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Current Roster Change Portals:

Apr 26[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Domino esport - April 26,
Valiant, and
leandoer leave.
EuropeRaxesDomino esportTop
EuropeScumwaveDomino esportJungle
EuropeValiant (Magnus Østmo)Domino esportMid
EuropeleandoerDomino esportBot
Humber College - April 26,
Aesthetic leaves.
North AmericaAesthetic (Daniel Kwon)Humber CollegeJungle
Pushing Gaming - April 26,
Jorge joins.
EuropeJorgePushing GamingBot
Team WeForge - April 26,
Yokohiro and M4GiKe (Coach) join.
EuropeYokohiroTeam WeForgeMid
EuropeM4GiKeTeam WeForgeCoach
- April 26,
Yung retires.
Elyandra eSport - April 26,
Jango, and Overstorm13 (Manager) join.
EuropeWhipElyandra eSportTop
EuropeBrad (Virlouvet Bradley-Norman)Elyandra eSportJungle
EuropeInugami (French Player)Elyandra eSportMid
EuropeVespaElyandra eSportBot
EuropeJangoElyandra eSportSupport
EuropeOverstorm13Elyandra eSportManager
PANTHERS Gaming - April 26,
Tensor leaves.
EuropeTensorPANTHERS GamingSupport
Tigris eSports - April 26,
lutschtdu leaves.
EuropelutschtduTigris eSportsBot
DIVIZON - April 26,
Tensor, NDJ (Head Coach), Blacksky (Analyst), and Fex (Head of LoL) join.
EuropeFexDIVIZONHead of LoL
EuropeNDJDIVIZONHead Coach
DIVIZON - April 26, lutschtdu renames to cocojambo.
Kenty - April 26, Eeyoree (Coach) leaves.
Black Lion - April 26, Eeyoree (Coach) and ElCe (Assistant Coach) join.
Heimdall rejoins.

Dreampire and
Remix leave.
EuropeRemixBlack LionBottrue
EuropeDreampireBlack LionSupport
EuropeHeimdallBlack LionSupport
EuropeEeyoreeBlack LionCoach
EuropeElCeBlack LionAssistant Coach
LCL2020 - April 26, PlacementIcon1.pngUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUnicorns Of Love PlacementIcon2.pngRoX (2014 CIS Team)logo std.pngRoX in the LCL 2020 Spring Playoffs.
WarKidZ E-Sports - April 26,
Kermys and
Counter join.

Sky and
FloyD rejoin.

Hatred and
Cl0x leave.
EuropeHatred (Veselin Popov)WarKidZ E-SportsJungle
EuropeCl0xWarKidZ E-SportsSupport
EuropeSky (David Koppmann)WarKidZ E-SportsTop
EuropeKermysWarKidZ E-SportsJungle
EuropeCounterWarKidZ E-SportsBot
EuropeFloyDWarKidZ E-SportsSupport
Team Liquid - April 26,
Doublelift leaves.
North AmericaDoubleliftTeam LiquidBot
EuropeNovachronoTickling Tentacles willhabenTop
EuropezoirTickling Tentacles willhabenMid
EuropeTazakuTickling Tentacles willhabenBot
EuropeFittleTickling Tentacles willhabenSupport
EuropeFlayStationTickling Tentacles willhabenSupport
Team SoloMid - April 26,
Doublelift rejoins.
North AmericaDoubleliftTeam SoloMidBot
Griffin - April 26, Wadid renames to WADID.
Team Dynamics - April 26, Chelly (Coach) joins.
KoreaChelly (Park Seung-jin)Team DynamicsCoach
Team Dynamics - April 26, sbs renames to sBs.
Avant Gaming - April 26,
Dragku leaves.
OceaniaDragkuAvant GamingTop
Team SoloMid - April 26,
Doublelift's contract is transfered to Team SoloMidlogo std.pngTSM in the GCD, expiring on 17 November 2020.
RunAway - April 26,
Reaver joins.

Edge rejoins.

Snowpowder and
Mask join as substitutes.
The Spawn Esports - April 26,
Warrior Lady,
Drukstar, and
Batboy join.

Lowzy, Compultion (Head Coach), and Nassic (Strategic Coach) rejoin.

RevenG, and
VoidTerror rejoin as substitutes.
EuropeWarrior LadyThe Spawn EsportsTop
EuropeDrukstarThe Spawn EsportsJungle
EuropeBatboyThe Spawn EsportsSupport
EuropeLowzyThe Spawn EsportsMid
EuropeDruxyThe Spawn EsportsTop
EuropeRevenGThe Spawn EsportsToptrue
EuropeGjergsenThe Spawn EsportsToptrue
EuropeVoidTerrorThe Spawn EsportsToptrue
EuropeCompultionThe Spawn EsportsHead Coach
EuropeNassicThe Spawn EsportsStrategic Coach
Pyrsos Esports - April 26,
Woulou leaves.
EuropeWoulouPyrsos EsportsTop
Team Refuse - April 26,
Compultion leaves.
EuropeCompultionTeam RefuseToptrue
Psykodelic Esports - April 26,
Chainis, and
Areanna leave.
Latin AmericaGodniumPsykodelic EsportsBot
Latin AmericaChainisPsykodelic EsportsJungletrue
Latin AmericaAreannaPsykodelic EsportsMidtrue

