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Current Roster Change Portals:

Mar 29[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Lunary - March 29,
Exakick joins as temporary substitute for Days 9 - 11 of LFL Division 2 2020, replacing Jbzz.
Team Vitality - March 29,
Selfie's contract expires.
EuropeSelfieTeam VitalityMid
Victory Five - March 29, Mole (Mid to Top) changes position.
ChinaMoleVictory FiveMidVictory FiveTop
Crvena zvezda Esports - March 29, Sméagol (Coach) joins.
EuropeSméagolCrvena zvezda EsportsCoach
MTW Gaming - March 29,
Balrog70 leaves.
EuropeBalrog70MTW GamingJungle
Illuminar Gaming - March 29,
Unforgiven is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeUnforgiven (William Nieminen)Illuminar GamingBotIlluminar GamingBot
Enclave Gaming - March 29, ATL (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeATLEnclave GamingHead Coach
Enclave Gaming - March 29, Shiklin (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeShiklinEnclave GamingAssistant Coach
Team Queso - March 29,
Aizhon is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeAizhonTeam QuesoSupportTeam QuesoSupport
Inside Games - March 29,
Leviathan leaves.
EuropeLeviathan (Alexandros Mamasoulas)Inside GamesJungletrue
PGN - March 29, PlacementIcon1.pngYDN Gamerslogo std.pngYDN Gamers PlacementIcon2.pngRacoon (Italian Team)logo std.pngRacoon in the PG Nationals 2020 Spring Playoffs.
Oserv Esport - March 29,
Wylfer leaves.
EuropeWylferOserv EsportSupport
Tempered Fate - March 29,
Deniz leaves.
EuropeDenizTempered FateBot
UKLC - March 29, PlacementIcon1.pngFnatic Risinglogo std.pngFnatic Rising PlacementIcon2.pngBT Excellogo std.pngBT Excel in the UKLC 2020 Spring Playoffs.
EBL2018 - March 29, Energypot Wizardslogo std.pngEnergypot Wizards qualifies for EU Masters 2020 Spring.
Dark Quality - March 29,
Demonmix leaves.
Latin AmericaDemonmixDark QualitySupport
Deliverance Esports - March 29,
Demonmix joins.

Sazz, and Xkey Destiny (Head Coach) rejoin.

Archer, and
GoldenRoss join as substitutes.
Jtoru (Sub/Mid to Sub/Top) changes position.
Latin AmericaJtoruDeliverance EsportsMidtrueDeliverance EsportsToptrue
Latin AmericaInfamousDeliverance EsportsMid
Latin AmericaSazzDeliverance EsportsBot
Latin AmericaDemonmixDeliverance EsportsSupport
Latin AmericaBallackDeliverance EsportsMidtrue
Latin AmericaSeiferDeliverance EsportsBottrue
Latin AmericaGoldenRossDeliverance EsportsSupporttrue
Latin AmericaArcher (Andrés Duran)Deliverance EsportsSupporttrue
Latin AmericaXkey DestinyDeliverance EsportsHead Coach
Deliverance Esports - March 29, Sunriser renames to YanlordPR.
Crvena zvezda Esports - March 29, Sméagol (Coach) leaves.
EuropeSméagolCrvena zvezda EsportsCoach
Upper Echelon - March 29,
Nadro leaves.
EuropeNadroUpper EchelonSupporttrue
ACE 1 - March 29,
AZR, and
Agussz leave.
Latin AmericaKapppaACE 1Top
Latin AmericaAZRACE 1Bot
Latin AmericaAgusszACE 1Support
GeekSide Esports - March 29,
Porogami joins.
Latin AmericaPorogamiGeekSide EsportsMid

Mar 30[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Dutch Community Team - March 30,
Rich Brian and
Youli join.

