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Current Roster Change Portals:

Dec 02[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Zeta Team - December 2,
Only Angel,
Riccarlino, and Hybrid (Coach) join.

Leaniv and
Lyncas1 join as substitutes.

Lurian, and xBlackRussian (Coach) leave.
EuropeThromliZeta TeamTop
EuropesolfurionZeta TeamJungle
EuropexBlackRussianZeta TeamCoach
EuropeLurianZeta TeamBot
EuropeOnly AngelZeta TeamTop
EuropeRiccarlinoZeta TeamBot
EuropeLeanivZeta TeamToptrue
EuropeLyncas1Zeta TeamJungletrue
EuropeHybrid (Nicolò Settanni)Zeta TeamCoach
EuropeTiagoNicolauKarma Clan EsportsTop
EuropeTé AmanhãKarma Clan EsportsJungle
EuropeOmenaKarma Clan EsportsMid
EuropeSpeeddragonKarma Clan EsportsBot
EuropeCrunchyKarma Clan EsportsSupport
EuropeSkyOwnageKarma Clan EsportsBot
Pushing Gaming - December 2,
ZeroTempo leaves.
EuropeZeroTempoPushing GamingSupport
Pushing Gaming - December 2,
JimsY leaves.
EuropeJimsYPushing GamingBot
Quantum Vortex - December 2,
Krisko and Ebex (Head Coach) join.

Eindbaas123 leaves.
EuropeEindbaas123Quantum VortexJungle
EuropeKriskoQuantum VortexJungle
EuropeEbexQuantum VortexHead Coach
Seorabeol Gaming - December 2,
Sangyoon, and Sangho (Founder,Head Coach) join.
KoreaThalSeorabeol GamingTop
KoreaLiraSeorabeol GamingJungle
KoreaSangyoonSeorabeol GamingBot
KoreaSanghoSeorabeol GamingFounder/Head Coach
ahq eSports Club - December 2,
Wako and
Ysera's contracts are extended through 2020.
LMSWakoahq eSports ClubBotahq eSports ClubBot
LMSYseraahq eSports ClubSupportahq eSports ClubSupport
MVP - December 2, MVPlogo std.pngMVP is disbanded.
Neulbo, and Lee Jeong-min (Coach) leave.
KoreaCarrot (Kim Byeong-jun)MVPTop
KoreaCrow (Kim Seon-gyu)MVPMid
KoreaLee Jeong-minMVPCoach
Hanwha Life Esports - December 2,
Lehends joins.
KoreaLehendsHanwha Life EsportsSupport
RunAway - December 2,
Seraph and Sensation (Coach) join.
Dark Passage Academy - December 2,
Maximillion joins.
TurkeyMaximillionDark Passage AcademyMid
FC Schalke 04 Esports - December 2,
Dreams joins.
EuropeDreams (Han Min-kook)FC Schalke 04 EsportsSupport
Enclave Gaming - December 2, Sovonix (Team Manager) joins.
EuropeSovonixEnclave GamingTeam Manager
Team AURORA Academy - December 2,
Near leaves.
TurkeyNear (Yuşa Çınar)Team AURORA AcademyTop
Evil Geniuses.NA - December 2, Irean (Head Coach) joins.
North AmericaIreanEvil Geniuses.NAHead Coach
Adriatic Wolves - December 2,
CloudStrikee, and Mure (Manager) join.
EuropeSkarAdriatic WolvesTop
EuropeYungAdriatic WolvesJungle
EuropeGodbroAdriatic WolvesMid
EuropeCloudStrikeeAdriatic WolvesSupport
EuropeMureAdriatic WolvesManager
Riot Games Inc. - December 2, Toboco (Caster) leaves.
BrazilTobocoRiot Games Inc.Caster
S2V Esports - December 2,
Aesenar leaves.
EuropeAesenarS2V EsportsSupport
Golden Guardians - December 2,
Contractz leaves.
North AmericaContractzGolden GuardiansJungle
Arizona State University - December 2,
Breezyyy leaves.
North AmericaBreezyyyArizona State UniversitySupport
100 Thieves Academy - December 2,
Contractz and
Breezyyy join.
North AmericaContractz100 Thieves AcademyJungle
North AmericaBreezyyy100 Thieves AcademySupport
Team SoloMid - December 2,
Broken Blade will remain with the team for 2020.
North AmericaBroken BladeTeam SoloMidTopTeam SoloMidTop
100 Thieves - December 2,
FakeGod leaves for academy roster.
North AmericaFakeGod100 ThievesTop
100 Thieves Academy - December 2,
Prismal, and Kelsey Moser (Head Coach) will remain with the team for 2020.
Ssumday leaves for main roster.
North AmericaFakeGod100 Thieves AcademyTop100 Thieves AcademyTop
North AmericaSsumday100 Thieves AcademyTop
North AmericaSoligo100 Thieves AcademyMid100 Thieves AcademyMid
North AmericaPrismal100 Thieves AcademyBot100 Thieves AcademyBot
North AmericaKelsey Moser100 Thieves AcademyHead Coach100 Thieves AcademyHead Coach
Cyberground Gaming - December 2,
MjrDee, Bitsch (Head Coach), and Rox (Assistant Coach) join.