Apr 27[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Legacy Esports - April 27, Jensen (Head Coach) leaves.
OceaniaJensen (Jensen Goh)Legacy EsportsHead Coach
Abyssal Esport Club - April 27,
Dudu joins.
EuropeDudu (Eduardo García)Abyssal Esport ClubJungle
Origen - April 27,
H1IVA's contract expires.
Riddle Esports - April 27,
Nijhuis leaves.
EuropeNijhuisRiddle EsportsTop
BCN Squad - April 27,
Viking leaves.
EuropeVikingBCN SquadJungle
Dead Rabbits Club - April 27, ZeroTempo (Coach) leaves.
EuropeZeroTempoDead Rabbits ClubCoach
Movistar Riders Academy - April 27, ZeroTempo (Coach) joins.
EuropeZeroTempoMovistar Riders AcademyCoach
Dead Rabbits Club - April 27, Zizzan (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeZizzanDead Rabbits ClubHead Coach
Aethra Esports - April 27,
Seem leaves.
EuropeSeemAethra EsportsMid
Espectro Esports - April 27,
AngelA, Termys (Head Coach), and circoxx (Analyst) join.
EuropeAvmeEspectro EsportsTop
EuropeEndorfinqaEspectro EsportsJungle
EuropeImćEspectro EsportsMid
EuropeTauEspectro EsportsBot
EuropeAngelAEspectro EsportsSupport
EuropeTermysEspectro EsportsHead Coach
EuropecircoxxEspectro EsportsAnalyst
Grow uP Girls EU - April 27,
Kyanna, and KonDziSan (Head Coach) leave.
EuropeWolf (Nicole Sølvmose)Grow uP Girls EUTop
EuropeTigriukeGrow uP Girls EUJungle
EuropeTifaGrow uP Girls EUMid
EuropeGhidiGrow uP Girls EUBot
EuropeKyannaGrow uP Girls EUSupport
EuropeKonDziSanGrow uP Girls EUHead Coach
EuropeWolf (Nicole Sølvmose)Galaxy Racer Esports EuropeTop
EuropeTigriukeGalaxy Racer Esports EuropeJungle
EuropeTifaGalaxy Racer Esports EuropeMid
EuropeGhidiGalaxy Racer Esports EuropeBot
EuropeKyannaGalaxy Racer Esports EuropeSupport
New Indians GG - April 27,
Kimi leaves.
Latin AmericaKimi (Cristian Aparicio)New Indians GGBot
Valorous - April 27,
Xeydon, and
Filopo leave.
Latin AmericaXowitoValorousTop
Latin AmericaXeydonValorousJungle
Latin AmericaFilopoValorousMid
Dignitas - April 27,
Huni is removed from the GCD.
North AmericaHuniDignitasTop
Harrisburg University - April 27,
ShorterAce leaves.
North AmericaShorterAceHarrisburg UniversityJungle
Team AURORA - April 27,
Black's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 6 September 2020.
EuropeBattilyAustrian Force eSportsTop
EuropeInitionAustrian Force eSportsJungle
EuropeJust ShiroAustrian Force eSportsMid
EuropeKaitingAustrian Force eSportsBot
EuropeMaestraAustrian Force eSportsSupport
EuropeGentlemanHeroWave EsportsTop
EuropeStrikerWave EsportsJungle
EuropeMad My DayWave EsportsMid
EuropeMaroc3000Wave EsportsBot
EuropeAspirraWave EsportsSupport
Life Support - April 27,
CptShrimps joins.

Wixxi rejoins.

aaron joins as substitute.

KingGeorgie rejoins as substitute.
North AmericaWixxiLife SupportBot
North Americaaaron (Aaron Ho)Life SupportBottrue
North AmericaCptShrimpsLife SupportMid
North AmericaKingGeorgieLife SupportBottrue
Full Spectrum - April 27,
Panda joins.
North AmericaPanda (James Ding)Full SpectrumJungle
EuropeBattilyAustrian Force eSportsTop
EuropeInitionAustrian Force eSportsJungle
EuropeJust ShiroAustrian Force eSportsMid
EuropeKaitingAustrian Force eSportsBot
EuropeMaestraAustrian Force eSportsSupport

Apr 28[edit]

Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
V Gaming Adonis - April 28, Roster and VCS Promo spot are acquired by OverPower Esports.
Zin, and Ice Tea (Coach) leave.
VietnamCHPV Gaming AdonisTop
VietnamHope (Phạm Trung Hiếu)V Gaming AdonisJungle
VietnamPHTV Gaming AdonisMid
VietnamVit (Lê Hoài An)V Gaming AdonisBot
VietnamZinV Gaming AdonisSupport
VietnamBiobV Gaming AdonisSupport
VietnamDjangoV Gaming AdonisTop
VietnamScaryV Gaming AdonisJungle
VietnamY1V Gaming AdonisJungle
VietnamIce TeaV Gaming AdonisCoach
vcs - April 28, OverPower Esportslogo std.pngOverPower acquire the roster and VCS Promo spot of V Gaming Adonislogo std.pngV Gaming Adonis.
OverPower Esports - April 28, Roster and VCS Promo spot of V Gaming Adonis are acquired.
Zin, Hope (Head Coach), and Kiko (Analyst) join.
VietnamDjangoOverPower EsportsTop
VietnamSimon (Dương Thanh Hoà)OverPower EsportsTop
VietnamDKOverPower EsportsJungle
VietnamPHTOverPower EsportsMid
VietnamJerry (Nguyễn Tiến Duy)OverPower EsportsMid
VietnamVit (Lê Hoài An)OverPower EsportsBot
VietnamZinOverPower EsportsSupport
VietnamH3OverPower EsportsSupport
VietnamBiobOverPower EsportsSupport
VietnamHope (Phạm Trung Hiếu)OverPower EsportsHead Coach
VietnamKiko (Trương Đức Dũng)OverPower EsportsAnalyst
OverPower Esports - April 28, Django renames to KemKen.
Maximal - April 28, Draktharr renames to Jahseh.
Percent Esports - April 28,
Jahseh is loaned from Maximal.
VietnamJahsehPercent EsportsJungle
Maximal - April 28,
Jahseh is loaned to Percent Esports.
QTV Gaming - April 28,
CHP and
Hype join.
VietnamCHPQTV GamingTop
VietnamHypeQTV GamingSupport
VietnamyTCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Top
Percent Esports - April 28,
yT joins.
VietnamyTPercent EsportsTop
Victorious Gaming - April 28,
Savoki rejoins.
ChinaSavokiVictorious GamingSupport
Abyssal Esport Club - April 28,
Hawked leaves.
EuropeHawkedAbyssal Esport ClubJungle
Arctic Academy - April 28,
Hawked and
Beast join.

Legoläs leaves.
EuropeLegoläs (Marc Saavedra)Arctic AcademyJungle
EuropeHawkedArctic AcademyJungle
EuropeBeast (Samuel Vallón García)Arctic AcademyBot
PENTA 1860 - April 28,
Priskornet joins as temporary substitute for Week 1 & 2 of A1 eSports Legends Cup Season 1.
EuropePriskornetPENTA 1860Mid
Team Liquid - April 28, Croissant (Assistant Coach) joins. Cain (Head Coach to Strategic Coach) changes position.
North AmericaCainTeam LiquidHead CoachTeam LiquidStrategic Coach
North AmericaCroissantTeam LiquidAssistant Coach
Team Liquid Academy - April 28,
Tactical leaves for main roster.
North AmericaTacticalTeam Liquid AcademyBot
G-Pride - April 28,
Shall leaves.
Latin AmericaShall (Jorge Mendoza)G-PrideJungle
Instinct Gaming - April 28,
Scenari0, and Polaridadb (Head Coach) join.
Madoka (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaMadokaInstinct GamingHead Coach
Latin AmericaShall (Jorge Mendoza)Instinct GamingJungle
Latin AmericaScenari0Instinct GamingBot
Latin AmericaPolaridadbInstinct GamingHead Coach
NVision Esports - April 28, FireVortex (Head Coach) rejoins.
EuropeFireVortexNVision EsportsHead Coach
Coliseo Dragons - April 28, Oxaciano (Head Coach) rejoins. Blade (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaBlade (Lucas Pereyra)Coliseo DragonsHead Coach
Latin AmericaOxacianoColiseo DragonsHead Coach
Rebirth eSports - April 28,
Juliostito leaves.
Latin AmericaJuliostitoRebirth eSportsJungle
Free Agent - April 28, Aetherial renames to Riku.
Griffin - April 28,
WADID's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020.
Winthrop University - April 28, Nezzi (Analyst) leaves.
North AmericaNezziWinthrop UniversityAnalyst
Newstar - April 28,
Aakash leaves.
Latin AmericaAakashNewstarSupport
Charlotte Phoenix - April 28,
shochi joins.
North AmericashochiCharlotte PhoenixMid
Hanwha Life Esports Academy - April 28,
Bmav leaves.
KoreaBmavHanwha Life Esports AcademyBot
MTW Gaming - April 28,
Lion rejoins.
EuropeLion (Leon Anton)MTW GamingSupport

Apr 29[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Vector Gaming - April 29,
Dunlosi leaves.
EuropeDunlosiVector GamingJungle
Kawaii Kiwis - April 29,
Soul (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeSoul (Victor Martinez)Kawaii KiwisJungle
London Esports - April 29, Matthew Watson (Performance Coach) joins.
EuropeMatthew WatsonLondon EsportsPerformance Coach
Defusekids - April 29,
Cookie (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeCookie (Jakob Fransson)DefusekidsBottrue
Defusekids - April 29, SH4DOW (temporary Strategic Coach) leaves.
EuropeSH4DOWDefusekidsStrategic Coach
Gravitas - April 29,
Pabu leaves.
Pentanet.GG - April 29,
Pabu joins.

Souli moves to substitute.
lck - April 29, Team Dynamicslogo std.pngTeam Dynamics qualifies for the LCK 2020 Summer Season, while Griffinlogo std.pngGriffin is relegated.
Elementaries Esport Club - April 29,
Bako leaves.
EuropeBakoElementaries Esport ClubTop
Zephyr Esport Academy - April 29, Roster disbands.
Alec, and Sliwy (Manager) leave.
EuropeSlay (French player)Zephyr Esport AcademyJungle
EuropeManobloodZephyr Esport AcademyMid
EuropeSevensenZephyr Esport AcademyBot
EuropeAlecZephyr Esport AcademySupport
EuropeSliwyZephyr Esport AcademyManager
Riddle Esports - April 29,
Nomi leaves.
EuropeNomiRiddle EsportsBot
404 Multigaming e.V. - April 29,
HONOR, Coach Tim (Head Coach), CoachElsa (Assistant Coach), and GomezZ (Mental Coach) join.

sLiM5h4dY rejoins.

