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Current Roster Change Portals:

Dec 06[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Tempered Fate - December 6, Arag0rne (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeArag0rneTempered FateHead Coach
WarKidZ E-Sports - December 6,
Vzz leaves.
EuropeVzzWarKidZ E-SportsBot
Black Lion - December 6,
Advienne leaves.
EuropeAdvienneBlack LionSupport
Energypot Wizards - December 6,
Vzz, and
Advienne join.
EuropeklownyEnergypot WizardsTop
EuropeSpooky (Miroslav Gochev)Energypot WizardsJungle
EuropeLukezyEnergypot WizardsMid
EuropeVzzEnergypot WizardsBot
EuropeAdvienneEnergypot WizardsSupport
Dark Passage - December 6,
Crystal leaves.
TurkeyCrystalDark PassageJungle
Top Esports - December 6, Ggoong (Assistant Coach) joins.
ChinaGgoongTop EsportsAssistant Coach
Dashing Buffalo - December 6,
Palette leaves.
VietnamPaletteDashing BuffaloSupport
Dark Passage Academy - December 6,
Oguzkhan joins.
TurkeyOguzkhanDark Passage AcademyJungle
Dark Passage - December 6,
Kituruken will remain with the team for 2020.
TurkeyKiturukenDark PassageJungleDark PassageJungle
Top Esports - December 6,
Karsa joins.
ChinaKarsaTop EsportsJungle
Kenty - December 6,
Kasper leaves.
EuropeSeventtAbyssal Esport ClubTop
EuropemanumatadorAbyssal Esport ClubJungle
EuropeHuevoAbyssal Esport ClubMid
EuropeWikerAbyssal Esport ClubBot
EuropeMontielAbyssal Esport ClubSupport
EuropeFoskyAbyssal Esport ClubSupport
FC Schalke 04 Evolution - December 6,
Innaxe joins.
EuropeInnaxeFC Schalke 04 EvolutionBot
Misfits Premier - December 6,
Dan Dan leaves for main roster.
EuropeDan DanMisfits PremierTop
Misfits Gaming - December 6,
Dan Dan will remain with the team for 2020.
EuropeDan DanMisfits GamingTopMisfits GamingTop
Vodafone Giants.Spain - December 6,
Razork and
denyk leave.
EuropeRazorkVodafone Giants.SpainJungle
EuropedenykVodafone Giants.SpainSupport
Misfits Gaming - December 6,
Razork joins.
EuropeRazorkMisfits GamingJungle
paiN Gaming - December 6,
key joins.
BrazilkeypaiN GamingSupport
Misfits Gaming - December 6,
denyk joins.
EuropedenykMisfits GamingSupport
Cloud9 Academy - December 6,
Nite is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
North AmericaNite (Yujie Wu)Cloud9 AcademyTopCloud9 AcademyTop
Fnatic Rising - December 6,
Ronaldooo leaves.
EuropeRonaldoooFnatic RisingSupport
Misfits Gaming - December 6,
Ronaldooo joins.
EuropeRonaldoooMisfits GamingMid
Misfits Gaming - December 6,
Bvoy joins.
EuropeBvoyMisfits GamingBot
Misfits Gaming - December 6,
Febiven will remain with the team for 2020.
EuropeFebivenMisfits GamingMidMisfits GamingMid
CLG Academy - December 6,
Tuesday and
Fill rejoin.
North AmericaTuesday (Jean-Sébastien Thery)CLG AcademyMid
North AmericaFillCLG AcademySupport
Excel Esports - December 6,
Tore joins.

kaSing leaves for academy roster.
EuropekaSingExcel EsportsSupport
EuropeToreExcel EsportsSupport
EuropeMarineHBSWiLD MultiGamingTop
EuropeSanyaDauWiLD MultiGamingJungle
EuropeSora (Suba Hunor)WiLD MultiGamingMid
EuropeMatebuffWiLD MultiGamingBot
EuropeHextasyWiLD MultiGamingSupport
WiLD MultiGaming - December 6,
Dayor, Tobias (Coach), and Renfred (Manager) join.
EuropeDefleckWiLD MultiGamingTop
EuropeCrankZWiLD MultiGamingJungle
EuropeRabbanoWiLD MultiGamingJungle
EuropeTadeuszWiLD MultiGamingMid
EuropeFear (Kisvarga Ádám)WiLD MultiGamingMid
EuropekiszeWiLD MultiGamingBot
EuropeDayorWiLD MultiGamingSupport
EuropeTobiasWiLD MultiGamingCoach
EuropeRenfredWiLD MultiGamingManager
Free Agent - December 6, AnDa will not be participating in the LCS or NA Academy in Spring 2020.
ROG Esport - December 6,
p1noyszn leaves.
Europep1noysznROG EsportBot
Team SoloMid - December 6,
Grig leaves.
North AmericaGrigTeam SoloMidJungle
TSM Academy - December 6,
Grig leaves.
North AmericaGrigTSM AcademyTop
Dignitas - December 6,
Grig joins.
North AmericaGrigDignitasJungle
Infinity Esports (Latin American Team) - December 6,
WhiteLotus and
Genthix join.

Straight moves to starting roster.
SolidSnake and Soren (Head Coach) will remain with the team for 2020.
Latin AmericaStraightInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)ToptrueInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)Top
Latin AmericaSolidSnakeInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)JungleInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)Jungle
Latin AmericaSoren (Carlos Ibarra)Infinity Esports (Latin American Team)Head CoachInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)Head Coach
Latin AmericaGenthixInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)Support
Latin AmericaWhiteLotusInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)Bot
G2 Heretics - December 6,
Trymbi is removed from the GCD.
EuropeTrymbiG2 HereticsSupport
Adriatic Wolves - December 6,
Taurine moves to substitute.
obliviøn, and Shame (Manager) leave.
EuropeTaurineAdriatic WolvesTopAdriatic WolvesToptrue
EuropeHabuubuAdriatic WolvesJungle
EuropeBendixAdriatic WolvesMid
EuropeS1DAdriatic WolvesSupport
EuropeobliviønAdriatic WolvesBottrue
EuropeShameAdriatic WolvesManager
Coliseo Dragons - December 6,
Godv and
Kendo leave.
Latin AmericaGodv (Matías Cesaretti)Coliseo DragonsMid
Latin AmericaKendoColiseo DragonsBottrue
Excel Esports - December 6,
Mickey's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Patrik's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.
MAD Lions - December 6,
Shadow and
Carzzy's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.
DragonX - December 6, cvMax (Head Coach) and Bubbling (Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 21 November 2022.