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{{RosterChangeData/Line|team=R7 |region=LAT |source= |display_date=2020-01-xx |approx=yes
{{RosterChangeData/Line|team=R7 |region=LAT |source= |display_date=2020-01-xx |approx=yes
|pre={{RCPlayer|player=QFa |role=Data Analyst |status= }}
|pre={{RCPlayer|player=QFa |nolink=yes |role=Data Analyst |status= }}
|post={{RCPlayer|player= |role= |status= }}
|post={{RCPlayer|player= |role= |status= }}

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Current Roster Change Portals:

Dec 29[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Cloud9 Academy - December 29, Noukky (Team Manager) joins.
North AmericaNoukkyCloud9 AcademyTeam Manager
Cloud9 Academy - December (approx.), Vincent (Team Manager) leaves.
North AmericaVincentCloud9 AcademyTeam Manager
FC Schalke 04 Esports - December 29,
Abbedagge will remain with the team for 2020.
EuropeAbbedaggeFC Schalke 04 EsportsMidFC Schalke 04 EsportsMid
Galatasaray Academy - December 29,
Rhioni leaves.
TurkeyRhioniGalatasaray AcademyBot
Berlin International Gaming - December 29, Alastraea (Analyst,Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeAlastraeaBerlin International GamingAnalyst/Team Manager
EuropeRedNose PandaAequilibritas E-Sports DenmarkJungletrue
New Dynasty - December 29,
RedNose Panda, and
Silas join.

Aldwar and
Bardo will remain with the team for 2020.
Tony and
Cybonox leave.
EuropeTonyNew DynastyTop
EuropeCybonoxNew DynastyJungle
EuropeAldwarNew DynastyBotNew DynastyBot
EuropeBardoNew DynastySupportNew DynastySupport
EuropeLoocaNew DynastyTop
EuropeRedNose PandaNew DynastyJungle
EuropeSilasNew DynastyMid
Griffin - December 29,
Kabbie moves to starting roster.
EVOS Esports - December 29,
Hiro joins.
VietnamHiro (Trần Lê Trung Hậu)EVOS EsportsTop
Team AURORA - December 29,
Padden leaves.
TurkeyPaddenTeam AURORABot
HG Esports - December 29, Garions (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeGarionsHG EsportsHead Coach
MOBA ROG - December 29, Leask (LoL Director) leaves.
EuropeLeaskMOBA ROGLoL Director
Cyberground Gaming - December 29, Leask (LoL Director) rejoins.
EuropeLeaskCyberground GamingLoL Director
BaeconGG - December 29,
Mafra leaves.
BaeconGG - December 29,
Croka leaves.
BaeconGG - December 29,
Gugaz leaves.
BaeconGG - December 29,
Muka leaves.
Royal Club - December (approx.),
Heaven, and
idt join.
Poppy (Coach) rejoins.
7WO, and
Jump leave.
ChinaXiaobaiRoyal ClubTop
ChinaCryinRoyal ClubMid
China7WORoyal ClubJungletrue
ChinaJumpRoyal ClubBottrue
ChinaPoppy (Chang Po-Hao)Royal ClubCoach
Chinabear (Cai Ye-Lin)Royal ClubMid
ChinaHeaven (Cheng Hao)Royal ClubBot
Chinasmall17Royal ClubJungle
ChinaKiy1n9Royal ClubJungle
ChinaidtRoyal ClubSupport
ChinaXiaoxuRoyal ClubTop
ChinaXiaochaoRoyal ClubMid
Olympe eSports - December 29,
Ricadam leaves.
EuropeRicadamOlympe eSportsTop

