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Current Roster Change Portals:

Oct 13[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Bunker Esport - October 13,
Wixo0, Dolorinflict (Coach), 18Fly (Analyst), and 21XXX (Manager) leave.
EuropeLoop (Dorian Varin)Bunker EsportTop
EuropeGuismoBunker EsportJungle
EuropeKazeyamiBunker EsportMid
EuropeChroniikkBunker EsportBot
EuropeWixo0Bunker EsportSupport
Europe18FlyBunker EsportAnalyst
Europe21XXXBunker EsportManager
EuropeDolorinflictBunker EsportCoach
Riddle Esports - October 13, Zatari (Head Coach) joins. Bergeren (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeBergerenRiddle EsportsHead Coach
EuropeZatariRiddle EsportsHead Coach
Elyandra eSport - October 13,
Pandore leaves.
EuropePandoreElyandra eSportBot
Supernova - October 13,
Sudzzi leaves for academy roster.
North AmericaSudzziSupernovaMid
Y2E God Squad - October 13,
Kyleg00d joins.

Barmithian leaves.
North AmericaBarmithianY2E God SquadMid
North AmericaKyleg00dY2E God SquadMid
Team Fish Taco - October 13,
Sakchaser joins.

EricZYang leaves.
North AmericaEricZYangTeam Fish TacoJungle
North AmericaSakchaserTeam Fish TacoMid
Hyper Nova - October 13,
Firetheft joins as substitute.

Sudzzi joins from main roster.

R319N and
Yowai leave.
North AmericaR319NHyper NovaMid
North AmericaYowaiHyper NovaBottrue
North AmericaSudzziHyper NovaMid
North AmericaFiretheftHyper NovaToptrue
Gamespace eSports - October 13,
BadPie leaves.
EuropeBadPieGamespace eSportsTop
Campus Party Sparks - October 13, Kaiseki (Analyst) leaves.
EuropeKaisekiCampus Party SparksAnalyst
Lowkey Esports.Vietnam - October 13, Jinkey (Coach) leaves.
VietnamJinkeyLowkey Esports.VietnamCoach
Kaos Latin Gamers - October 13,
Ragu leaves.
Latin AmericaRaguKaos Latin GamersJungletrue
LUL Esports - October 13,
Leodaras leaves.
EuropeLeodarasLUL EsportsSupport
Godlike Goats - October 13, JDfire (Analyst) joins.
Latin AmericaJDfireGodlike GoatsAnalyst
Enclave Gaming - October 13,
Akabane leaves.
EuropeAkabaneEnclave GamingJungle
Team Aze - October 13,
Flacoyo joins.
Latin AmericaFlacoyoTeam AzeMid

Oct 14[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
ZeroSeven Gera - October 14, Styx (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeStyxZeroSeven GeraTeam Manager
Karma Clan Esports - October (approx.),
Omena joins.

BANKAI leaves.
EuropeBANKAI (Flávio Neves)Karma Clan EsportsMid
EuropeOmenaKarma Clan EsportsMid
MAMMOTH - October 14,
Destiny is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
OceaniaDestiny (Mitchell Shaw)MAMMOTHSupportMAMMOTHSupport
MAMMOTH - October 14,
Fudge is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
mousesports - October 14,
Rabble Arouser and
Anthrax join.
EuropeRabble ArousermousesportsJungle
Team SoloMid - October 14, Bjergsen (Mid to Mid/Co-Owner) changes position.
North AmericaBjergsenTeam SoloMidMidTeam SoloMidMid/Co-Owner
Uppercut esports - October 14, ScrappyDoo (Head Coach) is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
BrazilScrappyDooUppercut esportsHead CoachUppercut esportsHead Coach
Uppercut esports - October 14,
Anyyy's contract is extended.
BrazilAnyyyUppercut esportsMidUppercut esportsMid
Uppercut esports - October 14,
Damage's contract is extended.
BrazilDamageUppercut esportsSupportUppercut esportsSupport
Hanwha Life Esports - October 14, OnAir (Head Coach) leaves.
KoreaOnAirHanwha Life EsportsHead Coach
Vitality.Bee - October 14, Gevous (Coach) leaves.
K1ck eSports Club - October 14,
Truklax leaves.
EuropeTruklaxK1ck eSports ClubTop
Berlin International Gaming - October 14,
Deniz joins as substitute.
EuropeDenizBerlin International GamingBottrue
Team oNe eSports - October 14,
4LaN leaves.
Brazil4LaNTeam oNe eSportsJungle
Havan Liberty Gaming - October 14,
Kales is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
BrazilKalesHavan Liberty GamingMidHavan Liberty GamingMid
Team Aze - October 14,
Pillo joins.
Latin AmericaPilloTeam AzeTop
ESTORM - October 14,
Hades, and
Hope join.

