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Current Roster Change Portals:

Dec 15[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
ad hoc gaming - December 15,
Advienne joins as temporary substitute for ESLM 2019 Winter Playoffs, replacing LIMIT.
EuropeAdviennead hoc gamingSupport
ROX Caracal - December 15 (approx.), Miracle (Coach) leaves.
KoreaMiracle (Lee Hyeon-beom)ROX CaracalCoach
Hillerød eSport - December 15, Biimsaa (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeBiimsaaHillerød eSportAssistant Coach
Mirage Sport Électronique - December 15, Dayos (Head Coach/Jungle to Head Coach) changes position.
Scoooped, and
Fockus leave.
North AmericaRobbyBobMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueMid
North AmericaScooopedMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueBot
North AmericaFockusMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueSupport
North AmericaDayosMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueHead Coach/JungletrueMirage Sport ÉlectroniqueHead Coach
WLGaming Esports - December 15,
Noxus, and
AMP Royal leave.
EuropeKhantosWLGaming EsportsBot
EuropeVon (Dimitris Bakiris)WLGaming EsportsMid
EuropeLeodarasWLGaming EsportsSupport
EuropeNoxus (Stavros Xiarchogiannopoulos)WLGaming EsportsJungletrue
EuropeAMP RoyalWLGaming EsportsMidtrue
Berlin International Gaming - December 15,
Carzzy leaves.
EuropeCarzzyBerlin International GamingBot
ad hoc gaming - December 15,
Gilius leaves.
EuropeGiliusad hoc gamingJungle
paiN Gaming - December 15,
Matsukaze, and
esA leave.
BrazilMinervapaiN GamingJungle
BrazilMatsukazepaiN GamingBot
BrazilesApaiN GamingSupport
Royal Never Give Up - December 15,
AmazingJ leaves.
ChinaAmazingJRoyal Never Give UpToptrue
Royal Never Give Up - December 15,
LoveZrr leaves.
ChinaLoveZrrRoyal Never Give UpToptrue
Royal Never Give Up - December 15,
Betty joins.
ChinaBettyRoyal Never Give UpBot
Young Miracles - December 15,
xiaolongbao leaves.
ChinaxiaolongbaoYoung MiraclesJungle
Royal Never Give Up - December 15,
xiaolongbao joins.
ChinaxiaolongbaoRoyal Never Give UpJungle
Royal Never Give Up - December 15, xiaolongbao renames to XLB.
Top Esports - December 15,
Xx leaves.
ChinaXx (Xiong Yu-Long)Top EsportsJungle
LNG Esports - December 15,
Xx joins.
ChinaXx (Xiong Yu-Long)LNG EsportsJungle
LNG Esports - December 15,
Maple joins.
ChinaMaple (Huang Yi-Tang)LNG EsportsMid
FC Schalke 04 Evolution - December 15, Simon (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeSimon (Simão Oliveira)FC Schalke 04 EvolutionAssistant Coach
UCAM Penguins - December 15,
xPriskornet and
Efias leave.
EuropexPriskornetUCAM PenguinsMid
EuropeEfiasUCAM PenguinsSupport
Vipers Inc - December 15,
Demb (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeDembVipers IncHead Coach/Jungletrue
Wind and Rain Nordic - December 15, CeejayShaw (Head of League of Legends) leaves.
EuropeCeejayShawWind and Rain NordicHead of League of Legends
QLASH Forge - December 15,
Bullet leaves.
EuropeBulletQLASH ForgeBot
Hexagone Esports - December 15, Team disbands.
Lulas, DeadlyBreeze (Head Coach), and Mistyy (Coach) leave.
EuropeHivitoHexagone EsportsTop
EuropeGoksiHexagone EsportsJungle
EuropeRapMonstersHexagone EsportsMid
EuropeCalmskyHexagone EsportsBot
EuropeLulasHexagone EsportsSupport
EuropeDeadlyBreezeHexagone EsportsHead Coach
EuropeMistyyHexagone EsportsCoach
Public Enemy - December 15, Kælegrisen (Assistant Manager) joins. Karolis (Manager) rejoins.
EuropeKarolisPublic EnemyManager
EuropeKælegrisenPublic EnemyAssistant Manager
Illuminar Gaming - December 15,
delord is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropedelordIlluminar GamingSupportIlluminar GamingSupport
Manguste eSports - December 15,
Taba leaves.
EuropeTabaManguste eSportsBot
Dropz Esports - December 15,
Vigil, and
JeppeHou join.

Taba rejoins.
EuropeeunaDropz EsportsJungle
EuropeVigilDropz EsportsMid
EuropeTabaDropz EsportsBot
EuropeJeppeHouDropz EsportsSupport
Dropz Esports - December 15,
Shiziy and
Inhuman Kite leave.
EuropeShiziyDropz EsportsJungle
EuropeInhuman KiteDropz EsportsBottrue
Kenty - December 15,
Rimtuolis leaves.
Afreeca Freecs - December 15,
Senan leaves.
KoreaSenanAfreeca FreecsSupport
Jin Air Green Wings - December 15,
Senan joins.
KoreaSenanJin Air Green WingsSupport
Afreeca Freecs - December 15,
Jelly rejoins.
KoreaJelly (Son Ho-gyeong)Afreeca FreecsSupport
Team WE - December 15, Domo (Head Coach) joins.
ChinaDomoTeam WEHead Coach
ORDER - December 15,
Eyla joins.
QLASH Forge - December 15, Navy (Assistant Manager) leaves.
EuropeNavy (Michał Leszczyński)QLASH ForgeAssistant Manager
Winners - December 15, Chief (Coach) leaves.
Outplayed - December 15,
Energy leaves.
XYZ - December 15, Team disbands.
autumn, and
LS (Coach) leave.
KoreaReven (Seong Sang-hyeon)XYZBot
Koreaautumn (Jeong Soo-hwan)XYZSupport
Hongseungpyo Jjangjjang Man - December 15, Team disbands.
Dont ping friend,
정상에오를사람, and Cella (Coach) leave.
KoreaApolosiusHongseungpyo Jjangjjang ManTop
KoreaDont ping friendHongseungpyo Jjangjjang ManJungle
Korea권성범Hongseungpyo Jjangjjang ManMid
KoreaBowstringHongseungpyo Jjangjjang ManBot
Korea정상에오를사람Hongseungpyo Jjangjjang ManSupport
KoreaCellaHongseungpyo Jjangjjang ManCoach
Korea꼬집어OTL (Korean Team)Top
Korea항복 왕좌OTL (Korean Team)Jungle
Korea3레벨 바텀다이브OTL (Korean Team)Mid
KoreaLift me upOTL (Korean Team)Bot
Korea보람고 정민석OTL (Korean Team)Support
Afreeca Freecs - December 15,
Jelly's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.