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Current Roster Change Portals:

Sep 29[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Elkara Miltonia - September 29,
Sùn Bro,
Rakolo, and Everyse (Manager) join.
EuropeSùn BroElkara MiltoniaTop
EuropeBurnElkara MiltoniaJungle
EuropeKopumaElkara MiltoniaMid
EuropeArkadiaElkara MiltoniaBot
EuropeRakoloElkara MiltoniaSupport
EuropeEveryseElkara MiltoniaManager
Bunker Esport - September 29,
Chroniikk and
WixoO join.

Nîmu leaves.
EuropeNîmuBunker EsportSupport
EuropeChroniikkBunker EsportBot
EuropeWixoOBunker EsportSupport
neXtPlease! Gaming - September 29,
Coatpustmain leaves.
EuropeCoatpustmainneXtPlease! GamingTop
LNG Academy - September (approx.),
Avenger, and
FengFeng join.
ChinaelvesLNG AcademyJungle
ChinaAvenger (Xiong Jia-Sheng)LNG AcademyMid
ChinaFengFengLNG AcademyBot
Team Fish Taco - September 29,
Rourke, and
Seekers Wrath join.
North AmericaSeekers WrathTeam Fish TacoJungle
North AmericaLodisTeam Fish TacoJungle
North AmericaRourkeTeam Fish TacoJungle
ONECHANCE - September 29,
IvanJYang joins.

GFP leaves.
North AmericaGFPONECHANCEJungle
North AmericaIvanJYangONECHANCEJungle
Dawn Esports - September 29,
Murky Main, and
Magi join.

Gurgoze and
KaNKl rejoin.
North AmericaGurgozeDawn EsportsTop
North AmericaGFPDawn EsportsJungle
North AmericaMurky MainDawn EsportsMid
North AmericaKaNKlDawn EsportsBot
North AmericaMagiDawn EsportsSupport
Frost Aura - September 29,
Fockus joins.

Ugandan Royalty and
NotTheRealPhilip leave.
North AmericaNotTheRealPhilipFrost AuraToptrue
North AmericaUgandan RoyaltyFrost AuraSupport
North AmericaFockusFrost AuraSupport
The Expendables - September 29, The Expendables is disbanded.
Pekin Woof,
Shynon, and
Lohpally leave.
North AmericaCrisThe ExpendablesTop
North AmericaNintendudeXThe ExpendablesJungle
North AmericaPekin WoofThe ExpendablesMid
North AmericaShynonThe ExpendablesBot
North AmericaLohpallyThe ExpendablesSupport
New Dynasty - September (approx.), Eärendil (Head Coach to Assistant Coach) and Escapist (Owner & Manager to Owner, Manager, & Head Coach) change positions.
EuropeEscapistNew DynastyOwner & ManagerNew DynastyOwner, Manager, & Head Coach
EuropeEärendilNew DynastyHead CoachNew DynastyAssistant Coach
GamerLegion - September 29,
Glowing leaves.
Copenhagen Flames - September 29,
Yung leaves.
EuropeYungCopenhagen FlamesJungle
Aequilibritas E-Sports - September 29,
Psycraw, Vil (Head Coach), Damles (Assistant Coach), and Toxicness (Analyst) join.

Nice Guy Ben rejoins.

Mako, Captain Sexy (Strategic Coach), and Eauxmygod (Team Manager) leave.
EuropeEnergyAequilibritas E-SportsMid
EuropeEternityAequilibritas E-SportsMid
EuropeKyneticAequilibritas E-SportsBot
EuropeMakoAequilibritas E-SportsSupport
EuropeCaptain SexyAequilibritas E-SportsStrategic Coach
EuropeEauxmygodAequilibritas E-SportsTeam Manager
EuropeYungAequilibritas E-SportsJungle
EuropeGlowingAequilibritas E-SportsMid
EuropeTazakuAequilibritas E-SportsBot
EuropePsycrawAequilibritas E-SportsSupport
EuropeNice Guy BenAequilibritas E-SportsTop
EuropeVilAequilibritas E-SportsHead Coach
EuropeDamlesAequilibritas E-SportsAssistant Coach
EuropeToxicnessAequilibritas E-SportsAnalyst
Team MCES - September 29,
Aesthetic and
Monk leave.
EuropeMonk (Joosep Kivilaan)Team MCESBot
EuropeAesthetic (Frank Norqvist)Team MCESJungle
Clutch Gaming - September 29,
Rodov joins as substitute from academy roster.
North AmericaRodovClutch GamingToptrue
NVision Esports - September 29,
Brelia leaves.
EuropeBreliaNVision EsportsTop
Racoon (Italian Team) - September (approx.),
Rharesh, and
darkchri leave.
EuropePhantomlesRacoon (Italian Team)Mid
EuropeRhareshRacoon (Italian Team)Bot
EuropedarkchriRacoon (Italian Team)Support
Dark Quality - September 29,
Malex leaves.
Latin AmericaMalexDark QualityMid
Tempered Fate - September 29,
Thunder Yordle,
Autophil, and
Deniz join.

Poni, and
Kutamo leave.
EuropeYayaTempered FateJungle
EuropePoniTempered FateToptrue
EuropeKutamoTempered FateBottrue
EuropeThunder YordleTempered FateTop
EuropeAutophilTempered FateJungle
EuropeDenizTempered FateBot