Dec 30[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
EVOS Esports - December 30,
Pake joins.
VietnamPakeEVOS EsportsMid
Abyssal Esport Club - December 30,
Jervo joins.
EuropeJervoAbyssal Esport ClubTop
Team WE - December 30, Noex (Coach) joins.
ChinaNoexTeam WECoach
EVOS Esports - December 30, Harbinger (Training Facility Manager to Support) changes position.
VietnamHarbingerEVOS EsportsTraining Facility ManagerEVOS EsportsSupport
Cyberground Gaming - December 30,
Unravel leaves.
EuropeUnravelCyberground GamingTop
Free Agent - December 30, Unravel renames to Valkyrie.
Elements Pro Gaming - December 30,
Archie2b retires.
Dignitas Academy - December 30,
Rodov's departure is confirmed.
North AmericaRodovDignitas AcademyTop
Cloud9 - December 30, Portilho (Social Media Manager to Senior Social Media Manager) changes position.
North AmericaPortilhoCloud9Social Media ManagerCloud9Senior Social Media Manager
Greek Regenesis - December 30, Dom1nant (Mid to Support) changes position.
EuropeDom1nantGreek RegenesisMidGreek RegenesisSupport
Greek Regenesis - December 30,
Dom1nant's contract is extended.
EuropeDom1nantGreek RegenesisSupportGreek RegenesisSupport
Coliseo Dragons - December 30, Hayha (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaHayhaColiseo DragonsHead Coach
Azules Esports - December 30, Hayha (Analyst) joins. MisterG (Head Coach) and Athoz (Assistant Coach) will remain with the team for 2020.
Latin AmericaMisterGAzules EsportsHead CoachAzules EsportsHead Coach
Latin AmericaAthozAzules EsportsAssistant CoachAzules EsportsAssistant Coach
Latin AmericaHayhaAzules EsportsAnalyst
Feint Gaming - December 30, Feint Gaminglogo std.pngFeint Gaming and Sinisterslogo std.pngSinisters merge, they will compete under the Sinisters brand moving forward.
Scryers, and LaGrange (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaAddowFeint GamingTop
Latin AmericaRenkonFeint GamingJungle
Latin AmericaFrescoFeint GamingJungle
Latin AmericaLarianFeint GamingMid
Latin AmericaApokalipseFeint GamingBot
Latin AmericaGalixxFeint GamingSupport
Latin AmericaScryersFeint GamingSupporttrue
Latin AmericaLaGrangeFeint GamingHead Coach
Sinisters - December 30, Feint Gaminglogo std.pngFeint Gaming and Sinisterslogo std.pngSinisters merge, they will compete under the Sinisters brand moving forward.
FunPlus Esports - December 30, Fish (Caster) leaves.
SEAFish (Matthew Stewart)FunPlus EsportsCaster
Valorous - December 30, Fisher (Strategic Coach) joins.
Latin AmericaFisherValorousStrategic Coach
Samsung Morning Stars - December 30,
Fittle leaves.
EuropeFittleSamsung Morning StarsSupport
Maryville University - December 30, Benji (Assistant Coach) joins.
North AmericaBenji (Benjamin deMunck)Maryville UniversityAssistant Coach
HG Esports - December (approx.),
Gamagotchi and
Bloodymark leave.
EuropeGamagotchiHG EsportsBot
EuropeBloodymarkHG EsportsSupporttrue

Dec 31[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
QTV Gaming - December (approx.), QTV (Owner, Top to Owner) changes position.
Kaiz and
Zodiac leave.
VietnamKaizQTV GamingJungle
VietnamZodiacQTV GamingSupport
VietnamQTVQTV GamingOwner, TopQTV GamingOwner
Vanir - December 31,
Levi leaves.
EuropeLevi (Besmir Jakupi)VanirSupport
Izi Dream - December 31, Bronwie (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeBronwieIzi DreamTeam Manager
Defusekids - December 31, Dice joins as substitute.
PostFinance Helix - December 31,
Wild Joshy, NicoThePico (Head Coach), and Utama (Assistant Coach) leave.
EuropePride (Mahdi Nasserzadeh)PostFinance HelixTop
EuropeGreenfirePostFinance HelixJungle
EuropeVangoPostFinance HelixMid
EuropePoloPostFinance HelixBot
EuropeWild JoshyPostFinance HelixSupport
EuropeNicoThePicoPostFinance HelixHead Coach
EuropeUtamaPostFinance HelixAssistant Coach
Elements Pro Gaming - December 31,
Phlaty leaves.
CISPhlatyElements Pro GamingMid - December 31,
Matislaw leaves.
EuropeRobbaKV Mechelen EsportsTop
EuropeMussiahKV Mechelen EsportsJungle
EuropeDreAmZyYKV Mechelen EsportsMid
EuropeLifelessKV Mechelen EsportsBot
EuropeFlubbertjeKV Mechelen EsportsSupport
Team GamerLegion - December 31,
Visdom, MrBaneBlade (Head Coach), and Shiro (Assistant Coach) leave.
EuropeFl4merTeam GamerLegionTop
EuropeAgurinTeam GamerLegionJungle
EuropeDraganeTeam GamerLegionMid
EuropeFunk3yTeam GamerLegionBot
EuropeVisdomTeam GamerLegionSupport
EuropeMrBaneBladeTeam GamerLegionHead Coach
EuropeShiro (Lukas Wibben)Team GamerLegionAssistant Coach
MAD Lions E.C. - December 31,
Freeze is removed from the GCD.
EuropeFreezeMAD Lions E.C.Bot
Gen.G Academy - December (approx.),
Meaning and
Neat join.
KoreaMeaningGen.G AcademyTop
KoreaNeat (Korean Player)Gen.G AcademyJungle
T1 Academy - December (approx.),
Allmight joins.
KoreaAllmightT1 AcademyMid

Jan 01[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Origen - January (approx.), Kayys (Analyst to Head of Scouting & Strategic Coach) changes position.
EuropeKayysOrigenAnalystOrigenHead of Scouting & Strategic Coach
SANDBOX Gaming Academy - January (approx.),
Serenity joins.
KoreaSerenitySANDBOX Gaming AcademySupport
NecroRaisers - January (approx.),
Kyoshi, and
Munet join.

