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Current Roster Change Portals:

Oct 01[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
D-City Gaming Stars - October (approx.),
Geko, and
Tensor join.

Dynamicc and Repit join as substitutes.
EuropeSchnottyD-City Gaming StarsTop
EuropeStuiiD-City Gaming StarsJungle
EuropeJokerXdD-City Gaming StarsMid
EuropeGekoD-City Gaming StarsBot
EuropeTensorD-City Gaming StarsSupport
EuropeDynamiccD-City Gaming StarsToptrue
EuropeRepitD-City Gaming Starstrue
Zeta Team - October (approx.),
Lurian, and
Ninja ShielD join.
EuropeThromliZeta TeamTop
EuropeG1ngerenZeta TeamJungle
EuropeKooijiZeta TeamMid
EuropeLurianZeta TeamBot
EuropeNinja ShielDZeta TeamSupport
Clutch Gaming - October (approx.), Rigby (Assistant Coach) leaves.
North AmericaRigbyClutch GamingAssistant Coach
Dignitas - October (approx.), Rigby (Assistant Coach) joins.
North AmericaRigbyDignitasAssistant Coach
Stormbringers - October 1,
CRoNiiK leaves.
Stormbringers - October 1, Murci (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeMurciStormbringersHead Coach
OKGG White - October (approx.), Espejo (Assistant Coach) joins.
EuropeEspejoOKGG WhiteAssistant Coach
GTZ Bulls - October (approx.),
Hackali leaves.
EuropeHackaliGTZ BullsMid
Panthers E.C. - October (approx.),
xPatataKamikaze joins.
EuropexPatataKamikazePanthers E.C.Mid
Hanover Hounds - October (approx.),
Youca and
Nio join.
TemptAzn (Top to Jungle) changes position.
Agent and
Jonni leave.
EuropeJonniHanover HoundsSupport
EuropeTemptAznHanover HoundsTopHanover HoundsJungle
EuropeAgentHanover HoundsJungle
EuropeYoucaHanover HoundsTop
EuropeNioHanover HoundsSupport
Gen.G Academy - October (approx.),
gyuvee joins.
KoreagyuveeGen.G AcademyTop
Hanwha Life Esports Academy - October (approx.),
Mulkeong, and
Mireu join.
KoreaCaDHanwha Life Esports AcademyJungle
KoreaMulkeongHanwha Life Esports AcademyJungle
KoreaMireuHanwha Life Esports AcademyMid
Europe Saviors Anonymous - October (approx.),
Yalos joins.
EuropeYalosEurope Saviors AnonymousSupport
Team Winners Table - October (approx.),
CashMoneh and Hafdal (Coach) join.

SjúkiFanturinn moves to substitute.
EuropeSjúkiFanturinnTeam Winners TableJungleTeam Winners TableJungletrue
EuropeCashMonehTeam Winners TableJungle
EuropeHafdalTeam Winners TableCoach
Grand View University - October 1 (approx.),
Lobozz joins.

HyBriiD, and
DreadJoker99 leave.
North AmericaKeemoGrand View UniversityTop
North AmericaHyBriiDGrand View UniversityBot
North AmericaDreadJoker99Grand View UniversityJungletrue
North AmericaLobozzGrand View UniversityTop
North AmericaHydroWarriorUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonSupport
SUNY Fredonia - October (approx.),
DoransNippleRing, and XeonZach (Manager) join.
IAMTROLLMASTER (Coach) is added to the official roster as substitute.
The Trouper and
Boot Cop leave.
North AmericaThe TrouperSUNY FredoniaSupport
North AmericaBoot CopSUNY FredoniaBottrue
North AmericaIAMTROLLMASTERSUNY FredoniaBotSUNY FredoniaCoach
North AmericaXeonZachSUNY FredoniaManager
North AmericaZehavSUNY FredoniaBot
North AmericaDoransNippleRingSUNY FredoniaSupport
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - October (approx.), ido (Strategic Coach to Head Coach) changes position. Gino (Head Coach) leaves.
North AmericaidoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignStrategic CoachUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignHead Coach
North AmericaGinoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignHead Coach
Lucky Esports - October 1,
Ugandan Royalty joins.

