave.
    North AmericaLavishChosen EsportsTop
    North AmericaI EChosen EsportsJungle
    North AmericaMurky MainChosen EsportsMid
    North AmericaSecreticChosen EsportsBot
    North AmericaMagiChosen EsportsSupport
    FPT Hanoi - July 28, yllaN (Manager to Head Coach) changes position.
    VietnamyllaNFPT HanoiManagerFPT HanoiHead Coach
    PIRTS - July 28 (approx.), Team disbands.
    Karate Kid,
    Capsey, and
    WildCrocodil leave.
    EuropeKarate KidPIRTSJungle
    MOBA ROG - July (approx.),
    Degh Sama leaves.
    EuropeDegh SamaMOBA ROGTop
    The Expendables - July 28,
    Chad joins as temporary substitute for Week 5, Game 1 of BIG League Season 2, replacing Cris.
    North AmericaChadThe ExpendablesJungle
    Team Refuse - July 28,
    Pepperinos leaves.
    EuropePepperinosTeam RefuseMid
    Vikingekrig Esports - July 28,
    Annyeong leaves.
    EuropeAnnyeongVikingekrig EsportsJungle
    M19 - July 28,
    BardBerry, Starky (Head Coach), and Nergard (Assistant Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 30 September 2019.
    Unicorns Of Love.CIS - July 28,
    Edward, Sheepy (Head Coach), and Invi (Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2020.
    Innaxe's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2020.
    Dragon Army - July 28,
    Lekcycc, Dimonko (Head Coach), and Click (Assistant Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2019.
    Elements Pro Gaming - July 28,
    DeeDram, and Ultimatum (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    RoX (2014 CIS Team) - July 28,
    Vata, and SaDJesteRRR (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2019.
    Gambit Esports - July 28, Kayos (Manager)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 30 October 2019.
    Vaevictis eSports - July 28,
    HellMa and
    PewPewSolari's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2020. Remus (Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 20 November 2020.
    Vega Squadron - July 28,
    SaNTaS, Moo (Head Coach), JamesPeke (Manager), and Oneself (Anaylst)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 31 October 2019.

    Jul 29[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Bastille Legacy - July 29, Eternity (Manager) joins.
    EuropeEternity (Irwin Chaumette)Bastille LegacyManager
    Mythos Gaming - July 29,
    XtraCheeky joins.
    EuropeXtraCheekyMythos GamingTop
    Super Nova Sentinels - July 29,
    Im Avi,
    Competition, and
    Gorica join as temporary substitutes for Week 5 of BIG League Season 2, replacing Siddywiddy, ZeroBlaze, and dog2, respectively.
    North AmericaIm AviSuper Nova SentinelsJungle
    North AmericaCompetitionSuper Nova SentinelsMid
    North AmericaGoricaSuper Nova SentinelsBot
    The Expendables - July 29,
    Chad (temporary substitute) leaves.
    North AmericaChadThe ExpendablesJungle
    VP Game - July 29,
    Garvey leaves for main roster.
    ChinaGarveyVP GameTop
    LGD Gaming - July 29,
    Garvey joins from academy roster.
    ChinaGarveyLGD GamingTop
    The Plan - July 29,
    Nafkelah joins.
    EuropeNafkelahThe PlanMid
    GAM Esports - July 29,
    Minas leaves.
    VietnamMinasGAM EsportsBot
    1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - July 29,
    Wiz leaves.
    TurkeyWiz1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsJungle
    Victorious Gaming - July 29,
    kun joins.
    Chinakun (Dong Zhen-Shuo)Victorious GamingBot
    North AmericaDragoonsmashSector 7Top
    North AmericaAesthetic (Daniel Kwon)Sector 7Jungle
    North AmericaDrutaganSector 7Mid
    North AmericaAetherialSector 7Bot
    North AmericaRemiliaSector 7Support
    North AmericaPrankuruSector 7Top
    North AmericaInfectrixSector 7Jungle
    North AmericaShrouddedSector 7Mid
    North AmericaPK1Sector 7Bot
    North AmericaLutanoSector 7Support
    MAD Lions E.C. Colombia - July 29, Queso (Assistant Coach) rejoins.
    Latin AmericaQueso (Daniel Coronado)MAD Lions E.C. ColombiaAssistant Coach

    Jul 30[edit]

    Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Samsung Morning Stars - July 30,
    Flipper leaves.
    EuropeFlipperSamsung Morning StarsJungle
    Wicked Gaming - July 30,
    champen dk,
    Bendix, and
    Croxyy join.

