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Current Roster Change Portals:

Oct 27[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Axis Empire - October (approx.),
Duckky, and Swak (Coach) leave.
SEAShINe (Tam See Kheing)Axis EmpireTop
SEAQaspieLAxis EmpireJungle
SEAKirinoAxis EmpireMid
SEABlaze (Jia Xiang)Axis EmpireBot
SEAChillyAxis EmpireSupport
SEADuckkyAxis EmpireBottrue
SEASwakAxis EmpireCoach
Split Raiders - October 27,
Nazgul and
Flif leave.
EuropeNazgulSplit RaidersTop
EuropeFlifSplit RaidersBot
FlexFracture - October 27,
Best Poutine QC joins as substitute.

Str1fe and Angelz leave.
North AmericaStr1feFlexFractureBottrue
North AmericaAngelz (North American Player)FlexFracturetrue
North AmericaBest Poutine QCFlexFractureSupporttrue
Hong Kong Attitude - October 27,
M1ssion is set to leave on November 18.
LMSM1ssionHong Kong AttitudeMidHong Kong AttitudeMid
Legacy Esports - October 27,
Guts is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
OceaniaGutsLegacy EsportsJungleLegacy EsportsJungle
Phelan Gaming - October 27,
Achuu leaves.
EuropeAchuuPhelan GamingBot
Phelan Gaming - October 27,
Chemera leaves.
EuropeChemeraPhelan GamingMid
Aequilibritas E-Sports Denmark - October 27,
Neerup, and Maaus (Team Manager) join.

RedNose Panda, and
Tony join as substitutes.
EuropeCoingAequilibritas E-Sports DenmarkTop
EuropeBrohanAequilibritas E-Sports DenmarkJungle
EuropeNazratAequilibritas E-Sports DenmarkMid
EuropeM4T7Aequilibritas E-Sports DenmarkBot
EuropeNeerupAequilibritas E-Sports DenmarkSupport
EuropeRedNose PandaAequilibritas E-Sports DenmarkJungletrue
EuropeTonyAequilibritas E-Sports DenmarkMidtrue
EuropeAanngAequilibritas E-Sports DenmarkToptrue
EuropeMaausAequilibritas E-Sports DenmarkTeam Manager
Hillerød eSport - October 27,
Pedersen, and Biimsaa (Assistant Coach) join.

Joachim von pik,
Bushy, and
Grisen leave.
EuropeJoachim von pikHillerød eSportJungle
EuropeBushyHillerød eSportBot
EuropeGrisenHillerød eSportSupport
EuropeFlipperHillerød eSportJungle
EuropeKroghsenHillerød eSportMid
EuropemoxokxHillerød eSportBot
EuropePedersenHillerød eSportSupport
EuropeBiimsaaHillerød eSportAssistant Coach
San Diego State University - October 27,
Kimo joins as substitute.
North AmericaKimoSan Diego State UniversityJungletrue
Barrage Esports - October 27, Torok (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeTorokBarrage EsportsHead Coach
WLGaming Esports - October 27, Torok (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeTorokWLGaming EsportsHead Coach

Oct 28[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
North AmericaGoWhereIPleaseUniversity of DenverBot
FlexFracture - October 28,
CripOwn joins as substitute.
North AmericaCripOwnFlexFractureJungletrue
Super Nova Sentinels - October 28,
ZeroBlaze rejoins.

Japanese Import joins as substitute.

Sudzzi leaves.
North AmericaSudzziSuper Nova SentinelsMid
North AmericaZeroBlazeSuper Nova SentinelsMid
North AmericaJapanese ImportSuper Nova SentinelsJungletrue
New Dynasty - October 28,
Tony joins.
EuropeTonyNew DynastyTop
SteelWolves Gaia - October 28, Roster is acquired by Fervent Esports.
Sly, and
Spirit leave.
SEAAzure (Noel Christopher Cuadra)SteelWolves GaiaTop
SEAVansuSteelWolves GaiaJungle
SEAPain (Blaise Damasco)SteelWolves GaiaMid
SEAyjySteelWolves GaiaBot
SEASly (Lanz Andee Chu)SteelWolves GaiaSupport
SEASpirit (Rj Saligumba)SteelWolves GaiaToptrue
Fervent Esports - October 28, SteelWolves Gaia roster is acquired.
Sly, and Act (Coach) join.