Baxe moves to starting roster.
Thralix, and Hufugi (Coach) leave.
EuropeFengDere404 Multigaming e.V.Top
EuropePr0Egy404 Multigaming e.V.Jungle
EuropeMadilicious404 Multigaming e.V.Bot
EuropeThralix404 Multigaming e.V.Support
EuropeHufugi404 Multigaming e.V.Coach
EuropeBaxe404 Multigaming e.V.Toptrue404 Multigaming e.V.Top
EuropePelo404 Multigaming e.V.Jungle
EuropesLiM5h4dY404 Multigaming e.V.Mid
EuropeFliko404 Multigaming e.V.Bot
EuropeHONOR404 Multigaming e.V.Support
EuropeCoach Tim404 Multigaming e.V.Head Coach
EuropeCoachElsa404 Multigaming e.V.Assistant Coach
EuropeGomezZ404 Multigaming e.V.Mental Coach
Electrify Esports - April 29,
Balrog70 and
Gravity leave.
EuropeBalrog70Electrify EsportsJungle
EuropeGravity (Javier Carrera)Electrify EsportsBot
EuropeOutlandischCrvena zvezda EsportsJungle
Flayn eSports - April 29,
Outlandisch leaves.
EuropeOutlandischFlayn eSportsJungle
XTEN Esports - April 29,
Focus' loan from Gen.G Academy ends.
Latin AmericaFocusXTEN EsportsBot
Gen.G Academy - April 29,
Focus returns from loan to XTEN Esports.
KoreaFocusGen.G AcademyBotGen.G AcademyBot
Furious Gaming Argentina - April 29,
Fersito leaves.
Latin AmericaFersitoFurious Gaming ArgentinaMidtrue
Academy SBTC - April 29, Noway (Streamer) leaves.
VietnamNoway (Nguyễn Vũ Long)Academy SBTCStreamer
GAM Esports - April 29,
Noway rejoins.
VietnamNoway (Nguyễn Vũ Long)GAM EsportsBot
Team Queso - April 29,
Demon12 leaves.
EuropeDemon12Team QuesoJungle
Lost Draft - April 29,
Fizzi, Ruuxi (Head Coach), and Zon (Strategic Coach) join.
North AmericaFlareszLost DraftTop
North AmericaDragonminkimLost DraftJungle
North AmericaJulienLost DraftMid
North AmericaSpawwwwnLost DraftBot
North AmericaFizziLost DraftSupport
North AmericaZonLost DraftStrategic Coach
North AmericaRuuxiLost DraftHead Coach
Lost Draft - April 29, Zon renames to Gunaso.