    Flipper and
    Eloguden rejoin.

    Blueben joins as substitute.
    Europechampen dkWicked GamingTop
    EuropeFlipperWicked GamingJungle
    EuropeBendixWicked GamingMid
    EuropeCroxyyWicked GamingBot
    EuropeElogudenWicked GamingSupport
    EuropeBluebenWicked GamingMidtrue
    EGN Esports - July 30,
    Odin leaves.
    EuropeOdin (Bruno Novais)EGN EsportsTop
    Lotus Esports (2019 North American Team) - July 30, Myra (Manager) leaves.
    North AmericaMyraLotus Esports (2019 North American Team)Manager
    Polar Ace - July 30,
    Young Mid joins.

    Quantum Fizzics and
    Tomo leave.
    North AmericaQuantum FizzicsPolar AceMid
    North AmericaTomoPolar AceBot
    North AmericaYoung MidPolar AceMid
    Sector One - July 30, Lee Joo Ho (Coach) joins. Do Not Blame Me (Interim Coach to Assistant Coach) changes position.
    EuropeDo Not Blame MeSector OneInterim CoachSector OneAssistant Coach
    EuropeLee Joo HoSector OneCoach
    Defusekids - July 30, marthijn (Assistant Coach to Head Coach) changes position.
    EuropemarthijnDefusekidsAssistant CoachDefusekidsHead Coach
    Defusekids - July 30, Jigly (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeJiglyDefusekidsHead Coach
    Defusekids - July 30, Bjorn (Head Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeBjornDefusekidsHead Analyst
    Misfits Gaming - July 30, Greg Stangel (Chief Revenue Officer) joins.
    EuropeGreg StangelMisfits GamingChief Revenue Officer
    Counter Logic Gaming - July 30, Dan Fleeter (Chief Operating Officer) joins.
    North AmericaDan FleeterCounter Logic GamingChief Operating Officer
    CLG Academy - July 30, Dan Fleeter (Chief Operating Officer) joins.
    North AmericaDan FleeterCLG AcademyChief Operating Officer
    ACE 1 - July 30, lHertz (Head Coach) leaves.
    Latin AmericalHertzACE 1Head Coach
    Hafnet eSports - July 30,
    Krouss joins.
    Latin AmericaKroussHafnet eSportsSupport
    Kingzone DragonX - July 30, Mental (Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
    Jin Air Green Wings - July 30,
    Bambi's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
    SK Telecom T1 - July 30,
    Gori's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
    Griffin - July 30,
    Doran's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.
    Unicorns Of Love.CIS - July 30,
    Innaxe's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2019.
    Unsold Stuff Gaming - July 30,
    Tele's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2019.
    Sengoku Gaming - July 30,
    Mortify is added to the GCD as substitute.
    JapanMortifySengoku GamingToptrue
    Sengoku Gaming - July 30,
    Mortify's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.

    Jul 31[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Phelan Gaming - July 31,
    Beartree joins.
    EuropeBeartreePhelan GamingTop
    Valorous - July 31, Howlin (Head Coach) leaves.
    Latin AmericaHowlinValorousHead Coach
    Optimum Cowboys - July 31,
    Elusion joins.

