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Current Roster Change Portals:

Dec 17[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
KR Reykjavík Esports - December 17,
Júdas and
Jesús leave.
EuropeJúdasKR Reykjavík EsportsBottrue
EuropeJesús (Þórir Þórðarson)KR Reykjavík EsportsSupporttrue
Diddi's Angels - December 17,
Júdas, and
Jesús join.
EuropeCarDiddi's AngelsTop
EuropeDrésonDiddi's AngelsJungle
EuropeHarðjaxlDiddi's AngelsMid
EuropeJúdasDiddi's AngelsBot
EuropeJesús (Þórir Þórðarson)Diddi's AngelsSupport
Lucky Esports - December 17 (approx.),
Sohnar, and 24 and balding leave.
North AmericaKenv1Lucky EsportsJungle
North AmericaScooopedLucky EsportsBot
North AmericaSohnarLucky EsportsBottrue
North AmericaleashoffspawnLucky EsportsBottrue
North America24 and baldingLucky Esportstrue
Atlando Esports - December 17, HAHA XD (Coach) leaves.
EuropeHAHA XDAtlando EsportsCoach
LNG Esports - December 17, LNG Esports moves their home Venue from Chongqing Expo to Yangcheng International Esports Center.
Abyssal Esport Club - December 17, Agumon (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeAgumonAbyssal Esport ClubHead Coach
FALKN - December 17, Wallin (Social Media Manager) joins.
EuropeWallinFALKNSocial Media Manager
Valhalla Vikings - December 17, Wallin (Social Media Manager) leaves.
EuropeWallinValhalla VikingsSocial Media Manager
Rogue Warriors - December 17, MingZhe (Coach) joins.
ChinaMingZheRogue WarriorsCoach
Suning - December 17, Angel (Top to Mid) and Weiwei (Jungle to Bot) change positions. Easyhoon (Assistant Coach) leaves.
ChinaAngel (Xiang Tao)SuningTopSuningMid
ChinaEasyhoonSuningAssistant Coach
Suning-S - December 17,
Assum joins.
Rogue Warriors - December 17,
Killua leaves.
ChinaKilluaRogue WarriorsSupport
LGD Gaming - December 17,
Killua joins.
ChinaKilluaLGD GamingSupport
LNG Academy - December 17,
Light leaves for main roster.
ChinaLight (Wang Guang-Yu)LNG AcademyBot
LNG Esports - December 17,
Light joins as substitute from academy roster.
ChinaLight (Wang Guang-Yu)LNG EsportsBottrue
Team WE - December 17,
yimeng joins as substitute.
ChinayimengTeam WEMidtrue
Invictus Gaming Young - December 17,
Yi moves to starting roster.
705 and
Forge leave.
Fate leaves for main roster.
China705Invictus Gaming YoungTop
ChinaForgeInvictus Gaming YoungMid
ChinaFate (Peng Jun-Jie)Invictus Gaming YoungSupport
ChinaYi (Zhang Shuai)Invictus Gaming YoungToptrueInvictus Gaming YoungTop
Vici Gaming - December 17,
Forge joins.
ChinaForgeVici GamingMid
Invictus Gaming - December 17,
Fate joins from academy roster.
ChinaFate (Peng Jun-Jie)Invictus GamingSupport
Rogue Warriors Shark - December 17,
Panfeng leaves.
ChinaPanfengRogue Warriors SharkSupport
JD Gaming - December 17,
705 and
Panfeng join as substitutes.
China705JD GamingToptrue
ChinaPanfengJD GamingSupporttrue
JD Gaming - December 17, Panfeng renames to Peace.
Vici Gaming Potential - December 17,
Steel leaves.
ChinaSteelVici Gaming PotentialMid
Rogue Warriors - December 17,
Steel joins as substitute.
ChinaSteelRogue WarriorsMidtrue
Rogue Warriors - December 17, Steel renames to Wuming.
Bilibili Gaming Junior - December 17,
Chieftain leaves.
ChinaChieftainBilibili Gaming JuniorJungle
Vici Gaming - December 17,
Chieftain joins.
ChinaChieftainVici GamingJungle
FunPlus Phoenix Blaze - December 17,
Mingjing, and
April leave for main roster.
Chinaxiao7FunPlus Phoenix BlazeTop
ChinaMingjingFunPlus Phoenix BlazeJungle
ChinaAprilFunPlus Phoenix BlazeBot
FunPlus Phoenix - December 17,
Mingjing, and
April rejoin from academy roster.
Chinaxiao7FunPlus PhoenixTop
ChinaMingjingFunPlus PhoenixJungle
ChinaAprilFunPlus PhoenixBot
ESports Connected - December 17, Bbq Oliverslogo std.pngbbq Olivers rebrands as ESports Connectedlogo std.pngESports Connected.
bbq Olivers - December 17,
Mocha, Kage (Head Coach), GiZMO (Coach), Saroo (Coach), and Jamie (General Manager) leave.