Spirit joins as substitute.
SEAAzure (Noel Christopher Cuadra)Fervent EsportsTop
SEAVansuFervent EsportsJungle
SEAPain (Blaise Damasco)Fervent EsportsMid
SEAyjyFervent EsportsBot
SEASly (Lanz Andee Chu)Fervent EsportsSupport
SEASpirit (Rj Saligumba)Fervent EsportsToptrue
SEAActFervent EsportsCoach
Illuminar Gaming - October 28,
Kashtelan is set to leave.
EuropeKashtelanIlluminar GamingMidIlluminar GamingMid
MAD Lions E.C. - October 28,
Sharp is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeSharp (Anders Lilleengen)MAD Lions E.C.JungleMAD Lions E.C.Jungle
AVEZ Esport - October 28,
Grk, and Suk1 (Head Coach)'s contracts are extended.
EuropeCzaruAVEZ EsportTopAVEZ EsportTop
EuropeBolszakAVEZ EsportJungleAVEZ EsportJungle
EuropebucuAVEZ EsportMidAVEZ EsportMid
EuropeTrenieAVEZ EsportBotAVEZ EsportBot
EuropeGrkAVEZ EsportSupportAVEZ EsportSupport
EuropeSuk1AVEZ EsportHead CoachAVEZ EsportHead Coach
Riddle Esports - October 28, Veigar v2 (Assistant Coach) joins.
EuropeVeigar v2Riddle EsportsAssistant Coach
PENTA 1860 - October 28,
zoir joins.

Burak leaves.
EuropeBurakPENTA 1860Mid
EuropezoirPENTA 1860Mid
Redemption eSports Porto Alegre - October 28,
Zuao is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
BrazilZuaoRedemption eSports Porto AlegreJungleRedemption eSports Porto AlegreJungle
Beşiktaş Esports - October 28,
Koearn kid is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyKoearn kidBeşiktaş EsportsMid
Dignitas Academy - October 28, Clutch Gaminglogo std.pngClutch Academy rebrands as Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas Academy.
Dignitas - October 28, Clutch Gaminglogo std.pngClutch Gaming rebrands as Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas.
Clutch Gaming Academy - October 28,
Joey, and Artemis (Head Coach) are removed from the GCD.
North AmericaRodovClutch Gaming AcademyTop
North AmericaRikaraClutch Gaming AcademyBot
North AmericaJoeyClutch Gaming AcademySupport
North AmericaArtemis (Connor Doyle)Clutch Gaming AcademyHead Coach
Clutch Gaming - October 28,
Cody Sun,
Rodov, Thinkcard (Head Coach), and Artemis (Assistant Coach) are removed from the GCD.
North AmericaHuniClutch GamingTop
North AmericaLiraClutch GamingJungle
North AmericaDamonteClutch GamingMid
North AmericaCody SunClutch GamingBot
North AmericaVulcan (Philippe Laflamme)Clutch GamingSupport
North AmericaThinkcardClutch GamingHead Coach
North AmericaArtemis (Connor Doyle)Clutch GamingAssistant Coach
North AmericaRodovClutch GamingToptrue
Dignitas Academy - October 28,
Rikara, and
Joey are added to the GCD.
North AmericaRodovDignitas AcademyTop
North AmericaRikaraDignitas AcademyBot
North AmericaJoeyDignitas AcademySupport
Dignitas - October 28,
Cody Sun,
Vulcan, Thinkcard (Head Coach), and Artemis (Assistant Coach) are added to the GCD.
North AmericaHuniDignitasTop
North AmericaLiraDignitasJungle
North AmericaDamonteDignitasMid
North AmericaCody SunDignitasBot
North AmericaVulcan (Philippe Laflamme)DignitasSupport
North AmericaThinkcardDignitasHead Coach
North AmericaArtemis (Connor Doyle)DignitasAssistant Coach
Intergalaxy Tigers Gaming - October 28, Organization is founded.

Oct 29[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Zephyr Esport - October 29,
Spadur leaves.
EuropeSpadurZephyr EsportMid
DegreeSports - October 29,
BlueSpirits and
longstafff join.

