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Current Roster Change Portals:

Nov 23[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Loto Gaming - November 23,
IRuby leaves.
Latin AmericaIRubyLoto GamingTop
Spirituals - November 23,
Ruby rejoins.
Latin AmericaRuby (Juan Ramos)SpiritualsMid
Percent Esports - 2019 (approx.),
TOCC and
Tway join.
Glory (Jungle to Mid) changes position.
Stand By Me and
Yban leave.
VietnamStand By MePercent EsportsTop
VietnamYbanPercent EsportsSupport
VietnamGlory (Lê Ngọc Vinh)Percent EsportsJunglePercent EsportsMid
VietnamTwayPercent EsportsSupport
VietnamTOCCPercent EsportsJungle
Lucky Esports - November 23,
Scoooped joins.

Tomo leaves.
North AmericaTomoLucky EsportsBot
North AmericaScooopedLucky EsportsBot
Intrepid Fox Gaming - November 23,
HungryPanda is set to leave.
EuropeHungryPandaIntrepid Fox GamingSupportIntrepid Fox GamingSupport
DAMWON Gaming - November 23, Kim (Coach) leaves.
KoreaKim (Kim Jeong-soo)DAMWON GamingCoach
Sengoku Gaming - November 23,
OdduGi, and
Raina leave.
JapanTakaSengoku GamingMid
JapanOdduGiSengoku GamingBot
JapanRainaSengoku GamingSupport
Victory Five - November 23,
Ben4 leaves.
ChinaBen4Victory FiveJungle
Royal Youth - November 23,
Tolerant leaves.
TurkeyTolerantRoyal YouthSupport
UCAM Penguins - November 23,
xPriskornet is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropexPriskornetUCAM PenguinsMidUCAM PenguinsMid
Unsold Stuff Gaming - November 23,
Enty leaves.
JapanEntyUnsold Stuff GamingSupport
Sengoku Gaming - November 23,
apaMEN and
Enty join.
JapanapaMENSengoku GamingTop
JapanEntySengoku GamingSupport
Team Echo Zulu - November 23,
Jhinsane leaves.
EuropeJhinsaneTeam Echo ZuluBot
Team Flash.Vietnam - November 23,
Taurus' departure is confirmed.
VietnamTaurusTeam Flash.VietnamTop
SuperMassive Esports - November 23, Doctor (Assistant Coach) leaves.
TurkeyDoctorSuperMassive EsportsAssistant Coach
SuperMassive Academy - November 23,
Absolute, and Doctor (Head Coach) leave.
TurkeyLuanaSuperMassive AcademyTop
TurkeyWaenASuperMassive AcademyMid
TurkeyAbsolute (Batuhan Okta)SuperMassive AcademySupport
TurkeyDoctorSuperMassive AcademyHead Coach
Flamengo eSports - November 23,
Goku's contract is extended through 2021.
BrazilGokuFlamengo eSportsMidFlamengo eSportsMid
Team-LDLC - November 23,
Eika leaves.
Immortals - November 23,
Eika joins.
North AmericaEikaImmortalsMid
Origen BCN - November 23,
Szygenda leaves.
EuropeSzygendaOrigen BCNTop
Rensga eSports - November 23, Buero (Streamer) leaves.
BrazilBueroRensga eSportsStreamer
Excel Esports - November 23,
Exile leaves.
EuropeExile (Fabian Schubert)Excel EsportsMid
Excel UK - November 23,
Exile leaves.
EuropeExile (Fabian Schubert)Excel UKMid
G2 Heretics - November 23,
Xico leaves.
EuropeXicoG2 HereticsMid
Malvinas Gaming - November 23, Daeasy (Head Coach), GuzH (Analyst), and Zero (Analyst) leave.
Latin AmericaDaeasyMalvinas GamingHead Coach
Latin AmericaGuzHMalvinas GamingAnalyst
Latin AmericaZero (Christian Vola)Malvinas GamingAnalyst
Valorous - November 23,
Aether and BelRaz (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaAether (Joaquín Sabat)ValorousJungle
Latin AmericaBelRazValorousHead Coach