PanikaWoW and
Skyp rejoin.
iNvolute - January (approx.),
Čapla, and
Snappy join.
Inaequalis Invicta - January (approx.),
reedfoo, and
Smarty join.
EuropewelcomInaequalis InvictaTop
EuropeSaveroInaequalis InvictaJungle
EuropeGhostíkInaequalis InvictaMid
EuropereedfooInaequalis InvictaBot
EuropeSmartyInaequalis InvictaSupport
Vikingekrig Academy - January (approx.),
Downed joins as substitute.
EuropeDownedVikingekrig AcademyMidtrue
Box Gaming - 2020 (approx.),
Yban joins.
VietnamYbanBox GamingSupport
Electronik Generation B - January (approx.),
Skeidroum leaves.
EuropeSkeidroumElectronik Generation BSupport
Brussels Guardians Academy - January (approx.), Team is formed.
Le Gros Kiwi,
shizouh, and Shoganaî (Head Coach) join.
EuropeLe Gros KiwiBrussels Guardians AcademyTop
EuropeBanderoBrussels Guardians AcademyJungle
EuropeNathellBrussels Guardians AcademyMid
EuropeYazhoxBrussels Guardians AcademyBot
EuropeshizouhBrussels Guardians AcademySupport
EuropeShoganaîBrussels Guardians AcademyHead Coach
Hanwha Life Esports Academy - January (approx.),
NAKJI, and
Burger join.
KoreaFatalHanwha Life Esports AcademyTop
KoreaNAKJI (Hanwha Life Esports)Hanwha Life Esports AcademyBot
KoreaBurgerHanwha Life Esports AcademySupport
Elyandra eSport - January 1,
Hydrale, Ilios (Coach), and Carakutcha (Analyst) join.
EuropeWhipElyandra eSportTop
EuropeHydraleElyandra eSportBot
EuropeIliosElyandra eSportCoach
EuropeCarakutchaElyandra eSportAnalyst
EGN Esports - January (approx.), Mizuki (Assistant Manager) leaves.
EuropeMizukiEGN EsportsAssistant Manager
Old Players - January (approx.),
Ruk leaves.
VietnamRukOld PlayersMid
Maximal - January (approx.),
Ruk joins.
Holy Knights - January 1, SrVenancio (Analyst) joins.
Latin AmericaSrVenancioHoly KnightsAnalyst
S2V Esports Academy - January 1,
BleKz leaves.
EuropeBleKzS2V Esports AcademyMid
QLASH Spain - January 1,
Baloo, and Kiino (Manager) join.
EuropeUshualaQLASH SpainTop
EuropeVixzyQLASH SpainJungle
EuropeBleKzQLASH SpainMid
EuropePølQLASH SpainBot
EuropeBalooQLASH SpainSupport
EuropeKiinoQLASH SpainManager
Fylkir Esports - January (approx.),
Addi, and
whyzmedbrah join.

CashMoneh and
Big Chunglord move to substitutes.
YoungMoneh leaves.
EuropeBig ChunglordFylkir EsportsBotFylkir EsportsBottrue
EuropeYoungMonehFylkir EsportsMid
EuropeCashMonehFylkir EsportsJungleFylkir EsportsJungletrue
EuropeLummaFylkir EsportsJungle
EuropeAddi (Arnar Snæland)Fylkir EsportsMid
EuropewhyzmedbrahFylkir EsportsBot
Robert Morris University Illinois - January (approx.),
Fritz joins.
learning brain (Jungle to Support) changes position.
North Americalearning brainRobert Morris University IllinoisJungleRobert Morris University IllinoisSupport
North AmericaFritzRobert Morris University IllinoisTop
SUNY Fredonia - January (approx.),
DoransNippleRing moves to substitute.
IAMTROLLMASTER (Coach) is no longer listed on the official roster as substitute.
North AmericaDoransNippleRingSUNY FredoniaSupportSUNY FredoniaSupporttrue
North AmericaIAMTROLLMASTERSUNY FredoniaCoachSUNY FredoniaCoach/Bot
Missouri Valley College - January (approx.),
Matthew leaves.
North AmericaMatthew (Roger Perkin)Missouri Valley CollegeTop
Bifrost - January 1,
Energy (Manager),
Skive med sylte,
Takeset, and
Joununquaksisium join.