Duca and
Mega join as substitutes.
DCStar (Support to Head Coach) changes position.
Highlights, and Scarface (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaPilloESTORMTop
Latin AmericaARRRmandoESTORMJungle
Latin AmericaLukwerESTORMMid
Latin AmericaRUAESTORMBot
Latin AmericaDCStarESTORMSupportESTORMHead Coach
Latin AmericaHighlightsESTORMSupporttrue
Latin AmericaScarface (Estephan Méndez)ESTORMHead Coach
Latin AmericaEivenESTORMTop
Latin AmericaFritzamborgESTORMJungle
Latin AmericaBunnyboyESTORMMid
Latin AmericaHades (Axel Álvarez)ESTORMBot
Latin AmericaHope (Gabriel Pérez)ESTORMSupport
Latin AmericaDucaESTORMToptrue
Latin AmericaMega (Carlos Herrera)ESTORMJungletrue
Racoon (Italian Team) - October 14,
Occlumats joins.
EuropeOcclumatsRacoon (Italian Team)Top
The Spawn Esports - October 14,
Jimsnop, and Rigas (Head Coach) leave.
EuropeCepheiThe Spawn EsportsTop
EuropeCrazyRabbitThe Spawn EsportsJungle
EuropeJimsnopThe Spawn EsportsMid
EuropeRigasThe Spawn EsportsHead Coach
Team SoloMid - October 14,
Bjergsen (Co-Owner)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.

Oct 15[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Zephyr Esport - October 15,
Autophil leaves.
EuropeAutophilZephyr EsportJungle
Vanir - October 15,
Poro leaves.
University of Waterloo - October 15, Lyo (Jungle to Top) changes position. Platoon (Bot to Coach) changes position. BTM (Coach to Jungle) changes position.
Ino1 moves to starting roster.
Ilyfue, and Trashed leave.
North AmericaLyoUniversity of WaterlooJungleUniversity of WaterlooTop
North AmericaBTMUniversity of WaterlooCoachUniversity of WaterlooJungle
North AmericaPlatoonUniversity of WaterlooBotUniversity of WaterlooCoach
North AmericaIno1University of WaterlooBottrueUniversity of WaterlooBot
North AmericaIlyfueUniversity of WaterlooBottrue
North AmericaTrashedUniversity of Waterlootrue
North AmericaShawnerUniversity of WaterlooTop
University of Waterloo - October 15, BTM renames to easy 10.
Team Fish Taco - October 15,
Lilswidb joins.

Rhinne leaves.
North AmericaRhinneTeam Fish TacoMid
North AmericaLilswidbTeam Fish TacoMid
QLASH Egypt - October 15,
Ic3Avenger and
FANG join.

seifzone leaves.
MENAseifzoneQLASH EgyptMid
MENAIc3AvengerQLASH EgyptTop
Team Innova - October 15, Fire (Head Coach) leaves.
BrazilFireTeam InnovaHead Coach
Galakticos - October 15,
Neos leaves.
G2 Heretics - October 15,
Kryze joins.
EuropeKryzeG2 HereticsTop
FlyQuest - October 15, Invert (Head Coach) leaves.
North AmericaInvertFlyQuestHead Coach
Hanwha Life Esports - October 15,
Thal and
bonO leave.
KoreaThalHanwha Life EsportsTop
KoreabonO (Kim Gi-beom)Hanwha Life EsportsJungle
ImpérioMultimé - October 15,
Maat leaves.
x6tence Mexico - October 15,
JeiiZe leaves.
Latin AmericaJeiiZex6tence MexicoTop
XTEN Mexico - October 15,
Keoo leaves.
Latin AmericaKeooXTEN MexicoSupport
Anáhuac Esports - October 15,
Chevis leaves.
Latin AmericaChevisAnáhuac EsportsJungle
Arctic Gaming Mexico - October 15,
Keoo joins.

