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Current Roster Change Portals:

Sep 01[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Konix eSport - September (approx.),
Jaylink leaves.
EuropeJaylinkKonix eSportBot
XLYNX Esports Club - September (approx.),
Dudu joins.
EuropeDudu (Eduardo García)XLYNX Esports ClubJungle
Wind and Rain Nordic - September 1,
Practice joins.
EuropePracticeWind and Rain NordicBot
Wind and Rain Nordic - September 1, Practice changes residency from
Beşiktaş Esports Female - September 1,
Ghidi joins.
EuropeGhidiBeşiktaş Esports FemaleBot
Lunary - September 1,
Jbzz rejoins.
Chap (Jungle to Bot) changes position.
Narkuss moves to starting roster.
Tio moves to substitute.
Melon leaves.
EuropeMelon (Alexis Barrachin)LunaryMid
Stormbringers - September (approx.), Koala (Team Manager) joins.
EuropeKoala (Antonio Ferrera)StormbringersTeam Manager
BlackSun Wolves - September (approx.),
GodChele joins.

Cartamenio leaves.
EuropeCartamenioBlackSun WolvesSupport
EuropeGodCheleBlackSun WolvesSupport
FH eSports - September (approx.),
Grautamauk, and
Kiddi join.

Rósa (Manager) join as substitutes.

naclyguy moves to starting roster.
Tediz leaves.
EuropenaclyguyFH eSportsMidtrueFH eSportsMid
EuropeTedizFH eSportsTop
EuropedesulolFH eSportsTop
EuropeGrautamaukFH eSportsJungle
EuropeKiddiFH eSportsSupport
EuropeRósaFH eSportsManager/Supporttrue
EuropeTALLDOGGFH eSportsBottrue
Desert Gaming - September (approx.),
Duivel, Azkét (Coach), and Bufa (Analyst) leave.
Latin AmericaGreenKapppaDesert GamingTop
Latin AmericaOneShot (Alex Lagos)Desert GamingJungle
Latin AmericaDuivelDesert GamingSupport
Latin AmericaBufaDesert GamingAnalyst
Latin AmericaAzkétDesert GamingCoach
Demise - September (approx.), Kybet (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeKybetDemiseAssistant Coach
Killabeez - September (approx.),
Pimen joins.

Arven leaves.
Team Albert - September 1 (approx.),
CQ Byeol,
Good vs Evil,
Poof Puff,
Poofu, and
Numor leave.
North AmericaCQ ByeolTeam AlbertTop
North AmericaGood vs EvilTeam AlbertJungle
North AmericaPoof PuffTeam AlbertMid
North AmericaPoofuTeam AlbertBot
North AmericaNumorTeam AlbertSupport
University of Texas at Austin - September (approx.),
fuwu and
Melllo join.

lpoklpok and
Noodlz join as substitutes.
Railgun (Top to Support) changes position.
North AmericaRailgunUniversity of Texas at AustinTopUniversity of Texas at AustinSupport
North AmericafuwuUniversity of Texas at AustinTop
North AmericalpoklpokUniversity of Texas at AustinToptrue
North AmericaMellloUniversity of Texas at AustinBot
North AmericaNoodlzUniversity of Texas at AustinBottrue
CanipiSmellGood - September 1 (approx.),
BukZacH, and
Dean leave.
North AmericaLobozzCanipiSmellGoodTop
North AmericaArjayCanipiSmellGoodJungle
North AmericarovexCanipiSmellGoodMid
North AmericaBukZacHCanipiSmellGoodBot
North AmericaDean (Dean Wood)CanipiSmellGoodSupport
C H I N A - September 1 (approx.),
Tony Top,
always plan ahea,
CoreTienZ, and
Mist leave.
North AmericaTony TopC H I N ATop
North AmericaSiddywiddyC H I N AJungle
North Americaalways plan aheaC H I N AMid
North AmericaCoreTienZC H I N ABot
North AmericaMist (Lin Zi-Lan)C H I N ASupport
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - September (approx.),
Szochs joins.

Command Attack rejoins.
The Bosh (Bot to Support) changes position.
North AmericaThe BoshUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignBotUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSupport
North AmericaSzochsUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignJungle
North AmericaCommand AttackUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignBot
Frost Aura - September (approx.),
Meech, and
Ugandan Royalty join.