    Tony leaves.
    EuropeTonyOptimum CowboysMid
    EuropeElusionOptimum CowboysMid
    GamersOrigin - July 31,
    Bando leaves.
    Oh My God - July 31,
    Five becomes active.
    ChinaFiveOh My GodSupportOh My GodSupport
    Unsold Stuff Gaming - July 31,
    Tele joins as substitute.
    JapanTeleUnsold Stuff GamingBottrue
    Dire Cubs - July 31,
    Dragku is removed from the GCD.
    OceaniaDragkuDire CubsTop
    Avant Gaming - July 31,
    Dragku is added to the GCD.
    OceaniaDragkuAvant GamingTop
    Sengoku Gaming - July 31,
    Mortify joins as substitute.
    JapanMortifySengoku GamingToptrue
    Sengoku Gaming - July 31,
    Reiya retires.
    PRIDE (Polish Team) - July 31, Cydonia (Analyst) leaves.
    EuropeCydoniaPRIDE (Polish Team)Analyst
    Movistar Riders - July 31, Cydonia (Analyst) joins.
    EuropeCydoniaMovistar RidersAnalyst
    EuropeStenBosseDropz EsportsTop
    EuropeJaqenDropz EsportsTop
    EuropeBartholdyDropz EsportsJungle
    EuropeGamaDropz EsportsSupport
    EuropeMàxusDropz EsportsToptrue
    EuropeChrodinoDropz EsportsToptrue
    EuropeCodigoDropz EsportsBottrue
    EuropeApecarroDropz EsportsSupport
    EuropeAnitiusDropz EsportsAnalyst
    HG Esports - July 31,
    Fallen Angel leaves.
    EuropeFallen AngelHG EsportsJungle
    NVision Esports - July (approx.),
    Sonder joins as substitute.
    EuropeSonderNVision EsportsMidtrue
    TSM Academy - July (approx.), Peter Zhang (Head Coach) leaves for main roster.
    North AmericaPeter ZhangTSM AcademyHead Coach
    Team SoloMid - July (approx.), Peter Zhang (Coach) joins from academy roster.
    North AmericaPeter ZhangTeam SoloMidCoach
    Kingzone DragonX - July (approx.), 기세파 (Analyst) leaves.
    Korea기세파Kingzone DragonXAnalyst
    Avant Gaming - July 31,
    Dragku's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.

    Aug 01[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Radiant Esports - August (approx.),
    Whip joins.
    EuropeWhipRadiant EsportsTop
    Team Frows - August (approx.), DON LAFFSON (Coach) leaves.
    EuropeDON LAFFSONTeam FrowsCoach
    DIVIZON - August (approx.),
    Seraphya leaves.
    INFINITY CHALLENGE - August (approx.),
    gambal and
    Lake of Sorrow join.