Apr 30[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
London Esports - April 30,
noname leaves.
Europenoname (Will Jones)London EsportsJungle
Sanctum - April 30,
Sevensen joins.
Illés Akadémia Spirit - April 30,
Escik leaves.
EuropeEscikIllés Akadémia SpiritMid
EuropeLileuFeel our Skill FemaleTop
EuropeAzazelFeel our Skill FemaleJungle
EuropeIntproveFeel our Skill FemaleMid
EuropeEtilaFeel our Skill FemaleBot
EuropeAzurkaFeel our Skill FemaleSupport
Aethra Esports - April 30,
kopendowN's departure is confirmed.
EuropekopendowNAethra EsportsJungle
Absolute Legends Netherlands - April 30, Arcanic (General Manager,Analyst) leaves.
EuropeArcanicAbsolute Legends NetherlandsGeneral Manager/Analyst
BCN Squad - April 30, Xavis (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeXavisBCN SquadTeam Manager
Team 7AM Academy - April 30, Arcanic (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeArcanicTeam 7AM AcademyHead Coach
Omerix Esport - April 30,
Arkadia joins.
EuropeArkadiaOmerix EsportBot
Chiefs Esports Club - April 30, Sangy (Founder,Owner) leaves.
OceaniaSangyChiefs Esports ClubFounder/Owner
Balistik Esport - April 30,
Xintox, Wadax (Coach), and Hera (Manager) join.
EuropeEnvaBalistik EsportTop
EuropeLhodkaBalistik EsportJungle
EuropeBlidzyBalistik EsportMid
EuropeLhaunBalistik EsportBot
EuropeXintoxBalistik EsportSupport
EuropeWadaxBalistik EsportCoach
EuropeHeraBalistik EsportManager
Olympe eSports - April 30,
Cosmé, and
Benjyy join.
EuropeOcadanOlympe eSportsTop
EuropeDjokzOlympe eSportsJungle
EuropeDiamanteOlympe eSportsMid
EuropeCosméOlympe eSportsBot
EuropeBenjyyOlympe eSportsSupport
EuropeStuiiPANTHERS GamingTop
EuropeFrozen RengaPANTHERS GamingJungle
EuropexShadezzPANTHERS GamingJungle
EuropeJokerXdPANTHERS GamingMid
EuropeZedismPANTHERS GamingMid
EuropeStorm (Wladislaw Galkin)PANTHERS GamingBot
Flayn eSports - April 30,
Hiro, and
xCruel leave.
EuropeValkyrie (Alexander Bachmann)Flayn eSportsTop
EuropeApplesFlayn eSportsMid
EuropeHiro (Nguyên Đại Hải)Flayn eSportsBot
EuropexCruelFlayn eSportsSupport
lck - April 30, SANDBOX Gaminglogo std.pngSANDBOX Gaming requalifies for the LCK 2020 Summer Season.
Seorabeol Gaming - April 30,
Thal leaves.
KoreaThalSeorabeol GamingTop
LDL - April 30, PlacementIcon1.pngTeam WE Academylogo std.pngWE Academy PlacementIcon2.pngLGD Gaming Young Teamlogo std.pngLGD Young Team in the LDL 2020 Spring Season.
Seorabeol Gaming - April 30,
Sangyoon, and
Nova leave.
KoreaKaKAOSeorabeol GamingJungle
KoreaDanChungSeorabeol GamingMid
KoreaSangyoonSeorabeol GamingBot
KoreaNova (Park Chan-ho)Seorabeol GamingSupport
Seorabeol Gaming - April 30, GiZMO (Coach) leaves.
KoreaGiZMOSeorabeol GamingCoach
Fnatic - April 30, Veigar v2 (Strategic Coach) leaves.
EuropeVeigar v2FnaticStrategic Coach
Godlike Goats - April 30,
Taiki leaves.
Latin AmericaTaikiGodlike GoatsSupport
FlyQuest - April 30, Steve (Marketing Manager) leaves.
North AmericaSteveFlyQuestMarketing Manager
Team SoloMid - April 30,
Doublelift's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2021.
Grim Ravens - April 30, noizR (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropenoizRGrim RavensHead Coach
North AmericaFiretheftArizona State UniversityTop
EuropeBattilyTickling Tentacles willhabenTop
EuropeXoYnUziTickling Tentacles willhabenJungle
EuropeTzizTickling Tentacles willhabenMid
EuropeRelentlessTickling Tentacles willhabenBot
EuropeCrow (Luca Nucci)Tickling Tentacles willhabenSupport
EuropeCeelusTickling Tentacles willhabenTop
EuropeSHXDXWTickling Tentacles willhabenJungle
EuropeEścikTickling Tentacles willhabenMid
EuropeMarthTickling Tentacles willhabenBot
EuropeMumekTickling Tentacles willhabenSupport
Dark Allegiance - April (approx.), Dark Allegiancelogo std.pngDark Allegiance is formed.
Örca, and Le Raton (Head Coach) join.
North AmericaKedeckDark AllegianceTop
North AmericaMatty (Mathieu Breton)Dark AllegianceJungle
North AmericaEnigmaDark AllegianceMid
North AmericaSwiftahDark AllegianceBot
North AmericaÖrca (Philip Pereira)Dark AllegianceSupport
North AmericaLe RatonDark AllegianceHead Coach
Maryville University - April 30,
HyBriDZz leaves.
North AmericaHyBriDZzMaryville UniversityTop
Illinois Wesleyan University - April (approx.),
Fizzi leaves.
North AmericaFizziIllinois Wesleyan UniversitySupport

May 01[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Illinois State University - May 1,
Tempos, and Pater (Head Coach) join.
North Americadatdat1Illinois State UniversityTop
North AmericaGFPIllinois State UniversityJungle
North AmericaDrewDozerIllinois State UniversityMid
North AmericaNuclear (Zachary Rainey)Illinois State UniversityBot
North AmericaTemposIllinois State UniversitySupport
North AmericaPaterIllinois State UniversityHead Coach
Awesome - May (approx.),
Dalseong, and Kun (Coach) join.
KoreaMental (Jin Jeong-yong)AwesomeJungle
KoreaKun (Kwon Oh-seong)AwesomeCoach
Golden Guardians - May (approx.), Mark (Director of Video Production) leaves.
North AmericaMarkGolden GuardiansDirector of Video Production
Maryville University - May (approx.),
Clyde leaves.
North AmericaClydeMaryville UniversitySupport
Chiefs Esports Club - May 1,
KoreaCK becomes inactive.
OceaniaKoreaCKChiefs Esports ClubSupportChiefs Esports ClubSupport
EuropeSchnottyD-City Gaming StarsTop
EuropeStuiiD-City Gaming StarsJungle
EuropeJokerXdD-City Gaming StarsMid
EuropeGekoD-City Gaming StarsBot
EuropeTensorD-City Gaming StarsSupport
EuropeDynamiccD-City Gaming StarsToptrue
EuropeRepitD-City Gaming Starstrue
Illuminar Gaming - May (approx.), Fanaberia (Fortnite Manager to Team Manager) changes position. Mori (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeMori (Agnieszka Skuza)Illuminar GamingTeam Manager
EuropeFanaberiaIlluminar GamingFortnite ManagerIlluminar GamingTeam Manager
K1ck eSports Club - May 1, Mori (PR & Marketing Manager) joins.
EuropeMori (Agnieszka Skuza)K1ck eSports ClubPR & Marketing Manager
Electrify Esports - May (approx.),
Cronan, and
Tochas leave.
EuropeCronanElectrify EsportsMid
EuropeTochasElectrify EsportsSupport
EuropeFacksuoElectrify EsportsTop
QUT Tigers - May (approx.),
Eden, and
Akira join.