High Anxiety and
Woo leave.
EuropeHigh AnxietyDegreeSportsBot
University of Western Ontario - October 29, Ledo (Coach/Top to Coach) changes position.
North AmericaLedoUniversity of Western OntarioCoach/ToptrueUniversity of Western OntarioCoach
Beşiktaş Esports - October 29,
HolyPhoenix is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
TurkeyHolyPhoenixBeşiktaş EsportsBotBeşiktaş EsportsBot
Lowkey Esports.Vietnam - October 29, Aci (Coach) leaves.
VietnamAciLowkey Esports.VietnamCoach
Royal Youth - October 29, Enatron (Head Coach) is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
TurkeyEnatronRoyal YouthHead CoachRoyal YouthHead Coach
Crvena zvezda Esports - October 29,
Quinncidence leaves.
EuropeQuinncidenceCrvena zvezda EsportsTop
AS Trenčín esports - October 29,
Kadaver leaves.
EuropeKadaverAS Trenčín esportsBot
Redemption eSports Porto Alegre - October 29,
Days4Fun is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
BrazilDays4FunRedemption eSports Porto AlegreJungletrueRedemption eSports Porto AlegreJungletrue
Dire Wolves - October 29,
Raise leaves.
OceaniaRaiseDire WolvesJungle
MnM Gaming - October 29,
Sykes leaves.
EuropeSykesMnM GamingMidtrue
Gamespace eSports - October 29,
Satanico leaves.
EuropeSatanicoGamespace eSportsMid
BrazilJocksterRedemption eSports Porto AlegreSupport
INTZ - October 29,
Jockster rejoins.
TKA E-Sports - October 29,
Nice Guy Ben,
Charls, and Lea One (Coach) leave.
EuropeNice Guy BenTKA E-SportsTop
EuropeMagikarpTKA E-SportsJungle
EuropeApplesTKA E-SportsMid
EuropeTazakuTKA E-SportsBot
EuropeCharlsTKA E-SportsSupport
EuropeLea OneTKA E-SportsCoach
PENTA 1860 - October 29, Lea One (Assistant Coach) joins.
EuropeLea OnePENTA 1860Assistant Coach
Bulldog Esports - October 29,
EgoSpeed retires.
Pixel Esports Club - October 29,
Shmebu leaves.
Latin AmericaShmebuPixel Esports ClubSupport
Jin Air Green Wings - October 29, Sweet (Coach) rejoins.
KoreaSweet (Chun Jung-hee)Jin Air Green WingsCoach
Adriatic Wolves - October 29, SimpleG (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeSimpleGAdriatic WolvesAssistant Coach
Team Liquid Academy - October 29,
Insanity is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
North AmericaInsanityTeam Liquid AcademyMidTeam Liquid AcademyMid
Illinois Wesleyan University - October 29, West (Head Coach) joins.
North AmericaWest (Derek Micheau)Illinois Wesleyan UniversityHead Coach
North AmericaSwiftahTeam Fish TacoTop
North AmericaSeekers WrathTeam Fish TacoJungle
North AmericaLodisTeam Fish TacoJungle
North AmericaRourkeTeam Fish TacoJungle
North AmericaLilswidbTeam Fish TacoMid
North AmericaSakchaserTeam Fish TacoMid
North AmericabxycTeam Fish TacoBot
North AmericaSweatyToastTeam Fish TacoSupport
North Americamoose breederTeam Fish TacoSupporttrue
North AmericaXinthusTeam Fish Tacotrue
North AmericaFanceeTeam Fish TacoBottrue
EGN Esports - October 29, Hybrid (Head Coach) joins. Ap4ch3 (Strategic Coach) leaves.
EuropeAp4ch3EGN EsportsStrategic Coach
EuropeHybrid (Nicolò Settanni)EGN EsportsHead Coach

Oct 30[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Zephyr Esport - October 30,
Saxuralle is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeSaxuralleZephyr EsportBotZephyr EsportBot
AS Trenčín esports - October (approx.),
SeMike leaves.
EuropeSeMikeAS Trenčín esportsJungle
Unicorns Of Love Sexy Edition - October 30,
Dreamer Ace returns from loan to ad hoc gaming.
EuropeDreamer AceUnicorns Of Love Sexy EditionSupportUnicorns Of Love Sexy EditionSupport
100 Thieves - October 30, SAB (Team Manager) leaves.
North AmericaSAB100 ThievesTeam Manager
Dignitas - October 30, Andrew Barton (General Manager) leaves.
North AmericaAndrew BartonDignitasGeneral Manager
Evil Geniuses.NA - October 30, Andrew Barton (LCS General Manager), Gregory Kim (LCS Director), and SAB (Team Operations Manager) join.
North AmericaGregory KimEvil Geniuses.NALCS Director
North AmericaSABEvil Geniuses.NATeam Operations Manager
North AmericaAndrew BartonEvil Geniuses.NALCS General Manager
EGZ Esports - October 30,
Korean kid and Kanani (Temporary Coach) join.