    unho1y, and
    Sidnik leave.
    CISLake of SorrowINFINITY CHALLENGESupport
    Suns Gos Hawk - August (approx.),
    Deer, and
    MayJay leave.
    LMSJiaoFuSuns Gos HawkTop
    LMSdrawSuns Gos HawkJungle
    LMSXuan (Chan Yi-Hsuan)Suns Gos HawkMid
    LMSDaddySuns Gos HawkBot
    LMSDeerSuns Gos HawkSupport
    LMSMayJaySuns Gos HawkBottrue
    NASR eSports - August 1, Hwanni (Head Coach) and Eunko (Coach) join.
    MENAHwanniNASR eSportsHead Coach
    MENAEunkoNASR eSportsCoach
    Pushing Gaming - August (approx.), Koala (Manager) leaves.
    EuropeKoala (Antonio Ferrera)Pushing GamingManager
    Domino esport - August 1,
    HabboKongen, and
    Charry (Manager) join.
    EuropeHexotrailDomino esportTop
    EuropeHelgisDomino esportJungle
    EuropeValiant (Magnus Østmo)Domino esportMid
    EuropeHabboKongenDomino esportBot
    EuropeCharryDomino esportSupport/Manager
    BlackSun Wolves - August (approx.),
    Berni, and
    Cartamenio join.
    EuropeManoleteBlackSun WolvesTop
    EuropeWingateBlackSun WolvesJungle
    EuropeKyubiBlackSun WolvesMid
    EuropeBerniBlackSun WolvesBot
    EuropeCartamenioBlackSun WolvesSupport
    Warthox Esport - August (approx.), Damles (Coach) leaves.
    EuropeDamlesWarthox EsportCoach
    Obnoxious Gaming - August (approx.),
    ShadowInFlames moves to substitute.
    nestuoso, and
    Mexy leave.
    EuropeSnopyObnoxious GamingTop
    EuropeShadowInFlamesObnoxious GamingJungleObnoxious GamingJungletrue
    EuropeWollfObnoxious GamingMid
    EuropenestuosoObnoxious GamingBot
    EuropeMexyObnoxious GamingSupport
    Kowloon Esports - August (approx.),
    GaryKi, and DomhoX (Coach) leave.
    LMSSolokillKowloon EsportsTop
    LMSFcolaKowloon EsportsJungle
    LMSYinyuKowloon EsportsMid
    LMSLeMoNKowloon EsportsBot
    LMSRicoooKowloon EsportsSupport
    LMSFarmer (Chan Pak Hin)Kowloon EsportsMidtrue
    LMSGaryKiKowloon EsportsSupporttrue
    LMSDomhoXKowloon EsportsCoach
    Žalgiris Esports - August (approx.), Lud0 (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropeLud0Žalgiris EsportsHead Coach
    Europe Saviors Anonymous - August (approx.),
    Kodo joins.
    EuropeKodoEurope Saviors AnonymousTop
    University of Texas at Austin - August (approx.),
    ty for win, and
    AceEspy leave.
    North AmericaxRequiemUniversity of Texas at AustinBot
    North Americaty for winUniversity of Texas at AustinSupport
    North AmericaAceEspyUniversity of Texas at AustinSupporttrue
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - August (approx.), ido (Strategic Coach) joins.
    North AmericaidoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignStrategic Coach
    Mississippi State University - August (approx.), LionTheTiger renames to Dark Dylan.
    G2 Esports - August (approx.), Jean de Brem (Head of Human Resources) joins.
    EuropeJean de BremG2 EsportsHead of Human Resources
    Boise State University - August (approx.),
    Cobalt joins.
    Wujin (Sub/Mid to Top) changes position.
    NotKoba moves to substitute.
    Adopted Lemons and
    Cisco leave.
    North AmericaAdopted LemonsBoise State UniversityJungle
    North AmericaWujinBoise State UniversityMidtrueBoise State UniversityTop
    North AmericaNotKobaBoise State UniversityTopBoise State UniversityToptrue
    North AmericaCiscoBoise State UniversityMidtrue
    North AmericaCobaltBoise State UniversityJungle
    Boise State University - August (approx.), Llynx renames to CantGetDopamine.
    Columbia College - August (approx.),
    Andybendy joins.

    PapaChau rejoins.
    BukZacH (Support to Bot) changes position.
    North AmericaBukZacHColumbia CollegeSupportColumbia CollegeBot
    North AmericaAndybendyColumbia CollegeBot
    North AmericaPapaChauColumbia CollegeSupport
    North Carolina State University - August (approx.),
    Jast and
    anonymouspi join.
    riftdog (Bot to Support) and Loki (Psychologist to Analyst) change positions.
    Dr Beat, Whoppers (Coach), and Suzuna (Coordinator) leave.
    North AmericariftdogNorth Carolina State UniversityBotNorth Carolina State UniversitySupport
    North AmericaLoki (Michael Adamik)North Carolina State UniversityPsychologistNorth Carolina State UniversityAnalyst
    North AmericaDr BeatNorth Carolina State UniversityBot
    North AmericaWhoppersNorth Carolina State UniversityCoach
    North AmericaSuzunaNorth Carolina State UniversityCoordinator
    North AmericaJastNorth Carolina State UniversityMid
    North AmericaanonymouspiNorth Carolina State UniversityBot
    University of Colorado Boulder - August (approx.),
    ANDREW 01 joins.
    Zoolouie (Top to Mid) and Niteraven (Jungle to Support) change positions.
    I Am Order and
    Fisk leave.
    North AmericaNiteravenUniversity of Colorado BoulderJungleUniversity of Colorado BoulderSupport
    North AmericaFiskUniversity of Colorado BoulderSupport
    North AmericaI Am OrderUniversity of Colorado BoulderMid
    North AmericaZoolouieUniversity of Colorado BoulderTopUniversity of Colorado BoulderMid
    North AmericaANDREW 01University of Colorado BoulderMid
    Illinois Wesleyan University - August (approx.),
    Chomdax and
    Deer join.