Tekker rejoins.

Rustle joins as substitute.
OceaniaNightfallerQUT TigersTop
OceaniaTekkerQUT TigersMid
OceaniaEdenQUT TigersBot
OceaniaAkira (Allister Provan)QUT TigersSupport
OceaniaRustleQUT TigersSupporttrue
Dynasty - May (approx.), Eärendil (Assistant Coach) and Papabeer (Designer) leave.
EuropeEärendilDynastyAssistant Coach
KR Reykjavík Esports - May (approx.),
DiddiDidrix (Coach) leaves.
EuropeDiddiDidrixKR Reykjavík EsportsJungle/Coachtrue
Team ESCA Gaming Female - May (approx.), Angel (Coach) and Hypsed (Coach) leave.
EuropeAngel (Mateusz Golecki)Team ESCA Gaming FemaleCoach
EuropeHypsedTeam ESCA Gaming FemaleCoach
Viperio - May 1,
Divinuss leaves.
Karma Clan Esports - May (approx.), Freedom (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeFreedomKarma Clan EsportsHead Coach
Team Infamous - May 1, Dingo (Top to Support) changes position.
EuropeDingoTeam InfamousTopTeam InfamousSupport
EGZ Esports - May 1,
Egnom joins as substitute.
MENAEgnomEGZ EsportsMidtrue
Divine Vendetta - May (approx.),
Spear, and
Osmo join.

Lokmays leaves.
MENALokmaysDivine VendettaSupporttrue
MENAShtegriDivine VendettaTop
MENASpear (Mohamed Ben Hamed)Divine VendettaJungle
MENAOsmoDivine VendettaBot
GeekCase eSports - May (approx.), Myiana (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeMyianaGeekCase eSportsHead Coach
Team Singularity Female - May (approx.), Myiana (Assistant Coach) joins.
EuropeMyianaTeam Singularity FemaleAssistant Coach
Gen.G Academy - May (approx.),
BBakPyo leaves.
KoreaBBakPyoGen.G AcademyJungle
S2V Esports Female - May 1,
Dragon joins.
Shiina (Mid to Jungle) changes position.
Hunter leaves.
EuropeShiinaS2V Esports FemaleMidS2V Esports FemaleJungle
EuropeHunter (Alina Müller)S2V Esports FemaleJungle
EuropeDragon (María Zarate)S2V Esports FemaleMid
Fnatic - May (approx.), CharleyGC (Global Communications Lead) leaves.
EuropeCharleyGCFnaticGlobal Communications Lead
KIT SC White - May (approx.),
GentlemanHero and
Redeemed join.

Horyzon rejoins.
Kyubae joins as substitute. Taewang (Bot to Mid) changes position.
Spitzweck and
MagierJo leave.
EuropeSpitzweckKIT SC WhiteTop
EuropeMagierJoKIT SC WhiteMid
EuropeTaewangKIT SC WhiteBotKIT SC WhiteMid
EuropeGentlemanHeroKIT SC WhiteTop
EuropeRedeemedKIT SC WhiteBot
EuropeKyubaeKIT SC Whitetrue
EuropeHoryzonKIT SC WhiteBot
Hanover Hounds - May (approx.),
Keule183 joins.
EuropeKeule183Hanover HoundsJungle
mCon esports - May 1,
Weka leaves.
EuropeWekamCon esportsTop
mCon esports - May 1,
ThomasLoI and Bazi (Head Coach) leave.
EuropeThomasLoImCon esportsSupporttrue
EuropeBazimCon esportsHead Coach
Major Militia Female - May 1,
Tjukkebolla, and
Knækken join.

VNR Ida and
Topstad join as substitutes.
EuropeCharryMajor Militia FemaleTop
EuropeHemisMajor Militia FemaleJungle
EuropeSüppiMajor Militia FemaleMid
EuropeTjukkebollaMajor Militia FemaleBot
EuropeKnækkenMajor Militia FemaleSupport
EuropeTopstadMajor Militia FemaleSupporttrue
EuropeVNR IdaMajor Militia FemaleMidtrue
PRIDE (Polish Team) - May 1,
KMS leaves.
EuropeKMSPRIDE (Polish Team)Support
Major Militia - May 1,
VNR Ida,
Heds, and
Knækken join.