Swirliix moves to substitute.
TheRealSlimShady leaves.
EuropeTheRealSlimShadyDutch Community TeamMid
EuropeSwirliixDutch Community TeamBotDutch Community TeamBottrue
EuropeRich BrianDutch Community TeamMid
EuropeYouliDutch Community TeamBot
Sanctum - March 30,
Zyneste and
Jimsnop leave.
Absolved UK - March 30,
Thomas Goh and
Regan leave.
EuropeThomas GohAbsolved UKMid
EuropeReganAbsolved UKSupport
Upper Echelon - March (approx.),
Flif, and
prmk leave.
EuropeDehasteUpper EchelonMid
EuropePatkicaAUpper EchelonTop
EuropeFlifUpper EchelonBot
EuropeprmkUpper EchelonSupport
Inside Games - March 30,
BadPie and
Drop leave.
EuropeDrop (Vincent Rietberg)Inside GamesBot
EuropeBadPieInside GamesTop
Oserv Esport - March 30,
Pathéoche and
Renewal leave.
EuropePathéocheOserv EsportTop
EuropeRenewal (French Player)Oserv EsportJungle
MnM Gaming - March 30,
Achuu leaves.
EuropeAchuuMnM GamingBot
Dark Passage - March 30,
Achuu joins.
TurkeyAchuuDark PassageBot
Elementaries Esport Club - March 30, Trap (Coach) leaves.
EuropeTrapElementaries Esport ClubCoach
Cometa Team - March 30,
Make leaves.
EuropeMakeCometa TeamSupport
Movistar Riders Academy - March 30,
Make joins.
EuropeMakeMovistar Riders AcademySupport
Belgian League - March 30, Sector Onelogo std.pngSector One qualifies for EU Masters 2020 Spring.
Elyandra eSport - March 30,
Hydrale, and
Hazen leave.
EuropeWhipElyandra eSportTop
EuropeStormaxElyandra eSportJungle
EuropePacouElyandra eSportMid
EuropeHydraleElyandra eSportBot
EuropeHazenElyandra eSportSupport
Unfazed Esport - March 30, Roster and LFL Division 2 spot is acquired by Kameto Corp.
Helaz, Rejakar (Assistant Coach), and Malau (Manager) leave.
EuropeWylenzUnfazed EsportTop
EuropeRicadamUnfazed EsportTop
EuropeAkabaneUnfazed EsportJungle
EuropeEyhroUnfazed EsportMid
EuropeNUCLEAR INTUnfazed EsportMid
EuropeJujutw0Unfazed EsportBot
EuropeHelazUnfazed EsportSupport
EuropeRejakarUnfazed EsportAssistant Coach
EuropeMalauUnfazed EsportManager
Kameto Corp - March 30, Roster and LFL Division 2 spot of Unfazed Esport is acquired.
Helaz, Rejakar (Coach), and Malau (Manager) join.
EuropeAdam (Adam Maanane)Kameto CorpTop
EuropeAkabaneKameto CorpJungle
EuropeNuclearintKameto CorpMid
EuropeJujutw0Kameto CorpBot
EuropeHelazKameto CorpSupport
EuropeRejakarKameto CorpCoach
EuropeMalauKameto CorpManager
Bifrost - March 30,
TakeSet leaves.
OG Esports - March 30,
Zefdi joins as substitute.
Latin AmericaZefdiOG EsportsSupporttrue
Resurgence - March 30,
Do1u1u's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.
Balistik Esport - March 30,
Petit Café, and
Thorstein leave.
EuropeRinoariBalistik EsportTop
EuropePetit CaféBalistik EsportBot
EuropeThorsteinBalistik EsportSupport
Fragbox Gaming - March 30,
Tropa leaves.
EuropeTropaFragbox GamingBot
LDL - March 30, Top Esportslogo std.pngTop Esports Challenger forfeits the LDL 2020 Spring Season due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Greek Regenesis - March 30, Greek Regenesis is banned from the GLL for 12 months.
x6tence - March 30, Ronchas (Director) leaves.
Kaizen Esports - March 30,
Mortuario, and
Ichiwin leave.
Latin AmericaJTLKaizen EsportsTop
Latin AmericaMortuarioKaizen EsportsBot
Latin AmericaIchiwinKaizen EsportsSupport
Zwan Gaming Colombia - March 30, GL 2020 Closing Promotion spot of Buscamos Organizacion is acquired after a rebrand.
Ichiwin, Milihea (Head Coach), and SrVenancio (Analyst) join.