JeiiZe and
Chevis join as substitutes.
Latin AmericaKeooArctic Gaming MexicoSupport
Latin AmericaJeiiZeArctic Gaming MexicoToptrue
Latin AmericaChevisArctic Gaming MexicoJungletrue
Wild Jaguars - October 15,
Kovako leaves.
Latin AmericaKovakoWild JaguarsBot
Bursaspor Esports - October 15,
olia retires.
Beşiktaş Esports - October 15, Nova (Head Coach) is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyNova (Ahmet Yılmaz)Beşiktaş EsportsHead Coach
Uppercut esports - October 15,
Fitz's contract is extended.
BrazilFitzUppercut esportsTopUppercut esportsTop

Oct 16[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
BlackMICE Esports - October 16,
NuclearINT joins.
EuropeNuclearINTBlackMICE EsportsMid
North AmericaGood SirUniversity of Texas at DallasSupport
Super Nova Sentinels - October 16, Super Novalogo std.pngHyper Nova renames to Super Nova Sentinelslogo std.pngSN Sentinels.
Hyper Nova - October 16,
Firetheft, and
Yama leave.
North AmericaSrttyHyper NovaTop
North AmericaKitzuoHyper NovaJungle
North AmericaSudzziHyper NovaMid
North AmericaNuclear (Zachary Rainey)Hyper NovaBot
North AmericapoomeHyper NovaSupport
North AmericaFiretheftHyper NovaToptrue
North AmericaYama (Elijah Kim)Hyper NovaSupporttrue
Super Nova Sentinels - October 16,
Sudzzi, and
Nuclear join.

poome rejoins.

Yama joins as substitute.

Firetheft rejoins as substitute.
North AmericaSrttySuper Nova SentinelsTop
North AmericaKitzuoSuper Nova SentinelsJungle
North AmericaSudzziSuper Nova SentinelsMid
North AmericaNuclear (Zachary Rainey)Super Nova SentinelsBot
North AmericapoomeSuper Nova SentinelsSupport
North AmericaFiretheftSuper Nova SentinelsToptrue
North AmericaYama (Elijah Kim)Super Nova SentinelsSupporttrue
Super Nova Sentinels - October 16,
Andybendy rejoins as substitute.
North AmericaAndybendySuper Nova SentinelsBottrue
FlyQuest - October (approx.), Andrew Epstein (Project Manager & Team Manager) leaves.
North AmericaAndrew EpsteinFlyQuestProject Manager & Team Manager
Lowkey Esports.Vietnam - October 16,
Pampy joins as trainee.
VietnamPampyLowkey Esports.VietnamMidtrue
Vikingekrig Esports - October 16,
BubblePeet and
Charca join.

