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Current Roster Change Portals:

Dec 20[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
SuperEsports - December (approx.),
Zest, 1c (Coach), NaNa (Coach), and Naz (CEO) leave.
LMSNexus (Tung Tung)SuperEsportsTop
LMSZest (Hsieh Ming-Hsuan)SuperEsportsSupport
LMSNaNa (Chou Li-Yen)SuperEsportsCoach
ANSOLJID - December (approx.),
Teehee leaves.
Arctic Gaming Mexico - December 20,
1an leaves.
Latin America1anArctic Gaming MexicoMid
VietnamSuccessCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Jungle
LJL - December 20, Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks gaminglogo std.pngFukuoka SoftBank Hawks gaming is selected to join the LJL, replacing Unsold Stuff Gaminglogo std.pngUSG.
Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks gaming - December 20, Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks gaming is announced as the team selected to join the LJL, replacing Unsold Stuff Gaminglogo std.pngUnsold Stuff Gaming.
Unsold Stuff Gaming - December 20,
Tussle, and
Dasher leave.
JapanArumikUnsold Stuff GamingTop
JapanTussleUnsold Stuff GamingJungle
JapanDasherUnsold Stuff GamingMid
Unsold Stuff Gaming - December 20, Rahui (Coach) leaves.
JapanRahuiUnsold Stuff GamingCoach
Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks gaming - December 20,
Honey, and
Pooh join.

Arumik joins as substitute.
JapanDasherFukuoka SoftBank Hawks gamingTop
JapanTussleFukuoka SoftBank Hawks gamingJungle
JapanRamuneFukuoka SoftBank Hawks gamingMid
JapanHoney (Park Bo-heon)Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks gamingBot
JapanPooh (Norimitsu Hosogai)Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks gamingSupport
JapanArumikFukuoka SoftBank Hawks gamingToptrue
Dire Wolves - December 20,
Bowstring joins.
OceaniaBowstringDire WolvesBot
Top Esports Challenger - December 20,
Mantouz leaves.
ChinaMantouzTop Esports ChallengerMidtrue
Oh My Dream - December 20,
Jzr leaves.
ChinaJzrOh My DreamJungletrue
Young Miracles - December 20,
Xing, and Zhou Xing-Chen (Coach) join.
ChinaJzrYoung MiraclesJungle
ChinaMantouzYoung MiraclesTop
ChinaXiaoKangYoung MiraclesTop
ChinabadboyYoung MiraclesMid
ChinaXing (Liu Jia-Xing)Young MiraclesBot
ChinaZhou Xing-ChenYoung MiraclesCoach
Young Miracles - December 20, caipuxin renames to badboy.
Invictus Gaming Young - December 20, Yi renames to zs.
Intrepid Fox Gaming - December 20,
Namex leaves.
EuropeNamexIntrepid Fox GamingBot
Royal Youth - December 20, Enatron (Head Coach) rejoins.
TurkeyEnatronRoyal YouthHead Coach - December 20,
Agresivoo leaves.
QLASH Forge - December 20,
Color leaves.
EuropeColorQLASH ForgeTop
Misfits Premier - December 20,
Agresivoo joins.
EuropeAgresivooMisfits PremierTop
Vodafone Giants Academy - December 20,
Shiro, and Miau (Head Coach) leave.
EuropeRubi0oVodafone Giants AcademyTop
EuropeNyx (Óscar Ruiz Vargas)Vodafone Giants AcademyJungle
EuropeJavierVodafone Giants AcademyMid
EuropeAce (Ignacio Piaggio Correo)Vodafone Giants AcademyBot
EuropeViketoxVodafone Giants AcademySupport
EuropeShiro (Jaime Marfil)Vodafone Giants AcademyJungletrue
EuropeMiauVodafone Giants AcademyHead Coach
Team Flash.Vietnam - December 20,
Slayder will remain with the team for 2020.
VietnamSlayderTeam Flash.VietnamBotTeam Flash.VietnamBot
Bastille Legacy - December 20, GotoOne (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeGotoOneBastille LegacyHead Coach
Immortals - December 20, GotoOne (Assistant Coach) and Malaclypse (Analyst) join.
North AmericaMalaclypseImmortalsAnalyst
North AmericaGotoOneImmortalsAssistant Coach
Infinity Esports Colombia - December 20,
Wikko leaves.
Latin AmericaWikkoInfinity Esports ColombiaJungle
Rainbow7 - December 20, Wikko (Strategic Coach) joins.
Latin AmericaWikkoRainbow7Strategic Coach
Rainbow7 - December 20, Khynm (Positional Coach) joins.
Latin AmericaKhynmRainbow7Positional Coach
LMF - December 20, River Plate Esportslogo std.pngRiver Plate Esports is selected to join the LMF, replacing Cream Esportslogo std.pngCream Esports.
River Plate Esports - December 20, River Plate Esports is announced as the team selected to join the LMF, replacing Cream Esportslogo std.pngCream Esports.
Undead Gaming - December 20, QFa (Head Analyst) leaves.
Latin AmericaQFaUndead GamingHead Analyst
Rainbow7 - December 20, QFa (Data Analyst) joins.
Latin AmericaQFaRainbow7Data Analyst
CNB e-Sports Club - December 20,
Duclou leaves.
BrazilDuclouCNB e-Sports ClubTop
G2 Esports - December 20, Britanni Johnson (Head of Creators) joins.
EuropeBritanni JohnsonG2 EsportsHead of Creators
Dropz Esports - December 20,
Taba leaves.
EuropeTabaDropz EsportsBot
North AmericaMilkshake MacThe College of Saint RoseBot
North AmericaDisalvatorThe College of Saint RoseSupport
Western Michigan University - December 20, TooTallTank (Treasurer) leaves.
North AmericaTooTallTankWestern Michigan UniversityTreasurer