Crusader joins as substitute.
Latin AmericaJTLZwan Gaming ColombiaTop
Latin AmericaPoesiaZwan Gaming ColombiaJungle
Latin AmericaMawufZwan Gaming ColombiaMid
Latin AmericaMortuarioZwan Gaming ColombiaBot
Latin AmericaIchiwinZwan Gaming ColombiaSupport
Latin AmericaCrusaderZwan Gaming ColombiaMidtrue
Latin AmericaMiliheaZwan Gaming ColombiaHead Coach
Latin AmericaSrVenancioZwan Gaming ColombiaAnalyst
Newstar - March 30,
Egotistic, and
Aakash are allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Overload leaves.
Latin AmericaDerateroNewstarTopNewstarTop
Latin AmericaReconNewstarJungleNewstarJungle
Latin AmericaOverload (Facundo Piccininno)NewstarMidtrue
Latin AmericaEgotisticNewstarBotNewstarBot
Latin AmericaAakashNewstarSupportNewstarSupport

Mar 31[edit]

Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Impunity - March 31,
gvbfnc joins.
Fnatic - March 31, Careion (Team Operations) leaves.
EuropeCareionFnaticTeam Operations
Fnatic Rising - March 31, Careion (Team Operations) leaves.
EuropeCareionFnatic RisingTeam Operations
Quantum Vortex - March 31 (approx.), Team disbands.
Berkhoffje, and Drekxhin leave.
EuropeXiosQuantum VortexMid
EuropeGhanixQuantum VortexBot
EuropeBerkhoffjeQuantum VortexSupport
EuropeDrekxhinQuantum Vortextrue
Team WE Academy - March 31,
Viod and ChangAn (Coach) join.

Chen9 leaves.
ChinaChen9Team WE AcademyMid
ChinaViod (Lu Fan)Team WE AcademySupport
ChinaChangAnTeam WE AcademyCoach
Shield Esport Academy - March 31,
Zoelys, and Lusciana (Manager) join.
EuropeWushiShield Esport AcademyTop
EuropeSuiShield Esport AcademyJungle
EuropeStar (French Player)Shield Esport AcademyMid
EuropeKazennShield Esport AcademyBot
EuropeZoelysShield Esport AcademySupport
EuropeLuscianaShield Esport AcademyManager
Barrage Esports - March 31,
Reclamation leaves.
EuropeReclamationBarrage EsportsSupporttrue
Mythos Gaming - March 31,
Reclamation leaves.
EuropeReclamationMythos GamingSupporttrue
ad hoc gaming - March 31, aNu (Sales Manager) leaves.
EuropeaNuad hoc gamingSales Manager
Berlin International Gaming - March 31, Sleepy (Strategic Coach) leaves.
EuropeSleepy (Álvaro Onteniente)Berlin International GamingStrategic Coach
Crvena zvezda Esports - March 31,
Hiro leaves.
EuropeHiro (Nguyên Đại Hải)Crvena zvezda EsportsBot
LDLC OL - March 31,
Monk leaves.
EuropeMonk (Joosep Kivilaan)LDLC OLBot
Hybrid Esports - March 31,
Sharp leaves.
EuropeSharp (Anders Lilleengen)Hybrid EsportsJungle
RED Canids - March 31, Nuddle (Head Coach) leaves.
BrazilNuddleRED CanidsHead Coach
Atlando Esports - March 31, Revo (Coach) leaves.
EuropeRevo (Mikkel Freno)Atlando EsportsCoach
mYinsanity - March 31,
Glowing leaves.
Illuminar Gaming - March 31, Flash (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeFlash (Michał Kosicki)Illuminar GamingHead Coach
Hillerød eSport - March 31,
moxokx leaves.
EuropemoxokxHillerød eSportBot
Dragon Army - March 31,
Arnax joins.