Cleanser joins as temporary substitute for NC 2020 Spring Qualifiers.
EuropeSkive med sylteBifrostBot
Misfits Gaming - January (approx.), jakazolo (Social Media and Marketing Director to Operations) changes position.
EuropejakazoloMisfits GamingSocial Media and Marketing DirectorMisfits GamingOperations
Team Vitality - January (approx.), Howins (COO Right-Hand Man to IT Manager) and WhiTe PenGoiN (Social Media Manager to Head of Communications) change positions. Théo Cesarini (Merchandising Assistant) leaves.
EuropeThéo CesariniTeam VitalityMerchandising Assistant
EuropeWhiTe PenGoiNTeam VitalitySocial Media ManagerTeam VitalityHead of Communications
EuropeHowinsTeam VitalityCOO Right-Hand ManTeam VitalityIT Manager
G2 Esports - January (approx.), Roman Koudous (Head of Legal / Attorney-at-law) joins. HuskY (Head of Team Operations to Head of Esports Operations) changes position. Holger Jakob (Head of Legal) leaves.
EuropeHolger JakobG2 EsportsHead of Legal
EuropeHuskYG2 EsportsHead of Team OperationsG2 EsportsHead of Esports Operations
EuropeRoman KoudousG2 EsportsHead of Legal / Attorney-at-law
Fnatic - January (approx.), Craig Santicchia (Partnerships Manager to Partner Development Director) changes position. Benoit Pagotto (Brand Director,Head of Marketing) leaves.
EuropeCraig SanticchiaFnaticPartnerships ManagerFnaticPartner Development Director
EuropeBenoit PagottoFnaticBrand Director/Head of Marketing
Immortals - January (approx.), Kodiak Shroyer (Director of Player Performance and Competitive Operations to VP of Competitive Operations) changes position.
North AmericaKodiak ShroyerImmortalsDirector of Player Performance and Competitive OperationsImmortalsVP of Competitive Operations
MTW Gaming - January (approx.),
FUN K3y,
Viggo, Garih (Head Coach), Sivi (Assistant Coach), JolyThePsych (Psychologist), and MC Tapout (Team Manager) join.
EuropeYuregansuMTW GamingTop
EuropeConsequentMTW GamingTop
EuropeBalrog70MTW GamingJungle
EuropeJakobobbiMTW GamingJungle
EuropeInDeedMTW GamingMid
EuropeAkenMTW GamingMid
EuropeHauHauMTW GamingBot
EuropeFUN K3yMTW GamingBot
EuropeLion (Leon Anton)MTW GamingSupport
EuropeViggoMTW GamingSupport
EuropeMC TapoutMTW GamingTeam Manager
EuropeGarihMTW GamingHead Coach
EuropeSiviMTW GamingAssistant Coach
EuropeJolyThePsychMTW GamingPsychologist
Michigan State University - January (approx.), I Am Nerø (Analyst) joins.
North AmericaI Am NerøMichigan State UniversityAnalyst
The Plan - January (approx.), EBL spot is acquired by Elementaries Esport Club.
Elementaries Esport Club - January (approx.), EBL spot of The Plan is acquired.
Dynasty - January 1, New Dynastylogo std.pngNew Dynasty rebrands as Dynastylogo std.pngDynasty.
Supernova - January 1,
Gweiss leaves.
North AmericaGweiss (Garrett Weiss)SupernovaSupport
SK Gaming - January 1, Nini (Head of Social Media) leaves.
EuropeNiniSK GamingHead of Social Media
SK Gaming Prime - January 1,
Werlyb leaves.
EuropeWerlybSK Gaming PrimeTop
Galatasaray Esports - January 1,
Ragner is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
TurkeyRagnerGalatasaray EsportsTopGalatasaray EsportsTop
Granit Gaming - January 1, Zavex (Assistant Manager) leaves.
EuropeZavexGranit GamingAssistant Manager
Golden Guardians - January 1, Potluck (Two-Way Player Coach) leaves.
North AmericaPotluckGolden GuardiansTwo-Way Player Coach
Golden Guardians Academy - January 1, Potluck (Two-Way Player Coach) leaves.
North AmericaPotluckGolden Guardians AcademyTwo-Way Player Coach
Team Liquid Academy - January 1,
Insanity leaves.
North AmericaInsanityTeam Liquid AcademyMid
Immortals - January 1,
Allorim and
Gate leave for academy roster.
North AmericaAllorimImmortalsTop
North AmericaGateImmortalsSupport
Immortals Academy - January 1,
Insanity and
Apollo join.

Potluck's joining is confirmed.