Süppi and
Topstad join as substitutes.
EuropeCharryMajor MilitiaTop
EuropeTjukkebollaMajor MilitiaJungle
EuropeVNR IdaMajor MilitiaMid
EuropeHedsMajor MilitiaBot
EuropeKnækkenMajor MilitiaSupport
EuropeTopstadMajor MilitiaBottrue
EuropeSüppiMajor MilitiaMidtrue
EGN Esports - May (approx.), Samoxic (Head of Esports) joins. Mure (Manager to Assistant Coach) changes position. Kyle (Analyst) leaves.
EuropeKyle (Kyle Burke)EGN EsportsAnalyst
EuropeMureEGN EsportsManagerEGN EsportsAssistant Coach
EuropeSamoxicEGN EsportsHead of Esports
Team THRLL - May 1,
Flawed leaves.
EuropeFlawedTeam THRLLJungle
Aethra Esports - May 1,
Lunar leaves.
EuropeLunarAethra EsportsBot
Roxor Gaming - May 1,
EXIT, Didi (Coach), and Everyse (Manager) join.
EuropeDrago (French player)Roxor GamingTop
EuropeSixenRoxor GamingJungle
EuropePyraRoxor GamingMid
EuropeFreazyRoxor GamingBot
EuropeEXITRoxor GamingSupport
EuropeDidiRoxor GamingCoach
EuropeEveryseRoxor GamingManager
Oserv Esport - May 1,
Maskas, and
Oveer join.
EuropeArnoOserv EsportTop
EuropeSlay (French player)Oserv EsportJungle
EuropePacouOserv EsportMid
EuropeMaskasOserv EsportBot
EuropeOveerOserv EsportSupport
Team Queso - May 1,
Miniduke's loan from Movistar Riders ends.
EuropeMinidukeTeam QuesoMid
Movistar Riders - May 1,
Miniduke leaves after loan to Team Queso ends.
EuropeMinidukeMovistar RidersMid
YDN Gamers - May 1,
Gabbo leaves.
EuropeGabboYDN GamersTop
5 Ronin - May 1, ili (Coach) leaves.
Turkeyili5 RoninCoach
Dignitas Academy - May 1, Simon (Head Coach) leaves.
North AmericaSimon (Simão Oliveira)Dignitas AcademyHead Coach
NVision Esports - May 1,
Prosfair leaves.
EuropeProsfairNVision EsportsSupport
Ravenous - May 1, Dark Matter acquires the roster and BIG League slot of Ravenous.
Ravenous - May 1,
Spider, and
Saint Daniel leave.
North AmericaGibleRavenousTop
North AmericaZileRavenousJungle
North AmericaSpiwaxRavenousMid
North AmericaSpiderRavenousBot
North AmericaSaint DanielRavenousSupport
Dark Matter - May 1, Dark Matter acquires the roster and BIG League slot of Ravenous.
Dark Matter - May 1,
Saint Daniel, and Flear (Head Coach) join.
North AmericaGibleDark MatterTop
North AmericaZileDark MatterJungle
North AmericaSpiraxDark MatterMid
North AmericaSpiderDark MatterBot
North AmericaSaint DanielDark MatterSupport
North AmericaFlearDark MatterHead Coach
Radiance - May 1,
Im Avi,
Young Mid,
Andybendy, and
Ugandan Royalty join.
Moon (Coach) leaves.
North AmericaMoon (Galen Holgate)RadianceCoach
North AmericaEngoRadianceTop
North AmericaIm AviRadianceJungle
North AmericaYoung MidRadianceMid
North AmericaAndybendyRadianceBot
North AmericaUgandan RoyaltyRadianceSupport
Arctic Academy - May 1,
xMissu leaves.
EuropexMissuArctic AcademyMid
CLG Academy - May 1, Moon (Head Coach) rejoins.
North AmericaMoon (Galen Holgate)CLG AcademyHead Coach
Latin AmericaNottinghamUniversidad Católica EsportsSupport
Latin AmericaKartanaUniversidad Católica EsportsJungletrue
Evil Geniuses.NA - May 1, Towey (General Manager) leaves.
North AmericaToweyEvil Geniuses.NAGeneral Manager
Furious Gaming Chile - May 1,
Yhon leaves.
Latin AmericaYhonFurious Gaming ChileJungle
Enclave Gaming - May 1, Aaron Peskett (Content Director to Chief Strategy Officer) and Sovonix (Team Manager to League of Legends Director) change positions.
EuropeAaron PeskettEnclave GamingContent DirectorEnclave GamingChief Strategy Officer
EuropeSovonixEnclave GamingTeam ManagerEnclave GamingLeague of Legends Director
Divine Vendetta - May 1, Leviathan (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeLeviathan (Alexandros Mamasoulas)Divine VendettaHead Coach
London Esports - May 1, Leviathan (Coach) leaves.
EuropeLeviathan (Alexandros Mamasoulas)London EsportsCoach
Empyreans - May 1,
Sohnar leaves.
North AmericaSohnarEmpyreansBot
CLOWNS - May 1,
Toki joins.

BobbyTea leaves.
North AmericaBobbyTeaCLOWNSTop
North AmericaTokiCLOWNSTop
Team Fish Taco - May 1, Nezzi (Analyst) joins.
North AmericaNezziTeam Fish TacoAnalyst
North AmericashochiCharlotte PhoenixMid
North AmericaEastanCharlotte PhoenixTop
North AmericaJason JungleCharlotte PhoenixJungle
North AmericaDisconnectorCharlotte PhoenixBot
North AmericaDaptionCharlotte PhoenixSupport
T1 Academy - May (approx.), Allmight renames to Roamer.
North AmericaQuasFrostFire (North American Team)Top
North AmericaKolthroFrostFire (North American Team)Jungle
North AmericaSeranokFrostFire (North American Team)Mid
North AmericaLobozzFrostFire (North American Team)Bot
North AmericaChookiesFrostFire (North American Team)Support
Loto Gaming - May 1,
Chiinchee leaves.
Latin AmericaChiincheeLoto GamingMidtrue
Texas A&M University - May (approx.),
Kshuna leaves.
North AmericaKshunaTexas A&M UniversityBot
Slaughter House - May (approx.),
KingGeorgie, and ido (Coach) join.
North AmericaBootySlapperSlaughter HouseJungle
North AmericaidoSlaughter HouseCoach
North AmericaKingGeorgieSlaughter HouseBot
Cacatúas LFO - May (approx.), Team is created.
Cpt Arcoiris,
Pinut, and Gragasaki (Head Coach) join.
Latin AmericaAvhernoCacatúas LFOTop
Latin AmericaEricunoCacatúas LFOJungle
Latin AmericaRikuoCacatúas LFOMid
Latin AmericaCpt ArcoirisCacatúas LFOBot
Latin AmericaPinutCacatúas LFOSupport
Latin AmericaGragasakiCacatúas LFOHead Coach
Arizona State University - May (approx.),
Roose leaves.
North AmericaRooseArizona State UniversityMid