Kesav and
Skyp leave.
Hardy leaves for academy roster.
EuropeHardyVikingekrig EsportsJungle
EuropeKesavVikingekrig EsportsBot
EuropeSkypVikingekrig EsportsBottrue
EuropeBubblePeetVikingekrig EsportsJungle
EuropeCharcaVikingekrig EsportsBot
UCAM Penguins - October 16,
Aziado rejoins.
EuropeAziadoUCAM PenguinsTop
UCAM Penguins - October 16,
Markoon joins.
EuropeMarkoonUCAM PenguinsJungle
UCAM Penguins - October 16,
xPriskornet joins.
EuropexPriskornetUCAM PenguinsMid
S2V Esports - October 16,
Rafitta leaves.
EuropeRafittaS2V EsportsBottrue
S2V Esports Academy - October 16,
Rafitta leaves.
EuropeRafittaS2V Esports AcademyBot
UCAM Penguins - October 16,
Rafitta joins.
EuropeRafittaUCAM PenguinsBot
S2V Esports Academy - October 16,
Oscarinin leaves for main roster.
EuropeOscarininS2V Esports AcademyTop
S2V Esports - October 16,
Oscarinin moves to starting roster.
EuropeOscarininS2V EsportsToptrueS2V EsportsTop
Campus Party Sparks - October 16,
Efias leaves.
EuropeEfiasCampus Party SparksSupport
UCAM Penguins - October 16,
Efias joins.
EuropeEfiasUCAM PenguinsSupport
S2V Esports Academy - October 16,
Jorx leaves for main roster.
EuropeJorxS2V Esports AcademyJungle
S2V Esports - October 16,
Jorx moves to starting roster.
EuropeJorxS2V EsportsJungletrueS2V EsportsJungle
S2V Esports Academy - October 16,
FeeNiixZ leaves for main roster.
EuropeFeeNiixZS2V Esports AcademyMid
S2V Esports - October 16,
FeeNiixZ moves to starting roster.
EuropeFeeNiixZS2V EsportsMidtrueS2V EsportsMid
S2V Esports Academy - October 16,
Aesenar leaves for main roster.
EuropeAesenarS2V Esports AcademySupport
S2V Esports - October 16,
Aesenar joins from academy roster.
EuropeAesenarS2V EsportsSupport
S2V Esports Academy - October 16, Sigilosa (Analyst) leaves for main roster.
EuropeSigilosaS2V Esports AcademyAnalyst
S2V Esports - October 16, Sigilosa (Analyst) joins from academy roster.
EuropeSigilosaS2V EsportsAnalystS2V EsportsAnalyst
S2V Esports Academy - October 16, Melzhet (Head Coach) leaves for main roster.
EuropeMelzhetS2V Esports AcademyHead Coach
S2V Esports - October 16, Melzhet (Head Coach) joins from academy roster.
EuropeMelzhetS2V EsportsHead Coach
x6tence - October 16,
xTyLk joins.

Kami rejoins.
EuropeKami (Juan Carlos Camino)x6tenceBot
x6tence - October 16,
Sanchez and
InKos leave.
Origen BCN - October 16,
Truklax joins.
EuropeTruklaxOrigen BCNTop
Origen BCN - October 16,
Siler's departure is confirmed.
EuropeSilerOrigen BCNMidtrue
MAD Lions E.C. - October 16, Falco (Support to Assistant Coach) changes position. Hatrixx (Coach to Mid) changes position.
Tierwulf and
Czekolad leave.
EuropeHatrixxMAD Lions E.C.CoachMAD Lions E.C.Mid
EuropeTierwulfMAD Lions E.C.Jungle
EuropeCzekoladMAD Lions E.C.Mid
EuropeFalco (Jesús Pérez)MAD Lions E.C.SupportMAD Lions E.C.Assistant Coach
Movistar Riders Academy - October 16,
Elyoya leaves for main roster.
EuropeElyoyaMovistar Riders AcademyJungle
Movistar Riders - October 16,
Siler joins.

Elyoya joins from academy roster.
EuropeElyoyaMovistar RidersJungle
EuropeSilerMovistar RidersMid
Movistar Riders Academy - October 16,
CRoNiiK joins.
EuropeCRoNiiKMovistar Riders AcademyJungle
Kawaii Kiwis - October 16,
RNATION leaves.
EuropeRNATIONKawaii KiwisBot
eMonkeyz - October 16,
Wendelbo, Orthran (Head Coach), and Eléctriko (Analyst) join.

Freshx rejoins.
EuropeOrthraneMonkeyzHead Coach
Wisła Płock eSports - October 16,
Zwyroo leaves.
EuropeZwyrooWisła Płock eSportsMid
Team Queso - October 16,
Rayito, and
DuaLL join.
EuropeRaven (Miłosz Domagalski)Team QuesoTop
EuropeZwyrooTeam QuesoMid
EuropeRayitoTeam QuesoBot
EuropeDuaLLTeam QuesoSupport
UCAM Penguins - October 16,
Venom, and
Pochu join as substitutes.