Paranoia leaves.
CISParanoiaDragon ArmyMid
CISArnaxDragon ArmyMid
Ultraliga - March 31, AGO ROGUElogo std.pngAGO ROGUE qualifies for EU Masters 2020 Spring.
SAIM SE - March 31, Roster is released from the organization.
TasteLess, and Realistik (Coach) leave.
EuropeDarlikSAIM SETop
EuropeStefanSAIM SEJungle
EuropeKashtelanSAIM SEMid
EuropeNikolaSAIM SEBot
EuropeTasteLessSAIM SESupport
EuropeRealistikSAIM SECoach
Aethra Esports - March 31,
Tuomari is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeTuomariAethra EsportsTopAethra EsportsTop
Enclave Gaming - March 31,
Air is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
EuropeAir (Shenghao He)Enclave GamingMidtrueEnclave GamingMidtrue
Dutch League - March 31, Defusekidslogo std.pngDefusekids qualifies for EU Masters 2020 Spring.
ACE 1 - March 31,
Forni leaves.
Latin AmericaForniACE 1Jungle
Malvinas Gaming - March 31,
TomnaM and
Shmebu leave.
Latin AmericaTomnaMMalvinas GamingBot
Latin AmericaShmebuMalvinas GamingSupport
Exalty - March 31,
Belette, and Koni (Coach) are allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Gen.G Academy - March 31,
Moo, and Lyn (Head Coach) join.
Koreanyx (Kim Min-su)Gen.G AcademyJungle
KoreaOpheliaGen.G AcademyMid
KoreaMoo (Lim Mu-heon)Gen.G AcademyBot
KoreaLynGen.G AcademyHead Coach
AGO ROGUE - March 31, Tasz (Analyst) joins.
EuropeTaszAGO ROGUEAnalyst
Aethra Esports Gold - March 31,
Tyrok leaves.
EuropeTyrokAethra Esports GoldTop
ODIN Gaming - March 31,
TxZ, and
N4v1n are allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Latin AmericaAhKODIN GamingTopODIN GamingTop
Latin AmericaTxZODIN GamingToptrueODIN GamingToptrue
Latin AmericaiGevezeODIN GamingBotODIN GamingBot
Latin AmericaN4v1nODIN GamingBottrueODIN GamingBottrue
Latin AmericaRosenODIN GamingSupportODIN GamingSupport
AION Esports - March 31,
Termo, Hurón (Assistant Coach), and Hyena (Strategic Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaBurritoAION EsportsTop
Latin AmericaWinter (Gonzalo Sponza)AION EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaTermoAION EsportsMid
Latin AmericaHyenaAION EsportsStrategic Coach
Latin AmericaHurónAION EsportsAssistant Coach
EuropeBKarvGamespace Mediterranean College EsportsCoach
Team Refuse - March 31, Nassic (Assistant Coach), Loudovic (Manager), and Zira Ross (Manager) leave.
EuropeNassicTeam RefuseAssistant Coach
EuropeZira RossTeam RefuseManager
EuropeLoudovicTeam RefuseManager
Team Refuse - March 31, iConquer (Analyst to Manager) changes position.
EuropeiConquerTeam RefuseAnalystTeam RefuseManager
Anorthosis Famagusta Esports - March 31, BKarv (Head Coach), NasSiC (Assistant Coach), Loudovic (Team Director), and Zira Ross (Team Manager) join.
EuropeLoudovicAnorthosis Famagusta EsportsTeam Director
EuropeZira RossAnorthosis Famagusta EsportsTeam Manager
EuropeBKarvAnorthosis Famagusta EsportsHead Coach
EuropeNasSiCAnorthosis Famagusta EsportsAssistant Coach
eSports Nord e.V. - March (approx.),
Arka, LeaOne (Head Coach), and JunO (Analyst) leave.
EuropeRickintoneSports Nord e.V.Top
EuropeFightesereSports Nord e.V.Jungle
EuropeTsurieSports Nord e.V.Mid
EuropeNemesis (Jonas Nitzsche)eSports Nord e.V.Bot
EuropeArkaeSports Nord e.V.Support
EuropeLeaOneeSports Nord e.V.Head Coach
EuropeJunOeSports Nord e.V.Analyst