KoreaJackPoT (Park Jin-soo)bbq OliversTop
KoreaRacoon (Park Sung-ho)bbq OliversJungle
KoreaTankbbq OliversMid
KoreaRain (An Hyeon-guk)bbq OliversBot
KoreaMocha (Kim Tae-gyeom)bbq OliversSupport
KoreaKage (Seo Jin-woong)bbq OliversHead Coach
KoreaSaroobbq OliversCoach
KoreaGiZMObbq OliversCoach
KoreaJamiebbq OliversGeneral Manager
ESports Connected - December 17,
Mocha, Kage (Head Coach), GiZMO (Coach), Saroo (Coach), and Jamie (General Manager) join.
KoreaJackPoT (Park Jin-soo)ESports ConnectedTop
KoreaLapisESports ConnectedTop
KoreaMooJinESports ConnectedJungle
KoreaRacoon (Park Sung-ho)ESports ConnectedJungle
KoreaTankESports ConnectedMid
KoreaRain (An Hyeon-guk)ESports ConnectedBot
KoreaMocha (Kim Tae-gyeom)ESports ConnectedSupport
KoreaKage (Seo Jin-woong)ESports ConnectedHead Coach
KoreaSarooESports ConnectedCoach
KoreaGiZMOESports ConnectedCoach
KoreaJamieESports ConnectedGeneral Manager
Nine Tale - December 17, KeSPA renames to AbeL.
Team WE - December 17, inkwan (Manager) joins.
Jiumeng moves to starting roster.
957 leaves.
Clever9 leaves for academy roster.
ChinaClever9Team WEToptrue
China957Team WEToptrue
ChinaJiumengTeam WEBottrueTeam WEBot
ChinainkwanTeam WEManager
Team WE Academy - December 17,
Clever9 rejoins from main roster.
ChinaClever9Team WE AcademyTop
Suning - December 17, Fury (Coach) rejoins.
ChinaFury (Lee Jin-yong)SuningCoach
Bilibili Gaming Junior - December 17,
Moonlight leaves for main roster.
ChinaMoonlightBilibili Gaming JuniorSupport
Bilibili Gaming - December 17,
Moonlight joins as substitute from academy roster.
ChinaMoonlightBilibili GamingSupporttrue
LGD Gaming - December 17,
Fenfen joins as substitute.
ChinaFenfenLGD GamingMidtrue
Royal Never Give Up - December 17,
Wink leaves.
ChinaWinkRoyal Never Give UpBottrue
eStar (Chinese Team) - December 17,
Wink joins.
ChinaWinkeStar (Chinese Team)Bot
Vodafone Giants.Spain - December 17, FearlessS (Head Coach) and Emi (Strategic Coach)'s contracts are extended.
EuropeFearlessSVodafone Giants.SpainHead CoachVodafone Giants.SpainHead Coach
EuropeEmiVodafone Giants.SpainStrategic CoachVodafone Giants.SpainStrategic Coach
Vici Gaming - December 17, Loong (Head Coach) leaves.
ChinaLoongVici GamingHead Coach
Istanbul Wildcats - December 17,
Only35 leaves.
TurkeyOnly35Istanbul WildcatsSupport
CNB e-Sports Club - December 17,
Hy0g4 leaves.
BrazilHy0g4CNB e-Sports ClubJungle
Santos e-Sports - December 17,
Hy0g4 joins.
BrazilHy0g4Santos e-SportsJungle
Gambit Esports - December 17,
Edward rejoins.

Jestkui Max leaves.
CISJestkui MaxGambit EsportsSupport
CISEdwardGambit EsportsSupport
Wicked Gaming - December 17,
RotteBengi leaves.
EuropeRotteBengiWicked GamingSupport
Vipers Inc - December 17,
Kalhira leaves.
EuropeKalhiraVipers IncSupport
Atlando Esports - December 17,
xLynge leaves.
EuropexLyngeAtlando EsportsBot
ad hoc gaming - December 17,
Bean leaves.
EuropeBeanad hoc gamingBot
Berlin International Gaming - December 17,
Bean joins.
EuropeBeanBerlin International GamingBot
CNB e-Sports Club - December 17,
Hawk leaves.
BrazilHawk (Gabriel Gomes)CNB e-Sports ClubSupport
Santos e-Sports - December 17,
Sarkis and
Hawk join.
BrazilSarkisSantos e-SportsBot
BrazilHawk (Gabriel Gomes)Santos e-SportsSupport
EURONICS Gaming - December 17,
Tiger leaves.
EuropeTiger (Alan Roger)EURONICS GamingBot
Wicked Gaming - December 17,
FaceHurt leaves.
EuropeFaceHurtWicked GamingMidtrue
Cloud9 Academy - December 17,
Jukes leaves.