Sinistro, and
Lowpa leave.
EuropeHadowUCAM PenguinsSupport
EuropeSinistroUCAM PenguinsMidtrue
EuropeLowpaUCAM PenguinsBottrue
EuropeIsdemaciaUCAM PenguinsToptrue
EuropeTruncapochasUCAM PenguinsJungletrue
EuropeShoackUCAM PenguinsMidtrue
EuropeVenom (David Martínez Puerta)UCAM PenguinsBottrue
EuropePochuUCAM PenguinsSupporttrue
Movistar Riders - October 16,
Xyraz rejoins as substitute.
EuropeXyrazMovistar RidersToptrue
eMonkeyz - October 16,
Nashic joins as substitute.

Werto rejoins as substitute.
Vodafone Giants.Spain - October 16,
SirNukesAlot joins.

Yonna joins as substitute.

Javier leaves.
EuropeJavierVodafone Giants.SpainMidtrue
EuropeSirNukesAlotVodafone Giants.SpainSupport
EuropeYonnaVodafone Giants.SpainSupporttrue
Dire Wolves - October 16,
BioPanther is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
OceaniaBioPantherDire WolvesTopDire WolvesTop
OG Esports - October 16,
7Aster, and
Insane leave.
Latin AmericaBazuOG EsportsTop
Latin America7AsterOG EsportsMid
Latin AmericaInsaneOG EsportsSupport
Humanoids5 - October 16,
Kanra and Serafin (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaKanraHumanoids5Top
Latin AmericaSerafinHumanoids5Head Coach
Anáhuac Esports - October 16,
SevenAster, and
Meteoro join.

Bucket joins as substitute.

Chente, and
laSveC leave.
Latin AmericaCaritaAnáhuac EsportsTop
Latin AmericaChenteAnáhuac EsportsJungle
Latin AmericalaSveCAnáhuac EsportsMid
Latin AmericaKanraAnáhuac EsportsTop
Latin AmericaMatazAnáhuac EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaSevenAsterAnáhuac EsportsMid
Latin AmericaMeteoroAnáhuac EsportsSupport
Latin AmericaBucketAnáhuac EsportsSupporttrue
MAD Lions E.C. Mexico - October 16,
Royaum, and Rafiky (Head Coach) join.

Mianare moves to starting roster.
Mayhem moves to substitute. Zen (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaMianareMAD Lions E.C. MexicoBottrueMAD Lions E.C. MexicoBot
Latin AmericaMayhem (Samuel García)MAD Lions E.C. MexicoTopMAD Lions E.C. MexicoToptrue
Latin AmericaZen (Juan Manuel Valdéz)MAD Lions E.C. MexicoHead Coach
Latin AmericaLoersMAD Lions E.C. MexicoTop
Latin AmericaRoyaumMAD Lions E.C. MexicoJungle
Latin AmericaRafikyMAD Lions E.C. MexicoHead Coach
XTEN Mexico - October 16,
BetaTwinz and Ares (Head Coach) join.

Guardián and
Grimm rejoin.

Ponito joins as substitute.
Latin AmericaGuardiánXTEN MexicoTop
Latin AmericaGrimmXTEN MexicoBot
Latin AmericaBetaTwinzXTEN MexicoSupport
Latin AmericaPonitoXTEN MexicoJungletrue
Latin AmericaAres (Didier Linarez)XTEN MexicoHead Coach
DP5 Makios - October 16,
PandasLove and Rasputin47 (Head Coach) join.
Desempleado (Head Coach to Support) changes position.
Danijrm and
Flai leave.
Latin AmericaDanijrmDP5 MakiosJungle
Latin AmericaFlaiDP5 MakiosSupport
Latin AmericaDesempleadoDP5 MakiosHead CoachDP5 MakiosSupport
Latin AmericaPandasLoveDP5 MakiosJungle
Latin AmericaRasputin47DP5 MakiosHead Coach
Infinity Esports Colombia - October 16,
Marth and
Insane join.

Guzke joins as substitute.