Apr 01[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Percent Esports - 2020 (approx.),
Eagle joins.
VietnamEaglePercent EsportsJungle
FlyQuest - April (approx.), Michael Choi (Director of Operations to COO) changes position.
North AmericaMichael ChoiFlyQuestDirector of OperationsFlyQuestCOO
Team Singularity - April (approx.), STXRM (Team Manager to Head Coach) changes position.
EuropeSTXRMTeam SingularityTeam ManagerTeam SingularityHead Coach
Defusekids - April 1, Dice leaves.
Tundra Gaming - April (approx.), Team disbands.
Koichi, and Myaiachii (Manager) leave.
EuropeHachi (Davy de Graaf)Tundra GamingTop
Europestan123Tundra GamingJungle
EuropeSmigloTundra GamingMid
EuropeRechterTundra GamingBot
EuropeKoichiTundra GamingSupport
EuropeMyaiachiiTundra GamingManager
Machi Esports - April 1, Boss renames to Hong.
Legend Esport Gaming - April 1, August (Jungle to Top) and Andy (Top to Mid) change positions.
ChinaAugustLegend Esport GamingJungleLegend Esport GamingTop
ChinaAndy (Zhang Jie)Legend Esport GamingTopLegend Esport GamingMid
V5 87 - April 1, yanzu1 (Bot to Jungle) changes position.
Chinayanzu1V5 87BotV5 87Jungle
Bilibili Gaming Junior - April 1,
virus leaves for main roster.
Chinavirus (Shi Hao-Long)Bilibili Gaming JuniorBot
Bilibili Gaming - April 1,
Wings leaves for academy roster.
ChinaWings (Wang Shu-Kai)Bilibili GamingBottrue
Bilibili Gaming Junior - April 1,
Wings rejoins from main roster.
ChinaWings (Wang Shu-Kai)Bilibili Gaming JuniorBot
Bilibili Gaming - April 1,
virus joins as substitute from academy roster.
Chinavirus (Shi Hao-Long)Bilibili GamingBottrue
Bilibili Gaming - April 1, virus renames to Vortex.
Royal Club - April 1,
Heaven, and
idt leave.
ChinaXiaochaoRoyal ClubMid
ChinaHeaven (Cheng Hao)Royal ClubBot
ChinaidtRoyal ClubSupport
Invictus Gaming Young - April 1,
Penguin leaves.
ChinaPenguinInvictus Gaming YoungJungle
Oh My Dream - April 1,
Dom leaves.
ChinaDomOh My DreamTop
Victorious Gaming - April 1,
Kay and
yan leave.
ChinaKayVictorious GamingMid
Chinayan (Zhang Xiang-Wen)Victorious GamingSupport
Dominus Esports Young - April 1,
Koe joins.
ChinaKoeDominus Esports YoungMid
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming - April 1,
Beige and
Harder join.
ChinaBeigeShu Dai Xiong GamingJungle
ChinaHarderShu Dai Xiong GamingMid
mYinsanity - April 1,
Novachrono leaves.
PENTA 1860 - April 1,
Alca leaves.
EuropeAlcaPENTA 1860Mid
NVision Esports - April 1,
Adept leaves.
EuropeAdeptNVision EsportsMid
Hillerød eSport - April 1,
Mixsi leaves.
EuropeMixsiHillerød eSportJungle
Nordavind - April 1, Rnglol (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeRnglolNordavindHead Coach
Nordavind - April 1, Donby (Head of Performance to Head Coach) changes position.
EuropeDonbyNordavindHead of PerformanceNordavindHead Coach
BCN Squad - April 1,
Nixerino leaves.
EuropeNixerinoBCN SquadBot
Valorous - April 1,
Xeydon and
Glory are allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Latin AmericaXeydonValorousJungleValorousJungle
Latin AmericaGlory (Matías Maldonado)ValorousSupportValorousSupport
FroztFire Team - April 1, Sedrash (Head Coach) is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Latin AmericaSedrashFroztFire TeamHead CoachFroztFire TeamHead Coach
Malvinas Gaming - April 1,
SryNotSry is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Fear leaves.
Latin AmericaSryNotSryMalvinas GamingTopMalvinas GamingTop
Latin AmericaFear (Joel Reyna)Malvinas GamingMid
Flayn eSports - April 1,
Apples joins.
EuropeApplesFlayn eSportsMid
Cyberground Gaming - April 1,
MjrDee leaves.
EuropeMjrDeeCyberground GamingSupport
Zwan Gaming Mexico - April 1,
Foxy and
Sophyre leave.
Latin AmericaFoxyZwan Gaming MexicoBot
Latin AmericaSophyreZwan Gaming MexicoSupport
Galakticos Academy - April 1,
Scold is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyScoldGalakticos AcademyMid
Zwan Gaming - April 1,
Sophyre, and Focs (Head Coach) join.