QTNG leaves.
North AmericaQTNGLucky EsportsSupport
North AmericaUgandan RoyaltyLucky EsportsSupport
ESCORT P9 - October 1,
Twiizt leaves.
EuropeTwiiztESCORT P9Mid
University of Michigan - October (approx.),
Doomfully joins.
North AmericaDoomfullyUniversity of MichiganMid
Polar Ace - October 1, Polar Ace is disbanded.
Young Mid,
Vex, and
Cat Ears leave.
North America3in1warriorPolar AceTop
North AmericaNovePolar AceJungle
North AmericaYoung MidPolar AceMid
North AmericaVexPolar AceBot
North AmericaCat EarsPolar AceSupport
Obsidian Dread - October 1, Obsidian Dread is formed by the roster of Polar Ace.
Young Mid,
Vex, and
Cat Ears join.
North America3in1warriorObsidian DreadTop
North AmericaSiddywiddyObsidian DreadJungle
North AmericaYoung MidObsidian DreadMid
North AmericaVexObsidian DreadBot
North AmericaCat EarsObsidian DreadSupport
First Blood Crusade - October (approx.),
Han Jae, and
HONOR leave.
North AmericaTreyshFirst Blood CrusadeTop
North AmericaHaugenFirst Blood CrusadeJungle
North AmericaHan JaeFirst Blood CrusadeMid
North AmericaHONOR (Carter Farone)First Blood CrusadeSupport
Sector 7 - October 1,
Never Casual joins.

Prankuru leaves.
North AmericaPrankuruSector 7Top
North AmericaNever CasualSector 7Top
Supernova - October 1,
Value leaves. Japanese Import (Assistant Coach) leaves for academy roster.
North AmericaValueSupernovaBot
North AmericaJapanese ImportSupernovaAssistant Coach
Team MCES - October (approx.), Bjoran (Head of Esport) leaves.
EuropeBjoranTeam MCESHead of Esport
mousesports - October (approx.), Mantik (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeMantikmousesportsTeam Manager
Hybrid Esports - October 1,
Air, and
DeFrantic join.
EuropeKryzeHybrid EsportsTop
EuropeAir (Shenghao He)Hybrid EsportsMid
EuropeDeFranticHybrid EsportsSupport
mYinsanity - October 1,
HöFi joins.
J Team - October (approx.),
Anan joins as substitute.
Coldicee (Strategic Coach to Coach) and REFRA1N (Coach/Substitute to Strategic Coach) change positions.
LMSREFRA1NJ TeamCoach/SubstituteJ TeamStrategic Coach
LMSColdiceeJ TeamStrategic CoachJ TeamCoach
LMSAnanJ TeamJungletrue
Fortress Esports - October (approx.),
Skude joins.
EuropeSkudeFortress EsportsJungle
QLASH Egypt - October (approx.),
Deceiving leaves.
MENADeceivingQLASH EgyptMid
QLASH Egypt - October 1,
NeverOne leaves.
MENANeverOneQLASH EgyptTop
Lycos eSports - October 1,
Zekrosk, and
Luccio join.
EuropeVaultShadeLycos eSportsMid
EuropeZekroskLycos eSportsBot
EuropeLuccioLycos eSportsSupport
EVOS Esports - October 1,
Noway retires.
Misfits Gaming - October 1, Lagen Nash (VP Brand Parnterships) joins.
EuropeLagen NashMisfits GamingVP Brand Parnterships
SK Gaming Prime - October 1,
SirNukesAlot's departure is confirmed.
EuropeSirNukesAlotSK Gaming PrimeSupport
mousesports - October 1,
Shadow leaves.
EuropeShadow (Zhiqiang Zhao)mousesportsJungle
Granit Gaming - October 1,
Zuko, Reteny (Coach), Toaster154 (Manager), and Zavex (Assistant Manager) join.
EuropeWomberGranit GamingTop
EuropeInfinity (Pablo Elias Ralston)Granit GamingJungle
EuropeTwiiztGranit GamingMid
EuropeUnforgiven (William Nieminen)Granit GamingBot
EuropeZuko (Emil Pettersson)Granit GamingSupport
EuropeRetenyGranit GamingCoach
EuropeToaster154Granit GamingManager
EuropeZavexGranit GamingAssistant Manager
G2 Esports - October 1,
Jankos' contract is extended through 2021.
EuropeJankosG2 EsportsJungleG2 EsportsJungle
Arctic Gaming Mexico - October 1,
Viper leaves.
Latin AmericaViper (Abram Soto)Arctic Gaming MexicoSupport
Estral Esports - October 1, Alonchito (Head Coach) and KDB (Head Analyst) leave.
Latin AmericaAlonchitoEstral EsportsHead Coach
Latin AmericaKDBEstral EsportsHead Analyst
OG Esports - October 1, Ormarus (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaOrmarusOG EsportsHead Coach
Team Dynamics - October 1,
Jisu leaves.
KoreaJisuTeam DynamicsTop
Team Dynamics - October 1, Bigfafa (Head Coach) leaves.
KoreaBigfafaTeam DynamicsHead Coach
CNB e-Sports Club - October 1,
Duclou will remain with the team.
BrazilDuclouCNB e-Sports ClubTopCNB e-Sports ClubTop
CNB e-Sports Club - October 1,
Freire will remain with the team.
BrazilFreireCNB e-Sports ClubJungleCNB e-Sports ClubJungle
CNB e-Sports Club - October 1,
Mewkyo will remain with the team.
BrazilMewkyoCNB e-Sports ClubJungleCNB e-Sports ClubJungle
CNB e-Sports Club - October 1,
Aslan will remain with the team.
BrazilAslanCNB e-Sports ClubMidCNB e-Sports ClubMid
CNB e-Sports Club - October 1, BeellzY (Coach) will remain with the team.
BrazilBeellzYCNB e-Sports ClubCoachCNB e-Sports ClubCoach
Origen BCN - October 1,
Siler is removed from the GCD.
EuropeSilerOrigen BCNMidtrue
NVision Esports - October 1, FireVortex (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeFireVortexNVision EsportsHead Coach
YDN Devils - October 1,
Drago, and
Sabbath join.