Whiplash, and
Falconz leave.
Latin AmericaLeftAloneInfinity Esports ColombiaTop
Latin AmericaWhiplashInfinity Esports ColombiaSupport
Latin AmericaFalconzInfinity Esports ColombiaMidtrue
Latin AmericaMarth (Luis De La Rosa)Infinity Esports ColombiaTop
Latin AmericaInsaneInfinity Esports ColombiaSupport
Latin AmericaGuzkeInfinity Esports ColombiaMidtrue
Loto Gaming - October 16,
Waffles joins.
Murillo (Mid to Top) changes position.
Athelztan leaves.
Latin AmericaMurilloLoto GamingMidLoto GamingTop
Latin AmericaAthelztanLoto GamingSupporttrue
Latin AmericaWafflesLoto GamingMid
Instinct Gaming - October 16,
Gohan and
Kouke leave.
Latin AmericaGohanInstinct GamingTop
Latin AmericaKoukeInstinct GamingJungle
VAULT - October 16,
Shieldworm, and Scarface (Head Coach) join.

Leo joins as substitute.

Gweiss, and Alpakalipstick (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaJujoVAULTTop
Latin AmericaUnicornGVAULTJungle
Latin AmericaScythesVAULTMid
Latin AmericaGweiss (Sebastian Buitrago)VAULTBottrue
Latin AmericaAlpakalipstickVAULTHead Coach
Latin AmericaBazuVAULTTop
Latin AmericaKoukeVAULTJungle
Latin AmericaShieldwormVAULTMid
Latin AmericaLeo (José Rojas)VAULTJungletrue
Latin AmericaScarface (Estephan Méndez)VAULTHead Coach
Wild Jaguars - October 16,
2020, and Zirix (Head Coach) join.

Derpy joins as substitute.

Jabtz, Pacho (Head Coach), and Victpm (Esports Director) leave.
Latin AmericaJTLWild JaguarsTop
Latin AmericaJabtzWild JaguarsSupporttrue
Latin AmericaPachoWild JaguarsHead Coach
Latin AmericaVictpmWild JaguarsEsports Director
Latin AmericaKaleosWild JaguarsTop
Latin AmericaChinguitaWild JaguarsJungle
Latin AmericaGrimmaWild JaguarsMid
Latin America2020 (Cristian Yeneris)Wild JaguarsBot
Latin AmericaDerpy (Alexander Lozano)Wild JaguarsMidtrue
Latin AmericaZirixWild JaguarsHead Coach
Arctic Gaming Mexico - October 16, 1an (Bot to Mid) changes position. Rafiky (Head Analyst) leaves.
Latin America1anArctic Gaming MexicoBotArctic Gaming MexicoMid
Latin AmericaRafikyArctic Gaming MexicoHead Analyst
Kaos Latin Gamers - October 16,
Limitationss leaves.
Latin AmericaLimitationssKaos Latin GamersBot
Godsent - October 16,
WeiZoR leaves.
K1ck eSports Club - October 16,
WeiZoR joins.

Gotzy moves to starting roster.
Emtest leaves.
EuropeGotzyK1ck eSports ClubBottrueK1ck eSports ClubBot
EuropeEmtestK1ck eSports ClubBot
EuropeWeiZoRK1ck eSports ClubTop
Exilium Gaming - October 16,
Deku, and
Laura Croft join as substitutes.
Latin AmericaSkollExilium GamingJungletrue
Latin AmericaDeku (Marco Gamio)Exilium GamingMidtrue
Latin AmericaLaura CroftExilium GamingSupporttrue
Godlike Goats - October 16,
Taiki and Drakkars (Head Coach) join.

Mirlito and
Flow 2pac join as substitutes.