TheSoulKing, and
Knight join as substitutes.
Latin AmericaFoxyZwan GamingBot
Latin AmericaSophyreZwan GamingSupport
Latin AmericaIceladenZwan GamingToptrue
Latin AmericaTheSoulKingZwan GamingJungletrue
Latin AmericaKnight (Esteban Salas)Zwan GamingSupporttrue
Latin AmericaFocsZwan GamingHead Coach
Valorous - April (approx.), Reign (Assistant Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaReign (Felipe Canto)ValorousAssistant Coach
Pixel Esports Club - April (approx.), Pirata (General Manager) leaves.
Latin AmericaPirataPixel Esports ClubGeneral Manager
ConViction - April 1,
Descraton joins.
North AmericaDescratonConVictionMid
Rejects Gaming - April 1,
2Cups, and
Gosberg join.
EuropeHitokiriRejects GamingTop
EuropeWoopsRejects GamingJungle
Europe2CupsRejects GamingMid
EuropeGosbergRejects GamingBot
Karma Clan Esports - April 1,
Kamyta, and Freedom (Head Coach) join.
EuropeArgonautKarma Clan EsportsTop
EuropeAlbaKarma Clan EsportsJungle
EuropeKaroqKarma Clan EsportsMid
EuropeMetroArcherKarma Clan EsportsBot
EuropeKamytaKarma Clan EsportsSupport
EuropeFreedomKarma Clan EsportsHead Coach
Eternals Gaming - April (approx.), Team disband.
Asthephante, and Gone (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaSoukkerEternals GamingTop
Latin AmericaRoyhaEternals GamingJungle
Latin AmericaAndroMEternals GamingMid
Latin Americaunf4mousEternals GamingBot
Latin AmericaSora (Cristopher Vera)Eternals GamingSupport
Latin AmericaAsthephanteEternals GamingMidtrue
Latin AmericaGone (Iván Hernández)Eternals GamingHead Coach
Bark Bark - April (approx.),
Oriku, and
Cat Ears join.
North AmericaShamwwowBark BarkTop
North AmericaInfectrixBark BarkJungle
North AmericaDARK WINGSBark BarkMid
North AmericaOrikuBark BarkBot
North AmericaCat EarsBark BarkSupport
Slaughter House - April (approx.),
Body joins.
North AmericaBodySlaughter HouseMid
Dark Quality - April (approx.), Team disband.
Keisch, MrNeto (Head Coach), Sarkyu (Assistant Coach), Revenchk (Analyst), and Inception (Head Analyst) leave.
Latin AmericaChosexDark QualityTop
Latin AmericaInkCrowDark QualityTop
Latin AmericaKillerDark QualityJungle
Latin AmericaBlackFrostDark QualityMid
Latin AmericaSnow (David Perez)Dark QualityMid
Latin AmericaPalitoDark QualityBot
Latin AmericaTON11Dark QualityToptrue
Latin AmericaRockyDark QualityJungletrue
Latin AmericaJuxxyDark QualityMidtrue
Latin AmericaKeischDark QualityBottrue
Latin AmericaMrNetoDark QualityHead Coach
Latin AmericaSarkyuDark QualityAssistant Coach
Latin AmericaInceptionDark QualityHead Analyst
Latin AmericaRevenchkDark QualityAnalyst
EuropeIrrelevant RoleManguste eSportsTop
Savage Esports - April (approx.),
Shij leaves.
Latin AmericaShijSavage EsportsJungle
Red Square - April (approx.),
Kongzhi, and
Tempos join.
North AmericaKékvinRed SquareTop
North AmericaIvanJYangRed SquareJungle
North AmericaAspect (Joshua Lee)Red SquareMid
North AmericaKongzhiRed SquareBot
North AmericaTemposRed SquareSupport
We Talent - April (approx.), Team is created.
Maiden, and Don Pajaro (Head Coach) join.
Latin AmericaMarth (Luis De La Rosa)We TalentTop
Latin AmericaChikitowWe TalentJungle
Latin AmericaVaresWe TalentMid
Latin AmericaAlannWe TalentBot
Latin AmericaMaidenWe TalentSupport
Latin AmericaDon PajaroWe TalentHead Coach