Allorim and
Gate will remain with the team for 2020.
North AmericaAllorimImmortals AcademyTopImmortals AcademyTop
North AmericaGateImmortals AcademySupportImmortals AcademySupport
North AmericaPotluckImmortals AcademyJungle
North AmericaInsanityImmortals AcademyMid
North AmericaApollo (Apollo Price)Immortals AcademyBot
SAMCLAN Esports Club - January 1,
miigas leaves.
EuropemiigasSAMCLAN Esports ClubSupport
Talon Esports - January 1,
Hanabi joins.
SEAHanabiTalon EsportsTop
Cloud9 Academy - January 1, Reignover (Head Coach) is added to the academy roster in the GCD.
North AmericaReignoverCloud9 AcademyHead Coach
San Diego State University - January 1,
Kimo and
AsianBjerg move to starting roster.
BTang moves to substitute.
Porom and
Mizu leave.
North AmericaBTangSan Diego State UniversitySupportSan Diego State UniversitySupporttrue
North AmericaAsianBjergSan Diego State UniversityMidtrueSan Diego State UniversityMid
North AmericaKimoSan Diego State UniversityJungletrueSan Diego State UniversityJungle
North AmericaMizuSan Diego State UniversityMid
North AmericaPoromSan Diego State UniversityJungle
Aequilibritas E-Sports - January 1, KAPPOBY (Owner) leaves.
EuropeKAPPOBYAequilibritas E-SportsOwner
Butler University - January 1,
FrickinAmazin joins.

Kekw giga smurf rejoins.

WontBeBanned joins as substitute.
Butler Mac (Bot to Jungle) and Butler Moon (Top to Sub/Bot) change positions.
Butler Andy and
Butler MGL move to substitutes.
North AmericaButler AndyButler UniversityTopButler UniversityToptrue
North AmericaButler MoonButler UniversityTopButler UniversityBottrue
North AmericaButler MGLButler UniversityJungleButler UniversityJungletrue
North AmericaButler MacButler UniversityBotButler UniversityJungle
North AmericaFrickinAmazinButler UniversityTop
North AmericaKekw giga smurfButler UniversityBot
North AmericaWontBeBannedButler UniversitySupporttrue
North AmericaiTunes Gift CardUniversity of the PacificTop
North AmericaOshosiUniversity of the PacificJungle
North AmericaGoogle Play CardUniversity of the PacificSupport
Team Genji - January 1,
DeFrantic, and iConquer (Team Manager) join.
EuropeNorthenlightsTeam GenjiTop
EuropeGjergsenTeam GenjiJungle
EuropeTsiperakosTeam GenjiMid
EuropeVaynedetaTeam GenjiBot
EuropeDeFranticTeam GenjiSupport
EuropeiConquerTeam GenjiTeam Manager
Cloud9 Academy - January 1, Reignover (Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2022.
Immortals Academy - January 1,
Insanity, and
Apollo's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.
Gate's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.
Louisiana State University - January 1, Tuan renames to Jitoki.
Louisiana State University - January (approx.), Maddie (Manager) joins. Jitoki joins as substitute.
Saeva leaves.
North AmericaSaevaLouisiana State UniversityMid
North AmericaJitokiLouisiana State Universitytrue
North AmericaMaddieLouisiana State UniversityManager
Rainbow7 - January (approx.), QFa (Data Analyst) leaves.
Latin AmericaQFaRainbow7Data Analyst
QTV Gaming - 2020 (approx.),
Mias joins.
VietnamMiasQTV GamingTop
QTV Gaming - 2020 (approx.), Mias renames to HoangTuGT.
GTZ Bulls - January (approx.),
kyuu, and
Obstinatus join.
EuropeObstinatusGTZ BullsSupport
EuropekyuuGTZ BullsMid
EuropeDiggerWacksGTZ BullsTop
Boise State University - 2020 (approx.),
Cobalt and
Knight Kerry leave.
North AmericaCobaltBoise State UniversityJungle
North AmericaKnight KerryBoise State UniversitySupporttrue