NotTheRealPhilip joins as substitute.
North AmericaSolitifiedFrost AuraTop
North AmericaHunter (Hunter Meyer)Frost AuraJungle
North AmericaElmo (Colton Stahl)Frost AuraMid
North AmericaMeechFrost AuraBot
North AmericaUgandan RoyaltyFrost AuraSupport
North AmericaNotTheRealPhilipFrost AuraToptrue
North AmericaHypno16Niagara UniversityTop
North AmericaRezuuNiagara UniversityJungle
North AmericaPanininaniNiagara UniversityMid
North AmericaCrazymonkey1013Niagara UniversityBot
North AmericaMister GambartNiagara UniversitySupport
Lucky Esports - September (approx.),
Zhadox joins.

leashoffspawn, 24 and balding, and Mitch join as substitutes.
North AmericaZhadoxLucky EsportsJungle
North AmericaMitchLucky Esportstrue
North America24 and baldingLucky Esportstrue
North AmericaleashoffspawnLucky EsportsBottrue
Team Fish Taco - September (approx.),
bxyc, and
SweatyToast join.

moose breeder and Xinthus join as substitutes.
North AmericaSwiftahTeam Fish TacoTop
North AmericaEricZYangTeam Fish TacoJungle
North AmericaRhinneTeam Fish TacoMid
North AmericabxycTeam Fish TacoBot
North AmericaSweatyToastTeam Fish TacoSupport
North Americamoose breederTeam Fish TacoSupporttrue
North AmericaXinthusTeam Fish Tacotrue
Humber College - September (approx.),
Hakurei Reimu,
Nutty Bars, and
Nickich join.
North AmericaHakurei ReimuHumber CollegeTop
North AmericaAesthetic (Daniel Kwon)Humber CollegeJungle
North AmericaMateuszHumber CollegeMid
North AmericaNutty BarsHumber CollegeBot
North AmericaNickichHumber CollegeSupport
DePaul University - September (approx.),
kingamazin joins.
North AmericakingamazinDePaul UniversityBot
Florida State University - September (approx.),
Oronuke joins.
Pupcake (Mid to Bot) changes position.
Vorii leaves.
North AmericaVoriiFlorida State UniversityBot
North AmericaPupcakeFlorida State UniversityMidFlorida State UniversityBot
North AmericaOronukeFlorida State UniversityMid
Vuptrox Academy - September (approx.),
Chryssey, and
Mecki leave.
EuropeVartejVuptrox AcademyJungle
EuropeChrysseyVuptrox AcademyBot
EuropeMeckiVuptrox AcademySupport
EuropeEndorcerVuptrox AcademyTop
EuropeToxyVuptrox AcademyMid
Robert Morris University Illinois - September (approx.),
Koskinen, and
Spacemaker join.

JacksDaddy, and
Synotic leave.
North AmericaRemi (Remington Wilke)Robert Morris University IllinoisTop
North AmericaJacksDaddyRobert Morris University IllinoisMid
North AmericaSynoticRobert Morris University IllinoisSupport
North AmericaKoskinenRobert Morris University IllinoisMid
North AmericaSpacemakerRobert Morris University IllinoisSupport
North AmericaRykenRobert Morris University IllinoisTop
Robert Morris University Illinois - September (approx.), tehcraftman renames to learning brain.
University of Western Ontario - September (approx.),
Loyal joins.

AutoLock Saber joins as substitute.
Ledo (Coach to Coach/Sub/Top) changes position.
North AmericaLedoUniversity of Western OntarioCoachUniversity of Western OntarioCoach/Toptrue
North AmericaLoyal (Bo Wen Qiao)University of Western OntarioTop
North AmericaAutoLock SaberUniversity of Western OntarioJungletrue
Solwing Esports - September 1, Team merges with ToxicFalcons eSportslogo std.pngToxicFalcons eSports to form Aethra Esportslogo std.pngAethra Esports.
Michigan State University - September (approx.), Rauh (Coach) joins.
NoobSquid joins as substitute.
ArgentumSky (Coach/Sub/Support to Head Coach/Sub/Support) changes position.
Navillera, and Warbirds (Head Coach) leave.
North AmericaWarbirdsMichigan State UniversityHead Coach
North AmericaLostiesMichigan State UniversityBottrue
North AmericaNavilleraMichigan State UniversityBottrue
North AmericaArgentumSkyMichigan State UniversityCoach/SupporttrueMichigan State UniversityHead Coach/Supporttrue
North AmericaNoobSquidMichigan State UniversityJungletrue
North AmericaRauhMichigan State UniversityCoach
Dawn Esports Blaze - September 1, Dawn Esports Blaze is disbanded.
Griffen Tarzan,
KaNKl, and
Zyko leave.
North AmericaMesloDawn Esports BlazeTop
North AmericaGriffen TarzanDawn Esports BlazeJungle
North AmericaFreeze (Bradley Benneyworth)Dawn Esports BlazeMid
North AmericaKaNKlDawn Esports BlazeBot
North AmericaZykoDawn Esports BlazeSupport
Emissary Esports - September 1,
ozkai47461 joins.