Apr 02[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Initial Esports - April 2,
Kanryuu leaves.
EuropeKanryuuInitial EsportsSupport
Kenty - April 2,
Warden joins.
Phelan Gaming - April 2,
Dragane leaves.
EuropeDraganePhelan GamingMid
Aequilibritas E-Sports - April 2, Klain (Analyst) leaves.
EuropeKlainAequilibritas E-SportsAnalyst
Granit Gaming - April 2, MostWanted (General Manager) leaves.
EuropeMostWantedGranit GamingGeneral Manager
BRCC - April 2, The Brazilian Challenger Circuit Split 1 will resume on April 13.
CBLOL - April 2, The CBLOL Split 1 will resume on April 10, with games played online.
Flamengo eSports - April 2,
Luskka, and Stardust (Strategic Coach) leave.
BrazilVvertFlamengo eSportsToptrue
BrazilwyLLFlamengo eSportsJungletrue
BrazilAslanFlamengo eSportsMidtrue
BrazilLuskkaFlamengo eSportsBottrue
BrazilStardust (Son Seok-hee)Flamengo eSportsStrategic Coach
YDN Gamers - April 2,
Gine leaves.
EuropeGineYDN GamersJungletrue
Demise - April 2, Fykling (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeFyklingDemiseHead Coach
Fortress Esports - April 2,
xLynge leaves.
EuropexLyngeFortress EsportsBot
WarKidZ E-Sports - April 2, Nahovsky (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeNahovskyWarKidZ E-SportsHead Coach
Crvena zvezda Esports - April 2,
Kektz leaves.
EuropeKektzCrvena zvezda EsportsTop
Kashtelan, and Realistik (Head Coach) join.

Nikola and
Stefan rejoin.
EuropeSpeeDyASUS ROG ELITEJungle
EuropeKashtelanASUS ROG ELITEMid
EuropeStefanASUS ROG ELITESupport
EuropeRealistikASUS ROG ELITEHead Coach
BCN Squad - April 2,
Homi leaves.
EuropeHomiBCN SquadSupport
FroztFire Team - April 2,
Blazerck, and
Wardian leave.
Latin AmericaZabatFroztFire TeamTop
Latin AmericaEXIMUSFroztFire TeamJungle
Latin AmericaBlazerckFroztFire TeamBot
Latin AmericaWardianFroztFire TeamSupport
Humanoids5 - April 2,
Kyon, and
Lyzer are allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Latin AmericaWamuHumanoids5TopHumanoids5Top
Latin AmericaBenjiGHumanoids5MidHumanoids5Mid
Latin AmericaS1CKZHumanoids5BotHumanoids5Bot
Latin AmericaKyonHumanoids5SupportHumanoids5Support
Latin AmericaLyzerHumanoids5SupporttrueHumanoids5Supporttrue
ACE 1 - April 2, Azkét (Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaAzkétACE 1Coach
Malvinas Gaming - April 2,
Kurckoo is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Latin AmericaKurckooMalvinas GamingMidtrueMalvinas GamingMidtrue
XTEN Esports - April 2,
Day Beats is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Latin AmericaDay BeatsXTEN EsportsJungleXTEN EsportsJungle
Outplayed - April 2,
Ciglio leaves.
Exalty - April 2, Wone (Manager) is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Diablo Chairs - April 2,
Unknown is set to retire after Ultraliga Season 4 Promotion.
Full Spectrum - April 2,
Fizzi, and
Rodov leave.
North AmericavilasFull SpectrumBot
North AmericaFizziFull SpectrumSupport
North AmericaDragonminkimFull SpectrumJungle
North AmericaRodovFull SpectrumToptrue
Cyberground Gaming - April (approx.),
Kamil, and
DejaVu leave.
EuropeAcefosCyberground GamingTop
EuropeKamilCyberground GamingJungle
EuropeDejaVuCyberground GamingMidtrue
Movistar Riders - April 2,
WidowMaker and
Raziel are added to the main roster in the GCD.
EuropeWidowMakerMovistar RidersJungletrue
EuropeRazielMovistar RidersBottrue
Movistar Riders - April 2,
Fendras, and Jarge (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Team Queso - April 2,
Aizhon, and SamCro (Head Coach)'s contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 30 April 2020.
UCAM Esports Club - April 2,
Rafitta, and
Plasma's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Vodafone Giants.Spain - April 2,
Th3Antonio's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Lamabear's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.