    Kahts moves to substitute.
    Prussian leaves.
    North AmericaKahtsIllinois Wesleyan UniversityTopIllinois Wesleyan UniversityToptrue
    North AmericaPrussianIllinois Wesleyan UniversityMid
    North AmericaChomdaxIllinois Wesleyan UniversityTop
    North AmericaDeer (Ryan Jonas)Illinois Wesleyan UniversityMid
    Dramatik Gaming - August (approx.),
    Captain Nuke joins.

    5mi leaves.
    North America5miDramatik GamingTop
    North AmericaCaptain NukeDramatik GamingTop
    Pulsia Academy - August (approx.),
    Aristochrate leaves.
    EuropeAristochratePulsia AcademyTop
    Team Echo Zulu - August 1, Bjorn (Head Coach) joins.
    EuropeBjornTeam Echo ZuluHead Coach
    Brussels Guardians - August (approx.), Nordous (Manager) joins.
    EuropeNordousBrussels GuardiansManager
    Atlando Esports - August 1,
    Jacob joins.

    Kridz moves to substitute.
    Snowhill, and Theo (Coach) leave.
    EuropeKridzAtlando EsportsMidAtlando EsportsMidtrue
    EuropeSnowhillAtlando EsportsMidtrue
    EuropeAndreasFWKAtlando EsportsToptrue
    EuropeTheoAtlando EsportsCoach
    EuropeRolluAtlando EsportsMidtrue
    EuropeJacob (Jacob Nielsen)Atlando EsportsMid
    Atlando Esports - August 1, 1st Time Toplane renames to Fiala.
    PENTA 1860 - August (approx.), Nice Guy Ben (Head Coach) leaves.
    EuropeNice Guy BenPENTA 1860Head Coach
    ad hoc gaming - August 1, Noway4u (Streamer) joins.
    EuropeNoway4uad hoc gamingStreamer
    GameWard - August 1,
    Sevensen, and
    Malorf join.
    S2V Esports Female - August (approx.),
    Cristinini leaves.
    EuropeCristininiS2V Esports FemaleJungle
    QLASH Forge - August (approx.),
    MakeItBetter leaves.
    EuropeMakeItBetterQLASH ForgeMid
    FlyQuest - August (approx.), John Giarratana (Account Manager) leaves.
    North AmericaJohn GiarratanaFlyQuestAccount Manager
    Excel Esports - August (approx.), Kieran (Managing Director to Chief Executive Officer) changes position.
    EuropeKieranExcel EsportsManaging DirectorExcel EsportsChief Executive Officer
    Excel UK - August (approx.), Kieran (Managing Director to Chief Executive Officer) changes position.
    EuropeKieranExcel UKManaging DirectorExcel UKChief Executive Officer
    Fnatic - August (approx.), Gary Kennedy (Group Finance Director) and Jelena Markovic (Head of Apparel and Merchandise) leave.
    EuropeGary KennedyFnaticGroup Finance Director
    EuropeJelena MarkovicFnaticHead of Apparel and Merchandise
    Fnatic Rising - August 1,
    Bando is added to the GCD.
    EuropeBandoFnatic RisingTop
    SK Gaming - August 1,
    Jenax joins from academy roster.
    EuropeJenaxSK GamingMid
    Origen - August 1, Origen and Astralis are reported to be moving over to Astralis Group, which will split from RFRSH Entertainment.
    Origen - August 1, The team owner nikolaj later announces that the transaction will not be complete until August 9.
    Astralis - August 1, Astralis and Origen are reported to be moving over to Astralis Group, which will split from RFRSH Entertainment.
    Astralis - August 1, The team owner nikolaj later announces that the transaction will not be complete until August 9.
    Dire Cubs - August 1,
    Dragku's departure is confirmed.
    OceaniaDragkuDire CubsTop
    Avant Gaming - August 1,
    Dragku's joining is confirmed.