Millalol joins as substitute.
EuropeOcclumatsYDN DevilsTop
EuropeKamilYDN DevilsJungle
EuropeVrowYDN DevilsMid
EuropeCounterYDN DevilsBot
EuropeDragoYDN DevilsSupport
EuropeSabbathYDN DevilsSupport
EuropeMillalolYDN DevilsSupporttrue
LinGan e-Sports - October (approx.), Shen Dong-Yu (Coach) leaves.
ChinaShen Dong-YuLinGan e-SportsCoach
Royal Club - October (approx.), Shen Dong-Yu (Coach) joins.
ChinaShen Dong-YuRoyal ClubCoach
GAM Esports - October (approx.), Cpt VT (Analyst to Streamer) changes position.
VietnamCpt VTGAM EsportsAnalystGAM EsportsStreamer
GameWard - October (approx.), Parciel (Coach) leaves.
San Diego State University - October (approx.),
AsianBjerg moves to substitute.
North AmericaAsianBjergSan Diego State UniversityMidSan Diego State UniversityMidtrue
University of Texas at Dallas - October (approx.),
Golden Kiwi joins as substitute.
North AmericaGolden KiwiUniversity of Texas at DallasSupporttrue
Team Brute - October (approx.),
Mortsche leaves.
EuropeMortscheTeam BruteTop
Louisiana State University - October 1, Bot Only renames to BossFeedz.
Louisiana State University - October 1, AlwaysWorth renames to Ukiyo.
Louisiana State University - October 1, Aaron renames to 1 Aaron.
G2 Esports - October 1,
Jankos' contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.
Origen BCN - October 1,
AoD, and
Homi's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Kaizen Esports - October (approx.),
Zethzuz, and
Bort leave.
Latin AmericaDajuKaizen EsportsTop
Latin AmericaYustyKaizen EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaZethzuzKaizen EsportsMid
Latin AmericaGuzkeKaizen EsportsMid
Latin AmericaBortKaizen EsportsSupport
Malvinas Gaming - October (approx.),
Icronic leaves.
Latin AmericaIcronicMalvinas GamingSupport
Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team) - October (approx.), Roster disbands.
Mini Ace,
Mostrito, and Maximus E (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaAibreikVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Top
Latin AmericaMeliodafuVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Top
Latin AmericaTarimaVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Top
Latin AmericaDinchtVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Jungle
Latin AmericaNeko (Juan Arriaga)Vortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Jungle
Latin AmericaTortasVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Jungle
Latin AmericaChrømVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Mid
Latin AmericaDrevVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Mid
Latin AmericaHarahgonVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Bot
Latin AmericaMini AceVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Bot
Latin AmericaLiftiVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Support
Latin AmericaMostritoVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Support
Latin AmericaMaximus EVortex Gaming (Latin American Team)Head Coach
x6tence Mexico - October (approx.),
MrMemox leaves.
Latin AmericaMrMemoxx6tence MexicoMidtrue
Zwan Gaming - October 1, SrVenancio (Analyst) joins.
Latin AmericaSrVenancioZwan GamingAnalyst
Enclave Gaming - October 1,
Akabane's joining is confirmed.
EuropeAkabaneEnclave GamingJungle
Nexus Gaming (Romanian Team) - October (approx.),
Vrow, and
2Axes leave.
EuropekopendowNNexus Gaming (Romanian Team)Jungle
EuropeVrowNexus Gaming (Romanian Team)Mid
Europe2AxesNexus Gaming (Romanian Team)Bot
Crvena zvezda Esports - October (approx.), Noodlez (Analyst) and vedro088 (Manager) leave.
Europevedro088Crvena zvezda EsportsManager
EuropeNoodlezCrvena zvezda EsportsAnalyst
LVP - January (approx.), Gotszar (Caster) joins.
Latin AmericaGotszarLVPCaster