Jan 02[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Greek Regenesis - January 2,
Siler joins.
EuropeSilerGreek RegenesisMid
Team Vitality - January 2,
Attila leaves.
EuropeAttilaTeam VitalityBot
Vodafone Giants.Spain - January 2,
Attila rejoins.
EuropeAttilaVodafone Giants.SpainBot
Wisła Płock eSports - January 2,
Ben3k leaves.
EuropeBen3kWisła Płock eSportsJungle
Enclave Gaming - January 2,
Akabane leaves.
EuropeAkabaneEnclave GamingJungle
Unfazed Esport - January 2,
Jujutw0, and
Helaz join.
EuropeWylenzUnfazed EsportTop
EuropeAkabaneUnfazed EsportJungle
EuropeEyhroUnfazed EsportMid
EuropeJujutw0Unfazed EsportBot
EuropeHelazUnfazed EsportSupport
MOBA ROG - January 2, Cense (Team Manager) retires.
MOBA ROG - January 2,
Aki leaves.
EuropeAki (Daniel Lauri)MOBA ROGMid
Samsung Morning Stars - January 2,
Aki joins.
EuropeAki (Daniel Lauri)Samsung Morning StarsMid
Team Liquid Academy - January 2,
Matt leaves.
North AmericaMattTeam Liquid AcademySupport
Evil Geniuses Academy - January 2,
Deftly and
Matt join.
North AmericaDeftlyEvil Geniuses AcademyBot
North AmericaMattEvil Geniuses AcademySupport
Illuminar Gaming - January 2,
Puki Style,
delord, and VoV (Head Coach) leave.
EuropedelordIlluminar GamingSupport
EuropePuki StyleIlluminar GamingBot
EuropeSebekxIlluminar GamingMid
EuropeVoVIlluminar GamingHead Coach
Greek Regenesis - January 2,
DahVys joins.
EuropeDahVysGreek RegenesisJungle
Valorous - January 2, Sly Fox (Head Coach) joins.
Latin AmericaSly FoxValorousHead Coach
Izi Dream - January 2, Dinep (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeDinepIzi DreamHead Coach
Rogue Warriors - January 2, gossamer (Analyst), Christian (Translator, Leader), Leon (Leader), and syc (Training Director) join.
Huanggai and
HwQ leave for academy roster.
ChinaHwQRogue WarriorsMidtrue
ChinaHuanggaiRogue WarriorsSupport
ChinagossamerRogue WarriorsAnalyst
ChinasycRogue WarriorsTraining Director
ChinaLeon (Wei Jia-Hao)Rogue WarriorsLeader
ChinaChristianRogue WarriorsTranslator, Leader
Rogue Warriors - January 2, 4LivcloveR renames to gazero.
Rogue Warriors Shark - January 2,
HwQ and Huanggai (Coach) rejoin from main roster.
ChinaHwQRogue Warriors SharkMid
ChinaHuanggaiRogue Warriors SharkCoach
piratesports - January 2,
Dambaj leaves.
JD Gaming - January 2, Team is fined 350,000 CNY.
Talon Esports - January 2,
Candy joins.
SEACandy (Kim Seung-ju)Talon EsportsMid
EGN Esports - January 2,
Dreedy leaves.
EuropeDreedyEGN EsportsTop

Jan 03[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
PRIDE (Polish Team) - January 3,
Eścik leaves.
EuropeEścikPRIDE (Polish Team)Top
G2 Esports - January 3, G2 Arctic is formed in partnership with Arctic Gaming.
G2 Arctic - January 3, Team is formed by G2 Esports in partnership with Arctic Gaming.
UCAM Esports Club - January 3, Penguinslogo std.pngUCAM Penguins renames to UCAM Esports Clublogo std.pngUCAM Esports Club.
Evil Geniuses Academy - January 3,
Brandini and
Kadir join.
North AmericaBrandiniEvil Geniuses AcademyTop
North AmericaKadirEvil Geniuses AcademyJungle
MOBA ROG - January 3,
StenBosse leaves.
EuropeStenBosseMOBA ROGTop
Samsung Morning Stars - January 3,
StenBosse joins.
EuropeStenBosseSamsung Morning StarsTop
Demise - January 3,
Batu leaves.
Granit Gaming - January 3,
Womber and
Skeden leave.
EuropeWomberGranit GamingTop
EuropeSkedenGranit GamingJungle
FALKN - January 3,
Charlie Orre, and
FlayStation join.

Skeden rejoins.

Diablo, and
Klaj leave.
EuropeDiablo (Swedish Player)FALKNMid
EuropeCharlie OrreFALKNBot
MAD Lions E.C. - January 3,
Shlatan leaves.
EuropeShlatanMAD Lions E.C.Jungle
K1ck eSports Club - January 3, Team moves to Poland to participate in Ultraliga.
Puki Style, and
Raxxo join.

Gotzy, and
Joo leave.
EuropeWeiZoRK1ck eSports ClubTop
EuropeBacaK1ck eSports ClubMid
EuropeGotzyK1ck eSports ClubBot
EuropeJoo (João Pereira)K1ck eSports ClubSupport
EuropeiBoK1ck eSports ClubTop
EuropeShlatanK1ck eSports ClubJungle
EuropeMatislawK1ck eSports ClubMid
EuropePuki StyleK1ck eSports ClubBot
EuropeRaxxoK1ck eSports ClubSupport
Hillerød eSport - January 3,
Flipper leaves.
EuropeFlipperHillerød eSportJungle
Cyberground Gaming - January 3,
Flipper leaves.
EuropeFlipperCyberground GamingJungletrue
Unfazed Esport - January 3, Farrhell (Head Coach) and Rejakar (Assistant Coach) join.
EuropeFarrhellUnfazed EsportHead Coach
EuropeRejakarUnfazed EsportAssistant Coach
UniQ Esports Club - January 3,
D3RK1NG155, Soft (Head Coach), and Swift (Manager) join.