Rilay, and Pinchitavo (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaxAEviGodlike GoatsSupport
Latin AmericaRilayGodlike GoatsSupporttrue
Latin AmericaPinchitavoGodlike GoatsHead Coach
Latin AmericaTaikiGodlike GoatsSupport
Latin AmericaMirlitoGodlike GoatsToptrue
Latin AmericaFlow 2pacGodlike GoatsSupporttrue
Latin AmericaDrakkarsGodlike GoatsHead Coach
Team Aze - October 16, Flash (Head Coach) joins.
Red moves to substitute.
Latin AmericaRed (Adrian Cardenas)Team AzeTopTeam AzeToptrue
Latin AmericaFlash (Daniel Tierrafria)Team AzeHead Coach

Oct 17[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
ZeroSeven Gera - October 17, Leviathan (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeLeviathan (Alexandros Mamasoulas)ZeroSeven GeraHead Coach
EuropeEthinakHegemonia EsportTop
EuropeCedeiixHegemonia EsportJungle
EuropeNumandielHegemonia EsportMid
EuropeDrifterHegemonia EsportBot
EuropeSnarpisHegemonia EsportSupport
Nordic Fox Esports - October 17,
ZombieKungen joins.

trollt2 leaves.
Europetrollt2Nordic Fox EsportsTop
EuropeZombieKungenNordic Fox EsportsTop
Fylkir Esports - October 17, Fylkir Esportslogo std.pngFylkir Esports acquires Team Winners Tablelogo std.pngTeam Winners Table.
Avant Gaming - October 17,
Dragku is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
OceaniaDragkuAvant GamingTopAvant GamingTop
Avant Gaming - October 17,
Chippys is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
OceaniaChippysAvant GamingTopAvant GamingTop
Gravitas - October 17, Juves (General Manager) leaves.
OceaniaJuvesGravitasGeneral Manager
Dark Horse - October 17,
Xowito leaves.
Latin AmericaXowitoDark HorseToptrue
WarKidZ E-Sports - October 17, Leviathan (Analyst) joins.
EuropeLeviathan (Alexandros Mamasoulas)WarKidZ E-SportsAnalyst

Oct 18[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
ZeroSeven Gera - October (approx.),
Jakobobbi, and
Razergy leave.
EuropeTemptAznZeroSeven GeraTop
EuropeJakobobbiZeroSeven GeraJungle
EuropeRazergyZeroSeven GeraBot
Dead Rabbits Club - October 18,
Doomz, and
Pirl1x join.

ProDigy, and
Reyzoasda leave.
EuropeSykiiDead Rabbits ClubTop
EuropeProDigy (David Pellejero)Dead Rabbits ClubMid
EuropeReyzoasdaDead Rabbits ClubSupport
EuropeJohnarnauDead Rabbits ClubTop
EuropeDoomzDead Rabbits ClubMid
EuropePirl1xDead Rabbits ClubSupport
UniQ Esports Club - October 18, SaberMaster (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeSaberMasterUniQ Esports ClubHead Coach
Gamespace eSports - October 18,
NorthenLights joins.

SnK joins as substitute.

CUhigh and
Deviant rejoin as substitutes.

LowNley moves to starting roster.
Immortal moves to substitute.
EuropeLowNleyGamespace eSportsSupporttrueGamespace eSportsSupport
EuropeImmortalGamespace eSportsSupportGamespace eSportsSupporttrue
EuropeNorthenLightsGamespace eSportsTop
EuropeSnKGamespace eSportsJungletrue
EuropeCUhighGamespace eSportsMidtrue
EuropeDeviantGamespace eSportsBottrue
Bombers - October 18,
Wilder is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Intrepid Fox Gaming - October 18, Darkbit1 joins as substitute.
EuropeDarkbit1Intrepid Fox Gamingtrue
eSuba - October 18,
Sirinox joins.

PiOk leaves.
AS Trenčín esports - October 18,
Necromartin and
Ruso leave.
EuropeNecromartinAS Trenčín esportsTop
EuropeRusoAS Trenčín esportsMid
EuropeMortscheSrdce nehasnouTop
EuropeKenapilSrdce nehasnouJungle
EuropeMakeItBetterSrdce nehasnouMid
EuropeCarzzySrdce nehasnouBot
EuropeRufusSrdce nehasnouSupport
Team Brute - October 18,
Edems, and
Tarky join.

Lylajn rejoins.