Crocomux and W1NN3R F4NB0Y (Manager) rejoin.

Flipper, and
PederseNN join as substitutes.
EuropeUnravelCyberground GamingTop
EuropeKamilCyberground GamingJungle
EuropeCrocomuxCyberground GamingMid
EuropeCounterCyberground GamingBot
EuropeMjrDeeCyberground GamingSupport
EuropeFinalyopCyberground GamingToptrue
EuropeFlipperCyberground GamingJungletrue
EuropePederseNNCyberground GamingSupporttrue
EuropeW1NN3R F4NB0YCyberground GamingManager
EuropeBitschCyberground GamingHead Coach
EuropeRox (Alessandro Rossetti)Cyberground GamingAssistant Coach
Team GamerLegion - December 2, Shiro (Assistant Coach) is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeShiro (Lukas Wibben)Team GamerLegionAssistant CoachTeam GamerLegionAssistant Coach
MAMMOTH - December 2,
k1ng leaves.
Cloud9 Academy - December 2,
Jukes moves to substitute.
North AmericaJukesCloud9 AcademyTopCloud9 AcademyToptrue
Cloud9 Academy - December 2, Westrice (Head Coach to Coach) changes position.
North AmericaWestriceCloud9 AcademyHead CoachCloud9 AcademyCoach
Cloud9 - December 2, Westrice (Assistant Coach) joins from academy roster.
North AmericaWestriceCloud9Assistant Coach
paiN Gaming - December 2, Xero (Head Coach) joins.
BrazilXeropaiN GamingHead Coach
Hybrid Esports - December 2,
Kryze leaves.
EuropeKryzeHybrid EsportsTop
G2 Heretics - December 2,
Kryze leaves.
EuropeKryzeG2 HereticsTop
Samsung Morning Stars - December 2,
Cohle is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeCohleSamsung Morning StarsMidSamsung Morning StarsMid
Dropz Esports - December 2,
DejaVu leaves.
EuropeDejaVuDropz EsportsMid
QLASH Forge - December 2,
Bullet is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeBulletQLASH ForgeBotQLASH ForgeBot
Isurus - December 2,
Buggax leaves.
Latin AmericaBuggaxIsurusTop
paiN Gaming - December 2,
Matsukaze is set to leave on December 15.
BrazilMatsukazepaiN GamingBotpaiN GamingBot
paiN Gaming - December 2, Dionrray (Coach & Analyst) will remain with the team for 2020.
BrazilDionrraypaiN GamingCoach & AnalystpaiN GamingCoach & Analyst
Gen.G - December 2, Ambition (Streamer) rejoins.
Team Liquid Academy - December 2, Insanity will not be participating in the NA Academy 2020 Spring Season.
Riddle Esports - December 2,
Doctor Nash leaves.
EuropeDoctor NashRiddle EsportsSupport
Dire Wolves - December 2, Obesius (Team Manager) leaves.
OceaniaObesiusDire WolvesTeam Manager
Dire Cubs - December 2, Obesius (Team Manager) leaves.
OceaniaObesiusDire CubsTeam Manager
MAMMOTH - December 2, Phantiks (Head Coach) leaves.
OceaniaPhantiksMAMMOTHHead Coach
Avant Gaming - December 2,
Shok leaves.
OceaniaShokAvant GamingMid
Dire Wolves - December 2,
Shok joins.
OceaniaShokDire WolvesMid
PENTA 1860 - December 2,
Kamilius leaves.
EuropeKamiliusPENTA 1860Support
Cloud9 Academy - December 2,
Dragonminkim and
k1ng are added to the GCD.
North AmericaDragonminkimCloud9 AcademyJungle
North Americak1ngCloud9 AcademyBot
Chivas Esports - December 2, Chivas Esports announced the creation of their League of Legends team.
Dark Horse - December 2,
Corvi leaves.
Latin AmericaCorviDark HorseSupporttrue
Hanwha Life Esports - December 2,
Lehends, and
Vsta's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Brion Blade - December 2, Kite (Coach) joins.
KoreaKiteBrion BladeCoach
Bursaspor Esports - December 2,
Mayhem and
Chosen's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Dark Passage Academy - December 2,
Maximillion's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.