Akashi moves to substitute.
MENAAkashi (Oussama Cherradi)EGZ EsportsMidEGZ EsportsMidtrue
MENAKorean kidEGZ EsportsMid
MENAKananiEGZ EsportsTemporary Coach
Austrian Force eSports - October 30,
Unravel leaves.
EuropeUnravelAustrian Force eSportsTop
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - October 30,
Hades leaves.
TurkeyHades (Volkan Dinçer)1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsSupport
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - October 30,
Hades' contract is no longer applicable with organization.
Misfits Gaming - October 30, Garki (General Manager) joins.
EuropeGarkiMisfits GamingGeneral Manager
CNB e-Sports Club - October 30,
Hy0g4 is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
BrazilHy0g4CNB e-Sports ClubJungleCNB e-Sports ClubJungle
INTZ - October 30,
Envy, and Maestro (Head Coach)'s contracts are extended through 2021.
BrazilEnvy (Bruno Farias)INTZMidINTZMid
BrazilMaestro (Lucas Pierre)INTZHead CoachINTZHead Coach
Galatasaray Esports - October 30, Mora (Head Coach) leaves.
TurkeyMoraGalatasaray EsportsHead Coach
Aequilibritas E-Sports - October 30,
Nice Guy Ben leaves.
EuropeNice Guy BenAequilibritas E-SportsTop
ad hoc gaming - October 30,
Dreamer Ace's loan from UOL Sexy Edition ends.
EuropeDreamer Acead hoc gamingSupport
ad hoc gaming - October 30, NoWay (Mid to Streamer) changes position.
EuropeNoWay (Frederik Hinteregger)ad hoc gamingMidad hoc gamingStreamer
Jin Air Green Wings - October 30,
Nova, and Alvingo (Coach) leave.
KoreaTaNaJin Air Green WingsTop
KoreaLindarangJin Air Green WingsTop
KoreaMalrangJin Air Green WingsJungle
KoreaSeizeJin Air Green WingsJungle
KoreaStitchJin Air Green WingsBot
KoreaKellinJin Air Green WingsSupport
KoreaNova (Park Chan-ho)Jin Air Green WingsSupport
KoreaAlvingoJin Air Green WingsCoach
Hanwha Life Esports - October 30,
Moojin and
key leave.
KoreaMoojinHanwha Life EsportsJungle
KoreakeyHanwha Life EsportsSupport
Chiefs Esports Club - October 30,
Thien is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
OceaniaThienChiefs Esports ClubToptrueChiefs Esports ClubToptrue
Bombers Academy - October 30,
Sprenstama is removed from the GCD.
OceaniaSprenstamaBombers AcademyBottrue
Bombers - October 30,
Sprenstama is removed from the GCD.
Furious Gaming - October 30,
Josedeodo is removed from the GCD.
Latin AmericaJosedeodoFurious GamingJungle
Rainbow7 - October 30,
Spooky is removed from the GCD.
Latin AmericaSpooky (Miroslav Gochev)Rainbow7Jungle
Liyab Esports - October 30,
GGamza and
Gari leave.
SEAGGamzaLiyab EsportsTop
SEAGariLiyab EsportsBot
Griffin - October 30, Dakgo (Manager) leaves.
Rebirth eSports - October 30,
Choisix's loan from Infinity Esports ends.
Latin AmericaChoisixRebirth eSportsSupport
Latin AmericaChoisixInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)SupportInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)Support
Brion Blade - October 30, CooN (Coach) leaves.
KoreaCooNBrion BladeCoach
Infernal Void - October 30, Cant Touch This (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeCant Touch ThisInfernal VoidHead Coach