    Aladoric moves to substitute.
    OceaniaAladoricAvant GamingSupportAvant GamingSupporttrue
    OceaniaDragkuAvant GamingTop - August (approx.), Julia (Social Media Manager) leaves.
    EuropeJuliadevils.oneSocial Media Manager
    Samsung Morning Stars - August 1,
    Acefos rejoins.
    EuropeAcefosSamsung Morning StarsTop
    AVEZ Esport - August (approx.),
    Dawidsonek leaves.
    EuropeDawidsonekAVEZ EsportMidtrue
    1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - August 1, Zen (Head Coach) leaves.
    TurkeyZen (Timotej Štempihar)1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsHead Coach
    North AmericaCaptain NukeRex RegalisTop
    North AmericaIm AviRex RegalisJungle
    North AmericaDescratonRex RegalisMid
    North AmericaEclipse (Johnson Cao)Rex RegalisBot
    North AmericaKim DownRex RegalisSupport
    North AmericaYoungbinRex RegalisBottrue
    North AmericaLattmanRex RegalisBottrue
    North AmericaRaafaaRex RegalisOwner
    EDward Gaming Youth Team - August (approx.), JyKim (Coach) joins. GeXC (Coach) leaves.
    ChinaGeXCEDward Gaming Youth TeamCoach
    ChinaJyKimEDward Gaming Youth TeamCoach
    Invictus Gaming - August (approx.), yDingbo (Coach) rejoins.
    ChinayDingboInvictus GamingCoach
    Kingzone DragonX - August (approx.),
    Blade joins as trainee.
    KoreaBlade (Gwon Hee-won)Kingzone DragonXToptrue
    Hanwha Life Esports Academy - August (approx.),
    Merry joins.
    KoreaMerryHanwha Life Esports AcademySupport
    University of Nevada Las Vegas - August (approx.),
    Iwasawa joins.

    Ferret101 leaves.
    North AmericaFerret101University of Nevada Las VegasTop
    North AmericaIwasawaUniversity of Nevada Las VegasTop
    Louisiana State University - August (approx.),
    Aaron joins.

    AlwaysWorth rejoins.
    Asianface99 (Bot to Coach) changes position.
    Bot Only moves to starting roster.
    Derpybunzz moves to substitute.
    North AmericaAsianface99Louisiana State UniversityBotLouisiana State UniversityCoach
    North AmericaBot OnlyLouisiana State UniversityJungletrueLouisiana State UniversityJungle
    North AmericaDerpybunzzLouisiana State UniversityJungleLouisiana State UniversityJungletrue
    North AmericaAlwaysWorthLouisiana State UniversityMid
    North AmericaAaron (Aaron Li)Louisiana State UniversityBot
    Fnatic Rising - August 1,
    Bando's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2019.
    Savage Esports - August (approx.),
    SwinDe leaves.
    Latin AmericaSwinDeSavage EsportsSupport
    Miami University - August (approx.),
    Me Llamo Big D joins.
    North AmericaMe Llamo Big DMiami UniversityJungle
    Nexus Gaming (Romanian Team) - August (approx.),
    shadow joins.