Björnen Baloo rejoins.

Smailord, and
GodChele leave.
EuropeJukestarUniQ Esports ClubTop
EuropeL2CTRLUniQ Esports ClubJungle
EuropeiPawUniQ Esports ClubJungle
EuropeSleepWeUniQ Esports ClubMid
EuropeBulletsUniQ Esports ClubBot
EuropeSmailordUniQ Esports ClubBot
EuropeGodCheleUniQ Esports ClubSupport
EuropeOdoUniQ Esports ClubTop
EuropeFlipperUniQ Esports ClubJungle
EuropeRoyalKaninUniQ Esports ClubMid
EuropeD3RK1NG155UniQ Esports ClubBot
EuropeBjörnen BalooUniQ Esports ClubSupport
EuropeSoft (Swedish Player)UniQ Esports ClubHead Coach
EuropeSwift (Swedish Player)UniQ Esports ClubManager
Talon Esports - January 3,
Kaiwing joins.
SEAKaiwingTalon EsportsSupport
Evil Geniuses Academy - January 3,
Deftly, and
Matt's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.
MAD Lions - January 3,
Orome and Mac (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 21 November 2022.
MAD Lions - January 3,
Kaiser, and Kaas (Assistant Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.
MAD Lions - January 3,
Humanoid's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
MAD Lions E.C. - January 3,
Falco, and
Prime's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
North AmericaNightstarArizona State UniversityBot
North AmericaPseudoArizona State UniversitySupport
G2 Esports - January 3, Perkz renames to PERKZ.

Jan 04[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
UDLP eSports - January (approx.),
GodChele joins.
EuropeGodCheleUDLP eSportsSupport
EuropeZombieKungenLundqvist LightsideTop
EuropeCastLundqvist LightsideJungle
EuropeDraganeLundqvist LightsideMid
EuropeZpikeeLundqvist LightsideBot
EuropeTaremoLundqvist LightsideSupport
Team 7AM - January 4, Exos (Streamer) joins.
EuropeExosTeam 7AMStreamer
MnM Gaming - January 4,
Only Angel leaves.
EuropeOnly AngelMnM GamingTop
University of Denver - January 4,
Saeta joins.

Pharaoh rejoins.

Sylphrena leaves.
North AmericaSylphrenaUniversity of DenverJungle
North AmericaPharaohUniversity of DenverJungle
North AmericaSaetaUniversity of DenverTop
Riddle Esports - January 4,
Khomzar and
Apples join.

Tide and
Denden rejoin.

Brorheim joins as temporary substitute for NC 2020 Spring Qualifier 1.

HHNeverLucky leaves.
EuropeHHNeverLuckyRiddle EsportsMid
EuropeKhomzarRiddle EsportsTop
EuropeApplesRiddle EsportsMid
EuropeBrorheimRiddle EsportsJungle
EuropeTideRiddle EsportsBot
EuropeDendenRiddle EsportsSupport
Racoon (Italian Team) - January 4,
Godbro leaves.
EuropeGodbroRacoon (Italian Team)Mid
Adriatic Wolves - January 4,
Godbro leaves.
EuropeGodbroAdriatic WolvesMid
Dusty - January 4,
Warden, and
BeBopBulli join.
Bonni (Head Coach to Manager) changes position. Bad Habit (Support to Assistant Manager) changes position.
Nippla and
Zarzator move to substitutes. Eikarhjarta (General Manager) leaves.
EuropeBonniDustyHead CoachDustyManager
EuropeBad HabitDustySupportDustyAssistant Manager
EuropeEikarhjartaDustyGeneral Manager
Atlando Esports - January 4,
Thor joins.

Andreasfwk rejoins.
EuropeAndreasfwkAtlando EsportsTop
EuropeThorAtlando EsportsBot
Hybrid Esports - January 4,
Accziz rejoins.

Potatismjöl joins as temporary substitute for NC 2020 Spring Qualifier 1.

DeFrantic leaves.
EuropeDeFranticHybrid EsportsSupport
EuropePotatismjölHybrid EsportsTop
EuropeAcczizHybrid EsportsSupport
Fortress Esports - January 4,
xLynge, and
RotteBengi join.

SezzeR rejoins.
Raxon (Sub/Mid to Top) changes position.
Knighter and
Naxyy leave.
EuropeKnighterFortress EsportsMid
EuropeNaxyyFortress EsportsBot
EuropeRaxonFortress EsportsMidtrueFortress EsportsTop
EuropeNijhuisFortress EsportsTop
EuropeSezzeRFortress EsportsJungle
EuropeGodbroFortress EsportsMid
EuropexLyngeFortress EsportsBot
EuropeRotteBengiFortress EsportsSupport
Granit Gaming - January 4,
Linops joins.