Cavele leaves.
North AmericaCaveleEmissary EsportsTop
North Americaozkai47461Emissary EsportsTop
ANEW Esports - September (approx.), Weexiao (Manager) leaves.
North AmericaWeexiaoANEW EsportsManager
Armored Project - September 1,
Something leaves.
SEASomethingArmored ProjectToptrue
QLASH Egypt - September (approx.),
Deceiving joins.
MENADeceivingQLASH EgyptMid
Team Oplon - September 2,
NoTiixX leaves.
EuropeNoTiixXTeam OplonBot
EuropeTamozTony Parker Adequat AcademyTop
EuropeYayaTony Parker Adequat AcademyJungle
EuropeVetheoTony Parker Adequat AcademyMid
EuropeNoTiixXTony Parker Adequat AcademyBot
EuropeSolenTony Parker Adequat AcademySupport
Unsold Stuff Gaming - September 1,
apaMEN leaves.
JapanapaMENUnsold Stuff GamingTop
Vikingekrig Academy - September 1,
Bossey joins.

Kája leaves.
EuropeKájaVikingekrig AcademyMid
EuropeBosseyVikingekrig AcademyMid
ToxicFalcons eSports - September 1, ToxicFalcons eSports and Solwing Esports merge to form Aethra Esportslogo std.pngAethra Esports.
Slimy Devil,
Meneer Krab,
DjensMaster, The Law (Head Coach), Sister (Analyst), and Boykuh (Owner) leave.
EuropeDrSawToxicFalcons eSportsTop
EuropeFrost (Dutch Player)ToxicFalcons eSportsJungle
EuropeM4nk3yToxicFalcons eSportsMid
EuropeSlimy DevilToxicFalcons eSportsSupport
EuropeMeneer KrabToxicFalcons eSportsToptrue
EuropeSoulahToxicFalcons eSportsJungletrue
EuropeBoohonToxicFalcons eSportsMidtrue
EuropeTBL4ToxicFalcons eSportsBottrue
EuropeDjensMasterToxicFalcons eSportsSupporttrue
EuropeBoykuhToxicFalcons eSportsOwner
EuropeThe LawToxicFalcons eSportsHead Coach
EuropeSisterToxicFalcons eSportsAnalyst
Aethra Esports - September 1, ToxicFalcons eSportslogo std.pngToxicFalcons eSports and Solwing Esportslogo std.pngSolwing Esports merge to form Aethra Esports. Roster of ToxicFalcons eSports is acquired.
Slimy Devil, The Law (Head Coach), Sister (Analyst), and Boykuh (Co-Owner,CEO) join.

Meneer Krab,
TBL4, and
DjensMaster join as substitutes.
EuropeDrSawAethra EsportsTop
EuropeFrost (Dutch Player)Aethra EsportsJungle
EuropeSilasAethra EsportsMid
EuropeSlimy DevilAethra EsportsSupport
EuropeMeneer KrabAethra EsportsToptrue
EuropeTBL4Aethra EsportsBottrue
EuropeDjensMasterAethra EsportsSupporttrue
EuropeBoykuhAethra EsportsCo-Owner/CEO
EuropeThe LawAethra EsportsHead Coach
EuropeSisterAethra EsportsAnalyst
ToxicFalcons eSports Belgium - September 1, Team rebrands as Aethra Esportslogo std.pngAethra Esports Belgium.
Atrocez, and Leviathan (Head Coach) leave.
EuropePhoenix (Maarten Van Dyck)ToxicFalcons eSports BelgiumTop
EuropeNikolexToxicFalcons eSports BelgiumJungle
EuropeValyrianToxicFalcons eSports BelgiumJungle
EuropeArdesToxicFalcons eSports BelgiumMid
EuropeVrowToxicFalcons eSports BelgiumMid
EuropeSlyv3rToxicFalcons eSports BelgiumBot
EuropeAtrocezToxicFalcons eSports BelgiumSupport
EuropeLeviathan (Alexandros Mamasoulas)ToxicFalcons eSports BelgiumHead Coach
EuropePhoenix (Maarten Van Dyck)Aethra Esports BelgiumTop
EuropeNikolexAethra Esports BelgiumJungle
EuropeArdesAethra Esports BelgiumMid
EuropeRogue (Redon Fili)Aethra Esports BelgiumMid
EuropeSlyv3rAethra Esports BelgiumBot
EuropeAtrocezAethra Esports BelgiumSupport
EuropeClown SkyAethra Esports BelgiumJungletrue
Excel Esports - September (approx.), Charlotte Waters (Public Relations) leaves.
EuropeCharlotte WatersExcel EsportsPublic Relations
MAD Lions E.C. - September (approx.), Almudena Marchena Asín (Content and Marketing Director) joins.
EuropeAlmudena Marchena AsínMAD Lions E.C.Content and Marketing Director
Berlin International Gaming - September 1, Kanani (Assistant Coach) joins.
EuropeKananiBerlin International GamingAssistant Coach
Dropz Esports - September (approx.),
Taba, and
Sick leave.
EuropeSick (Alessandro Bonanni)Dropz EsportsJungletrue
EuropeAnimaleDropz EsportsMid
EuropeTabaDropz EsportsBot
Lowkey Esports.Vietnam - September 1, KingJ (Top to Assistant Coach) changes position.
VietnamKingJLowkey Esports.VietnamTopLowkey Esports.VietnamAssistant Coach
Misfits Gaming - September (approx.), Hermes (Strategic Coach) leaves.
EuropeHermes (David Tu)Misfits GamingStrategic Coach
GC Busan Ascension - September (approx.),
Silk and
Execute join.