Oct 31[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team Maemuki - October 31,
Burn leaves.
EuropeBurnTeam MaemukiJungle
DegreeSports - October 31,
BlueSpirits leaves.
UniQ Esports Club - October 31,
Smailord, and Björnen Baloo join.
EuropeiPawUniQ Esports ClubJungle
EuropeSmailordUniQ Esports ClubBot
EuropeBjörnen BalooUniQ Esports Club
Radiance - October 31,
Aetheres is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
North AmericaAetheresRadianceTopRadianceTop
V3 Esports - October 31,
Baby's departure is confirmed.
JapanBaby (Kim Dong-woo)V3 EsportsJungle
Evil Geniuses.NA - October 31, Matt Demers (Director of PR and Media) leaves.
North AmericaMatt DemersEvil Geniuses.NADirector of PR and Media
Dire Wolves - October 31,
Katsurii is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
OceaniaKatsuriiDire WolvesBotDire WolvesBot
Chiefs Esports Club - October 31,
Eyla is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
OceaniaEylaChiefs Esports ClubSupportChiefs Esports ClubSupport
MAMMOTH - October 31,
Triple is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Gambit Esports - October 31,
Kira leaves.
CISKiraGambit EsportsMid
Rogue Esports Club - October 31,
Raxxo is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeRaxxoRogue Esports ClubSupportRogue Esports ClubSupport
AXIZ - October 31, Ping9 (Coach) leaves.
Brion Blade - October 31,
HyBriD leaves.
KoreaHyBriD (Lee Woo-jin)Brion BladeBot
FC Schalke 04 Evolution - October 31,
Memento is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeMementoFC Schalke 04 EvolutionJungleFC Schalke 04 EvolutionJungle
Splyce - October 31, Duke (Strategic Coach) and Mac (Head of Player Development) are allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeDuke (Hadrien Forestier)SplyceStrategic CoachSplyceStrategic Coach
EuropeMacSplyceHead of Player DevelopmentSplyceHead of Player Development
Beşiktaş Esports Female - October 31,
Ghidi leaves.
EuropeGhidiBeşiktaş Esports FemaleBot - October 31, Hatchy (Head of Performance) leaves.
EuropeHatchydevils.oneHead of Performance
Fnatic Rising - October 31,
Ronaldooo, and Jandro (Coach) are allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeBandoFnatic RisingTopFnatic RisingTop
EuropeNjiFnatic RisingJungleFnatic RisingJungle
EuropexMattyFnatic RisingBotFnatic RisingBot
EuropeRonaldoooFnatic RisingSupportFnatic RisingSupport
EuropeJandroFnatic RisingCoachFnatic RisingCoach
DetonatioN FocusMe - October 31,
Ramune is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
JapanRamuneDetonatioN FocusMeMidtrueDetonatioN FocusMeMidtrue
Rascal Jester - October 31,
Zerost leaves.
JapanZerostRascal JesterBot
Burning Core - October 31,
Medic leaves.
JapanMedic (Kim Ji-ho)Burning CoreSupport
Timeout Esports - October 31, Team acquires roster of S9 Abusers.
Valyrian, and
Drawleks join.

Shunrim joins as substitute.
EuropeNooB (Léo Pitrey)Timeout EsportsTop
EuropeShamberTimeout EsportsJungle
EuropeSpuiikyTimeout EsportsMid
EuropeValyrianTimeout EsportsBot
EuropeDrawleksTimeout EsportsSupport
EuropeShunrimTimeout EsportsSupporttrue
Outplayed - October 31,
Azra leaves.

Nov 01[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
ANSOLJID - November (approx.),
Ryuzaki joins.
Afreeca Freecs Academy - November (approx.),
Na Kyung joins.
KoreaNa KyungAfreeca Freecs AcademyMid
Team Zero Esports - November (approx.),
Abuser and
Saintsu join.
Impulse (Top to Mid) changes position.
EuropeImpulse (Stefan Petrovic)Team Zero EsportsTopTeam Zero EsportsMid
EuropeAbuserTeam Zero EsportsTop
EuropeSaintsuTeam Zero EsportsJungle
MAD Lions Academy - November (approx.),
Zeling leaves.
EuropeZelingMAD Lions AcademyMid
QUT Tigers - November (approx.), Vacarria (Sub/Sup/Head Coach to Head Coach) changes position.
Feint, and
Spoil leave.
OceaniaFrogadogQUT TigersTop
OceaniaUnspecializeQUT TigersMid
OceaniaFeint (Henri Magisson)QUT TigersBot
OceaniaSpoilQUT TigersSupport
OceaniaVacarriaQUT TigersSupport/Head CoachtrueQUT TigersHead Coach
EVOS Esports - November (approx.),
Biob leaves.
VietnamBiobEVOS EsportsSupport
Shield Esport - November (approx.),
Belette leaves.
EuropeBeletteShield EsportMid
EGZ Esports - November (approx.),
Akashi leaves.
EuropeAkashi (Oussama Cherradi)EGZ EsportsMidtrue
Gen.G Academy - November (approx.),
Focus joins.
KoreaFocusGen.G AcademyBot
UTS Esports - November (approx.),
Pica Boo,
Frolloc, and
Fuzzyzola leave.
OceaniaCadenceUTS EsportsBot
OceaniaMidas (Nathaniel Shearer)UTS EsportsTop
OceaniaYaelayUTS EsportsJungle
OceaniaPica BooUTS EsportsMid
OceaniaFrollocUTS EsportsSupport
OceaniaFuzzyzolaUTS EsportsMidtrue
Emprox - November (approx.),
Bas, and Caleb (Head Coach) leave.
OceaniaPaladin (Joshua Metzger)EmproxJungle
OceaniaCalebEmproxHead Coach
Europe Saviors Anonymous - November (approx.),
Kodo leaves.
EuropeKodoEurope Saviors AnonymousTop
iNAT Gaming - November (approx.),
Darko, and Hybrid (Coach) leave.
EuropeDeghiNAT GamingTop
EuropeLyncas1iNAT GamingJungle
EuropeZherathoriNAT GamingMid
EuropeAleykxariNAT GamingBot
EuropeDarkoiNAT GamingSupport
EuropeHybrid (Nicolò Settanni)iNAT GamingCoach
Killabeez - November (approx.),
Kandar, and
Ninten leave.
Evil Geniuses.NA - November (approx.), Sam Galey (Director of Business Operations) leaves.
North AmericaSam GaleyEvil Geniuses.NADirector of Business Operations
G2 Esports - November (approx.), Michael Gohlke (Event and Location Manager to Head of Events) changes position.
EuropeMichael GohlkeG2 EsportsEvent and Location ManagerG2 EsportsHead of Events
Obsidian Dread - November (approx.),
BMD leaves.
North AmericaBMDObsidian DreadToptrue
Defusekids - November 1 (approx.),
Lenny and
Brenash leave.
Quantum Vortex - November 1,
Ghanix, and
Berkhoffje join.