Shiage leaves.
EuropeShiageTeam BruteMid
EuropeNecromartinTeam BruteTop
EuropeRusOTeam BruteMid
EuropeEdemsTeam BruteBot
EuropeTarkyTeam BruteSupport
EuropeLylajnTeam BruteJungle
Arctic Gaming - October 18, Roster and Iberian Cup 2019 spot of IKE Team are acquired.
Simpy, and Howlin (Head Coach) join.
EuropeUshualaArctic GamingTop
EuropeVixzyArctic GamingJungle
EuropeVon (Dimitris Bakiris)Arctic GamingMid
EuropeBushyArctic GamingBot
EuropeSimpyArctic GamingSupport
EuropeHowlinArctic GamingHead Coach
MAD Lions E.C. - October 18,
Samux is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeSamuxMAD Lions E.C.BotMAD Lions E.C.Bot
Team Brute - October 18,
Cpt Lipanek leaves.
EuropeCpt LipanekTeam BruteJungle
Aris Esports - October 18, Aris Esports is founded and announces its participation in GLL 2019 Winter Phase A.
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - October 18,
Agurin is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyAgurin1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsJungle
1907 Fenerbahçe Academy - October 18,
Agurin is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyAgurin1907 Fenerbahçe AcademyJungle
LUL Esports - October 18,
Jimsnop and
Zekakos join.

Paradox, and
Leily join as substitutes.

Asam na kon leaves.
EuropeAsam na konLUL EsportsMid
EuropeJimsnopLUL EsportsMid
EuropeZekakosLUL EsportsSupport
EuropeDragneelLUL EsportsToptrue
EuropeParadox (Dimitris Tsiavos)LUL EsportsBottrue
EuropeBaragronLUL EsportsBottrue
EuropeLeilyLUL EsportsSupporttrue
Pyrsos Esports - October 18,
Darkness joins.

Destiny moves to substitute.
EuropeDestiny (Leon Sorovos)Pyrsos EsportsJunglePyrsos EsportsJungletrue
EuropeDarknessPyrsos EsportsJungle
Team Refuse - October 18,
Druxy joins as substitute.
EuropeDruxyTeam RefuseBottrue
Latin AmericaMadBladeInfinity Esports Costa RicaSupport
Cream Esports Mexico - October 18,
MadBlade, and Peluchin (Coach) join.

Binky joins as substitute.

Gypsi leaves.
Latin AmericaGypsiCream Esports MexicoMidtrue
Latin AmericaARRRmandoCream Esports MexicoJungle
Latin AmericaLimitationssCream Esports MexicoBot
Latin AmericaMadBladeCream Esports MexicoSupport
Latin AmericaBinkyCream Esports MexicoToptrue
Latin AmericaPeluchinCream Esports MexicoCoach

Oct 19[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Honey BEEsports - October 19,
Caramel v2 rejoins.

Zhadox leaves.
North AmericaZhadoxHoney BEEsportsJungle
North AmericaCaramel v2Honey BEEsportsJungle
MAMMOTH - October 19,
Babip is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
FALKN - October 19,
Stefan joins as temporary substitute for SEL Season 4 Playoffs.

Gavan leaves.
Avant Gaming - October 19, Rusty (Head Coach) leaves.
OceaniaRustyAvant GamingHead Coach
Adriatic Wolves - October 19,
Kroghsen joins.

Zoiren leaves.
EuropeZoirenAdriatic WolvesMid
EuropeKroghsenAdriatic WolvesMid
Adriatic Wolves - October 19,
Spappolino and
Airony Walker join as substitutes.

Meruem leaves.
EuropeMeruem (Ezer El Majid)Adriatic WolvesMidtrue
EuropeSpappolinoAdriatic WolvesToptrue
EuropeAirony WalkerAdriatic WolvesBottrue
YDN Devils - October 19,
Vrow, and
Counter leave.
EuropeKamilYDN DevilsJungle
EuropeVrowYDN DevilsMid
EuropeCounterYDN DevilsBot
San Diego State University - October 19,
Mizu joins.
North AmericaMizuSan Diego State UniversityMid
Team Brute - October (approx.),
Tarky leaves.
EuropeTarkyTeam BruteSupport