Scarlet leaves.
KoreaScarlet (Cha Hee-min)GC Busan AscensionMid
KoreaSilk (Shim Myeong-rae)GC Busan AscensionJungle
KoreaExecuteGC Busan AscensionSupport
San Diego State University - September (approx.), BTang (Jungle to Support) changes position.
Porom moves to starting roster.
Reeb moves to substitute.
North AmericaReebSan Diego State UniversityTopSan Diego State UniversityToptrue
North AmericaBTangSan Diego State UniversityJungleSan Diego State UniversitySupport
North AmericaPoromSan Diego State UniversityJungletrueSan Diego State UniversityJungle
Butler University - September 1,
Butler Moon,
Butler Icebear, and Asor0th (Analyst) join.
Butler Grubhub (Two-Way Player Coach) joins as substitute. Butler Mac (Mid to Bot) changes position.
North AmericaButler MacButler UniversityMidButler UniversityBot
North AmericaButler MoonButler UniversityTop
North AmericaButler IcebearButler UniversityMid
North AmericaButler GrubhubButler UniversityTwo-Way Player Coachtrue
North AmericaAsor0thButler UniversityAnalyst
Western Michigan University - September 1,
YasuoVayneMaine, Aaron Cottrell (Social Media Manager), and TooTallTank (Treasurer) join.
North AmericaAaron CottrellWestern Michigan UniversitySocial Media Manager
North AmericaTooTallTankWestern Michigan UniversityTreasurer
North AmericaDusk2DawnWestern Michigan UniversityTop
North AmericaYasuoVayneMaineWestern Michigan UniversityMid
Team Refuse - September 1,
Jimsnop leaves.
EuropeJimsnopTeam RefuseMidtrue
Griffin - September (approx.),
Hoya joins as trainee.
Estral Esports - September (approx.),
Gobely leaves.
Latin AmericaGobelyEstral EsportsBottrue
Infinity Esports Colombia - September 1, QFa (Head Analyst) leaves.
Latin AmericaQFaInfinity Esports ColombiaHead Analyst
ANEW Esports - September 1,
CJ and
Feng leave.
North AmericaFeng (Wang Xiao-Feng)ANEW EsportsSupporttrue
North AmericaCJ (Colton Popowich)ANEW EsportsToptrue
QLASH Forge - September (approx.),
Gotrek leaves.
EuropeGotrekQLASH ForgeBottrue
Hawks - September (approx.),
Joelito and
K c leave.
Latin AmericaJoelito (Joel Basso)HawksMid
Latin AmericaK cHawksBot
Texas A&M University - September (approx.),
Kshuna rejoins.
North AmericaKshunaTexas A&M UniversityBot
WiLD MultiGaming - September (approx.),
Fate Ani,
Paresz, and
BagØ leave.
EuropeFate AniWiLD MultiGamingToptrue
EuropePareszWiLD MultiGamingJungletrue
EuropeBagØWiLD MultiGamingMidtrue
Abstract Gaming - September (approx.),
Dyla, and Wigins (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaSpektremZAbstract GamingTop
Latin AmericaGankyAbstract GamingJungle
Latin AmericaOni (Santiago Cendal)Abstract GamingMid
Latin AmericaNantesAbstract GamingBot
Latin AmericaDylaAbstract GamingSupport
Latin AmericaWiginsAbstract GamingHead Coach
Mad Revolution Gaming - September (approx.), Team disband.
Mizzet, and
Tupé leave.
Latin AmericaDekuMad Revolution GamingTop
Latin AmericaBöngMad Revolution GamingTop
Latin AmericaQu35OMad Revolution GamingJungle
Latin AmericaJoacoMad Revolution GamingJungle
Latin AmericaSexFlexMad Revolution GamingMid
Latin AmericaMizzetMad Revolution GamingBot
Latin AmericaTupéMad Revolution GamingSupport
KNS Black - September (approx.),
Nicolico, and
PaTwo leave.
Latin AmericaIvaNovichKNS BlackTop
Latin AmericaNachKNS BlackJungle
Latin AmericapcheKNS BlackMid
Latin AmericaNicolicoKNS BlackBot
Latin AmericaPaTwoKNS BlackSupport
Latin AmericaVenomorphFrost Esports (Latin American Team)Top
Latin AmericaRáeFrost Esports (Latin American Team)Jungle
Latin AmericaAndresuFrost Esports (Latin American Team)Mid
Latin AmericaDCabraFrost Esports (Latin American Team)Bot
Latin AmericaArcoSagazFrost Esports (Latin American Team)Support
Lofty Esports - September (approx.),
Puerto Rico,
Strokyliek, and BetaTwins (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaDucaLofty EsportsTop
Latin AmericaPuerto RicoLofty EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaFlacoyoLofty EsportsMid
Latin AmericaHanabi (Eduardo Pérez)Lofty EsportsBot
Latin AmericaStrokyliekLofty EsportsSupport
Latin AmericaBetaTwinsLofty EsportsHead Coach
OG Esports - September (approx.),
Anbu leaves.
Latin AmericaAnbuOG EsportsJungletrue
OverKnight - September (approx.), Team disbands.
Sax, and Inception (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaTeppeiOverKnightTop
Latin AmericaSeftOverKnightJungle
Latin AmericaMeowriOverKnightMid
Latin AmericaNicomandoOverKnightBot
Latin AmericaSaxOverKnightSupport
Latin AmericaInceptionOverKnightHead Coach
Spectacled Bears - September (approx.),
FraGio, and
Icronic join.