    2Axes and
    Whitein rejoin.
    ANG (Support to CEO) changes position.
    Coatpustmain and
    Evil leave.
    EuropeCoatpustmainNexus Gaming (Romanian Team)Top
    EuropeEvil (Bogdan Huber)Nexus Gaming (Romanian Team)Bot
    EuropeANG (Octav Cretu)Nexus Gaming (Romanian Team)SupportNexus Gaming (Romanian Team)CEO
    Europeshadow (Melik Erdogan)Nexus Gaming (Romanian Team)Top
    Europe2AxesNexus Gaming (Romanian Team)Bot
    EuropeWhiteinNexus Gaming (Romanian Team)Support
    EuropeDawidsonekTeam ESCA GamingTop
    EuropelykkuTeam ESCA GamingJungle
    EuropeH0shiG4kiTeam ESCA GamingMid
    EuropeJadelitTeam ESCA GamingBot
    EuropeWillTheScoutTeam ESCA GamingSupport
    Arizona State University - August (approx.),
    Kaizer Morde,
    Map Slim,
    Hansha, and
    hi its jimmy join as substitutes.
    North AmericaAdamWArizona State UniversityJungletrue
    North AmericaMap SlimArizona State UniversityMidtrue
    North AmericaKaizer MordeArizona State UniversityMidtrue
    North AmericaHanshaArizona State UniversityBottrue
    North Americahi its jimmyArizona State UniversitySupporttrue
    Estral E-Sports Colombia - August (approx.), Logo std.pngFaceless Gaming renames to Estral E-Sportslogo std.pngEstral Colombia.
    Tempered Fate - August (approx.), Kiki (Coach) leaves.
    EuropeKikiTempered FateCoach

    Aug 02[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Bastille Legacy - August 2,
    Diablo joins.
    EuropeDiablo (Dorian Lefebvre)Bastille LegacyMid
    Metafun - August 2,
    Shiny joins.
    EuropeShiny (Laure Delaroche)MetafunSupport
    Fenris eSports Academy Blue - August 2, Fenris eSports merges with Stage5 Gaming.
    Lowfire, and
    Joe Cix leave.
    EuropeYoichiFenris eSports Academy BlueTop
    EuropeBalrog70Fenris eSports Academy BlueJungle
    EuropeScllyfeFenris eSports Academy BlueMid
    EuropeLowfireFenris eSports Academy BlueBot
    EuropeJoe CixFenris eSports Academy BlueSupport
    Pandaria Esport - August 2,
    SkySharingan and
    PurePerfect join as substitutes.
    EuropeSkySharinganPandaria EsportMidtrue
    EuropePurePerfectPandaria EsportBottrue
    Lotus Bloom - August 2,
    dog2 and
    SandPaperX join.

    yhw leaves.
    North AmericayhwLotus BloomSupport
    North Americadog2Lotus BloomBot
    North AmericaSandPaperXLotus BloomSupport
    Super Nova Sentinels - August 2,
    Gweiss, and
    Andybendy leave.
    Im Avi,
    Competition, and
    Gorica (temporary substitutes) leave.
    North AmericaBMDSuper Nova SentinelsTop
    North AmericaSiddywiddySuper Nova SentinelsJungle
    North AmericaGweiss (Garrett Weiss)Super Nova SentinelsSupport
    North AmericaIm AviSuper Nova SentinelsJungle
    North AmericaCompetitionSuper Nova SentinelsMid
    North AmericaGoricaSuper Nova SentinelsBot
    North AmericaZeroBlazeSuper Nova SentinelsMid
    North AmericaAndybendySuper Nova SentinelsBottrue
    North Americadog2Super Nova SentinelsBot
    AVIXD - August 2, Logo std.pngRLYHOT renames to AVIXDlogo std.pngAVIXD.
    RLYHOT - August 2,
    Quantum Fizzics leaves.
    North AmericaQuantum FizzicsRLYHOTMid
    AVIXD - August 2,
    Competition, Frostalicious (Coach), ido (Coach), and Lattman (Coach) join.
    North AmericaCompetitionAVIXDMid
    North AmericaidoAVIXDCoach
    North AmericaLattmanAVIXDCoach
    North AmericaFrostaliciousAVIXDCoach
    Team Front - August 2,
    KingGeorgie joins.
    MattyMooo (Bot to Jungle) changes position.
    North AmericaMattyMoooTeam FrontBotTeam FrontJungle
    North AmericaKingGeorgieTeam FrontBot
    Greek Regenesis - August 2,
    Pun1sher leaves.
    EuropePun1sher (Konstantinos Katsikadakos)Greek RegenesisMid
    TSM Academy - August 2, Goldman (Interim Head Coach) joins from main roster.
    Grig rejoins from main roster.
    North AmericaGrigTSM AcademyTop
    North AmericaGoldmanTSM AcademyInterim Head Coach
    TSM Academy - August 2,
    Brandini moves to substitute.
    North AmericaBrandiniTSM AcademyTopTSM AcademyToptrue
    Misfits Gaming - August 2,
    Maxlore is removed from the GCD.
    EuropeMaxloreMisfits GamingJungle
    Fnatic Rising - August 2,
    Prosfair is removed from the GCD.
    EuropeProsfairFnatic RisingSupport
    EVOS Esports - August 2,
    Helios leaves.
    VietnamHelios (Trịnh Mạnh Hà)EVOS EsportsSupport
    EDward Gaming Youth Team - August 2,
    YIHUA and
    CLAY join as substitutes.
    ChinaYIHUAEDward Gaming Youth TeamJungletrue
    ChinaCLAYEDward Gaming Youth TeamMidtrue
    Triumphant Song Gaming - August 2,
    Pudding moves to starting roster.
    ChinaPudding (Bi Hao-Tian)Triumphant Song GamingSupporttrueTriumphant Song GamingSupport
    Vikingekrig Esports - August 2,
    Sawyor joins.