Drekxhin joins as substitute.
EuropeNowhereQuantum VortexTop
EuropeEindbaas123Quantum VortexJungle
EuropeXiosQuantum VortexMid
EuropeGhanixQuantum VortexBot
EuropeBerkhoffjeQuantum VortexSupport
EuropeDrekxhinQuantum VortexBottrue
Misfits Gaming - November (approx.), Returned (Analytics Tool Developer) leaves.
EuropeReturnedMisfits GamingAnalytics Tool Developer
Misfits Gaming - November (approx.), Ella Pravetz (VP Content & Brand to President, Media & Branding) and Moose (VP Competitive Performance to President) change positions.
EuropeMooseMisfits GamingVP Competitive PerformanceMisfits GamingPresident
EuropeElla PravetzMisfits GamingVP Content & BrandMisfits GamingPresident, Media & Branding
MAD Lions E.C. - November (approx.), Pedro Belaunzarán (Director of Partnerships) joins.
EuropePedro BelaunzaránMAD Lions E.C.Director of Partnerships
Liyab Esports - November (approx.),
Kaigu moves to starting roster.
SEAKaiguLiyab EsportsToptrueLiyab EsportsTop
QLASH Egypt - November 1,
P41NN and
Ic3Guy join.

ReiGn of Evil and
FANG move to substitutes.
MENAReiGn of EvilQLASH EgyptJungleQLASH EgyptJungletrue
QLASH Egypt - November 1, ReiGn of Evil renames to JoyLucky.
QLASH Egypt - November 1,
Scratcher retires.
Chiefs Academy - November 1, Sype Nav (Coach) leaves.
OceaniaSype NavChiefs AcademyCoach
Team GamerLegion - November 1,
Agurin joins.

Outlandisch leaves.
EuropeOutlandischTeam GamerLegionJungle
EuropeAgurinTeam GamerLegionJungle
Sengoku Gaming - November 1,
Taka and
OdduGi are allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
JapanTakaSengoku GamingMidSengoku GamingMid
JapanOdduGiSengoku GamingBotSengoku GamingBot
Unsold Stuff Gaming - November 1,
Haretti leaves.
JapanHarettiUnsold Stuff GamingBottrue
Unsold Stuff Gaming - November 1,
Pooh leaves.
JapanPooh (Norimitsu Hosogai)Unsold Stuff GamingSupporttrue
Diabolus Esports - November 1,
TheHeathen, and
Cokey leave.
EuropeKakanDiabolus EsportsTop
EuropePFIDiabolus EsportsJungle
EuropeFuruyDiabolus EsportsMid
EuropeDragdarDiabolus EsportsBot
EuropeTheHeathenDiabolus EsportsSupport
EuropeCokeyDiabolus EsportsBottrue
Unsold Stuff Gaming - November 1,
Tele leaves.
JapanTeleUnsold Stuff GamingBottrue
Team-LDLC - November 1,
Steeelback is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Berlin International Gaming - November 1,
Pandar is set to leave.
EuropePandarBerlin International GamingSupportBerlin International GamingSupport
Splyce - November 1,
Xerxe is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
ProGaming Esports - November 1,
Aloned joins.

