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Current Roster Change Portals:

Dec 07[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
EGZ Esports - December 7, Kanani (Temporary Coach) leaves.
EuropeKananiEGZ EsportsTemporary Coach
PENTA 1860 - December 7,
zoir leaves.
EuropezoirPENTA 1860Mid
Samsung Morning Stars - December 7,
Gabbo leaves.
EuropeGabboSamsung Morning StarsTop
J Team - December 7,
FoFo leaves.
LMSFoFoJ TeamMid
Bilibili Gaming - December 7,
FoFo joins.
ChinaFoFoBilibili GamingMid
Dark Passage - December 7,
Pbd leaves.
TurkeyPbdDark PassageSupport
RunAway - December 7,
Edge joins.
Prodigy Esports - December 7, Pilot renames to Piloto.
Vitality.Bee - December 7,
Skeanz leaves for main roster.
Vodafone Giants.Spain - December 7,
Milica leaves.
EuropeMilicaVodafone Giants.SpainMid
G2 Esports - December 7, Boris (General Manager) leaves.
EuropeBorisG2 EsportsGeneral Manager
Splyce - December 7, Duke (Strategic Coach) leaves.
EuropeDuke (Hadrien Forestier)SplyceStrategic Coach
Fnatic - December 7, Mephisto (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeMephistoFnaticAssistant Coach
Team Vitality - December 7,
Comp, Duke (Head Coach), Mephisto (Assistant Coach), and Boris (Team Director) join.

Skeanz joins from academy roster.

Mowgli becomes inactive.
Cabochard and
Jactroll will remain with the team for 2020.
EuropeCabochardTeam VitalityTopTeam VitalityTop
EuropeJactrollTeam VitalitySupportTeam VitalitySupport
EuropeMowgliTeam VitalityJungleTeam VitalityJungle
EuropeSkeanzTeam VitalityJungle
EuropeMilicaTeam VitalityMid
EuropeCompTeam VitalityBot
EuropeDuke (Hadrien Forestier)Team VitalityHead Coach
EuropeBorisTeam VitalityTeam Director
EuropeMephistoTeam VitalityAssistant Coach
Team Vitality - December 7, YamatoCannon (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeYamatoCannonTeam VitalityHead Coach
Misfits Premier - December 7, Hatchy (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeHatchyMisfits PremierHead Coach
Free Agent - December 7, Maxlore will not be participating in the LEC 2020 Spring Season.
Evil Geniuses.NA - December 7, Empyre (Analyst,Scout) joins.
North AmericaEmpyreEvil Geniuses.NAAnalyst/Scout
Coliseo Dragons - December 7,
Maxix leaves.
Latin AmericaMaxixColiseo DragonsBot
Lowkey Esports - December 7, Lowkey Esportslogo std.pngLowkey Esports acquires Logo std.pngObsidian Dread.
North America3in1warriorObsidian DreadTop
North AmericaSiddywiddyObsidian DreadJungle
North AmericaYoung MidObsidian DreadMid
North AmericaVexObsidian DreadBot
North AmericaCat EarsObsidian DreadSupport
North America3in1warriorLowkey EsportsTop
North AmericaSiddywiddyLowkey EsportsJungle
North AmericaYoung MidLowkey EsportsMid
North AmericaVexLowkey EsportsBot
North AmericaCat EarsLowkey EsportsSupport
Lowkey Esports - December 7,
Kitzuo joins as substitute.
North AmericaKitzuoLowkey EsportsJungletrue