Keixt, and
Dishake leave.
Latin America0nokenSpectacled BearsTop
Latin AmericaKeixtSpectacled BearsJungle
Latin AmericaElOjoInkaSpectacled BearsJungle
Latin AmericaDishakeSpectacled BearsSupport
Latin AmericaByFalcoSpectacled BearsTop
Latin AmericaFraGioSpectacled BearsJungle
Latin AmericaIcronicSpectacled BearsSupport
Boise State University - September (approx.), NotKoba (Sub/Top to Program Assistant) changes position.
North AmericaNotKobaBoise State UniversityToptrueBoise State UniversityProgram Assistant
Future Gaming - September (approx.), Team disbands.
Nurak, and
Juanma leave.
Latin AmericaJarabeFuture GamingTop
Latin AmericaxShinraFuture GamingJungle
Latin AmericaLeo (José Rojas)Future GamingJungle
Latin AmericaJuanStanFuture GamingMid
Latin AmericaNurakFuture GamingBot
Latin AmericaJuanmaFuture GamingSupport
ONECHANCE - September (approx.),
GFP joins.
North AmericaGFPONECHANCEJungle
University of British Columbia - September (approx.),
Jemusi and
Shin Chin join.
North AmericaJemusiUniversity of British ColumbiaBot
North AmericaShin ChinUniversity of British ColumbiaSupport
Estral E-Sports Colombia - September (approx.), Team disbands.
Verbal Razor, and
Kirbo leave.
Latin AmericaDarkin (Santiago Rendón)Estral E-Sports ColombiaTop
Latin AmericaChinguitaEstral E-Sports ColombiaJungle
Latin AmericaKejuEstral E-Sports ColombiaMid
Latin AmericaVerbal RazorEstral E-Sports ColombiaBot
Latin AmericaKirboEstral E-Sports ColombiaSupport
Bethany Lutheran College - September (approx.),
TheOnlyADC joins.
North AmericaTheOnlyADCBethany Lutheran CollegeBot
404 Multigaming e.V. - September (approx.),
unexpected leaves.
Europeunexpected (Jan Mundorf)404 Multigaming e.V.Mid