    Idyiom leaves.
    EuropeIdyiomVikingekrig EsportsJungle
    EuropeSawyorVikingekrig EsportsJungle

    Aug 03[edit]

    DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
    Lunary - August 3,
    sOAZ joins as temporary substitute for Open Tour France 2019 Etape 5, replacing Le Roi Bisou.
    Hegemonia Esport - August 3,
    Renewal joins.
    EuropeRenewal (French player)Hegemonia EsportJungle
    13Utopik - August 3,
    Fire Spirit,
    Hayko, Demigod (Coach), and Mitzgun (Manager) join.
    EuropeFire Spirit13UtopikTop
    EuropeSenpai (Steven Guss Esber Spier)13UtopikBot
    EuropeDemigod (French coach)13UtopikCoach
    Roman Esports - August 3 (approx.),
    Apathing joins.

    Kiminoshi leaves.
    North AmericaKiminoshiRoman EsportsJungle
    North AmericaApathingRoman EsportsJungle
    Storm Esports - August 3 (approx.),
    9Lives joins.

    Curtains leaves.
    North AmericaCurtainsStorm EsportsSupport
    North America9LivesStorm EsportsSupport
    Mirage KBBQ - August 3,
    Lunarly joins.

    Toki leaves.
    North AmericaTokiMirage KBBQTop
    North AmericaLunarlyMirage KBBQTop
    Dawn Esports Shock - August 3,
    Pyroen joins.
    North AmericaPyroenDawn Esports ShockJungle
    Mirage Sport Électronique - August 3,
    Ugandan Royalty joins as temporary substitute for Upsurge Open Qualifier 2019, replacing Fockus.
    North AmericaUgandan RoyaltyMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueSupport
    Intrepid Fox Gaming - August 3,
    Pun1sher joins.
    EuropePun1sher (Konstantinos Katsikadakos)Intrepid Fox GamingMid
    Team SoloMid - August 3,
    Spica joins from academy roster.
    North AmericaSpicaTeam SoloMidJungle
    HG Esports - August 3,
    Shawn leaves.
    EuropeShawnHG EsportsSupport
    - August 3,
    mypleasure retires.
    Dominus Esports Young - August 3,
    Novice joins.
    Amaj (Bot to Jungle) and Mitsuki (Jungle to Bot) change positions.
    ChinaAmajDominus Esports YoungBotDominus Esports YoungJungle
    ChinaMitsukiDominus Esports YoungJungleDominus Esports YoungBot
    ChinaNoviceDominus Esports YoungTop