North AmericaJukesCloud9 AcademyToptrue
Team SoloMid - December 17,
Akaadian leaves.
North AmericaAkaadianTeam SoloMidJungle
TSM Academy - December 17,
Akaadian leaves.
North AmericaAkaadianTSM AcademyJungle
Dignitas Academy - December 17,
Akaadian joins.
North AmericaAkaadianDignitas AcademyJungle
ESports Connected - December 17,
JackPoT is set to leave, having already joined Santos e-Sportslogo std.pngSantos e-Sports.
KoreaJackPoT (Park Jin-soo)ESports ConnectedTopESports ConnectedTop
Santos e-Sports - December 17,
JackPoT and
Rainbow join.
BrazilJackPoT (Park Jin-soo)Santos e-SportsTop
BrazilRainbow (Kim Soo-gi)Santos e-SportsMid
Team Queso - December 17,
DuaLL leaves.
EuropeDuaLLTeam QuesoSupport
Rogue Warriors - December 17,
Ley joins.
ChinaLeyRogue WarriorsSupport
Rogue Warriors - December 17,
Ruby joins.
ChinaRubyRogue WarriorsMid
Vici Gaming - December 17,
Maestro joins.
ChinaMaestro (Hu Jian-Xin)Vici GamingSupport
Rogue Warriors - December 17,
Crazy joins.
ChinaCrazy (Kim Jae-hee)Rogue WarriorsTop
Rogue Warriors - December 17, HooN (Head Coach) joins.
ChinaHooN (Kim Nam-hoon)Rogue WarriorsHead Coach
EDward Gaming Youth Team - December 17,
Cult leaves.
ChinaCultEDward Gaming Youth TeamTop
LGD Gaming - December 17,
Cult joins.
ChinaCultLGD GamingTop
MAD Team - December 17, Achie (Coach) leaves.
LMSAchieMAD TeamCoach
Bilibili Gaming - December 17, Achie (Coach) and Kane (Translator) join. Java (Coach) joins from academy roster. Lin Chen (Manager) leaves.
Alielie and
Kine leave for academy roster.
ChinaAlielieBilibili GamingToptrue
ChinaKineBilibili GamingSupporttrue
ChinaLin ChenBilibili GamingManager
ChinaAchieBilibili GamingCoach
ChinaJavaBilibili GamingCoach
ChinaKane (Jiang Yong)Bilibili GamingTranslator
Bilibili Gaming - December 17, Xiaoliulian renames to Wings.
Bilibili Gaming Junior - December 17,
Kine joins from main roster.

Alielie rejoins from main roster.
Java (Coach) leaves for main roster.
ChinaJavaBilibili Gaming JuniorCoach
ChinaAlielieBilibili Gaming JuniorTop
ChinaKineBilibili Gaming JuniorSupport
Vici Gaming - December 17, Maokai (Coach) joins.
ChinaMaokai (Yang Ji-Song)Vici GamingCoach
LNG Esports - December 17, Liao Jia-Ming (Analyst) joins. GuYueXin (Positional Coach) leaves.
ChinaGuYueXinLNG EsportsPositional Coach
ChinaLiao Jia-MingLNG EsportsAnalyst
Vici Gaming - December 17,
Zeka joins.
ChinaZeka (Kim Geon-woo)Vici GamingMid
Burning Core - December 17,
Proud joins.
JapanProudBurning CoreSupport
QLASH Forge - December 17,
Demon12 leaves.
EuropeDemon12QLASH ForgeJungle
LinGan e-Sports - December 17,
Chelly, and
Par join.
Summer (Sub/Bot to Support) changes position. fortunate (Jungle to Coach) changes position.
ChinaSummer (Jiao Li-Peng)LinGan e-SportsBottrueLinGan e-SportsSupport
Chinafortunate (Liang Jian)LinGan e-SportsJungleLinGan e-SportsCoach
ChinaKai (Lin Yen-Kai)LinGan e-SportsJungle
ChinaParLinGan e-SportsSupport
ChinaChelly (Li Yu-Zhou)LinGan e-SportsBot
Nine Tale - December 17, Team disbands.
Rebble, Cho Gyu-baek (Head Coach), and Cammly (Coach) leave.
KoreahinuNine TaleTop
KoreaWitNine TaleTop
KoreaWilderNine TaleJungle
KoreakeineNine TaleMid
KoreaAbeLNine TaleBot
KoreaRebbleNine TaleSupport
KoreaCho Gyu-baekNine TaleHead Coach
KoreaCammlyNine TaleCoach
100 Thieves Academy - December 17,
Contractz's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2022.
Dignitas Academy - December 17,
Akaadian's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.
TSM Academy - December 17,
Spica's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.
Gen.G - December 17,
Kellin's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
5 Ronin - December 17, Exorant (Head Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.