Sep 02[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Vikingekrig Academy - September (approx.), DON LAFFSON (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeDON LAFFSONVikingekrig AcademyHead Coach
Wisła Płock eSports - September (approx.),
Impeccable, Bakuażan (Head Coach), and Míchu (Team Manager) leave.
EuropeGricekWisła Płock eSportsTop
EuropeImpeccableWisła Płock eSportsMid
EuropeBakuażanWisła Płock eSportsHead Coach
EuropeMíchuWisła Płock eSportsTeam Manager
Metafun - September 2,
Fire Spirit leaves.
EuropeFire SpiritMetafunTop
Dusty - September 2,
Addi leaves.
EuropeAddi (Arnar Snæland)DustyMid
Team Echo Zulu - September 2,
Poeza, Bjorn (Head Coach), creabae (Coach), and Jeffrey (Coach) leave.
EuropeTuomariTeam Echo ZuluTop
EuropeAlbetrayberTeam Echo ZuluJungle
EuropeRaqoTeam Echo ZuluMid
EuropeGooseTeam Echo ZuluBot
EuropeNightmaresTeam Echo ZuluSupport
EuropePoezaTeam Echo ZuluJungletrue
EuropeBjornTeam Echo ZuluHead Coach
EuropecreabaeTeam Echo ZuluCoach
EuropeJeffreyTeam Echo ZuluCoach
mYinsanity - September 2,
Wild Joshy leaves.
EuropeWild JoshymYinsanitySupport
PostFinance Helix - September 2,
Wild Joshy joins.

Koala leaves.
EuropeKoala (Dennis Berg)PostFinance HelixSupport
EuropeWild JoshyPostFinance HelixSupport
eMonkeyz - September 2,
Rayito leaves.
eMonkeyz - September 2,
Freshx leaves.
S2V Esports - September 2,
Xixauxas, Marhoder (Head Coach), and PochiPoom (Sports Director) leave.
EuropeAziadoS2V EsportsTop
EuropeCarbonoS2V EsportsJungle
EuropeBacaS2V EsportsMid
EuropeXixauxasS2V EsportsSupport
EuropePochiPoomS2V EsportsSports Director
EuropeMarhoderS2V EsportsHead Coach
Hanwha Life Esports Academy - September 2, Max (Assistant Coach) joins.
KoreaMax (Jeong Jong-bin)Hanwha Life Esports AcademyAssistant Coach
Team Dynamics - September 2,
GgooNg joins.

Foy joins as substitute.
KoreaFoyTeam DynamicsJungletrue
KoreaGgooNgTeam DynamicsMid
Galakticos - September 2, Nalu (Head Coach) is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyNaluGalakticosHead Coach
Team AURORA - September 2,
Korpse is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyKorpseTeam AURORASupport
Beşiktaş Esports - September 2, Zetsu (Assistant Coach) and Makrofaj (Performance Coach) are removed from the GCD.
TurkeyMakrofajBeşiktaş EsportsPerformance Coach
TurkeyZetsuBeşiktaş EsportsAssistant Coach
Dark Passage Academy - September 2,
A Seal,
UNMANAGEABLE, and Craft1x (Head Coach) are removed from the GCD.
TurkeyA SealDark Passage AcademyJungle
TurkeyUNMANAGEABLEDark Passage AcademyMid
TurkeyCraft1xDark Passage AcademyHead Coach
Cloud9 - September 2, Cpt Jack (Streamer) leaves.
North AmericaCpt JackCloud9Streamer
Riot Games Inc. - September 2, Cpt Jack (Analyst) leaves.
KoreaCpt JackRiot Games Inc.Analyst

Sep 03[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Runelords eSports - September 3,
Copito Senpai,
xKyde, and
escox join.
EuropeMisaRunelords eSportsTop
EuropeCopito SenpaiRunelords eSportsJungle
EuropeRoyerRunelords eSportsMid
EuropexKydeRunelords eSportsBot
EuropeescoxRunelords eSportsSupport
Hegemonia Esport - September 3,
Snarpis, and ZirBaa (Manager) join.

Renewal, and
Honor leave.
EuropeAnkaHegemonia EsportTop
EuropeRenewal (French player)Hegemonia EsportJungle
EuropeHonorHegemonia EsportSupport
EuropeEthinakHegemonia EsportTop
EuropeCedeiixHegemonia EsportJungle
EuropeSnarpisHegemonia EsportSupport
EuropeZirBaaHegemonia EsportManager
University of Texas at Dallas JV - September 3,
VinnyHuan, and
Baasom join.