Pilot joins as substitute.
BrazilAlonedProGaming EsportsMid
BrazilPilot (Elvis Vergara)ProGaming EsportsMidtrue
KaBuM! e-Sports - November 1,
Vasto, and
ProDelta join as substitutes.
KaBuM! Academy is announced.
BrazilYuppsKaBuM! e-SportsToptrue
BrazilVastoKaBuM! e-SportsJungletrue
BrazilProDeltaKaBuM! e-SportsSupporttrue
1907 Fenerbahçe Academy - November 1,
Envy Carry leaves.
TurkeyEnvy Carry1907 Fenerbahçe AcademyMid
ahq eSports Club - November 1,
Rainbow leaves.
LMSRainbow (Kim Soo-gi)ahq eSports ClubMid
Legacy Genesis - November 1,
Chungy is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
OceaniaChungyLegacy GenesisTopLegacy GenesisTop
Berlin International Gaming - November 1, Alastraea (Analyst to Analyst/Team Manager) changes position.
EuropeAlastraeaBerlin International GamingAnalystBerlin International GamingAnalyst/Team Manager
Divine Vendetta - November 1, Team is formed.
Fr0m 0 2 Her0,
Rust, and
Jinzu join.

Lokmays joins as substitute.
MENAWufoDivine VendettaTop
MENAFr0m 0 2 Her0Divine VendettaJungle
MENAGarâDivine VendettaMid
MENARustDivine VendettaBot
MENAJinzuDivine VendettaSupport
MENALokmaysDivine VendettaSupporttrue
Legend Esport Gaming - November (approx.), Legend Esport Gaming is disbanded.
May, and Ye (Coach) leave.
ChinashanjiLegend Esport GamingTop
ChinacatjugLegend Esport GamingJungle
ChinaAssassinLegend Esport GamingMid
ChinaYanXuanLegend Esport GamingBot
ChinaViod (Lu Fan)Legend Esport GamingSupport
ChinaMay (Bai Ren-Jie)Legend Esport GamingJungletrue
ChinaYeLegend Esport GamingCoach
Super Guy Destroys - November (approx.),
DK joins.
VietnamDKSuper Guy DestroysJungle
Adonis Esports - November (approx.),
PHT, and
Suffer join.

Biob and Hope (Coach) rejoin.

Qeo and
Noodles leave.
VietnamQeoAdonis EsportsJungle
VietnamNoodlesAdonis EsportsBot
VietnamDjangoAdonis EsportsTop
VietnamPHTAdonis EsportsMid
VietnamSufferAdonis EsportsSupport
VietnamBiobAdonis EsportsSupport
VietnamHope (Phạm Trung Hiếu)Adonis EsportsCoach
University of Nevada Las Vegas - November (approx.),
Winfield, and Kwon (Head Coach) join.
Mahad (Coach to Assistant Coach) changes position.
Kaplan and
Fibber leave.
North AmericaKaplanUniversity of Nevada Las VegasJungle
North AmericaFibberUniversity of Nevada Las VegasMid
North AmericaMahadUniversity of Nevada Las VegasCoachUniversity of Nevada Las VegasAssistant Coachtrue
North AmericaJusaeUniversity of Nevada Las VegasMid
North AmericaWinfieldUniversity of Nevada Las VegasSupport
North AmericaKwonUniversity of Nevada Las VegasHead Coach
Team Refuse - November (approx.),
Druxy, Dressed To Kill (Head Coach), Negativve (Assistant Coach), and Mure (Manager) leave.
EuropeNegativveTeam RefuseAssistant Coach
EuropeDressed To KillTeam RefuseHead Coach
EuropeMureTeam RefuseManager
EuropeHiddenshadowTeam RefuseJungle
EuropeH1tokiriTeam RefuseToptrue
EuropeDruxyTeam RefuseBottrue
Deliverance Esports Peru - November 1,
Why Not and
Zalo join.
Robertiño (Mid to Top) changes position.
Latin AmericaRobertiñoDeliverance Esports PeruMidDeliverance Esports PeruTop
Latin AmericaWhy NotDeliverance Esports PeruMid
Latin AmericaZaloDeliverance Esports PeruSupport
Vikingekrig Esports - November (approx.),
Charca, and
Sufon leave.
EuropeAdissVikingekrig EsportsTop
EuropeBubblePeeTVikingekrig EsportsJungle
EuropeDread (Jan Hrbáč)Vikingekrig EsportsMid
EuropeCharcaVikingekrig EsportsBot
EuropeSufonVikingekrig EsportsSupport
Team Brute - November (approx.),
RusO, and
Edems leave.
EuropeNecromartinTeam BruteTop
EuropeRusOTeam BruteMid
EuropeEdemsTeam BruteBot
EuropeLylajnTeam BruteJungle
Excel Esports - November 1,
Mickey and
Hjarnan's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Fnatic - November 1,
Broxah and
Hylissang's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Fnatic Rising - November 1,
Bando and
Shikari's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
G2 Esports - November 1,
Thebaus and
Promisq's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
G2 Heretics - November 1,
Xico, and
Nixerino's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Skain, and
Trymbi's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Misfits Premier - November 1,
Zvene and Jesiz (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Misfits Gaming - November 1, Moose (President)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 18 November 2019.
Splyce Vipers - November 1,
Samux, and
Falco's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Team Vitality - November 1,
Attila's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
ANEW Esports - November 1,
Sheep and AzureD665 (Coach) leave.
North AmericaSheepANEW EsportsSupport
North AmericaAzureD665ANEW EsportsCoach
Team SoloMid - November (approx.), Goldman (Assistant Coach) leaves.
North AmericaGoldmanTeam SoloMidAssistant Coach
TSM Academy - November (approx.), Goldman (Interim Head Coach) leaves.
North AmericaGoldmanTSM AcademyInterim Head Coach
Charlotte Phoenix - November (approx.), Mystik (Coach) joins.
North AmericaMystikCharlotte PhoenixCoach
Hawks - November (approx.),
Sax, and
Tufi join.