May 02[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Shield Esport - May 2,
Amiral joins.
EuropeAmiralShield EsportJungle
EuropeMikePerewaitGeeks in SocksTop
EuropePatr0lGeeks in SocksJungle
EuropeMarFlowGeeks in SocksMid
EuropeXiitoryGeeks in SocksBot
EuropeDer3versuchGeeks in SocksSupport
EuropeVom JensenGeeks in SocksSupport
EuropesquarepantiesVortex esportsTop
EuropeDandomVortex esportsJungle
EuropeYeetifiedVortex esportsMid
EuropePartyPiggyVortex esportsBot
EuropeFancy KipVortex esportsSupport
Windstorm Gaming - May 2,
Str1fe, and
ks2 join.
North America0kayWindstorm GamingTop
North AmericaBatmunWindstorm GamingJungle
North AmericaEgokingWindstorm GamingMid
North AmericaStr1feWindstorm GamingBot
North Americaks2Windstorm GamingSupport
Peak Esports - May 2,
SynapseSprinter leaves.
EuropeSynapseSprinterPeak EsportsSupport
Team THRLL Academy - May 2,
Drop joins.
EuropeDrop (Vincent Rietberg)Team THRLL AcademyBot
Moscow Five.CIS - May 2,
Gimliques and
N0j0y join.

Khomzar and
Olejka Carry leave.
CISKhomzarMoscow Five.CISTop
CISOlejka CarryMoscow Five.CISSupport
CISGimliquesMoscow Five.CISTop
CISN0j0yMoscow Five.CISSupport
EuropeLisitheaTeam NebulaTop
EuropeFade (French Player)Team NebulaJungle
EuropeLillakaTeam NebulaMid
EuropeAméthysteTeam NebulaBot
EuropeEtoTeam NebulaSupport
Estoril Praia eSports - May 2,
Renas leaves.
EuropeRenasEstoril Praia eSportsTop
Aethra Esports Gold - May 2,
Boohon joins from main roster.
EuropeBoohonAethra Esports GoldTop
vcs - May 2, OverPower Esportslogo std.pngOverPower qualifies for the VCS 2020 Summer Season, while QTV Gaminglogo std.pngQTV Gaming is relegated.
EuropeLoop (Dorian Varin)Zephyr EsportTop
EuropeDopaminwZephyr EsportJungletrue
EuropeTrackksZephyr EsportJungle
EuropeShinbuZephyr EsportMid
EuropeSaxuralleZephyr EsportBot
EuropeToDorokkiZephyr EsportSupport
LPL - May 2, PlacementIcon1.pngJD Gaminglogo std.pngJD Gaming PlacementIcon2.pngTop Esportslogo std.pngTop Esports in the LPL 2020 Spring Playoffs.
mYinsanity - May 2,
Uloper leaves.
Demise - May 2,
Rulfchen leaves.
PENTA 1860 - May 2,
Rulfchen joins.

Lyncas leaves.
EuropeLyncasPENTA 1860Jungle
EuropeRulfchenPENTA 1860Jungle
All Knights - May 2,
Plugo retires.
INTZ - May 2,
Hauz's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2021.
Mad Revolution Gaming - May 2, Vyrash (Head Coach) joins. LePuma (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaLePumaMad Revolution GamingHead Coach
Latin AmericaVyrashMad Revolution GamingHead Coach
G-Pride - May 2, Chai (Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaChaiG-PrideCoach
vvarion leaves.
EuropevvarionTEAM OPTIONSJungle
Newstar - May 2,
Burrito joins.
Latin AmericaBurritoNewstarTop
Pixel Esports Club - May 2,
BetaTwinz leaves.
Latin AmericaBetaTwinzPixel Esports ClubSupport
North AmericaPoof PuffCharlotte PhoenixMid
Charlotte Phoenix - May 2, Poof Puff renames to Dziarmaga.
YDN Gamers - May (approx.),
Cospect leaves.
EuropeCospectYDN GamersSupport
100 Thieves Next - May 2, FallenBandit (Head Coach to Head Coach/Top) changes position.
North AmericaFallenBandit100 Thieves NextHead Coach100 Thieves NextHead Coach/Toptrue
EuropeMonstrobInitial EsportsTop
EuropeDopaminwInitial EsportsJungle
EuropeSpadurInitial EsportsMid
EuropeRift (Swiss player)Initial EsportsBot
EuropeKanryuuInitial EsportsSupport