Apr 03[edit]

Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Maximal - April 3, Focus (Trn/Mid to Trn/Top) changes position.
Loyalty moves to starting roster.
VietnamFocus (Nguyễn Văn Anh Quân)MaximalMidtrueMaximalToptrue
Maximal - April 3, Draktharr renames to Loyalty.
Top Esports - April 3,
JackeyLove joins.
ChinaJackeyLoveTop EsportsBot
LDL - April 3, All matches on April 4 will be postponed to April 8 to observe a national day of mourning.
LPL - April 3, All matches on April 4 will be postponed to April 20 to observe a national day of mourning.
Baltic Masters - April 3, GameOn announces the indefinite suspension of their involvement in the Baltic Masters.
Aequilibritas E-Sports - April 3,
Polsayir leaves.
EuropePolsayirAequilibritas E-SportsToptrue
BCN Squad - April 3,
Rubi0o leaves.
EuropeRubi0oBCN SquadToptrue
RED Canids - April 3,
YoDa leaves.
BrazilYoDa (Felipe Noronha)RED CanidsMid
Another Troll Team - April 3,
Tarzán joins.
Latin AmericaTarzán (Fernando Mora)Another Troll TeamJungle
Orgless - April 3,
Vex rejoins as substitute as temporary substitute for UPL 2020 Spring Playoffs.
North AmericaVexOrglessBottrue
MAMMOTH - April 3, Caleb (Coach) is added to the GCD.
Furious Gaming Argentina - April 3,
Izaenk is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Latin AmericaIzaenkFurious Gaming ArgentinaTopFurious Gaming ArgentinaTop
Royal Club - April 3,
izzo and May (Coach) join.
ChinaizzoRoyal ClubMid
ChinaMay (Bai Ren-Jie)Royal ClubCoach
Furious Gaming - April 3, Betony (Assistant Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 3 May 2020.
MAMMOTH - April 3, Caleb (Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Istanbul Wildcats - April 3, LIB (Coach) joins.
TurkeyLIBIstanbul WildcatsCoach

Apr 04[edit]

Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Defusekids - April 4,
Cookie joins as substitute as temporary substitute for European Masters 2020 Spring.
EuropeCookie (Jakob Fransson)DefusekidsBottrue
Team Singularity Female - April 4,
Ravea leaves.
EuropeRaveaTeam Singularity FemaleTop
JD Gaming - April 4 (approx.), Zoom comes out of Coronavirus quarantine and moves back to the active position.
Aequilibritas E-Sports - April 4, Abuse (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeAbuseAequilibritas E-SportsTeam Manager
Riot Games Inc. - April 4, Liq (Head of Esports DACH to Head of Esports LCL, TCL & Middle East) changes position.
InternationalLiqRiot Games Inc.Head of Esports DACHRiot Games Inc.Head of Esports LCL, TCL & Middle East
Aequilibritas E-Sports - April 4, Entropy (Head of Esports) joins.
EuropeEntropy (Luis Szabo)Aequilibritas E-SportsHead of Esports
Ruhrsports - April 4,
Sorex leaves.
Unicos Gaming - April 4,
Knudsen joins.
EuropeKnudsenUnicos GamingBot
QLASH Forge - April 4,
Simpy leaves.
EuropeSimpyQLASH ForgeSupport
Dignitas - April 4,
Huni is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
North AmericaHuniDignitasTopDignitasTop
Furious Gaming Argentina - April 4,
Shookz leaves.
Latin AmericaShookzFurious Gaming ArgentinaJungle
Mad Revolution Gaming - April 4,
Chuflex, and
Delawen join.

Deku, and
PaTwo move to substitutes.
Latin AmericaIvaNovichMad Revolution GamingTopMad Revolution GamingToptrue
Latin AmericaDekuMad Revolution GamingMidMad Revolution GamingMidtrue
Latin AmericaPaTwoMad Revolution GamingSupportMad Revolution GamingSupporttrue
Latin AmericaMiskMad Revolution GamingTop
Latin AmericaDelawenMad Revolution GamingSupport
Latin AmericaChuflexMad Revolution GamingMid
Clutch Rayn eSport - April 4,
Einard leaves.
EuropeEinardClutch Rayn eSportMid
ODIN Gaming - April 4,
Muito is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Latin AmericaMuitoODIN GamingMidtrueODIN GamingMidtrue