Tomate leaves.
Latin AmericaTomate (Tomás García)HawksSupport
Latin AmericaCrxwHawksMid
Latin AmericaAyaxHawksBot
Latin AmericaTufiHawksSupport
Latin AmericaSaxHawksSupport
ECOLE eSports - November (approx.),
Gonba, and
ScryersBloom leave.
Latin AmericaChikiECOLE eSportsTop
Latin AmericaRaizenECOLE eSportsJungle
Latin AmericaLarianECOLE eSportsMid
Latin AmericaGonbaECOLE eSportsBot
Latin AmericaScryersBloomECOLE eSportsSupport
WarKidZ E-Sports - November (approx.),
PsYcraw, Leviathan (Analyst), and abuse (Team Manager) leave.
EuropeFloyDWarKidZ E-SportsSupport
EuropeMaroc3000WarKidZ E-SportsBottrue
EuropePsYcrawWarKidZ E-SportsBottrue
EuropeLeviathan (Alexandros Mamasoulas)WarKidZ E-SportsAnalyst
EuropeabuseWarKidZ E-SportsTeam Manager
University of Alabama - November (approx.),
NTM joins.
AMT (Jungle to Support) changes position.
Shmmyshmmy leaves.
North AmericaShmmyshmmyUniversity of AlabamaSupport
North AmericaAMTUniversity of AlabamaJungleUniversity of AlabamaSupport
North AmericaNTMUniversity of AlabamaJungle
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - November (approx.),
Qwacker joins as substitute.
North AmericaQwackerUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignToptrue

Nov 02[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Zero Tenacity - November 2,
Flif, and
Shone join.
EuropeNazgulZero TenacityTop
EuropeVeeljaaZero TenacityJungle
EuropeHebihimeZero TenacityMid
EuropeFlifZero TenacityBot
EuropeShoneZero TenacitySupport
Legacy Genesis - November (approx.),
Kpop, and Kharjo (Coach) leave.
OceaniaLeeSALegacy GenesisJungle
OceaniaMUGILegacy GenesisMid
OceaniaChungyLegacy GenesisTop
OceaniaDraqonLegacy GenesisBot
OceaniaKpopLegacy GenesisSupport
OceaniaKharjoLegacy GenesisCoach
Defusekids - November 2, Benji (Chief Operating Officer) leaves.
EuropeBenji (Benjamin Janssens)DefusekidsChief Operating Officer
Fnatic Rising - November 2, Tasz (Analyst) leaves.
EuropeTaszFnatic RisingAnalyst
9z Team - November 2,
Kimi leaves.
Latin AmericaKimi (Cristian Aparicio)9z TeamBot
Furious Gaming - November 2,
Bvoy and
Focho leave.
Latin AmericaBvoyFurious GamingBot
Latin AmericaFochoFurious GamingBottrue
Chiefs Academy - November 2,
Nausicaa leaves.
OceaniaNausicaaChiefs AcademySupport
Origen BCN - November 2,
Truklax's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 2 December 2019.
ConViction - November 2, ConVictionlogo std.pngConViction is formed.
ConViction - November 2,
Døg, NanoVous (Head Coach), Kyurem White (Assistant Coach), and Ryan (Wellness Coach) join.
North AmericaDøgConVictionSupport
North AmericaNanoVousConVictionHead Coach
North AmericaKyurem WhiteConVictionAssistant Coach
North AmericaRyan (American Coach)ConVictionWellness Coach