Jenxas and
Dambaj join as temporary substitutes for NC 2020 Spring Qualifier 1.

Speechless and
Infinity leave.
EuropeSpeechlessGranit GamingToptrue
EuropeInfinity (Pablo Elias Ralston)Granit GamingJungletrue
EuropeLinopsGranit GamingTop
EuropeJenxasGranit GamingJungle
EuropeDambajGranit GamingBot
Energypot Wizards - January 4,
Advienne leaves.
EuropeAdvienneEnergypot WizardsSupport
Godsent - January 4,
knighter, and
Advienne join.

WeiZoR rejoins.

Adept, and
POILK leave.
EuropeAesthetic (Frank Norqvist)GodsentJungle
Nordavind - January 4,
Taikki, and
H1IVA join.

P1noy joins as temporary substitute for NC 2020 Spring Qualifiers.

Ploxy, and
Tide leave.
EuropeAtom (Peter Thomsen)NordavindTop
Celestial Gaming - January 4,
lil ambivert,
Espen, and Moerianna (LoL Manager) leave.
EuropeKOOLBERGCelestial GamingTop
Europelil ambivertCelestial GamingBot
EuropeEskiiCelestial GamingSupport
EuropeEspenCelestial GamingToptrue
EuropeMoeriannaCelestial GamingLoL Manager
Fact Revolution - January 4,
espen5b and
Doctor Neerup join.

Nomi rejoins.

Slemp leaves.
EuropeSlempFact RevolutionTop
Europeespen5bFact RevolutionTop
EuropeDoctor NeerupFact RevolutionSupport
EuropeNomiFact RevolutionBot
MAD Lions E.C. - January 4,
Sharp leaves.
EuropeSharp (Anders Lilleengen)MAD Lions E.C.Jungle
Viking Esports (Norwegian Team) - January 4,
lil ambivert,
eskii, and Moerianna (Manager) join.
EuropeKOOLBERGViking Esports (Norwegian Team)Top
EuropeSharp (Anders Lilleengen)Viking Esports (Norwegian Team)Jungle
EuropeHHNeverLuckyViking Esports (Norwegian Team)Mid
Europelil ambivertViking Esports (Norwegian Team)Bot
EuropeeskiiViking Esports (Norwegian Team)Support
EuropeMoeriannaViking Esports (Norwegian Team)Manager
Hillerød eSport - January 4,
Grineren, and styllEE (Assistant Coach) join.

PederseNN leaves.
EuropePederseNNHillerød eSportSupport
EuropeSebcraftHillerød eSportTop
EuropeMikmerHillerød eSportJungle
EuropeGrinerenHillerød eSportSupport
EuropeMixsiHillerød eSportJungle
EuropestyllEEHillerød eSportAssistant Coach
Unfazed Esport - January 4, Malau (Manager) joins.
EuropeMalauUnfazed EsportManager
Defusekids - January 4, Gevous (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeGevousDefusekidsHead Coach
Samsung Morning Stars - January 4,
DrMatt joins.
EuropeDrMattSamsung Morning StarsBot
Samsung Morning Stars - January 4,
Acefos leaves.
EuropeAcefosSamsung Morning StarsTop
Cyberground Gaming - January 4,
Acefos joins.

Vrow rejoins.
EuropeAcefosCyberground GamingTop
EuropeVrowCyberground GamingMid
Cyberground Gaming - January 4,
Crocomux leaves.
EuropeCrocomuxCyberground GamingMid
Barrage Esports - January 4,
Kd0 leaves.
EuropeKd0Barrage EsportsBot
GeekCase eSports - January 4, Myiana (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeMyianaGeekCase eSportsHead Coach
Talon Esports - January 4,
Unified joins.
SEAUnifiedTalon EsportsBot
20SECTIONS - January 4, Trung Vladimir (Streamer) leaves.
VietnamTrung Vladimir20SECTIONSStreamer
Academy SBTC - January 4, Trung Vladimir (Streamer) joins.
VietnamTrung VladimirAcademy SBTCStreamer
The College of Saint Rose - January 4,
KuraiSienz joins.
BornRonin (Mid to Top) and liquidsun123 (Top to Bot) change positions.
North AmericaBornRoninThe College of Saint RoseMidThe College of Saint RoseTop
North Americaliquidsun123The College of Saint RoseTopThe College of Saint RoseBot
North AmericaKuraiSienzThe College of Saint RoseMid
White Bears eSports - January 4, Krawser (Assistant Coach) joins.
Latin AmericaKrawserWhite Bears eSportsAssistant Coach
Misfits Premier - January 4,
Agresivoo's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.