Sharpe leaves for main roster.
North AmericaSharpeUniversity of Texas at Dallas JVMid
North AmericaOaksUniversity of Texas at Dallas JVTop
North AmericaMonkeyAmbushUniversity of Texas at Dallas JVMid
North AmericaVinnyHuanUniversity of Texas at Dallas JVBot
North AmericaBaasomUniversity of Texas at Dallas JVSupport
University of Texas at Dallas - September 3,
Nova Bot joins.

Sharpe joins from academy roster.
Faith (Analyst) is added to the official roster as substitute.
xKace leaves.
North AmericaFaith (Karlin Oei)University of Texas at DallasJungleUniversity of Texas at DallasAnalyst
North AmericaxKaceUniversity of Texas at DallasMid
North AmericaNova BotUniversity of Texas at DallasJungle
North AmericaSharpeUniversity of Texas at DallasMid
Team Liquid Academy - September 3,
OddOrange and
Shoryu leave.
North AmericaOddOrangeTeam Liquid AcademyJungle
North AmericaShoryuTeam Liquid AcademyBot
SANDBOX Gaming Academy - September 3,
Doil joins.
KoreaDoilSANDBOX Gaming AcademyJungle
Illuminar Gaming - September 3,
CrAzY leaves.
EuropeCrAzY (Adam Fedoruk)Illuminar GamingJungletrue
Penguins - September 3,
Cboi leaves.
XTEN Esports - September 3, Rohclem (Analyst) leaves.
Latin AmericaRohclemXTEN EsportsAnalyst
XTEN Mexico - September 3, Rohclem (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaRohclemXTEN MexicoHead Coach
WLGaming Esports - September 3,
Kroghsen leaves.
EuropeKroghsenWLGaming EsportsMid
Cream Esports - September 3,
Khynm, and
Nothing leave.
Latin AmericaSunblastCream EsportsTop
Latin AmericaKhynmCream EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaNothingCream EsportsBot
Dark Horse - September 3,
Regi leaves.
Latin AmericaRegiDark HorseMid

Sep 04[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
EuropeCoatpustmainneXtPlease! GamingTop
EuropeMorcovellneXtPlease! GamingJungle
EuropeComeback (Cosmin Mreana)neXtPlease! GamingMid
EuropemihaibarosneXtPlease! GamingBot
EuropeVIORELEEEEneXtPlease! GamingSupport
Enclave Gaming - September 4,
Skude leaves.
EuropeSkudeEnclave GamingJungle
Riot Games Inc. - September 4, PapaSmithy (Caster) leaves.
KoreaPapaSmithyRiot Games Inc.Caster
100 Thieves - September 4, PapaSmithy (General Manager) joins.
North AmericaPapaSmithy100 ThievesGeneral Manager
Samsung Morning Stars - September 4,
Simpy leaves.
EuropeSimpySamsung Morning StarsSupport
eMonkeyz - September 4,
DuaLL leaves.
Cream Esports - September 4,
Style and Pointless (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaStyle (Ignacio Pezoa)Cream EsportsJungletrue
Latin AmericaPointlessCream EsportsHead Coach
XTEN Mexico - September 4,
Guardián leaves.
Latin AmericaGuardiánXTEN MexicoTop
EuropeMagikarpWarKidZ E-SportsJungle
EuropeFinalWarKidZ E-SportsMid
EuropeBroekiWarKidZ E-SportsBot
EuropeSpieleAufDeutschWarKidZ E-SportsSupport
EuropeSky (David Koppmann)WarKidZ E-SportsTop
EuropeHatred (Veselin Popov)WarKidZ E-SportsJungle
EuropeshripelWarKidZ E-SportsMid
EuropeMaroc3000WarKidZ E-SportsBot
EuropePsYcrawWarKidZ E-SportsSupport

Sep 05[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Wind and Rain Nordic - September 5,
Fallen Angel joins.
EuropeFallen AngelWind and Rain NordicJungle
Afreeca Freecs Academy - September 5, Kwon Oh-seong (Head Coach) leaves.
KoreaKwon Oh-seongAfreeca Freecs AcademyHead Coach
Barrage Esports - September 5,
Zhergoth leaves.
EuropeZhergothBarrage EsportsTop
Dignitas - September 5, Andrew Barton (General Manager) joins.
North AmericaAndrew BartonDignitasGeneral Manager
M19 - September 5, Starky (Head Coach) leaves.
CISStarky (Artem Starkov)M19Head Coach
Rogue Warriors Shark - September 5,
jingke joins.
ChinajingkeRogue Warriors SharkJungle
Dark Horse - September 5,
Kryzpo leaves.
Latin AmericaKryzpoDark HorseTop
EDward Gaming - September 5,
JieJie and
Sleepy's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.
JD Gaming - September 5,
Morgan and
Xiaohan's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.
Invictus Gaming - September 5,
Leyan's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.
LGD Gaming - September 5,
Garvey's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.
Eimy's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 19 November 2019.
badeMan's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.

Sep 06[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Mississippi State University - September 6,
ShadowNinua join.
Burny (Jungle to Mid) changes position.
North AmericaBurnyMississippi State UniversityJungleMississippi State UniversityMid
North AmericaTrieulyMississippi State UniversityTop
North AmericaSANA STANMississippi State UniversityBot
North AmericaShadowNinuaMississippi State UniversitySupport
The Final Tribe - September 6, The Final Tribelogo std.pngThe Final Tribe and Godsentlogo std.pngGodsent merge. They will compete under the Godsentlogo std.pngGodsent brand.
The Final Tribe - September 6,
POILK, and Rnglol (Head Coach) leave.
EuropeWeiZoRThe Final TribeTop
EuropeRaxhyThe Final TribeJungle
EuropeRoyalKaninThe Final TribeMid
EuropeChrisbergThe Final TribeBot
EuropeLionThe Final TribeSupport
EuropePOILKThe Final TribeBottrue
EuropeRnglolThe Final TribeHead Coach
Godsent - September 6, The Final Tribelogo std.pngThe Final Tribe and Godsentlogo std.pngGodsent merge. They will compete under the Godsentlogo std.pngGodsent brand.
Godsent - September 6,
Lion, and Rnglol (Head Coach) join.

POILK joins as substitute.
EuropeRnglolGodsentHead Coach
Hillerød eSport - September 6,
Grisen leaves.
EuropeGrisenHillerød eSportSupport
DIVIZON - September 6,
Grisen leaves.
FALKN - September 6,
Grisen joins.
EuropeDreamer AceUnicorns Of Love Sexy EditionSupportUnicorns Of Love Sexy EditionSupport
ad hoc gaming - September 6,
Jakobobbi rejoins.

Dreamer Ace is loaned from UOL Sexy Edition.
Xioh (Mid to Bot) changes position. NoWay (Streamer to Mid) changes position.
EuropeNoWay (Frederik Hinteregger)ad hoc gamingStreamerad hoc gamingMid
EuropeXiohad hoc gamingMidad hoc gamingBot
EuropeJakobobbiad hoc gamingJungle
EuropeDreamer Acead hoc gamingSupport
paiN Gaming - September 6,
Kami becomes active.
BrazilKami (Gabriel Bohm Santos)paiN GamingMidpaiN GamingMid
Samsung Morning Stars - September 6, Machuki (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeMachukiSamsung Morning StarsHead Coach
Penguins - September 6,
Emtest leaves.
Team Brute - September 6,
Sirinox leaves.
EuropeSirinoxTeam BruteBot
Cream Esports Mexico - September 6,
LiquidDiego leaves.
Latin AmericaLiquidDiegoCream Esports MexicoJungle
Dark Quality - September 6, Smokee (Assistant Coach) joins.
Latin AmericaSmokeeDark QualityAssistant Coach
Estral Esports - September 6,
Demy, and
Betatwinz leave.
Latin AmericaFeng (Jose Ricalday)Estral EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaDemyEstral EsportsBot
Latin AmericaBetatwinzEstral EsportsSupport
Team WE - September 6,
Teacherma's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.

Sep 07[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
PsykoPaths Gaming - September 7 (approx.),
Str1fe, and
ks2 join.
North AmericaEgokingPsykoPaths GamingTop
North AmericaMilouPsykoPaths GamingJungle
North AmericaReptilePsykoPaths GamingMid
North AmericaStr1fePsykoPaths GamingBot
North Americaks2PsykoPaths GamingSupport
Konix eSport - September 7,
Wixo0 leaves.
EuropeWixo0Konix eSportSupport
Team oNe eSports - September 7,
takeshi retires.
Samsung Morning Stars - September 7,
Kamil leaves.
EuropeKamilSamsung Morning StarsJungle
NVision Esports - September 7,
Infinity leaves.
EuropeInfinity (Pablo Elias Ralston)NVision EsportsJungle
LinGan e-Sports - September 7,
Summer joins as substitute.
ChinaSummer (Jiao Li-Peng)LinGan e-SportsBottrue
North AmericaBakkaWestern Michigan UniversityJungle
North AmericaYasuoVayneMaineWestern Michigan UniversityMid
Cream Esports Mexico - September 7,
Gavotto leaves.
Latin AmericaGavottoCream Esports MexicoBot